The Application of Intelligent Magic Mirror Display Enables Families to Embrace Health

The peerless intelligent health magic mirror is equipped with a quad core processor and supports WiFi, camera, Bluetooth, and other functions. In normal times, it looks like an ordinary mirror. When you start the smart mirror, you can see the displayed time, weather, news and other notices in the mirror, and can help you provide online health detection.

The peerless intelligent health magic mirror can make data statistics and Analysis on the family's body fat, blood pressure, blood glucose, sleep quality and other health indexes, which can be intuitively displayed on the mirror display, so that the family can detect their physical condition in real time.

Smart magic mirror can connect the network, input height, weight, age and other information, and measure it on the body fat scale. Smart health magic mirror can compare and generate a health report data according to your basic information.

While managing our physical state, intelligent health magic mirror will recommend healthy recipes and weight loss methods every day to tell us how to exercise and what recipes are suitable for us.


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