When Should One Have His/her Car Waxed (before Winter Perhaps)?

well I do not think it is a necessity to have it waxed before winter.The Most important thing to do to your car before winter is fill up your anti freeze and get new wiper blades and check the tread on your tires.I make sure my car is rinsed in the winter time to keep the salt off.

1. What are your plans for warming yourself on the cold winter nights to come?

a warm blanket, a heater and a man...so i have to find my man soon, winter is coming...oh no!!!

2. what are the key things i need for this winter?

Definitly some cute mittens and a cute winter coat. =]

3. How can I shed out my dogs winter coat.. its almost summer!?

Most dogs shed there winter coats themselves

4. Ladies are pantyhose with jeans comfortable?

Not really, but it keeps me warm on these cold winter morning. I only wear the combination when it's really cold, snowy and windy, like this morning. I do not like it, it's sort of itchy and scratchy.

5. Winter in Toronto...what to wear?

sneakers are good in the light snow boots for more. a good warm lined winter coat is good

6. Survey; who would like me to make them an outfit? just specifically tell me for which holiday or event?

gender: female age: 15 style: preppy/edgey/vintagaey, i know that makes no sense so ill just tell you my favorite stores: forever 21, american eagle, pacsun, heritage favorite color to wear: anything really but nothing to dark. im not a big yellow/orange fan though. i like wearing blue, green, neutrals, pink, purple, yeah whole outfit, preferably, but whatever works =] event: first day back in school from winter break thanks in advance if i am chosen

7. my cat just had kittens and it is cold outside what should i do?

my cat had kittens in february and its been thru a couple of snow storms. but they all survived. we kept them on the porch and provided a little shelter for them. we took a medium sized crate, flipped it over with the lid still on, and cut a hole, but make sure it doesnt hav any sharp edges. then place a nice sized pillow and a blanket at the bottom. we also fastened blankets around the outside of the crate for insulation and to block out the cold air from the door. or u can go purchase a plastic dog house, kind of like the igloo kind, and take the same precautions about blankets and pillows. my kittens survived thru the brutal winter so it should work for u.

8. Winter wonderland ?

Indoor place

9. Do I need to buy FEED seed or PLANTING seed for my food plots?

planting seed and get it planted now, its almost too late. sept. 15 is general cut off date. if your planting this late, plant brassicas, winter wheat, pumpkins, etc

10. How do I Regain my White Skin again?

You could try some makeup/powder...Whenever you are in the sun, even if it's just for a little while, wear a lot of sunscreen. Other than that, you will have to stay inside a lot and avoid the sun. Maybe just wait for winter, your tan will probably fade then.

11. Winter growing?

Wow! Terressa, nice job, at first I though you were just "a real twit gardener" doing his mind numbing 'cut and paste' but you actually wrote from experience. Kudo's. RScott

12. How was Napoleon's invasion of Russia supplied?

Napoleon's centre of gravity for his army was fast mobility and forced marches. Therefore, he enforced training for his troops to live and forage off the land. This worked within Europe where fertile lands made this practice easy. Organising his army into corps and regiments, he was able to ensure a fluidity and freedom of movement within the battlespace. This is more exceptional when you take into account that he faced enemies with the same technology (peer to peer).Russia was a different matter entirely. The invasion was planned during 1811 in Germany. He crossed into Russia in 1812. His estimation of the campaign was that, due to his 600,000 troops, the Russian Czar Alexander would immediately surrender. He estimated it would take a total of three weeks.The Russian generals knew they could not beat Napoleon head on. Already knowing his tactics and taking advantage of his need to bring Russia to heel quickly, to ensure the reinstatement of the effectiveness of his "continental system", Russia's troops kept withdrawing further into Russia. Only taking part in small skirmishes in order to ensure the French army never relaxed. Then Russia stated to commit to scorched earth, burning the winter's crops so the French could not utilise them. When Napoleon got to Moscow he had 300,000 troops (some historians say 200,000). The Russians burnt Moscow to deny Napoleon the ability to rest and recuperate there. Napoleon withdrew from Russia trying to avoid the scorched earth, however, the Russians attacked Napoleon's army forcing them to go back through the scorched earth areas. When Napoleon eventually got back to Germany he had a meagre 30,000 troops.Napoleons Russia campaign is not so much a lesson in failure of logistical systems more so a lesson that an army must always strive to eliminate any weakness within logistical systems as there is nothing that will control how an army can utilise a battlespace more

How Can I Make a Photo Taken in the Summer Look Like It Was Taken in the Fall Or Winter?
The movie "Oh, Brother Where Art Thou" wa shot in the summer but digitally made to look like fall. I would take a look at it for inspiration1. Teen Styles for fall/winter?basically everything that was in last year2. New hairstyle for fall/winter (see details)?you can dye your hair Chocolate my mom has that color and i think by your age you might now wanna dye your hair 2 times a year every You and it might get tough so you might want to let your hair get lighter in the summer by sitting out in the sun3. What are good key garments for fall/winter wardrobe?one word......LEGGINGS!!!!! Cute and warm.....also Boots!4. What's your favorite Starbucks fall/winter drink?caramel brulee latte...it probably wont be back until the holidays though5. What are the "In" colors this Summer, Fall and Winter?In alot of magazines they show alot of earthy colors. So alot of browns,greens and oranges6. Some good clothes for a guy for fall and winter?Diesel, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana7. What Is the Weather in Central FL Like in Fall/Winter?I live in Tampa...about an hour from Orlando, I can tell you it will still be pretty dang warm all the way through possibly November...once Thanksgiving hits you can expect cooler weather (70s, MAYBE 60s if we are lucky), once late December comes around it can get pretty cold (40s-30s) and stay off and on this way til possibly February with occasional "warm" days in-between the cold fronts...you can usually bet by March, it starts getting warm again and by April, it will be back to typical Central FL weather (80s & above).8. Some good clothes for a guy for fall and winter?black blazers look great on guys with maybe a long sleaved shirt under it and some dark jeans :)9. Fall/Winter size clothing for my daughter?i would buy 18 and 24 month clothes. more 24months though.. my son only wore 18m for a very short time. so dont over do it10. what some yard work you can do in the fall and winter???Grass is generally planted in fall, along with flower bulbs. There is also a lot of raking to do. Flower beds need to be mulched to protect perennials during the the cold of winter. Winter is a good time to cut trees, at least in the southern US. If you live in an area that does not freeze, you can put down walkways, and build retaining walls as well.11. Do I need to drain the fluids out of my motorcycle for fall/winter garage storage?a lot of good answers here. This is what I did to prep my 2002 ZX12R for the Illinois winter. 1. fill the gas tank at least 3/4 full, and put in Stabil (do not drain tank and lines!! 2. lube everything on the bike that needs to be lubricated. ie chain, suspension and steering components etc. 3. change the oil if you would like, but make sure you change it again in the spring before you start riding again 4. put the bike up on a front and rear stand to get the tires off the ground. This will prevent flat spots in the tires from the cold ground. If you do not have stands, put a few pieces of cardboard under the tires, the soft cardboard will cushion to prevent flatspots. 5. clean the bike good and wax it 6. take the battery out, or use a battery tender 7. put a cover on it and wait until spring 8. I have heard both negative and positive things about starting the bike periodically, so I always just wait it out.12. Pregnancy and working outside in fall/winter?When you are pregnant you immediately get the overwhelming response to protect your child, you do everything more gently and protect your stomach . I know police officers who are pregnant and are out there on the job, fire fighters as well. So there should be no guilt about carrying on with your job if it is a more physically demanding one. Can you talk to your boss about lightening your load some? you are not letting them down and the fact you think that you are shows how dedicated you are to your job. If you feel you are on your feet to much you should absolutely make sure to rest up. Some woman get the flu shot and some do not . It is proven that the flu shot will not harm your baby but its a personal decision. You are in the high risk category has your doctor spoken to you about teh pro's and con's? Sorry that is so long winded, Congratulations on your pregnancy and good luck! EDIT: Sorry, did not catch that part about it being more of a hobby. Definitely talk to your boss. Even if you decide to quit.
Why Are There Always Moths in My Room in the Fall and Winter?
Do you have screens on the windows? Or the moths could be breeding in some piece of wool in the back of your closet. edit: no wool sweaters or scarfs? Moths are attracted to lights. Check around the edge of the screens where they are attached, sometimes there is a narrow gap. That is enough for them to get by. wikipedia: Several moths in the family Tineidae are commonly regarded as pests because their larvae eat fabric such as clothes and blankets made from natural proteinaceous fibers such as wool or silk. They are less likely to eat mixed materials containing artificial fibers. There are some reports that they can be repelled by the scent of wood from juniper and cedar, by lavender, or by other natural oils. However, many consider this unlikely to prevent infestation. Naphthalene (the chemical used in mothballs) is considered more effective, but there are concerns over its effects on human health. Moth larvae may be killed by freezing the items which they infest for several days at a temperature below 8 C. .1. What are the "In" colors this Summer, Fall and Winter?In alot of magazines they show alot of earthy colors. So alot of browns,greens and oranges2. Are UGGs still in style this fall/winter?Hey, principessa ! Mandami una foto con te nuda !!! Poi, dimmi di che nazionalit sei e dove vivi !!! Un bacio dove vuoi tu...il tuo Tino3. Will fish strike a topwater lure in the fall/winter?It gets fairly cold here in SoCal and we catch bass on floating swimbaits waked or slow-rolled on the surface... I guess you could call that a "topwater lure". You could definitely call it a topwater bait if you get a strike when the swimbait's being deadsticked. But I dunno. What we here in SoCal call "cold", you up there in the northern territories might call warm... lulz.4. Ladies in their 20's and 30's!!! What stylish boots are you wearing this fall/winter?why dont u try ebay they have new looks from victoria secret wasnt that awesome :)5. I need these boots for fall/winter HELP!!!?Why do you need them so badly?6. What boots should I get for this fall/winter (pics included)?uggs!! polyvore.com7. Is there any truth to your color season summer,fall,winter,spring?Color seasons are true but not binding. Try using common sense instead of trying to figure out your season. If you have darker skin with a golden undertone brownes, bronzes, golds, and most warm colors will work for you. If you have a lighter skin with a pink undertone try more pastels. Its what highlights your face not what "shows up" on your face8. Navy Blue nail polish is it in for fall or winter?I think that it would look really good in the winter9. Bros, because of the tilt of the earth, fall and winter are right around the corner, does that mean global warming is a liberal hoax?That means Mother Nature is doing her job, bro10. Will the COVID-19 prevention suggestions (phys. distancing, scrupulous disinfecting methods, etc.) also lower the risk of contracting the flu this fall/winter?Yes it will. However, you still should get your flu shot. This way if you become sick, they can quickly rule out the flu11. What are some fashion must-have's for Fall/Winter 2007?a trench coat. no matter how old you are, where you are (unless its liek florida or one of those hot states) it alwasy looks good on anyone12. My son is 3 months old now 9/8/09 and I'm unsure of what to get him for fall/winter clothes....Help?I have already started buying clothes for my son who will be 9 mo November 24th. I have tons and tons of flannel and long sleeved onzies, sweat pants, overalls, lots of socks in every color, hats, gloves, hoodies, coats, boots, and a snow suit. Just a tip.. you may want to buy a majority of his cloths in 6-9 or 9-12 months so you can layer and it has room to grow.13. Please help me.... Fall/Winter Baby? or wait...?my daughter was born nov 4th I like the fact that she wasnt born right at the holiday and was old enough to hold her head up and give smiles. shes only got one cold which she caught from me. I am worried about march when the flu season peaks but I am trying to continue breastfeeding til then.
Dreamy California Escapes for This Winter
When the days get shorter and the temps get colder, many are excited to cozy up with a scarf and hit the slopes, cherishing the snow and chill. However, some retreat to a warmer oasis to soak up the sun. California has just the thing to cater to either preference. From the slopes of Tahoe to the beaches of Santa Cruz, there's something for everyone. Visit California for the ultimate holiday vacation. Explore these top dreamy California Escapes for this Winter Season. TahoeTahoe is one of the top ski destinations in the state and perfect for a family ski getaway. Tahoe provides scenic mountains, tons of snow and plenty of sunshine for the most amazing ski day.Tahoe is truly a world class ski destination and one of the best places to travel this winter. Get your ski pass and set up your rentals to experience the best slopes in Tahoe. And of course look forward to the best apres-ski with Unbuckle at Tamarack Lodge or for something a little milder, McP's Taphouse Grill.Stay at the Upscale Tahoe Donner CabinThis Tahoe Donner charmer is sure to become your favorite cabin in the mountains, beautifully designed and decorated with high-end furnishings and serene bedrooms atmosphere, the attention to the smallest of details is what sets this home apart. Cozy up by the fireplace and watch the snow fall or enjoy a glass of wine on the deck; the beautiful kitchen is fully stocked, and the dining table will easily hold everyone for a family dinner. Two bedrooms are located on the main floor along with a shared bathroom, the master suite is on the second floor, just off the loft area, there is plenty of space for you to spread, with a TV in the living room and one in the loft you can have your adult time downstairs and let children have their space upstairs or vice versa, great for a California family getaway. Tahoe Donner has a ski resort as well that is available for your enjoyment, especially great if you have children. Explore skiing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, tubing and sledding.HealdsburgAnother dreamy destination to escape to this holiday season is Healdsburg wine country. Slow down, relax and unwind. Healdsburg is a beautiful, quaint town in northern Sonoma County. Winter is a great time to visit, when there are fewer crowds and more opportunities to explore all the area offers. Just an hour from San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge, is this gorgeous retreat with world class wineries, farm-to-table dining, lush countrysides, redwood forests, next to Lake Sonoma and the Russian River.Stay at Vineyard VistaLess than 15 min. to the adorable Healdsburg's Plaza Square, where you can find a number of amazing restaurants and wineries and also within minutes to jumping off to the Russian River, bicycling, Old Town Windsor, and dozens of vineyards, you will find the this gorgeous California vacation rental home. This three bedroom, three bathroom two story home has hardwood floors, a formal living area and a cozy wood burning fireplace. Walk through to the formal dining room, table accommodating ten guests with buffet and french doors to deck, bringing in outdoors. To the back of house and through dining room is the kitchen with stainless appliances, gourmet range, bar/serving area, and door to deck/patio. To the right of the living room, through a separate hallway is one bedroom with two twin beds and full bathroom. Again to the right is the game room with sleeper sofa, TV, and ping pong table which you can roll out to back deck for outside fun. French doors open to the deck and hot tub area. And that's just downstairs! Upstairs are 3 bedrooms including master with king bed, TV and full bathroom, and 2 guest bedrooms each with a queen bed sharing a third bathroom. Outdoors is spectacular — large patio, vineyard views, porch swing and rockers, lounges, plenty of outdoor seating, wood burning pizza oven, BBQ, outdoor kitchen sink, counter, and washer/dryer. Rose, flower, and herb gardens, give our guests spectacular colors while playing horseshoes, or relaxing under the gazebo. Enjoy the hot tub or relax on the front porch looking out to vineyards and a spectacular sunset and vineyards.Santa Cruz and CapitolaNext, we will take you over to the California coast. Sink your toes into the white sands of the coastal beaches. Try surfing or SUP boarding, this is a great family friendly destination for a winter trip. Near Big Sur, Monterey, Half Moon Bay and San Francisco, you are just a short drive from many top California spots. Plus, during the holiday season, you can go ice skating near the ocean at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk or take a holiday train through the Santa Cruz redwoods. Celebrate the season with fine dining near the water, explore the many local breweries and wine bars. Rent a bike a cruise along the coast or just relax and take in the breathtaking views.Stay at Oceanside Luxury Beach HouseStay at this luxurious California beach house with beautiful views of the Capitola Wharf and Monterey Bay. This Capitola Village Vacation Rental is located in the heart of Capitola Village. This California vacation rental is nothing short of spectacular. Live in luxury, relaxing and enjoying perfect panoramic ocean views from this upscale and modern 4-bedroom, 3. 5 bath pristine rental condo in Capitola. The incredible panoramic windows open up the ocean breeze into the spacious living and dining room area. When you step out onto either balcony from the living room or master bedroom that boasts stunning views of the Monterey Bay, your jaw is sure to drop while watching the sun go down over the ocean. Along with the perfect views, this home is loaded with upscale amenities and furnishings throughout. Convenient Amenities Include: Parking for 2 cars in front of the building and in the carport, Wireless Internet, flat screen TVs, fully stocked kitchen with cooking supplies, washer/dryer, and gas BBQ in the back patio off the kitchen.Any of these dreamy California escapes would make the perfect family vacation for you and your family to take this holiday season. Visit California and make memories that will last a lifetime at these luxury vacation rentals. Book direct with these professional hosts for the best rate and service.Originally published at www.calistays.com on December 4, 2018Places to go in California?It depends where you live in California
Tesla Model Y Adds a New Heat Pump, Which Can also Ensure the Mileage in Winter
Tesla Model y adds a heat pump to make this cross-border electric vehicle more distinctive. Through this subtle adjustment, model y may become one of the best winter models of the brand.(source: teslarati)According to foreign media reports, Tesla Model y adds a heat pump to make the cross-border electric vehicle more distinctive. Through this subtle adjustment, model y may become one of the best winter models of the brand.The resistance heating system is considered to be 100% effective because the heat output is equivalent to the energy consumed. However, such systems also need to be improved. For example, when driving in a cold environment, extensive use of resistance heating will shorten the actual mileage.Tesla seems to have realized this challenge, so it decided to install a heat pump on model y to replace the usual resistance heating system. To some extent, heat pump is an air conditioner that can work in the opposite direction. The air conditioning unit uses refrigerant to trap heat in an area, and then transfer it outside the unit. The working principle of the heat pump is similar. Through the directional valve, the unit can reverse the flow of refrigerant and generate heat.Heat pumps do not generate heat, but deliver hot air to specific areas through the system. The compressor uses electricity to deliver refrigerant to all parts of the system, capture heat from the outside, and then deliver heat to the inside. Because the boiling point of refrigerant is low, this heat pump is very effective. Only 1kW of energy can produce 3KW of heat energy.In winter, the range of electric vehicles is usually reduced. The new system can help car owners eliminate their concerns about driving in cold weather. Regardless of the outside temperature and benefiting from the high-efficiency heat pump, model y is still possible to achieve the rated mileage and ensure the driving distance of single charge.
Should Pool Service Cost Go Down in the Winter Time ?
Before I start I would like to note that I have a great disdain for pool guys in general. I spend the majority of my day testing water and helping my customers undo the damage their pool men have done. Now, that being said. To answer the first question, no. While its true that pools require less chlorine and shock in the winter, it is not true that they require any less of any other chemical. Most pool guys do not even shock the pool anyway, so they are not saving any money in chemicals because of the time of the year. They may save on the 3" tablets, but its a marginal amount and would only equate to a 2-3 dollar a month discount stretched over the period of winter. 80 dollars is not terrible for a monthly fee based on my experience, but you should periodically check him by taking your water into your local pool store and see if he's doing his job. Hope this helps1. I'd like to plan a trip to NZ, and I live in the UK...Rates? Places? Recommendations?rotorua in the north and queenstown in the south would make a great start. aatravel is a good site. you didnt mention your ages so its hard to tell if you would be more intresed in jumping out of a plane or hot air balloning. try zorb and bungy. kaikoura and stewart island are great for wildlife. plenty of skiing in winter around wanaka and queenstown. rotorua has a lot of maori culture, and boiling mud pools. Auckland is the biggest city, Wellington is the capital.2. The best men's boots for winter 2020 | ALDO CanadaThe Best Men's Boots for Winter 2020 Is there any better finishing touch on a brisk day than a perfectly styled boot? Whether you want to go rugged in a pair of combat or waterproof boots, or refined in a dress or Chelsea boot, here are the best men's boots for grounding your everyday looks all cold-season long: None A sudden downpour or cold snap calls for weatherproof winter boots . Equipped with functional features like waterproof uppers, warm lining and thick, slip-proof soles, these boots can keep up with your warmest looks. So, go ahead and wear them with everything- from your go-to parka and jeans to a stylish Sherpa jacket with a lightweight puffer vest. None This season, dress boots are for more than just suits. Exhibit A: These statement-making pair of chain detailed boots, which will take you from fall to winter while elevating your everyday style. Add some edge to an all-black look, like a patent puffer jacket, high neck sweater and slim black jeans or channel a little rock with a leather jacket, white tee and stonewash denim. None Battle the elements while running errands in a modern-day combat boot . A sleek interpretation of standard military-style boots, this season's lace-up boots are still plenty tough thanks to their rugged leather exteriors and treaded outsoles. They also happen to look just as great with a wool coat and suit as they do with a casual fleece jacket, half-zip sweater and dark wash, straight leg jeans. None For a slim-fitting alternative to classic winter boots, try a weather-treated take on the timeless Chelsea boot . Its sophisticated leather upper means you will always look pulled together-even in laid-back styles like a plaid jacket and blue jeans-while its rubber treaded sole will help with grip.3. Why do you love/hate winter?I hate winter and love it at the same time. Because of the cold weather and it's around Christmas.4. How to wear leather pants this winter? Learn from celebrities' outfitsWinter is coming, so it's time to start layering up! We are sure that you've already learned that this season leather is one of the biggest fashion trends, but did you know that this material is a good option for winter as well? Leather pants are not less warm than wool ones, and besides, they look much more glamorous. If you still have no idea how to wear it, take some celebrity leather pants outfits for a spin! Kim Kardashian is a big-big fan of leather items - it seems like she will never prefer leather pants to a pair of jeans. She can wear them both at a social event and walking with her children. In the first case, Kim combines straight leather pants with a down jacket to match and pointed boots in contrast color - if you want to visually lengthen your legs, choose boots in the same color as your pants. Maybe, you will be surprised, but leather pants suit well with sneakers too - look at how Kim matches her black flared pants with beige suede chunky sole sneakers, and all your doubts will disappear. Chiara Ferragni's favorite model is bootcut leather pants - Italian fashion influencer creates a total-black outfit consisted of an elegant coat with fur trim, big boots, and an iconic Chanel 2.55 handbag. To look more casual, she combines leather pants with a striped sweater and black trainers. Camila Coelho gives preference to high-waisted leather pants of different colors and also finds them versatile. In addition to high heels, she perfectly matches them with winter hiking boots. This winter, skinny leather pants are also in style! Feel free to wear them with oversized bombers and down jackets as well as more classic items as a cashmere coat - take as a basis Olivia Palermo win-win outfits! Laetitia Casta and our favorite '90s paraphernalia in the new Jacquemus campaign
Pond Fish During the Winter??
Pond fish during the winter??20 gallon tank would suffice. Keep half the pond water and put in the tank with fresh water a couple days before transfer. Do not be too concerned with algae disappearance. I would start the transition in late October-November at latest. No heater is necessary for the tank. A Whisper 2 water filter should suffice. Normal aquarium maintenance from here. Do not over feed— — — — — —Flax Pond (New York)Flax Pond is a tidal estuary located in Old Field, New York, on the north shore of Long Island. As a 146-acre (0.59 km2) salt marsh, Flax Pond is a natural site of great biodiversity and natural beauty. Flax Pond is owned by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) and is accessed by researchers at Stony Brook University as a Marine Lab for the state In addition to research, Flax Pond also serves as a recreational beach for Long Islanders, though its location prevents many from utilizing the facility, which has served as a point of contention. In recent years, the management of Flax Pond has become a very important issue. The environmentally conscious group Friends of Flax Pond has used the facility to educate those in the community through lectures, workshops, and science programs. However, the NYSDEC has sought to make the Pond more accessible to residents, thus risking the environmentally pristine nature of the Pond. State Assemblyman Steven Englebright, who has roots in geology, (what about ecology?) has repeatedly stressed the importance of Flax Pond as an environmental sanctuary. He has funded projects for Flax Pond, such as their summer learning institute and has held lectures to promote these ideals.— — — — — —Flax Pond (Brewster, Massachusetts)Shubael Pond is a 48-acre (190,000 m2) kettle pond on Flax Pond Road in Nickerson State Park in Barnstable, Massachusetts. The pond has a popular swimming area and access for small boats or fishing is over that area. Only electric motors are permitted on the pond. Shubael Pond is stocked twice a year with several varieties of trout.— — — — — —Pond Farm PotteryWhen Pond Farm Workshops fell apart in 1953, nearly all the residents left. Thereafter, a school and workshop on the site, called Pond Farm Pottery, were carried on by the community's only remaining artist, Bauhaus potter Marguerite Wildenhain, who continued to offer instruction through 1980. Wildenhain was known for being thorough in her teachings, making newcomers start with dog dishes and learning all of the throwing steps before moving on to more advanced pottery. Among her students was Dean Schwarz, co-founder of South Bear School, who studied at Pond Farm during the 1960s. University of Utah Professor of Art, Dorothy Bearnson, participated in seven summer workshops with Wildenhain between 1947 and 1964. As early as 1963, the State of California had used its powers of "eminent domain" to require Pond Farm residents to sell their property to the State, in order to expand the Austin Creek State Recreation Area. Gordon Herr was forced to move, but, in response to appeals by her students, it was decided that Wildenhain could continue to live on the property until her death.— — — — — —Is my pond deep enough?You need a minimum of 18" of water, the deeper you can go the better for the fish— — — — — —Arn Chorn-Pond as musicianAn accomplished flautist, Arn Chorn-Pond is credited with teaching Ron Korb to play the Khloy (the Cambodian bamboo flute) in traditional Khmer style. In 2001 Chorn-Pond performed on stage in Peter Gabriel's Tribute and Homage for Harbourfront Centre's "World Leaders" hosted by Laurie Brown, sharing the stage with Peter Gabriel, Jane Siberry, Tia Carrere, Ron Korb, Donald Quan, Jeff Martin, Andy Stochansky, Loreena McKennitt, Daniel Lanois and Lorraine Segato.— — — — — —I have a 10 year old female Red Eared Slider that needs a new home.?you can either put her in a pond, lake, river,or if you want to keep her still get a bigger home for her— — — — — —Kettle Pond State ParkKettle Pond State Park is a state park near Marshfield, Vermont in the United States. It is one of seven state parks located in Groton State Forest. The park is on Vermont Route 232 two miles west of Groton. The park is located on Kettle Pond (109 acres), an undeveloped pond. Activities includes camping, boating, fishing, swimming, hiking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. Features include 26 lean-tos arranged into five separate groups designed to accommodate groups. there are also individual lean-tos There is a composting toilet for each group site and two double pit toilets, but no potable water at this site. There are six remote campsites/lean-tos on the pond.
Techie Gift Ideas Under $100: Winter 2015
Twelve South PlugBug Duo REVIEW The Best Just Got BetterSeveral years ago when I started writing reviews, accessory company Twelve South was one of the first partners I worked with. The PlugBug, a convenient little device that allows you to charge your laptop and an additional USB device, made my life a lot easier. PlugBug was one of my favorite gadgets back in the day and I still have the original. When Twelve South announced the new PlugBug Duo I knew I had to check it out.DETAILSJust like the original PlugBug, the PlugBug Duo works with standard Apple power adapters. It's even compatible with the USB-C power adapters and it comes packaged with international power adapters (US/Canada/Japan, UK/Hong Kong/Singapore, Continental Europe, Australia/New Zealand, and China). The purpose behind this device is to add two (2) USB-A ports to your MacBook Power Adapter. This product actually allows you to charge three devices from one outlet (MacBook 2 USB powered devices). The USB ports provide up to a 2.1A rapid charge to all iPhone and iPads (one port is 2. 1A and the other is 1. 0A). The PlugBug Duo makes it possible for you to charge your USB devices without getting an adapter for the native USB-C ports on your MacBook.CompatibilityAll Apple USB-C Power Adapters, including: ⁃30W USB-C Power Adapter ⁃61W USB-C Power Adapter⁃87W USB-C Power AdapterAll Apple MagSafe 2 Power Adapters, including: ⁃Apple 45W MagSafe 2 Power Adapter for MacBook Air ⁃Apple 60W MagSafe 2 Power Adapter (MacBook Pro with 13-inch Retina display)⁃Apple 85W MagSafe 2 Power Adapter (for MacBook Pro with Retina display)All Apple MagSafe Power Adapters, including: ⁃Apple 45W MagSafe Power Adapter for MacBook Air ⁃Apple 60W MagSafe Power Adapter (for MacBook and 13-inch MacBook Pro)⁃Apple 85W MagSafe Power Adapter (for 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pro)Apple 12W USB Power AdapterUSER EXPERIENCETwelve South packaged the PlugBug Duo in a branded box. It does not have extensive operation instructions, but it does come with some literature. The cap of the PlugBug slides off to reveal the duck head connector of the device. To use it, you simply slide this onto your power adapter so that you can charge not only your computer but also two USB-powered devices. The PlugBug on its own does feel a bit on the light side. That's because it's just a passthrough device. The technology is still located in the main Apple power adapter.I was very excited to have my hands on this updated device from Twelve South. Even though it has a premium price tag ($49.95), it's worth the investment so that you do not have to carry around multiple power adapters. The MacBook Pro charged very well. I did notice a slight power delivery decrease when I started using the PlugBug Duo versus just using the standard MacBook Pro power adapter duck head. For example, I had the laptop connected to an external battery for charging and it gained 20% within 18 minutes for a gain of 1.11% each minute. I switched the duck head out for the PlugBug Duo and charged it for an additional 25 minutes. The laptop gained 16% for a rate of 0. 64% per minute. Aside from the slight decrease in delivery rate, I was very happy that the PlugBug also seemed to decrease the amount of heat that the MacBook's power adapter was collecting.As I mentioned, I also charged an iPhone 7. In the span of 35 minutes, the iPhone's battery gained 28% for a charging rate of approximately 0. 8% per minute. PlugBug Duo: 5. 03V/1. 42ATwelve South Power Adapter: 5. 10V/0. 99AEven though the voltage is higher when you use a straight wall adapter, the power is pushed through to the connected device faster when you use the PlugBug Duo. Therefore, it will charge faster.CONCLUSIONTwelve South is a company that has been designing wonderful looking, functional products for Apple gear for some time now. The PlugBug is a great product I have loved for a long time. Now that it's been updated with dual USB ports, it will be even handier for many of us who have to charge multiple devices at once. Twelve South never ceases to amaze me. I love that they chose to update this classic accessory and provide Apple users with a way to charge their devices together. The PlugBug Duo is a great investment and I can recommend it for all users. For more details, visit Twelve South Find Twelve South on Facebook and Twitter.RelatedOriginally published at macsources.com on August 28, 2018
So If We Are Closer to the Sun in the Winter (in the Northern Hemisphere)?
We are closer, but the decrease in solar radiation received per a given area due to the lower Sun angle in the sky more than cancels out the very slight increase in solar radiation due to the closer location. Also, the lower Sun angle in the sky means the incoming solar radiation has to go through more atmosphere that it does when the Sun is more directly overhead. This allows more of the UV radiation (which is what tans, or burns) to be absorbed.1. Mycolaria: How can radiotrophic fungi symbiotically assist an animal species to mitigate effects of solar radiation?3 to 100 times Earth background is not a lot. The world average is about 3mSv per year. People in places like Ramsar, Iran have a yearly dose of up to 260 mSv with no reported ill effects. You will need to bump that up even more so you end up at around at least 1 Gy/year. But that is just petty details... you can pick an arbitrary number. To your question: the beneficial effect would be...In your universe, you can have a fungi that allows the symbiotic partner to make use of this repair mechanism for themselves. EDIT: As requested, let us go deeper into this.Actually what you wrote in your original post is hitting close to the truth already. There has been some interesting research results from the Chernobyl area that suggests that animals can actually adapt to a higher-than-normal radiation environment. And it is assumed that anti-oxidants is the key.Bank Voles - who have now bred for over 50 generations in the area - show no ill effects of living there. They even show slightly higher then normal resilience when subjected to even more radiation. It is thought that anti-oxidants play a key part in this. The radiation is causing oxidative stress and the vole's body responds with producing more anti-oxidants (or as the article suggests: producing less of red/pink pheomelanin that otherwise use up anti-oxidants). You can read more about it here.In your world, the fungus may have its own version of photosynthesis - or in this case perhaps we should call it radiation-synthesis - that make use of the highly energetic radiation photons to produce a surplus of particular anti-oxidants that can be absorbed by the symbiotic partner and put into use to defuse the free radicals caused by radiation before they can damage DNA.2. What happens to the solar radiation that makes it to the Earth's surface?> you have some stuff backwards. If there has been sufficient time for the situation to attain equilibrium, then the warmth from radioactive components does no longer be inflicting a upward push in temperatures. think you turn on a a million,000 watt heater in a room. in the previous each and everything it will advance the temperature, yet quicker or later there will be a upward push with a value drawing near 0. in addition to, for the reason that radioactive fabric has decayed and now no longer exists, which skill there's no longer sufficient new skill to assist the temperature, and the temperature will FALL. (A strange exception could take place if products from the iinitial radioactive components are extra "warm" than the unique components. yet in spite of if this result happens, this is purely non everlasting). image that room whose temperature has come to equilibrium with the a million,000 watt heater, with the wattage now being decreased. So the radioactive components project could bring about a cooling after sufficient time for a quasi-equilibrium. it does no longer be a proof of, or a ingredient contributing to, worldwide warming. particularly the alternative.3. How could CO2 cause global warming?The planet is warmed due to it's proximity to the sun and it's temperature is moderated by the heat retaining properties of the atmosphere. Were it not for this heat retaining ability our planet would be bitterly cold and uninhabited. The heat we receive from the sun reaches us in the form of solar radiation, this has a very short wavelength and passes easily through the atoms and molecules that make up our atmosphere. This heat is absorbed by anything it strikes - mostly land and water but also buildings, vehicles, roads etc. When the ambient temperature falls heat is radiated back out from these surfaces as thermal radiation (just like a giant radiator). This thermal radiation has a longer wavelength than solar radiation and the comparatively large molecles in the atmosphere impede progress thus preventing some of the thermal radiation from exiting the atmosphere. It's this principle of letting heat in and retaining some of it that we refer to as the greenhouse effect and it's the molecular gases such as carbon dioxide, water vapour and methane that we refer to as the greenhouse gases. The more greenhouse gases there are in the atmosphere the better the insulative effect becomes and the current concern is largely centered around the extremely rapid rise in levels of greenhouse gases.
Why the Fur Hooded Shearling Jackets Are the Real Deal in Harsh Winter
When a snow storm hits the town, nothing seems to be working against the terrible weather phenomenon other than a fur hooded jacket surrounded by an extra layer of protection around the collar. Although it is also used for the fashion purpose, however its primary use is to ensure the provision of a defensive layer to safeguard the body. There are millions of Winter Shearling Leather Jacket For Mens available online, yet finding the right piece according to your taste can be a bit tricky.They can be the best component of your outfit in the long run with an enhanced durability and longevity. It rather easier to cover up your collar and upper chest using a fur hooded outerwear which also blocks the cold breeze from striking the area around your head and ears. Thus, you can better take care of the most sensitive parts of your body during a snowstorm and can step outside without facing the obstacles.Generally, a sheepskin leather outerwear is known to provide the required protection in the long term such as Mens B3 Raccoon Fur Hooded Real Sheepskin Shearling Leather Jacket. However, other types of leather can also do the job for you. In short, donning a sheepskin leather outerwear featuring a fur hooded collar during the snowfall is perhaps the only option to survive against the extremely cold weather which can turn you into a frozen object in just a matter of moments.·RELATED QUESTIONWhere can I take my shearling coat to shorten?ahhh i just beedn sweared at
See, Amid the Winter's Snow
See, amid the Winter's Snow"See, amid the Winter's Snow", also known as "Hymn for Christmas Day" and "The Hymn for Christmas", is an English Christmas carol. It was written by Edward Caswall (1814-1878), with music composed by Sir John Goss (1800-1880). As "Hymn for Christmas Day", it featured in Christmas Carols New And Old, which was published in 1871 by Henry Ramsden Bramley (1833-1917) and John Stainer (1840-1901). .— — — — — —Snow crystalsFrom 1933, Nakaya observed natural snow and created 3,000 photographic plates of snow crystals, classifying them into seven major and numerous minor types. In the course of these observations, taking photographs of natural snow and sorting them by appearance according to weather conditions, Nakaya felt the need to make artificial snow from ice crystals grown in the laboratory. He generated water vapor in a dual-layer hollow glass tube, which was then cooled. Contrary to his initial expectations, creating snow crystals was not an easy task - instead of forming into snowflakes, the ice crystals grew like caterpillars on the cotton string he used for nucleation. The Low Temperature Science Laboratory opened in 1935, and experiments continued with various materials for the ice nucleus. These experiments revealed that woolen string is better than cotton string; however, the snow crystals were still not forming as intended. One day Nakaya found a snow crystal on the tip of a hair of a rabbit-fur coat in the lab. This was the breakthrough that led to the production of the first artificial snow crystal. On March 12, 1936, three years after the first attempt, he produced a snow crystal on the tip of a single hair of rabbit fur in his laboratory apparatus. In December 1937, he took photographs of many types of artificial snow crystals in his lab. These photographs were influenced by Wilson Bentley's 1931 book Snow Crystals, which he admired greatly. Nakaya continued his research into snow crystals and elucidated how their various patterns are produced in nature. He published his Nakaya Diagram, which describes the relationships among vapor, temperature, supersaturation, and excess vapor density in clouds. Nakaya's achievement is commemorated today by a hexagonal stone monument at the site of his laboratory on the campus of Hokkaido University. His original apparatus is preserved and on display at The Institute for Low Temperature Science.— — — — — —Do you drive in the snow?I hate hate hate driving in the snow- but I have a 20 mile drive to work so I've got no choice. I leave plenty early, brush the car off completely, make sure my wipers are clean... If the roads require I will drive 20 mph with my flashers on the whole way home- it's taken me 3 hours before. The other morning I set a new record for longest drive to work- 2 hours! I live in a bad area of NY for lake effect snow- just a few miles away from where the thruway was shut down a few weeks ago. I drive a 99 Chevy Cavalier— — — — — —what does your dog do with snow?My dogs jump around, slide, eat, and dig in the snow. It's very entertaining to watch! and sometimes I buy them presents like new collars and stuff like that— — — — — —How to not get icicles on your house?I have a roof rake and use it after every snowstorm. You just need to pull off the snow about 4 ft. up. this will prevent the melting snow from refreezing at the edge of the roof, and run into the gutter. Other than elect heat tape, or tin shingles nailed on the edge of your roof, you just have to get the snow off. When redoing my roof, I installed "ice & water shield" on the edge under the shingles.— — — — — —William Snow HarrisSir William Snow Harris (1 April 1791 - 22 January 1867) was a British physician and electrical researcher, nicknamed Thunder-and-Lightning Harris, and noted for his invention of a successful system of lightning conductors for ships. It took many years of campaigning, research and successful testing before the British Royal Navy changed to Harris's conductors from their previous less effective system. One of the successful test vessels was HMS Beagle which survived lightning strikes unharmed on her famous voyage with Charles Darwin. .