The First Mars Exploration Mission "tianwen-1"

On July 23, China carried out its first Mars exploration mission "tianwen-1" with the long March-5 remote-4 rocket at Wenchang launch site. China's Yuanwang fleet of three survey ships deployed in different waters of the Pacific Ocean to successfully complete the Marine Measurement and control tasks of rockets and surround vehicles.

At the end of May, the Long March 5 remote 4 carrier rocket was transported by Yuanwang 21 and 22 ships under the China Satellite maritime measurement and control department to Qinglan port, Wenchang, Hainan.

On July 23, about six minutes after the Long March 5 rocket took off, as the first baton of land and sea relay measurement and control, Yuanwang 6 timely found and captured the target, and completed the rocket measurement and surround measurement and control tasks of the end of the first stage working section and the second stage primary working section of the rocket.

Subsequently, Yuanwang 5 and Yuanwang 7 completed the measurement and control tasks in turn. The three Yuanwang ships continued to track the target aircraft for nearly 30 minutes to provide measurement and control support for key actions such as rocket primary and secondary separation, secondary primary shutdown, secondary startup, secondary secondary shutdown and rocket separation.

During the mission, the three survey ships found the target in time, tracked continuously and stably, obtained complete telemetry and data transmission data, exchanged various information with Wenchang Aerospace Launch command and control center and Beijing aerospace flight control center according to regulations, and successfully completed the Marine Measurement and control tasks of rockets and surround vehicles.

According to the captain of Yuanwang No. 5, Yuanwang No. 5 and No. 7 carry out tasks in the high latitude waters of the South Pacific. The sea conditions in the task sea area are complex and the meteorological conditions are changeable. According to the time range of the launch day, Yuanwang No. 5 has formulated navigation measurement conditions under different conditions in advance, formulated emergency standby routes, and can provide emergency measurement and control support at critical moments.

Since the beginning of 2020, in the face of intensive space launch and epidemic prevention and control, Yuanwang fleet has made every effort to participate in the completion of two rocket maritime transportation and six maritime measurement and control tasks such as Beidou. The relevant person in charge of China Satellite maritime measurement and control department said, "from rocket transportation to maritime measurement and control, five Yuanwang ships have moved thousands of miles, cooperated tacitly, completed the mission with excellent performance and high standards, and helped China's first Mars exploration mission make a perfect start".

It is understood that after completing the maritime measurement and control task of "tianwen-1" probe, Yuanwang 5 and 7 will return to China, and Yuanwang 6 will continue to go to other sea areas to carry out subsequent satellite maritime measurement and control tasks.

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