Will the IRS Make Someone Pay for Claiming a Child That One Parent Keep for 9 Months?

If you are the parent that was entitled to claim the child, then file a paper return. The IRS will send a notice to both parties that the child was claimed twice and that someone needs to file an amended return. They will also request that proof of being entitled to claim the child be submitted to them. This can be school records,Dr records, Copy of a lease recognizing that the child lives at the address of record. This will delay the processing of your return, until the IRS determines who is actually eligible to claim the child. If one party receives a refund that they were not entitled to they will have to pay the monies back with penalties and interest. and their future returns will be subject to reviews and audits

1. IRS stimulus for social security disability who is a dependant??

He is correct. He can claim her as head of household if he supports 50% of her living exspense. Like room and board,food, etc: now if she files separate from him then both can get the rebate. but unless she files herself as her own dependent then she can not receive it. I suggest them working their taxes separate and together to see wich way they would benefit more

2. Starting a business and need help setting it up with the irs?

Call them (IRS) they will help you

3. What do you think about having the IRS run health care?

you get informed. The actual program will be run by Health and Human Services, but IRS is involved in checking on a monthly basis to guarantee your compliance. This is just about how compassionate the whole system will be from the bureaucrat that tells you cannot have the MRI to the type of medication that is not on their approval list. The compassion of the IRS and the love and caring of Obama himself. (More like Attila)

4. 2012 IRS Direct Deposit Dates?

I got the same exact answer. I just think they are pushing the date out just in-case we do not get it by the 8th. Your not the only one here with the message! :) My state also says we are in the final stages of processing. So go figure lol

5. How can I find out who had me investigated by the IRS?

You go to the audit. That's how you solve the problem, which you are not even sure what it is yet. The IRS will call or write to you letting you know when the audit is and what records you need to provide. I do not understand why YOU would claim your sister's child on your taxes unless you support him--his father has a legal right to that claim, if he is supporting the child--or the mother does--but an uncle? It's unlikely. You are probably going to have to provide proof that you've supported him all the way back to 2009. So start getting your records together

6. Do apartments report to irs how much you make or is it just the employer?

Once irs audit, they will probably investigate alot. You lied and got caught, what difference does it make what caused you be honest lol

7. What would do if you haven't received the rebate from the IRS?

you can check when they will mail the check. i have not get mine yet but i know thwy suppose to mail it on the 2 week of july.

8. www.irs.gov?


9. Why does the IRS think I'm rich?

There are families whose ENTIRE earnings in a year is 24,000. And they live in an expensive town, just like you. So yes, you are well off

10. Can The Irs Take My Car If I'm The Co Buyer? Buy The Buyer Owes The IRs.?

I would not be overly concerned about the IRS seizing any property from your father. (Except MAYBE real estate) Look at it from the perspective of the IRS. If your car is worth $10,000 and they take it. At auction they may get 6K or 7K generously. Then they would have to contend with the lien on the car. So if your loan has a balance of $5K and they only got $6K.....the full amount they would collect total for all that work is $1K. Not worth their time. Also, one more thing about the vehicle. Your loan payments each month that you are making do nothing toward showing/proving you are the owner of the vehicle - and do not prevent the IRS from seizing the vehicle if they so choose. Your father listed as primary buyer and you as co-buyer do not make much of a difference. Even if you were listed as primary and him co-buyer.....the IRS can still seize the property because the car is held as JTWROS. (Joint Tenant with Rights of Survivorship) Meaning that the car is as much his as it is yours, and as an asset of his, it would be considered when attempting to offset tax debt. As for the property of yours that is stored /kept at his home. I would, for your own sake, get it out of there and put it in storage at a local self storage place. Because if the house is seized, and you for what ever reason do not make it there in time, then you wo not be able to enter the premises to remove things from it. But again in this case......your father's specific situation will really be the best indicator of what they can and can not (will and will not) do. If they do decide to take the house.......he will be warned in advance of that determination........they can not just swoop in over night and take his primary residence out from under him! Overall your best defense is making sure you stay WELL informed about your fathers situation. Have him call an attorney if he feels like he is not getting his issues resolved - or if he just really wants to know what to expect next and what the IRS is capable of in his case. Hope this helps - if you have any follow up questions/concerns.....I am here to help!!

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