What Makes a Girl Material?

What makes a girl material?

From what you are saying guys see you as nothing BUT cool, you need to get off that stage and play sexy and cute.guys like pretty and nice but they always look for more. Be yourself and be outgoing. Be above cool, and give them reasons why they should date you. I mean they already say your not like the other girls, so prove to them that your really not(:

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WTF just happened! Did I do something Im not seeing?

You really wo not know until you talk to her. So you can sit here all day, and we can give you all kinds of reasons why, but you wo not truly know until you talk to her. Sounds like something is up. Maybe she got in trouble and her phone was taken away, and facebook deactivated. If she is at school, approach her at school. Good luck

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Should porn be banned? Who else is with me hating porn? The big debate is on!?

I challange you to produce evidence to support your "facts". Well, for reasons 1, 3, 5. 2 and 4 are opinions that you are entitled to

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The reasons for open defecation are varied. It can be a voluntary, semi-voluntary or involuntary choice. Most of the time, a lack of access to a toilet is the reason. However, in some places even people with toilets in their houses prefer to defecate in the open. A few broad factors that result in the practice of open defecation are listed below. No toiletLack of infrastructure: People often lack toilets in their houses, or in the areas where they live. Lack of toilets in other places: Lack of toilets in places away from people's houses, such as in schools or in the farms lead the people to defecate in the open. Another example is a lack of public toilets in cities, which can be a big problem for homeless people. Use of toilets for other purposes: In some rural communities, toilets are used for other purposes, such as storing household items, animals, farm products or used as kitchens. In such cases, people go outside to defecate.Uncomfortable or unsafe toiletPoor quality of toilet: Sometimes people have access to a toilet, but the toilet might be broken, or of poor quality - Outdoor toilets (pit latrines in particular) typically are devoid of any type of cleaning and reek of odors. Sometimes, toilets are not well lit at all times, especially in areas that lack electricity. Others lack doors or may not have water. Toilets with maggots or cockroaches are also disliked by people and hence, they go out to defecate. Risky and unsafe: Some toilets are risky to access. There may be a risk to personal safety due to lack of lights at night, criminals around them, or the presence of animals such as snakes and dogs. Women and children who do not have toilets inside their houses are often found to be scared to access shared or public toilets, especially at night. Accessing toilets that are not located in the house might be a problem for disabled people, especially at night. Presence of toilet but not privacy: Some toilets do not have a real door, but have a cloth hung as a door. In some communities, toilets are located in places where women are shy to access them due to the presence of men. Lack of water near toilet: Absence of supply of water inside or next to toilets cause people to get water from a distance before using the toilet. This is an additional task and needs extra time. Too many people using a toilet: This is especially true in case of shared or public toilets. If too many people want to use a toilet at the same time, then some people may go outside to defecate instead of waiting. In some cases, people might not be able to wait due to diarrhoea (or result of an Irritable Bowel Syndrome emergency). Fear of the pit getting filled: In some places, people are scared that their toilet pits will get filled very fast if all family members use it everyday. So they continue to go out to delay the toilet pit filling up. This is especially true in the case of a pit latrine.Unrelated to toilet infrastructureLack of awareness: People in some communities do not know about the benefits of using toilets. Lack of behavior change: Some communities have toilets, yet people prefer to defecate in the open. In some cases, these toilets are provided by the government or other organizations and the people do not like them, or do not value them. They continue to defecate in the open. Also, older people are often found to defecate in the open and they are hesitant to change their behavior and go inside a closed toilet. Prefer being in nature: This happens mostly in less populated or rural areas, where people walk outside early in the morning and go to defecate in the fields or bushes. They prefer to be in nature and the fresh air; instead of defecating in a closed space such as a toilet. There may be cultural or habitual preference for defecating "in the open air", beside a local river or stream, or even the bush. Combining open defecation with other activities: Some people walk early in the morning to look after their farms. Some consider it as a social activity, especially women who like to take some time to go out of their homes. While on their way to the fields for open defecation they can talk to other women and take care of their animals. Social norms: Open defecation is a part of people's life and daily habit in some regions (e.g. in some rural regions of India). It is an ancient practice and is hard for many people to stop practicing. It is a part of a routine or social norm. In some cultures, there may be social taboos where a father-in-law may not use the same toilet as daughter-in-law in the same household. Social or personal preferences: Open defecation is a preferred practice in some parts of the world, notably in rural India, with many respondents in survey from 2015 stating that "open defecation was more pleasurable and desirable than latrine use".Public defecation for other reasonsIn developed countries, open defecation is either due to homelessness, or considered to be a part of voluntary, recreational outdoor activities in remote areas. It is difficult to estimate how many people practice open defecation in these communities. The Mad Pooper is the name given to an unidentified woman who regularly defecated in public places while jogging during summer 2017 in the U.S. city of Colorado Springs.

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