What Did I Find in My Backyard?

That's hard to tell without being able to see it. You should take it to a shop that specializes in identifying this type of stuff. Some colleges have departments that will do it for free, you can also do a search in Yahoo or your local yellow pages for help in finding a place.

1. There was a snake in my backyard?

Their are many different species of snakes in florida. If it was found in a woody area then it is probably a water moccasin or cotton mouth or a type of viper. If it was found in a water area then it is either a water snake or most likely a cotton mouth or water moccasin.

2. Any pointers for fishing for backyard tarpon?

live shrimp, live crabs and live baitfish such as Pinfish, Mullet, Pilchards and Squirrelfish. you can bait it many ways. if done very well ion the past using live mullet. peirce the fish on the back about 11/2 inches from back fin in the fatty part. keeps the fish alive and allows it to swim. attracts the tarpon pretty well! Good Luck

3. Injured rabbit in backyard help?

Google "rabbit stew"

4. Best way to practice golf in the backyard?

Take practice golf balls (look like golf balls only hollow) and drive them against a shed/ Garage ect

5. Can I grow mushrooms in my backyard?

The rain or heavy dew is what allows the fertilization of the mushroom so they will reproduce. They grow in the dark and shaded areas. Find the mushrooms you want to grow and put them in a manure mixture keep them damp and they should multiply. The mushroom's job is to break down organic matter. There are many type of mushrooms and toadstools, some are poisonous, some delicious, and some hallucinogenic

6. Backyard storage shed for Houston weather?

I am originally from Houston and you are right about the humidity. Humidity is only good for your skin and your flowers. I would go for the vinyl. The wood would eventually rot because of such much humidity. I do not know if vinyl or wood either one would protect the furniture though just because the humidity would probably build up over the years and do damage to it. Just be sure to check on the furniture now and then to make sure it's not molding from the humidity. You can easily wipe it off. You might have to do that through the years. Since you have to have some kind of storage though [ everybody needs extra storage] I would still go with the vinyl.They have some really cute storage buildings now. You could plant some flowers around it and put some stepping stones to it from your house. You could make it look like a tiny house. That would be so cute. It would make your back yard look cuter too

7. Is it possible to get our dog to stop digging in the backyard?

If you get a solution please let me know. We own a beagle mix mutt and he's always digging up the yard

8. What makes up the perfect backyard???


9. Is it illegal to kill a squirrel in my backyard?

since squirrels carry diseases I cannot imagine there is a law prohibiting killing them within city limits

10. Should I try panning the dirt in my backyard?

What have you got to lose?

11. what's with all the backyard breeders in this world.?

I am a supposeably backyard breeder I guess as I breed AKC Shelties with champion lines.I dont have a kennel and all my dogs live in my house and have their puppies inside with me , my husband and another friend in attendance who also raises dogs..My dogs are all kept current on all shots and vet visits and checked while they are pregnant. They are fed puppy food while pg and all are given vitamins all time.My vet is called when they are gettint close to make sure she will be available and if not recommend another and then I talk to them but so far that has not happened.When my dog goes into labor I call my vet and let her know in case something happens and I need to take her in and that has never happened thank goodness. We never have an unattened birth and we help if necessary and keep our Moms calm.After the pups are born one of us is awake around the clock for at least 3 days to make sure they are all doing ok.They are all taken in for a vet check after they are born,and to make sure mom is ok too. Yes I was very inexperienced when I started but I studied And picked everyones brain that I could.Even yet when labor starts I have my books out and my birthing notes and read and reread while we are waiting.Im not in it for the money believe me and sell most of my puppies with a spay and neuter contract and I do not sell to kennels and have to really talk to the people before I will sell to them. I have been known to give pups to disabled or some special needs but only if they can afford to take care and keep all shots,heartworm,flea and tick meds up..I dont let my pups go untill after they have had their 2nd shot,and I start worming at 2 wks and continue every 2 wks .My babies are all vet checked before they are sold and are given a health guarantee. I can give refrences also. Im always available after the puppies go to their forever home if they need me or I can help in any way.i always call back to check to see how they are doing because I do care and love everyone of my babies.They are very social.and loving babies.SO you see all so called breeders are not bad but some give all of us a bad name. I also have an acre yard that is fenced so my dogs have plenty of room to run and play and my house is kept very clean even though my dogs live in our home. We do love our dogs a lot

Cooks & Cocinas: Handy Couple Creates Contemporary Kitchen ...
Amped-up colors and open spaces are the work of a handy couple who created a kitchen to suit their contemporary tastes. Who's cooking: , a real estate appraiser who puts his building construction degree to work in do-it-yourself home projects. Wife Sandy, a community volunteer, pitches in on the remodeling ventures. In this kitchen: Since 2009, when the Rivettes completed a second remodel on the kitchen of the Northeast Side home they've lived in since the early 1990s. What's cooking: Doug enjoys combining recipes and experimenting with savory dishes while Sandy sticks to traditional fare. “I feel like I'm a country-type cook and he's the more gourmet cook,” Sandy says. The space: About 9 feet by 20 feet. “It feels bigger because there's no wall,” says Doug. In extending the counter and lengthening the kitchen, they eliminated the breakfast room in favor of a sitting area that overlooks the backyard swimming pool. On the surfaces: Canary yellow walls hit happy notes alongside the high-gloss red cabinets from Ikea. Sandy covered the previous orange walls in two coats with Behr paint that includes primer.Easy-care concrete counters require waxing and buffing about twice a year. Two couples helped the Rivettes build the forms and pour the concrete over a weekend.The sleek texture of glass tiles above the stove contrasts with the remaining backsplash of rough-hewn stacked stone tiles set vertically.Stainless drawer pulls reused from the previous kitchen go with the new stainless appliances and stainless sink. Why it works: The remodel gave Doug the gas stove he had always wanted, and Sandy got the range hood she wanted. “It started with the vent hood and didn't stop,” Sandy says of the major makeover.The open space fits the contemporary look the self-described wanna-be loft dwellers have created in the rest of their house.Moving the refrigerator to the opposite end of the kitchen made it less visible from the open family room and helped to create an efficient work triangle. “It's very user friendly and you don't have to walk a mile to get to things,” Doug says.The long bar is good not only for entertaining but also for crafting, Sandy notes. Bargain hunting: Buying appliances from sources such as Overstock.com and scratch and dent stores saved about 30 percent off regular retail, the Rivettes estimate. The one appliance bought in top condition — the dishwasher — got a door ding while Doug was installing it.The contemporary faucet they purchased online looks perfect, but because it doesn't have an aerator, it splashes, they say. Had they had the opportunity to try before buying, they likely would have kept looking. Plugged in: To provide power yet maintain the sleek contemporary aesthetic, Doug included a pop-up outlet in the counter in lieu of wall outlets. The three-outlet strip that plugs in out of sight under the counter lifts up for use, then pushes back down flush with the surface.Know of a good cook with a great kitchen E-mail suggestions for Cooks & Cocinas to Home & Garden Editor , tlehmann@express-news.net.
Evening Buzz: Inside Jaycee Dugards Secret Backyard Prison
Cate VojdikAC360° WriterWe’re keeping a close eye on a fast-moving California wildfire that’s threatening thousands of homes and businesses outside Los Angeles—and has trapped five people who ignored evacuation orders. They’re stuck in a canyon surrounded by walls of flames. The blaze, which broke out last week, nearly doubled in size overnight. Two firefighters died battling it. We’ll have the latest tonight.We now have a much clearer picture of what the last 18 years have been like for Jaycee Dugard, the young woman who was found last week 18 years after her kidnapping. Investigators are combing the secret backyard compound where Dugard was allegedly forced to live–and where she apparently gave birth to the two daughters her captor fathered. We’ll show you what investigators found inside the squalid makeshift compound of tents and sheds.We’ll also hear from people who came into contact with Jaycee Dugard during her captivity. It turns out she wasn’t entirely isolated. She apparently helped Phillip Garrido run his printing business. Why didn’t outsiders suspect anything was wrong? What was their impression of the young woman? We’ll try to answer those questions tonight.We’ve also learned that investigators are looking into whether other young victims may have fallen prey to Garrido. A short time ago, authorities said that they found a bone fragment on a neighbor’s property that Garrido allegedly used. The fragment is being tested to determine if the bone is human. Meantime, the search for more evidence continues with cadaver dogs. We’ll cover all of these angles tonight.Plus, we’ll take a close look at the bold allegation that Britain brokered the release of the Pan Am Flight 103 bomber as part of a secret trade deal with Libya. The Times of London says it has a letter that provides proof. Tonight we’re keeping them honest.Swine flu is also in our mix tonight. Many college campuses are already reporting outbreaks of the H1N1 virus. The University of Kansas has hundreds of suspected cases. We’ll show you what’s being done to contain the spread on that campus. Chief Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta will also answer your questions.See you at 10 p.m. eastern.I wonder... will Jaycee and her children ever be able to live a normal life. Will they ever be able to cope in a real world? 18 years is a long time but I assume Jaycee remembers her life before this crazy person stole her life from her. But what about her children. This is their father and this is the only life they have ever had. Everyone needs to pray for these three girls.Can we see inside Garrido's house?Where were the girls born, and do they what is going on, and that father is a rapest?We pray for Jaycee and her girls and that they have a healthy wonderful life.I am a former Parole officer from Nevada. I supervised parolees under intensive supervision and residential confinement conditions with ankle monitors. I had sex offenders and murders on my caseload. The rule of thumb when you make a home visit to these types of parolee residence you go through the house and outling property in checking to see if there are any violations of the subject parole conditions each time you visit.. The parole agent should have done a better job years ago. I do not buy the comments that the parole agent could not see. It was simple he never looked. Our job on the streets is to look into these cases more throughly because of the criminal history of these serious offenders can never be discounted at any stage of the supervision.Iwith all this girl has been through and her two girls being this mans biological children. if he owns the house and property, wouldnt her daughters get ownership of everything soon as he is convicted so they can sell it to pay for some of whatever longterm treatment they most likely will need.The media is causing more damage to these children. I can't believe the media including Anderson Cooper is continuously saying that this girl was RAPED for 18 years. While media is cashing in on the sad sick situation of these poor victims, does anyone have enough moral fiber to say I will not victimize these people any further. RAPE is a violent word and action. Why don't these people consider the effect on these children to hear that their father continuously raped their mother. What about the effect on Jaycee to constantly hear that she was RAPED for 18 years.If this is what happened to Jaycee then maybe just maybe the media might want to stop RAPING her and her children and let them heal.Its a given that this man and his wife should be put away forever but should Jaycee and her children be persecuted, humiliated and sold out by the media in the name of Journalism and RATINGS. And please don't say it is in the good for these victims.Re: Ms. Molino(former business client of Garrido) –Did she think that Jaycee was a daughter of the Garridos?Also, does she know whether or not Jaycee called Garrido "Dad" ?Does she know how Jaycee's daughters referred to Garrido?It must be remembered that Jaycee was under complete control and learned to cope in complete fear. Once control is established a simple tapping much like clicker training in a dog can keep her under control. With 2 captors it is very easy to establish a good guy bad guyroutine. It's going to be tough to recover but she is tough or she would not have survived.How did the children feel to see their mother living in a tent and their father living in a house? Where did the children sleep?First of all, where are the birth certificates for the two little children fathered by the monster? where were they born? which hospital? And under what name? Blindness in our societies legal force is caused by nothing less then wisdom. Or should I relay a mesg. of blindness to there are too many to account for!!!This woman you interviewed appears to be misdirected. She does seem to be defending Garrido Or should I say deflecting the attention away from this atrocity committed by this man who, in my opinion, should receive NO mercy, No understanding, only the worst punishment allowed by the law. Water-boarding would not be good enough.Did she received Medical care while pregnant?I am completely disgusted that Anderson Cooper, whom I considered to be the last remaining legitimate newsman at CNN would allow, let alone interview, anyone who would possbile stand up for the sick, demeted, animal, Phillip Garrido. There is really only one place for Garrido and that is to spend eternity in hell!Anderson, I treat Traumatized patients at Rader Programs. This girl needs lots of help. Please help her get the right treatment. It could be equally traumatizing to force this girl back to her family. The girl needs somone safe. The girl may view all people unsafe. Dy Wolpert, APRN, NP, CNSRader ProgramsThis horrible story that is unfolding w/ jaycee is on belief! Why was this man released after just 11 years serve for the first kidnapping? He should of stay the full 50 years. If he would of then these poor girls wouldnt of suffered! I wish the best for jaycee and her family. I wish this man and women to get the max in prison.How could Jaycee give birth to the two girls in such living conditionswithout being exposed?How were they educated without the authorities consenting to homeschooling or did they attend public or private schools?I am sure that there is so much more to be revealed!Dear AC: Please don't forget about the Baskin children who were abducted and brainwashed by their own grandparents back in the late 1980's from Murfreesboro, Tn and were found in Feb. 2009. These children's mother's parents were suppose to return the kids to their parents, but instead ran off with them , telling tales saying that their own daugher and her minster husband were Satanic worshipers (not true). No one has talked about this. Have the children (now adults ) seen their parents? This was on Unsolved Mysteries along time ago long before there was much cable tv , before AC360. These 2 kids were brainwashed by their own grandparents.... Jan Nashville ,TNAnderson Cooper,I treat aduilts who have suffered from severe and pervasive traumas like incest, molestations, and torture. To understand how the little girl lives disavowing the painful circumstances one would have to understand the ability of a childs imagination. Jacyee may have went into her head hiding from the painful molestation/ rapes by creating an alternate selfstate called "alter personalities". Basically the "real little girl named Jaycee" hides as an 11 year old little girl inside her head and lives on the outside as the name the kidnapper gave her. The personality that now lives as a woman will disavow any problem living a normal liffe believing her reality to be what the kidnapper wants. Look up Dissociative Identity Disorder – may explain the perceptions of normalcy that everyone saw as she lived in the community.Respectfully,Dy Wolpert, APRN, NP, CNSit's hard to listen to this ordeal. your's is the first discussion i've heard. I don't get it. would we be better off not knowing about this?What role did the wife of Phillip Garrido play in all of this?An 11 year old girl was kidnapped, raped repeatedly year after year, gave birth to two children while still a minor and no one understands how the neighbours/authorities knew nothing or worse DID nothing. When 11 year old girls are forced into "marriage" raped and give birth to children while still minors WE are the neighbours who know about it and yet continue to do nothing. The only difference is the compounds in Utah (etc) are not derilict tents in a dirty backyard with one crazy beast to focus all our rage on. Do we continue to forget the other girls going thru the same thing as Jaycee Dugard did, RIGHT NOW in FLDS compounds – WE are the neighbours shown on tv, living our lives as other scared little girls cry silently.The parole officer who appeared is not revealing the complete truth to the public or he is very naive. I live behind a sex offender's home just like that girl. Each time the officer's visit it is a very brief in and out thing as if it is a bother. I have motioned to them several times as they were pulling out of the driveway and they just ignore me. I have directly contacted the sheriff's dept. and I recieve the same treatement. Reality is officer's are paid to keep their mouth's shut so they can do whatever. This sex offender is a multiple offender who served no time in jail, is an active alcoholic, hangs around this one little girl, is gone all night all the time as he pleases, and has at least a dozen firearms displayed in his home. What is wrong with the authorities that they allow this to continue. I do not buy the excuse they are too busy to protect children and who says it has to be a child? The system regarding sex offenders needs to be revamped more than our health care system. I watch the so called customers of this animal speak as if they did not know anything but I would be watching them as well. Notice they are all young men? I don't believe them.I can understand how someone can be kidnapped and could be hid out for years.My Daughter bought a house in Paradice, Ca. and food came up missing... from all of the familys sleeping bags to pots, pans, heaters and food galore.There was total histeria in the house hold. All kinds of things were stolen.Come to find out when she moved there was a guy cleaning out the basement in the house for the realstate office . There on the lawn were the gurls dirty sleeping bags , the new pots and pans I bought her for Christmas and a heater and also all kinds of canned goods and other food they had taken.There were at least three guys living there ... the kids saw them and zap they would be gone. The police were even called and there was two guys in their motor home (not knowing my Granddaughter stayed home from school that day) There is a feild behind the house a the police saw them there and did nothing. They were able to see what was going on and see in the bathroom and bedrooms. When the worker showed my daughter she called the police and they wouldn't even come to look at it.Some police are not there to help people and there are others that are worth their weight in gold.Places like this need to be chcked and the people that buy the place need to be checked. There are a lot of sex affenders around there.08-31-09 2009 1050 pm ETUnderstanding the magnitude of this life shattering event will never be ours as a society, but can we all learn from it? Blame and responsibility ripple outward and we have to consciously ask out loud can this never ever happen again? Can we help? Can we love enough to help healing take place? God alone sees all and knows all can we avail ourselves to devine wisdom and vision so that this world can be a better place or are we destined to slowly self destruct?Jaycee had children at age 14,as a minor, who signed the consent form when she gave birth? And when she gave birth the second time, that in itself, at that age, I find a little unusual and certainly would have sparked my interest??????First of all, I want to say "Alissa" (Jaycee) keep your head up! Jaycee was able to survive a tragic event that lasted 18 years of her life. The Garrido's have done this young woman a cruel injustice by stripping her of a healthy life. Anyone that is capable of doing such an inhumane act deserves the maximum penalty of the law. Then with the leud act Garrido had committed a few years earlier before the abduction of Jaycee should not unnoticed. It is obvious that something is not clicking correctly within this individual.maybe she was just waiting for the right time and place to to turn him in, and it sounds like to me she did it. she wanted a place to be safe and for her girls to be safe as well, God Bless herDid Jaycee have a medical person to deliver her childrenThat is something I hadn't thought of as a reason for her loyalty (if you will) to that monster which I agree totallyThe whole thing is a bizzare. This kind of terrible crime is not common in Nigeria. I really feel sorry for her father and mother and for her children. It is a heart broken story, but we should be glad she survived.I take exception to this Molina woman who seems to be defending this kidnapper and rapist. Just becaues he has a big house? And the young girls seem to be clean and well dressed?? These are not Antioch values. Why was this woman willing to overlook the strange behavior that was so obvious to the Berkeley police? There is a claim of racial discrimination against the Antioch Police Department by many new residents of this city. Is it possible that this woman – who called herself a VICTIM during your story – was too self absorbed in her own victimhood to empathize with three white girls who have been raped and victimized themselves? This is a problem in Antioch that you should be looking at.I think that it was wrong of the guy for doing this as well as the children for not alerting outside people. If it was me I would have ran no matter what. aren't I right?Jaycee and her children have a long road to recovery from the sick and twisted mind that controlled thier lives. I am quick to assume his molestations extended to the small children as well. May God stay close give these three the strength needed to grow.Two police officers were suspicious, but how did they come in contact with him to start with?How did he get caught, I don't believe he walked in and turned himself in unless, he knew they were on to him.Their is so much forcus on Phillip, his wife is as guilty, why not mention her on the news. How long has he been married to his wife?This story is so upsetting, I fear for every little girl, blond hair blue or brown eyes. I cannot sleep, angry angry. If some high official daughter is kidnapped then I bet the laws will changed. Sex offender's do not change. Their has to be stricker laws for these people.Thank youJaycee's story makes my stomach hurt every time I think about it. Every detail of this story is gut-wrenching and totally unbelievable if not for the pictures and reports.How many other women or children are out there like this poor woman and her children.....Please law enforcement and child protective services...do your job and find them!! Neighbors, report suspicious behavior and then follow up to be sure your report has been acted upon!!This man is a dispicable piece of human trash. He should never see the light of day again. Anyone who interviews him is only helping his sick mind.I have a question. What kind of prenatal care did Jaycee receive and where did she deliver her babies? I really hope and pray that this young woman and her children will receive the love and support they need to heal from this horrifying injustice.Thank God for Anderson Cooper for keepin it real! Thanks for interviewing that last woman you had on there in a way that showed she wasn't defending that man and woman who abducted that young girl.Just wondering what the wife's roll was in this despicable situation. How long have they been married? How screwed up is she? As bad as her husband evidently.Good Grief, that woman is minimizing what that NUT done. I'm glad she re canted on defending him, because that was exactly what she was saying in the beginning.anderson cooper is hotwill we here from jaycee herself or the daughters in this horrific situation and what is the wife of this monster sayingWhy is no one asking about Garrido's wife and her part in all this?And even I know that Garrido probably used the girls as leverage against Jaycee and that's why he took them everywhere.I would like to know about the wife of this animal, what part did she play in this?This is an unbelievable story but what I want to know is who delivered the children when they were born ?At a town hall meeting on health care in Petaluma CA. Press should cover these more people are very upset. Both sides. Press needs to really see what is going on. This country is Very divided.my god, who is the woman on the live feed, i can't hear but I feel like someone needs to hold her or comfort her.Re: the people stuck in the fire: I hope they are ok, but I don't get why they didn't go. If the officials say "Get out of Dodge", then you get out of Dodge. Is it the possiblitly of looting? Heck, they could rob my house blind, as long as my family and I were safe. Did they think "oh, it won't touch us"? Mother Nature" decides how any kind of storm or fire will pan out, no one can predict it. It's a shame they didn't listen to the warning.Looking forward to the segments on Jaycee and her 18 years as captive of that man. I have been wondering what she was told that kept her from leaving. I'm sure some of the reason she stayed was her children – it would be harder to escape with them in tow and I doubt she would leave them.Anderson Cooper goes beyond the headlines to tell stories from many points of view, so you can make up your own mind about the news. Tune in weeknights at 8 and 10 ET on CNN.Questions or comments? Send an emailWant to know more? Go behind the scenes with AC361°
Carnival Birthday Party in the Backyard..?
Ok, so she has a Carnival, why not see if you can host your party at valley fair? Another suggestion is instead of a carnival why not have your own backyard zoo or go to a beach1. Keeping possums out of my backyard?Possum Traps Lowes2. Which of these would you rather have in your backyard?wow thats pretty hard. id have to say its a tie between 1 and 4. good question!3. Backyard garden: getting ready to "BEAT THE HEAT"?Shade, plenty of greenery, misters4. How do I become a "backyard breeder"?there are far to many back yard breeders as it is . i must say to ask is an insult to any breeder on here and not on here5. How can I bring back Backyard Wrestling?Firstly you need to find some friends that would like to backyard wrestle with you. A group of about 10-15 is an ideal number. Then you need to build a base. It can either be just some random matresses or you can build a full on base. Just look on the internet on how to build one. Or, if you want to get really serious, you could build or buy a ring. Once youve got your base come up with names for your wrestlers (using WWE names is so amature) and then just practice your wrestling. Do not expect to be good at it straight away, it takes time to get any good. You should film all of your wrestling and put it onto the internet. Putting it on youtube, myspace, facebook etc etc is a great idea. Obviously you should be careful and dont hurt yourself and all that kind of crap. If theres anything else you want, feel free to email me. And for the record, backyard wrestling is still quite popular. Check out feds on Youtube like IYHWA, HVWA, LCWA, SCWS, ICWS and 2KW. If you look on Breakfall you will find many feds that are still running today.6. Is a backyard reception tacky?There's nothing wrong with that at all. Many people with any type of budget choose to have a backyard reception. What is tacky is if you ask guests to bring food like a potluck.7. Neighbor's tree branches extending into my backyard?depends on the law in your country/state. in england overhanging trees are still the property of the neighbour8. I think i heard someone in my backyard?You did the right thing You came to Yahoo where absolutely NOBODY really cares9. Fun teen party big backyard?Get a bunch of those supersoaker water guns and have some water wars10. Can i leave m puppy in the backyard?you really should not keep a 3 month old puppy in the backyard. It is your responsibility to take her out every half an hour and after she wakes up from her nap so that she is house-trained. A labrador is an inside dog. Please reason with your father. I do not mean to be rude, but if you cannot keep the dog with you then you should probably give her away to a better home. She should not be kept outside.11. is there anyway to keep cats out of my backyard?22 caliber12. What's an airsoft gun that I can use for backyard target practice and small backyard battles?Description: The AGM MP-001 is an excellent lightweight long range bolt action sniper rifle. The plastic stock make the gun extremely light for it's length, ideal for younger players or snipers that have to trek long distances. The vital shooting parts of the gun are reinforced with metal. Finally, AGM has included many accessories, like a speed loader and 2-point sling, so the gun is ready to use right out of the box. Specifications: Manufacturer: AGM Muzzle Velocity: 350-380 FPS Magazine Capacity: 30 rounds Package Includes: gun, magazine, scope, BBs, manual, speed loader, and sling for around $ its $120 its Perfect buy from "airsoftgi.com" you should be getting kills soon with this gun13. Dog owners, should backyard breeding be illegal?Of course it should be illegal the same as puppy mills but that will never happen .Even if they passed a law like anything people will go to ground and still breed puppy's
Garden Swings: the Enchanting Element in Your Backyard
Traditional swings all hung from the trees, so channel the nostalgia by setting it up the old-fashion way! You want to pick a swing that is big enough for at least two people; company is always a good idea, especially on sunny days that are perfect for a backyard picnic!i have a ground hog in my backyard ...?good luck. groundhogs can be quite viscious so i would suggest either trapping it and relocating far away or killing it. have you ever heard a clicking sound coming from the ground hog? when you hear that it is standing its ground so shooing it away isnt going to work. you could try putting fruits and veggies on the other end of the yard or where you used to see the groundhog on a daily basis to keep it away from the house but i would recommend getting it away from there altogether. if i remember correctly groundhogs dont eat meat and that is why i suggested fruits and veggies. you could also kill it and cook it up....lol..just a thought because i know plenty of people who love groundhog meat saying it is tender. probably be best to either kill or relocate it as they can be very nasty if they feel threatened and NEVER should your kids be allowed to appoach itUnwanted Birds in my Backyard?Birds do not bother dogs, and unless you have a LARGE group of birds sitting in the ONE spot the bush hangs over your yard, you would not even notice the bird poop. Uh, are you sure the DOG FOOD being outside is not what is attracting the birds to your yard rather than a rose bush??? Dog food outdoors can also attract wildlife to your yard that will bother your dogs a lot more then birds!!HELP?! My backyard is flooding?Best thing to do is go rent a pump. You can use a piece of 2" pvc flex pipe, I use it to empty my pool in the fallMy dogs are bored in the backyard...? If you are really worried about your dogs try to figure out how to make more time to walk them, play with them or bring them in the house to hang out with you. Get up an hour earlier and walk them, do not spend so much time on the computer, take your cell phone with you on walks for phone calls, just a few suggestions. There are days when I do not have enough hours in the day to get everything done but I always somehow manage to walk my dogs and play with them. Good luckcan I place a manufactured home in my backyard???you need to go to county courthouse and ask that questionAm I considered a backyard breeder?If U only produce this one litter -- then no -- I would not consider U a BYB. However the ultrasound is over the top and not necessary. Did not even do this when I was pregnant with my "people pups". Your vet can palpitate if U want to know how many pups there will be. As for the I.D. collars those are not only unnecessary - they are dangerous, as the pups will chew them off. There is a better way to mark them. First when they are born write down each sex and the markings. That will usually help U identify most individual puppies. Then as they get older U can mark them by trimming a small amount of hair off the inside of a hind leg and record which pup has fur clipped on which leg. One pup can have one notch, another pup two notches, and so forth. This is the way zoos mark individuals in litters where the offspring all look alike in a litter. It is even easier with domestic dogs cuz U will have different markings usually. I used to do this with German Shepperd puppies. U can also use this method to mark which pups have been sold and write down the identity in that pups health records. Good luck.backyard wedding ideas, not redneck, but not something that will cost an arm?I am having a small reception outside. I am just having fruit, vegetable, and sandwich trays with chips and dip. And of course cake. It's very cheap!
What Should I Do with My Backyard?
Plant shrubs, butterfly bush in sun/part sun very hardy. Plant some hostas in the shade will take abuse from the dogs. For flowers plant in large tall pots so that the dogs wont ruin them. Also put flowers in hanging baskets for color--put on porch and you can buy hanging plant stakes that are wrought iron that are about 5-6 feet in the air so that the dogs wont bother them. Daylilies will also take the abuse from the dogs and are hard to kill1. how to remove motor oil from wrought iron gate (unpainted gate)?idk. call lowes!2. What invention did the Chinese make that helped in the creations of steel-making?Chinese metallurgists discovered how to puddle molten pig iron, stirring it in the open air until it lost its carbon and became wrought iron. (In Chinese, the process was called chao, literally, stir frying.) By the 1st century BC, Chinese metallurgists had found that wrought iron and cast iron could be melted together to yield an alloy of intermediate carbon content, that is, steel. ...The Chinese during the ancient Han Dynasty were also the first to apply hydraulic power (ie. a waterwheel) in working the inflatable bellows of the blast furnace3. I'm Decorating my small apartment and would like a Broadway Theme?The adorning topic truly relies upon on your options. you may evaluate wrought iron decor. homestead adorning with wrought iron brings a effective look to a room and it is going with maximum furniture, and so on4. How do I make this room come together?i think of you may desire to reassess the curtains first. Houndstooth doens't in large condition with the foral types. you have a u . s . stylish subject very virtually. hit upon a good settee, usher in pillows with categories, yet with the colors of the different products. locate curtain panels that have a mushy plaid or stripe in the crimson possibly. no longer a ambitious development yet a subdued color. OR, %. up on the mexican subject in the pottery. Does it have the tericotta colors? in case you have the appropriate color of crimson on your different products you will hit upon a color of tericotta,(clay colors that flatter crimson), possibly paint the wall in the back of the entertainment center a heat color that compliments the crimson tones in furnishings and play up the mexican pottery, possibly a leather-based settee in a mushy heat color or mushy cream. stay faraway from greater print for the hot settee. in case you have a crimson that seems very virtually black, you may desire to usher in textures by skill of applying wrought iron. it works which comprise your rustic entertainment center and the pottery. shop the curtains trouble-free, use wrought iron hardware. no longer hassle-free to try this with out seeing your area. desire this helps.5. we are doing a kitchen remodel --our kitchen gets very warm in the afternoon and we want to keep our fan over?Go to menards, they have reasonably priced traditional ceiling light fans in oil rubbed bronze, antique, wrought iron... For over a table it's best to get a ceiling hugger.6. cockatiel breeders/Wrought iron cages?You might want to try Pet finder. Your local animal shelter usually has cockatiels for adoption. Check with them often. Your local pet stores has a variety of bird cages from 50$ and up. This way you get to see what you are buying. No surprises.7. what should i ask him?Is the fence being installed around the pool or around the property line? Ask: Who will be responsible for pulling permits? What type of warranty does he give on his work? Will the fence follow CPSC standards? (fence a minimum of 4 feet high and "eliminating handholds and footholds and minimizing the size of openings in" the fence design.) Will the gate have a self-latching mechanism on the pool side of the fence. (This ensures the latch can only be released by someone tall enough to reach over the top of the gate and not from someone outside of the pool area.) What will the fence be made of? Wrought iron will rust and will require maintenance. A powder coated galvanized steel is another option that is strong and durable. Also, some people install aluminum which is made to look like wrought iron. It is a lot less expensive but may not be as sturdy as the wrought iron or steel.
Understand Backyard: an Introduction to Backyard
An Introduction to BackyardBackyard Dog is a musical duo from Manchester, consisting of Aniff Akinola and Lloyd Hanley. The name "backyard dog" comes from when Akinola booted Hanley out of his recording studio, culminating in him saying "you can't treat me like this, you're treating me like a backyard dog".Their 2001 single, "Baddest Ruffest", made #15 on the UK Singles Chart, and was used as the 2002 FIFA World Cup theme, and in the films Ali G Indahouse and Bend It Like Beckham.What's a good name for a landscaping company? of BackyardFlorida backyard Care Co. Florida backyard and Turfgrass Co. Florida Landscaping and backyard Care Co. (call of County) Landscaping and backyard Care Co. Please permit me understand in case you utilize any of those!!!.Setting up Your Backyard for the SummerSummer is one of the most wonderful times of the year. Barbecues, swimming and relaxing are just around the corner and it is time for you to start preparing for the hot season. In order for the summer months to be filled with enjoyment, you need to have everything ready in your backyard beforehand. Now is the time to clear out your shed of all your backyard summer equipment and set up for the season ahead. There are a multitude of ways to prepare for the summer. A few of these tips are listed below:Effectively Situate Your Outdoor FurnitureWhether you have a deck, patio, porch or other area where you place your outdoor furniture in the summer, you will need to properly position it in order to make your backyard aesthetically pleasing. There are numerous layouts you can choose from and they will depend on the purpose of your furniture. For example, if you have lounge chairs, you will want to position them diagonally on your patio or deck to make them look present without not taking up all of your usable space. If you have chairs and a table for eating outdoors, you will want to place them in the center of your usable space. As well as situating your furniture, you always want to make sure to keep your furniture clean so you and your guests can utilize them comfortably.Plant a GardenAn incredible part of having a backyard is that you can create the feeling of being in an area filled with nature. A wonderful way to make this feeling truly come to life is by planting a garden. You should find an open spot in your backyard and dig in order to make room for your seeds. You can make a vegetable garden, a flower garden or anything else in order to make your backyard look stunning.If you feel up to it and want to undertake this project on your own, that is wonderful, but if you feel you are incapable of doing so, you can always hire a professional to help you out. If you do not have space for a garden in your backyard, that is not a problem. You can work on your already existing lawn, trees and plants to beautify your backyard.Purchase Home Décor ItemsAlong with setting up furniture and planting, having home décor items in your backyard will surely spruce it up. Purchasing items such as tiki torches, wind chimes or even a fire pit will definitely bolster your backyard's aesthetic appeal. Not only will these types of items make your backyard look incredible, but they will add a calming atmosphere as well. If you are interested in in meditation and Asian culture, building a meditation garden with statuettes can be a wonderful way to decorate. These items and others will turn your backyard from a part of your house into a place that feels like home. You can buy these items at local stores or online from a myriad of vendors. Home décor decorations are fun to shop for and will allow you to embrace your creative side.Final ThoughtsWith summer quickly approaching, you should be thinking about how you are going to set up your backyard. Positioning furniture, planting a garden and purchasing home décor items are just a few great suggestions that will allow you to arrange your backyard. There are a myriad of other ways you can spruce up your backyard for the summer as well and by following the above tips, you will be setting up your backyard in no time.
Backyard Ideas for Kids
When your children turn 3 or 4 years old it is time to provide them a playground of their own. The backyard is the best place to be used for this. You can turn it into a very beautiful and exciting play area.Keep your backyard open, not filling it with too many elements. Open space allows kids to play a variety of games, without space constraints. Since aflat grassy area improves the look of the backyard;you can install a synthetic lawn.Fencing the backyard is important as it ensures safety of your child. After implementing the landscaping and fencing ideas, it is time to add some real play area ideas.Ideas to Design a Backyard for Kids Playhouse If you plan to turn your backyard into an interesting place for your kids to play, you should definitely consider a playhouse.There are numerous options fordesigning a cute little house where your kids can sit together and play for hours. Based on the size of backyard and your budget, you canhave readymade models resembling a miniature fort.You can make one yourself using wood, or even fencing posts. Just make sure you add a window on each wall of the house, and a door at the entrance. Paint it in vibrant colors and see your kid's eyes light up with joy!Sand Box Remember those days when you hadfun building beautiful sand castles on the beach? Imagine your kids having such fun time right in the backyard!You just needa sand box, filled with sufficient quantity of sand, and voila! Your miniature beach is ready!Throwfew vibrant colored shovels, sand buckets or beach-themed decorations to add to thefeel.You can hide small toys or chocolates in the sand forthefun of treasure hunt.D on't forget to keep it covered if you don't want to find stray animals sleeping in it! When your kids grow out of it, you can easily convert the sand box into a flower bed.Kiddie Pool A little pool in the backyard is something kids will cherish especially during the summers.If there's an existing swimming pool in your backyard, throw in some colorful floating boards, tubes and floats to make it look inviting to kids.However, even if you don't have a pool, you can get a small inflatable plastic pool, fill it with water, and place it in a cozy corner of your backyard. Just get some floating toys for your kids to play with, and they'll thank you for a fun-filled summer like never before!Basketball Hoop Playing basketball can be exciting and a basketball hoop is all you need to putyour kidinto the game. B egin with a plastichoopand shiftto a high quality oneas your kid grows.Team sports play a key role in the all-round development of a child, and the afternoons spent playing the game with friends, would help your kid become a better person. What's more, you can bond with your little one on weekends, over a game of basketball. Sounds great, isn't it?Tree House A snug tree house tucked behind a canopy of leaves, is whatchildhood dreams are made of!Y ou can construct a tree house in any shape or size, justpay attention to the safety aspect. There aremany options forchoosing designs for the tree house.You can construct a proper house with windows and a roof in place, or justdesign a space with walls around it. Also, don't forget to provide a safe way to reach the tree top.Your kids can spend lazy afternoons sitting inside the tree house, admiring the nature. However, seek professional helptobuild the tree house, instead of trying to do it yourself.Slides Slides are fun, and more so when they are right in your backyard!Depending on your kid's age, go for small portable slides or install bigger ones, some with swing sets. You can even make a wooden one at home and paint it in fun colors.Swing It's hard to imagine a play area without a swing.I f you really don't intend to miss out on a swing set when designing a play area for your kids in the backyard, you have manyoptions!Right from grand swing sets in different shapes, to a humble swing installed on an A-frame, you can choose anything catching your kids' fancy and suiting your budget.Flower Garden If you have a spacious backyard you can create a small flower garden in acorner and your kid can take it's responsibility. Getbright flowers that grow easily. Your kids willjump with joy seeing their very own garden in full bloom.Sprinkler Playing for hours in the sun can be exhausting, and a jet of cool water emerging from a sprinkler can provide much-needed relief to the kids playing in your backyard.It is also a known fact that kids love to play with water, and sprinklers installed in different parts of the play area can add to the fun quotient.You can also turn a little creative with the sprinklers and position them in such a way that the water flows over the slides. This will bring the experience of a water park right to your backyard!Hammock A hammock in your backyard is a great idea, as it would provide a place for relaxation and unwinding at the end of the day. You can choose to hang a hammock between two sturdy trees, or install poles for the same.Just make sure your hammock is hung in a shady corner of the backyard, so that your kids can spend their afternoons reading a book or playing a guitar while lying on it.You can even spend some quiet time admiring the stars shining bright in a clear evening sky. Get the picture?Backyard Landscaping Tips A beautiful backyard is incomplete without proper landscape. Landscaping is not just having colorful plants. It's also positioning of the structures so that the child is always excited toplayhere. Here are some tips...Gather the required materials for turning the backyard into an exciting play area.Large cardboard boxes, sand, fake rocks, wooden planks, artificial boulders, etc, make some of the great raw materials to implement backyard landscaping ideas for kids.Place some artificial rocks to form a bench-like structure under the shade of a tree. This can be the resting area after a good play time.Children love to play inside closed structures. So, you can place some cardboard boxes and make a fort out of it. Use large boxes and mount them to form a fort-like structure with windows and doors. Else you can simply form a tent-like structure with a couple of blankets and strings.Place wooden planks to form a bridge as a route to go from one place to another. This can be fun and adventurous for the kids.So, you can see that you can implement plenty of backyard ideas for kids and your children will surely love and enjoy their new play area. All you need to do is, do some research, be innovative, plan properly and design the backyard, keeping in mind the safety of your child.
Party Ideas for a Backyard Summer 16 Yr Old Party!?
whats up, how cool are you? Are you particularly cool sufficient to have a Grease party, like the movie? get the movie AKA. Sandy and play it loud out area, beautify your out doorways very 50 ish and placed on jean sand diggers i think of you women call them Capri's now.... upload some carnival video games and serve,50-50 Punch which could be a million tub orange sherbet and ginger ale, and sliced oranges upload some dry ice it would be fairly cool. .at present childrens devour PB and J sandwiches and small television dinners, must be the spaghetti ones.... Play your movie, get the song and characteristic some summer season exciting1. How should I deal with pressure from friends about my wedding plans?I have to say I was surprised when you mentioned your age, because these friends sound so immature. It's one thing to be disappointed if you can not make someone's destination wedding, but to critique it this way, and then demand you pay for rooming, is something you would expect from older teens. Obviously, you've done too much talking too soon. A lot can change in their lives between now and then. So that's numero uno. Do not talk about it. As it gets closer, set up a free wedding website using weddingwire or theknot.com. On this site, do some preliminary research for your guests. The biggest is local hotels or hostels. Some people add in passport info and flight options. Just anything to make their lives easier. Maybe photos, etc. And also tourist type suggestions. I am biased, because Greece is my favorite place in the whole world! For US guests, I know the cost of food and lodging is incredibly low, but I am not sure how it compares with Aussie prices. PS - I would not complicate your life with an after party. It's just more money, and it does not take the place of a wedding.2. Is there a career out there that requires you to go out to formal parties all the time?Call girls get to party a lot3. Saudis, what goes on at a wedding party (women's party)?Women party and dance all night till its time for the bride to show up... The bride ,in all weddings I've been to, shows up with the groom next to her and many times the father, brothers and uncles show up as well.. I am not sure about weddings in other parts of Saudi, but I am from Jeddah and this is how generally weddings are :-)4. Is getting pregnant at 19 too young?no kids are over rated go to party's have sex with multiplier partners5. if you could run away and could go anywhere, where would you go, and why?This is an easy one. Vietnam is the new place to go. The country is absolutely beautiful. With miles of white sand beaches, cool mountain hideaways, Great city night life and cozy country inns. It's very inexpensive. You can get nice hotel rooms for $10 and beer is 15 cents a glass. The people are wonderful. I have traveled just about everywhere and I ended up buying a home here because I like it so much. Flights from almost any where are around $1000 USD. You more than make up the difference with the inexpensive lodging etc. Also, you are close to Thailand, Cambodia , (Angkor Wat) Lao, Hong Kong, A ticket to Kuala Lumpur is about $50, Lots to do and plenty to see. Check it out. You will never regret it if you come to Vietnam. . Great food, amazingly wonderful people. We stopped our bikes at the end of the road by the river the other day. Out in the middle of no where. In minutes we were surrounded by kids saying "hello, Where you from?" the mothers came out a few minutes later and they are bringing out food and laughing. A few minutes later the men came out bringing the rice wine. We had a full on party going and did not understand much of what was going on. But... we knew that they were really friendly and they treated us like Rock Stars. Just amazing. Do not miss Vietnam. It will be your best trip ever. I promise. This is not a what if question with me anymore. Now living in Vietnam. I DID run away.
Actor Douglas Tait Has a Thing for Monsters and His Backyard Gym/party Zone
Sporting frightening masks while crawling on the ground like an animal might seem an unorthodox workout routine, but for actor and professional monster Douglas Tait, this is any old day in his backyard.The expansive space and privacy of his Northridge yard are ideal when preparing for roles such as the boar-like villain Gruagach in the new "Hellboy" reboot (where he wore a 50-pound vest while "pouring in sweat" to train)."Some of the stuff I do seems so strange and awkward that if I were to go to a park or a gym people would be like, 'What is wrong with this weird guy?'" said Tait, 40. "Here, I'm able to have my own space, the neighbors can't see me, the trees are high and I can just do my thing and not worry about what anyone thinks." He moved into the 3,600-square-foot home a year and a half ago, and it features a roofed, insulated patio, where Tait reads scripts, and a swimming pool that he and his family enjoy during the summer. Beyond those a trampoline and sports court serve as his main training zone for Animal Flow workouts ("animal movements, cardio and flexibility all in one").Lemon, orange and avocado trees adorn the fragrant backyard (the orange blossoms are in bloom), and a young magnolia tree holds a special meaning."When I was struggling as an actor, I was taking care of my grandpa, and he had this magnolia tree that he loved. When he passed away the huge tree died a year later. So we planted this magnolia tree back here for him," Tait said.Why is this your backyard so special to you?It's so relaxing to be outdoors. I don't know if it's the oxygen I'm breathing, but it's just different than being in a house; it makes me feel more creative and I'm able to focus more. Even if I'm not doing work, I just like sitting here and appreciating where I'm at, not only in my career but in life. This space is absolutely zen.This seems like a great space to have a party too.Absolutely! We'll have the barbecue going or we'll rent a taco stand. We have the bar area with drinks flowing. When it's hot the fans are going, people are swimming and playing basketball, and kids are on the swing set. You can ride your bike and scooter all around here.What attracted you to Northridge?Our last house was nice but it had a tiny backyard. I was an athlete growing up and played outdoors all day long, but nowadays it doesn't seem like kids do that as much. We wanted to be somewhere where we could let them play outside on bikes and play basketball without worrying about kids being safe. One of the reasons we chose the section of Northridge called Sherwood Forest is because they have these homes with circular driveways and huge backyard lots.How do you use this space to relax?When it's warm out I like to lay out on the lounge chairs - they're super comfortable - with a ginger beer or a green drink. I do a lot of blended drinks with kale, ginger and bananas. That's a daily thing.You have some interesting masks in your shed.I played Jason at the end of "Freddy vs. Jason," so I've gotten a lot of Jason masks that fans and artists made. My buddy Jonathan Fuller made this mask with the hair and veins; it's all hand-painted. When I was 12, I saw Frankenstein at Universal entertaining the crowds and I was like, "I'm going to do that when I'm 16." And that's exactly what I did for 10 years while I was pursuing acting; it was my side job. But that's how I started playing these roles - people knew I was tall, and good in makeup, and hired me. Frankenstein was the character and seed that made it happen. And this is the actual mask; somehow it left the park - I'm not sure how!