The Expats Offering a Breath of Fresh Air in Polluted Beijing

Beijing has developed a reputation for terrible air that is dangerous for people to breathe.

Earlier this month, the city recorded an air pollution reading over 20 times the limit deemed healthy by the World Health Organisation. It was the worst day for pollution since January 2013 when media worldwide reported on Beijing's "airpocalypse".

That event led to a small exodus of expats, and put off some who were thinking of coming to China's capital, which is home to 20 million people. But for those enterprising enough, it presented an unlikely opportunity.

Chris Dobbing, 24, from Oxford, arrived in Beijing in September 2012. It was while working for an education company that he noticed a lot of local students were developing respiratory problems.

"I looked online for a mask that I could recommend they wear and finding nothing of much quality for children I started working with Vogmask USA to develop child masks and sell them here in China", Mr Dobbing said.

The good, bad and ugly of moving to Beijing Flying the flag for the best of British in China China smooths path for foreigners with new visa regime Expats forced out of Beijing and Shanghai by Chinese returning from West The Chinese shopping street with a 'foreigners only' policy He became director of Vogmask's China operation and has since started his own business developing a fashion conscious line of anti-air pollution face masks, with designs that make them cooler than the average offering.

Chris Dobbing saw a gap in the market for face masks Chris Buckley, 53, originally from Poole, developed mild asthma after he came to Beijing in 2000. After doing research he identified the problem, and with a PhD in physical chemistry, conducted his own tests on the claims made by air purifier manufacturers.

He now has two stores in Beijing selling air purifiers and other products which he says have made him "a lot wealthier" than his previous venture selling Tibetan carpets. His website, also contains information designed to allay people's air pollution fears.

Another successful British expat in this niche market is Paul Afshar. After quitting a successful PR job in London at the age of 26, he moved to Beijing in 2011 and set up a website, that was originally intended as an expat-orientated online store. However, he quickly zoned in on the air pollution products that yielded higher profit margins.

"In January 2013, we had greater revenue and volume of sales than the previous eight months of operation," said Mr Afshar of the month when Beijing broke air pollution records. He noted that some Chinese retailers and manufacturers have marketed products with pollution protection claims that have not been true.

After two brisk years, with dramatic revenue increases, he sold his company to a larger operator in the market. Although he won't reveal precise figures, he says he made enough from the sale to put a deposit on a "nice, two-bedroom flat in Shoreditch, London." These foreign entrepreneurs in China are symbols of the incredible economic success of the Asian giant. Between 2010 and 2012 China saw an increase of around 40 per cent in its GDP in two years.

But with this phenomenal growth have come grave environmental concerns.

Shanghai has had smog problems of its own recently , while smaller cities such as Harbin can have even worse problems than Beijing.

All three of the expats interviewed for this story predicted that the anti-air pollution market will grow and evolve. For other entrepreneurs, however, the smog problem represents a long-term thorn in the side of their otherwise growing businesses.

Bespoke Beijing ( ) is a travel company that tailors travel advice and services to tourists hoping to visit the historic capital. Clients have included celebrities such as rock band The Killers, and ex-model and TV presenter Tyra Banks. Pop star Katy Perry also visited recently.

"We were walking around and Katy and her manager were saying that all they hear about Beijing is the pollution," said Sarah Keenlyside, the Essex-born founder of Bespoke Beijing.

Miss Keenlyside, 32, a former Times journalist, said that a few months in 2013 saw booking figures that were noticeably down on previous years. She blames the pollution scares for those results. "We are a growing business, but pollution was certainly a big part [in negatively affecting business]", she said.

Hotels, international schools and multinational companies have all been affected, and tourist numbers from January to November 2013 were down 10.3 per cent year-on-year, according to a report by the Beijing Tourism Development Commission. Tourist numbers were down 2.5 per cent for the whole of China in 2013, as a comparison.

Although the pollution has affected Beijing's image abroad, particularly as a travel destination, Miss Keenlyside is quick to point out the cultural and historic attractions of the city. She tells potential visitors: "Unless you have existing respiratory problems, don't worry about it. You're only affected if you live here many years, not if you're here just a few days." She does not find the air poses a problem for her on a day-to-day basis.

"I have no reason to leave," she said. "Beijing has so much to offer, the pollution shouldn't define the city. But it does bum you out when you can't see the sun, can't see the sky. It's more of a psychological thing."

6 Ways an Air Purifier Can Improve Your Life in Columbia, MD
6 Ways an Air Purifier Can Improve Your Life in Columbia, MD
An air purifier is one of the most important things when it comes to ensuring the well-being of your family. If you value clean air and a dust-free environment in your home, you should consider buying one of these and installing it in your Columbia, MD, home. Below are six ways air purifiers can help you live your best life. First of all, clean, dust-free air is good for your body. This is the most obvious reason why buying an air purifier is suitable for your residence. Imagine if the air you inhale contains allergens and other asthma-triggering pollutants. Dirty air laden with pollen, microscopic contaminants and dust mites can vex your breathing system and trigger an asthma attack. While air purifiers wo not cure your asthma, they will drastically reduce the number of asthma inducers in your indoor air, providing huge relief from asthma and other respiratory problems. No matter how well you clean and vacuum your living space, you can not eliminate all the dust mites in the atmosphere. However, air filters suck out the contaminated air and remove all the dust mites, gradually releasing purified air back into the atmosphere via a filter. This can not only cleanse your air by eliminating dust, but it can also save you a lot of bucks on HVAC maintenance. Air purifiers ensure your family is breathing clean, germ-free air. The EPA estimates that indoor air is two to five times more contaminated than outdoor air - and sometimes up to 100 times more contaminated. Several air purifiers come with high-end technologies that can trap germs, viruses and bacteria and stop them from multiplying. Additionally, UV light air filters even kill such contaminants, eliminating them once and for all. An air purifier equipped with UV air filters can help eliminate harmful bacteria lingering in your indoor air. This goes a long way in protecting you and those you love from colds and flu. 4. Keeps Your HVAC Unit From Overworking There is a component of the HVAC unit that filters the air that circulates in your household. This is possibly why some homeowners in Columbia think that having an extra purifier is not necessary. But are you sure this is enough? The truth is, there are still tiny particles that the mesh in your HVAC cannot trap. However, if you buy a separate air purifier, you can trap even these tiny particles. Since the air becomes cleaner, your HVAC unit will not need to work too hard to purify the air. You might not need to clean or change the air filter regularly. You will help increase the lifespan of your unit as well as delay its wear and tear. As we grow older, our respiratory systems inevitably weaken, leaving us more prone to dust mites, allergens, dust particles and other airborne pollutants. Therefore, by eliminating these contaminants, you can boost the quality of life of the elderly in your home. By getting rid of asthma triggers, allergens, dust mites and other pollutants, air purifiers minimize the factors that can make you lack sleep. The connection is simple: when you go to sleep in a room free of these contaminants, you will enjoy a deeper, undisturbed sleep. With indoor air quality more important than ever nowadays, finding efficient and affordable ways to ensure your household's air is best might be a new venture. While proper ventilation can move some amount of contaminants, like dust and dust mites, pet dander and other allergens, outside, the most proficient air purifiers can help raise the air quality. By investing in a high-quality air purifier, you can be sure that your home's air is clean, safe and free from pollutants. We can help you assess your options and recommend the best air purifier for your home.1. What mode should I use on my air purifier?If you want to get rid of bad smell like smoking, set it to ozone mode. Ozone shall be generated from it with a special smell to oxide the bad smell. Do you run it too long because ozone is bad for lung. Anion mode generate negative ion which is good for health as it was advertised. This mode can be run for days to make you feel like outdoor fresh air.2. Do I need an air purifier for one Budgie?You can search for a used purifier on Craigslist or at Goodwill if you believe it is too expensive. Considering budgies live over 10 years, I suppose you would really want to consider buying one. Air purifiers do not use chemicals.3. Does anyone know of a good air purifier that gets rid of odor in a large space?I have a really good air purifier that removes odors very well but it will cover an area of 750 sq ft. It is the Aclare from Advanced Air Solutions. For a very large area you may want to consider the Airsource 3000 which is supposed to cover 3000 sq ft. Both of these units have the Photocatalytic ionization technology. The Aclare has research to show how well it removes mold (90% decrease) and mold is a primary factor when indoor odors are present. Hope this helps!
Best Tips for Using an Air Purifier
Best Tips for Using an Air Purifier
Best Tips for using an Air PurifierBy now, you must surely have heard about an air purifier and the good work which it does to clean the air in our home. If you have not heard about an air purifier, let's give you a little insight into the working of an air purifier. Making use of an air purifier in your home is much more than just eliminating dust. The air we take into our bodies is filled with a lot of pollutants. These pollutants include dust, dander, pollen, gas, chemicals and other particles. Dust is just a part of the airborne particles which present a hazard for humans. It is quite clear that humans can see very small particles or any particles under 25 microns. However, the presence of a very good air purifier can help to deal with particles as small as 1/3 of a micron. Any person suffering from any cases of airborne allergies may find a purifier very useful. Also, if you live with smoke or you live around an industrial or chemical-intensive commercial area, you may often times have the air in your home polluted by different contaminant from outside. Want to know more about air purifier benefits, we have covered the health benefits of air purifier in detail in our article top 15 health benefits of air purifier. The use of an air purifier will allow homeowners to experience clear differences in air quality. Asthma affects a lot of people. It is currently known to affect 24 million adults and children living in the United States. That is a pretty high figure considering the seriousness of the health condition. Asthma is a chronic respiratory condition which is often times caused by an allergic reaction. However, the effect of asthma caused by allergens can be alleviated with the use of an air purifier. As the polluted air gets into the air purifier, the different pollutants, irritants, and contaminants get trapped. Then the air purifier releases fresh air into your home. This fresh air would transform your home and ensure that you now live a healthier life. Different tips for making use of an Air Purifier Now, you have heard about the air purifier and all its numerous benefits. It sure seems like a device which everybody must get into their house. Maybe you have also been able to identify the best air purifier for your home but that is not just enough. The best air purifiers require the right level of application for impressive results. However, getting an air purifier also does not just mean miraculous results. There is a certain way which air purifiers are to be used to guarantee optimal results. To get the best out of your air purifier, take note of the following tips: Air purifiers do a very important job. They need some breathing space to operate and do their job effectively. When deciding on where to keep the air purifier, keep one thing in mind, air circulation. The air purifier cleans the air by cycling the air in and out of its filters. Make sure you keep the purifier when the air would easily get to it. Also, make sure there is some amount of space at the top and the four sides of the purifier are not obstructed. Purifiers also come in different sizes. Make sure the size of purifier you purchased is the right size that can easily be placed into your room. Point the Flow in the Right Direction The direction of the air flow is really important. Certain areas in the home need to clean up faster than others and these areas are determined by the flow of air. If you live in a very large apartment, make sure the flow of clean air in your room is directed somewhere nearby. This is where you will get the best and cleanest supply of air. However, if you live in a small room, this would not be important as all the purified air will easily circulate around the whole room. This tip is considered to be very important for people who live with smoke or those suffering from air-related health conditions such as allergies, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses. Air purifiers are now being designed to conserve a lot of energy. This means you should have no problem leaving it on. Leave the air purifier on and let it continuously work to keep the air in the home at a very good quality. It is easier to continuously clean the air than to have to clean the air in the room all over again. Try to keep your windows and doors closed It is impossible for an air purifier to clean the air outdoors. Just like when using an air conditioning unit, the unit works best when the air in the home is restricted from external interference and pollution. Increase the effectiveness of the air purifier by sealing the room. Sealing the room would also mean that you get to trap the purifier air in the room and keep it from escaping. Be sure to read and take note of the manufacturer's recommendations in taking care of your air purifier. The air purifier works by using its filters to clean the air. However, the HEPA and carbon filters in the air purifier need to be constantly replaced. if you are making use of a washable filter, try to have it clean every 10 days. The air purifier can only work effectively when it is clean. If it is clogged with contaminants and pollutants, the machine simply becomes useless. With the presence of an air purifier in the home, you will get to live comfortably because of the improved air quality. It is also important to choose the right type of air purifier from the variety of options found in the market. After the purchase, you need to learn how to use it. Different tips to make the use of your air purifier more effective have been listed above. Take note of them and embrace healthy living.
What Are the Drawbacks of the Global Air Purifier Market?
global air purification systems marketAccording to research by Research on Global Markets, the global air purifier market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 5.2% and reach approximately USD 6.18 Bn by 2023. The global air purification systems market is classified on the basis of the filter, end user, and region. Despite its many benefits, there are a couple of drawbacks of air purifiers as well.1. Ozone emission: air purifiers such as electrostatic precipitators, ozone generators, and ionizers emit ozone into the homes. While ozone is a toxic colourless gas naturally available in the upper atmosphere, it is also a component of man-made smog. Ozone gas emission is a deliberate strategy to eliminate bacteria and chemicals in the air. Electrostatic precipitators emit ozone unintentionally as a part of their function. The charging process leads to the emission of ozone. Side effects of ozone can be shortness of breath, chest tightness, and coughing, patients suffering from asthma may experience intensified symptoms.2. Performance: air purifiers can underperform and not provide all the purifying effects that they claim to offer. Purifiers that use activated carbon can remove odor, gases, and chemicals, yet is ineffective against allergens and microorganisms. HEPA filtration purifiers can capture allergens but not odors, gases, and chemicals.3. Maintenance: Many air purifiers depend on disposable, replaceable filters which are expensive. The filters need to be replaced periodically in order for the purifier to work optimally. Maintenance is not only expensive but labor intensive.Many leading manufacturers do not sell ionic purifiers because they believe them to be helpful. Ozone is actually good to clear the throat and lungs, b when it reacts with dust particles in the air they become harmful. Many companies that produce ionic purifiers and release higher levels of ozone need to be corrected. Doctors and medical experts too agree that air purifiers could provide people with clean air, but they are not sure if they can control the incidents of respiratory attacks for people prone to these attacks. These machines might filter the air but there is no detailed research which suggests that this device would actually help reducing the incidences of asthmatic attacksIt is important to be aware of characteristics and limitations of the air purifier before purchasing it. Proper research must be conducted before purchasing the product of a particular company. Setting unrealistic expectations from the device is futile as even the best come with a few drawbacks. In totality, if the advantages and disadvantages are compared, the services of the global air purifier market is invaluable.Summary: According to research by Research on Global Markets, the global air purifier market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 5.2% and reach approximately USD 6.18 Bn by 2023. Ozone emission, poor performance and high maintenance cost are a few drawbacks of air purifiers·RELATED QUESTIONHow do I paint a motorcycle helmet?We hear all the time from beginner motorcycle riders that they won’t wear a helmet because they are ugly (don’t even get me started as to why that is about the dumbest reason I’ve ever heard for not wearing a motorcycle helmet). The reasoning goes that traditional motorcycle helmet makers are so focused on features and safety that they ignore making their helmets look awesome.The result is that riders end up not wearing helmets (where they aren’t legally required) or they buy helmets that look great but are shitty quality. Both bad things.I’m not going into the benefits of getting a wearing a great motorcycle helmet in this post, instead I’ll focus on how to make the best of the situation assuming you have purchased an “ugly” helmet you want to make awesome. Clearly if you read the title of this post we’re focusing on how to paint your motorcycle helmet.Option 1: The Easiest Type Of Motorcycle Helmet PaintingPreparationPainter’s tape Airbrush gun or paint sprayPaint with your favourite colour (water paint)Old big newspaperA raincoat to avoid paint splash over your clothesA sticking-plasterFlexible stencils (optional)Markers and paintbrushesStep 1: Using the sticking-plaster to cover anywhere you do not want to paint, as well as put on the raincoat. Then opening old big newspaper out and on the ground and put your motorcycle helmet on it.Step 2: Using painter’s tape airbrush or paint spray. After that, you have to wait until the paint is dry, about 20 minutes.Step 3: When the paint is dry, using markers draw your picture’s skeleton which is from your ideas.Step 4: Using paintbrushes and water paint to paint your motorcycle helmet based on your skeleton. This is the most difficult step which requires your drawing skill and your caution, because if you make any mistake, your ideas will be blurred. In this step, you have to wait for more, at least,2 or 3 hours until the paint is dry.Step 5: After waiting, you must spray transparent paint (no colour) in order to make your motorcycle helmet’ surface smooth and shiny. You also have to wait for 20 minutes.Step 6: Removing the sticking-plaster, so everything is done, you can wear it immediately.Type 2 – The More Advanced Helmet Painting OptionPreparationAcrylic paintA pencil, a markerA paintbrushStep1– creating colour foundation step: painting the motorcycle helmet’s surface, but remember that, in this type, you do not paint all the surface like the type 1, you can use the paintbrush to paint only areas where you want to draw. You can use any colour that you like.Step 2: Using the pencil to draw the skeletons of your ideas on what you have just painted, however, if it is not completely dry, it will be bad, therefore, you need to be waited until you can make sure that it is dry totally.Step 3: Colouring the skeletons with many layers to cover the paint that is in step 1, but you should colour the new layer when the old layer is dry.Step4: Using the marker to redraw the skeletons in order to make them clear.To sum up, they are two type of painting on motorcycle helmets we want to introduce for you to help them more beautiful and it can completely become an excellent gift for yourselves, your family’s members, your lover, your friends and others.In addition, if you do not have much time, there are a lot of painting services that you can find on the internet or you can buy motorcycle stickers and decals in the many stores to add to your motorcycle helmet. Although using painting services will more professional, especially printing 3D on motorcycle helmets, they cannot make us as happy as painting by ourselves.We will have more valuable and exciting experience, and certainly, we will treasure them more. Moreover, you need to be careful when you painting, because paint can stick to your hand or other areas of the motorcycle helmet’s surface and make destroy your art. We hope you will succeed and good luck!
Blueair Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier Review
How to Find the Best Cheap Air Purifier for under $100Your budget is tight. The air in your home is not as good as you think it could be. Maybe you are having more allergy attacks this season or there are some sinus issues that just wo not go away. Here's some good news: you do not have to spend a fortune on an air purifier for your home. This guide will help you find the best cheap air purifier for under $100. The Best Chart for Air Purifiers under $100 Air purifiers that are priced for less than $100 typically tend to get one key feature correct. But, we did the legwork for you and compiled a list of devices that are well-rounded in all aspects and the best in their respective categories. The only thing left for you is to look over the options on our list and ascertain what works best for you. As the best overall air purifier under $100, we have the TREDY true HEPA air purifier. It provides four-stage filtration with H13 true HEPA technology. The four-stage filtration process is based on the following components: a pre-filter, HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, and a protective net filter. Its CADR rating is 100cfm(150m³/h) and it has a purifying capacity of 200 sq. ft. True HEPA filtration in four stages is hard to come by in air purifiers under $100, thus one of the deciding factors when choosing the best overall was this particular quality. The 99.7% removal rate of particles as small as 0.3 microns is not an idle boast, as guaranteed by the composite build of the filter that all but assures premium air quality. Apart from the high-quality filter, this device is not lacking when it comes to features either. Its smart sensor indicates air quality via a LED light in four colors: red for polluted, orange for normal, green for clean, and blue for pure. Another feature pertaining to the sensor is its automatic mode of operation. The fan changes between its three speeds based on the level of air pollution. The TREDY also has the highly sought-after feature of a timer. It has three settings, namely 2, 4, and 8-hour modes. The second crucial factor which puts this device above the other ones on the list is its incredibly low noise level. In its normal modes of operation, it's relatively average, but in its night mode, the noise the TREDY produces is only 28 dB. Although the TREDY brand allegedly provides lifetime customer support, the warranty on this device is only 1 year, which we found to be contradictory. It would've been nice if they backed up their claims with actions, as Pure does, providing 5-year warranty plans. Other than that, TREDY provides a well-rounded product, which is as good as it gets at this price range. Thus, the TREDY TD-1500 made our pick as the best overall air purifier for under $100. The PureZone Halo 2-in-1 is a compact device with a limited purification capacity of 100 sq. ft, which makes it great for small rooms. Its CADR is 50 cfm and it uses a two-stage purification system. If you are looking for a neat device that would purify the air and serve as an accessory, the PureZone is a great choice. Its sleek design and perfect size make it the go-to product for someone who values aesthetics as well as quality. The activated carbon pre-filter makes the PureZone a great choice for eliminating odors, while not losing out on actual air quality improvement due to its true HEPA filter that eliminates 99.97% of air polluting particles such as dust, pollen, pet dander, and smoke. Adding to the great design, this device sports relaxing glow lights that can be tuned up or down as necessary. It's 100% ozone free, so if you are living in a state that outlaws extraneous ozone production or you are simply irritated by its smell, you would not have that problem. Regarding modes of operation, the PureZone has three fan speeds along with three automatic timer settings to conserve energy. But, due to its efficacy, you will rarely need to run it at its highest setting in a 100 sq. ft space. Although we are looking for a purifier that does its job well in small rooms, this device is lacking in some of the more advanced features that its peers have. It also produces a fair bit of white noise when operating at its highest speed, should you end up needing to run it that fast, which might prove to be a turn-off for some. PureZone Halo 2-in-1 has the looks and the performance to match. It made our choice as best for small rooms largely due to its appropriate air purification capacity and good looks, as the last thing you would be looking for in an already tightly packed space is an eyesore. If you often find yourself on the road and would like to extend the commodity of clean air wherever you travel, the Airthereal B50-PRO is your optimal choice due to its ideal dimensions and its plug-in connectivity without the hassle of external cords. The Airthereal is based on ionizing and ozone generation technology, and as such has no filters. Its ozone output is 50mg/h and it's rated for enclosed spaces up to 330 sq. ft. It also has two modes of operation: a 30-minute timer and a cycled mode with five minutes of activity and 25-minute breaks. As this is an air ionization and ozone generation device, the Airthereal is the perfect choice when it comes to neutralizing odor and eliminating dust. What is more, ozone is very effective at dissolving harmful chemical compounds in the air such as VOCs. The fresh sensation that it leaves behind is another layer of effective odor removal, as it masks unpleasant smells on top of dissolving them, making the initial effect noticeable in less than thirty minutes. The Airthereal B50-PRO measures at only 5.1 x 4.0 x 3.7 in, which makes it the most portable device on the list, therefore it made our pick as the best air purifier for frequent travelers. Apart from its main function of generating ozone, it also has an ionizer controlled by a simple switch on the side, along with the LED light which is another neat feature. The one major downside to the Airthereal, while a surefire plus in most cases, is the ozone itself. Some states in the US have ozone generation over 0.8 ppm outlawed, due to its potentially harmful effects for people that have underlying respiratory issues. Furthermore, Airthereal cautions customers not to use the device in occupied spaces for extended periods of time, which is also rather impractical. Since we chose this device as the best air purifier for travel, the lack of in-car connectivity (unless you buy an external 110V to 12V power inverter) is another potential flaw. However, should you want to buy a specialized car air purifier, we suggest you head over to our guide on the best car air purifiers where we list our favorites in that specific category. The plug-in design, the efficacy of ozone, and the small frame made the Airthereal really hard to overlook when it comes to choosing a travel mate that cleans the air. Despite its glaring flaws, it does what it ought to amazingly well. At such a bargain of a price, we simply could not find a device that beats the Airthereal in this category. The air purifier that made our pick for the best value is undisputedly the hOmeLabs device. It brings H13 true HEPA technology and three-stage purification at a relatively better price than the TREDY. The more established brand name and a rather respectable 194 sq. ft purification capacity put this device above the competition. Although the hOmeLabs device has one less layer in the air purification system than the best overall pick on our list, this device is a staple on the market coming from a trusted brand that makes customer satisfaction a priority. Such a high level of engagement is sure to guarantee your money's worth. Regarding specifics, hOmeLabs' H13 true HEPA filter boasts 99.97% removal of particles as small as 0.1 microns. It does this by utilizing a three-stage filtration that consists of an activated carbon filter, the true HEPA filter, and a pre-filter, ensuring proper air purification. For all the worried parents out there, this device poses no threat as it comes with a very handy child-lock that prevents interaction. Another accommodating feature for our little ones is the LED night light that can be turned on or off regardless of air purifier operation. It also has a very intuitive interface with simple controls, be it speed adjustment between its three modes, or the occasional filter replacement. Ease of use is something that only adds to the value of a budget device. Even though all HEPA filters require replacing after a certain period of use, the hOmeLabs' filter is rated for only 2100 hours. That might seem like a lot, but it roughly translates to three months of extensive use. In comparison, the TREDY has a filter that is rated to work at maximum efficiency for up to six months, so we expected more on this front. When it comes to noise levels, the hOmeLabs device falls behind as well. Even though 50 dB of noise is not all that much and is perfectly acceptable when the bar is set as high, or in this case, as low as 28 dB, this unit is simply worse. The hOmeLabs device brings all the efficiency of a standard true HEPA air purifier at a more accessible price-point in comparison to other units of this type. Its child-friendly features, renowned brand name, as well as customer support, only added to our conviction that the hOmeLabs device is the air purifier with the best value, despite its negligible drawbacks that probably wo not bother anyone but the enthusiasts. The Features of the Best Cheap Air Purifiers under $100 When we went over the top-rated air purifiers in this price range, we discovered that there are five key points that should be given a comprehensive look before finalizing a purchase. This way you can make sure you are getting the best product for your needs. • Filtration. In filter-based air purifiers, the make of the filter is really important and even more so in budget devices. Most of the units on the market come with a HEPA filter, but make sure to discern between HEPA and true HEPA, as the former, in most cases, neutralizes particles as small as 3 microns, while the latter eliminates pollutants as small as 0.3 microns - ten times smaller! The units on our list, apart from the Airthereal which is an ozone-based device, all have true HEPA filters. • Ozone production. Ozone can help purify the air and eliminate odors in an enclosed space, but it can also aggravate underlying respiratory conditions. The US Government recommends an ozone level at 0.08 parts per million or less for the home, so look for devices that are under this limit. • Purification capacity. This lets you know the effective limits of the air purifier, i.e. the size of the space it's rated to work in at maximum efficiency. • CADR. Speaking of efficiency, the "Clean Air Delivery Rate" is a measurement of how effectively an air purifier removes dust, pollen, and smoke. Higher numbers indicate a better air purifier. We provided more details on this rating in our air purifiers for cigarette smoke review. • Activated Carbon.This may be an additional filter for the air purifier, a pre-filter, or part of the main filter. Activated carbon is a safer way to remove bothersome odors in a home. If you own pets, live in the city, or work in an environment that contains harsh fumes, the carbon filter will help keep those odors at bay rather effectively. Common Issues with Cheap Air Purifiers under $100 and How to Fix Them When reading through the public reviews for each air purifier in this category, you will find that there are many complaints about an air purifier having burning smells or adding a plastic smell to the air. Many new products have this issue, but the smell substantially dissipates after some time in most devices. Also, some of the devices with a cylindrical design, such as the hOmeLabs device, have the filter shipped with a protective plastic sleeve that you will need to remove before using the air purifier. As with all budget devices, it's not exactly recommended for them to run 24/7 at their highest speed, even if the manufacturers claim otherwise. But, we doubt that you will ever need to do so. Another course of action is to operate the air purifier at certain intervals. The timer feature is of great use in such cases. Is It Worthwhile to Purchase an Air Purifier for under $100? When buying technology, the rule of thumb is that more expensive is usually better. The same usually goes for air purifiers. But that does not mean you can not get great value with cheaper devices. We did our best to provide you with units that maximize the performance you would be getting for your money, even if the more expensive options might outperform most products. If you are testing the waters and have not bought an air purifier before, a budget option would be the way to go. If you need an air purifier for a smaller room, you can get one without overpaying for features that are not really necessary. It all comes down to what you need. If you do not have issues such as allergies or odor problems and simply want to increase the air quality of your day-to-day surroundings, go for a cheaper device. Always assess the features and choose the device that does the trick for you. What Are the Prices of Air Purifiers In This Category? You can always check the current price of each of the listed devices by simply following the links, but if you are interested in a rough approximation, read on. For models that offer true HEPA filtration, you are going to be at the top of this pricing category. Smaller units that offer other types of air purification can be found in the $35 range and they do a decent enough job in their respective niche. The average price here is $68 - if you want more features, you will be paying more. If you can settle for a basic unit, you will be able to pay less. We truly hope you found our list of cheap air purifiers satisfactory and that you made your pick. Should you want to read more about related devices or how they function, check out other posts on our blog. You never know what works best for you unless you get informed!
Is It Safe to Use an Air Purifier and the "ionizer" Setting While Pregnant?
I cant see how it would hurt, I always head my HEPA turned on while pregnant, as far as I know nothing gets released that would harm you or the baby, as for the ache, it could really be almost anything, I had so many different pains, i cant name them all, lol, best luck1. Review of the Alen Breathesmart air purifier?Yes, I use the Alen Breathesmart myself. It is on the expensive end but one of the best air purifiers around. I had a neighbor who smoked and was carrying my second child when I started researching air purifiers. I needed one that was quiet, able to clean the air effectively and most importantly any smoke traces or allergens. I debated between more budget air purifiers like the Honeywell HHT 011 and more expensive ones like the Alen Breathesmart but eventually stuck with the Alen Breathesmart. Main things I liked about it: great coverage area (more than a thousand square feet), high CADR ratings for dust / smoke / pollen of more than 250, smart system, lifetime warranty. You do not get any of these with the budget air purifiers. It would be a truly one-time investment with the lifetime warranty so I figured no harm getting the best out there. Side benefit: my husband's sleep apnea got much better after I had the air purifier running for a few weeks as well.2. Do ultraviolet air purifier/sanitizer's that install in your HVAC duct work. What is the best kind to buy.?Anita - it's not about purifying the passing air in a whole house HVAC, it's about keeping the coils in the A-coil free from mold with UVC light. In other words, an A-coil saturated with mold will give bad air by virtue of it's contamination; in some cases it's not a nice to have, it's a necessity to keep the house from odors and mold problems3. Acrylic nail help. will an air purifier work as a fume extractor? ?it should do but if it doesnt there are loads of things you can do to solve the problem. nsi actually have there own fuminator which is ment to be excellent but there pretty expencive. 1. get some high filtration masks, if you get headaches from using products, this will stop and slightly reduce the fumes, there available from for around a dollar and they get cheaper the more you buy AND they alst quite a while. 2. there is an odourless acrylic monomer available but it as its drawbacks, yes, it doesnt smell but its not as strong as normal monomer and once you have applied your product and are really to file and shape, they have a roll-off layer which can be quite annoying to remove. nsi spa liquid is perfect and can be used with ANY other nsi or cnd powder (there products are almost the same) 3. get a dappen dish with a lid, this minimizes the amount of evaporation and therefore reduces the amound of fumes that are released. there about the same price as a normal one but sometimes they can be more expecive. 4. when you have your liquid in the dish (if the dish doesnt have a lid) get a pint glass and turn it over the dish so less fumes escape and keep it over the liquid unless you are using it. 5. get a table and place it right infromt of a window in your bedroom or somwhere in your house and when you are applying your own nails, have the window open so most of the fumes are ventilated out. if you carnt be assed with this, learn how to apply gel nails, gel is odourless! hope this helps ;D4. Do you have an air purifier for your baby's nursery?We did not because if you are not going to do the whole house, it really wo not make that much of a difference5. Does anyone here own a Oreck Air purifier, if so does it work?For honest answers check Consumer Reports Annual buying guide at your lib ray or newsstand Bionaire has a good name6. Does the ionic pro air purifier really work as well as advertised??? I need some feedback b-4 i drop $100 4 itNo do not use one I know my mom does use an air purifier and it seems to help her house
Moby Mart Is the Autonomous Store That Comes to You
A self-driving supermarket that can bring itself to you 24 hours a day is being developed by a Swedish start-up.Developed by Stockholm-based Wheelys, the Moby Mart mobile store is run entirely using artificial intelligence and sensors, is entirely staffless, and enables visitors to scan items they want to buy with their smartphone.It's currently being tested in Shanghai and while for now is stationary, the developers hope the final version will be mobile and autonomous, running along set routes or being summoned by users with a companion smartphone app.A user's smartphone then doubles as their access key to get into the store to select items, which could include shoes and toiletries as well as food. (Wheelys)Upon entering the store - which is the size of a small bus - visitors are greeted by Hol, the holographic AI which is the "face" of the store. Sensors built into the Moby Mart detect when customers enter and leave the store - directly charging their bank account for the items they've chosen. (Wheelys)The Mart is powered by solar panels and also houses an air purifier which its developers claim can aid the environment. The current test in Shanghai is in collaboration with Hefei University and tech firm Himalafy, and developers Wheelys suggested the Moby Mart could also be used as part of parcel delivery and collection. For now there is no timescale on a wider roll-out of the Moby Mart, with Wheelys said to be seeking further investment in the prototype.
Which Is the Best Low Cost Air Purifier for Delhi Region?
Pollution in Delhi is increasing day by day. Taking an Air Purifier looks like a good option. The dense smog that envelops Delhi-NCR every winter prompts residents to invest in devices such as air purifiers that curb the level of pollutants indoors be it dust, pollen, chemicals and mould. As air quality in the national capital region deteriorates to the severe category and your lungs protest, you need to know what to look for before buying an air purifier.The core component or technology of the air purifier is the filter. The filter is like a mesh which blocks the harmful particles and bacteria and allow the air to pass. So essentially the filters clean the air, the rest of the machine does take care of air inflow and outflow. The inflow and outflow rate depends on blower and filter capacity to purify the air.9 Things You Must Check Before BuyingSize Of the RoomNote the size of the room in which you wish to install an air purifierMaintenance CostAir purifiers function smoothly provided you maintain them properly. Before buying an air purifier, ensure that you have a clear idea about the amount you need to spend on the cleaning and maintenance of the air purifier.Noise LevelConsidering the noise level is important, especially if plan to keep the air purifier in your bedroom. It is advisable to pick a large unit and run it at a low speed for better efficiency and quietness. Filter ReplacementThe life of a filter depends on the air quality and usage. The filter needs to be replaced after every 7 months or on the indication of the filter change LED.Automatic MonitoringCheck whether the air purifier has an automatic monitoring option to detect the pollution levels in the room. Air purifiers come with an infrared detector monitors that particulates in an area and accordingly adjust the speed.Power ConsumptionSimilar to all appliances, different types of air purifiers need different amounts of energy to operate. As air purifiers need to function continuously, you need to consider the utility bill before buying a purifier. Most of the air purifiers generally use approximately 50- 200 watts for proper functioning. Prefer one that consumes lesser energy.WarrantyIf you are planning to buy an air purifier for a long term use, ensure that you check the warranty to avoid issues in the long run. Before buying a product, get a clear idea whether the parts of the air purifier such as motor, fan or the electrical components are covered under the warranty. Manufacturer ReputationWhen buying an air purifier, ensure that you consider the reputation of the manufacturer. Read the reviews to learn about the experiences of the customers before making the final decision. Choose a manufacturer who has a good reputation in the industry and provides top quality products. EffectivenessThe effectiveness of air purifier varies among different models and the capacity to remove different amounts of airborne particles from the air. In addition, ensure that you consider the square footage in conjunction with the effectiveness to measure its performance.The following are low cost air purifiers for Delhi region. Philips 1000 Series AC1215/20 Air PurifierVitashield IPS with its aerodynamic design and NanoProtect Pro Filter has a boosted clean air delivery rate up to 270 m3/hr. It can effectively remove ultra-fine particles as small as 0.02um. Also it filters out harmful gases such as formaldehyde and TVOC. Indoor PM2. 5 levels can increase far above local guidelines because of outdoor pollution or daily activities like cooking, cleaning etc. The smart air sensor can detect PM2.5 levels and boost the air purifier's speed to deal with the pollution. Night sensing mode is developed especially for your bedroom; The air purifier rapidly prepares your bedroom air for sleep and constantly monitors your bedroom air quality, delivering clean air while you sleep. The dimmed and/or switched off lights and the low sound help you and your family sleep better. The healthy air protect alert lets you know promptly when it is time to replace the filter. If the filter is not replaced promptly, the appliance stops functioning - to avoid ineffective purification. So you are assured of healthier air always. The color ring on dashboard provides a clear view on air quality by 4-step color, ranging from blue (good allergen & particle level) to red (bad allergen & particle level).Read More : Philips 1000 Series AC1215/20 Air PurifierCoway Sleek Pro AP-1009 Air PurifierCoway is a renowned brand in the world for Air Purifiers. Coway Products are exclusively made in Korea.Air Purifier Model: Sleek Pro Air PurifierAir Purifying Method: HEPA TechnologyCoverage Area: 355 sq. ft / 33 sq. mtrsClean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): 303 cubic m/hrRead More : Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009 Air PurifierAirspa With Device Tms 16 Hepa Air PurifierAlloy Washable Filter: Stops Heavier Particles Of Hair, Dust, Etc. Cold Catalyst Filter: It Can Be Used To Deal With Formaldehyde/Ammonia/Benzene/Tvoc/Hydrogen Sulfide And Other Harmful Gases Released By Plywood, Furniture, Wallpapers, Carpets, Curtains And Bedspreads.Activated Carbon Filter: A Unique Honeycomb Coconut Shell Activated Design Containing Live Charcoal Granuals, Blocks Gases And Odours. Removes: Cigarette Smoke/Pet & Sweat Odours/Other Harmful Gases Etc. Anti-Microbial Filter: The 5-Microns Filter With Antimicrobial Agents Can Efficiently Capture Microbes In The Air.Hepa Filter : Traps Pollutants Of Size 0.3 Micron At 99.97% Efficiency Rate. Removes : Very Small Particles/Small Allergens/Microscopic Bacteria And Viruses/Dust Mites, Etc.Ultra Violet Light: The 365Nm Uv Light Works Independently To Neutralize Microorganisms. Removes : Bacteria / Mould / Viruses Etc.Read More : Airspa With Device Tms 16 Hepa Air PurifierAtlanta Healthcare Beta 350 43-Watt Air PurifierA state of art HEPA Pure air purifier for coverage up to 350 sq.ft. with 7-stage air purification technology that includes pre-filter, HEPA filter, anti-bacterial filter, activated carbon, photo catalyst oxidization, UV light and ionizer. Ideal for homes, hospitals, guest houses, small offices, hotel rooms and doctor chambers. Helps keep indoor air free from dust (PM2.5, PM10), gases, smoke, bad odour, allergens and air-borne infectants. Dimensions of filters : Anti-Bacterial Filter size: 286 x 318 x 20 mm; Activated Carbon and PCO Filter size: 286 x 318 x 15 mm.Read More : Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 43-Watt Air PurifierJSB HF131 Air PurifierJSB Air Purifier for Home to remove dust with 6 Levels of Filtration is a compact, silent and highly efficient indoor air quality improvement machine.The compact design comes with Remote Control, Touch Panel Display and Timer Functions. An ideal product for Meeting Rooms, Conference Rooms, Large Bedroom, Boardroom or Reception.Read More : JSB HF131 Air PurifierAs winter peaks, low wind speeds in the land-locked state lead to high concentration of air pollutants. Hospitals then swell with patients with respiratory illnesses. The Central Pollution Control Board frequently issues warnings asking residents to stay indoors.But indoors isn't safe either, with dust and smoke often exceeding permissible levels. This has spawned a pollution-combating industry, selling products from indoor plants to surgical face masks. One anti-pollution segment that has seen a phenomenal rise in recent years is air purifiers. So taking an Air Purifier looks like a good option.I hope this is helpful to whoever decides to buy it, and I hope it will inspire more people to start using as it can be a great solution to have. • Related Questions
Cheap Phoenix Intake Flex Duct 18 Inch X 25 Feet (4023643)
Phoenix Intake Flex Duct 18 Inch x 25 Feet (4023643) Product Description:Phoenix Intake Flex Duct 18 Inch x 25 Feet (4023643). Intake flex duct for the Phoenix Guardian HEPA System. (Mfg. part# 4023643) Is accessory. SKU: ph1503. Manufacturer: Phoenix. Tag: air purifier, air purifiers, hepa air purifier, air cleaner, air cleaners. Buy in United States! The Phoenix Intake Flex Duct 18 Inch x 25 Feet (4023643) is certainly that and will be a great buy. For this price, the Phoenix Intake Flex Duct 18 Inch x 25 Feet (4023643) is highly recommended and is a popular choice with lots of people. Get Free Shipping on Air Purifiers, Dehumidifiers, Air Conditioners and more. Latest Price: Click HereMore Info: Click HereSee Customers Review: Click HereBuy it Now is a post from: Air Treatment ProductsTop 8 Best Air Purifiers for Kitchen in 2021What is the best air purifier for kitchen odors? Kitchen odors, though not necessarily unpleasant can linger for hours after cooking or cleaning. It is worse if your kitchen has poor ventilation. The odor sticks to your clothes, seats, curtains, and other items. Kitchen air purifiers are essential for eliminating these odors in home kitchens as well as restaurant kitchens. Besides, the best air purifier for kitchen smells is equipped to capture floating particles, vapors, gases, and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Also, they rid your kitchen off sticky oils, smoke, cooking fumes, and other odors from the dust bin and sink. In our quest for the best air purifier for kitchens, we prioritized air purifiers with great filtration, odor elimination ability, and easy maintenance. In this review, we list eight of the best air purifiers for kitchen fumes. Further, we delve into their features, as well as the pros and cons. Also, we share a brief buyer's guide to help you make the best decision. A Comparison of the Best Kitchen Air Purifiers Before we review each product, here is a breakdown of the main features of our top picks: There are many options to pick from, but after thorough research, we have narrowed down to the top 8 contenders. So, you will be able to make a great decision quite fast. These are the best air purifiers for kitchen odors and fumes in 2021: If you are looking for the best air purifier for kitchen fumes, the Blue Pure 211 makes a suitable choice. It is equipped with activated carbon filter - an efficient filter for eradicating VOCs, smoke, and other irritant odors from kitchen fumes, detergents, and vents. Besides, the Blue Pure 211 uses a machine- washable pre-filter to capture larger particles. The air purifier is rated by energy star as one of the lowest energy consumption units consuming 30-60 watts. The only compromise is that it's relatively louder than its peers as the noise ranges between 31 and 56 decibels. Further, we love the air purifier's compact design and portability. Also, the Blue Pure 211 filters air up to 5 times in small and medium-size kitchens with a maximum area of 540 sq. ft. Maximum room coverage is up to 540 sq. ft. Noise levels 31 decibels on low setting and 56 decibels on the highest setting Efficient at odor elimination using an activated carbon filter Sleek Swedish design that blends easily with already existing dcor 1-year limited warranty (2 years where the unit is registered via Blueair) Relatively loud compared to its peers Click here to see its current price. The Ozone free LEVOIT H13 air purifier ranks as one of the best air purifiers for kitchen odors for its 3-stage filtration technology, quiet operation, and energy efficiency. Additionally, the LEVOIT H13 air purifier is a light and compact unit making it easy to move and place where fumes are concentrated. Besides, the LEVOIT H13 air purifier serves kitchens averaging 300 square feet and has automatic settings to help sense the air quality and adjust the fan speed settings as needed. It's also the best air purifier for smoke in the market currently. Below is a summary of its main features. 3-stage air filtration comprising of a pre-filter, True HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter Automatic air quality sensor that auto-adjusts fan speed to match the current air quality The LED display informs you of the room's air quality Allows you to set the time between 1 and 12 hours Automatically senses air quality and adjusts the fan speed to improve the air quality round the clock Alerts you of the room's air quality using the LED indicator Click here to see its current price. The Honeywell HPA250B air purifier perfectly suits medium-sized kitchens. It serves spaces not exceeding 310 sq. ft. Also, the air purifier is a smart, Bluetooth enabled unit thus can be paired with your phone for easier operation. Besides, the Honeywell HPA250B applies HEPA filtration to capture allergens such as mold, pollen, pet dander, smoke, dust, and other microscopic agents with an impressive 99.97% allergen capturing success rate. It changes air five times every hour and has automatic VOC sensors. Uses pre-filter (for larger particles), and True HEPA filter CADR - 180 CFM for smoke and pollen, 190 for dust Dimmer - turns off or dims light as desired VOC sensor - automatically senses room VOC levels and adjusts operation to match the air quality It's a smart device - you enjoy the convenience of operating it using your phone Has a timer that can be set between 1 and 18 hours Works effectively on the floor and on a desktop Relatively high maintenance cost. The pre-filter requires frequent change (every 3 months). Click here to see its current price. The Winix 5300-2 air purifier applies PlasmaWave technology to effectively get rid of airborne allergens from your kitchen. Besides, it uses a pre-filter, and True HEPA filter. The PlasmaWave serves as a permanent filter and is efficient at breaking down odors from cooking fumes, chemicals, fuel smoke, as well as other pollutants. Likewise, the Winix 5300-2 delivers airflow rates at 236 CFM and is suitable for medium and large kitchens not exceeding 360 sq. ft. Uses pre-filter, PlasmaWave (as a permanent filter), and True HEPA filter Serves larger kitchens of up to 360 sq. ft. Alerts you when to change filters Speed settings have the option of manual setting or can be on automatic mode Relatively heavy - not easy to move around Click here to see its current price. The Hathaspace HSP001 is a good air purifier for a kitchen because it cleans the indoor air up to 48 times daily. It applies a 5-level purification system featuring a Cold catalyst Filter, True HEPA filter, Ionizer, a Cellular Activated Carbon Filter, and an Antibacterial filter. This unit serves medium and large rooms averaging 350 sq. ft. Besides, the Hathaspace HSP001 is remote controlled and can also be set on automatic mode. Although it uses an Ionizer, the unit is CARB certified as safe so you can use it without worrying about it triggering allergies. Cleans air twice every hour in rooms measuring 350 sq. ft. and below Impressively quiet - operates at 21 decibels on low setting and 43 decibels on high setting Has a timer setting for 1 to 12 hours Fairly priced for considering its quality It has four physical filters to install so the user needs to be keen. The manual is a must use when installing. Click here to see its current price. The Dyson Pure HP04 is an excellent choice for a kitchen air purifier because of its key air purification features. This 2-in-1 unit works as a cooler during summer, a heater in the winter season, and it purifies air throughout. Also, Dyson uses a technology dabbed multiplier technology plus 350 degrees oscillation to circulate air in your home. Besides, Dyson Pure HP04 stands out as one of the best air purifiers for kitchen fumes because apart from being multi-functional, it's equipped with 2 filters, an activated carbon filter, and a HEPA filter. This ensures it captures almost 100% of allergens down to 0.3 microns. Wi-Fi compatible - users connect to the unit and control it remotely as well as access real-time reports. Dyson Pure HP04 is a multi-functional unit. It works as a heater, a cooler, and an air purifier Uses air multiplier technology to deliver close to 77 gallons of clean air every second Has an LCD screen for air quality Uses an automatic sensor to rate the air quality and adjust the fan speed to initiate the purification Users can create schedules, access real-time updates, and remotely operate Dyson Pure HP04 using the Dyson Link app Relatively heavy - at 19 pounds, some users may find it hard to move around Click here to see its current price. The Oransi EJ120 air purifier will practically serve the whole house even when strategically placed to get rid of odors from your kitchen. This is guaranteed by its capacity to serve large areas measuring up to 1250 sq. ft. The huge coverage makes it the best air purifier for restaurant kitchens. Unlike most air purifiers, Oransi EJ120 uses two filters, one is one inch activated carbon filter (deep pleated), and the other is a HEPA filter, three-inch deep. Owing to these filters, this unit is by far the best air purifier for kitchen odors. It effectively eradicates smoke, cooking fumes, gas odors, as well as other allergens. High quality and firm build (made in the USA with motors imported from Germany) The filters last up to 12 months Quite heavy - hard to move alone Not compact - uses much more space Click here to see its current price. The BISSELL 2780A is a small but powerful air purifier perfect for small kitchens not exceeding 100 sq. ft. It's impressively quiet whether on low or high fan speed and has an additional setting that is extremely quiet - BISSELL refers to as sleep fan speed. This is one of the features that qualify this unit to rank among the best air purifiers for kitchen fumes. Additionally, the BISSELL 2780A has a 3-stage filtration process featuring a combination of pre-filter, an activated carbon filter, and the True HEPA filter. The pre-filter captures the larger particles and makes it easier for the HEPA filter to capture over 99.9% of allergens. Further, the Activated carbon filter takes care of all the cooking fumes, smoke, VOCs Click here to see its current price. The best air purifier for kitchen odors buying guide Choosing a kitchen air purifier is quite challenging because of all the options available. With our modern-day houses, our kitchens have a myriad of designs. The size may be our only reliable feature while choosing a unit. That notwithstanding, the following information will be helpful while making your purchase. We have previously emphasized the importance of choosing an air purifier with HEPA filters to ensure the efficient capturing of all allergens. We still maintain that HEPA filters are crucial in eliminating pollutants. However, when tackling kitchen odors, activated carbon filters are extremely beneficial. To keep your kitchen smelling fresh after cooking or cleaning, activated carbon filters help to quickly and effectively get rid of VOCs and kitchen fumes. PlasmaWave technology may also serve as an alternative. We consider this a crucial feature because manually changing settings can be disruptive especially while cooking and handling other tasks. Also, one can easily forget. The automatic sensors do the crucial work of testing the air quality and automatically adjusting the fan speed settings to ensure you are breathing quality air in your kitchen and the whole house in general. One key mistake consumers make is to assume other features such as good Air Delivery Rate mostly referred to as CADR can compensate for Air Quality sensors. These two are totally different. The CADR rating is based on particles, not odors. However, it's also good to check it out because the higher the CADR rating the quicker the unit picks up allergens. This needs no explanation. Just imagine the convenience of having a unit you can move around whenever you need to. Some units can be used both on the floor and on the kitchen desk and that's a huge plus. Noise levels are measured using decibels, the higher the decibels the more the noise that the unit makes. This may not be an issue while cooking but it is definitely unpleasant and irritating to have a unit that roars like an engine in the kitchen. Cost in this case means the overall cost of owning the kitchen air purifier. Do not concentrate too much on the buying price. Consider other costs as power utilization. Air purifiers are mostly on round the clock so you must buy one that is energy efficient. You will notice some units are energy Star rated for great energy consumption. Filter replacement is another crucial cost. You may buy a unit at a budget price but end up using an equal amount of money on annual filter replacements. The CARB certified, Energy Star rated, and AHAM verified Blueair Blue Pure 211 Air Purifier got our vote for the best air purifier for kitchen odors. In this review, we listed only the best and most efficient air purifiers for kitchen use, and Blueair Blue Pure 211 Air Purifier beat the rest in terms of efficiency and energy consumption. Considering it serves rooms as large as 540 sq. ft. and only consumes 30 - 60 watts, that's quite commendable. It also cleans air 5 times each hour thus completely getting rid of kitchen odors in a short time. There is one shortcoming though, it is relatively loud. Its noise level can go up to 56 decibels on a high setting. In terms of cost, Blue Pure 211 is also easily maintained. The pre-filter is machine washable while the carbon filter lasts up to 6 months depending on your environment. The unit is also fairly priced considering its quality. In summary, these are the best air purifiers for kitchen in 2021:
Discount Dimplex Axel Media Console Fireplace
Discount Dimplex Axel Media Console FireplaceDimplex Axel Media Console Fireplace Product Description:Dimplex Axel Media Console Fireplace. The Axle Console is beautifully designed in a Raked Sand finish with push-open glass doors. The see-thru glass cabinet displays media and décor. This console can hold a 70-inch TV. SKU: di4976. Manufacturer: Dimplex. Tag: fireplaces, stoves, electric fireplace, wood fireplace, electric stove, pellet stove, fireplace insert, wood stove, gel fireplace, media fireplace, corner fireplace.Buy cheap Dimplex Axel Media Console Fireplace in United States! The Dimplex Axel Media Console Fireplace is certainly that and will be a great buy. For this price, the Dimplex Axel Media Console Fireplace is highly recommended and is a popular choice with lots of people. Get Free Shipping on Air Purifiers, Dehumidifiers, Air Conditioners and more.Latest Price: Click HereMore Info: Click HereSee Customers Review: Click HereBuy it NowDiscount Dimplex Axel Media Console Fireplace is a post from: Air Treatment Products5 Best Air Conditioner In India (May 2021)Are you looking for the 5 best air conditioners in India 2021? You are in the right place. Our honest review and buyer's guide will help you find the best air conditioner in India. Normally, Summers starts in India from the beginning of March and lasts until August. The average temperatures of around 35 to 45 degrees during the summer season. In the past decade, due to global warming, the average temperature has increased by 0.9 degrees Celsius across the planet. Just install an air conditioner in your home, it can at least cool your interior. Since there are many ACs available on the market, it can be quite difficult to choose the right one. In this article, we will discuss with you how you can choose the right AC and what are the best AC available on the market right now in India. There are some of the best AC brands available in the Indian market with various models that can get you very confused. As you think about the best ac in India, the questions come to mind: In this article, we will try to give you honest recommendations about the best air conditioning in India 2021 and the Air Conditioning Buying Guide. This will help you make a simple but informed decision. So without further ado, here is a list of the best ACs in India 2021. This LG Split AC has a dual inverter compressor that provides faster cooling and more savings. With a cooling score of 5, the LG air conditioner provides true cooling performance even at high ambient temperature. With 100% copper and a special Ocean Black protection applied to the indoor and outdoor unit, it provides exceptional durability to the air conditioner in typical Indian regions affected by sand, salt, industrial smoke, and pollutants. LG inverter air conditioners with unique Himalaya Cool technology promise to cool you down as soon as you turn on the air conditioner. The efficiency of the Active Energy Control function limits energy consumption from 40% to 80% compared to normal use and saves up to 57% of energy. The Low Refrigerant Detection function detects a low level of refrigerant which can leave the room warm and uncomfortable. During the humid monsoon season, when the indoor temperature varies between 29 C and 31 C, a subdivided temperature control matrix automatically detects the ambient temperature and optimally adjusts for maximum comfort, effectively reducing the energy consumption. Daikin is one of the best ACs Brand available in India today. One of the highlights of Daikin is the excellent after-sales service they provide. In addition, Daikin AC comes with some of the best features. Daikin AC uses Neo Swing Compressor technology. Due to the smooth rotation, there is a minimum of friction and vibration. Therefore, this AC is one of the quietest artists. In addition, it also prevents leakage of refrigerants during the compression process. The Daikin AC comes with an Econo mode or power-saving mode The presence of the built-in stabilizer is a boon, as it can handle a wide range of input voltage fluctuations. It is not necessary to have an external stabilizer, which saves on additional expenses. Carrier is an international AC brand. It is a recognized brand capable of offering high-quality performance. This AC comes with interesting features that make this AC qualify as one of the best divided 1.5 ton ACs in India. This AC can work even if the external temperature reaches 55 degrees centigrade. The built-in stabilizer allows uninterrupted operation even at voltages as low as 195V. This Carrier model can work comfortably between 150V and 280V even at room temperature up to 48 degrees. Car carriers have always had the advantage of the best designs. This powerful and innovative design guarantees that it offers first-class performance and faster indoor cooling. Warranty: 1 year on product, 5 years on the condenser, 10 years on compressor Bluestar is an old Indian brand AC offering a multitude of features in its various models. The use of the electronic expansion valve, several sensors, a BLDC motor and a compressor with double rotary inverter guarantees that the room is perfectly cooled with background noise. The large 4D airflow ensures that cooling reaches even the most remote corners, so there is no difference in cooling inside the room. The AC provided with heat mode is a valuable addition to the AC for buyers residing in the region who experience not only extreme summers but also freezing winters. With increasing urbanization and technological innovation, air quality is becoming a major concern, especially in large cities. With this in mind, the Blue Star AC are well equipped to filter out all types of pollutants, bacteria, viruses, dust particles and offensive odors using an impeccable arrangement of 7 specialized filters working in tandem. Finally, for advanced users, high-end models have the Smart Control function which gives them the freedom to manage the air conditioning simply by sliding the phone. Blue Star should be your choice if you are looking for decent cooling performance with minimal noise and want a good air purification system in the air conditioning. It is most energy-efficient and has a lowest-noise operation Energy Rating: 5 Star. Best in class efficiency. Annual Energy Consumption: 892.32 units. ISEER Value: 4.51 Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year on product, 1 year on condenser, 5 years on compressor The latest features and technology make this Voltas 1.5 ton 5 star 185V JZJ Split AC a great addition to your living space. An air conditioner is an ideal option for the cooling needs of your home. Beat the outside temperatures and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in your room because the air conditioner with its efficient cooling system and its even more efficient level of energy consumption guarantees the best results. When you are buying an air conditioner, there are certain things that must be taken into account. If you neglect any of the essential aspects of an air conditioner, then you could miss the different features that the machine has to offer. Here is a brilliant buying guide for an air conditioner that you can follow and consult when buying an air conditioner. In today's market, there are two main types of air conditioners that are available: window air conditioners and Split air conditioners. Both types of air conditioners are advantageous and can provide lasting service, but they have their own set of benefits that you should know. Window AC: AC windows are much cheaper and cheaper than split air conditioners. They are also easier to install because they can be easily installed in the window and do not require any drilling. It does not take up any wall space, therefore it can save a lot of space. Split AC: These ACs provide better energy efficiency and energy-saving options for the user. Split ACs are more powerful and effective for cooling large areas than window ACs. It helps the room cool faster and makes much less noise compared to window ACs. You must consider the capacity of the AC you are buying. The AC cooling capacity depends on the AC capacity you have purchased. It is usually measured in tons and one ton equals 12,000 BTU. It has been derived from the amount of heat required to melt a block of ice that also weighs a ton. Tons is the number that refers to the amount of heat that the AC can remove from the house in an hour. So one ton of AC equals 12,000 BTUs per hour. The higher the AC capacity, the faster the area will cool. The power consumption and star ratings on your AC is the amount of energy that your AC will save in the long run. The higher the number of stars in the rating, the more money you will save. ACS that have less than 3 stars consume much more energy than those that have 3 or more than 3 stars. So, if you want to save money on your electricity bill, then opt for a good AC with star rating. AC investors are a much better option today. These ACs have their own set of brilliant benefits including less power consumption, constant cooling, and longer-lasting AC due to less pressure on the compressor. Therefore, if you want to enjoy these benefits, you had better choose a good quality AC inverter. The air conditioners come with a lot of features today and here some of them you should not miss: antibacterial filter, automatic on / off, dehumidifier, automatic cleaning and sleep mode too. A product in which most of these amazing features are absolutely perfect for you to consider buying the AC and installing it in your home. So here is an Excellent buying guide for you when you want to buy an AC. Be sure to consider all the points we have discussed and make a wise purchase. These Are Best AC Manufacturers in India 2021 It is natural that people have doubts. In a way, it is better to clear these doubts before investing in the air conditioning unit. You will not regret the investment if you have a complete understanding of air conditioning concepts. Now we reach the final part of our complete AC buying guide, as we address the common concerns of potential AC buyers and users. Which brand of AC is the best? There are countless AC brands available in the market. It is a difficult task to choose the best among all of them. This guide will give you an idea of the aspects you should consider when buying AC units. Energy efficiency is one. Environmental friendship is another. You have to look at the cost factor too. Taking into account the three main aspects, it is always better to opt for the inverter AC units. It has several companies that are specialists in the manufacture of AC equipment. The first names that come to mind are whirlpool, L.G, Carrier, Blue Star, Daikin, etc. Second, it has companies that manufacture various electronic devices other than AC units. The most prominent are Hitachi, Mitsubishi, LG, Voltas, etc. It has local Indian brands such as Onida and Godrej that manufacture AC to adapt to Indian conditions. All these brands are renowned. You can choose the one that offers maximum benefits at minimum cost. Which brand of AC offers the best service? It is best to check beforehand if the AC manufacturing company has provisions for servicing your AC in your city. Transporting it to another city is not a feasible job. Generally, reputable manufacturers like Carrier and Daikin have agreements with local service centers. Indians make air conditioning units not deal with this problem. It is best to read customer feedback before choosing the right AC brand. The reputable AC brands mentioned above have such facilities. However, check it out before investing in a particular brand. Is it safe to buy AC online? If it is. It has renowned websites like Amazon where you can order the best air conditioning units at excellent discounted rates. There is absolutely no harm in buying AC units online, especially on reputable e-commerce platforms. Is it ok to opt for AC with an aluminum capacitor? The most common metals used to make condenser tubes are copper and aluminum. Both metals have their advantages and disadvantages. Copper has a high heat transfer coefficient compared to aluminum. At the same time, aluminum is extremely malleable and relatively cheap. But, they require more maintenance. Therefore, you can opt for AC with aluminum capacitors, although copper is the preferred option worldwide. Aluminum capacitors are not bad either. What is Blue Fin & Gold Fin technology? Corrosion is the biggest enemy of all these air conditioning units. Over a period of time, the condenser tubes undergo corrosion, requiring replacement and repair. To overcome this problem, now manufacturers use Blue Fin or Gold Fin technology by which they paint the condenser tubes with special anti-corrosive paint. This improves the life of the AC unit. The only difference between Blue Fin and Gold Fin technology is that Gold Fin technology does not oxidize easily, which increases the life expectancy of the AC. However, this technology is very expensive as compared to Blue Fin technology. Both technologies have their merits and demerits. It is up to the consumer to choose after considering all aspects. Is the stabilizer required for air conditioning? Each AC has an operating voltage limit. You will find this range printed on the AC label. Check if the area where you live has voltage fluctuations beyond these limits. If so, you should invest in a stabilizer for your AC to protect it from voltage fluctuations. Better to be safe than sorry. A stabilizer wo not cost much compared to your AC. Install one and do not worry about voltage fluctuations. Which condenser is better for coastal areas? Corrosion is the main problem that capacitors face. Copper is an excellent metal for manufacturing condenser coils in India. But, copper is also unique in that it is the only metal that falls prey to formicary corrosion. This type of corrosion requires the presence of oxygen, organic acid, water, and copper. Corrosion cant is seen by naked eyes. You find this type of corrosion in coastal areas where there is a lot of humidity present in the environment. Usually, you see AC units that have copper coils and aluminum fins. These units suffer galvanic corrosion. Therefore, it is better to have a single metal for the condenser tubes, as well as the fins. Microchannel condenser coils are best for use in coastal regions. Samsung uses this technology in the manufacture of condenser coils. Leading AC manufacturers use Blue Fin and Gold Fin technology to coat the capacitor coils. What is the air purifier, dust and bacterial filters in the AC? Indoor air is very dusty. This dust and bacteria can cause respiratory problems. Under normal circumstances, when you do not use the air conditioner, you keep the doors and windows of the room open. This ensures air circulation. But, when you operate the air conditioner, you must close the windows and doors. This implies that you inhale the same air. Air conditioning units have bacteria and dust filters that trap these recirculating ingredients. Modern air conditioning units also include air purifiers. This ensures that you have clean, clean air to breathe. You will understand the amount of dust in the air when you remove these filters from the air conditioner to clean them. Imagine the amount of dust you inhale in the normal course. What is a dehumidifier? In the normal course, the air contains a lot of humidity. Operating the AC in normal mode implies that the humidified air circulates through the machine. That is why it has dehumidifier mode on the AC. This is also known as a dry mode where the air conditioner removes excess moisture from the room without any significant change in temperature. Therefore, people living in areas near the coast should seek AC with dehumidifiers. They add to the comfort value of air conditioning. What is a double AC inverter? You find this dual inverter compressor in certain brands of LC AC units. The same name suggests that it has twice the efficiency that you experience in a single AC inverter. This technology ensures that the AC operates with less noise and also cools faster. When it cools down faster, it means that the compressors run at low speeds most of the time. Therefore, you save a lot on your electricity consumption. What is Mosquito Away technology? Mosquito Away technology is present in the latest brand of LG AC units. This technology relies on ultrasonic sound to keep mosquitoes away. AC units emit this sound that is beyond the healing power of humans. But, it can discourage mosquitoes. LG also uses this technology in its phones, washing machines, and televisions. How to Clean Split Ac At home? Best way to clean your split ac - Vedio Attached below You have seen various aspects of AC from its performance, efficiency, star ratings, nature of refrigerants, and maintenance tips. This information should be enough for you when you decide to buy the best air conditioner. We've reviewed a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions in this AC Buying Guide. We hope that this information is sufficient to allow you to make an informed decision when choosing the ideal air conditioner for your home. If you have any questions about the AC selection please post it in the comment section below and we will try to answer it.
What Are the Advantages of LED Light Source DLP Splicing Products
What Are the Advantages of LED Light Source DLP Splicing Products
As a new large screen video technology, LED light source DLP splicing products have always been one of the key industrial innovations concerned by the industry. The adoption of sub era light source LED technology is not only a simple change in light source technology, but also will fundamentally change the practical performance of DLP splicing products, and even create many new application modes. So, what unexpected new surprises will the new LED light source DLP splicing bring to industry customers?Lower system cost of ownershipThe first significant change in the application of LED light source to DLP splicing wall products is that the cost of users is significantly reduced. Although the use of LED technology will increase the first investment of DLP splicing wall project by 30%, the service life of LED light source reaches 60000 hours, which is about 20 times that of traditional mercury lamp. In other words, the customer's lifetime hit on the DLP splicing wall will save at least 20 bulb replacement costs. This cost can not only offset the increase of DLP splicing unit cost caused by LED technology, but also "save a lot of investment".Another feature of LED light source technology is that the three primary colors emit light independently. This makes the DLP projection system no longer need the previous color wheel beam splitter. As a mechanical operation product, the maintenance and replacement frequency of color wheel is also an important part of customer cost. Although color wheel components are not the core consumables of DLP splicing wall, the economy of LED light source products without color wheel can not be ignored.The long-life LED light source also greatly reduces the maintenance frequency of DLP splicing wall. The annual maintenance quantity can be reduced by at least 50%. This will also serve as an important "money saving" node and become one of the important added values for customers to purchase LED light source products. In addition, as an efficient light source product, LED will also bring higher luminous efficiency and higher light utilization, thus reflecting another part of the "low-cost" characteristics of saving electricity.Higher system reliabilityLED light source products are solid-state cold light source products. The utility model has the advantages of high working efficiency, low heat generation and less accidental damage in solid state. The traditional mercury lamp light source has the same vulnerability as an ordinary electric bulb. Its product temperature is very high in the high-light working state, and it is more likely to be damaged, burned or burst due to accidents. The solid-state emission of LED light source significantly increases the stability of the light source itself.Different from traditional mercury lamp products, LED light source is driven by low-voltage DC pulse. The power supply part does not contain high voltage and high current components, so the service life and stability of the power supply are more controllable. Combined with the natural luminescence of the three primary colors of the LED light source, there is no need for mechanical color wheel components for light splitting, which makes the LED light source more stable than the traditional mercury lamp in terms of power supply, control and light splitting.The three primary colors of LED light source work independently, which also makes the whole machine can still display the picture in the lack of color even if a "bulb" fails. This is in sharp contrast to the situation that the traditional single lamp DLP splicing unit cannot work once the bulb is burned out. It can display without color, so that once the light source appears unexpectedly, the LED light source can minimize the loss of customers to the greatest extent, or even no loss. Compared with the simple single lamp DLP splicing unit, the reliability of LED light source products is closer to the dual lamp backup system.Green environmental protection and low carbonLED light source technology is a famous green environmental protection technology. The characteristics of its semiconductor process make it easier to control toxic metals. Unlike the traditional mercury lamp, once damaged, it is likely to cause the leakage of toxic elements in the internal mercury lamp. As a semiconductor element, LED light source can also be recycled, and important metal elements can be recycled in the smelting process again.In addition, LED light source products are also light source products with high luminous efficiency.Under the same brightness conditions, it has lower energy consumption. Moreover, the LED light source emits light in digital pulse mode with independent three primary colors. The LED light source works only when the DLP light valve chip DMD needs light of a certain color. This is quite different from the continuous ignition mode of the traditional mercury lamp. LED light source does not work continuously. It only makes valuable luminescence when needed, which also makes it better meet the needs of low-carbon and environmental protection for future economic development.Bright colors make the picture more gorgeous