Why Didn't Noah Have Any Grandchildren in the Ark?

Come on, having one of every animal is one thing, but now having grandchildren on the Ark? That would just be too hard to believe.the more disturbing question is eventually he would have had them. Exactly who is having sex to produce said child? Kind of like, how did Adam and Eve become grandparents?.

1. Mothers: what would you do if some other child hit your child?

Why do not you bring this up to the apartment complex manager? If parents are not out there watching their children then their children should not be out there either! I would have been tempted to swat the kids butt, but of course I would not have. I would take it to the manager.

2. Easter baskets... How do you fill them?

I feel the same way you do. I make it a point to not over do it. My family never over did it, but I remember my cousin's family thought it was normal to spend $300 per child for Easter. They would spend almost a $1000 in total on Easter 'gifts'. Gift certificates, you name it. I always thought it was crazy. I got some great ideas from a question I asked the other day. What I plan on doing for my kids Easter 'Buckets' is: Getting a couple plastic pales that have the shovels, rakes and what not in them (cost $1.50 each at Toys'R'Us right now). In them I am going to put a coloring book ($0.50 each) crayon pack ($0.50 each). Going to add one of their favorite fruit juices, couple Kinder Surprise eggs (got a package of 12 for $2) and a chocolate bunny ($1 each). Then on the side I have picked them up a movie (Go! Diego Go! Dinosaur Adventures for $5). My mom always got a 'family movie' as a gift to the family. It was usually a Disney movie of some sort. She did it because it kept us busy while she was cooking our big Easter Dinner.

3. Is this art or child pornography?

Defiantly Child Porn. Most art containing children are not nude

4. How is child support calculated if the father is not in contact with the child?

it is based on income of both parents. Child support amounts can always be changed based on income or other factors related to bring up the child.. It does not matter if you see your child or not you are still responsible to help support the child

5. Is this normal? Is your child like this? ?

Oh, that will change, just wait!

6. parents: if your child was atheist?

This is not about atheism vs. christianity - it's about respect and family. It's the holidays and whether you believe in God, Jesus or whatever you can still gather with your family and visit. Obviously exchanging gifts does not seem to offend you (funny how that works) so what is the worst that can happen? You just stand there and bow your head while everyone else is praying - I doubt they will be watching to make sure EVERYONE is praying along with them. Go and have fun visiting with your family and politely decline to exchange gifts with them - you do not want to go against your principles afterall

7. Is this child abuse? And I so I it legally considered child abuse in Ohio?

I am not from Ohio, and I have never lived there. BUT I would consider it to be child abuse. Be brave and consult a higher authority about it. It will be hard and scary, but your parents are the ones who are suppose to protect you. Not harm you. Would you rather live in pain and fear from your own parents, or potentially live in a safe and relaxed home?

8. Is this considered child abuse?

No this is not child abuse, if this was happening on a daily basis then yes. Sometimes parents flip out I know my mom has beat my *** like that when I did some bad stuff, but obviously she loves me because she feeds me and gives me shelter. Same with your parents, they may flip out for bullshit reasons sometimes but they still love ya.

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How Can I Make a Flight More Comfortable for Two Small Children?
bring lots of pillows, books (exciting) if u have a laptop...bring a movie to watch on it, things like that— — — — — —Less spiders in apartments compared to houses?Oh yes certainly. In an apartment you will only be ankle deep in them whereas in a house they would be knee deep. Great huge vicious brutes too and deadly poisonous to boot. Have been known to carry off small children and babies. They leap at you from the wall, ceilings, out from under furniture etc. I take it that you are American?— — — — — —Is it true that "tuppence” refers to a woman's vagina in British English slang? If so, why?Anecdotally I can say that it's correct, since it's how my mother used to refer to mine when I was very small ;) I think in general it's used with small children because it's a "polite"/neutral word, and if the child uses it in company, or at school or whatever, they are not going to get into trouble because of it— — — — — —Tips on traveling with small children?You really need to ask someone to go along with you for this trip. It's next to impossible to even hurry into the bathroom with all of them when the need arises. Driving at night is not exactly safe for your family. My car broke down one time with kids that age. What a nightmare! Will never drive again at night with little ones. I think I would be tempted in your case to look into train travel if you are unable to get a friend to go with you.— — — — — —Which larger bird is best for a person with small children?NONE!! Large parrots do not belong in homes with small children! The children are way too young to understand proper respectful treatment of a bird, and one little finger poked through that cage can lead to disaster when you've got a large irritated bird on the other side! Parrots HATE loud, sudden noises and people rushing around, it scares them. You will end up with a horribly frightened unsocialized bird that will end up in a rescue in no time. Wait until your children are older. There's no way you even have enough time to dedicate to a larger bird, they need many hours of one on one socialization out of their cages each day- when exactly do you have time for that, while raising 2 small children? Please, for the bird's sake and your children's safety, get a gerbil, or a guinea pig, or a fish tank. You do not need a parrot.— — — — — —How can small children contribute to the "family economy”?Coudl also give them 1/2 the difference, rather than the whole difference, as then you both get to benefit...Also, a friend of mine had the Bank of Dad, where he would keep his savings, and Dad would pay him 100% interest every year. Clearly, this would be unsustainable after a while, but something like 10% per month would be a great way to teach the value of compounding returns over a shorter time period. I also think that it's critical how you respond to things like "I want that computer/car/horse/bike/toy". Just helping them to make a plan on how to get there, considering their income (and ways to increase it), savings, spending and so on. Help them see that it's possible, and you will teach them a worthwhile lesson.— — — — — —What is your idea of the best gift for a severely disabled girl for her Sweet 16 Bday?wow! She is totally blind? I am also and have been most of my life. I also suffer from incontinence ad must wear diapers to control the condition. When I was a child, I liked toys that made noise. That is a favorite among blind children. Get her some toys for small children that will make noise when buttons are pressed. You can find many of them that are inexpensive. You can even get her some bells on a string that shecan play with a shake. I used to love them when I was a small child. I strung a number of small bells together on a string and shookk them all of the time. If you plan on getting her diapers, you can find a number of my preferred sites where I like to buy my diapers from on the "My Preferred Suppliers" page on my blog that will be posted in the sources box below this answer. You can get some very decent quality diapers at outstanding prices. I hope that I have helped.
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