Why Does It Seem That Grocery Stores Don't Offer a Choice of Paper Or Plastic?

Why does it seem that grocery stores don't offer a choice of paper or plastic?

The grocery store I usually go to offers a choice of bring your own bag, buy one of their canvas tote bags, or carry it yourself

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walmart/ grocery store wedding cake..?

I am in Canada, and our Safeway cakes are delicious, as are the ones from Costco. Go to a supermarket and just check out their books!

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Healthy things to buy at the grocery store?

The best thing to remember about buying healthy at a grocery store is to stay close to the walls and not go inward. The produce, grains, meats and dairy are most always kept toward the outside areas of a grocery store, where as the more processed items that are less healthy will be found as you venture towards the center of the store. Stick with things that are as close to natural as you can, like fresh greens, fresh fruit, whole wheat or multi grain breads, and so on, and remember that there are more health benefits in darker produce; the darker the better. Go for lean cuts of meat that have no skin, and low fat content, skip the processed meats like sandwich meats, bacon, hot dogs and lunchables, these are loaded with chemicals and a ton of sodium. Stay away from any drinks other than natural juices. Any sodas, or beverages labeled 'cocktail', would rink', 'ade' and so on are totally filled with sugar, food coloring and chemicals. If you drink milk then go for 2% or skim as there is less fat. Other than that, just keep in mind that generally, the more done to the food item the less healthy it will be

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Have you been to the grocery store today?

Not today. I do need to go to the liquor store though

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Why do people think overweight people shouldn't be using motorized carts in grocery stores?

I think that in America we have a certain view of obese people. And people do not think much about the symptoms of obesity, like painful joints, etc BECAUSE we do not think people should be obese. Most people know that some obese people have this issue because of a medical predisposition. But most obese people have issues like depression and lack of self-control when it concerns eating. So if the obese person CONTRIBUTES to their own bad health, should society be more or less understanding of their physical difficulties? So to answer your question, people do not think obese people are legitimately disabled. AND the carts are in a GROCERY STORE. People probably feel that the grocery store is where obese people perpetuate their own cycle of bad health. Heavy people are singled out because it looks as if they wo not even do some much needed cardio AT the store where they will buy all the unhealthy or fattening foods that will make them bigger and less able to get around without a cart. I think we should be more compassionate to people, period. But perhaps the societal discomfort forces obese people to focus on their problem, instead of burying it comfortably in food.

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What should i get at the grocery store?

Easy recipes? Ramen Noodles FTW. I mean peel the lid add water put it in the microwave and bam, you are in possession of the greatest snack item known to man.

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How tiring is working at a grocery store?

There are no easy jobs in a grocery store, none. Everyone is on their feet all day which is a pain all by itself. Stockers deal with heavy cases of product and insane production quotas, cashiers deal with customers who are not always very nice, some are downright mean. None of you are getting paid all that well, unless it's a union store.But, it could be worse, you could be doing roofing on 100 temp. days in the summer

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What to get from the grocery store?

fresh fruits fresh veggies cereal with lots of fiber ( i recommend kashi go lean crunch) and cabrs like bread, pasta, and rice made from whole grain also milk for bones and ummmm juice and meat like chicken and pork and steak or something and be sure to exercise but please dont turn into one of those starve yourself models

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