Why Is It Necessary to Put a Visitor Machine at the Front Desk? What Are Its Main Problems

When you mention the visitor machine, you may think that you don't need the service personnel to manually register the identity information, and you don't need to hand over the ID card to the service personnel for confirmation over and over again. As long as the front desk is equipped with an intelligent visitor machine, the entry and exit personnel can complete the registration by operating the ID verification machine independently. Indeed, with the continuous development of scientific and technological level, In order to save time, many enterprises will put a visitor machine at the front desk.

What are the main problems faced by visitors?

1、 Inaccurate data

The traditional visitors are only limited to paper registration, and the identity of the visitors can not be determined. They can only rely on the one-sided words of the visitors. Even if the name and telephone number are registered, its authenticity cannot be traced. Once there is a potential safety hazard, the data cannot provide clues and cannot be traced to the source.

2、 Appointment problem

Many visitors suddenly visit without making an appointment, and the interviewee is not prepared in advance, which makes the interviewee's work very passive. The work plan will be interrupted and you can't make full use of your working time. For enterprises, they can't do a good job in visitor management, which will even affect the completion of the overall work objectives of the company.

3、 Time cost

Many front desk visitors need to register manually, which not only takes a long time, but also has low efficiency. Enterprise managers cannot see visitor data. In particular, the historical visit data of a certain day cannot be queried, and the query time is very long, which wastes valuable time.

Reason for selecting guest machine:

1、 Accurate information

After the visitor arrives at the company and before the visitor's machine, he / she shall register the identity of the visitor through valid certificates. Through face recognition and the combination of person and card, he / she shall compare the photos of real person and certificate to determine that it is the person who is released. It has the function of identifying the authenticity of certificates.

2、 Security

To determine the identity of visitors, you can connect to the public security system and set up blacklist management to prevent visitors that are not conducive to the safety of the enterprise from appearing in the enterprise and ensure the safety of enterprise operation.

All visitor data can be viewed only with permission. The administrator can authorize all operators. Operators and security personnel shall enter the correct password before exiting the system to ensure that the visitor data is not changed at will.

3、 Time saving

1. Visitors take the reservation code or QR code and go to the passenger plane or gate to scan the QR code, so as to enter and exit the enterprise and save visitors' waiting time.

2. The system will store visitor records, set up black-and-white lists, and enterprise managers can call visitor information at any time. It is convenient and fast to realize good management of enterprise operation.


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