Why Did Ti Withdraw From the Mobile CPU Market

Texas Instruments (TI) is the world's largest manufacturer of analog circuit technology components and the world's leading semiconductor multinational company. It is famous for developing, manufacturing and selling semiconductor and computer technology. It is mainly engaged in the research, manufacturing and sales of innovative digital signal processing and analog circuits. In addition to the semiconductor business, it also provides solutions including sensing and control, educational products and digital light source processing. Texas Instruments (TI) is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and has manufacturing, design or sales organizations in more than 25 countries.

Development of Texas Instruments

The history of Texas Instruments can be traced back to 1930. J. Clarence carcher and Eugene McDermott founded a company called geophysical business company to provide geological exploration for the oil industry.

In 1939, the company was reorganized into Coronado. On December 6, 1941, McDermott and three other GSI employees, J. Eric Johnson, Cecil h. green and h. B. peacock, bought GSI. During World War II, GSI manufactured electronic equipment for the U.S. military signal company and the U.S. Navy. After the war, GSI continued its production of electronic products. In 1951, the company was renamed Texas Instruments, and GSI became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Texas Instruments.

Defense electronics

Since 1942, Texas Instruments began to enter the field of defense electronics with the detection equipment of submarines. These technologies are based on the geological exploration technology originally developed for the petroleum industry.

In the 1980s, the product quality of this industry became a new focus. A quality improvement program was launched in the early 1980s. In the late 1980s, Texas Instruments, Eastman Kodak and Allied Signal began to participate in the formulation of Motorola's six standard deviation specification.

Such products include radar system, infrared system, missile, military computer, laser navigation bomb, etc.


As early as 1952, Texas Instruments purchased the patent certificate for the production of transistors from Western Electric Co., the manufacturing department of at & T, for $25000. By the end of the same year, Texas Instruments had begun manufacturing and selling these transistors. Patrick Haggerty, vice president of the company, has foresight and is aware of the bright prospects in the field of electronic technology. Later, Gordon K. thier, who originally worked at Bell Laboratories in New Jersey, joined Texas Instruments after reading an advertisement in the New York Times. He was appointed research director by Haggerty and returned to his hometown, Texas.

Thiel brought his expertise in semiconductor crystals to work in January 1953. Haggerty asked him to establish a team of scientists and engineers to keep Texas Instruments in the leading position in the semiconductor industry. Tier's first task was to organize the company's Central Research Laboratories (CRL). Due to Thiel's previous professional background, this new Department is based on Bell Labs.

Another physical chemist, Wilkes ADOX, joined Texas Instruments in early 1953 and began to lead a smaller research team dedicated to the development of growth crystal tubes. Soon, ADOX became a principal researcher at Texas Instruments.

Silicon transistor

In January 1954, tanibarn developed the first working silicon semiconductor at Bell Laboratories. This work was reported at the conference on solid state devices in the spring of 1954, and then published in the Journal of Applied Physics (26686-691 (1955)).

Gordon Thiel also independently developed the first commercial silicon transistor in February 1954 and tested it on February 14, 1954. On May 10, 1954, at the national avionics conference of the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE) held in Dayton, Ohio, Thiel officially announced his achievements to the outside world, declaring that "contrary to the grim prospect of silicon transistors told you by my colleagues, I can just put these things in my pocket. (contract to what my colleges have told you about the bleak prospects for silicon transistors, I happen to have a few of them here in my pocket.), and published a paper entitled some recent developments in silicon and germanium materials and devices during the conference.

At this point, Ti became the only company to produce silicon transistors in large quantities at that time. Then, in 1955, the diffusion transistor using solid-state impurity diffusion was invented. However, at that time, the price of silicon tube was much more expensive than germanium tube.

Integrated circuit

Jack Kirby, who works in the central research laboratory, developed the world's first integrated circuit in 1958. Kirby had the initial idea of integrated circuit as early as July 1958, and demonstrated the world's first working integrated circuit on October 12, 1958. Six months later, Robert Noyce of Fairchild Semiconductor also independently developed an interactive integrated circuit Connected integrated circuit is also considered as one of the inventors of integrated circuit. Kirby won the Nobel Prize in physics in 2000 for his contribution in the field of integrated circuit. The chip developed by Noyes at Fairchild company is made of silicon, while Kirby's invention is made of germanium. In 2008, Texas Instruments established a "Kirby" The named laboratory is used to study the innovative thinking of semiconductor technology.


The 7400 series transistor transistor logic (TTL) chip of Texas Instruments was developed in the 1960s, making the use of integrated circuits in computer logic more popular.


Texas Instruments invented the handheld calculator in 1967 (the price was as high as $2500 at that time). Then, it developed the single-chip microcomputer in 1971 and was granted the first patent certificate of the single-chip microcomputer on October 4 of the same year.

Sound synthesis chip

In 1978, Ti introduced the first single-chip linear predictive coding speech synthesizer. In 1976, Ti began a research on the application of storage intensity, and soon they began to focus on the application of speech. The result of this research is tmc0280 single-chip linear predictive coding (LPC) Speech synthesis system has become the first commercial product that can simulate human voice through electronic reproduction. This achievement has been applied in many commercial products of Texas Instruments. In 2001, Texas Instruments transferred it to sensory company in Santa Clara, California.

New industry

After developing semiconductors and microprocessors, Texas Instruments encountered two interesting problems in engineering and product development. First, the chemicals, machinery and technology used to create semiconductors did not originally exist and must "invent" them by themselves; second, the early market demand was small, and the company must "invent" the "uses" of these products For example, its first transistor radio was invented in this way. Another example is the wall mounted, computer-controlled household thermostat developed in the late 1970s. It is likely that no one cares because of its high price. Texas Instruments has set up an industrial control department in Johnson City, Tennessee, to support the chemical and food industries In September 1991, Texas Instruments sold it to Siemens, and then turned to military and government facilities. The best example is the manufacturing of electronic equipment in the Apollo moon landing program in the United States.

Why did Ti withdraw from the mobile CPU market

In the milestone era, we all know that the comprehensive performance of Ti omap3430 with a main frequency of only 550MHz is better than that of Qualcomm snapdragon qsd8250 with a main frequency of 1GHz. I don't know whether it is because the performance of TI's built-in powervr sgx530 GPU is better than that of Qualcomm Adreno 200, but a popular saying at that time: Qualcomm high frequency low energy, Deyi low frequency high energy. Moreover, Ti has very high overclocking stability, OMAP 3430 overclocking is stable at 1GHz, with a record of 1.5GHz.

When Ti was in charge of the wind and rain, the threshold of mobile phones was high at that time, and there was a great difference between high-end and low-end mobile phones. Symbian system did not require high performance. As long as it was stable, Ti was very suitable. At that time, he did not need to do too much integration, as long as it was stable and efficient.

Speaking of Ti, it can be said that it was one of the early overlords in the chip field. I believe that old players must be very familiar with it. For example, the famous Motorola Milestone, Nokia N9, blackberry Z10, Samsung Galaxy S and other popular models used ti OMAP chips. I remember that Ti omap3430 with a main frequency of 550MHz was used in Motorola Milestone at that time, but it was not The overall performance of the post transmission is better than that of the Qualcomm qsd8250 with a dominant frequency of 1GHz in the same period.

In fact, Ti is a powerful chip manufacturer, and its designed processor has strong stability, good compatibility, heating and volume control are also very reasonable. So why did such an excellent mobile processor manufacturer announce to withdraw from the mobile chip market in September 2012? In fact, it is helpless for De Yi. For a mobile phone, the key is However, Deyi does not have a comprehensive baseband product on 3G / 4G modem.

Because Deyi processors cannot cover all network systems, manufacturers using OMAP chipsets buy Deyi processors and need to buy additional baseband chips, which not only increases the production cost, but also increases the battery consumption and design difficulty. Fewer and fewer manufacturers are willing to use Deyi. Finally, due to the gradual reduction of market share, wireless communication including smartphone chip business There has been a serious downward trend in the revenue of the Department, and Ti has to shift to a broader market such as smart car manufacturers.

Looking back on Ti, high efficiency is still high efficiency and stability is still stable. However, for mobile phone manufacturers, rapid development and rapid listing of mobile phones are the king. Everyone thinks that I use CPU is good, but I have to purchase RF components and spend time debugging, which undoubtedly slows down the progress of R & D.

In this way, Texas Instruments left the mobile phone market.

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