Whatu2019s an Ideal Christmas/Holiday for You?

Christmas eve at church.,lunch with family and friends at christmas day,receiving and giving gifts with coworkers,close family and my kids

1. I really donu2019t want to spend the Christmas holiday with my parents, but they expect me to. How can I get out of it?

Volunteer at a soup kitchen. It's implicit that if they complain about something like that, they are assholes. So they wo not . And you will have a very meaningful, memorable holiday while also helping to make it meaningful and memorable for people in need

2. I'm arranging my Christmas holiday in Sydney and Melbourne. Do tourist attractions closed on 25th of December?

Pretty much everything closes on Xmas day, excepting some restaurants.But that shouldn't affect your sightseeing in the least. I don't know about Melbourne, but in Sydney wander down to Bondi Beach on Xmas day. Its a party, and quite a scene. Surfing Santas and all that. All obviously free. And something you probably can't experience at home.I am arranging my Christmas holiday in Sydney and Melbourne. Do tourist attractions closed on 25th of December?.

3. Given the overt Christian message in the Christmas holiday, why would any non-Christian want to celebrate the day?

Q: Given the overt Christian message in the Christmas holiday, why would any non-Christian want to celebrate the day?A: You ought to be on Santa's naughty list for asking such a divisive question.Most of Christmas traditions are pagan or commercial in origin anyway. The Christmas Tree is pagan, St Nicholaus was introduced to replace the Yule goat/Krampus, the jolly fat Santa comes from Coca-Cola ads, and so on. In addition, Jesus is more likely born in late summer. Christmas was placed at the end of December to tie the pagans' midwinter festival to Christianity:Missionary: "Your celebration of Midwinter/Yule/Saturnalia/whatever is almost right. You only have to do it for Jesus!"Pagan: "What does Yule have to do with Jesus?"Missionary: "Oh, ehr, he was born about this time? It says so in the book you can't read *crosses fingers behind back*"And besides, days off at holidays is no longer a religious issue. They are a workers' rights issue. Because of industrialism and dicky factory owners, workers banded together and bullied factory owners to provide decent wages, holidays off for real, Sundays off for real, then half Saturday, then the other half of Saturday, and workdays from 16 hours per day to 12 to 8, and even a week off for vacation. You can also vote for pretty much the same reason, even if you don't own land or if you're a woman or if you're black.So "your" Christmas is an originally pagan festival that still has pagan traditions, hijacked first by the Church and then by commercial interests, at which you can stay home with your family because workers fought and bled and died for your rights. I celebrate Christmas because I enjoy a few days off, being with my family, eating good food and giving presents to my nieces and nephews, and I enjoy doing it in a traditional manner. That is justification enough for me.And I hope Santa comes to you with the traditional gift to naughty children: coal.Given the overt Christian message in the Christmas holiday, why would any non-Christian want to celebrate the day?.

4. What parts of the Christmas holiday do you like most, and least?

I love to figure out what my love ones want the most and try to get it for them. Since becoming a grandmother, I have gone way over board on buying gifts for my grandkids. But I love nothing more then to watch those beloved hands opening the gifts I search for. So I think it's obvious that I love the gift giving the most.A close second is Christmas dinner. I love to cook and there is nothing better then making a 5 years old favorite side dish or pie. Lol I love Christmas period! Everything the holiday stands for is good and kind and in this world we could use alot more of that!.

5. What are the main festivals celebrated around the UK?

Christmas and the New Years period is the most significant without a doubtChristmas Eve most things except for essential services like hospitals, the police, fire service close down late in the afternoon/early in the evening large supermarkets and department stores close leaving a few late night mini supermarkets and petrol stations open. Public transport will cease and many people will start celebrating.On Christmas Day many mini supermarkets will remain close, there is almost no public transport no trains, buses, and trams with the exception of National Express coaches. But 80-90% of people will be at home celebrating.Once Christmas Day is over it's Boxing Day and retail staff and leisure staff like cinemas will be back at work, transport restarts unless there is planned engineering on the railways, but office and factory workers are still on Christmas holiday and most will not return to work until the 2nd of January the next year. So that means they are on holiday for 9 days. What are the main festivals celebrated around the UK?Which are the significant popular celebrations of the UK?

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