Which Is a Better Buy LCD Or LED Or Plasma Or DLP?

LED is the lastest technology for hdtv .It come with mega dynamic contrast ratio that give stunning picture quality.Very thin set and 40% less power consumption.If you can afford I would recomend led tv. Samsung and Sony are good brand to get.


but if you want cheaper one I would recommend LCD over plasma,They have less problem,not burn-in,thinner set,less power consumption and last longer.I would suggest Samsung new 2009 model that come with high contrast ratio,great picture.


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Can I put a regular shop clamp light on my snakes cage? The lamp's label (not bulb) says it contains lead. Huh?

Not if it contains LED, go with the 19 bucks. This is a living animal.

Corn snake care sheet:

Babies- 10 gallon

Adults- 20 gallon

Bedding/substrate- aspen, about 1 inch for babies, and 2 for adults

One side of the tank needs to be 85 degrees, the other needs to be in the low 70's

Each side needs a hide, so the snake can get out of view if needed

You will need to change the snakes water every day

Water needs to be provided 24/7

The water bowl needs to be big enough for the snake to soak in

You need at least one climbing branch (if one from outside, bake on 350-400 for 15-30 minutes. make sure this branch is ALIVE, not dead, or it may catch fire as you are baking it)

You may want to put some decoration in the tank for show

You need a mesh-wire lid for the tank, make sure it has locks, snakes are escape artists!!!


Babies- 1-3 pinkie mice a week

Sub-adults- 1-2 fuzzy-medium mice a week

Adult- 1-2 (recommended 1) large mouse- small rat a week

Do not handle your snake until 24-48 hours after feeding.

-Hope I helped!

God Bless


Do energy saving light bulbs really save you money?


Fluorescent bulbs last 10x longer & use 75% less electricity.

One 18 watt fluorescent bulb will last the same number of hours as 10 - 75 watt incadescent bulb with life cycle savings of more than $80 over the life of the bulbs.

(Lighting accounts for 15% of your homes electricity.)

Incadescent bulbs produce 90% heat & 10% light

CFL's produce 90% light & 10% heat.

So by switching to fluorescent bulbs, not only will you be saving on the energy to "light" your home, but you will also save on the amount of a/c you use.

I know we have noticed a tremendous difference in the temperature in our home since we have switched to cfl's. It cools a lot quicker & stays cool.

I definately recommend them...I know it takes a little more to dispose of, but it's well worth it. Find the nearest recycling company the recycles cfl bulbs...Just think, you'll only have to recycle them once every 5-7 years. I think it's well worth the sacrafice...Take care & God bless.


I have a scooter battery, how can i use it for light?

1. find a car or motorcycle light that fits your application. Make sure the bulb voltage is the same as the battery voltage.

2. note the wattage of the light bulb, say it says "12 watts". find the battery capacity, usually something like "2.5 amp hr". figure the amps required to light the bulb, amps watts/volts. say you have a 6 volt battery. amps12/6 or 2 amps. then calculate how long the battery will last, hourscapacity/amps. in this case 2.5amp hr/2amp 1.25 hours maximum.

3. wire the battery terminal to a 5 amp fuse, then wire the other end of the fuse to a on/off switch, and the other end of the switch to the bulb. wire the other end of the bulb to the battery - terminal.

4. an LED light of the same voltage as the regular incandescent car or motorcycle bulb will last many times longer for the same size battery. the drawback is that LED lights are expensive, and not very common in 6 or 12 volt versions.


What are some good things to write on a resume?

Depending on the position an applicant is applying for, they should tailor their resume with roughly 1215 industry specific words and task relevant experience.For example, if a posting reads:Corporate Recruiter Responsibilities:Full-cycle recruiting including phone and in-person interviewing, coordinating interviews and coordinating with hiring managersSource candidates via LinkedIn, job boards, networking, university relations, and Boolean searchesBuild recruiting processes and metricsFind creative ways to attract top talentAn applicants resume should read something like this:Placed Recruiting, Inc., Chicago, IL. January 2016 PresentTalent PartnerFacilitated a full-cycle recruitment process across all business lines and sourced candidates through proven recruitment channelsSpearheaded campus recruitment to build brand awareness and expand companys relationships with target schoolsScreened and analyzed over 5000 resumes to match past experience with future relevant tasksDeveloped a 9-step data based reputation matching system that more accurately predict candidates job successThe verbiage used is:This led to that statementsGSDer (get stuff doner) words/action wordsQuantified resultsIndustry specificTask relevant experienceCheck out Placed - Find your dream job - Hire your next rockstar and get partnered with an expert who will help you shine.


Is there a simple way to tell axial inductors and resistors apart in through-hole type PCBs?

Generally, every component will be identified on the silk screen printing by a letter (sometimes two letters) and a number.The numbering (at least on all the boards I've worked on starts from the upper left corner when viewed from the component side and numbers are usually repeated for different component types.Some examples:L inductorR resistorC capacitorU integrated circuit (chip)D diode (including LEDs)Q transistorLk link (wire bridging tracks)J or JP jumper (the small plastic caps found inside many computers)Other letters may also be found for more specialised components.

If the silk screen is absent or unreadable, removing the component and measuring the DC resistance with a multimeter may reveal what it is (assuming it isn't a failed component) as small inductors generally read as 0 ohms where a resistor will read somewhere close to one of the preferred values - note that the component must be removed from the board for this as you may get parasitic readings from other components connected in parallel.Is there a simple way to tell axial inductors and resistors apart in through-hole type PCBs?


Approximately how much energy can be generated from a portable hand-crank device?

Many variables.

Those radios you refer to use gear multiplication to spin what is nothing more than a small motor similar to what Mabuchi markets in hobby shops.

It is not that much power. Many of those radios use an efficient circuit so they do not draw large amounts of current in operation, and the batteries you are usually charging are a bundle of three nicads that are half the size of an "AAA" cell. If you swap those for some regular AAA cells, the charger will not charge them. The same if you tried NiMH types.

They have been making hand powered flashlights, like the "Shake lite" and a flashlight you continually squeeze to keep the small generator spinning for over a decade. When the Soviet Union collapsed, many items from their military became available on the open market, and they had piezo powered night vision scopes, monoculars and binoculars that remain energized as long as you held even pressure on the lever, and those go back over 20 years. This makes calculators childs play to power because their whole history was about making them more energy efficient from the first TI Datamaths in 1972..


In an algorithm based interview, is it stupid to tell the interviewer that you know the answer to that question already?

In an algorithm based interview, is it stupid to tell the interviewer that you know the answer to that question already?From the tone of the question and the details, it sounds like you're inclined to be dishonest about it. You're asking whether it's "stupid" to do the thing you're not inclined to do, and it sounds like you're not really asking whether or not you should do it, but how long to make your fake pauses. Ugh.Knowledge doesn't work against you in an interview. If you were asked an algorithmic question, an answer like "It looks like we could just use algorithm here, so the answer would be is great.I've been asked a puzzle question in an interview (which are bad, in case you didn't know) and responded with "I've seen the harder version of this same question. Do you still want me to answer it?" The interviewer did, and asked about the harder version, which I showed along with its solution. The interviewer was more impressed than he should have been (which is part of why puzzle questions are bad)


What are the projects I can make on signal and systems? It's a semester project and we're allowed to use Arduino.

Try making a little diorama of a road junction, complete with traffic lights. It doesn't have to be modelled exactly, if course, just a painter board and you could put the LEDs in boxes or even embedded in the board.Maybe a Morse code transmitter. You type, it sends Mirse.Maybe an intercom for hearing-impaired people (or teenagers), with a few pre-programmed messages one end and a display the other. And response buttons-ok, no, don't know. You could use a touch screen each end, with two arduino units connected by I2C.Maybe something similar but using Grey code conversion.Make your own serial communicator with parity bits or ECC.

Talking alarm clock that shouts at you. You'd have to use an SD card to hold the voice recordings.A toy that records you. I know these cost u00a310 in a toyshop, but you could be as creative and imaginative as you like.Interactive maps. System but not signals, particularly.I've run out of ideas now.What are the projects I can make on signal and systems? It's a semester project and we're allowed to use Arduino.


What are the impressive features of Nokia XL vs Moto E?

Nokia XL and Moto E are two very good smartphones but falls in totally different categories. The price difference is not much between them but here are some key point which one should consider before buying one of them:nMoto E is more cheaper!!! At just INR 6999 it is the best in class budget phone with latest android on board, where as the Nokia XL runs on heavily customised Android v4.2. GO for it for the VANILLA ANDROID experience under 10KNokia XL has a better screen, better OPTICS, with rear LED flash and a front camera for those SELFIES, which gives the Moto E a big thumbs down. If you want a solid product for casual photography then go for it.If you are a GOOGLE product and service user then Moto E should be your first choice as this supports google services where as Nokia XL is based on microsoft (outlook account and the windows ecosystem.) nMade a wise choice buying the phoneWhat are the impressive features of Nokia XL vs Moto E?what are the impressive features of NOKIA XL VS MOTO E?.

How Can I Make My Cheese Sauce Creamier?
Sodium citrate. It's not some crazy scientific chemical, you have it in plenty of other foods. I've made and messed up a lot of mac and cheese in my day and sodium citrate is the way to go. This page is very helpful. If you don't have some on hand mix a bit of vinegar and baking soda together until they no longer react and add a bit at a time of that solution until consistency and texture is to your liking. Just be careful when using it at first because it can make your sauce seem bitter and or salty. I would not suggest using strong IPA if you're doing a beer cheese sauce - I speak from experience• Related QuestionsIf you add spices to boiling pasta, will it absorb spices/flavours?That will work only for water-soluble spices, and you will still end up pouring a lot of spices away with the water.I once took a cooking class with Bavarian chef Alfons Schuhbeck, and his recommendations were:The last point can be taken one step further by preparing a somewhat watery sauce and cooking the (raw) pasta in the sauce. It will take a bit longer than usual, and you have to develop a feeling for just how much liquid you will need (or keep and eye on the pasta and add more water as neededa bit like making risotto). However, the pasta will absorb a lot of flavor from the sauce, and no starch from the pasta will end up getting poured out with the water (it all goes into the sauce).As an additional benefit, you have only one pot to clean in the end instead of two------Why does my cookbook want me to drain my tomatoes for a pasta sauce?Draining some of the juice allows you to get to a thick sauce quickly. It may also reduce some of the acidity which may be why you prefer this recipe.The thickness of the pasta sauce goes hand-in-hand with the shape of the pasta you're making.Different pasta shapes can hold different amount of water (say fusilli vs spaghetti) and traditionally you boil down the sauce to make it thicker so the pasta can hold it. However, this can have other effects including change of colour.You can save the tomato juice and make a mean bloody-mary/ceasar with it. Throw in some worcestershire sauce, tabasco, a stick of celery and optionally a stick of dried meat (e.g. beef jerky) and it's a meal onto its own.Tomato juice is also a great hangover cure. so either way, you can save the stuff and not waste it------Sauting big batch of onionsI have not personally tried this with onions, but whenever I need to cook large batches of something (for example, bacon) and I don't have enough space on top of the stove, I try to find a way to work it in the oven.Although it's not going to be a true saute, I think you could probably achieve what you want with a few sheet pans of onions (mixed with oil) in the oven.This recipe would probably be a good guideline for time and temperature. If that doesn't sound like something you'd like to try, do you have a grill? What if you laid out a large amount of foil across the grates of your grill (put a lip on the edge, basically make an impromptu baking sheet out of foil) and do them on the grill over low to medium heat until they're the texture you want?------I'm tweaking a Lasagna BologneseThe thing about lasagna is that it really only needs to be heated through. All of the components (pasta, the sauce or sauces, the cheeses) are already cooked, or don't need to be cooked.So baking the whole lasagna heats it through and helps the flavors to meld. A 4" thickness not tremendously thicker than some more traditionally proportioned lasagnas, so you should expect it to bake through in about the same time any casserole of that thickness would require. I would start at about 325-350 degrees, for about 1 hour to maybe 1:15. You may need to leave it covered for most of the baking period so that the top doesn't overly brown or dry out.In the end, you can test the casserole with an instant read. It should probably get up to about 150 or 160 F internally to be enjoyableLasagna should be very forgiving------Why is the pasta often cooked in the sauce in al'arrabiata recipes?While Italian cuisine is defined regionally, the majority of Italian pasta dishes have one cook the pasta until almost done, then finish in the condiment. While there are exceptions that include thick, long cooked sauces like Bolognese or sugos, finishing in the condiment serves several purposes: (a) the pasta and the condiment can be combined, (b) the pasta finishes cooking, (c) it absorbs the flavor of the condiment, and (d) the condiment (sauce) thickens and emulsifies from the addition of the starchy pasta cooking water (this can be controlled by adding cooking water and/or allowing it to cook off). Yes, it is more difficult than cooking separately, and it can be a little nuanced, but it is not very technical. With a bit of practice, I think you will find this step worth it------Which is a typically American way of seasoning spaghetti and other pasta?The most common preparation is tomato sauce and parmesan cheese.Of course, some Americans will tell you that the only truly American way to eat spaghetti is to top it with chili, then shredded cheddar cheese, then chopped onions, then red kidney beans. It's hard to fully express the majesty of this dish, and should only be enjoyed on special occasions, like the Super Bowl.In Canada (which I consider to be basically "American"), it's also fairly common to add or replace the tomato sauce with pesto sauce. Soft goat cheese is another common additive. Perhaps these sound "Italian" but I'd consider an Italian pasta to be something more like a bolognese, carbonara, alfredo, or even the trusty old butter/olive oil and parmesan cheese. You'll almost never see tomato sauce combined with pesto sauce in an authentic Italian restaurant (or in Italy), but it's common in American home cooking------Why do beverages taste different based on how cold they are? closedI think the question is too general to give any terribly useful answer.Most of what we consider taste is actually smell i.e. it's the detection of volatile chemicals from the food in the nose. The volatility of many chemicals found in food changes a lot over the 0C to body temperature range, and this would have a big effect on taste.Many foods contain fat and this melts over the zero to body temp range. This probably affects texture more than taste, but it may also affect volatiles dissolved in the fat. A good example is to try and eat pasta sauce straight from the fridge. If the sauce contains any appreciable amount of fat it usually tastes disgusting :-)------What can be used as a substitute for tomato sauce in typical italian dishes?A big component of pizza sauce has nothing to do with tomatoes per se. Break down the components and consider alternatives.Water: Yup, tomatoes are just wet, so you'll need some liquid.Sugar: Tomatoes are naturally sweet, so you'll need some sugar/honeyAcid: This is huge, but easily fudged with vinegar or lemon juiceSeasonings: As much onion (powder), garlic (powder), salt, pepper, basil, oregano, parsley as you wantDepth: This is the tricky part, that rich, almost smoky quality of cooked tomatoes. It won't be easy to replace. Darin's answer probably comes closest with a similarly colored pepper cooked with direct heat. To expand on that, I think you could venture into other peppers besides just red bell, maybe some mexican low-heat varieties, a little chipotle, perhaps?.------How to prevent watery spaghetti squashIf you're plating with a harm to hot sauce, your squash will cook further; try removing the squash and shredding it 5-10 minutes earlier than you normally would, and allow the shreds to rest until they've cooled to room temp; the heat from the sauce will finish the cooking process, and warm them up again.This is similar to adding slightly undercooked noodles to a sauce while it's still cooking, but better suited to something as delicate as spaghetti squash.Oh, one more tip; when roasting your squash, start with the cut sides facing down to steam it, then flip them facing up with a bit of water in your roasting pan for the remainder of the time; it cooks the squash all the way through, but also gives it a great roasted flavor from the outside layer of flesh.------How well does it work to just throw in all the ingredients and boil?Ah, One Pot Pasta....As loads of bloggers, authors and cooks - possibly inspired by Martha Stewart and her team - have confirmed: dumping the pasta, sauce ingredients and a carefully meassured amount of liquid in one pot or pan will give you a "pasta and sauce" dish in ten to fifteen minutes.And it works. Sort of. Your instinct matches my experience: when you omit the sauting or slow roasting of ingredients you are missing the flavour compounds that this step creates, likewise if your recipe stews the sauce for a long time. So while all ingredients in one pot pasta will be cooked, due to cutting everything to the appropriate size, the flavour will be different from what your traditional method creates. If you expect one pot pasta to taste like your traditional recipe, you will probably be disappointed. If you are simply aiming for a creative, hassle-free quick dish, go for it------Why isn't pasta water salted in Chinese cuisine?I would say it's because the sauces are salty on their own so you don't need to "coat" the noodle in salt for taste while boiling. As (correct me if I'm wrong) in Asian cuisine the noodles are rather neutral in taste absorb spices from fat in sauce. The increased boiling point for salted water, in my opinion, is only usable when making thick noodles or ones that carry on room temperature. So putting them in boiling water won't lower the temperature below 90C degrees (if the water is salted and have temp over 100C). Third thing are eggs. It's a mix of two previous ones, so you need the salt to bring the flavour of the egg noodles and be sure you boil them in high temperature to cook the eggs------Why add salt to the water when cooking pasta?I am really surprised that there was no answer above relating to the simple fact that adding even half a teaspoon salt to the boiling water serves this purpose:That's also why I have stopped rinsing the boiled noodles, which washes off and leaches out more vitamins down the sink-drain.If you drain noodles after boiling and don't want them to stick together, just run a Stick of butter very fast through the whole batch, which immediately improves the flavor, or put your thumb almost totally over the top of a bottle of first-pressed olive oil, and sprinkle a teaspoon or so over that batch of noodles and stir fast.I have thereby never had any problems of sticky lumps, when stored in the refrigerator, and I have preserved a better level of nutrition.------How should one go about reheating pasta?I've steamed my pasta -- in fact, it's how I reheated pasta during my years of living without a microwave.The important part is to not overcook the pasta in the first go through -- pull it when it's al-dente; I'd also toss in some oil or butter so the pasta wouldn't stick together, as you want the pasta loose in the steamer, not a giant glob of fused pasta.I'd get it most of the way heated through, and then finish it in the sauce. On days I was lazy, if it wasn't a really thick pasta, I'd just heat up the sauce, and put the pasta in for a minute or less to reheat. The important part was that the pasta was oiled so it wasn't a giant lump, and the sauce could get in there to heat the pasta up
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