What Are Some Things Cities Should Have?

What are some things cities should have?

dress shops, laundry, dry cleaning, sushi, airports, train stations, forests, museums... options: schools

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Dry Clean Only? Really?

With rayon, I would not chance it. Some would ry clean only' items can be (very carefully!) handwashed (NEVER machine washed) with good results, but rayon is notorious for shrinking and becoming misshapen.

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is it ok to wash pants that say “Dry Clean Only”?

If you use cold water, gentle cycle and Woolite it should be ok, but when they come out of the machine, strtch them to the correct size and then hang them or lay them out to dry

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Dry clean only skirt got wet?

I dont know how many dry clean only items i have that i wash in the washing machine, i would need to know what kind of material it is to help

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what happens if you wash something that has a dry cleaning symbol on it?

you remove the sizing it has in it. That is the stuff that helps to keep the fabric looking crisp. You may be able to take it to the cleaners and have them resize it...tell them what happened. then in the future use the Dryel or something similar to dry clean at home. It works great.

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How to Dry Clean a Bed Comforter

Professionally dry cleaning a comforter with the instructions "Dry Clean Only" a couple times a year will keep it clean, fresh, and in good condition for many years. Dry cleaning yourself at home comes with some potential hazards, such as scorching or shrinking the fabric or filling. However, if your comforter is not an heirloom, not expensive, and replaceable, the convenience and money saved by dry cleaning it yourself may be worth the risk. Most home dry cleaning kits work similarly, but always follow the directions on the label for proper use. Purchase a do-it-yourself dry cleaning kit. Home dry cleaning kits have specially designed moist cloths that steam clean fabrics in the clothes dryer. Put the bed comforter in the dry cleaning bag that came with the kit, unfold one of the dry cleaning cloths, and place it in the bag with the comforter. Zip up the bag. The comforter should be loose and free, not folded in the bag. The bag should be only half full, so if the bag is too small, put the comforter straight into the dryer, but use two dry cleaning cloths instead of one. Stick the bag (or comforter with two unfolded cloths) in the dryer and tumble dry on medium heat for 30 minutes. If your dryer is too small for your comforter, go to a laundromat and use one of the larger dryers. The dryer should have enough room for the comforter to tumble. When you take the comforter out of the dryer, the comforter should be slightly damp. If it is too wet, put it back in the dryer for another five minutes. Hang up your comforter to dry completely, such as over a clothesline, railing, shower rod, or a couple of chairs, before putting it back on your bed. Throw away the dry cleaning cloths. They are not reusable. Save the bag. It is reusable.

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If something says "Dry Clean Only", is it really?

I have washed many dry clean only clothes with cold water on delicate. The majority have survived the wash, but a certain percentage maybe 2% has shrunk so that it looks too tight on me, but still wearable. Judging by the contents only , I would not risk washing it before I used it. Maybe after. And I dont need it anymore anyway. Look into your wardrobe. Is there another coat that you can use if this one shrinks 2 sizes smaller? Yes? If you only want to freshen it, just steam clean it.

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What is the best chemical/formulation to use to clean brick that were smoked up in a house fire?

The contractors who are helping rebuild should know the name of a reputable cleaners that does fire restoration cleaning. The reason I say contractor, I was a dry cleaning operations manager. We only did fire restoration cleaning through a contractor, not individuals. It works most of the time. Some items, however, may be too damaged with smoke to save. (We even cleaned stuffed animals. There is a special soap used for deoderizing smoke, we only did it at the end of the business day because the machines have to be cleaned before they can be used for regualr washing and dry cleaning again.) Hope this helps. (Some paint shops also do restoration, they may be able to help you as well. ).

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