What Color Eyes Will the Child Have Father Has Grey Eyes Mother Has Blue Eyes

The eyes will most likely be blue as the gene for blue eyes is dominant over the gene for grey eyes. However, there is the possibility that the mother has a recessive gene for grey eyes and in this instance the child would have grey eyes. However, it is morel likely that the child will have blue eyes.

Eye color question blue green eyes?

The kid could either have blue eyes or green eyes or a mixture of both, ie., blue-green eyes


GREEN! it looks very exotic wen u hav dark hair and green eyes..plus greens eyes are very pretty :) and they will look even prettier and greener compared to your dark hair!

What color are my eyes?

I would say hazel..or hazel/amber

Subtle smokey eyes--my eyes are blueish gray?

if you are going for drug store brands i, as a makeup artist HIGHLY reccomend loreal's HIP line of eye shadows.. it is as close to pro quality eye shadows you are gonna get in a drug store. it would help to see a photo of you but if you are going for HIP, there is a compact, forget the name with a skin tone goldish light shade and a dark green second shade. using a flat shadow brush apply the lighter shade over the whole lid, up to the brow bone, getting lighter the ligher you go. now on a small slanted eye shadow detailer brush tak some on the darker shade on the the brush, just a little anbd tapp off the excess. apply lightly abou, starting from the outer cornerr and blend downwards towards the center of the lashline. now take a smudge brsh 9the kind that sometimes comes on the back of a liner pencil in drug stores) and smudge the darker shade lightly, upwards and outwards towards the outer eye lid. keep smudling till you get the desired effect. now take what is left on the smudle brush and rub is lightly under your lower lashline, again about half way to the canter. now apply a lifting black mascara. i reccomend max factor lashlift, to top and bottom, focussing on the outer corners on the upper lashes. that should do it

replica sunglasses is good for our eyes or bad for our eyes?

they wont offer UV protection, so i really would not bother, Ive got some ray ban, u no the difference straight away, the way they fit, and work

Black hair and light eyes?

eh she dosent look to good. so thats why you said i was ugly.

Best Eye Cream/Eye Make-up Remover For Sensetive Red Eyes?

L'oreal De-Maq Expert Its a milk so its really soft on your face i use the pink one but i think they do one for sensitive skin but this one works for me and my eyes are a tad sensitive and all you do is massage it in and then wipe off with cotton wool or rinse you could also use johnsons eye makeup remover i have never tried it but a few of my friends use it as they say its good

Expired eye drops? Eyes burn terribly?

when ever my eyes burn like that i find it helpful to have my Bf *** on my left foot. for some reason the warmth trickles up my body and causes the pain to go away... and it makes for a great snack

Are blue or brown eyes dominant?

A dominant gene is more powerful than a recessive gene. A dominant gene will mask the effect of a recessive gene. Therefore a recessive gene cannot show its characteristic if it is paired with a dominant gene. Some common examples are , 1. Being tall > dominant Being short > recessive 2. Being right-handed > dominant Being left-handed > recessive 3. Having black/brown eyes > dominant Having blue eyes > recessive

Are these called Hazel eyes?

not really.. more bluish green and gray

Cat eyes & Smokey eyes?

Bare Minerals has a Smokey Eye Tutorial Kit. They sell them at their store or at Sephora

Are green eyes a pretty eye color?

I love green eyes, since my favorite color is green. My eyes are hazel. They go from gold tones to browns to greens.

Whats Wrong Wiht My Eyes? Or Is It Just the Eyeliner?
Whats wrong wiht my eyes? Or is it just the eyeliner?I had an identical situation, yet what keeps to be on all day for me (and night as quickly as I forget.) is MAC fluidline in blacktrack & that's water resistant. that's like $20 even if it lasts perpetually and it extremely works large. yet do no longer purchase the $20 angled brush to your waterline. i admire the comb that incorporates the maybelline gel liner for utilising the MAC to my waterline. i do no longer use that liner for around my eyes because of the fact i think of its too black and is tricky to positioned on for my section. additionally, in case you are taking an angles brush or think of shadow brush and pat black eyeshadow over the lining on your waterline it absorbs countless the moisture so it is going to proceed to exist longer— — — — — —is this what sunken eyes look like?I think thats the way her bone structure is? Or maybe because of her ethnic background, most indians have that look to their eyes *which is fine bc i do not think it looks bad at all* I use bare essentials because i have dark spots around my eyes and the foundation covers it right up. good luck on your date!— — — — — —Who sings the song that has the following word in it: I can't keep (or take?) my eyes off you?Cant Take My Eyes Off Of You- Muse] Cant Take My Eyes Off You- Andy Willams]— — — — — —What color are my eyes?Since hazel is both green and brown I voted hazel without looking at the pic. After looking at the pic and removing the yellow pigment with PhotoShop I definately think they are hazel— — — — — —What Eye shadow shades bring out the brown in my eyes?!! 10 points for BEST ANSWER!!!!(Pics included)?I have almost the exact shade brown for my eyes! Brown is amazing because you can use almost any colors! A tip I got from a makeup consultant was use a light eyeshadow color and have it be shimmery. But I know from experience that BRONZE and GOLDs are very good for brown eyes. If your playing it natrual then just a light brown is nice to color the lids with. The gold I have comes in a little set with 3 colors and its called OLIVE IT UP by Revlon #865 from the MAKE A SHEEN line. I love it! Hope it helped! :) P.S. Blues, purples (and such) dont make your brown eyes pop, it just looks good and puts the focus on the shadow color. not your eyes. If you meant focus on eyes bronze, light shimmery colors and golds. :)— — — — — —help my eyes are dry?Plenty of vitamin A will be helpful for dryness of eyes. Eat dark green vegetables, orange-yellow vegetables, whole milk, butter, cheese, eggs, fish liver oils, all liver.Avoid exposures to the sun and perform slow neck rolls and other eye exercises. Try some eye care products. Visit the following url for more info:— — — — — —Do You Feel Relaxed When You Look At This List?nope my eyes got kinda tired though— — — — — —What do you think of this survival story from the chinese earthquake?Aww that brought tears to my eyes. The baby will always know that she was deeply loved— — — — — —How can I keep my eyes from getting bugged by my contacts?So i switched to dailies. the dailies cost a few pounds more each month but definately worth it if your eyes stay healthy. Also, you can try this solution from the opticians - it's like little pods of saline solution type stuff and u just put like 2 drops in each eye when you feel it start to get irritated and it eases the irritation. it sounds like u have dry eyes so definately go get a checkup with the optician asap. hope this helps mate x— — — — — —my eyes are burning, why?Could be dry eyes, allergies, environmental (air quality) Use Systane or Refresh rewetting drops. If it does not get better, see an eye doctor. Most over the counter drops for allergies do not work, you will need an Rx for a good one.— — — — — —How to make my eyes stand out?When I want to make my eyes stand out from the rest of my body I use white eyeshadow, 2 kinds of brown eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. I use a light brown and put it all over my eyelid then take the darker brown and start from the middle of my eyelid up to my outer corner of my eye (the one that's the farthest from my nose), then i take the white eyeshadow and put a little bit in my inner corner and on the bottom of my eyebrows, then i take the eyeliner and start from the middle of my eye and work my way out to the outer corner (on the top and bottom) then I apply mascara. Hope it helps
What Make-up Works Best with Hazel Eyes That Are Green and Brown/gold?
What make-up works best with hazel eyes that are green and brown/gold?Lucky you! For a really dramatic look plum eyeshadow makes green eyes look amazing (check out Debra Messing in the Wedding Date). To pull off that much contrast you need to keep the rest of your face subtle though— — — — — —What color eyeliner goes best with Hazel Eyes?I have brown hair and hazel eyes and I wear purple eyeliner. It really brings out the green in the hazel. I would recommend a black mascara just so it is not too much purple. :).— — — — — —Best colours for green/hazel eyes and medium toned skin?i have green-hazel eyes too. do not ever go heavy on the eye liner but if you want top only, pink is a great color (in my opinion) my favorite mascara is Revlon brownish-black and to me bronzer looks tacky— — — — — —What do you do to make your eyes pop?I have hazel eyes but people with brown eyes could wear shimmery purples and pinks , They look really nice and make them pop. Also try black eyeliner on your waterline and wear black mascara . Even clothing that complements your eye color could make them pop :D.— — — — — —Brown/Hazel eyes, fair skin w/o tanning, and freckles. Best hair color?Copper red with blonde highlights!— — — — — —What color eyeliner looks best with hazel eyes?my best friend has hazel eyes. One day we put a lavender eyeshadow on her, and her eyes looked so green. Then we put blue on and her eyes looked really brown. Purple=greener/Blue=browner Any brand will work, you will have to find the one that works best for you.— — — — — —Natural looking makeup toturial for hazel eyes & auburn / light brown hair . ?I think blonde hair is actually sexiest, but brown hair can end up being really sexy too. Black hair is actually never sexy. It's just really boring and boring and flatters few complexions. Blonde hair looks best with glowing blue eyes.— — — — — —What is good makeup for hazel eyes?lots and lots of purple— — — — — —what color eyeliner is good for brown/hazel eyes?I have brown/green eyes and I use Cover Girl's "Gray Khaki" eyeliner. It looks natural and not to dark— — — — — —What is cute name for black 9 week old kitten with hazel eyes and very sweet and mellow?Felix, Fisher, Hazel, Lilly, Brady, Tiberius, Leonidas, Sasha, Lilah, Cobalt, Indigo, Indy, Ebony,— — — — — —I Have Brown Hazel Eyes What Should i USE for smokey eyes?brown, with eye liner that is slightly smuged up the lid— — — — — —What eyeshadow or eyeliner colors to use to accentuate the green in hazel eyes?I have olive colored eyes, so most people think they are brown - they do not pay attention. To bring out the green, I use Almay intense Eye Color products in Raisin Quartz. I do not use shadow though (because of the shape of my eyes), just the liquid and pencil liners and mascara. Reds tones, pinks, and purples seem to be your best bet for bringing out green eyes.— — — — — —For a guy with hazel eyes what is the best eyeliner and mascare to use?You might like this one Almay intense i-color Eyeliner, Bring Out the Hazel, Black Pearl 003, 0.009-Ounce Packages (Pack of 2) Bring out your Eye Color with rich contrasting Color! This Eyeliner softly defines your Eyes with a Pearlescent Color that will make your Eye Color pop. Comes with a convenient built in sharpener that ensures precise application-- and resists smudging and fading throughout the day.— — — — — —What color goes best with hazel eyes??i read something at a makeup studio that said that if you have brown eyes purple was the best and if you had hazel eyes dk brown was a good eyeliner choice and mix the eyeshadow with light and dark brown! good luck and have fun experimenting!— — — — — —what is the best color of makeup for someone with hazel eyes?i would just use browns and different shades of purple, for eyeshadow. for eyeliner, i recommend black for eyeliner, but not to much. :)— — — — — —Brown/hazel eyes suttle make-up??no no no do not use black at all use a soft brown eyeliner a soft pink shadow and a dark dark brown mascara use a soft gold hue to highlight your brow area (also....use an eyelash curler and make sure your eyebrows are well sculpted and plucked) trust me.... I do makeup for photography and this will make your eyes POP out like you can not believe
What Color Eyeliner Brings Out Green Eyes Best?
What color eyeliner brings out green eyes best?Go for greys or brown with some white or gold at the inner corners to open up your eyes! blue is not a good color for green eyes and I would avoid it at all costs. in fact all cool colors are best to avoid. stick with warmer shades like bronzes, browns gold, plums. Best way to find a perfect shade is by trying it out different colors— — — — — —Blue eyes or green eyes?I think green are more rare. I have blue-green eyes that I really like. :) And the color I like best is green because blue is too common— — — — — —Pretty Green Eyes"Pretty Green Eyes" is a song originally written and recorded by Force & Styles featuring Junior. A remixed version appeared on their debut album All Over the UK (1996) and the song was released as a 12-inch single in 1997. The song achieved mainstream popularity in 2003 when it was covered by Ultrabeat and peaked at No. 2 on the UK Singles Chart.— — — — — —BEST make up tips for green eyes?I am they same. I use silver, gold, and white. Looks very cute because it really makes your eyes pop. Also it is very simple so it still looks natural. :)— — — — — —Do girls like green eyes?I love green eyes! & I know many girls who like green eyes— — — — — —What is the best eye makeup for green eyes?purples and browns are your best friend! also, brown eyeliner looks really good with green eyes. and physicians formula has a palette for Green eyes. you can buy it from target for like 5$— — — — — —best makeup look for green eyes? make eyes stand out?Well for green eyes you should wear neutrals. Brown, gold, grey, plum, cream, and navy. First Start by applying a brown eyeliner to your bottom last line. Then apply a light to medium eyeshadow to your eyelid and a shade or two darker to your crease. Then use a dark brown or black mascara and apply it to your top lashes, not to heavy, a coat or two. Then apply a peachy blush to your cheeks, lightly. Hope this helped.— — — — — —8 Best Eyeshadow Looks For Green EyesAttention all girls with green eyes: this article is for you. In the world, approximately two percent of people have green eyes. Other than being beautiful, green eyes are very rare. If you find yourself searching for the best eyeshadow looks for your exotic eye color, stay tuned. I, myself, have green eyes and that is largely what has inspired me to write this article. These eyeshadow looks will enhance the natural beauty of your green eyes. So it's Friday night, and you want to look your best. Hold that thought beauty queen, because gold adds the perfect complementary color to your green eyes. The color can be anything from rose gold, (a personal favorite), to golden color. The reason why gold or subtle shimmery looks pair best with green eyes is that you already have such beautiful, double-take features, that your eye makeup does not need to compete. Another tip is to place a shimmery white/ gold color just in the corner of your eye, near the tear duct, to make your look pop. One of the many reasons why purple is a go-to for green eye shadow looks is because you can do so much with it. Day time, night time, or the middle of winter, you can find the appropriate look just for the occasion. An added plus, many eyeshadow palettes are tailored with that in mind - a purple eyeshadow palette will usually come with a variety of 5 different purple shades to complete and customize your look. Grab some mascara to top it off, and you are good to go. The classic cat-eye makeup is still in style, and I do not think it ever left. You may have heard it being referred to as 'smokey cat-eye', or 'smokey eye', it's all the same. The best thing about this is you can adjust it based on what type of style you are going for - a night out, dinner date, or intense look. You can modify the cat-eye style to what you like best, and there is surely at least one style that you will end up liking. Many cat-eye looks require an eyeliner/ eye pencil, which is usually in darker colors like brown/black to best complete the look. And also, it wo not break the bank. Typical larger retail stores like Ulta, or CVS, everything you will need to complete the look should not cost you more than $25.00 at most. With this eyeshadow look for green eyes, you wo not just look like a Maybelline model - you will also feel like one. What you will need to perfect this look: mascara (of course), dark eyeliner, gray eyeshadow, small brush, dark gray eyeshadow, and a slightly lighter gray color. This look is best for the winter months but can be rocked at any time. Not to mention, it will go with any outfit. These colors are essential for the winter months, and they will match your wardrobe perfectly. A personal favorite of mine, and now my secret is out. I have enjoyed this eyeshadow look for over a year now, and I discovered it by playing around with my makeup one day. The compliments you receive are endless. This look can be rocked any season, any occasion, but my favorite time to wear this is in the summertime. To complete the look, start by applying a white, eye-catching shadow in the corner of your eye near the tear duct. Next, grab any eyeliner of your choice in the color dark blue, turquoise, or green/blue. Apply the eyeliner to the opposite side of your eye, away from the white eyeshadow. Trust me, this look is one of a kind. Rock on, green-eyed beauty. One of the best ways to make your green eyes pop - is the add a little black liner to the top, and bottom of your lash line. The classic look is black, and the amount you choose to put on top and bottom is up to you. This is probably one of the best looks while still keeping it simple. Suitable for work, parties, date nights, and busy days. Best complete the look with a gray eye shadow below the bottom lash line, and a subtle gray color across the top lid. The best thing about this look is that you can not go wrong, and it can be adjusted and tailored to your liking. Listen up beauty queen: green eyes are a never-ending beauty themselves, so your probably wondering where the simple eyeshadow looks are. Well, here you have them. This look is perfect for every day and all seasons. Sweep across the top lid, and follow up with a peach color in the crease, adding definition. The bottom lash line can be left alone, or finished with a very light pink color on the bottom. When it comes to eyeshadow looks, it is important to keep the season in mind. Last but certainly not least, we have the dark purple/ plum look. This look can be satisfied with shades: deep purple, dark gray, dark shimmer, and black eyeliner. This eyeshadow look for green eyes can be best carried out for an evening event, although you will look glamorous at any time wearing it. Not to mention, almost any Maybelline palette should have you covered. So many of us are afraid to step out of our comfort zone when it comes to things like eyeshadow looks. Why not take a chance? You will look flawless while doing it, and you may just end up loving it. Now you have eyeshadow looks for green eyes, so comment below your favorite style.
Why Does Gaara still Have Dark Circles Around His Eyes?
There stated in wiki that those who having a kekkei genkai magnet release (if not mistaken ) will have dark circle. There's proof when Rasa using magnet release there appear a dark circle around his eye. And in novel, it is stated that Gaara inherited magnet release from his father which I think Gaara was born with magnet release that also leading to his dark circle when he was born and I think it was permanent due to this.1. My baby RES turtle won't open his eyes?It sounds like Squirt could have an eye infection. If possible, separate him from the others and keep him in a warm, clean tank. You do not need to use conditioners and cleaners - just do regular water changes. You have the water a little too warm - 72-75 degrees would be better. Try introducing more protein to their diet with dried shrimp, blood worms and krill. A cuttle bone is a good source of calcium. You say you have a heat lamp - do you also have a source of UVB? This is essential for a healthy turtle. I am a bit concerned about your tank set up - you do realise that 10 gallons is MUCH to small for three turtles? And you have three basking areas in that small space? You really need to start saving up for a larger tank. Remember the golden rule of 10 gallons of tank per inch of turtle. For more than one RES you need even more than that as they are very territorial and will get aggressive if there is not enough space Sorry to lecture you (especially if you already know all this!). It just makes me mad to see creatures in spaces too small for them. Hope this helps and Squirt gets better soon!2. Gender roles: How to open his eyes?I do not think this is a gender role situation. It's women themselves that do not like body hair on themselves as far as I can see and what you find attractive is very primal rather than being overly influenced by society or culture I would propose. Personally I do not mind women with say hairy armpits but I know I am in the minority.3. Something is wrong with a kitten that I know of (his eyes have stuff in them)?When a cat has this in it's eyes I use a tea bag it works great soak it good use a face cloth & soak it put it on the eye & use it as an eye wash you will see a difference.Good Luck4. my child is 5 and sleeps with his eyes open is this normal, are your children doing the same?Both my boys did that, only their eyes were only partially open. It's grosser than hell, but not a big deal. :)5. If a guy closes his eyes and he is QUIET during oral sex, does that mean is wasnt good?well sometimes when i get the oral procedure i do the same thing but he came in three minutes fuhhhh i dont *** til like 20 minutes or more and im 15 hes weak and maybe you used ur teeth i hate when girls use teeth it hurts lol but idk three minutes wow he was probably super dee duper horny lol maybe thats why he said you need more practice but three minnutes wow lol i want you to give me a @@@@@@@ you sound like you did it good for a first timer email me 6. My puppy got household cleaner sprayed into his eyes and all over him, his eyes keep matting up, will he be okIf the cleaner got all over him, it still may be affecting his eyes just from the close contact. I would bathe him and use a tearless shampoo for his head/face area. Make sure you rinse it very well so as not to leave any shampoo in his eyes. He wo not like it getting his face wet so you may have to hold his head the best you can to get it clean. Dry him well and take a warm moistened cloth/rag and hold it over his eyes like a compress. Then use the drops that the vet gave you as directed. If that does not help in a couple of days I would go back to the vet
How Should I Do My Makeup If I Have a Coral Colored Prom Dress?
How should I do my makeup if I have a coral colored prom dress?Hello! Ok, you are so lucky to have hazel eyes because almost all colors of eye shadow can look good with it. Here's what I would do: Prime your eyes and with a brush apply a gold shadow to the lid & into your crease. Add eye liner. Fix eye shadow if necessary. A light/almost not even there blush for any skin type. Add a nice soft pink gloss, stain, or lipstick depending on what you prefer. Have a good time!— — — — — —What is an eye color that not many people have?No purple eyes arent natural. Gray eyes are not all that common. Or you could get fancy and say hazel eyes with gold flecks or something— — — — — —eyeliner gel for hazel eyes?Black,brown,green,purple and gold eyeliners will all make hazel eyes pop.I think you should get black.Hope this helps. P.S Black will contrast nicely,but brown will bring out the green that hazel have.I think I depends on the look you want and if you want it for everyday use.Brown might be too light for you.— — — — — —What color shirt brings out hazel eyes?Green, blue, brown. Earthy tones (: Maybe red?— — — — — —What color makeup will make hazel eyes pop?blue does good luck :)— — — — — —what is the best color shadow for hazel eyes?i use either black or silver— — — — — —What Color Eyeliner/Eyeshadow/Mascara goes the best with Hazel Eyes?caramel dark brown purple— — — — — —How can I make hazel eyes pop?little shading on lash ends make eyes longer, you may sharpen color with inner lining and mascara, if your skin is ivory or contain cold tones,can use pinkish to dark blues— — — — — —What are good makeup tips for people with fair skin, blonde hair, and hazel eyes?for human beings mutually with your crowning glory i could think of that a dismal-medium brown hair shade could experience, dark hair is in sort this season everyone is going darker or i assume you ought to attempt and stand out in step with threat try it with a plum tint. makeup i could say do not you need to be like everyone else, attempting to get the tanned seem, which will in simple terms artwork with people who've a organic tan different clever it in simple terms seems cheesy and orange. so try to save your commencing up organic, in case you have undesirable pores and skin i detect the dream matt concealer works nicely continually be conscious that first and then flow directly to a liquid commencing up and end with a powder. mascara could make or wreck a seem, you desire to be desirable and organic, your eyelashes must be curved nicely yet not so thick. wish that helped :)— — — — — —how can you make hazel eyes stand out?Brown , Gold/Yellow, Green, Plum— — — — — —What do you think of when you hear this name? (its for a book im writing)?(teenager) she sounds like a rich girl. her parents were probably really successful. she goes to a private school. smart. short Blonde wavy hair. blue eyes. straight teeth. wears jeans and blouses. pure skin. painted nails. (adult) CEO at some large company. maybe has her own line of clothing. Multi millionaire. not married. no kids. successful. not very many close friends. grey/blonde. tight skin. thin lips. hazel eyes. high heel kinda person. i see her wearing fur coats. does not smoke. enjoys wine. light skin. (old lady) happy. lived a great life. was adventurous. widowed. four kids, six grand kids. has memory problems. a few wrinkles. solid colored pants. no patterns on the pants. cushy sandals. pink lips. white hair. soft blue eyes. great laugh. I hope I helped. :)— — — — — —what color eyeshadow do you use for green eyes?I have hazel eyes and I use all natural colors. Like pale green, brown, and tan. If you wear a yellow shirt, defiantly use a green eye shadow. If you were a blue shirt, wear a brown eye shadow. Some magazines such as Seventeen and Cosmo Girl have good make up tips with different eye shadow colors. You could always go to the make up stands in the mall and ask which eye shadows would look best on you. Good Luck— — — — — —pale skin,hazel eyes,black hair. sharp features?You definitely do not have sharp features. They are very soft however it may be your cheekbones he is talking about as they are quite high and could be seen as sharp (which is in no way a bad thing. it's what model agencies look for) Also about the not looking American thing - I am not sure why but you do not look American - it might be the light hair (i am blonde and always getting told I look swedish) what genes do you have in your family? that might point to why you look unamerican :D finally, you are very pretty so be happy whether people think you have soft or sharp features :D.
A Good Eyeshadow Palette Similar to Coastal Scents 88 Palette?
Sephora has a palette called the Sephora Brand Color Play Palette for $24. Ulta carries a brand called Jasmine La Belle Cosmetics, and that brand has a ton of palettes. I've never tried them, but they look okay. I do not think you are going to be able to find a palettes EXACTLY like it, because they are all sold online. If you are willing to order online, BH Cosmetics has really similar palettes, at similar prices. I think a 120 Palette is like $30 and the 88 Palette is around $20. Good luck!com1. Where can I get a cheap eyeshadow palette that has a lot of good colors?I've tried Claire's and I can not recommend. The pigments are very weak... which might be ok if all you want is a subtle wash of color. You may have better luck with the sephora pallets, though I have not personally tried those. Now I usually only keep the higher-end stuff and do not bother about grocery store makeup, but I've actually been very happy with some (not all) of the Lore'l H.I.P. duos. the bright blue combination is lovely. You can also double your bronzer as a very natural looking eyeshadow... then highlight with a lighter color.2. Which eyeshadow palette do you like better?personally, I like them all, but to the answer to your question- warm3. which should i get first the naked palette or a mac eyeshadow palette with colors?Naked palette and work your way up to colours4. What's a really good neutral/natural eyeshadow palette that's affordable?So I love ELF! It's so affordable. I would get a couple of Essential Custom compacts (They are quads) $1 or you can buy a MAC palette that fits 15 eyeshadows (Which also fits ELF eyeshadows) for $25 on Amazon. And these are the colours I suggest buying each for $1: -Moondust (I own, and I love!!) -Mocha (I also own and love) -Golden glow -Pink Ice -Truly pink -Wisteria These are just elf, but also MAC eyeshadows fit into the quads, the only one I suggest is Naked Lunch. Another alternative is e.l.f. Essential Beauty School 5-Piece Duo Eyeshadow Collections. Hope I helped!! xoxoxoxo5. what do you think of this eyeshadow palette?Yes there all neutral colors and go great together6. Is the Coastal Scents Eyeshadow Palette better quality than the Sephora Brand?i have a sephora brand shadow palette thing (the rectangular one with shadows, then slide out lip gloss underneath, then blushes n powders etc at the bottom) and i do not like it. do not know why i ever bought it. From what i've seen from Youtube make-up tutorials, a lot of them uses coastal scents palettes and the colours look AMAZING. i am actually planning on purchasing one myself. and for the price, coastal scents is definately WAY cheaper. seeing how the shadows look on the make-up tutorials after application, it shows the CS shadows are very pigmented7. Should I get Urban Decay's Deluxe eyeshadow palette or the Wallpaper palette?i do like the deluxe palette you can do alot of different things with those colors. hope this helps.8. Which eyeshadow palette should i get??(Duwop)?honestly, i am not a big fan of du eyeshadow. in my experience, it does not show up well. for the price, you can get a better palette. urban decay is a great brand for eyeshadow. if you are looking for a palette, my go-to is urban decay's urban ammo palette. the colors are versatile and i will think you will be happy with it. another option is urban decay's sustainable shadow box, which is nice because it comes with eyeshadow primer and that stuff is awesome, particularly in the summer months when you might sweat off your make-up. however, if you are set on getting one of the du palettes, i would go with the purple one. i know you do not have it listed, but the amber eyes du palette would also be flattering.9. Do you need a pro card to get the 15x pro eyeshadow palette from Mac?MAC Counters do not sell the Pro Palettes. However, you do not need a Pro Card to purchase one from a MAC Freestanding Store or from a Pro Store. You only need a Pro Card to order from the online Pro Website. You can order the palette from the MAC Website, not the Pro Website without a Pro Card if you do not have a Freestanding Store near you
Does "cat Eye" Make Up..... Make Small Eyes Look Bigger ?
Does "cat eye" make up..... make small eyes look bigger ?Actually,yes— — — — — —do people notice small eyes?You are lucky. I think when people talk about pretty eyes, they are often referring to the eyelashes. Remember to keep your eyebrows trim and slightly arched. It will add more space to the eye area and frame those long lashes. I would stay away from lots of eye makeup, especially dark colors. It will just close up your eye. That means no black liner all around your eye, though I know that's a popular look. Use white liner on the top and corners if you want. Light blue will also look good w/ brown eyes. Also, curl your eyelashes! That will make your eyes stand out and accentuate what you've got. have fun!— — — — — —why do anime creators make anime characters' eyes big if Japanese people have small eyes?Just a style of drawing. It really depends on the anime you are watching— — — — — —I have small eyes but i am NOT Asian (unfortunately) hehe?Ohh. Taylor Swift's eyes. (: Gorgeous! xD & I agree with the mascara. Your eyeliner is perfect— — — — — —What brings out brown, small eyes?i go for the natural look an either put a bit of sparkly lip gloss on my eyelid or vaseline— — — — — —Making small eyes seem bigger?Wearing white or peachy eyeliner on your waterline and highlighting the area around your tear ducts with shimmery white-coloured eyeshadows should help— — — — — —Can people with small eyes pull off eyeliner?I do not believe that there is anything that anyone can not pull off you just have to change the technique. Small eyes can definitely wear eye liner but if on the lower lash line place below the water line, underneath your lower lashes. This wo not just look good it will make your eyes look bigger by giving them the illusion that they finish lower than they do. I would not recommend putting eyeliner on the top lash line as it will close your eyes but if you do put a thin line that flicks up at the outer edge to extend your eye up and mae them look bigger. Hope this helps :) x— — — — — —Making small eyes appear bigger?weight-loss do enhance the size of facial features— — — — — —Do celtic people have small eyes?Not particularly. There are variations in appearance in all groups; you mention John Lennon, but he does not look particularly Asian to me, just a guy with smallish eyes (just as his bandmate Paul McCartney had large eyes.)— — — — — —REALLY SMALL EYES LOL *pic*?HE IS FREAKING CUTE. & you are rude. & if you are saying you look like him & saying he's straight up gross, you are just insulting yourself. :)— — — — — —small eyes, big nose, big forehead?kindly post a picture coz i can not answer it— — — — — —I have small eyes? how can i make then look bigger?take black pencil eyeliner and do all the way on the top and halfway on the bottom, where ever you stop at the bottom is the point that looks the widest. do the line as thin as possible. with mascara do it just on the top— — — — — —how many of u got small eyes??I am actually lucky and I have HUGE eyes, but I know how to make eyes look larger. I have lots of friends with me on Colorguard who have tiny eyes and we learned tricks to make eyes look larger. (I always use those tricks, too! =]) One thing that helps a lot is putting white eyeliner on the bottom waterline. However, a lot of people do not like this because it can cause major eye issues in the future if it's not done properly. So if you prefer not to do that, I recommend lining only the top lid thinly. Curl your lashes and have fun with mascara. With long lashes, your eyes are going to appear more open. Make sure you use just a little on the bottom lashes so you darken your lashes a little. Now, if you are one of those people who have thin, short, and/or light lashes and mascara with make your eyelashes longer to a certain point. I recommend using Magic Lash, as I have been telling LOTS of people. You buy it in a separate tube with your mascara. You first apply your mascara (make sure it's waterproof or else you will get dark circles under your eyes). Then you apply the Magic Lash on top of it. It's white and fiber-y. On top of the Magic Lash, you apply more mascara. You can repeat that as many times as you want! If you do not go with Magic Lash, Lelal Vital Extremelash works too, but it's a pretty penny. I Hope This Helps!
What Mac Brushes Should You Get If You Are Just Starting Out and You Need a All Over Face Brush a Go
If you are just starting out, I usually would not recommend MAC brushes. They are very nice, however, also very expensive!. .Nevertheless, here are my recommendations:. .#187 - I think this is a very versatile brush. Use it to apply powder all over or use it apply your liquid foundation! CA $50.50. .#217 - Highly recommended blending brush! CA $27.00. .#239 - Eyeshadow brush CA $29.00. .#266 - Works well for cream or gel eyeliners. It's also a good brush to use to fill in the eyebrows! CA $23.00I have hazel eyes so what colour eyeshadow would be best for me?Purple. It goes magnificently with hazel eyesNeed help picking an eyeshadow colour to wear with my turquoise dress!?you should tone down with tans and neutral. I would get a nice eyeliner that would give a smokey look to the eyes. good luck!i have fair skin and green eyes and dyed reddish brown hair whats a good shade of eyeshadow...?With your skin, eye color and would yed' hair color, I would use a pinkish mauve' for eye shadow (just a 'touch' of the lavender, with mostly pink) and I would use a are al pastel to light pink' for the lip color. Use a 'tiny bit' of the LIGHTEST 'rouge' or 'blush' and you will be 'stand out gorgeous' with very little 'make up' onim having trouble finding the perfect eyeshadow colour(s)?Ok I have no idea, but go to www.covergirl.ca (or .com idk) and sign up. Then you can take a little quiz on you skin/eye colour and it comes up with some products that would look good on youDo you think it still looks good to wear eyeshadow WITHOUT liner/mascara?It can look a little dull, a little would usty' and even make you look a little tired. When you are home alone at night, with nothing much to do - watch some YouTube videos for makeup- smoky eyes and or mascara. Just practice alot. Even buy a clear mascara and practice with that - you will gain confidence and be better at mascara. Tip for removing mascara: before you wipe it off with an eyemakeup remover-soaked-cotton pad: splash water on your lashes - you will get the mascara 'loose' and it will wipe off easier now.What eyeshadow would look best with very brown eyes?According to Carmindy on "What Not to Wear" you should wear an eyeshadow that is the opposite in the color spectrum to bring out the color of your eyes. For dark brown eyes that would be some shade of blueWhy am I allergic to blue eyeshadow and eyeliner?sometimes makeup is made different dyes and sometimes using low grade metals to them, you could be allergic to the dye or the metal they used to make itWhat colors of eyeshadow (and where do you put it) if I have hooded eyelids?umm try to use a light gold over the whole thing and then use a dark gold in the crease.. then use a white in the inner corners of your eyes to make them POP! :) hope i helped!what colours of eyeshadow should I use? (for Asian girls?)?hi im asian too, but as u are also half white, u will probably ahev olive skin. So rich golds, shimmery greens and blues, and burgendys will look great on u, but steer away from pastel colours!!!If my eyes are light brown, what is the best shade of eyeshadow?Depends on the look you are going for. You can wear shimmery nudes for a cute everyday look. Coppers and bronze to bring out the color of your eyes for a smokey beachy look. If you are looking for something playful that will make them pop, light blues, greens and aquas look amazing.What eyeshadow brings out brown eyes best?light shimmery purple looks cute on brown eyes try a dark smokey green, its my favorite hope that helps, bet of luck!!!!What are good eyeshadow colors for blue-grey eyes?Blue Grey EyeshadowEye questions w/picture! color of them, eyeshadow, and structure of them ?hmm they are like a sort of greeny greyishy oceany bluely pale sort of colour a dark brown or light brown might go with it...or a pale gold
Why Is Jamster's Eyes Dry Like Desert in Roller Caster Tycoon 2?
hey there dear, I think you need to put this in the pet section =] good luck!1. Where can I find good Caster Semenya Pictures?You people make me sick. Her family has said she is female and they should know because after all they raised her as such. She may look manly but there are plenty of people like this. some women look like males and some males look very feminine. They want to do testing now, because she won. I feel sorry for her2. How can I make the "Strength” attribute more attractive to Wizard/Caster classes in a RPG game? [closed]Big text:Stat systems, like the one D&D has, are designed to be a specialisation system: pick a couple of stats out of those available, and excel at them. Strength was created for physical characters to specialise in, and to appeal to only them. Intelligence, on the other hand, was created pretty specifically for intelligent characters and casters to specialise in. It is problematic to use a system designed for specialisation, offer a caster stat that all casters would rightly want to specialise in, and then also try to make it a generalised system where all other stats benefit them. It's problematic because it's going against what this sort of specialisation system was made for: specialising.There is no reason to make Strength beneficial to Wizards as well. They do not need to find it useful. You do not need to make it useful to them.Instead of putting useful effects on Strength to make it appealing where it would otherwise not be, place those useful effects on a stat that is already helpful to a caster, and let them specialise.Editions of D&D from the start up to and including 3. 5e included a Monk class which suffered from a huge problem: every single stat, for them, was highly desirable in one way or another. Every stat influenced a significant part of things they would be doing regularly.This is called M.A.D.: Multiple Attribute Dependency. M.A.D. is very bad news for every class that suffers from it, because of one reason: it was impossible to be good at all of those attributes. The Monk had to spread its resources thin and be mediocre or bad at all of them, just to not be absolutely terrible at any of them - or else let a huge part of their class suffer. In a game where virtually every other class could happily specialise, put everything into 2-3 stats, and become extremely good at particular things, the Monk suffered.In 4e, they finally fixed the Monk: by making him rely on only 2-3 stats, like every other class. Do not make your Wizards spread their resources thin. If Strength is a crap attribute, nobody will invest in it. If it's half-decent, everyone will wish you would put its positive features on something they actually wanted, like Constitution or an equivalent.3. bait caster fishing reel gear ratio?Stick with a reel that has a 6-point-whatever gear ratio. The 6-point gear ratio's are best for all-around bass fishing, as they are not too slow to fish a buzzbait but still not too fast to fish a crankbait. Whether it be 6.3:1, 6.4:1, or 6.1:1 I would go with it. A 7-point gear ratio is too fast to fish a crankbait, and a 5-point gear ratio is too slow for a buzzbait. But a 6-point gear ratio will fish both of those fine4. What's the dispel DC for a spell made permanent by another caster?and I would have no complaint about a GM using it in a game in which I played. However, I think that, RAW, the spell functions a little differently...The permanency spell reads as follows. I've highlighted the sections that are particularly important to my understanding of how it works:School universal; Level sorcerer/wizard 5; Domain [subdomain] Magic [rites] 5CASTINGCasting Time 2 rounds Components V, S, M (see tables below)EFFECTRange see textTarget see textDuration permanent; see textSaving Throw none; Spell Resistance noDESCRIPTIONThis spell makes the duration of certain other spells permanent. You first cast the desired spell and then follow it with the permanency spell.Depending on the spell, you must be of a minimum caster level and must expend a specific gp value of diamond dust as a material component.You can make the following spells permanent in regard to yourself. You cannot cast these spells on other creatures. This application of permanency can be dispelled only by a caster of higher level than you were when you cast the spell....In addition to personal use, permanency can be used to make the following spells permanent on yourself, another creature, or an object (as appropriate):...Additionally, the following spells can be cast upon objects or areas only and rendered permanent:...Spells cast on other targets are vulnerable to dispel magic as normal. The GM may allow other spells to be made permanent.From the text, it seems clear that permanency is intended to work differently depending on whether it's cast on one of the personal-only spells or on one of the other spells. We need to consider both cases.The phrasing of "This application of permanency can be dispelled only by a caster of higher level than you were when you cast the spell" seems to indicate that it's the permanency spell being dispelled here. That's consistent with the spell's duration being "permanent" instead of "instantaneous":Instantaneous: The spell energy comes and goes the instant the spell is cast, though the consequences might be long-lasting.Permanent: The energy remains as long as the effect does. This means the spell is vulnerable to dispel magic.Permanency has a duration of "permanent", which indicates that the spell's magic continues working indefinitely. This is similar to spells like baleful polymorph, which does not wear off on its own but can be dispelled. If the subject of baleful polymorph walks into an anti-magic field, they revert to their normal shape while they are inside.On the other hand, a spell like feeblemind has a duration of "instantaneous" - it does its damage and then the spell dissipates. The effects of feeblemind can only be removed by specific spells like heal and limited wish. Dispel magic has no effect because nothing stays around to dispel, and a feebleminded person who walks into an anti-magic field is still feebleminded while inside.This all suggests that if you scan a person with permanent see invisibility, you see two magical auras - one for see invisibility and one for permanency. This, in turn, suggests that since dispel magic removes a single spell, it can potentially remove either see invisibility or permanency.The spell does not explain what dispelling permanency means, but two reasonable interpretations are:What if the spell targeted with permanency is dispelled? Again, the text does not specify, but I can think of two possible interpretations: