What Is the Tiny Picture Freeze Frame of a Video Called?

Frame grab, maybe

1. Does every frame of video (or live view) on a DSLR count as a shutter actuation?

Only if you create the video by taking individual photos for each frame. the shutter stays open when the camera records video, so only one shutter actuation for the whole video.However, people sometimes make time-lapse videos by taking a sequence of photos at regular intervals, often using an intervalometer to control the camera, and then compiling the photos into a video. In such cases, then yes, a shutter actuation is required for each and every frame

2. How do I rotate the frame in a video?

Get the video into a video editor. Rotate the video. Render the edited video

3. Does anyone know when AFI's The Missing Frame video will be released?

yes there will be a video, because they filmed it a couple weeks ago. right now it is in the editing process. they have not given a release date yet, but it should be sometime in the near future. =)

4. How can I set the first frame of a video to an I-frame and the rest to P-frames (preferably with ffmpeg)?

What you want is a very long GOP or I-frame interval. I believe the ffmpeg option -g nnnn will do that, where nnnn is the length of your video in frames. I do not know how to specify "no B-frames", and this will certainly all be codec-dependent. Give it a try.

5. I need a program that can capture every frame of a video and can turn them into image files.?

i am looking for a program that will do that too... i already have a program where i can do that manually : zoom player. but it does not do it automatically, you have to enter in the number of the frame you want to capture, and then click alt f to capture the screenshot..

6. How to extract one frame of a video every N seconds to an image?

You can skip frames in VirtualDub. Just use "Decimate By" option located at Video -> Frame Rate menu. For example if you set "Decimate By 100" then use File -> Export -> Image sequence, it will save only every 100th frame.

7. Is there a way to freeze a frame on a video on youtube and save the image?

yea. press the "PrtSc SysRq" button while holding down ctrl. this takes a screenshot, and you can right click and paste it into any drawing program by pressing ctrl and V at the same time. have fun!! (ul have to crop it a lot tho :P).

8. Bone with TrackTo constraint isn't rotating properly in poses on 1st frame [video included]

Thanks to comments in the original post, I was able to find the problem and create a fix.THE PROBLEM: In this case, the bone with the TrackTo constraint was targeting a mesh object (a cylinder) which was a child of the armature, creating a circular dependency and producing the error I was experiencing.THE FIX: Positioned in the same place as the cylinder that was being targeted is another bone controlling the upper part of the excavator mechanism. I changed the target of the TrackTo constraint to that bone above it, thus eliminating the circular dependency. Now, even from frame one, the rotation of the bone with the TrackTo constraint is right where it is supposed to be.Thanks again to everyone for their help!

9. Use later frame for video thumbnail in Windows 7

You can use Thumbnailer Lite to specify a relative or fixed offset to use for video thumbnails. It can also alter a few other aspects of the thumbnail including adding a glossy shine on it. It can also be used to choose whether an embedded thumbnail is used (if available) or force a dynamic one to be generated.

10. Using ffmpeg to Compressed a Two Frame Video

Your question is answered in the ffmpeg examples. You can use something like this:Detailed explanation:It compresses to approximately 1 MB per minute.Note: YouTube is likely (but not guaranteed) to re-encode your video. Image quality will degrade.

11. Can you freeze a frame on a video to get a picture?

I wo not happen in your camera but it is possible with software. However be aware that any video frame taken with a consumer level camera wo not be of very good quality.

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