What Type of Metal Are Exhaust Pipes Made From?

what type of metal are exhaust pipes made from?

metal exhaust are made of t304 stainless

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How do you test if a bike is getting fuel through the carb into the combustion chamber?

1. smell the exhaust pipe. 2. pull the carby off remove the jet and blow thru.

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Hole In Exhaust Pipe?

A couple hose clamps and a beer can. Exhaust by Budweiser!

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mini trail 50cc performance exhaust pipe?

Check in your dirt bike mag. for ads that deal with exhaust systems. Most of them will be able to direct you in the right direction

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Would a tuned exhaust pipe on a car have the same effect that it does on other engines?

I do not know how you would do the calculations. Are you an Engineer? Sure, gas flow is gas flow

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What problems will it cause if i pinch off the wastegate hose on a 2000 dodge cummins 24valve?

take the vise grips off there is an e-clip on the waste gate take it off turn 4 in a half turns clockwise and this will give you about the same boost you have and your waste gate will work as it was made to depending on what you are wanting to do with the home mods and what you are set up to do new catalytic converter for free flowing exhaust gases muffler smoother bends in the exhaust pipe means better flow a bigger exhaust pipe = more torque smaller pipe = more horsepower you can also go from the 35 turbo to the bigger 40 turbo more boost better torque horses and mpg the intake of course cold air intake the best mod here is at the intake manifold banks or bullydog makes a 35% better flowing air intake than stock

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Furnace Tries 2 or 3 times before staying on until reaching set temperature

This is not really an answer, since I do not think this can be answered without being on site. Rather, I am going to explain a bit about how the system works, and offer a few ideas as to what the problem could be.To start, you will want to understand how air moves through the system. You will want to know the difference between conditioned air, and combustion air. And you will want to understand the normal ignition sequence of the unit.Combustion air, is the air the furnace uses to burn fuel. As you may know, fire requires heat, fuel, and oxygen (oxidizing agent).Heat is typically supplied using a hot surface igniter, spark gap, and/or a pilot light.In this case, fuel is natural gas.Oxygen comes by way of combustion air. In this case, the inducer draws air into the combustion chamber, and expels it out through the exhaust vent.Conditioned air, is the air within the building. The furnace draws cold air into the system through return ducts. The air is heated in the furnace, and then returned to the living space through the supply ducting.NOTE: The furnace you have is installed in what is known as the downdraft orientation. This means that the return air enters at the top, and moves down through the furnace.The above image illustrates how the different types of air moves through the system.Rather than type the whole thing out, I've copied the sequence directly from the installation manual. I've also highlighted the section dealing with the pressure switch. Now that you; hopefully, have a better understanding of how the system works, I am going to cover some of the things that could be going wrong.After seeing the installation, my main concern is that the system is not able to draw enough combustion air. Typically when furnaces are installed in utility closets, there are combustion air intakes that allow air to enter from non-habitable space. If the furnace is starving for air, the pressure in the system will likely not reach the threshold to close the pressure switch.You mentioned in a comment that the exhaust is shared with a water heater. I am not sure how likely it is, but it's possible if the vent is not sized properly, that this could cause a problem. When the water heater is on (heating), it could be creating a situation where the furnace can not achieve the proper pressure to close the pressure switch.If the exhaust vent is blocked or restricted in any way, that could cause a problem. This could include junk stuck in the pipe, broken/damaged pipe, too long of a pipe, too many bends in the pipe, etc.If you want to try and tackle the problem yourself, I would probably start by leaving the closet doors open (clearing the stuff from inside the closet, might also be a good idea). The next step would be to inspect the exhaust pipe, but it sounds like you do not want to tackle that yourself.I apologize for the long post.

How Can I Make My Cheese Sauce Creamier?
Sodium citrate. It's not some crazy scientific chemical, you have it in plenty of other foods. I've made and messed up a lot of mac and cheese in my day and sodium citrate is the way to go. This page is very helpful. If you don't have some on hand mix a bit of vinegar and baking soda together until they no longer react and add a bit at a time of that solution until consistency and texture is to your liking. Just be careful when using it at first because it can make your sauce seem bitter and or salty. I would not suggest using strong IPA if you're doing a beer cheese sauce - I speak from experience• Related QuestionsIf you add spices to boiling pasta, will it absorb spices/flavours?That will work only for water-soluble spices, and you will still end up pouring a lot of spices away with the water.I once took a cooking class with Bavarian chef Alfons Schuhbeck, and his recommendations were:The last point can be taken one step further by preparing a somewhat watery sauce and cooking the (raw) pasta in the sauce. It will take a bit longer than usual, and you have to develop a feeling for just how much liquid you will need (or keep and eye on the pasta and add more water as neededa bit like making risotto). However, the pasta will absorb a lot of flavor from the sauce, and no starch from the pasta will end up getting poured out with the water (it all goes into the sauce).As an additional benefit, you have only one pot to clean in the end instead of two------Why does my cookbook want me to drain my tomatoes for a pasta sauce?Draining some of the juice allows you to get to a thick sauce quickly. It may also reduce some of the acidity which may be why you prefer this recipe.The thickness of the pasta sauce goes hand-in-hand with the shape of the pasta you're making.Different pasta shapes can hold different amount of water (say fusilli vs spaghetti) and traditionally you boil down the sauce to make it thicker so the pasta can hold it. However, this can have other effects including change of colour.You can save the tomato juice and make a mean bloody-mary/ceasar with it. Throw in some worcestershire sauce, tabasco, a stick of celery and optionally a stick of dried meat (e.g. beef jerky) and it's a meal onto its own.Tomato juice is also a great hangover cure. so either way, you can save the stuff and not waste it------Sauting big batch of onionsI have not personally tried this with onions, but whenever I need to cook large batches of something (for example, bacon) and I don't have enough space on top of the stove, I try to find a way to work it in the oven.Although it's not going to be a true saute, I think you could probably achieve what you want with a few sheet pans of onions (mixed with oil) in the oven.This recipe would probably be a good guideline for time and temperature. If that doesn't sound like something you'd like to try, do you have a grill? What if you laid out a large amount of foil across the grates of your grill (put a lip on the edge, basically make an impromptu baking sheet out of foil) and do them on the grill over low to medium heat until they're the texture you want?------I'm tweaking a Lasagna BologneseThe thing about lasagna is that it really only needs to be heated through. All of the components (pasta, the sauce or sauces, the cheeses) are already cooked, or don't need to be cooked.So baking the whole lasagna heats it through and helps the flavors to meld. A 4" thickness not tremendously thicker than some more traditionally proportioned lasagnas, so you should expect it to bake through in about the same time any casserole of that thickness would require. I would start at about 325-350 degrees, for about 1 hour to maybe 1:15. You may need to leave it covered for most of the baking period so that the top doesn't overly brown or dry out.In the end, you can test the casserole with an instant read. It should probably get up to about 150 or 160 F internally to be enjoyableLasagna should be very forgiving------Why is the pasta often cooked in the sauce in al'arrabiata recipes?While Italian cuisine is defined regionally, the majority of Italian pasta dishes have one cook the pasta until almost done, then finish in the condiment. While there are exceptions that include thick, long cooked sauces like Bolognese or sugos, finishing in the condiment serves several purposes: (a) the pasta and the condiment can be combined, (b) the pasta finishes cooking, (c) it absorbs the flavor of the condiment, and (d) the condiment (sauce) thickens and emulsifies from the addition of the starchy pasta cooking water (this can be controlled by adding cooking water and/or allowing it to cook off). Yes, it is more difficult than cooking separately, and it can be a little nuanced, but it is not very technical. With a bit of practice, I think you will find this step worth it------Which is a typically American way of seasoning spaghetti and other pasta?The most common preparation is tomato sauce and parmesan cheese.Of course, some Americans will tell you that the only truly American way to eat spaghetti is to top it with chili, then shredded cheddar cheese, then chopped onions, then red kidney beans. It's hard to fully express the majesty of this dish, and should only be enjoyed on special occasions, like the Super Bowl.In Canada (which I consider to be basically "American"), it's also fairly common to add or replace the tomato sauce with pesto sauce. Soft goat cheese is another common additive. Perhaps these sound "Italian" but I'd consider an Italian pasta to be something more like a bolognese, carbonara, alfredo, or even the trusty old butter/olive oil and parmesan cheese. You'll almost never see tomato sauce combined with pesto sauce in an authentic Italian restaurant (or in Italy), but it's common in American home cooking------Why do beverages taste different based on how cold they are? closedI think the question is too general to give any terribly useful answer.Most of what we consider taste is actually smell i.e. it's the detection of volatile chemicals from the food in the nose. The volatility of many chemicals found in food changes a lot over the 0C to body temperature range, and this would have a big effect on taste.Many foods contain fat and this melts over the zero to body temp range. This probably affects texture more than taste, but it may also affect volatiles dissolved in the fat. A good example is to try and eat pasta sauce straight from the fridge. If the sauce contains any appreciable amount of fat it usually tastes disgusting :-)------What can be used as a substitute for tomato sauce in typical italian dishes?A big component of pizza sauce has nothing to do with tomatoes per se. Break down the components and consider alternatives.Water: Yup, tomatoes are just wet, so you'll need some liquid.Sugar: Tomatoes are naturally sweet, so you'll need some sugar/honeyAcid: This is huge, but easily fudged with vinegar or lemon juiceSeasonings: As much onion (powder), garlic (powder), salt, pepper, basil, oregano, parsley as you wantDepth: This is the tricky part, that rich, almost smoky quality of cooked tomatoes. It won't be easy to replace. Darin's answer probably comes closest with a similarly colored pepper cooked with direct heat. To expand on that, I think you could venture into other peppers besides just red bell, maybe some mexican low-heat varieties, a little chipotle, perhaps?.------How to prevent watery spaghetti squashIf you're plating with a harm to hot sauce, your squash will cook further; try removing the squash and shredding it 5-10 minutes earlier than you normally would, and allow the shreds to rest until they've cooled to room temp; the heat from the sauce will finish the cooking process, and warm them up again.This is similar to adding slightly undercooked noodles to a sauce while it's still cooking, but better suited to something as delicate as spaghetti squash.Oh, one more tip; when roasting your squash, start with the cut sides facing down to steam it, then flip them facing up with a bit of water in your roasting pan for the remainder of the time; it cooks the squash all the way through, but also gives it a great roasted flavor from the outside layer of flesh.------How well does it work to just throw in all the ingredients and boil?Ah, One Pot Pasta....As loads of bloggers, authors and cooks - possibly inspired by Martha Stewart and her team - have confirmed: dumping the pasta, sauce ingredients and a carefully meassured amount of liquid in one pot or pan will give you a "pasta and sauce" dish in ten to fifteen minutes.And it works. Sort of. Your instinct matches my experience: when you omit the sauting or slow roasting of ingredients you are missing the flavour compounds that this step creates, likewise if your recipe stews the sauce for a long time. So while all ingredients in one pot pasta will be cooked, due to cutting everything to the appropriate size, the flavour will be different from what your traditional method creates. If you expect one pot pasta to taste like your traditional recipe, you will probably be disappointed. If you are simply aiming for a creative, hassle-free quick dish, go for it------Why isn't pasta water salted in Chinese cuisine?I would say it's because the sauces are salty on their own so you don't need to "coat" the noodle in salt for taste while boiling. As (correct me if I'm wrong) in Asian cuisine the noodles are rather neutral in taste absorb spices from fat in sauce. The increased boiling point for salted water, in my opinion, is only usable when making thick noodles or ones that carry on room temperature. So putting them in boiling water won't lower the temperature below 90C degrees (if the water is salted and have temp over 100C). Third thing are eggs. It's a mix of two previous ones, so you need the salt to bring the flavour of the egg noodles and be sure you boil them in high temperature to cook the eggs------Why add salt to the water when cooking pasta?I am really surprised that there was no answer above relating to the simple fact that adding even half a teaspoon salt to the boiling water serves this purpose:That's also why I have stopped rinsing the boiled noodles, which washes off and leaches out more vitamins down the sink-drain.If you drain noodles after boiling and don't want them to stick together, just run a Stick of butter very fast through the whole batch, which immediately improves the flavor, or put your thumb almost totally over the top of a bottle of first-pressed olive oil, and sprinkle a teaspoon or so over that batch of noodles and stir fast.I have thereby never had any problems of sticky lumps, when stored in the refrigerator, and I have preserved a better level of nutrition.------How should one go about reheating pasta?I've steamed my pasta -- in fact, it's how I reheated pasta during my years of living without a microwave.The important part is to not overcook the pasta in the first go through -- pull it when it's al-dente; I'd also toss in some oil or butter so the pasta wouldn't stick together, as you want the pasta loose in the steamer, not a giant glob of fused pasta.I'd get it most of the way heated through, and then finish it in the sauce. On days I was lazy, if it wasn't a really thick pasta, I'd just heat up the sauce, and put the pasta in for a minute or less to reheat. The important part was that the pasta was oiled so it wasn't a giant lump, and the sauce could get in there to heat the pasta up
How Do Fast-flying Aircraft Avoid Overheating?
How do fast-flying aircraft avoid overheating?I would like to answer with a focus on the SR-71, since I happen to have a book that gives details on its design.Ben Rich was the lead of the propulsion and thermodynamics group for the SR-71, and Kelly Johnson's successor as head of the Skunkworks for later programs. In the "Faster Than a Speeding Bullet" chapter of his memoir Skunkworks (pg 203 in the first paperback edition, 1994), he writes:. I volunteered some unsolicited advice about how we could use a softer titanium that began to lose its strength at 550 degrees. My idea was to paint the airplane black. From my college days I remembered that a good heat absorber was also a good heat emitter and would actually radiate away more heat than it would absorb through friction. I calculated that black paint would lower the wing temperatures 35 degrees by radiation. But Kelly [Johnson, head of Skunkworks and the then-A12 project] snorted impatiently and shook his head. Overnight, however, he apparently had second thoughts."On the black paint," he said, "you were right about the advantages and I was wrong." He handed me a quarter. It was a rare win. So Kelly approved my idea of painting the airplane black, and by the time our first prototype rolled out the airplane became known as the Blackbird.The chapter goes on into greater detail on various unique material selections:stainless steel hydraulic linesHastelloy X ejector flapsElgiloy control cablesGold-plated plumbing linesTitanium screws and rivetsSpecial rubber for the landing gear wheels, which were then inflated with nitrogenJet fuel with a higher flash point (JP-7)Pg 205:The fuel acted as an internal coolant. All the heat built up inside the aircraft was transferred to the fuel by heat exchangers. We designed a smart valve -- a special valve that could sense temperature changes -- to supply only the hottest fuel to the engines and keep the cooler fuel to cool the retracted landing gear and avionics.Pg 207:We designed the cockpit air-conditioning to bleed air off the engine compressor and dump it through a fuel air cooler, then through an expansion turbine, into the cabin at a frigid minus 40 degrees F, which lowered the ovenlike 200-degree cockpit to a balmy Southern California beach day.So I guess there's three generic design principles embodied here:— — — — — —Why aren't all CPUs 'overclocked' as a factory default? [duplicate]Overclocking produces more heat and makes the computer less stable. In order to overclock, you have to have an upgraded fan and/or water cooling system— — — — — —What human activitys cause global warming, or is the whole idea just a big scam?The oil we use emits green house gases which destroys our ozone layer allowing more heat from the sun to affect earth making our planet warmer. We need to find a renewable energy resource ASAP!— — — — — —Does a woman's body have more heat than a man's body?Have you worn a sleeveless dress in the winter? It's freaking Cold! Body temp varies a little from person to person but on average 98.6, gender doesnt make a difference— — — — — —Why does my face turn red when I work out, run, play baseball - basketball?Since you are working out, you need to obtain more oxygen and release more heat at certain areas of your body. The blood carries more oxygen to those areas and also releases heat at the same time— — — — — —how do you get more heat from a wood burning fireplace with gas log-lighter?I have never heard of a gas log fireplace in which you could also burn wood. You need to get a hold of an owners manual and determine if in fact you can also burn wood. You should be able to install a blower on it, or at least put a fan somewhere close to help circulate the warm air.— — — — — —What do u think the reason he used sesame oil to cook MONGOLIAN TOFU?IT CAN TAKE MORE HEAT WITHOUT BURNING— — — — — —Do planetary nebulae give off heat? If so, how much?Yes planetary nebulae give off more heat (infrared) than Jupiter, but they have a much larger surface area, so it is often not possible to detect nor measure the heat. Jupiter is likely most infrared energy given off after The Sun, in our solar system
unfortunately it's not a stain. it has removed the finish off of the table. you could try brown shoe polish and/or iodine if it has a reddish tint in the finish. be careful using either as the color of the finish may not match1. Is it possible to get the scent of cigarette smoke out of a wooden table?Give it a light sanding and restain it/paint it. The smell has probably ingrained itself, so cleaning wo not do much if anything. Cigarette smoke stinks, and smokers do not realise that it gets into EVERYTHING!2. How do i get nail polish remover off my wooden table?well you cant fix it or take it off but what you can do is buy this liquid marker that is for wood and is in any shades of brown and can cover it and it will look like the furniture color i think you can find this in home depot3. What is the name of the tool(s) needed to repair the boards of a wooden table?Hi Owlet, I am K-MAC from the Centre for Mentally Challenged Youths. Sounds like your old man needs a belt sander, a cement mixer and 3 liters of sugar soap. Please visit for more advice and wear something revealing.4. Can you put polyacrylic finish over oil based stain on a wooden table?I would suggest a sanding sealer, followed by a few coatings of oil based polyurethane. Nothing seems to bring out the grains and beauty of the wood like this5. Are there natural ways to hide small scratches in my wooden table?my mother in law has antiques and natural wood furniture throughout her house and she told me she uses mayonaise for scratches.I was in the middle of refinishing a dresser when she told me this trick so it was a little late for me to test it. just rub mayo in it. I think the blend of oil and eggs makes this work. It sounds gross but she swears to it!.6. Can anyone figure out this riddle ?make fire using those thing, wooden table and mirror. let the fire burn one side of the room and then he can go away7. How to get nail polish remover off a wooden table?!?It may have taken the stain off the table, in that case, you are kinda in trouble. But try some white tooth paste not gel. Put a dab, let sit for a few minutes and rub in a light, circular motion wit a soft cloth. Then rinse, with a wet clean rag. It should help remove any artificial spots, maybe that will help. That's what we use on wood to remove water and heat stains/spots. Good luck8. how can you remove a white spot from a wooden table where a plate w/a warm bottom was sat?Before you go to the extreme of refinishing try this first. Get your mayo jar out and rub into the spot, then I put a big clob all over it , let set for 20 minutes or so. wipe an area off if gone remove allthe mayo and it you still have some thier put on more mayo. This can take several times so do not give up9. 7 great table setting ideas for the summerWant to enjoy your summer dinner with the family and being happy and contented with a delicious, home made meal? Upgrade the dining table by making more summer in appearance with these table setting ideas. There are many reasons why all people love summer. From the breaks from school to the summer outdoor activities, many truly enjoys this season. What else to really enjoy the ambiance of the summer time is by decorating your home especially your dining table, with summer themes. Summer is one of the favorite seasons of many individuals. It is considered to be the hottest of the four temperate seasons. During this season, the days are longest and the nights are shortest. However, the date varies from region to region as the season is based on the climate. For example, in Australia and New Zealand, summer begins in December and ends in February. On the other hand, in southeast Asia, summer starts in March and normally ends in June. Schools and universities often have summer breaks to give students the opportunity to enjoy the warm weather and participate in various outdoor activities, such as sport events. Tournaments are normally held during this season to take advantage of the weather. This is also the season for families to have their famous barbecue, and enjoy the outdoors. You can spend playing with your pet dog while your Dad doing the barbecue. Or you can also help your Mom in setting the table. However you want to enjoy the outdoor meal during the summer, it is how you spend it with the family and share the love that your parents have given you. As we enjoy the different outdoor activities, the other thing that we enjoy most is of course, eating! All of us love to eat, whether indoors or outdoors, as long as you have sumptuous food and cool drinks to beat up the summer heat, it is always a feast for most of us. To further enjoy eating your meals, we have prepared seven table setting ideas to fully enjoy your summer: 1. Fiesta-themed - this is an event marked by festivities or celebration. Fiesta is characterized by colorful fabrics, buntings, and table wares. To make it more complete, you and your family members could also wear costumes to enjoy the fiesta-themed dinner. 2. Nature-inspired theme - if you love the outdoor and likewise a nature lover, then you will enjoy this theme. You will be needing wicker chairs and wooden table to have the natural feeling for the dining table set. Wicker basket filled with fruits can be used as a center piece for the table. 3. Under the Trees - if you have trees in the yard, use them so that you will have a natural shade source. Place the dining set under the tree as this will give you a relaxed vibe. 4. Yellow-themed - the color that signifies summer is yellow as in with the sun. You can use bunch of sunflowers as the centerpiece and serve lemonades to counter the summer heat. This is a simple way of bringing the summer into the table. 5. Beach-themed - one of the outdoor activities that everybody loves is going to the beach, where people can enjoy the sand, water and the heat of the sun. You can also play ballgames in the beach without buying expensive sports gear. At home, you can still make the dining table appear like that of the beach. A lot of blue colors as well as seashells that can function as the flower vase or the centerpiece will be ideal in bringing the ocean into your dining area. 6. Summer Love - make it romantic. A candle light dinner outdoors is one of the romantic ways to spend dinner with your partner. Red color scheme may be used to show the passion and love you are feeling. 7. Country style - you can transform your dining table so that it will look like a barn. You can use hay bales as seating areas instead of using chairs. Decorate the table with flowers and use simple white plates. These tables setting ideas will cover all the possible themes that you may want for the summer. They can be used as for family dinner or for even a bigger dining event such as hosting a party for your friends or relatives.
Does a Hamsters Tail Fall Off???other Questions Too?
Hamsters need: 1. cage 2. bedding 3. food 3. toys to chew on. 4. wheel 5. water bottle 6. food bowl 7. a few toys like an igloo to hide in 8.a few packages of treats. hamsters tail do not fall off. use carefresh bedding it is really good for the hamsters it doesnt hurt they are eyes and it is made by recycled paper. you should use a commercial brand food like kaytee or another brand from petsmart. yes they are very easy to take care of yes they would but add a lot of toys to the cage so the hamster can explore and add stuff for them to hide in. no matter how big the cage is it is ok you might want to have a bigger cage. you should clean your hamsters cage every week. you shouldnt give them toilet paper. but it would not hurt them if they chewed it up they wouldnt eat it they would add it to theyre bed. hope this helps you should look on a book about hamster books.• Other Related Knowledge ofother questions— — — — — —Why do you have to be "certified" to scuba dive? & other questions?You do not need to be certified but I am glad I did my Padi before :-) You just feel much safer, you understand the equipment you have to work with and trust me, it is not something simple you just do.... If you do not know how to use your equipment, or if you suddeny panic under water, you can die. Besides that you always dive with a buddy - and I would never dive with someone who has not got his Padi. Good luck and have fun!!— — — — — —how to keep my horses cool and some other questions?I would ask the vet, but I think it's pretty normal. As for keeping them cool, give them tons of water, spray them off with cool water if they sweat and you could always hook up a fan in their stalls. :)— — — — — —Best place to buy contact lenses (and a few other questions)?You can buy them at the store or online, it's your choice. It's all the same thing. They will tell you how to clean them and how to take care of them, so do not stress about that. The best brand is Acuvue, but I am not sure what they will prescribe you if you have astigmatism. The difference is you do not have to worry about cleaning them and at the end of the day, you dispose that pair. I have the two week that you can wear a pair for two weeks and then throw them out and use a new pair. The monthlies you change every month. The weeklies and monthlies you have to clean everyday. It took me over a week to learn how to put them in and now I can get them in under a minute. My best friend got them in first hand. It really depends on the person, but do not give up if you can not get them in first thing because a lot of people can not . It takes practice but it's worth it.— — — — — —Why does my hamster smell (and other questions)?Peek in at him every hour, but be quiet as possible. When you catch him out of his house like stocking up on food as you said, remove the house. He wo not be very happy about it either, though. Then once you take the house out, talk to him softly so he knows you are right there so he gets used to you being there. If you run out of things to say, try reading a book to him. But after about a half hour, put his house back in. That way, he will get used to you, and still get his house back at the same time! Chapter books are best! Take one out, and read him one chapter daily until you've read the whole book. After reading him a chapter, each day give him a treat -- mine LOVES vanilla wafers (ONLY OCCASIONALLY), crackers, and sunflower seeds. So not only will he get used to you being there, he will recognize your voice, and know that your a friend. He will soon learn that you mean no harm and there's only good things! Give the little guy some time. I know that your impatient, i was too. In fact, I tried handling him after about 2 - 3 days after getting him and he bit me and I accidentally dropped him. I felt soooo bad, but no worries, he's not hurt at all! :) within the next month, if not sooner, he will start comming right up to the cage door when you visit him. I would recommend doing this at the same time each day so that he will be looking forward to seeing you and will wait! Just keep talking to him, hand feeding him treats, and soon he will let you handle him! OH, and I almost forgot to answer your question about the smell! There's 3 options here: 1. Buy some bath scented sand. They have these designed for hamsters. It's like chinchilla sand, but mildly scented. NEVER use anything that was not designed for your hamter, though. 2. Get some rodent wipes. These are used to clean hamsters and all types of rodents without harming them 3. Buy him a litter pan. He will use the restroom in this instead so that his house is not soiled. Good luck! =]
As a Parent, What's the Most Difficult Economic Decision Ann Romney Had to Make to Benefit Her Child
Incredibly misogynistic of you to presume you know also. I love how you all look down on Ann when Michelle did not have to and neither did Hillary. Get off your high horse and grow up - stop being so jealous of other's successes.1. How many pages are the books The Red Pony by John Steinbeck and Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Ann Burns?The Red Pony Book2. is Ann Coulter a Hate Mongerer?You do not know her. She's very charming and humble lady3. I am visiting Ann Arbor Michigan.?The freaks walking the streets will be enough entertainment for most of your stay. Really they can be weird. Much safer than Detroit though. They are just weird. If you are going to have family the Webers inn of Ann Arbor is beautiful and most hotels in Ann Arbor will be fine. For the most part it is safe and clean. If you are downtown just walk the streets and you will find plenty of places to go.4. How ABOUT that Ann Coulter?Ann Coulter is not a Republican, she is an Independent. Do not blame that crazy loud mouth, on us5. Ann Coulter said: "The longer our border stays open, the more I think Trump colluded with Russia." What do you think about her comment?I think She has even fewer viable Brain cells- than Donald Trump does. And She's just egging Trump ON- to keep "the Pot stirred" towards getting the Wall Built, & her OWN Agendas realized. :(6. abortion clinic in ann arbor michigan?RE: abortion clinic in ann arbor michigan? whats the most affordable abortion clininc in ann arbor. my ex gf is about 10 weeks pregnant????7. Who is smarter??? Ann Coulter or Rachel maddow?Coulter promotes McCarthyism and denounces the 9/11 widows, which not only makes her un-American but dispassionate, as well. A Juris Doctorate is a law degree which are a dime a dozen. Rachel is not only a Ph.D. but a Rhodes Scholar, too. Rachel wins, hands down, due to the fact that she deals with reality while Ann C. frequently delves into whiny surrealism.8. What's up with sex and pronouns in Ann Leckie's Provenance?Just to follow up on this for anyone finding it later on, the clues for all of this are in the text of Provenance but the dots are not always easy to connect. It appears that Hwaean children are not actually gendered - they are just children - then they choose their gender upon reaching maturity. They can be man, woman or neman, the setting's non-binary third gender. It's remarked that Ingray's friend Taucris is considered immature because she has reached physical maturity but not yet chosen her gender. Ultimately, because she can not join the security force until she has chosen a gender, she opts for female and the ending of the book implies a romantic relationship between her and Ingray is forming.So in summary, on Hwae there is simply no connection between sex and gender - the latter is something you choose, the former is something nobody seems to care about. I think it's a very thoughtful and robust treatment of how a future human society might treat gender, with a fully integrated third gender. The pronouns are already in use in queer society (Alastair Reynolds uses a different set - vee, ver, veir - to good effect in Poseidon's Children) and Nuncle is simply a neman sibling of your parent9. Ann,Brad,Carlos,Dana each chose a different favorite season of the year. Ann does not like season's?Given the info in the question: Ann - not summer or spring (fall, winter) Brad - fall Carlos - not spring Dana - Since Brad chose fall, Ann's favorite must be winter because she does not like any season's that start with s. That leaves only spring and summer remaining and since Carlos did not chose spring, Dana chose spring and Carlos chose summer. Therefore: Ann - winter Brad - fall Carlos - summer Dana - spring Of the options given, only "Dana, spring" is a choice.10. Give Me a List Of Ann Rice Books.?J.M. AueL's 'Earth's youngsters' sequence. Set on the top of the final Ice-Age, at a time while on the instant's human beings have been spreading for the period of Europe and installation the dominant existence-variety, and Neanderthals have been, fairly, a loss of life breed, the books are stable researched and purely appropriate ordinary reading. There are 5 books interior the sequence so some distance: The prolonged family members of the Cave submit to The Valley of Horses The great Hunters The Plains of Passage The Shelters of Stone additionally, in case you like some ingredient concept-frightening, humorous, with many concern concerns strolling for the period of, try 'A historic previous of the worldwide in 10 0. 5 of Chapters' via Julian Barnes. This e-e book might have a sprint little bit of that 'genetic philosophy' you are staring at for! Barnes has a number of of purely appropriate titles to p.c.. from, which comprise: ''Flaubert's Parrot', 'England England', 'speaking it Over', and 'Love, and so forth'. Classics like: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Moll Flanders by employing way of Daniel Defoe Notes from a Small Island by employing bill Bryson (or regardless of by employing skill of him!) happy reading.
Supermarkets 'no Place for Alcohol'
VICHEALTH wants to ban the sale of alcohol in supermarkets and outlaw wine-tasting in the aisles, saying the trends could worsen Victoria's already serious problems with booze.A chorus of experts fear the display of alcohol on grocery shelves sends the wrong message to children and could be harmful to recovering alcoholics and addicts.About 100 Melbourne supermarkets, including IGA, ALDI, Coles and Safeway stores, now sell alcohol in their grocery sections - a move critics say could "normalise" the sale of alcohol.Brian Vandenberg, senior program adviser for alcohol harm reduction at VicHealth, the Government's health promotion agency, criticised the trend."We have reached saturation point in terms of the number of alcohol outlets in Victoria, we have got now more than 19,000 and there are about two new outlets opening every day," he said.With Victoria already recording the highest number of hospital admissions for alcohol-related illnesses and injuries in Australia each year, he said "we urgently need" to prevent things getting any worse."Putting alcohol on supermarket shelves, filling aisles with cheap booze, is going to make things worse," he said.Coles sells alcohol in four of its Victorian supermarkets, Safeway in one store, and ALDI and IGA together have more than 100 stores where alcohol is sold in the main body of the supermarket.Rob Moodie, professor of global health at the University of Melbourne's Nossal Institute, said the trend was part of the "ongoing absolute normalisation" in selling liquor.Premier John Brumby warned last month that alcohol was "the biggest social issue facing Victoria" and "one of the biggest threats" to young Victorians.The Opposition spokeswoman for drug-related issues, Mary Wooldridge, said: "It's terribly concerning both for its exposure to children ... and for people who are trying to deal with alcohol issues or addiction." She is seeking advice from Consumer Affairs Minister Tony Robinson on whether supermarkets can hold wine tastings.Mr Robinson's spokeswoman, Emma Diffen, said the Government was waiting on recommendations from the Liquor Control Advisory Council before deciding on any possible new retail regulations for alcohol.Coles spokesman Jim Cooper said customers had welcomed the greater availability of alcohol.IGA spokesman Tim Allerton said about 320 IGA stores sold alcohol in Victoria, most in a separate, clearly divided department. Only smaller stores would stock alcohol in the main grocery area. He said that some stores held free wine tastings.An ALDI spokesman said the chain sold a limited range of packaged alcohol at the majority of its 54 Victorian stores.Safeway's Benedict Brook said it was unlikely the chain would sell alcohol at more stores.
Collar Verses Harness for Shih Tzus?
This Site Might Help You. RE: I was doing some research and found that is bad to use a collar for a Shih Tzu and that, instead, a harness should be used due to them being short nosed dogs and breathing issues arising with collars. Could I still purchase a collar to use to put her tags on (she must wear tags all times in my...1. Need a wiring harness for a 84 VW rabbit?u may try a junkyard or ebay2. GOOD COLLAR/ HARNESS FOR two dogs?It's a check chain, not a "choke collar" May I ask in what was you were using it? No offense meant but the dog is not suppose to pull on it till he or she chokes, and sadly this is how many people use them. Good training classes may help you to help them, they need to learn how to heel, and walk with you. Do not let them get away with pulling. Take them on walks separately if you need to, when the dog pulls; stop, do a quick pull on the leash with a firm "no" position him at your side saying "heel" (be sure to praise him in this position), and walk. Repeat as necessary, and remember keeping the leash shorter is helpful. If your really dispirit you could look into a prong collar (aka the pinch collar). Be sure to have an experienced trainer if you intend to go this rout though. As I've said before I wo not use anything on my dog I would not use on myself, and though prong collars may look mean, as long as you do not modify them (sharpening them like some of those idiots out there), it's just uncomfortable not painful.3. Do you take your cat for a walk (leash and harness)? How does it go? Was there a steep learning curve (for a cat and/or you)?I do not do this so I can not help, sorry. My cats only go out in a cat run now, for safety4. Having a problem with the wires in the wire harness for my head unit?I would turn it on and see if everything works. I think the system control terminal would be the remote lead for amps5. HOW TO PUT IN A 7 PIN TOW HARNESS TO SUPPORT TENT TRAILER WITH ELECTRIC BRAKES AND CHRG FOR A 2008 PATHFINDER?Do you have the stock 4-pin harness?00 that might work...I would see if the dealer can fix you up, if not, do you have a Truck Toys dealer in your area? There should be some type of Truck Accessories place around you6. Could we harness the energy from room temperature? [closed]To harness thermal energy, you need a temperature gradient between the source and the sink. To give you an analogy, suppose that we want to do work using water. For that we need water at different levels, i.e there should be a potential difference so that water can flow and do work as in hydroelectric power plants. In your case, you would need a sufficient temperature difference between the source (the room) and the sink. Since the temperature difference between the different parts of the room is very small,the amount of useful work would be negligible. The efficiency of a heat engine is given by$eta = 1 - fracT_sinkT_source$ where $T_source$ is the temperature of the source and $T_sink$ is the temperature of the sink. In your case both of these would be appromimately equal and hence efficiency would be zero.7. trixie is now wearing a collar but she wont walk with a lead . should i get her a body harness?in the past i have trained my cats to walk on a leash and they were much happier using a harness. it took a while for them to learn to like it so just be patient. just take them out on the harness and let them take you to where they want to go. . once they learn that they do not have to be scared you can start walking them. my Allie Kat would bring me her harness the second i walked in the door every day...she got to the point where she loved going bye bye. she was very easy to train. . i think it had a lot to do with her temperament. the two cats i have now i do not think would do well because one is very brave and outgoing but mostly blind and her sister is just so timid and shy... so i have a baby gate on my front porch so they can go sit on the porch when we are out there. . they are both very happy with that.
Why Do the Presidents of China, the US and Other Great Nations Not Have Bodyguards Behind Them?
They do, but you don't see them on television.Let me tell you about the time I saw Donald Trump speak on the campaign trail. This is before he got his momentum and I thought the speech would be hilarious. It was not hilarious. Prior to the event starting, the venue is searched and locked down.Everyone entering goes through a metal detector and gets patted down.You must take off your shoes and let a secret service agent inspect them. Anyone wearing religious headgear must remove it.Purses are searched, cigarette packs, diaper bags are searched.Umbrellas, perfume, plastic utensil, whatever else a lame Batman villain could use for a weapon must be thrown away, in the security trash can, prior to entry, and no you may not take it back to your car. The speaking area is surrounded by security as the public is allowed in. Generally there is 20 feet of space between the crowd and the speaker.The head of state is escorted into the venue, surrounded by security. Protesters and hecklers are arrested, quickly and violently by police (and also beaten by the audience in this case), and taken to an awaiting paddy wagon (Yes, protesting and heckling are not safe in America).Did I mention all of the security details have concealed pistols and the most rigorous training with that pistol?TLDR: So on TV, you see the president or whoever talking, surrounded by his people. But he is really surrounded by armed bodyguards, 20 feet away from the people who have had anything that you could reasonably kill someone with taken from them and all dissent is met with extreme violence from police or armed security detail. No one has any chance of harming the guy. 1. Chances of North Korea going against China, US, Japan, South Korea, United Nations ect.?Exactly and playing around with them is a result of their insecurity. They are a poor country and can barely feed themselves so they bully. Plus, their sick old little termite leader is feeble and a psycho. China has more to fear than the rest of the countries so if anyone is going to put their lights out it will be China. We should stay out of it (selfishly) because we have enough problems now (war and economy)and do not need another2. Shipping from China to US?No, we could purely deliver the liberals! who desires them besides! () Conservatives contrubutions: Border administration and sovereignty Loves usa and classic family individuals values (in no way burns or disrespect the flag & classic marriage) Farmers are traditionally conservative (meals for the lots) risk-free sexual expertise Get off distant places oil dependency for family individuals oil help and love our usa militia risk-free practices for all American's take care of the handicapped and the unborn take care of usa's shape decrease taxes Smaller government own liberties religious charities (adoption, meals, clothing, look after, scientific care and person-friendly needs) Capitalism regulation enforcement and stricter regulations for homicide, theft, pedophilia and medicines place of foundation risk-free practices Liberals controbutions: Open Borders and globalization Legalization of unlawful drugs Abortion on call for/euthanasia (unborn and handicapped) faculties of Marxist indoctrination Slums and ghettos stay to tell the story off distant places oil and windmills Hate usa and classic family individuals values (burns the flag & gay marriage) Promiscuous intercourse, sodomy and aids Welfare greater taxes greater government Dismantling American's shape via activist judges NAMBLA No Charities (different than criminal and socialist political agencies) Activist judges and lax regulation enforcement for homicide, theft, pedophilia and medicines Socialism Communism Marxism UN it variety of feels that usa desires conservatives greater the liberals because of the fact the militia, CIA, FBI, DEA, NSA interior reach and state regulation enforcement are predominately conservative. Hmmmmm, if all the liberals disappeared day after today i think of usa would prosper and stay to tell the story, do not you? Do the maths! ()3. Should China and the US have complete open borders with their neighbors? What would happen if such a policy was enacted?No.In Red China's case they would simply decide that if their border was open, their neighbors' borders would also be open and would proceed with a slo-mo invasion of those neighbors. Red China would also retain the totalitarian controls (surveillance, no-go zones, armed escorts, etc.) It already has within its borders.The US would be flooded by way too many people entering at the same time. These foljs would include terrorists, violent criminals, non-violent criminals, people with zero job skills, deep needs for government money and services (food, shelter, medical, schooling, other training, welfare, ESL teachers, bilingual government and commercial workers). The increased security problems would require many more LEOs everywhere in the country, more FBI, likely more CIA surveillance in the former countries of the immigrants.The US already has a good system. It allows a controlled number of people to enter each year, less than the number that would strain local, state, and federal resoures.
Use of Recycled Plastic Bag Waste in the Concrete
The aim of this study is to e xp lore the possibility of re cycling a plastic bag waste material (BBW) that is nowproduced in large quanti ties in the formulation of co ncrete as fine aggregate by substitution of a variabl epercentage of sand (10, 20, 30 and 40 %). The inf luence of the PBW on th e fresh and hardened st ates propertiesof the concrete: workability, bulk density, ultrasonic pulse velocity testing, comp ressive and flexural strength ofthe different concretes , has been investigated and a nalyzed in comparison t o the control concreshowed that the use of PBW i mproves the workabilit y and the density, reduces t he compressive strengt h ofconcrete contai ning 10 and 20 % of waste by 1 0 to 24 % respectively, w hich have a mechanical s trengthacceptable for lightwei ght materi als, remains always close to reference concrete (made without PBW). Theresults of this investigation consolidate the idea of the use of PBW in the field of constructio n, especially in theThe valorization of waste in civil engineering i s an important secto r to the extent that the products to be o btainedare not subjected to ri gorous quality sta ndards too.The valorization of waste af fects two major impact s, environmental impact is solved by disposing of such wasteand the economic impac t is the use of that in industry or in the field of construct ion, this waste has the advantageperformance in terms of mechanical strength and durability dominate the market of construction materials.addition of polymeric waste to concrete corresponds to a new perspective in research activities,Industrial and domestic waste has a significant percentage of polymeric materials in its constitution, whichoccupies a considerable volume on landfills. Therefore its recycling is interesting to research and development oftechnologies for minimi zing the problems caused by thi s waste.Several studies have been conducted on the use of plastic waste in concrete. The works of Rebeiz showed thatthe resins based on recycled PET can be ustudies have been conduct ed on the use of scrap tire/ru bber in mortar and c oncrete, and a rese arch work has beenpublished by Siddique a re view paper (2008) on the use of recycled plasti Siddi que, Khatib & Kaur2008) . In the other study, Choi et al. (2005) investigated the effect of plastic waste (PET bottles) as aggregate onproperties of concrete. T he results obtained in t his study showed that thes e wastes could reduce the we ight by 26% of normal weight co ncrete and the compres sive strength was re duced up to 33% com pared to that of normalconcrete. Sikalidis et al. investigated the utilization of municipal s olid wastes (MSW) for the productionof mortar. Batayneh et work, that the decrease of compressive strength was infunction of increase in t he content plastic conte nt. For a 20% substituti on of sand by the waste, the c ompressivestrength was reduced up to 70% compared to that of norYazoghli - marzouk et al. 2007) have also studied the use of consumed plas tic bottle waste as sa ndaggregate within com posite materials for building applicati ons. These authors sh owed that tcompressive strength were decreased when the PET aggregates exceeded 50% by volume of sand. Also, It wasfound that the addition of pl astic waste (fractions I am doing a project on recycling plastic bags and i need a catchy, unique title. Any ideas?It's in the bagchristians , which is the best way to recycle plastic bags and card Bord which you use every day?The same way non-Christians do. Where in the Bible is recycling covered? I was not aware they use daluminum back then. Noah could have used this info!
Can You Be Pulled Over with 10,000 Dollars Cash and Have It Seized, Even If You Didnu2019t Break Any
Can you be pulled over with 10,000 dollars cash and have it seized, even if you didnu2019t break any laws?You could still potentially be done for money laundering, if stopped, you may need to show the provedence of the funds… that it was acquired honestly. It could be tested for drug residue also. Who knows what an officer will think. Maybe speak to someone at the station and explain how you came to the money. S/he will possibly allay your fears and tell you that you need not feel so guilty— — — — — —could someone explain to me in simple terms what money laundering is?example: I have 1000 dollars I made selling crack. I don t have a job so if im stopped by the cops they want to know where I got 1000 dollars when im jobless. did I steal it? did I sell drugs for it? heres the solution. you have buddy at the local antique store. you take him a old rock off the ground and tell him its a moon rock. he knows better but offers you a thousand dollars for it. he write you a receipt for the rock for 1000 dollars. you give him 100 dollars for the bogus receipt. you get 900 he gets 100 and everybody wins . if you get asked where you got the 900 dollars you pull out your receipt and show where you sold an item to an antique store. that s mey laundering just on a smaller scale— — — — — —What would be the reaction of the American public if President Trump is charged by the Special Attorney with the crimes of colluding with the Russians and money laundering?Do not think that will happen. The money laundering was mostly by associates— — — — — —So, was Solyndra just a money laundering program for corrupt people associated with the White House?There needs to be a serious investigation done. There will be numerous arrests; possibly leading up to the President— — — — — —What does it mean to declare money? when you come from a different country?Yes cash has to be declared. Not for taxes but to stop money laundering— — — — — —How do you say "money laundering" in Arabic?tabyeed amwal. (تبيض اموال) thats if you mean the criminal kind of money laundering.— — — — — —Whatu2019s the craziest money laundering scheme you ever encountered? If they were caught, what led to their capture?I only read about this but there was a couple who would go to places where change machines were available, take copies of dollar bills, run them through the change machines and take all the change. I think security cameras were their downfall— — — — — —How to deal with a relative's hoarded cash without being accused of money launderingYou (or the bank) will have records of these withdrawals which should corroborate the source of the money if you are asked to prove it.I suspect any attempts to obfuscate what you are doing will merely draw more attention— — — — — —Sec. 311: Special measures for jurisdictions, financial institutions, or international transactions of primary money laundering concernA new section was added to Title 31, subchapter IV, chapter 53, subchapter II ("Records and reports on monetary instruments transactions") of the U.S. Code. The section was 5318A, entitled "Special measures for jurisdictions, financial institutions, or international transactions of primary money laundering concern". It specifies that financial institutions or financial agencies may be required to take special measures when so directed by the United States Secretary of the Treasury. Any such order by the United States Treasury, with the exception of orders that require additional record keeping or reporting for any transaction over an amount greater than the Secretary describes, is issued with a notice of rule making regarding the special measure. Orders may not remain in effect for more than 120 days, though any ruling may be extended by the Treasury. When the Secretary of Treasury orders special measures, that person must first consult with the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, any other appropriate Federal banking agency (as defined in section 3 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act), the Secretary of State, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the National Credit Union Administration Board and any other relevant parties the Secretary of Treasury decides to call on. The special measures must take into account whether similar actions were taken by other nations and multilateral groups; whether the measure will cause any competitive disadvantage for U.S. financial organizations; how the timing or impact of the decision will affect legitimate business activities; and what effect the action would have on U.S. national security and foreign policy. The special measures must be undertaken for all transactions that are made outside the U.S. in areas where money-laundering has been identified as a concern. The measures involve: the maintenance of records of the aggregate amount of transactions made in such areas. Such records must include: the identity and address of the participants in a transaction or relationship, including the identity of the originator of any funds transfer; the legal capacity in which a participant in any transaction is acting; the identity of the beneficial owner of the funds involved in any transaction, in accordance with such procedures as the Secretary determines to be reasonable and practicable to obtain and retain the information; and a description of any transaction. undertaking reasonable steps to obtain and retain information on foreigners who gain a benefit of ownership of an account which is opened and maintained in the U.S., and yet who do not own the account itself (this is called beneficial ownership) the identification of any foreign customers who are authorized to use or route transactions through a payable-through account in the U.S.The section also details what is considered a "primary money-laundering concern". The Secretary of Treasury ultimately makes the decision on such areas in consultation with Secretary of State and the Attorney General. Several jurisdictional factors must be taken into account, including: evidence that organized crime, international terrorists, or both, have transacted business in that jurisdiction; the extent to which bank secrecy or special regulatory advantages are given to nonresidents or nondomiciliaries in the jurisdiction; the substance and quality of administration of the bank supervisory and counter-money laundering laws of the jurisdiction; the relationship between the volume of financial transactions occurring in the jurisdiction and the size of the economy of the jurisdiction; the extent to which the jurisdiction is characterized as an offshore banking or secrecy haven by credible international organizations or multilateral expert groups; whether the U.S. has a mutual legal assistance treaty with the jurisdiction, and the experience of U.S. law enforcement officials and regulatory officials in obtaining information about transactions originating in or routed through or to the jurisdiction; and whether there are high levels of official or institutional corruptionThe Secretary of Treasury also considers whether financial institutions facilitate or promote money laundering, balanced against the extent to which they perform and promote legitimate business activities. He or she must also decide whether the financial institutions is undertaking any of the special measures specified above when considering whether the jurisdiction, financial institutions, types of accounts, or transactions are or are not primarily a money laundering concern.