Warm Winter Camping Help (CALIFORNIA AREA)?

San Diego if you want warm weather all year. San Francisco is very cold and damp. No one was expected to survive an escape from Alcatraz because San Francisco Bay is cold enough to freeze anyone swimming across it. National Forest Service campgrounds are good for cheap camping. Alternate with Kampground of America or other highly-developed campgrounds to get a hot shower every couple of days.

1. How are you keeping warm this winter? I don't know about anyone else but, I'm tired with winter. Anyone else?

I hate cold weather too so I have some tips: Wear long underwear or flannel-lined pants when outside. Always wear a hat that covers your ears and a scarf. While inside keep your socks on and you will stay warmer. If you still feel cold inside, put on your hat. I used to always walk around outside feeling cold and not wearing a hat or a scarf, and thinking I was just doomed to be miserable, but I finally realized that long underwear, a hat, and a scarf, really makes an amazing difference. Try it!

2. How do you keep warm in winter?

vest top- t shirt-long top/jumper- big coat leggings/joggin bottoms- jodpuhurs-waterproof trousers(optional) 2 pairs socks n leg warmers 2 pairs of glooves this is wot i wear and im nice a snug :))) xxx

3. Parents: how do you keep your kids warm in the winter?

Well, we can not have the heat off or we would literally freeze - we are on the Canadian prairie. This last weekend we got to -47 C (-52F) with the windchill. These last few days it's gotten 'warmer', -35 or so. We keep our house heat at 20 C (68F), once in a while bump it up a degree. But we wear warm clothes. We have a gas furnace, our heat for a 1,200 sq. ft. home is just under $100 a month, but that's equalized over 12 months, so obviously it would be much more in winter if we were just paying for consumption - probably closer to 300/mo. Man, we are in different worlds, hey?

4. what is good to put in a dog house to keep them warm in the winter?

We put wood chips in my dogs house, but If it gets really cold we let her come in our garage which is a toy,TV, and wood pile room, so its warm, but she does not shed all over the carpet and toys because she stays huddled by the wood piles

5. What are ways to stay warm this winter?

You lose a lot of heat from the top of your head so a wool hat will be a help. You might also find some fingerless mittens to keep the backs of your hands warm. Get some thick wool socks meant for walkers and wear them over of your ordinary socks. You might even buy large ones that will also go over your trainers. Pretend you are going on a ski holiday and get some thermal underwear - it really works. Get yourself a small kettle and make hot drinks. Get a hot water bottle to put on your lap, or one of those modern ones that you can heat up in the microwave - they stay warm for ages. Try to keep your feet warm or you will feel cold all over. Do your studying in the local library if its open - they are usually nice and warm. Do an exercise program - press ups and squats will get you nice and warm. And try sweet talking your mum!

6. How the heck can I stay warm this winter!?

Besides wearing extra layers, you can get a good job, save money to move into your own place or another state

7. How did people in cities keep themselves warm in the winter, back in the day?

If you look in the basement of many older American homes you will still find the coal room, usually converted to a workshop or something by now. But it will have no normal windows and a metal plate at ground level that tilts out, this is the coal shoot. Coal was poured from a wagon and later truck down this shoot to fill his room, it was then shoveled to the coal furnace to warm the house.

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