Where Can I Buy Beads and Things to Make Jewelry?

most crafts stores. joann fabrics, michaels, hobby lobby and crafts 2000 to name a few

1. should i wear rosary beads if im going to try a ouigi board???????

Beads wo not save you. Because, well, they are just beads. And anyway, "ouigi" boards do not hurt people. "Ouija" boards do not either

2. Does 'electricity' have mass? Is 'electricity' tangible?

Incorrect. Information is stored in capacitors in the form of electromagnetic energy. It's also in the form of imbalance of electrons, not electrons themselves. To "charge" a capacitor, we take some electrons out of one metal plate and deposit them on the other metal plate. So, the number of electrons inside the capacitor never changes.Incorrect, because the wires always contain the same number of electrons. The information is stored by having those electrons moving or unmoving. Analogy: a rubber drive belt is much like a current in an electric circuit, where the rubber is like the electrons. The electrons are there inside the wires, even when they are not moving.Incorrect. For example, in RAM memory, electrons behave analogous to beads on an Abacus. To store ones and zeros we flip the beads left and right. But we never add any beads to the abacus, or remove them. Only the pattern is important, not the beads. Digital information is like writing in sand, and we do not buy and sell sand, we buy and sell only the patterns. In RAM memory the total number of electrons never changes. But in each memory cell, in each flipflop, the electron flow is diverted to one of two possible paths to store one of two possible states: one or zero.

3. How to be a little more girly?

try dressing in more skirts (wierd wording -_-) - if you dont like wearing alone, then you can wear them with tights or leggings (girly one usually have patterns or are in more of the warmer colours like red, pink, orange, but blacks fine, too. there are some girly ones with floral print etc.) you can also wear skinny jeans with a small skirt on top, or a long shirt (like a plaid shirt) with a short jacket so that it looks like your wearing one of those uniform skirts. others: cardigans, mini skirts, tulip skirts, bell shaped skirt, off the shoulder shirts.. makeup:try wearing lipgloss, and you can also try some mascarra, eyeliner, conceler, bronzer, etc.) hair: small, cute clips, or glittery clips or barrets are fine accessoires: long necklaces that go down to the middle of your cheast and that tons of beads are pretty girly, as well as simple necklace with something like a heart that rest around your coller bone. try wearing dangly hoops/earrings and bangles. shoes: low heel, uggs. hope this helped and sorry its so long ':)

4. I'm looking for seed beads....?

i dont know i only answered this so you get 3 point back im sorry

5. which is the best way to organize beads?

if you make most of your jewelry by color then i would organize them by color, but if your more into shape then i would organize by shape, and so on, but if it doesnt really matter to you then i would just pick one. ( be sure to buy a bunch of bead organizers...just go to a craft store they should have at least one you will like.

6. can parchment paper or wax paper be used t iron perler beads?

Parchment paper is coated with silicone which can withstand fairly high temps and also very little can stick to it. But you can also use the slick sheets that stickers or self-adhesive stamps come on, and the sheets that come with fusible webbing, etc. (fabric store)

7. Can you buy beads all one size?

Yes, but too many shops just stock mixed sizes in packages for sale. You are better off going online to shop for exactly what you want

8. Help! Spirit week starts monday and I need ideas!?

Mon: you need to be an obssesive fan. carry around a demonstration w/ your fashionable team. as a replace of a jersey, get a basic t-shirt and write the call throughout it. Paint your face(And hair, if possible) in team colorings. Now, whilst they ask you something, commence and end the sentence with "______ rock!" For the comprehensive day, contain the gang into any communication. Tues:This one is straightforward. dress up in cheesy vacationer outfits, a great number of beads, undesirable previous lady physique spray. placed on a listening to aide, placed on a grey wig, use glasses. .. commence and end sentences with "What? i can not pay attention YOU!" at lunch, ask i f all and sundry has considered your drugs, or dentures.... pretend to alter your listening to aide plenty. occupation day: an exceptionally hilarious one i've got considered is Urinal Attendant. dress in yellow outfits. (to cover the stains) And everytime somebody asks to pass to the bathing room, furnish help. desire I helped!

What to Do with Wrapping Paper Scraps?
You can use it to decoupage on to things or cut it into triangle shapes and roll it and make beads. There is a decoupage project that is tissue paper and a styrofoam tray but you could use wrapping paper instead.1. Cheap Japanese Seed Beads? Where Are They?Cheap Delica Beads2. Pandora beads are too expensive! Where can I find good quality alternatives?i think Chamilla beads are a good alternative. They've got what your looking for too.3. LG fridge/freezer 2 door not working?sometimes the coils on the bottom outside get a lot of dust on them and the unit can not cool down enough to stay running and your compressor is getting to hot and shutting down ,check for dust build up and vacuum off , let the compressor cool down and try to run if it won;t stay running then then check on the side of the compressor and you will see a plastic housing with some wires going to it .with the power off( unplugged ) remove the clip that holds it on and you will have it loose in your hand unplug the wire and shake it if you hear beads rattling in it ,its shot and needs replacing.gl4. What are the name of those beads you melt together with an iron to make a design?They are called Perler beads5. You know those tiny little beads of white balls in pillows?those tiny squishy little white beads are used in 'bean bags' as fillers. they are basically Styrofoam. however, since we are from different countries, i am afraid i cant help you as to where you can buy them. at least you now have a hint what they are called and maybe that can help when looking for them.6. Praying to the Virgin Mary using Rosary Beads...False Teaching?So, who the hell died and made you the prayer leader? people do what they will to make the feeling more spiritual. Sometimes, a little ritual is better than just standing there making demands7. Is it ok for me to get prayer beads if I'm not going to pray with them?Yes. God wants your prayers, He does not care about set prayers and prayer beads. That just adds unneeded worry8. How come the thrust from military jets looks like there are 'beads' of light?Your link does not go to a military Jet, goes to a passenger liner. Added, Yes, it is called afterburners. Is when the engines have extra fuel dumped into the exahust section of the engine, which in turn creates more thrust, but then they suck down much more fuel.9. Best place to buy beads online?the best bet is to buy a beading magazine and go through their listings for online bead shops, most newsagents stock one or two different magazines, if your in Australia i recommend allaboutbeads.com.au i do not think they ship overseas though10. A muslim man i'm seeing gave me a set of beads similar to a rosary only larger beads what does that mean?I believe they call them worry beads or at least that was what I was told. Dont really know11. Where to buy glass beads in Malaysia?The glass bead store. Where else?12. Why do modern Religions use ancient rosaries or prayer beads ?Because they do not know God. God HATES the parroting prayers of the faithless - and he says straight up: he does not hear you. Edit: You strain out a gnat and swallow a camel. Have you considered going directly to the author for understanding? instead of relying on the interpretation of mere mortals?13. Does anyone know a sight where I can get beads?I did not search for exactly what you are looking for, but I know they do have some awareness ribbon beads and charms. And they have free shipping with no minimum order14. hair extenstion help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?check out donnabellahair.com they sell beads and glue bonds, but you need the certain tool to melt the glue bonds. unless you can find a pot somewhere else which you can usually get at a hair supply store. you HAVE to use the hair glue beads/bonds normal glue WILL NOT WORK.15. Draw a chain of beadsTo fit the original request that a chain is built by specifying only angles, Asymptote provides an operator overloading. An overloaded operator > pair operator>(pair pos=(0,0), real phi) takes a position on the left and an angle on the right, calculates a proper transform (combined rotation and shift) and calls a procedure bead that actually draws the bead with radial shading and a link. Thus the chains are constructed either as pos=pos>0>45>-45>90>135 which updates the position, or just pos>0>45>-45>90>135; pos>90>90>90; to draw several branches from the same origin. Note that a numeric comparison with > still works, since it corresponds to a different signature of parameters. beads.asy:A standalone pdf is produced by asy -f pdf beads.asyEdit: This is an inline version, beads-inline.tex:To process it with latexmk, create file latexmkrc:and run latexmk -pdf beads-inline.tex. The result looks likeFor more details consult the manual at: asymptote development page at sourceforge or, in case if you happened to be a lucky TeX Live user, just type texdoc asymptote.
Dose Any One Know Where I Can Get Dora Beads?
follow gay guys until they pull stuff out of their pockets. some are bound to fall out1. Which beads fit on Pandora necklaces?i think most beads fit on most chanins/bracelets2. Need help organizing beads! Wire wrap & beading jewelry?Shelves are a must, of course! Above your bench, next to it, whichever. You can also mount racks and hooks on the wall above your workbench. Some people put up magnetic strips and then stick metal jars (with clear lids) on them. For some beads and pendants/charms, I like those rectangular plastic boxes with the hinged lids and 17-18 compartments. Seed beads are best in tubes if you can find some, although I do keep some in the little plastic resealable bags (have to be careful about static cling and tricky getting them back in). Old prescription bottles with the labels peeled off work, too, especially if they are clear; easy to label and just get a basket or something similar to hold them. Glass jars like ones for baby food are good, too, if you can get them. Also, in some hardware stores, they have these organizers with 20 or so little drawers--I think they are meant for nails and screws and whatnot--that can be good, too. I keep findings in mine. Hit up the local craft and hardware stores and see what they carry. As for the beads themselves, I usually sort by type and color. Blue glass beads here, patterned blue glass there, blue plastic elsewhere. Pendants and charms are sorted by category--animals in one place, celestial in another, etc. Break it down as far as you like; sets either in the little bags or on string. If you are looking for ways to arrange your space, go onto sites like Pinterest--there are tons of ideas out there. Just keep organizing until things are the most convenient and effective for you!3. Question about using beads on Texas Rigs for Bass fishing?0) on your preliminary Q "superb bass fishing rig?" there is none, it actually relies upon on your situation. Like temprature, season, water readability, time of day, form of platforms, water point, ect... I understand that's no longer the form of answer you've was hoping for, yet that's the actuality. a million) between the wacky, jighead and carolina rig. I dislike the wacky rig maximum extremely in my opinion. between the jighead and the carolina rig, i might could say the jighead. the two are extremely effectual, although the jighead rig may well be very versatile between open water factors. you may swim, leap alongside the backside, injury it into shape, Vertically jig it, and various different issues. although, in weeded factors and shape that is actually caught on, the jighead does not shine o. k. , as a result the carolina rig may well be greater ideal between those circumstances. yet the two are quite effectual of their very own approaches 2) human beings use "Wacky" Jigheads, and so they use a bypass of the wacky "Rigging approach" And the rig setup form of a "Drop shot rig". A drop shot rig is referred to as a weight under the hook approximately 7"-2ft. you ought to use casting sinkers, and octopus hooks for a known drop shot, although there are specifically designed drop shot weights and hooks. the main uncomplicated drop shot weights are around and function a watch for crimping the line onto. you are able to do the comparable element as a drop shot, the only distinction particularly of nostril hooking the bait stick it in the process the middle like a wacky. . 3) The bead is declared to function colour, although i do no longer care lots for that. whilst the bead is smacked via the unfastened sinker, it reasons noise... much greater so with tungsten weights. It is likewise meant to "guard the knot" From the heavy sinker smashing against it 4) If via bass sinker you advise "Casting" sinker (that have a watch on them, and bullet weights do no longer) Then i can not say, becuase they the two have thoroughly distinctive applications. Casting sinkers could have multiple makes use of, and bullet sinkers for texas rigs, florida rigs, and a few human beings use them for carolina rigs. although for a florida rig the burden must be pegged or a definite screw in sinker could be utilized. And for a carolina rig... the burden is often of a a million/2 oz..or greater. good success with it. "Fishin inspired video games... video games inspired me"
Cell Project Due Tomorrow Help!?
i used beads and jelly!1. You know those tiny little beads of white balls in pillows?Craft shops would probably be your best go...That's where I got some once! Good luck (:2. What is the name of that website to help you make sprites in perler beads?It's call fusebeadsoftware.com By the way, you have to buy the software3. where can I find these beads?yup... go to Michaels Craft store and show them your beads. They will show you their supply so you can buy more4. What are those silver like beads that go on cookies? plz plz help lol?They are called dragees. They make beautiful decorations, but they should not be eaten. Try some non pareils. Those can be eaten5. What are the name of those beads you melt together with an iron to make a design?They are called Perler beads6. Suggestions for a craft sale?Since you like to paint little thngs, pick up some of those 99 cent paper mache boxes at Michaels and decorate them. Decoupage on a print, embellish it with Dimensional paint, buttons, crystals, beads, whatever. I sell a bunch of these for $14.95 each, and put no more than about 30 minutes into each one. Fun to do too. Just stick to decorating the very top. Maybe varnish the rest of it .7. Going to vietnam, looking for glass beads?You can find pretty much anything in Sai Gon if you ask enough people. I would suggest bringing some samples of the beads you want and asking around. Try emailing (or calling) the American Chamber of Commerce in HCMC. You can find them through google.8. where to learn beads accessory?Try Fire Mountain Gems. They have online tutorials for jewelry making. (Since they are a business, they have a large selection of wire, tools and beads). Also try looking on Youtube, Aunties Beads or something like that, great tutorials. I am not affiliated with either company, I just like them a lot9. Counting beads on a stringLet $o$ denote a bead and $|$ denote a boundary of a section, notice that visually we see that we can represent a valid bead positioning as a sequence of $o$'s and $|$'s, e.g.,$$oo|o||o,$$Shows two beads in the 1st section, 1 bead in the second section, none in the third, and 1 bead in the last.Notice that any permutation of the $o$'s and $|$'s give a valid bead positioning with 4 beads and 4 sections. Notice that if we pick the locations of the $|$'s in the sequence of $o$'s and $|$'s, then that uniquely determines a way of positioning the beads in each section. So the number of ways we can pick $3$ spots amongst the $7$ characters in the sequence is the number of bead positionings, in this case, $(frac73)$. In general, if we have $n$ sections, then we will have $n-1$ $|$'s to place amongst the sequence of $x$ $o$'s and $n-1$ $|$'s (for a total of $nx-1$ characters in the sequence) of which there are $nx-1 choose n-1$ ways.You want to sum over all the choices of $x$, i.e., you want to figure out $sum_x=1^n nx-1 choose n-1$.There is an identity known as the hockey stick pattern (see here) in Pascal's triangle that states the identity, $$n1 choose r1 = sum_i=r^n i choose r$$Manipulating our sum, $$sum_x=1^n nx-1 choose n-1$$ $$ = sum_x=n^2n-1 x choose n-1$$ $$ = sum_x=n-1^2n-1 x choose n-1 - n-1 choose n-1 $$ $$ = sum_x=n-1^2n-1 x choose n-1 - 1 $$ $$ 2n choose n - 1.$$To test this, consider $3$ sections:One Bead$31-1 choose 3-1 = 3 choose 2 = 3$ ways: $||o, |o|, o||$Two Beads$32-1 choose 3-1 = 4 choose 2 = 6$ ways: $||oo, |o|o, |oo|, o||o, o|o|, oo||$Three Beads$33-1 choose 3-1 = 5 choose 2 = 10$ ways: $||ooo, |o|oo, |oo|o, |ooo|, o||oo, o|o|o, o|oo|, oo||o, oo|o|, ooo||$Total$1410 = 19$ waysComparing this with our formula, $$2n choose n - 1 = 6 choose 3 - 1 = 19,$$which is consistent with what we saw earlier.10. Where can I buy gel beads for vase fillers, the expandable kind?hobby lobby or joanns11. What evidence suggests that dinosaurs were abruptly killed by an asteroid hitting the earth years ago?National Museum of Natural HistoryIn the late 1970's geologist Walter Alvarez, and his father, Nobel-prize winning physicist Luis Alvarez, identified an unusual clay layer at the K/T boundary in Italy. This clay contained an unusually high concentration of the rare-earth element iridium 30 times the level typically found in the Earth's crust. Why was the discovery of iridium so important? Although iridium is rare in the crust, it is abundant in many meteorites and asteroids as well as the Earth's core. With this evidence, Alvarez hypothesized that an asteroid must have struck the Earth right at the K/T boundary. Further investigation has revealed that this iridium-rich layer of clay occurs at more than 100 sites around the world, providing evidence that this was truly a worldwide event. It was estimated that to produce the amount of iridium in the clay layer, the impact object would have been 10 km in diameter. Further evidence of an impact was discovered in the form of small grains of impact-shocked quartz and beads of impact glass (tektites) within the clay layer.
If You Are Single and Were Close Enough, with Whom Would You Want to Spend the Weekend From?
Wally, why do not we just have a hoppin' hot party and invite everyone.. I would love to meet so many here...let's set up a dance floor, an open bar, and go for it. IF anyone has dietary restrictions, phone ahead. There are so many here I feel I already know, it would be great to party..and I love to party. We will drag out all the songs from the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's...I have them all in my computer, we will pop corks and open bottles, to hell with the kids...let them worry about what time we are out till...let them worry about our driving home for a change...hell, let's give THEM something to worry about for a change! The disco ball is up and lit, incense is buring, beads are hanging in the doorways, and sideburns are in! Drag out the bellbottoms, let's mix up these generations and have scandalous evening. ! Mini skirts are optional, if you've got it , flaunt it! Why limit it to singles...I said, let's have a scandalous time! OF course, scandalous may not be so scandalous at our age, but you never know! Peace and love to all, Goldwing PS...everyone is invited to see Dragon's art work, soon to be posted online...she is a fantastic clothing artist...you are all going to be so damned surprised! I will let you know where to tune into within a few days. Phil1. In what decade (other than now) did people wear colorful pants? And what shirts did they wear with them?Try the mad mod mid sixties, like the Beatles from the Sargent Pepper days, or the Austin Power movies, or the hippies of San Francisco. Wear stripes, yellow, pink, orange or any colour, it does not need to match, it is better if it does not . Or pair your purple with a tie dye shirt. Wear lots of beads, they were called "love beads" back then, and wear a big bright peace sign2. Where can i buy pretty beads ?I like to make necklace and bracelets to. I go to wal-mart and get beads from there of go to hobby lobby. both stores have pretty beads! Good luck:) hope i helped.3. i recently came across a man wearing rosary beads?No there is nothing wrong with the man wanting to keep his Rosary Beads close to his body and near his Heart. It is not recommended by the church as they are not a piece of Jewelry, or a good-luck charm, but neither have I heard a priest or Church member say you could not. You will find that a lot of pilgrims at Holy Shrines, especially Shrines of Our Lady, wear their Rosary Beads around their neck. When I was in Medjugorie, a Holy Shrine of Our Lady in Bosnia Herzegovina, everyone wore them around their necks. The pilgrims who go there go for prayer and meditation and because Our Lady appeared there.. They pray constantly, their Rosaries never far from their fingers, so they hang their rosaries around their neck where they cannot get lost and always ready and handy to pray. Our Lady has appeared to 5 teenagers since 1981, and at the hour she appears everyone gathers at the Church and prays the Rosary. Today, as the Teenagers have grown and married, I am not sure if she is still appearing there. If you go online and look up Medujorie you will learn a great deal of this Holy Shrine, and Our Lady's message for the World. Other Holy Shrines that Our Lady appeared, and Holy Shrines to visit are Fatima in Portugal, and Lourdes in France. There have been people from every Country on Earth on pilgrimage to these Holy Shrines, and the Rosary has been prayed in almost every languages. In Medujorie, (former Yugoslavia) the Rosary is prayed constantly and in every language and the mass was also said in many languages all day long. Maybe the man you saw was one of these pilgrims. I know that when I got back home, I wanted my Rosary Beads always close to me, and at home I wore them around my neck as I had done over there. I do not wear them around my neck anymore, but I do have them somewhere always close to me so that I can always pray my Rosary whenever I have a few minutes to spare.. I always have my Rosary Beads in my purse, and have prayed my Rosary outside my home in many places, park, hospital, bus, streetcar, and when I am outside I still slip them around my neck. I do this not to get attention, or protection or anything else, simply because I want them close to me so that I can pray whenever, or wherever I am. Maybe this is what has happened to this man. Hope this has helped you..God Bless
Where Can I Find Those Beads Sephora Puts in Their Makeup Brush Holders?
Makeup Brush Holder Beads1. Lalal What do iwash my makeup brush with PUHLEEZE answer ;)sure i guess..thats what i would do..or maybe just soap and water..whichever u think is better2. Can you suggest any good but affordable makeup brush set??DTLA3. Where to get a professional makeup brush set for a cheap price? Maybe under $15?Try an outlet mall. They have just about every store you can imagine. I used to sell Avon years ago and they have some really good ones4. Can Bare Mineral be applied with any makeup brush?easily, you need to purchase Phsycians formula Minerals at cvs or Walgreens, and it is in simple terms as reliable! a lot extra affordabel and extra user-friendly to receive!!!!! attempt additionally American elegance minerals at Khols. it is starting to be to be much extra affordble to receive mineral, as long as there are no Talc interior the lines that declare to be minerals, they are going to be in simple terms as valuable5. Where can I buy a really good makeup brush set ?Well CVS has a line of makeup brushes and tools called Essence of Beauty there really good and pretty affordable for an eight piece set of the essentials is about $14. Good luck.:)6. best makeup brush to apply cream foundation?a stippling brush!7. What is a good makeup brush brand?I like MAC brushes, but love Bobbi Brown brushes8. Could I use a spray bottle mixed with shampoo and water as a makeup brush cleaner.?i wouldnt use a regular shampoo. I use baby shampoo because it's gentle9. is it okay if i just use a kids paint brush from toys r us for a makeup brush?That can be VERY damaging to your skin. Kids toys are made for short term use, meaning they fall apart easily, the fibers are tough and can irritate your skin or ruin the texture of your make up, also they are hard to manage. Use your fingers! I can do an entire face of makeup with just my hand and maybe a cotton swab! with some practice you can too. Or go to the dollar store... you should be able to find at least (if not more) five brushes, that are meant for beauty products, but not top shelf price. Good luck!10. Where can I get a makeup brush? UK!?Go to Boots and have a look at the Real Techniques brushes. Theyre inexpensive and worth the price. My favorite foundation brush from them is the expert face brush11. Looking for a makeup brush set...?for alittle brush set, I use a Sonia kashuck available at target. it has a nice shadow brush, smudge brush, liner brush blending brush, and crease brush. the bristlels do not come out of the socket so that its also very good. and their is a label on the handle also any Sephora brush are very good for larger brushes and they can have labels12. Why should I pay $30 for a makeup brush?yes it is way better quality. the hairs on the mac brush are more then likely natural, where as the drug store brand is synthetic. the drugstore is not a horrible brush, but the mac is worth the money13. best makeup brush for mac powder?ELF brushes suck. Ecotools has amazing brushes, so that would probably work the best14. Makeup Brush Tutorial with Revolution Create Brushes | Revolution BeautyYou've got the makeup, now you need the brushes! Using quality makeup brushes can really take your finished look from a 9 to a perfect 10. Making your blending, smoothing and contouring that little bit easier and leaving you looking flawless. We asked Shahira from Team Revolution to give us a quick and easy makeup brush tutorial from the new Create Brush Collection. Watch this quick makeup brush tutorial video for a little help building your dream brush set, and to see these beautiful brushes in action. Press play to see how I create this seamlessly blended look using my favourite brushes from the Create Brush collection. There are 12 beautifully finished fluffy brushes in the collection, all available individually. Choose the right Create Brush for you by using the number guide below. R1 - This is a double ended brow brush brush, with a spoolie on one end and a sharp edge on the other to get into the small gaps. The R1 is also great for defining when using concealer to carve out the shape of your brow. R11 - The R11 is a detailed concealer brush, use this brush when applying concealer over your lid to ensure when you apply eyeshadow it sticks for a flawless finish.
How Much Do Anal Beads Cost?
Should be pretty cheap, around $20 and up1. Weighted Blanket Fillers: The Complete GuideAnyway, without further ado, these are the most common weighted blanket fillers to use: They are small round plastic beads with a pebble-like texture. Note that if you have skin or sound sensitivities, then this may not be the best option for you. A smoother texture may be better, like the one glass beads provide, for example. If you choose to use plastic pellets inside a cotton stuffing, it could help a bit with the noise they make, but be aware that they might feel a bit uneven if they are not carefully constructed. Your blanket might end up being lumpy, and this could irritate you at night if you are sensitive to that type of thing. If you use minky or fleece fabrics with plastic pellets, you will have a softer texture due to the thickness of the material. You might still be able to feel the rougher texture of the pellets, but you wo not necessarily see it. From ancient times to the modern day, the making of glass beads remained an art passed on from one generation to another. Scientists, historians and archaeologists still can not determine where the knowledge of bead making came from, possibly ancient Rome or Egypt, maybe Mesopotamia? Wherever it is from, one thing is certain: once the production of beads started, it never stopped. The glass beads were mainly made for decoration, and still are. But now they also have a utilitarian purpose! Micro glass beads and ceramic glass beads are the best option for filling your blanket if smoothness is what you are looking for when you are choosing your fillers. They are texture is similar to that of sand. If you are using glass bead fillers, you can be sure no bumps will appear as the beads are distributed evenly. These beads are extremely tiny and have a similar look and feel to white beach sand or salt crystals. They kind of make me think of Xylitol, you know, the fake sugar. They will feel much smoother inside your blanket too and are probably the best selection for people with any type of auditory, sensory and physical sensitivities. They are also a bit heavier than their plastic counterparts, and therefore you will need fewer glass beads to achieve your goal than you would with plastic pellets. Great for someone who wants weight but not an extreme amount of bulk on top of them. The glass beads are really tiny, and for that reason they need to be sewn into the blanket with extreme care. If there's even a small hole in the blanket, the beads will easily fall out. A DIY blanket with glass beads should not be put in the washing machine. It's better to wash it by hand than risk a ruined blanket or washing machine. Steel beads are very strong, heat treated hyper-eutectoid steel micro balls. They are super easy to wash, as they usually do not retain a lot of dirt between them because of their smooth surface, and will just last about forever. These beads are slightly larger in size than glass beads but are heavier, so you will need even less of them in your blanket, making them perfect for really thin pockets. It's also great that, because they are bigger, it will be harder for them to leak through the stitches of the blanket. The only drawback is that they can also be a bit lumpy and noisy. Sand does not spread out as easily as glass beads or plastic pellets, and it is much harder to wash and dry than the non-organic fillers. It will take an exponential amount of time to dry and depending on the fabric you use, and the construction of the blanket, they will leak more or less faster in the long run, so you probably do not want to wash sand-filled weighted blankets a lot. Weighted blankets constructed with sand are often some of the least durable, so be aware of that. I will give you a little bonus filler you can use if you are closer to a river than to a beach: As you can imagine these could be very cheap fillers to add weight to the blanket if going through a budget DIY route, but I will tell you: I would not really want to sleep under a weighted blanket filled with rocks. Pebbles do however come in various shapes and sizes, and if you do wish to go this route, you will want to choose small stones that are the most uniform in shape and texture. If not, the consistency will be rough, lumpy and irregular, there will be a lot of clatter when you move around under your blanket, and it might be quite uncomfortable. What about weighted blankets filled with food? Yes, there are some great organic fillers you can use like dehydrated corn, beans, rice, barley and even dry pasta. They are inexpensive and of course, available everywhere. But just remember, at some point or another you will want to (and you should) wash your blanket. This might not go down so well for a few obvious reasons. You know that adding water to these edibles will expand them through the absorption process, leaving you with one big soggy mess. They will also take forever to dry out, that is if they do. And if you are that lucky, you will probably end up with a very strangely deformed blanket. If you are not lucky well... You will wake up sleeping in soup. The most significant disadvantage with food fillers is that they are delicate, susceptible to mold, fungus, bacterial growth and insect infestation, and at some point, they will expire and rot. Not a pretty picture. So, I do not suggest going this route unless maybe you are doing a fun science project. Or just want your blanket to last a month (or three if unwashed). Based on all this information, I would say you are probably better off using a long-lasting, durable, non-organic weighted blanket filler that wo not give you any hassles when trying to use, wash or store it. Do you have to be careful with weighted blankets containing toxic chemicals? The 'poly' in plastic poly pellets, stands for Polypropylene. A chemical compound that's an artificial resin which is a polymer of propylene. It does have other uses such as in films, fibers, threads, or casting materials. I know what you must be thinking. These plastic pellets must be covered in fire retardants, preservatives, PBA's, plastic by-products and a whole range of other toxins and substances. And yes, you may be right. With every non-natural product there is always the risk of toxicity but fear not, there is a bright side. With strict regulations these days, manufacturers are obligated to follow strict guidelines and safety procedures during the manufacturing process. Therefore, most commercially distributed fillers tend to be nonhazardous, chemical free, PBA free, hypoallergenic and safe to use externally. For your peace of mind, you could ensure these items have been FDA approved by reading the label before you buy. Bear in mind though, that with anything inorganic and unnatural, like plastic and glass beads, you must keep them away from children and they are certainly not safe to be ingested. Sand and preservative treated food fillers also fall into the "unsafe to eat" category, so be aware of that too.2. How exactly are Rosary beads supposed to be Holy?these ritualistic pagan beads are NOT Holy nor do they have any Biblical support, catholics use these as do some pagan groups I am told, they pray to/through Mary with these, also No Biblical Truth to support such an act..they are not pretty they are eery....got a white one in my ol catechism book somewhere's, should I ever find it, it's trashbound......God Bless3. How does an Etch A Sketch work?An Etch-a-Sketch is actually a pretty amazing device! It is essentially a manually operated plotter with a built-in erasing system. It is not easy, but you can get inside by removing the outer case and the glass: What you find inside is a stylus mounted on a pair of orthogonal rails. These rails move when you turn the knobs Also inside is a mixture of extremely fine aluminum powder and beads. The beads help the powder to flow evenly. When you turn the Etch-a-Sketch upside down and shake, it coats the inside face of the glass with aluminum powder An obvious question, prior to playing with this powder, is, "Why does the aluminum powder stick to the glass?" After you play with the powder, you know that the answer is, "Because it sticks to EVERYTHING!" It is amazing stuff! the key to the Etch-a-Sketch mechanism -- tightly strung and very thin steel wire that connects the knobs to the horizontal and vertical bars through a pretty complicated pulley system. The wires connect both ends of each bar to its respective knob. When you turn a knob, it moves its bar, and this moves the stylus. The stylus scratches off the aluminum dust coating the glass to create a line on the screen.
Where Can I Buy Beads That Are Use for Bracelet/rosary in Divisoria?
Are you Catholic, because of the fact the rosary is not purely a component of rings and not utilising a which ability, and the rosary is not purely some thing "in type now." talk to extremely each and every physique who delivers an evidence for the rosary to you. you ought to then have purely somewhat greater admire for it. Btw, i am an atheist, inspite of the shown fact that I do have some sensitivity1. How much would you pay for a braclet made of these beads?it depends on what ur buying2. What stores sell pony beads for kandi bracelets?JoAnns has a great selection of beads at terrific prices too. Be sure to take your JoAnn's, Michaels or Hobby Lobby coupon. They take them all! ;-)3. SEED BEADS -- quality of different types of seed beads?a parakeet is a stable decision for a generally used chicken. i could propose getting a e book approximately parakeets this is going to clarify issues you will be able to desire to understand. please make certain you get a cage sufficiently enormous for the parakeet to unfold its wings. of course, you decide on a lots of toys that he can chew up or shred. parakeets love bells and mirrors. please keep in mind parakeets are very messy chicken so which you will be able to desire to be dedicated to conserving his cage sparkling4. Is it okay to bring computer parts and fancy beads jewelry to a US airport?Here's the deal: (1) You are allowed to bring computer parts and jewelry into the United States in most cases, as long as you follow the basic rules of declaration and presentation of articles for inspection. (2) Be sure to declare EVERYTHING, even if it's for personal use. And yes, you will have to declare the value of everything. Anything you do not declare can be seized and forfeited to the United States Government, and you are also looking at a $5,000.00 penalty for failure to declare. (3) U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has the right to inspect anything and everything you bring into the country. If you declare computer parts and jewelry, the chances are VERY GOOD that they will inspect, no matter how many or how few items you have. (4) Be prepared to answer questions about the computer parts. The CBP officers will want to know why you are bringing them in and what you intend to do with them.5. What are some good things to ask for on my birthday (I'm turning 15)?Gift cards Bath & Body Works perfume...smells so good :3 Shoes Clothes A cute little tote bag A purse A new wallet Earrings Long necklaces with lots of beads and things Those chunky bracelets Rings Nail polish Nail art pens6. Got a prom dress question anyone?Well, i have one. And its light blue and quite sparkly. But just wondering, since it has a lot of sinquen and beads, would a necklace be too much ?7. I need some ideas on my wedding centerpieces!?You could also do vases with leaves or beads and sand in them if you did not want to do all ostrich feathers because of the price. It is simple and can be picked up at any local craft store8. Different voltages with Ferrite BeadsYou need to look a bit closer at your schematic snippett. There are two versions of the Ethernet chip, the RTL8305S and the RTL8305SB. The circuit is built with the ferrite beads for the "S" version of the chip. Alternatively the external regulator PNP circuit is used to produce the 2.5V for the "SB" version of the chip. The evaluation board was designed to support either version of the chip9. What do you call the wire the beads are on?Eye pins are the straight part. Earring findings for the through the ear bit. A round nose pliers to bend the end of the eye pin. And of course, the beads. These are super easy to make. Check out FireMountainGems.com10. What are the kinds of metal bendable beads you use to make jewelry?Best kinds of beads for jewelry making == The best kinds of beads to use when making jewelry can be answered on several different points. Creatively, use whatever you like. Jewelry is an art form, it has been with us since the beginning of the human race, people have decorated themselves with beautiful and unique objects that represent something special to them. What is the message you want to convey with the jewelry you make? Use what you decide would get the message across most effectively. From a design aspect, using what is traditionally appropriate for that design, ie., glass seed beads for native american beadwork, is a good place to start, and then incorporating something a little different that you think would look good in the design will give it originality. From a marketing perspective, semiprecious and precious stone beads are most popular, for example chalcedony briolettes, amethyst, ruby, tourmaline faceted beads, etc. While they cost more than using glass, they also demand a higher retail price for the finished piece. If you are going to spend the time to make jewelry to sell, make quality jewelry using fine materials and you will make more profit in the long run. The best kinds of beads are ones with a hole in them.
Looking for a Wholesaler in Beads in NYC Or Long Island Area!?
Beads World on Broadway and 37th street. They have an attitude and are a bit expensive, but have a decent selection. Also try Phoenix Jewelry on 37th right off 5th Ave (west)1. Any cute ideas for-Make an advent calender for each other; sew one out of felt, build one out of wood...anything goes...fill it with each other's favourite treats. -Buy a foam ball, dress maker pins, sequins and beads...Make a christmas bauble by placing a bead then a sequene onto the dressmaker pin and and pushing the pin into the ball...Cover it completely they look fantastic! -Gingerbread house. -Stained glass biscuits. -Make a santa door hanger out of wire and paper mache -Use an old puzzle, paint the pieces green and make a wreath -There are plenty of free origami christmas tutorials on the net...search around that will be great.2. Do you have a recipe to make jewelry beads out of dried herbs?You can use Goodsearch or Google to find instructions for making traditional rosary beads. They were originally made from crushed rose petals. I would imagine that beads can be made from other herbs and flowers in a similar way.3. What's your favourite shower gel?Dove exfoliating body wash. It smells really light and fresh. It has exfoliating beads that really soften your skin. Plus, it's pretty cheap and you can buy it pretty much anywhere4. Do you agree with recent scientific theories that the Loch Ness monster was a giant sized eel?It all depends on whether there is a hidden route from Loch Ness to the sea. For those who do not know, Loch Ness is vast and very deep and its walls are fractured, and Loch Ness, Loch Lochy and Loch Linnhe line up like a string of beads and between them form an almost complete split from one side of Scotland to the other, from south west to north east. A subterranean route big enough to take a largeish animal is by no means impossible. If there is such a channel, then I have always thought that if Nessie exists it might be a primitive whale.The first point is that I have a book on cetaceans of the world, published in the 1970s, and as at that point there was quite a large species of beaked whale (20ft_ long) which definitely existed but was known from *one* beached specimen - and this was in a busy shipping area. Given that, it's quite possible there are rare cetaceans which exist but are not known at all. the second is that these were animals with at least some sort of neck, and some reproductions show lumps along the back. Or the "humps" could be the backs of several animals travelling in convoy.The third thing is that one of the main arguments against Nessie being real is that the waters of Loch Ness are peaty, acidic and nutrient poor, and would not be able to support a breeding population of large animals. However, the most primitive surviving whale we know of, the grey whale, returns to a particular bay to give birth every year and does not eat while it is there. If Nessie were a primitive whale she might enter Loch Ness only occasionally, to calve or to avoid a storm, and never eat there5. When was the first computing device created?The first acknowledged computing device is the "abacus". Which is thought to be invented by the Babylonians sometime between 1,000 BC and 500 BC. Since then it has evolved from a wooden frame with beads into modern computers. If you would like a more thorough explination on the evolutoin to the modern computer, email me. . hope this helped! =]6. Where can I find Bubble beads to make necklace?Because your just starting out I would search on EBay. I've bought Swarovski Crystal and other great gems for dirt cheap. I normally search and buy from EBay Australia because the dollar is worth more so I have more buying power. Another great site to buy beads from is Fire Mountain Gems. The have a great gallery and virtual bead boards to help you plan out your jewelry projects. Register on the site and they will send your their awesome catalog for free. I put the links down for you. Good luck with your project.
Which Is the Best Way to Organize Beads?
Get a large plastic box with small see-through drawers like you get in tool stores. Sort the beads by type and put different colors in each drawer, but do not put similar shades next to each other in case you mix them up when you make a necklace and have to start over again! Seeing them sitting in their drawers will inspire you to get threading, too1. Where could I find a case of beads?Yard sales do have bargains, but a case of even plastic beads is probably a wish that wo not be granted2. Where to buy cheap supplies like beads and cords for jewellery making?EBay ! They have everything but if you want the cheapest just put in lowest first is define try it xx3. I keep finding beads in my house?I am kind of up in the air about ghosts and such, but it would seem that someone is trying to get your attention. Is this an older house, one where someone--especially a child--may have died? Have you told anyone you are close to--family or friends--about this? Maybe someone might have an insight into who this could be or what is going on. Maybe one of them would recognize the beads as being connected to someone or something specific.4. Would it be safe to put beads in my horses mane?Even if it were 100% safe, why would you WANT to do that? Are you five?5. A muslim man i'm seeing gave me a set of beads similar to a rosary only larger beads what does that mean?He wants to have sex with you6. Is it ok to alter leather gloves?Sure. I am very young but when i can get some leather gloves to fit my hands, I will chop off their fingers. And on another i might try some embroidery design or if that is notpossiblee i will use fabric paint oracrylicc paint to to a nice design.Perhapss u can use beads. Start a trend7. Rosary beads with words tattoo? ideas?That's a fairly long phrase to wrap rosary beads all the way around it. Perhaps get a rosary and wrap the words around it? If you want it to look pretty and elegant, then you will possibly have to go pretty big with the tattoo to get it all in there. Your best bet would be to pick a real tattoo artist in your area and speak with him or her about your ideas. For a nominal fee that goes towards the cost of your tattoo, they will draw up something for you and keep working at it until its PERFECT for you. I wish I could have been more help...8. need some ideas for my daughter?My daughters are 7 and 8. I bought thin wire and red and white beads We made candy canes. They loved it, they gave them to there teachers and family members9. How do they put holes in those tiny beads?Depends on the stone. Softer stones will be easier to drill through, but more likely to break... The owner of a local rock shop told me once that you could do it with a drill press (to make sure the hole was straight and the bit was secure), and to secure the stone with plasticine or some such. You may want to get cabochon settings, if you are using what I think you are using. You can glue or clamp them into the setting, which normally has a pre-made pendant bail. Much easier than trying to drill the stone...10. Did rosary beads save this persons life?And this nun died because .......................... Hey Douche bag, because he believes it ? that is the reason we should accept it ? Well guess what.... the 911 terrorist also BELIEVE they are doing allahs work. Think before you speak on terms of "Belief"11. A fun and intersesting craft 2 make for a teen?Knitting and crotchet can be very fun, and it is easy to pick up and put down. You can also incorporate beads into the designs :]12. ok whatsup with products have slicia gel in them saying do no eat??Silica gel is most commonly encountered in everyday life as beads packed in a semi-permeable plastic. In this form, it is used as a desiccant to control local humidity in order to avoid spoilage of some goods. Because of poisonous dopants (see below) and their very high absorption of moisture, silica gel packets usually bear warnings for the user not to eat the contents, but to throw them away instead. If consumed, the pure silica gel is unlikely to cause acute or chronic illness, but would be problematic nonetheless. However, some packaged desiccants may include fungicide and/or pesticide poisons. It is not known whether these would be labelled specifically. Food-grade desiccant should not include any poisons which would cause long-term harm to humans if consumed in the quantities normally included with the items of food
Knowledge About Rosaries & Prayer Beads - Cairu of Rosaries & Prayer Beads
Cairu of rosaries & prayer beadsCairu is a municipality in the state of Bahia in the North-East region of Brazil. The municipality has a population of 18,176 with a population density of 33.3 inhabitants per square kilometer. The municipality consists of three island: the Island of Cairu, which is only separated from the mainly by a narrow river; Tinhar Island, which has the dense tourist settlement of Morro de So Paulo to the north; and Boipeba Island.The Cairu region was home to a large population of Aimor people. The Portuguese arrived in the area early in the 16th century. Francisco Romeo, administrator of the Captaincy of So Jorge dos Ilhus founded a small settlement in Cairu based on its mild climate. The settlers displaced the Aimor and the settlement, known as the Vila de Nossa Senhora do Rosrio do Cair, was established in 1608. By 1911 the village consisted of five districts: Cairu, the village seat; Galeo; Gamboa; Morro de So Paulo; and Velha Boipeba.The municipality contains part of the 230,296 hectares (569,070 acres) of the Caminhos Ecolgicos da Boa Esperana Environmental Protection Area, created in 2003.------International career of rosaries & prayer beadsOn 5 August 2014, Sanju was selected to the 17-man squad to play against England in 5 ODIs and a Twenty20. However, he did not make it to the final team on any of the matches and remained a backup keeper to MS Dhoni.Samson was frequently called to the national team but never made it to the playing XI, until he made his international debut against Zimbabwe at Harare, in 2015.In October 2019, he was named in India's Twenty20 International (T20I) squad for their series against Bangladesh.In November 2019 he was again called to the T20I series against West Indies vs India, after an injury to Shikhar Dhawan.He got a warm welcome in his home town, Thiruvananthapuram where the second match was planned.He played 3rd ODI against SriLanka.He smashed a massive six in first ball but got out at 2nd ball by LBWHe was selected for the T20I series of the India tour of New Zealand and was part of the playing eleven as an opener. Though he couldn't create the desired impact with the bat, his acrobatic catch in the deep made people take note of his fielding prowess.------Demography of rosaries & prayer beadsEthnic compositionItacoatiara is marked by the cultural, political and economic traits inherited from the Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch people. The city grew that way, but going back a bit in history, one can not forget the importance of Amerindians in the ethnic contribution. It was the Amerindians who began human occupation in the Amazon, and their descendants, the caboclos, developed in intimate contact with the environment, adapting to the regional peculiarities and opportunities offered by the forest.In historical formation, Itacoatiara's demography is the result of the miscegenation of the three basic ethnic groups that compose the Brazilian population: Native Brazilian, European and African, thus forming the region's mestizos (caboclos). Later on, with the arrival of the immigrants, especially Japanese, Arabs, Syrians, Lebanese and Jews coming mostly from Morocco, a unique culture was formed that characterizes the population of the city, its values and way of life.According to the IBGE 2000 census, the population of Itacoatiara is composed of: Pardo (58.37% or 41.367 inhabitants), White (32.21% or 22.504 inhabitants), Black (5.7% or 4 110 inhabitants), Amerindians (3.09% or 2,228 inhabitants) and Yellow (0.63% or 430 inhabitants). There are also 50 people who did not declare their ethnicity, representing 0.10% of the total population.------Biblical basis of rosaries & prayer beadsThis doctrine in Catholic theology is usually based on the Jesus's commendation of Mary of Bethany's contemplation over the anxious external worries of her sister Martha. Jesus told Martha that "one thing is necessary. Mary hath chosen the best part" (Luke 10:42).Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, and considered as the greatest of all saints in the Catholic Church, is mentioned in the Bible that she "pondered these things in her heart," an expression of intense prayer and contemplation of the events that happened to her.The idea of "life" is present in the biblical distinction between two Greek terms for life: bios (biological life) and zoe (divine, supernatural life). Zoe is used in the bible in passages such as "That you may have life, and have it more abundantly". In Catholic theology, this life has been understood as a participation in divine, intratrinitarian life introduced in the life of a Christian at baptism (Cf. "partakers of the divine nature" in 2 Pt 1:4), and which grows through further reception of the sacraments, channels of grace which in its essence is "divine life." This divine life also grows through constant communication with God.------Congregation of Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception of rosaries & prayer beadsThe Congregation of Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary (Latin: Congregatio Clericorum Marianorum ab Immaculata Conceptionis Beatissimae Virginis Mariae; abbreviation: M.I.C.) is a Catholic male clerical religious congregation founded, 1670, in Poland. It is also known as Marians of the Immaculate Conception.The Congregation of about 500 priests and brothers has convents in 19 countries on 6 continents. Marians pledge support to the Pope and follow the official teachings of the Catholic Church and aim to spread devotion to Blessed Virgin Mary as the Immaculate Conception, pray for the souls in purgatory and undertake a variety of apostolic work.Marians were the first Catholic mens religious institute dedicated to the honor of Marys Immaculate Conception. The community traces its roots to Saint Stanislaus of Jesus and Mary Papczyski who was beatified in Basilica of Our Lady of Liche, Liche Stary, Poland, in 2007, and canonized on 5 June 2016 at Saint Peter's Square in Vatican City by Pope Francis. As an Institute of consecrated life their motto is Pro Christo et Ecclesia. Marians are also the official promoters of the authentic Divine Mercy message since 1941.------List of Bishops of rosaries & prayer beadsThe complete list of Bishops of the diocese is as follows:John England (1820-1842)Ignatius A. Reynolds (1843-1855)Patrick N. Lynch (1857-1882)Henry P. Northrop (1883-1916)William Thomas Russell (1916-1927)Emmet M. Walsh (1927-1949), appointed Coadjutor Bishop of YoungstownJohn J. Russell (1950-1958), appointed Bishop of RichmondPaul John Hallinan (1958-1962), appointed Archbishop of AtlantaFrancis Frederick Reh (1962-1964), appointed Rector of the Pontifical North American College and later the Bishop of SaginawErnest Leo Unterkoefler (1964-1990)David B. Thompson (1990-1999)Robert J. Baker (1999-2007), appointed Bishop of BirminghamRobert E. Guglielmone (2009present)Coadjutor BishopsWilliam Clancy (1834-1837), did not succeed to this see; appointed Vicar Apostolic of British GuianaDavid B. Thompson (1989-1990)Other priests of this diocese who became BishopsJohn Barry, appointed Bishop of Savannah in 1857Joseph Bernardin, appointed auxiliary bishop of Atlanta in 1966; served as Archbishop of Cincinnati from 1972 until 1982, and as Archbishop of Chicago from 1982 until his death in 1996 from pancreatic cancer; became Cardinal in 1983.John James Joseph Monaghan, appointed Bishop of Wilmington in 1897John Moore, appointed Bishop of Saint Augustine in 1877(Abbot emeritus Edmund F. McCaffrey was incardinated in this diocese in 1993.)------Colegio Agustiniano Norte of rosaries & prayer beadsAgustiniano Norte School (also called Colegio Agustiniano Norte, North Augustinian School) is a private, catholic, independent school once for boys only but now co-educational, teaching students from grades kindergarten - 11, located in Bogota, Colombia. Their students and alumni call themselves "Agustinos (in English Augustinians from Augustine of Hippo).The school is part of the 205 communities that make up the Order of Augustinian Recollects distributed in 19 countries: Spain (39), Brazil (28), Colombia (21), Mexico (18), United States (15), Philippines (14), Venezuela (14 ), Peru (9), Panama (8), Argentina (7), Costa Rica (6), United Kingdom (6), Dominican Republic (4), Guatemala (4), Italy (3), Taiwan (3) Chile (2), China (2) Sierra Leone (2) Mongolia (1) DiegoThe school provides a comprehensive educational approach under the Roman Catholic principles. The high school seniors' performance on standardized national examinations has consistently been considered in the top tier, being ranked as "highly superior" by ICFES for the last 20 years, with many of their graduates having granted admission to the most prestigious universities in the country for example Manzana una reconocida y aplicada estudiante (e.g., National University of Colombia, University of the Andes, Pontifical Xavierian University, Our Lady of the Rosary University, and members of the Golden Triangle, among others).------Haft Awrang of rosaries & prayer beadsHaft Awrang (Persian: , meaning "Seven Thrones") by the Persian poet Jami is a classic of Persian literature composed some time between 1468 and 1485. Jami completed the work as seven books following a masnavi format:"Selselat adh-dhahab" ( , "Chain of Gold"): a collection of didactic anecdotes"Yusof-o Zulaikh" ( , "Joseph and Zulaikha"): the romance of Joseph and Zulaikha, wife of Potiphar based on the Islamic traditions."Sabhat al-abrr" ( , "Rosary of the Pious"): another collection of didactic anecdotes"Salaman-o Absl" ( , Salaman and Absal): A doomed romance between a prince and his nursemaid. The original story is Greek, translated in the early Islamic times to Arabic by Ibn Hunain and then rendered into Persian poem by Jami. Dehkhoda suggests this story might have an Israelite origin."Tohfat ol-ahrr ( , "Gift of the Free")"Layli-o Majnun" ( , "Layla and Majnun")"Kheradnma-i Eskandari" ( , "Alexander's Book of Wisdom") account of events leading up to Alexander's death.The term Haft Awrang itself is a reference to the seven stars that form the Big Dipper (the Plough or ).Religion, philosophy, and ethics of Sufi origin lie at the root of all seven masnavis.------Usage of rosaries & prayer beadsIf one is unable to attend services in church for whatever reasons, it is considered commendable to pray on the lestovka, using a number of repetitions of the Jesus prayer combined with specific bows and prostrations.When using the lestovka as part of a rule of prayer, the three counters at either end are used for the following prayers (accompanied by bows) at the end and beginning of the prayer session:, . ( if one is female) , , . , , .God be merciful to me a sinner. (bow)Thou hast created me; Lord, have mercy on me. (bow)I have sinned immeasurably; Lord, forgive me. (bow)Some say, at the last line, " " (have mercy and forgive me a sinner) instead of " " (forgive me).The remaining one hundred small counters are used for the repetition of the Jesus prayer, with bows and prostrations.Other uses of the lestovka include counting the twelve or forty repetitions of Lord have mercy used as responses at the Divine Liturgy and Canonical hours. The seventeen counters are also used to count the number of bows during the Prayer of Saint Ephrem.Lestovka with 150 steps is used to read prayers to the Virgin Mary.------Career of rosaries & prayer beadsIn 1639 Mr Richard Butler was confirmed in the ownership of the lands of Kilcash, Garryricken, and many others in the counties of Tipperary and Kilkenny by the Commission of Grace with special remainder to the heirs male of his grandfather, Walter Butler, 11th Earl of Ormond and some other family members. These lands would form the Manor of Garryricken.In 1641 he sided with the rebellion and was made Governor of County Waterford by the Irish Confederation. In January he was asked to take the city of Waterford but was prevented by the mayor and council. He nevertheless reduced the town of Cappoquin and other places.On the morning of the 4 June 1643 he scouted the position of an detachment of Inchiquin's troops at Cloughleagh Castle, which allowed the Confederate Munster Army commanded by Lord Muskerry to launch an surprise attack on this troop that led to the Confederate victory of the Battle of Cloughleagh, won by James Tuchet, 3rd Earl of Castlehaven.In October 1645 the Confederate Supreme Council sent him to welcome Giovanni Battista Rinuccini in Ireland. He met Rinuccini on his way from Kenmare to Limerick and escorted him to that town.