What Do U Think of Sex Toys?

Unless your boyfriend has a vibrating penis you are definitely missing out on some fun. Are you quite sure you are not gay? You seem to be a little turned-off by the idea of penetration. If you can find the right sex toy it will make you go cross-eyed with pleasure so at least buy yourself a cheap vibrator.

1. Teen pregnancies, abstinence only...Why can't teens buy sex toys?Shouldn't we be advocating them instead of sx?

Very encouraged to find people discussing sex in a realistic and practical way instead of talking a lot of theoretical bullshit which is sheer nonsense anyway. A little more of this approach, and its quite possible that the common sense approached here, could have a lasting effect on the young of today. Instead, they are constantly confused by opinions by opinions from religious groups, moralists, and others, who have probably forgotten what it was really like all those years ago. This young urge is never going to go away you know, so why not try to deal with it in a practical way, and eliminate where possible, all the pitfalls. ?

2. Any good Homemade Sex Toys for Young Lesbians?

I heard girls use cucumbers. You could try your thumb

3. Is it okay to take your sex toys with you on an international flight?

I am sure its fine just put them in the pockets of ur cloths or something encase they spill out. And if u decide to use them on the flight make sure there not to loud

4. Religious opinion on use of sex toys?

I am a deist, and nothing in my faith argues against the use of sex toys, as long as it's between two consenting adults, and as long as one person is not being used or harmed by the other

5. Good Sex Toys for guys?

Oh my...Thats quite nasty... just saying

6. Quick Accessible but child proof place for sex toys?

Just instal a lock in the night stand

7. Parents, what would you think if your local super market were to start selling sex toys?

Not care. Just because it's there does not mean I have to buy it or even acknowledge it if I am not shopping for it. Naturally all the prudes are going to go into PANIC mode about it and use the 'think of the children' line, but it's really no different from other private adult things being sold at stores.

8. Scared of going to adult/sex shop?

Order them online. Most stores have a website, and they come in discreet packaging, so your parents will never know. Then if you can not buy online, you just have to get over it and go in the shop, or live without sex toys.

9. When you were little, did you played with opposite sex toys?

I loved building blocks! Me and my sisters used to build forts with them and take turns being the manager and assistant manager of it. I played with barbie's a lot too. Every now and then I would play sniper with my friends nerf gun. I also had this plastic "swiss army knife" toy I got from Mc Donalds or Burger King or something. It did not really have a knife in it but it did have a spoon and I would use that as a shovel to build tiny trenches in my back yard. Then I would lay out my polly pockets in the trenches and pretend that they were hiding from dinosaurs or zombies or some other monster. I think more than playing with girl toys or boy toys me and my sisters really played make pretend more than anything. Probably because we were poor and did not have much money for toys. What I remember playing most is games like "the floor is lava" (which everyone knows) or "the evil prince, the good prince and the princess" (there were 3 of us so we took turns with the different roles) or especially "indians" (we sat on the porch gathered our leaves, acorns, and pecans up and pretended we were storing them for winter, I was also a shaman in this game) Hell one time me and my little sister played "elephants" we stripped naked ran the hose out to a dirt pile and took a head to toe mud bath.

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