The First Batch of Adaptive Models of Huawei Hongmeng System Will Be Announced soon, and a Total of

The latest news shows that the release time of the mobile phone version of Huawei Hongmeng system has also been determined. On April 24, at this year's Huawei developer conference, the mobile phone version of Hongmeng system will meet you for the first time, and the first batch of suitable models will also be announced.

Wang Chenglu, CEO of Huawei software, said in an interview: Hongmeng is no longer a simple operating system like Android and IOS, but a new intelligent terminal control system, which enables different devices to interact and work together.

Huawei's ranking in upgrading Hongmeng system is mainly arranged according to the chip type. Emui 11.0 and glory magic UI 4.0 mobile phone systems are upgraded according to this situation. As long as Huawei and glory mobile phones equipped with Kirin chip and above Kirin 710 version can be upgraded almost within this year. At that time, matex2 folding screen will become the first model to be carried. In addition, mate40 and P40 series have also entered the list of the first batch of upgrades.

This time, Huawei gave everyone a shot in the arm. Hongmeng system has officially determined the list. Huawei products on this list can directly upgrade Hongmeng system. A total of 55 products, including computers, can be equipped with Hongmeng system. Before that, Huawei mobile phones need to be upgraded to emiui11, which will smoothly transition to Hongmeng system at that time. Unfortunately, Huawei mate10 series, P20 series, nova4, nova3, glory 10, etc. equipped with Kirin 970 can not be equipped with Hongmeng system, especially the Kirin 960 chip.

If the mobile version of Hongmeng system is officially released, it will lay a foundation for the development of domestic mobile phone systems. In the future, if domestic smartphone manufacturers choose to use Huawei's Hongmeng system, it will also be a great help to Huawei!

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