What Is the Air Pressure Threshold for Cold Welding?

What is the air pressure threshold for cold welding?

At impact, the base pressure of the vacuum is less than 5 × 10-8 mbar, i.e. the surfaces are not recovered during opening.1-10-3 mbar.In appendix they recommend pressure for testing: But it have to be understood, that process depends from set of factors, including type of interaction between parts, and not induced by vacuum, but induced by lack of gas which will form or restore adhesive and chemical layers over surface of metal fast enough, to prevent cold welding to happen.This video as example is also cold welding, there protective layers are destroyed faster then they can form with that metal-metal sealing.So answering the question, starting from medium vacuum(1 - 10−3 mbar) we have to consider and expect it to happen, but it highly depend on parts(their material) and their working conditions.

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Would decompression cause a moon habitat to explode?

The structure would not explode, but it may fall on the colonists.Under normal operation, the colony hab dome expects 1 atm of air pressure inside, and nearly no pressure outside. This is a dramatic difference in air pressure, and the dome is a large, complex structure made from the lightest high-tension materials possible: A vast network of cabling that holds in place the air-tight panels, and keeps the panels under enough pressure so that they do not fly apart from the pressure on the inside. The dome structure needs to be lightweight, because its material was shipped from Earth. The moon does not (yet, and may never) have the industry to create these cables and panels from resources found on the surface or available to be mined. Every ounce of material launched to the moon costs far more in fuel costs than it costs in manufacturing costs. Even though the dome is lightweight by structural standards, if it lands on a human, that human will still be squished, even in the 1/6th gravity of the moon.Such a structure would still fail catastrophically, though it would not explode per-se. As the structure starts to buckle, it will make a horrendous amount of sound. . and fortunately for the drama, it would start buckling long before too much air has escaped to make audible noise, so the colonists will hear their doom coming

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Why does the mercury in a barometer go up when the air pressure increases?

Mercury in barometric measurement is equivalent to the column of mercury in the barometer with the atmospheric pressure.Hence,as pressure increases it is obvious for increase of the mercury column as the column of mercury has the pressure dependency on its length above horizon.(P=hdg)

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Air pressure Science easy question, please help.?

Hot air is less dense than cold air. When air in a balloon is heated, some of it will be displaced out of the balloon, which is then a volume of air less dense than its surroundings, so it will tend to rise until it reaches an altitude where it reaches equilibrium, where the pressure inside and outside is equal. In practice, of course, the balloon is carrying a payload which will mean that the maximum height is the point where the net upward force due to pressure differential is matched by the weight of the balloon plus its payload

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Does gravity has an effect on air pressure?

Yes, gravity does have an effect on the atmospheric pressure. It decreases with height

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As temperature increases what does air pressure do?

hi dude you r absolutely right if u says increase in temperature increases air pressure because increase in temperature is directly proportional to increase in pressure. experiment: 1.take a air filled balloon . 2.immerse it in hot water container. observation: As u immersed it .the volume of air inside increased and hence air pressure inside ballon increased.it resulted and ur ballon breaks.

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Influence of ultrasound on air pressure levels

Thank you for the replies. I want to create localized pressure wall in air of a height of about 40 mm. Is it possible to have a pressure wall with ultrasound waves? It would be wonderful if someone can point me to any publication or an equation for the same. Thanks again

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Anyone good at science? Need your help FAST!?

Air pressure is the pressure of air pushing against things; even when there is no wind. Altitude is how high up you are. As you go up, air pressure gets less.

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