Tufte LaTeX Not Recognizing Subequations and Usepackage[table]xcolor

Let's handle each error one at a time:This error occurs because the tufte-book document class is loading the xcolor package but is not providing the table option. To get around this issue, add this line before the documentclass line:Now:This error is because the amsmath package has not been loaded. Add usepackageamsmath and this error should go away.

1. How to get dry latex paint out of carpet?

you cant get that out

2. Does liquid latex make fabric hard/stiff?

Liquid latex is flexible

3. Impossible to save LaTeX file in Texmaker on Windows

Starting from TeXmaker 4.0 built on Qt5, with TeXmaker 4.0.1, save it as .tex extension otherwise it will pop up error due to Qt5 file dialog box.It is not saved as .tex automatically starting from new version(4.0) as latex file can have many extensions like . cls . sty . dtx etc. .Update:"It's not a bug, but the default behavior of the Qt5 file dialog" as mentioned by Author in Issue Tracker.Unfortunately this behaviour is missing at changelog

4. LaTeX TikZ figure with straight rows and arrows, with subscripts

You can change angles as you want

5. How do you cite a website with no author in LaTeX?

If you are using BibTeX, a website is a type MISC entry, and you can simply omit the author field if you wish. (Type MISC does not have any required fields, so BibTeX wo not throw an error.) Alternatively, you can give the author as "Anonymous" (which is what you would probably have to do for an article or book with no listed author or editor). Check the style guide for the bibliography format that you are planning to use to see which approach is preferred. (And note that by "style guide" I mean the reference material published by the MLA or APA or whomever, not the documentation for the BibTeX .bst template.)If you are not using BibTeX (or one of its alternatives), then you are implementing the bibliographic formatting by hand, and you should definitely be looking closely at the style guide through all of the bibliography writing process, and formatting your work exactly as specified. How do you cite a website with no author in LaTeX?

6. Overweight, should I use latex shapewear for exercise or...?

sleeping in latex does nothing, yeah it can ake u look slimmer under clothes but thats it it does nothing foe weight loss. Its VERY easy, 3 steps 1. Exercise. Lift wieghts, light weight lots of reps, Run, interval training, sports, do this every day except 1 day a week 2. Eat Less: eat 1500 calories or less a day, and make it healthy food, fruits, veggies, meat, milk, thats it. No excuses 3. Drink plenty of water, will help w the first 2 and keep u healthy.

7. Painting the Kitchen- Latex or Oil Based Paint?

Washable Paint For Kitchen Walls

8. what foods are people with latex allergies not supposed to eat?

There are foods that cross react with rubber latex. However, having a latex allergy does not mean that you are automatically allergic to these foods. You may potentially develop allergies to these foods as their proteins are similar to latex. These foods are Avocado Banana Chestnut Citrus fruit Kiwi fruit Grape Fig Mango Melon Papaya Passion fruit Peach Peanut Peppers Pineapple Plum Potato (raw) Tomato (raw) It is not recommended that you remove these foods from your diet unless you develop symptoms. Otherwise you are unnecessarily depriving yourself of these foods and their nutrients.

9. Is it possible to make LaTeX ignore certain lines? [duplicate]

# is the argument number prefix character in TeX. You have to escape is in the list of keywords. But there is another problem with your code. listings does not work for several utf8 characters, e.g., . Here I've used extendedchars=false to avoid the problem, but this may not be the best solution

10. Latex paint over oil based paint?? Worried?

Zuma has it right. You can put latex over oil but not oil over latex

11. How to write a multiple choice test book with LaTeX?

Take a look at this, I know is not the best way but this is also a way. .

12. Why Mathematica does not interpret this LaTeX code correctly

This happens because D[f, x, n] evaluates to 0. Mathematica does not find x in the expression f so it assumes that f does not depend on x. The result of the following might be closer to you goal:Derivative[n][f][x].

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