The Rapid Development of Automatic Driving Technology Indirectly Drives the Application of AR Techno

Nowadays, augmented reality (AR) technology is not a new product, but due to the limited scope of application, AR has not become the focus of attention. Suppose that one day in the future, the medium for transmitting information to drivers and passengers is a device based on AR technology rather than a mobile phone or central control screen. The navigation information of the car can be displayed on the windshield in real time. When approaching the destination, the information of the nearby parking lot can be pushed in time. When looking for a restaurant, the driver does not need to look left and right. The location has already been displayed on the windshield. Models with high chassis such as SUV can also display blind spot areas such as door side to avoid accidents - at this time, I believe no one will publicize ar useless.

Indeed, car companies are building this dream world and putting it into reality. However, at present, most ar displays matched with vehicles are small, and the display effect is relatively rough. A visible example is Lexus LS series flagship sedan, which has a 24 inch HUD display and supports dynamic graphic display. Due to the lack of integrated intelligent system, it can only display basic information such as real-time vehicle speed and road warning. At present, Mercedes Benz's mbux infotainment system can project the direction arrow, street name and house number to the HUD display screen in real time to show the driver the relevant situation in real time.

In China, many companies also have layout in this field. Ali's AliOS and Gao de map have launched self-developed AR navigation technology, which was first introduced into the market before or after loading. As the other side of BAT, Apollo, which was heavily charged by Baidu, also launched an intelligent driving solution based on the arrow Hu at the beginning of the month. In addition to Internet Co, traditional car companies are also trying to embrace new technologies. SAIC Roewe's latest pure electric vehicle MARVEL X has equipped the above AliOS AR navigation products, so that the dashboard has the effect of HUD display on windshield.

The relevant systems of automobile manufacturers including BMW, Jaguar, Toyota and Ford are still in the preparatory stage. Different from the self-development path of auto enterprises, they usually choose to cooperate with industry suppliers such as continental or technology giants such as Google and apple. At present, Google and apple are already developing related products. According to the information provided by patently apple, Apple has applied for relevant patents based on windshield in August this year, which can not only realize the integrated display of digital information in the environment, but also realize FaceTime dialogue between vehicles.

For some auto companies, investment acquisition is a way to get in touch with technology more quickly. Porsche, Hyundai and other automobile manufacturers invested in Swiss start-up wayray, which represents that they began to pay attention to AR technology. Wayray is a company that mainly develops the technology of projecting images onto the automobile windshield. Using this technology, it can display the environmental information around the vehicle and display the functions similar to video games on the windshield. They said that their system uses a smaller projector than the traditional HUD, so it can be applied to more kinds of cars, And automatically adjust the focus to bring the best visual experience.

The rapid development of automatic driving technology indirectly drives the application of AR technology in the field of vehicles. In the future, when the vehicle is in automatic driving state, using AR technology to display information can not only ensure that the driver and passengers will not feel bored during driving, but also indirectly ensure the safety of both sides. Even more miraculously, this technology is conducive to the development of some responsibilities in special fields of the automotive industry. For example, in the field of production and manufacturing, Porsche uses tablet based AR technology to detect the accuracy of factory molds, and Ford also uses Microsoft hololens headgear to assist in vehicle design. Recently, at the Microsoft Technology Conference in Japan, Microsoft announced a partnership with Toyota to use hololens to check the coating thickness of vehicles. Due to the layered physical film on the vehicle surface, it usually takes several days to complete this process before, but after AR enters the factory workshop, the relevant work process and time can be greatly reduced.

Porsche uses tablet based AR technology in the factory

As one of the giants in the field of automobile manufacturing, Audi also uses many equipment developed based on AR technology in its flagship A8 and e-tron Quattro. At the press conference, engineers used the new system to show participants how it works and its position in the vehicle. Obviously, the combination of AR technology and 3D video is much easier to understand than recruitment or video. With the rapid development of this technology, in the future, users can directly watch the working principle of engine and motor under driving state by using intelligent devices.

In addition to special environments such as factories, AR technology can also bring consumers a new user experience. Genesis is a company that provides ar digital user manual. Compared with the previous user manual, which only provides relevant instructions to consumers through photos, genesis allows users to more intuitively view the internal structure of the engine by using their own mobile phone, and there is no need to go to the Automobile Museum to see the relevant models after disassembly. Through more intuitive interactive experience, some function keys on the driver's seat are clearly displayed in front of you. Its appearance can bring users a new experience and make the contents of the user manual more vivid.

Finally, these demonstrations will not only be used in the interpretation of the museum, but also for those who already have relevant equipment, the corresponding demonstration application provided by the official can let users experience it at home. With these apps, you can see a virtual car and put it anywhere, including garage, lawn, or even hell, and then enjoy it. Although this is not particularly cool to outsiders, it is indeed the future of technological development.

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