Why Didn't the Louisiana Territory Receive As Much Settlement As the Other Parts of the US Did?

Why didn't the Louisiana Territory receive as much settlement as the other parts of the US did?

Seriously? Please explain the reasons why such a reality challenged question should be taken seriously! Please use facts, not specious revisionist historian balloon juice!

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Is it just the UK that calls the bottom floor Ground and not First, or are there other parts of the world?

Australasia and most of Europe number floors in the same way as the UK. The Russian sphere is more like the American system. Asia and Latin America are a mixture. Africa is largely like the UK, though I can not find a comprehensive source.

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Does shaving my legs makes other part of my body's hair grow?

Your hair follicles have no idea what goes on the outside when you shave. shaving doesnt affect other parts of hair on your body to grow

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How nutritious is the Mexican cuisine compared to cuisines from other parts of the world?

common mans daily diet 2 on the scale of 10

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Why are public schools allowed to disobey the Bill of Rights and other parts of the Constitution?

uh..because their primary job is to attempt to educate and discipline children under the tacit approval of their parents via the rules enforced by the school board

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Is riot decresing now or spreading to other parts of london?

Other parts of London? Honey, it's spreading across the all of the UK. Bristol, Birmingham and Liverpool have already been hit as well, and it wo not be long before other big cities are hit. I live in near Canterbury in Kent, near London, and I will not be surprised if Canterbury is hit after all the bigger cities have been. Thankfully I live in a small village amongst the hills and fields, but it will still effect us. It will affect everyone, not just in England, not just in the UK, but all over the world. THIS is the global crisis we've been talking about for the past couple of years, only now it's really hit us. I think, and I am sure every other decent person in the world does, that what is happening here is disgusting, but it's no surprise. These people are not bored, mindless teenagers, these are people who have resorted to killing, stealing, burning, hurting, in an attempt to save their own lives. Most of them are younger, but only because it's mostly the younger people who have no money. The Government is giving the public very little income support, EMA's have been cut, there are very little jobs available and it's hard to get into any further education because a) schools are so over-crowded and divided it's very hard to get a good education in state schools and b) we now have to pay 9K a year to get into university - even many wealthier people will struggle to pay that amount now. Most people who live, like I do, in villages in the country, are the luckiest, as we are able to support ourselves and live a little more self-sufficiently than people in the cities. Obviously the only thing they see they can do to survive now, is steal and kill. It's terrifying and disgusting, but that is what is happening. Hopefully it will end sooner rather than later, but I would not bet on it. What is happening is sickening - but it's no surprise. It's been on it's way for some time now. So, to sum it all up - most definitely spreading - and not just to other parts of London! Love,

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What would be an appropriate PSU for this PC?

670 SLi with a overclocked i7 draws around 500-550 watt (depends a bit on exact clock and other parts in the system and such) so 850w is all good and you got some too spare.

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Why is my face darker than other parts of my body?

that's too much sunlight exposure, that's why you are having dark spot. even the lights can darker your skin. you said you tried everything but does not work, why not try anything, just not expose your skin to lights too much, just always put sunblock high spf so that it will really protect you.

How does one find a family tree online that maybe some other parts of the family may have started?

friendly tip from years of experience... you are not related to all the persons who have the same last name as you do. So..how do you find info that mom does not know? You use records.. certificates, census, tombstones, bibles, land records.. the list is huge. ALWAYS use documents, even when you are told info. The reason is that memory is not perfect. And mom wo not remember persons in the 1800s anyway. Do not expect to find living persons on the internet.. once you get back to gr granpa, if he is dead, then you pick up the trail. I really really really advise you to think in terms of finding RECORDS instead of family trees. Why? Because we old timers know that uploaded trees are very often WRONG, and you wo not know how to spot wrong info, unless you know how to use documents to verify it. There are thousands of resources online. You find far more if you think of finding "where is James Smith, husband of Mary Jones of Alabama, buried?". If you just ask how to find a cemetery, it is too broad. We wo not know if you want a cemetery in Alabama or London. I invite you to make yourself at home here, and keep asking, as you go. After a few hits, you will start seeing WHAT produces the best info.

What Happens to Your Old Tech When It's Recycled?
It has never been easier to get rid your old or unwanted gadgets. You can simply visit recycleMYelectronics.ca, type in your postal code or address and find one of the many drop-off locations near you. From smartphones, tablets and computers to televisions and audio gear, you can be properly recycled through this not-for-profit organization. But what exactly happens after you bring electronics to an authorized Recycle My Electronics drop-off location? They go through several steps, all outlined below. 1. Drop-off centres As you see on the map at recycleMYelectronics.ca, end-of-life tech can be dropped off at many nearby retail stores, municipal locations (such as some government buildings), and special collection events. There are more than 2,300 authorized locations across Canada as part of the Recycle My Electronics program. This is the first step: bringing in your old and end-of-life tech to be properly recycled. And it's free to drop it off as you already paid a small Environmental Handling Fee (EHF) when you purchased the electronics, which is used to fund the program.2. Transport to recycling centres It doesn't take too long for these big bins to fill up with all kinds of consumer electronic products. Once all items are collected and sorted, they are sent to an approved recycling facility for mechanical dismantling and the removal of any substances of concern for proper downstream management. Materials in more remote locations are first transported to a consolidation depot for efficiency (and to reduce the carbon footprint), before they're sent to a recycling centre.3. Mechanical disassembly These approved recycling centres break down your old gadgets and gear, the raw materials that went into them are then harvested, including glass, plastics and precious metals like gold and copper. The Recycle My Electronics program requires that all recyclers actively maintain appropriate environmental, health, security and safety controls (all workers wear head-to-toe protective gear, for example). On a related note, even if you forget to erase data from your devices (from smartphones, tablet and computers), all drives will be shredded, so you don't have to worry about your data being exposed.4. Downstream recycling Downstream recycling (or "down-recycling") simply refers to giving materials a second life. As the final step in the process, materials are separated into different streams to recover - such as metals, plastics and glass - so they can be processed into new products. Believe it or not, experts estimate that recycling 1 million mobile phones can recover 24 kg of gold, 250 kg of silver, 15 kg of palladium and more than 9,000 kg of copper. While the resources in electronics need to be recovered and recycled it isn't safe to try to recover them from your individual device. Not only is it dangerous, but there's not enough resources in that one device to make it worth while. But when you multiply those tiny amounts of resources metal by the hundreds or thousands of devices collected, it adds up.The Recycle My Electronics program only works with recyclers who have been verified under the national Electronics Recycling Standard (ERS), which guarantee end-of-life-electronics are managed in a safe and environmentally sound manner.
Ideas for Activities Using Blocks?
try to get teams to get from one side of a hall to another, they can only stand on blocks, not touch the floor. fastest team wins1. Keeping old blocks on an external hard drive and latest blocks on an SSDIf you are already synced, you could call a simple script using blocknotify=script.sh in your bitcoin.conf to check for a higher numbered block file, and if one is found, move the lowest one out and the newest one in.But a better way would probably be doing this at the block level with some fs/raid abstraction, or an inotify watcher if you have to do it at the file level.2. Why do minecraft blocks reload?This sounds a lot like your minecraft is running a little low on memory. You have 32GB of RAM but minecraft will only use 1GB by default.In your launcher, edit your profile. There are 2 check-boxes very near the bottom with text boxes next to them. They are labelled "Java ___". The second one will have text such as "-Xm1024M". The "1024M" is the memory being allocated to minecraft. DO NOT set this to "32G" as this will kill your computer. "4G" is more than enough but if that is still too slow, do not go above "16G".Hope this helped3. What is the standard size for fabric quilting blocks?I agree that you should not cut it. Sort it into sizes, i.e. under a yard, 1-2 yards, 3 yards, and price it according to the size. Good luck at your sale!4. Are all bad blocks the same on a HDD?When a typical mechanical hdd encounters what it believes to be a bad sector it does one of several different things. The author behind SpinRite often talks about some of the features within a program he wrote called SpinRite.Basically your typicall hdd is able to determine if its able to read the data by doing error checking. If it encounters an error its able to correct the errors to a certain number of bits.What SpinRite does is basically ask the HDD if its able to read the data multiple times. If the hdd is able to read it, SpinRite moves the data to a different sector, this allows the hdd to mark the previous sector as bad eventually and this is how its able to recover data for you.On another internet forum the prevailing opinion seems to be that there are two types of bad blocks - "soft" bad blocks (which are indeed checksum errors, and can be safely corrected with no impact on further drive longevity) and "hard" bad blocks that are micro-fissures in the drive plates, and will make the sector always unreadable, and no amount of overwriting will help that. Also, the drive can be expected to rapidly deteriorate in quality.So either physical unrecoverable defects of the platters themselfs or known recoverable defects or better described the fact a platter can and will be 99.999% perfect.I've got an idea about an utility similar to memtest that would do the same to a HDD (writing different patterns, possibly several times, and then reading them back to check), but I also wonder if there is a point. What if the guys on the other forum are right after all?Besides the fact this program already exists ( SpinRite ) it sounds like you do not know enough about the inner workings of a HDD to even write this utility.What made SpinRite so good was its ability to reverse engineer the error-checking in its early days.If that is true, then it would be easy to distinguish between a truly bad drive, and a good one that has simply had the misfortune of an incorrect checksum. Unfortunately I am old enough to have stopped believing in fairy tales.Its less about checksums and more about error checking and eror correction please do more research.5. Fun Stuff For 11 Month Old (repost)?My son is 10.5 months old and we do lots of things together. He's a great walker (and now runner) so he LOVES to chase and be chased. He gets a kick out of it. Hide and seek, peek-a-boo, funny noises and faces are always fun. He likes me to read to him, or we will look at the "Baby's First Words" or "Baby's First Colors" books and I will point at all the pictures and tell him what they are. My mom got him a jack-in-the-box which he loves, he starts clapping everytime I start turning the handle. He loves to pillow fight. His dad will tap him with the pillow and Ryder (my son) will tackle the pillow and roll around with it, or pick it up and throw it around. He loves bath time. We have a couple toys that involve putting balls in slots and they roll around and come out of different holes, he likes those. He also loves blocks. Banging them together, stacking them and knocking them down, watching me stack them, listening to me tell him the color and shapes of the blocks, etc. My son also has an activity table but he gets bored with it easily. As far as food, I would avoid spaghetti-o's. Have you ever read the ingredients? Yuck. Try just giving her some plain whole wheat bow-tie pasta to pick up and eat. I bet she will love it. She's plenty old enough to be feeding herself. Instead of rice-cripsies try multi-grain cheerios. My son loves those. For breakfast Ryder usually gets some combination of scrambled eggs, whole wheat toast with preserves, grapes (cut up into halves or fourths), pear, bananas, english muffin, etc. Dinner we usually give him the healthier parts of what we are eating, and sometimes I supplement his meal with some veggies or whatever if we are not having any. I try to give him one meat (cut up chicken, ground beef, etc) and one veggie (he loves broccoli and carrots, not into peas, but I keep trying!) Snacks are easy and fun, any cut up fruit, my son also loves canned peaches and mandarin oranges. They are convenient and softer than the whole fruit. For snacks my son also loves cheese, yogurt, multi-grain cheerios, kix, gerber dried fruit and veggies, etc. Just try keep in mind that just because it says "gerber" does not mean it's good for them. A lot of those graduates meals and "pasta pickups" and such, smell and taste disgusting, i've tried them. Fresh stuff can be just as easy and I promise your daughter will like it better. Healthy choices start early! Just some ideas, good luck!
Pros & Cons of Buying a Leather Couch?
Pros & cons of buying a leather couch?Leave it by the window and it can get really cold. or really hot. It does not just shed fuss. Do not plan on sleeping on (very comfortable, but very loud). Cleaning is easiest.— — — — — —What can I use to keep my cat from scratching our couch?Cover the couchUse double sided tape where they like to scratchput a nice stable scratching post next to the couchUse claw capsRedirection when scratching the couch use a firm no and put it next to the scratching post and reward when they use itAnd if worst comes to worst I do not agree with this use a spray bottle I dont agree with the spray bottle method because it makes them afraid of you they know your spraying them but they do not connect two and two and understand you do it cause they are scratching the couch so they usually still do just not when your around— — — — — —How do I loose 50-80 pounds without working out?You do not , get off the couch and start walking or swimming or whatever is easiest on your muscles— — — — — —"Mothers always know when their child is gay." Is this your experience?No, my Mom was ill for years before she passed when I was 10. No one in my family knew until that one evening when they all came home from a vacation a day early to find me and my BF on the couch. They all walked in and stopped in silence. I did not know what to do so I jumped up and yelled out "SURPRISE". And that was that.— — — — — —my daughter got into fingernail polish how do i get it off of her and the couch?for the couch you use perfume (: not sure about her sorry— — — — — —Del Couch Music Education FoundationThe Del Couch Music Education Foundation offers children free access to music education, recording equipment and mentorship. The foundation is located inside the Manatee School for the Arts in Palmetto, Florida, where the program founder and director Del Couch conducts four levels of classroom training in music recording and production and providing performance opportunities through events and mentorships. Alumni of the program include 2014 fifth-place American Idol finalist, Sam Woolf, and singer-songwriter recording artist Matt Walden, Carolina Opry star Colton Cason, singer songwriter Taylor Zebracki, and more.— — — — — —How can I train a cat not to scratch a leather couch?You can train a cat not to couch a sofa. Just never declaw a cat, it hurts the animal like hell. Here are some ideas. 1) You can buy a scratching post that you put near the couch 2) Cats hate water. Spray the cat every time the cat scratches the couch 3) Block the cat from the room the couch is in.— — — — — —How do I teach my puppy to stop rolling her ball under the couch!?Hi Wabby, All your pup is thinking about is playing with the ball and having a good time like puppy are suppose to do. I would put something around the bottom of the couch when your playing ball with your pup. Maybe like a blanket and sort of stuff it around the bottom of the couch so nothing can get under there. You did not say what your pups name is??? I Love all Dogs they are my first choice in all the animal world. Lol Lol. A Friend. poppy1— — — — — —Is there any piece of plastic I can buy to protect the corner of my couch from my cat sratching it?Do not declaw, the alternatives work. Pin tinfoil to the couch. Spray the couch with strong citrus-oil Or try and find a thick plastic sheeting.— — — — — —How do I keep my cat from clawing our couch?Tape balloons onto the couch where she claws and once they pop it will scare her (but not hurt her) and she will stop! I had to do this with my cats!— — — — — —What should a parent do if their teen is leaving cum stains on the couch?Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Hold on a minute. Let me go anonymous for this.I'm taken back by your teenager.I believe you should passive-aggressively handle this problem. Don't confront him about it, because it may embarrass him. Clean the couch, and say something in front of all the members of your household like, 'Listen up.I just cleaned this couch. I don't want to see any stains, footprints, or any clothes left on this couch.Also, before you assume it was your teenager have you eliminated all other suspects.1.) Is it just you and your teenager living in the house? or are there other males?2. ) If you have a daughter, is her boyfriend leaving those stain?3. Maybe i'm just too cautious, but I clean up everything no matter where it lands. If it lands on the floor, I clean it before it dries. If it's on the bed, I get as much off as I can then, when it dries, I get a wet paper towel and make sure it's not visible.The only way this could be possible is if you have previously allowed him to do it, and now you just want him to stop
United States Women's National American Football Team
United States women's national American football teamThe United States women's national American football team represents the United States in international women's American football competitions. It is currently ranked no.1 in the IFAF. It is currently controlled by USA Football and is recognized by the International Federation of American Football (IFAF)— — — — — —What is your favorite Gridiron American Football team?NFL- Denver Broncos College- Boise State Broncos— — — — — —What position would I play in an American Football team?71kg = about 156 pounds. That's on the light side for a football player. And I do not know how your 100-yard speed compares to most players ... the NFL focuses on 40-yard speed so much, I do not know how that compares. I assume a runner would slow down over a longer stretch, but 40-yard speeds are usually under 5 seconds. So this limits you a bit, I think. However, if you have a strong arm, you could try your hand at quarterback. They do not necessarily need to be speedy. They just need to be good leaders, have a good throwing arm, and be able to think and react on the fly.— — — — — —Why doesn't Los Angeles have an American football team?Konstantinides makes some good points, though even when the teams performed well fans never turned out, ticket sales were always a lower percentage in LA than in opposing cities. When the NFL looks to move/create a team in a city they look to get a certain percentage of the population of the metro area to comes to games. In LA since it's such a large city it would take a lower percentage of the population to sell tickets but even during good seasons the stadium would not meet it's quota. If a city as big as LA can not meet a lower threshold of sales than other cities, that is an issue. LA just is not a football town.There are other issues, between stadium weaknesses, poor team ownership and incredibly high cost of living, but a huge underlying weakness is lack of desire by the population of the city for an NFL team. Can you imagine if Dallas, Denver or New York did not have an NFL team? There would be rioting, LA fails multiple times to host an NFL team and does not really care.— — — — — —To Americans, which is the most successful american football team ever?i say the steelers— — — — — —Sweden women's national American football teamThe Sweden women's national American football team is the official American football senior national team of Sweden— — — — — —What do you think the top ten most popular American Football teams are?1. Unfortunately, because of the gang related activity it's the Raiders. 2. Cowboys. (Supposedly "America's Team") 3. Steelers (Already popular before the Super Bowl victory) 4. Rams (my personal favorite, but I think they lost a lost of their fan base when they moved to St Louis.) 5. Broncos (Their's a big void for football towns for miles and miles around Denver so they tend to pull for the Bronco's) 6. Packers. (I see cheese heads all over the place) 7. Dolphins (Kind of hard not to like the Dolphins even with Marino retired) 8. 49ers (I personally hate them, but the fan base that developed due to the Montana / Rice / Young years are still hanging around waiting for more success. 9. Giants (To many transplanted New Yorker's all over the place still pulling for their "Gints".) 10. Da Bears (Too much history with this team)— — — — — —hi, I after the team colours for the American football team the Dallas Cowboys can anybody please help me.?dark blue & silver[sometimes more dark blue than silver][depends on witch jersey] home is the one wit the most dark blue— — — — — —I'm moving to Uni next month and going for the american football team - which position should I try for?only you can decide that,,— — — — — —What professional American Football team is the best?CALL YOUR CHARACTER "BEAR HALAS" AFTER THE CHICAGO BEARS AND IT'S FOUNDER GEORGE HALAS— — — — — —Name Your Best American Football Team?Offensive: Patriots Rushing Offense: San Deigo Passing Offense: Colts Defense: Bears Rushing Defense: Vikings Passing Defense: Ravens Speical Teams: Bears 1990s-All Decade: Cowboys 1980s: Bears 1970s: Steelers— — — — — —Can antone give me a list of non-american football teams?I dont know "antone"
What Kind of Whole Grain Cereal Should I Eat?
What kind of whole grain cereal should I eat?As a baby my sought after chilly cereals have been Cheerios, Rice Krispies and Corn Flakes. My sought after warm cereals have been Cream of Wheat and Oatmeal. As an grownup I nonetheless consume the Oatmeal, yet Cream of Wheat has gotten very costly, properly over $4. 00 for a field. I consume Kroger's form of particular ok and that i additionally like Cheerios now and returned. I never cared for the particularly candy sugary cereals as a baby or an grownup. i did no longer purchase them for my son the two. He grew up eating fit possibilities for breakfast than some youngsters— — — — — —Why do they only sell whole grain Tostitos now?It's a 'good health' gimmick. Like anything that says it is lower in this and that, whole-grain, etc— — — — — —is whole grain pasta better for you than regular pasta?Pasta which is whole grain has less calories bt isnt much diffrent if you want to lose weight eat the whole grain and it smaller portions and easy on the sauce becuase the sauce has alot of calories to it. so the best way to lost weight is eat smaller portions and run a mile a day you will lose up tp 3 pounds a week if you do this on a daily basis.— — — — — —Which is healither when pregnant?Whole grain. It still has the actual grain in it and this has higher fiber and the outer part is usually healthiest, at least with veggies and such— — — — — —Question for people who follow the good and bad foods we eat...?You seemed to have contradicted yourself. You said potatoes should not be eaten, yet you said one should eat vegetables. A potato is a vegetable. Also, pasta is good, provided it's whole grain. (My husband is a pastor and at his last church, the congregation gave us a "pantry shower". We got a box of white shell pasta that we had the other night. My two-year-old, who is accustomed to whole wheat, did not care for them. I did not blame him, as I did not like them as well, either.) Define "packaged foods". If you are referring to junk "food", I do not buy it. However, we buy cereal, tortilla chips and whole grain pretzels (as a treat), whole grain crackers, all-natural cereal bars and all-natural granola bars. As for canned foods, we buy canned tomatoes, canned beans and canned fruit (in natural sugars and no corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup). Obviously, I do not buy meat or dairy for the reasons you mentioned (and the destruction factory farming is doing to the earth.) I do not buy everything organic, as it is more expensive. I would rather give my children, non-organic potatoes (baked, cooked, or stir fried in olive oil) than organic potato chips. Generally, I do not buy things with white flour, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, hydrogenated oils, artificial colors, artificial flavors and anything that looks as though it was created in a lab by humans and not in nature by God. ETA: A majority of my diet is fruits and vegetables and whole grains. I am six feet, and weigh between 155-160. I am the only vegan I know (except for my two-year-old son) and the only one in my family who has neither weight nor health issues. (My SIL is a vegetarian, but eats a lot of the "healthy" frozen meals, and junk "food". Stuff I look at with disdain and disinterest. She is six inches shorter than me, but weighs much more.) Oh, I also walk two to four miles a day pushing my two-year-old son in the jogging stroller and on hills, to. However, one of my favorite simple meals is cooked lentils and a can of tomatoes and a can of tomato sauce with whatever spices look good at the time of cooking.— — — — — —Are Kashi 7 Whole Grain Pilaf Sides are vegan/vegetarian? ?A blend of minimally processed raw Seven Whole Grains and Sesame, offers nutrient-dense, complex carbohydrates, protein, and fiber without the sodium, cholesterol, or fat common to most protein sources. Can be eaten as a hot breakfast, side dish, or vegetarian main meal by adding your favorite ingredients
Anyone Who Doesn't Use a Mobile Phone?
Only for emergencies,Does that count?1. How to track a mobile phone based on IMEI number?u cant. Thousands of phones go missing and get stolen every day, the police arent going to waste their time looking for them. All u can do is call ur service provider and get ur sim card cancelled and report the phone stolen. U need gps and a registered tracker app to trace a phone, imei wont help. Sorry for ur loss..2. What cheap mobile phone would you recommend?I would recommend Tracfone (and it's offspring Net10 and Straight Talk) for cheap phones and service, however their cheap phones tend to have small keys3. Which mobile phone would Cullens use in Twilight?I am going to watch some porn now thanks to your avatar. If you are a woman and that is your a$$ then you are a goddess. Thank You4. A good android/windows mobile phone?I would advise you to get an android phone because the windows phone App Store can make you go crazy unless you do not use alot off apps, then I would recommend you get a windows phone as it is just more fluid although as of android 4.1 jellybean. The fluidity problem does not really matter anymore. The HTC 8X is the best windows phone to me although it is not the best phone in your options list. The nexus 4 would be the better phone of the two because its faster, cheaper, cooler, bigger app storer (lol) and over just better in every way, just do not think about it and get it, it will save you alot of money. In terms of tablets, I would devise a windows 8 pro tablet (not and RT one because they are horrible, trust me I had so many bad experiences,), or an iPad mini because those things are amazing, but can start to get alittle slow. I do not think that you should get an android tablet because the experience with them is bad, but if you must, I would reccomend an nexus 10 or a nexus 7 because those are the best android tablets out right now.5. Can you change a T mobile Phone to sprint Network?T-cellular and sprint are 2 very distinctive carriers. sprint telephones do not require sims in any respect, they are CDMA telephones. Out of the telephones on your checklist, the Blackberry ought to particularly be used on sprint. it particularly is a international telephone even nonetheless it is going to be unlocked. you are able to consult with a cellular telephone save/expert6. what are some fun ideas for dates?Visit the zoo -we enjoyed it.we also carved our names on a tree and added the date. See an aquarium -we names fish after us! it was fun Go to a play Visit an art gallery - then take ur crayons and stuff and picnic with sandwishes at a park and colour and enjoy! Play board games - scrabble..all love words! Go to a drive-in movie Go to a car show - he will love it Go see fireworks -new year night Go to a movie - maybe u could meet at ur /his place if movie is expensive Go to an ice skating show -if u get ice there and u both know it! Go to a concert - a ballat..and learn few steps and then do urs Visit garage sales - get something for each other in like a budget of 5$ or so! u'l end up with funny things Play card games - u can make up ur own.....like every queen u get he kisses u and and every king u kiss him! Make your own video - on cam corder or mobile phone! it would be lovely if u had a dnace u both singing and dancing! we enjoyes it. Karaoke - loud it out! scream and enjoy Visit a children's hospital - Take balloons! Visit each other's grandparents- talk about there old days Go camping - just u and him fire and snacks and 1 bed bag! Go horseback riding- dont foeregt a pic of both of u on one pony Go dancing Climb trees together Take a riverboat cruise Waterslide Go swimming Build a snowman Make snow angels Sunbathe together Run together in the rain Play racquetball Badminton Ride go-carts Beach volleyball Catch fire flies Snowball fights Go for a country drive Go stargazing Rent a movie Have a picnic at home Look at Christmas lights Go to a museum Watch the sunset Bake cookies together Do laundry together Go for a sunset walk Cook dinner for each other Go grocery shopping Build ice cream sundaes Color in coloring books Park and star watch Visit a pet store Rent a limo for the evening Walk on the beach at midnight Roast marshmallows over a campfire Visit favorite childhood places Winter Date Ideas Finger paint Snuggle up in front of the fireplace Go to the beach Visit a city park Pillow fight Go kayaking Walk your dog Play hide and seek Go ice skating Go roller blading Build models Pick colorful fall leaves Go for a moonlit walk Watch TV together Decorate a Christmas tree Feed ducks at a pond Go on a hay ride Snuggle Watch the sunrise Go shell searching on the beach Visit an orchard Watch little league games Watch planes take off See a midnight movie Go to a wedding together Look for 4-leaf clovers Fruit tree picking /orchard Go window shopping Read tabloids & laugh together Thumb wrestle Puddle jump in the rain Play tennis Play volleyball Hot air balloon ride Ride a bike built for two Go sailing Go to a playground Go to the horse races Go to an amusement park Play laser tag Learn to rock climb Go bowling Play basketball (1 on 1) Cook out Visit caves Fly a kite Give each other backrubs Take a helicopter ride Go deep sea fishing Go scuba diving Go on a hayride Walk through a mall Have a small party Go to church together Go to a boating show/race Take a hobby class Visit a haunted house Go to a circus Go out for coffee Visit a flea market Cruise in a convertible Go to an all you can eat buffet Go to a ballet Play bingo Help at a soup kitchen Go to an opera Go to a bookstore Visit another city Go hear jazz or reggae Go on a cruise Do yard work Have shaving cream fight Trampoline Go Snowboarding Go Skiing Listen to music Go snorkeling First Date Go to a football game This is mine and my fiance's list! still have some o finish...best of luck!
Did Michael Jackson Die of a Heart Attack Today?
Did Michael Jackson die of a heart attack today?yes he is burning in hell now for all the things he did to children— — — — — —What's the difference between "cardiac arrest" and "heart attack"?a cardiac arrest is where the heart stops beating a heart attack is where a part of the heart muscle dies leaving scaring they are not the same thing— — — — — —Did I have a heart attack last night?This does sound heart related except for two things: 1) you are 14 years old, 2) the sharp pain. 14 year olds rarely have heart attacks, though it is not unheard of. Heart attack chest pain is usually described as "heavy", "crushing", or "squeezing". I would not discount a cardiac episode based on what you have written here, however. This needs to be evaluated by a physician— — — — — —What happens if a person can't die of a heart attack?Mayo clinic defines heart attack as an obstruction of blood flow to the heart muscle, causing the body's natural blood pump to fail and/or die.So a pacemaker wo not save one from a heart failure once it happens, the device avoids them from happening (the real function is more complex, gugure kokkuri-san!).Since a heart attack is a failure of the blood pump, it is safe to assume that a DN could make an artificial heart to fail as well.— — — — — —could i live on one 12" pizza per day ( for over 30 days)?u will have high cholestrol and it will take years getting it lower thru medication etc. u raise ur risk of heart attack in the future u will gain "fat" soo.... go ahead have fun!— — — — — —am i experiencing early signs of a female heart attack?We cannot diagnose this on this site. Please call 911 or at least the emergency room of your local hospital and ask them what these symptoms may mean. ADDITIONAL: Are you aware that women who have NONE of the risk factors can have heart attacks? You may just be curious now, but if you are experiencing these symptoms that you describe, get yourself to a hospital. You are obviously not qualified to diagnose yourself, and there is something unusual and important happening to you now.— — — — — —Somebody help my uncle heart attack symptoms?Symptoms could be the sign of anything....Heart attack symptoms are : shortness of breath, chest pain, fatigue, left or right sided pain, sweating, etc. GO TO THE ER just to be on the safe side.— — — — — —I have'nt felt the same since my heart attack...?Yes, it's basically the imbalance of knowing a little too much(things like having a heart-attack, and also being on a critical-ward makes life, and death very real, more real, than people can imagine), and your brain struggling to put perspective on that, or give it a place. Basically you feel different because you are more aware, but not sure how to process that yet. So find someone to talk to, the more you can reason, express, feel about what happened, the more familiar you get with this new-info. If you are very private about it, learn to meditate, or do mindfullnes training, because that way you can 'introvertly' observe, feel, study what happened, and how to give it a place in your life.— — — — — —Can too much caffeine cause a heart attack?Too much caffine may cause you to have what is refered to as "premature atrial contractions" this refers to the heart is having an occassional extra beat. A "heart attack" from too much caffine is very slim— — — — — —Can you treat a mild heart attack yourself?UMM You might want to check with your local hospital or health department and see if they could assist you in healtcare, this is a serious issue and it could be worse than you think. Your family doesnt have to know, but you should let them know so they can help. Plus if you go to the er they cant refuse you if you do not have insurance and you can always make small monthly payments.— — — — — —Why would we relate *LOVE* with our *HEART*?yeah..its true all the thinking work from brain!! but Lo_Ok love is a soft bond.. its related with softness so is our heart.. its considered soft and tender.. now u will say, that spinal cord is tender too..but hey ppl do have heart attack whenever something shocks them deeply..or they are massively hurt so everything is inter-connected moreover, brain is logical.. and analytical.. there are many things... which are like that from thousands of years.. question arise about them.. but they are like that.. just like inheritance
Where Is the Best Place to Place the Potty Chair When Your Boy/girl Is Potty Training??
In the bathroom next to the toilet1. Where can i find a inexpensive accent chair??Overstock.com I've bought lots of things there and have had nothing but good luck. Just make sure you read the buyer reviews2. name of the beach chair ?It's a folding chaise longue, usually called chaise lounge in English. (The French means long chair.)3. Computer chair makes clunking sound?First aid - try oiling it. Second, just check that nothing is broken, and therefore dangerous. 3rd. Live with it if it is still safe and serviceable. A noise now and again is no big deal. Everything shows signs of wear in time.4. I need a suggestion for a nice massaging chair?go to bridgestone and try it out5. The Best Ergonomic Chairs with Flip Up Arms that Swivel AwayErgonomic armrests are a great feature to have on an office chair - unless they frequently impede on your ability to work or tuck the chair under the desk that is. If that's you, a chair with flip up arms helps create the best of both worlds. The armrests either fold away or swivel out of the way on demand. In this guide we will navigate through the top ergonomic office chairs with flip up arms, provide reviews from actual customers, and identify the key benefits and features that will make (at least) one of the chairs from this list a perfect addition to your office space. The Starspace Executive Chair tops our list of the best overall executive office chair with flip up arms. A generous 5.5 thick seat, robust backrest that can both tilt and recline, plus of course easy fold away arms together create one of the most well rounded office chairs in its category. We love the thickly padded armrests that can easily be dismissed when they are not needed. In fact, one satisfied customer remarked at how easily she could swivel the arms to get closer to her desk, which was definitely a selling point that tipped the scale. Another worthy feature of the Starspace chair is the adjustable lumbar support. It protrudes just enough to create meaningful support for your lower back, unlike that found on many other executive leather chairs. The versatile tilt mechanism on this chair is also worth mentioning. It supports rocking with tension control, which one owner attributes to helping with his back pain, by relieving pressure. Rounding off the Starspace chair list of features are the durable, bonded leather that gives this chair modern elegance, a high weight capacity of 250 lbs, plus a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. For those people who prefer a higher back and a more breathable mesh material on your office chair, the Nouhaus is one of the better choices from both an ergonomic and budget standpoint. The high backrest tilts and can rock back and forth (up to 135 degrees) to bring constant movements to your back using a smooth yncro tilt mechanism. And unlike many high back hairs, the Nouhaus comes with a built in headrest that is angle adjustable as well. One satisfied reviewer said that every single part of this chair conformed to his body and helped encourage better posture. But really sold many of the reviewers of this chair was the fold away arms. One customer said that she finally found a chair that could fit under her antique office desk, while another reviewer said he could play his guitar unencumbered by armrests. The build quality of the Nouhaus is also impressive, especially given its price. The aluminum base is stronger than metal while lighter, and the premium rollerblade casters help the chair glide on any surface with ease. With a 5-year manufacturer warranty and a "100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee", Nouhaus is a pretty sure bet if you are looking for a high back mesh chair with flippable arms. Looking for a high back office chair on a budget? The Berlman is an excellent alternative to the Komene above, at around 50% of the price. What you will still be getting is a reasonably ergonomic mesh chair with those important flipping armrests. An integrated frame holds contoured, breathable, ergonomic mesh against your back, and a built-in headrest partners with lumbar support to ensure both your neck and posture are protected during long hours at the office. While the lumbar support is not adjustable, most people found it supportive and comfortable. One of the most useful features on this high back chair is the flip up arms. One customer said his chair stopped banging into his glass desk once he started using this feature, and that it really saved valuable space in his small home office. Overall for the price, there's not much to complain about the Berlan. It's a great chair on the cheap or for the office where some people prefer amrests and some do not on their chairs. The Hbada task chair is one of the those budget ergonomic office chairs that punches high above its weight. It ticks all the boxes for what a high quality mid back office chair should be, but without the hefty price tag. First, many people applauded how easy it was to put together this chair. One person 20 minutes is all you need, and that's taking is slowly. Next up, build quality. For a budget chair, the Hbada is surprisingly well put together when we reviewed it earlier. A lot of attention was obviously paid to the manufacturing process- no obvious squeaks or wobbles. The built-in lumbar support was perfect for one happy owner, who claimed it helped his chronic lower back issues. One reviewer even referred to the mesh back as "supportive and springy." The mesh backrest is also supportive and highly breathable. You can tilt and rock the backrest up to 30 degrees to bring micro movements to your back. Unfortunately the angle can not be locked into place. When you add the swivel arms that easily flip up to its small footprint, you get one of the best compact mesh office chair for smaller spaces. One reviewer said the lift up arms were a refreshing feature that may not seem like much, but when he was able to fully fit his chair under his desk, made a ton of difference to his personal work area. The main caveat of the Ergousit is that it's geared more towards people on the normal to short side. The seat pan's dimension of 19.7 w by 19.3 is generous, though the abundance of plastic parts and a low seat height make it much more perfect for smaller users. The Sadie Gaming Chair hits the sweet spot where "quality meets value". With good ergonomic support, flip up arms, and a choice of four exciting colors, this makes a great gaming chair for small rooms. The adjustable seat height and back recline to support a variety of gaming postures, while the flip-up arms offer support when you need it and get out of your way when you do not . One customer loved the freedom of movement that the fold away arms provided - he could use his console, then leave quickly if he had another last-minute task. Owners love the black bonded leather and pronounced lumbar curve. While some claimed that the seat pan tilts them a bit too forward when upright, the reclining features more than compensate. This budget-friendly chair meets or exceeds industry standards for safety and durability, and is backed by a (limited) 3-year warranty. If you are looking for quality and comfort at a reasonable price, the Hon is on-point and definitely on its game! Think of the Hercules reminds us a lot of the Ergousit chair above, but geared towards the bigger crowd. Specifically designed with the big and tall in mind, this strong and solid chair has an astounding 500 lb. weight capacity! One customer, who weighed in at 460 lbs, says this chair is as solid as a rock - no creaks, groans or worries about support. As another owner put it bluntly, if "you are fat like me, this is the chair you want". With a seat pan width of 22.5 and depth of 21, the seat is definitely on the plus size. Thick cushions that measure 4 thick ensure the seat wo not sag under heavy weight. For large users, the flip up arms on the Hercules frees up even more horizontal space to let you fan out or perform certain tasks with ease, such as playing the guitar, as one large user does with ease now. Unlike the Erogousit Chair, the lumbar support on the Hercules can be adjusted for firmness, a feature usually found on higher end ergonomic chairs. A few people expressed concern about assembling the chair and noted that it takes time and practice to get all the fittings in the right place. If you are willing to 'work with a pal', we are sure it will take half the time to build the chair and the anticipation! If you are big-boned, The Hercules has got your back. If you work in a studio, have a standing desk or simply occupy a smaller workspace, a drafting chair is a great option. The Modway drafting chair makes for a great ergonomic chair for those spaces, especially with the flip up arms that provide easy access to and out of the seat.. The 90-degree swivel up arms allow you to easily move between tasks or different desk heights. A satisfied reviewer, who has a customized tall desk, loves that the arms can flip up, not just swivel out of the way. They really help her sit closer to her desk, which other office chairs have not been able to do. The stool's one-touch height adjustment ranges from 21.5 to 29.5 off the ground, allowing you to raise or lower the seat according to your requirements. When paired with a 360-degree swivel and five dual-wheeled casters, you can move easily and fluidly from desk to drafting table. A few customers claim the footrest becomes unstable after prolonged use, but we think this is a one-off occurrence that does not affect overall performance. For drafting chair that's ergonomic and economic, we think the Modway is a great fit for small spaces. Whether you are big and tall, have a desk that's small or simply want to expand your reach without your armrests getting in the way, the above office chairs with flip up arms all give you ergonomic options that wo not hurt your back, or your bank account.
Why Are Australian Aboriginals at a Disadvantage Compared with Other Races?
Because that's your opinion of them• Other Related Knowledge ofother races— — — — — —Why do Asian Americans have the lowest crime rate compared to other races?Asian American gangs tended to victimize other Asian Americans, especially illegal immigrants. Asian Americans are also less likely to report things to the police. Even back in the early 1900's there's reports from Chicago police of "Yep found another dead guy in China town with a sword sticking out of his back, nobody is talking though..."A lot of crime involves borrowing and owing money, but Asian Americans are more likely to borrow from family members so the weird abuse that happens in such relationships are seen as "within the family", not something you snitch to the police about. I grew up in the Northern Virginia area which had a big enough Vietnamese and Korean population to sustain criminal organizations. Like "oh we should not go to Eden center this weekend somebody got shot", or "yeah unfortunately the Korean buffet we were going to got busted for being a secret gambling den..."— — — — — —Why don't other races have to take classes to get along with white people AND...?The majority of 'whites' respect the Constitution and the Rule of Law. Having other nationalities following our beliefs would give the government less authority than they would allow— — — — — —why are white people generally more beautiful then other races?the only support i could think of for your opinion would be the fact that white people generally are more diverse looking throughout their race in their natural body (meaning without dying their hair, plastic surgery, liposuction, etc.) Pretty much, the white race is the only race that is born with different hair colors. All African or African Americans, all Japanese, all Indians are born with dark hair. And also those races tend to have more skin issues than white people do. But that does not make them any less beautiful. By no means do white people have perfect faces or perfect straight hair, etc. Actually, I am always surprised when i learn the age of older black people that I meet because they usually look 20 years younger than they are.— — — — — —Why do so many whites and other races have it in for American blacks?One must recognize that the majority of White Americans are immigrants from the Post-Civil War waves of immigration (1870-1940) and have no connection to slavery at all. What these people all have in common are ancestors (from Ireland, Italy, Poland, Germany, etc.) who were all fleeing DISCRIMINATION, whether based on race or ethnicity. These people took the few pennies they had to their name, bought a ticket on a ship that sailed for seven to 10 days across an ocean, leaving behind the places they loved, all in HOPE OF OPPORTUNITY AND TO ESCAPE DISCRIMINATION. Starting with pennies, through hard work and education, these people built amazing communities and thrived in the new world by basic fundamental community values of work and thrift. *** On the other hand, we have black Americans, who were the victims of slavery and oppression. In 1865, they were living on plantations in the South. One day, a couple of guys in blue uniforms rode up, said, "Gather around you blackies! Abe Lincoln has declared you are free". These ex-slaves rejoiced and danced and said 'Yippie'. Then they went back and sat on the porch. They've been sitting there ever since. for 165 years. Laws have been written forcing educational institutions to allow them in with lowered grades and standards. Laws have been written forcing businesses to hire them with lowered standards. Laws have been written giving them special privilege based on their skin color so they can not be threatened or intimidated. They have a murder rate 18x higher than any other group. 13% of the country, they are 60% of the abortions. 13% of the country they account for half the criminality. Meanwhile, they have become the richest black people on the planet (by themselves they would be the planet's fourth largest economy). Yet, they continue to complain constantly that they are an oppressed people. The real question is, at what point should the rest of us just conclude, if you feel that oppressed and disenfranchised, why not just jump on a jet plane and fly to somewhere else in teh world where you can seek and achieve your ideal of happiness?