Will You Send Your Child to a Residential School If You Had to? My Son Has Autism, Schools Are Not H

You should have him evaluated by a private evaluator and than have a school IEP conference and see if you can get them to pay for a private school for kids with learning disability. They have to if you can prove that being in the public school system has not helped him. If he's out of control than you may have to consider getting therapy for both of you. You do not say what part of the country that you live in so I can not help you with specific information, I am in NY and only know about the services available on the east coast. If you live here than e-mail me and I may be able to give you some more detailed information.

1. when and where was electricity first in use in chicago in a residential application?

According to the source links I posted below, the house of John W. Doane, at 1827 South Prairie Avenue, was the first Chicago residential home to be lit with electricity. This occured on November 10, 1882. Mr. Doane was a founder of the Western Edison Light Company, the company that supplied electricity to Chicago at that time. Unfortunately, that house was demolished in 1936.

2. What is the best location to buy a residential plot near Indore, India?

If you are planning for residential plot in Indore then super corridor is best location in indore.Let me clear why you should plan to purchase plot in super corridor .Airport is 5km away from super corridorTcs is just 1 km from super corridorInfosys is very close to super corridorAll kind of public transport, hospital, airport are available in indore. If you are planning to buy plot in indore then call us on 6260337259

3. Is it legal to have security cameras in residential building if signs are up to notify people?

CCTV systems (closed circuit television) is perfectly legal to install in residential buildings as long as it does not breach "personal space", like looking into peoples apartments. A camera on the front door is a good idea, make sure you account for indoor lighting and direct lighting coming in the doors, dont want to wash out the picture. Placing a sign up is a good idea, it makes people think they are on camera where ever the go!

4. Can I buy residential land and not build a typical house right away.?

You can generally buy vacant land and leave it vacant forever, unless you have been sold some agreement that includes other obligations, such as tax incentives or other rights that disappear if you do not use them soon enough. Every municipality or county has its own zoning regulations, including some that have no regulations at all. When I was shopping for a country home, I examined zoning regulations in over 30 towns, all different, before finding one that conformed to my sense of personal freedom (i.e., $1 building permit, no inspections, regardless of what type of house and how big it is).

5. free quotes on cleaning residential and commercial properties?

do it by the hour. figure what you want to get per hour, and then figure how many hours the job will take

6. who is the best residential real estate agent in los angeles?

Los Angeles is a really big place, and Realtors specialize by neighborhood and type of property. Best for what, exactly?

7. Is it possible to tell what residential address your computer is transmitting from?

This is not possible. The only people that would be able to get your address from your IP would be the people that actually work at the service provider that you use. Sure your IP can tell a person what city and state you are in but locating the exact location by IP would be impossible to just a random person. What is possible is that if you are using wifi, there can be someone intercepting your data packets and knows exactly where you go and what you do on the internet or an application to intercept data was secretly installed on your system that does the same thing. Overall it is a long shot for these. Probably just some local bum that did it. Sorry to hear about your loss man

Moderna Mesa de Jantar do Restaurante E Coffee Shop E Sofá SE005-5 info
Moderna Mesa de Jantar do Restaurante E Coffee Shop E Sofá SE005-5 info
Fundada em 2006, FOSHAN SHUNDE MÓVEIS SHENGYANG CO., LTD. estabeleceu-se como um fornecedor de qualidade na indústria fabricante de mobiliário de café e restaurante. Temos em funcionamento há mais de 12 anos. Temos orgulho em todos os postos de trabalho e estamos honrados em ter servido clientes em todo o mundo. Nós oferecemos a mesa e sofá grupo e. Moderna Mesa de Jantar do Restaurante E Coffee Shop E Sofá SE005-5 é um dos produtos mais populares entre eles. Moderna Mesa de Jantar do Restaurante E Coffee Shop E Sofá SE005-5 é criado com madeira qualificada, Imitação de couro. É usado principalmente na loja de café e restaurante móveis e. Ele é projetado para atender o padrão da indústria. Cada tamanho e forma é disponíveis de acordo com exigências específicas do cliente. Ele inclui o recurso de Alta densidade de espuma do assento estofado em couro ou tecido. Devido à Alta densidade de espuma de estofados em couro ou tecido,,, e. O oferecido Restaurante Moderno E mesa de Jantar Mesa de Café E Sofá SE005-5 é fabricado por profissionais altamente experientes em nossa dos fornecedores de instalações. Ele passou,, e. A partir de nossa totalmente equipada máquinas nós podemos produzir SE005-5 Restaurante Moderno E mesa de Jantar Mesa de Café E Sofá para o seu especificações exatas. O produto é coberto por uma garantia. Como para as instruções do retorno, você pode entrar em contato com nossa equipe de serviço pós-venda. Este impressionante peça é uma parte essencial do seu negócio. http://www.coffeeshop-furniture.com/contact-us SHENGYANG MOBILIÁRIO é dedicado a garantir que você receba um serviço de primeira classe, o tempo todo. Em SHENGYANG MÓVEIS, nossa promessa é para obter o seu produto para você em tempo hábil e com o melhor serviço possível. A maioria do nosso negócio vem de recomendações de outros clientes satisfeitos e nós ter sido a escolha para os lotes de as empresas e em torno de Estados Unidos, europa, Oriente médio, Japão, Sudeste Asiático e assim por diante. Por muitos anos. Assim, não importa onde sua empresa se baseia, por favor entre em contato SHENGYANG MÓVEIS para uma cotação competitiva e teremos o maior prazer em ajudar.
Residential Baseboard Heating Systems Explained for Homeowners
, is an article that will hopefully enlighten you to the many components that can be found in a hot water heating system.Laid outsotheaverage homeowner can get a grasp of what each component does, as well as any maintenance that is required for that particular piece of equipment. Completing any maintenance tasks yourself can save a substantial amount of money on a service call.Hot water heating systems are popular in general and baseboard has long been the method of delivering this heat. Usually preferred by homeowners and contractors alike. If you have this type of system, then you have come to the right place to gain the knowledge you'll need to properly maintain and perform basic repairs.Understanding Hot Water Heating SystemsAmazon Price: Buy Now(price as of Jun 29, 2016)Types Of Baseboard RadiationBaseboard heating traditionally has been a metal cabinet with a pipe wrapped with thin metal fins that ran within it. Not much has changed over time. Baseboard heat is still made with the same element inside and many types still employ a metal cabinet.This type of heating uses radiation to heat a room. The principle that makes it work is convection. Hot water is pumped through the heating unit within the room and airinside the cabinet is warmed and then naturally rises out the openings in the top.When this happens, cold air is pulled in from underneath to fill the space createdwhen the hot air left. This is a continuous process andexactly how we get our heat from a baseboard heating system. The rising air mixes into the room and raises the temperature within the room.Cabinets for the elements to run in can be various sizes and shapes and they also come in heavy cast iron. This type is very expensive, usually selling by the foot and can run into a ton of money if you have a large house. Most systems will employ a basic metal cabinet and a simple finned tubing.Normally baseboard heating is installed at the base of a wall. Usually the heating units will be installed on an outside wall because this is whereour biggest heat loss occurs. Enough baseboard is installed to offset the amount of heat loss within the room.This is calculated by a few variables such as window size and number of outside walls, exterior doors and ceiling heights. Outside temperature is also a factor.A home in Arizona will need less heating footage then someone in Chicago. Plumbing supply houses will gladly perform a heat loss for you if they think you'll be buying stock from them.Nest Learning Thermostat - 1st Generation T100577Amazon Price: $199.00 $179.99 Buy Now(price as of Jun 29, 2016)Boilers And Other Componants That Help Make Our HeatWhere's The Heat Coming FromBoilers are like the heart of the heating system. connecting to each zone of radiation with piping and employing an in line pump to circulate it's heated water outto the radiation.Circulator pumps are one component that often leak. Repairing leaks on a circulator pump is a pretty easy fix. This article will walk you through that process. Repairing A Taco 007 Circulator Pump(That link will open in a new window) Hot water heating systems use an automatic water feeder to keep them at a set pressure. This is tied into the city water and then into the piping somewhere near the boiler. Adjustable from 12 to 25 pounds per square in this valve lets water in from the city or your well depending on which you have and protects the equipment if there's a leak.The auto fill valve can be repaired if it is malfunctioning and a repair kit cost about 30.00. Some will opt to replace this valve because new ones are onlyaround 80.00. The job takes about the same time to replace or repair.Thermal expansion tanks are another piece ofequipment that is imperative on a hot water heating system. This is a tank with a rubber diaphragm in the center. They are usually the size of an average propane grill tank.Holding heating water in the top half because they are tied into the piping and a pre charge of air in the bottom half sealed. This air charge will compress as the water in the system isheated by the boiler. This compression allows space for the expansion of the total system capacity. When the water is heated it grows. The molecules expand and they need somewhere to go.Expansion tanks are sized to the system according to the capacity of water within the piping and boiler. A thirty pound expansion tank is usually adequate for most houses.60 pound expansion tanks are the next size up and used when we have many zones or a large volume system maybe with multiple boilers and many rooms.A Flo check valve is another piece of apparatus you may have in your system. This valve retards gravity circulation as the water is heated it wants to rise up to the highest point. This is usually the radiation and a gravity circulation can occur which will overheat a room.Each zone in a multi zone hot water heating system will require a pump and aflow check. Isolation valves are recommended for any equipment you may have to service. It's a lot more fun to work on your heating system if you can turn off two ball valves to isolate any component, rather then draining the entire system and then having to purge and fill it again each time you perform any repair.Ariston GL2.5 Electric Mini-Tank Water HeaterAmazon Price: $188.00 Buy Now(price as of Jun 29, 2016)Controlling The Heating SystemBaseboard heating systems are controlled by a thermostat and relays that send electronic messages to each other. The thermostats are remote from the boiler. Off in their respective rooms quietly keeping the room at whatever you set them at.The way that they perform this job is with a message to the boiler when the temperature drops below the set point. They simply close a circuit and the relay they are connected to closes. This then sends a message calling on the proper circulator pump and the boiler.The water begins to circulate around the zone and it is heated and reheated by the boiler. When the room gets up to the temp you've set it on, the circuit breaks and the whole thing shuts down. It's that simple. When the temp drops, it starts again. All automatically without you even thinking about it.All systems should be checked at least every month for any obvious repairs needed. Annual maintenance practices should be observed to obtain maximum longevity from your heating equipment.Rheem RTE 9 Electric Tankless Water Heater, 3 GPMAmazon Price: $179.99 Buy Now(price as of Jun 29, 2016)Lux TX9100E 7 Day Universal Programmable ThermostatAmazon Price: Buy Now(price as of Jun 29, 2016)
Keep the Mood Glowing with Residential Lighting
Add drama and accentuate the best of feelings in any room. Try a creative application of residential lighting to achieve just that! There are a number of things that can add mood and atmosphere to a home. Of course there's the obvious like the color of a home and its interior decoration however one aspect of home decor that is often overlooked is residential lighting. When used properly residential lighting can accentuate parts of or an entire home which in turn can help to create an ambiance around a home that is unique amongst its neighborhood counterparts. Residential lighting can be used in the front of a home and can be used too in a backyard to give the area a pleasant feel. Those who play host to large numbers of gatherings often utilize residential lighting to create moods that center around a theme, which helps to get those in attendance into the spirit of the event. The same can be said about lighting at the front of the house as well as many people will often gather in that area too. Creating moods and gatherings aren't the only reasons home owners make use of residential lighting. In many cases homeowners use this type of lighting to make their home more attractive to prospective buyers. Even during the day, a home with residential lighting looks attractive, in some cases more so than a home without it does. Someone interested in a home will take notice of the lighting which even when not illuminated adds value and class to a home. There is another group of people who use residential lighting for no other reason than to please themselves. As with other reasons, these people enjoy the moods and environments that lighting creates. In many scenarios residential lighting helps homeowners to relax both in the yard on a quiet night and in the living room when they opt for a night in, in front of the television or with someone special. There are many different types of lighting, all of which create settings , or highlight something special. Moreover residential lighting has become popular for these very reasons. It's becoming less common as time passes to actually find a home without some sort of residential lighting as those without it are usually in the process of having some installed. Who wants a home without something to heighten its allure when its easy and affordable to do so?
Autocad Drawing of Residential House 15.00mtr 7.45mtr with Furniture Details
Autocad drawing of Residential house 15.00mtr 7.45mtr with furniture detailsAutocad drawing of Residential house 15.00mtr 7.45mtr with furniture details which provide detail of drawing room…cadbull.comAutocad drawing of Residential house 15. 00mtr 7. 45mtr with furniture details which provide detail of drawing room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, toilet, etc.Autocad drawing of Residential house 15.00mtr 7.45mtr with furniture detailsAutocad drawing of Residential house 15.00mtr 7.45mtr with furniture details which provide detail of drawing room…cadbull. com.• You May Also Want to KnowHow do I stay awake in class?Go to bed at a decent hour...8 hours of sleep. Eat a REAL breakfast (POP TARTS? Your poor body!)...high energy cereal (e.g. Total). Eat at least one apple for lunch (better than a cup of coffee). Caffeine is a quick high with a drastic plunge when it wears off. Speaking from experience...at 60 and putting in full days not only in the office, but hossing material around (I am in between projects with foreign navies and run herd on some young guys moving furniture, doing warehouse work AND at the same time, working with some folks for the USS Intrepid in NYC (they are ' there, I am in Va) concerning it's overhaul. On top of that, I take a class on Monday nights, work with a children's ministry on Wednesday evening ( www.awana.org ), then go to choir practice. Work on my Bible study lesson during the week evenings for Sunday. Work around the yard and house. Ride with the Patriot Guards from time to time ( www.patriotguard.org ). Take my dog to the beach to play or just walk around the neighborhood. Go to bed about 11:15 every night but Friday (stay up REAL late, like midnight he he). And even have time and energy for 'playing' with my lady often.Will My Baby Be Walking Soon??She may be, some babies try talking their first steps soon after getting good at pulling up and walking around furniture, others continue to do that for months before they take their first unaided steps, it really just depends on the baby. - AmyWhat are some good things to ask for on my birthday?I am 16 and I usually ask for like some rare retro Jordan shoes, or like maybe an airsoft gun if you know other people who would play airsoft with you, or a tablet if you do not have one, maybe a car, g-shock watch, expensive clothes you normally would not get, lacrosse stick, membership to something u want, sport game tickets, longboard, golf clubs, expensive sunglasses, nice backpack(Nike), or furniture for your room like a desk or a mini fridge. Good luck! And happy birthday!Why does my 80 days old lab puppy always bite?Hey there are two types of bitesthey bite due to anger or aggression .Or they want to play or have funIt best of offer them calcium bones , so that they can chew them . And you ca keep your self and furniture safe.Should I use a cleaner OR soap and water or something else to clean white floor boards?A little vinegar, a little water and a drop of soap on a rag. Just wipe down (dont soak) and then go back with furniture polish a a paper towel to help “seal“ them. It will make the dust come off easier the next time you do it and you may only have to use a little water on a rag. Your baseboards wont warp as long as you just use a LITTLE water. I clean mine weekly with no problemsFamily Feud Survey #4: Who Wants to Play Family Feud?1.Name someone famous named Billy?Billy Ray Cyrus 2.Name something made of metal? spork 3.Name something you build with wood? birdhouse 4.Name something you while on a camp out? toast marshmallows 5.Name something you light with a lighter? cigarette 6.Name an exercise that everyone hates? pushups 7.Name a tree with the prettiest flowers? magnolia 8.Name a reason (other than being sick)people call in sick to work? to avoid someone 9.Name a piece of furniture that is most comfortable? massage chair 10.Name something people steal from work? pens 11.Name a popular Milkshake flavor? vanilla 12.Name a movie with the word Kill in the title?kill her.. idk maybe its a movie lolIs there something wrong with a 13month old who can't walk?I dont know about the teething thing but if he is pulling himself up to furniture then he will be walking soonEvicted two days after the lease was sign because boyfriend is a smoker, he didn't smoke near the apartment?I do not think this is legal, because no one caught him smoking on the property. But to quit smoking, all he has to do is throw all his cigarettes in the trash and say “Hey, I quit!“ and not buy any more from then on. But the best thing for you both (all 3, actually) is to get married and buy a house together. It really does not make sense to spend $3000 on furniture to match a property that's not even yours (an apartment unit). Most people do not spend that kind of money on stuff until they actually own a houseHow does it feel when you FINALLY move into your first house???It felt awesome. After we got moved and settled especially. Thye best thing was that we could afford it. W/o the stress over the mortgage payment you can relax and enjoy it. That is the biggest thing to keep in mind....set a budget and stay within it. Before you move out of the apartment make yourself live by the in the house budget....add for mortgage, insurance, more electricity/water/trash. All the things a house requires. And don;t think tha tjust because you get a house you hav eto imediatly fill it with furniture...live with what you have until you can save to replace/add to it.homecoming idea help: decades theme 90s grunge?Goodwill is your friend here. There's going to be alot of things you can find, outfits and other. Not sure on leather jackets and leggins, though...seems more like an 80s thing to me. When I think of grunge, music of course comes into mind. Can you find or gather any old instruments? Maybe make some out of paper to hand on the wall? I also think of bean bag chairs, and overstuffed furniture; possibly another good option. What about game systems from that era? A really cheap option ...decorate with trash. Its called grunge, right? Of course, you can not use alot of things typical to the grunge scene because its school, but pop cans and chip bags work. Maybe instead of offering these things formally, you could open random large bags of chips and encourage people to get their snacks this way. Let people leave their soda cans around(they will anyways). Only drawback is cleanup later... Good luck!my walls are these colors any decor to match??Not sure what else you are looking for. Furniture colors? Knickknack colors? Decorating style? Can you get some fuchsia curtains? Maybe silver metallic window blinds or curtains in fuchsia or the same pattern as your bed set. For furniture, maybe white wood to balance out your strong colors. For other things like a rug, you could do white or fuchsia, or a combo that uses one these and maybe some other colors, like a softer pink or a deep scarlet. For style, you could go modern, elegant, French Country.how do you spoil a dog, without spending so much!?I think spoiling a dog really just comes down to feeding them a high quality diet, providing necessary attention, exercise and training, as well as needed veterinary care - considering that too many dogs go through life living at the end of a chain, eating cheap grocery-store bought kibble and being denied veterinary care, etc. My dogs are quite spoiled, but I do not buy them furniture, studded collars or perfume... I do admit that I am going to buy my short-haired dogs each a sweater, but I think what your sister is doing is rather overboard and, well, just ridiculous. I honestly would not call that “spoiling“. Anyways, to “cheaply“, or, inexpensively spoil your dog, have your sister take her for a car ride, take her to a local park or spend some time at a dog-friendly public place for your dog to enjoy new sights, sounds and meet some nice people. Dogs do not care about how much you spend on them, dogs do not care about accessories or styled beds, they are more focused on their loved ones and exploring the world around them.what things were recycled/reused when you were growing up - and why?Kids' clothing was always passed on to the next kid in the family, or sometimes to a neighbor child. Baby clothes never seemed to wear out. Years after my baby sister was born, I still saw her baby clothes and shoes being worn by other babies whose families we knew. Her first Easter shoes were gray patent leather Mary Janes. The ladies called the color “gun metal gray.“ It must have been an uncommon and quite desirable color for baby shoes, because a couple of mothers almost came to blows in our living room! My mother flipped a coin. Heads won the shoes. Those little shoes made their way around the neighborhood for a long long time. Soda pop bottles were returned to the store, either as a deposit on the next carton of sodas or for the few pennies they were worth. Leftover foods were either heated up and eaten as is or made into soup or stew. Watermelon rinds were made into pickles or preserves. My dad loved them. When one family was finished with furniture, it was often given or sold to neighbors or family. The ladies in our apartment building were always trading curtains. The windows were the same in every apartment, so they always fit.Sanding OLD wood - 80 year old wood that is....help!!!?OMG !!!! One should never sand/refinish an old/antique piece of furniture before consulting a qualified dealer and/or appraiser. It may not be too late.How do I reconstruct this sentence to make it more coherent/grammatically correct?The funding request is (targeted) for a new summer school we wish to open in July or August, 2011. The funds (,if granted,) will pay the salaries of the permanent staff, utilities including the Internet, computer equipment, office supplies, erection of the building, use of classrooms and offices, and the purchase of furniture and other necessary equipment for the three years, 2010 - 2012My home always smells weird. Help!?Apartment complexes are known for not having good ventilation. When you are home try keeping windows open and fans on to get fresh air circulated through the house. Check your water heater and under your sink for leaks. I have had my water heater bust and it leaked into my spare bedroom closet and not know about it till it started smelling funky. I like to make my own febrezze using just 2 table spoons of fabric softener in a old bottle then fill the rest with water. It makes your carpet and furniture smell amazing and feel so soft. It even last longer then any expensive store bought freshener and lasts a lot longerHow to clean puppy urine from hardwood floors?The best I've seen for taking urine smell out of hardwood floors is 1/2 c vinegar to 1 gallon water, then mop. If it gets onto any rugs or furniture, I take an empty Windex bottle, add 1 tbsp laundry detergent and fill the rest with HOT water. Spray and wipe. No need to rinse. Good luck!I need help with my fish tank?I suggest that if its plastic or metal that you get the rustoleum products that spary paint. They really work without much effort and you can get them for both plastic and metal, indoor or outdoor furniture. Cover up any part you do not want painted with the painter's masking tape since it comes off easy after you finish the product. If you would rather they also have their products in regular paint cans, small ones. You can use a sponge type or pad type brush because they work better than a paint brush for smoothing the surface. Instructions are on the cans. They have a variety of colors and in a variety of finish styles.
Residential Apartment 5.00mtr X17.15mtr with Furniture Details in Autocad
Residential apartment 5.00mtr x17.15mtr with furniture details in autocadResidential apartment 5.00mtr x17.15mtr with furniture details in autocad which provide detail of drawing room…cadbull.comResidential apartment 5.00mtr x17.15mtr with furniture details in autocad which provide detail of drawing room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, toilet, etc. .Residential apartment 5. 00mtr x17. 15mtr with furniture details in autocadResidential apartment 5.00mtr x17.15mtr with furniture details in autocad which provide detail of drawing room…cadbull.com• RELATED QUESTIONKids Furniture- I live in Birmingham, AL and I shop online alot.?Hi, try this. Go into Google or Yahoo image search. Key in kids bedroom furniture or whatever you think best describes the item you are looking for. Voila, you now have thousands of photographs to choose from. Most images link to a website for more information and or links to where you can buy from. I think you can ask for your specific area also. Try froogle.com for some price comparisons, I use it quite oftenFurniture for my new room? (I'm 14, female)?1] black wood furniture 2] black./ white print comforter 3] pink walls [ if you get tired of it in a few years, just change paint - black and white will go with it! ] 4] black, white and silver [ chrome ] accessories 5] green leafy or flowering plants 6] artwork [ paintings, posters, photos, lyrics/music or script on wall ] with black, pink, or both in themFurniture color to match bedspread?99.9% of the population would buy the furniture first, since it's the most expensive to buy and replace. If you get silver, it would probably look good. Or black. Other than that, you need to buy something that you could paint to 'match'.Why Won't my Puffles on Clubpenguin Play with There Furniture?Puffles dont actually play with any furniture. the only thing puffles do are move around. im surprised that they sleep in there beds. u shouldnt belive everything u read in that paper. not all of its true. they just say that kind of stuff to make it sound interestingFurniture sliding around on tile floor!!!?they sell rubber pieces that go under the foot of the furniture to prevent it from moving. Try michealsFurniture is medium gray. What should I buy?With grey furniture you could do ANYTHING. What do you like? Maybe choose a fabric or a piece of art and be inspired by the colors in it. Do not worry about “matching“ the grey because it's a neutral.Furniture Donation - Pick Up Service?Check out women's shelters/safe house in your area. There are so many places that are in need of our used furniture..with just a little effort, you can find a home for it and someone will be very thankful for your donation.HOW CAN I GET MY KITTEN TO STOP SCRATCHING ARE FURNITURE?tin foil. wrap it around the furniture your having trouble with him or her scratching./ we had this prob too. and got her a scratch pole too, but it didnt jelp, the vet recomended this and it worked!!! :DWhat do I buy first? Furniture or paint?go to charity shops or YMCA shops - get furniture and paint and with the kids paint it - they get to choose what they want - if they are old enough - and they will take care of it because they painted itQuestions about Baby Furniture - where/when did you buy?Get your baby furniture from Target or WalMart, but mainly Target. I hope this helps. Congratulations!Anyone ever Rent to Own Furniture from Aaron's Sales and Lease?yes, I have also rented furniture from them for over 10 yrs. at first the service was great but then management changed more times than I can count. and it seems that records were not kept properly (or at least that's what I was told). its a good thing that I kept all receipts and contracts(when they were provided). things got really shaky towards the end. My last payment was not recorded but I had someone email me paperwork stating what I owed and that it was my final payout and then I paid. but believe it or not ,someone still called to say I owed 3 more payments. luckily I had my receipt of payment/payout 'in full'. I say if its your only option to getting what you need. ..keep your records,because they do not .Cat sprayed whats a good way to get rid of odor in Carpet and Furniture?A paste made of baking soda and water can help but might also bleach your carpet and furniture. There are plenty of commercial enzymatic cleaners that do not carry the risk of bleaching. Visit a pet store and ask for CatIt, Nature's Miracle or something like that.Where is the best place to buy Inexpensive Furniture?Would you consider furniture covers? Stretchandcover.com has a wide variety of fabrics and covers that will add texture, style, and uniform to any room at an affordable price. A unique company that allows the inner decorator in you to come through. It also allows you to work with what you have and save money in the process. Please check it out and see if that is an idea that can help you! Good Luck!Furniture Store Suggestion (North Carolina or online)?You are just south of the Furniture Capitol of the World............. Try Furniture Land South in the Highpoint area. They have a VAST variety. and many pricepoints........ Highpoint has many many furniture stores at reasonable prices, it takes about an hour to get there from Charlotte.Inexpensive Patio Furniture Places Online?Online probably going to be expensive. Even if you find the furniture cheap, the shipping will be outreageous. Also, you have to define your definition of cheap. Best bet is to wait til end of season when everything goes on sale. I found the best prices at Boscov's. I got a $700 set for $300. It only included table and 6 chairs though. Good luckWhite or Dark Brown Furniture?Well since Alice is very whimsical and playful, I would have to go with dark furnitureCheap Furniture Stores In Utica, NY?This may sound silly, but what about IKEA? They also do online sales, so you do not have to live near one. Scandinavian Designs also has reasonable furniture and not oversized. JC Penney online has a great selection of inexpensive sofas etc. So does Sears, check them out online too. Good Luck to you.Nice and Cheap Furniture in Dfw?Order furniture online from Target.com...they've got great stuff at great pricesBedroom Furniture... What COLOR would look better?!?Black furniture would bring the balance and drama you need with the red wall. It also looks beautiful with tan or beige walls. Since your accessories have some black (pictures with black frames, etc) that also makes this the better choice. There used to be a website called www.getdecoratingtoday.com that had many pictures to inspire. This may be helpful, but if it no longer exists then try www.benjaminmoore.com. Have fun - but keep in mind it is not only about matching colors, but mood.....and it sounds like your red wall will need something stronger than white to balance it. LATER: Sorry - I just checked and the website name is www.getdecorating.com. Did not mean to steer you in the wrong direction, but it's been awhile since I was out there. Good luck!Ethan Allen Furniture.What's it worth?I cannot give you a dollar amount, but Ethan Allen is good, quality furniture. Definitely NOT junk. Take pictures of the items and advertise them on Craigslist for MORE than you think they might be worth. If no one 'bites', lower the price gradually. You are under no obligation to sell. By advertising, you will probably find the price-point that will sellFurniture ideas for a tiny apartment?Multi-use furniture (i.e.bed/couch, table/storage) can save space. You can also use a folding bed (Murphy) or table (you can purchase ones that can be installed into the wall). And of course, plasma TV and a Mac mini that uses your TV screen as a Monitor. Less is better, just make sure the little you have serves more than one purpose.Furniture showing up in pictures that aren't there?So ghost furniture...in digitals pics...can you post them or he conveniently deleted them because he was so scared...I stopped smoking how do i remove the smoke smell from everything - Mattress, Furniture, walls, clothes etc?With the money you saved by not smoking Put it towards redecorating your home Wipe all woodwork down using any cleaner before repainting wash all windows this will remove any nicotine stains mop any tiled areas this will soon become clean as with your clothes just wash them and air dry a new coat of paint where needed room by room and it will soon smell better steam clean any furniture carpets and even your mattressFurniture stores for contemporary beds in NJ?I hate to advocate big-box shopping, but Target carries some fantastic modern and contemporary pieces, at discount prices. Plus, they are everywhere. Contemporary, modern furniture is not cheap, thanks to the new fascination in that period of designTaking out the trash - FURNITURE??There might be bulk pick up in your area. I suggest this be explored first since it is at no cost. Another idea: Look for 'trash hauling“ in phone book. Oh yes, one more: If the furniture has any life in it, donate it to any number of charities. They are usually glad to get donations.Antique IKEA Furniture?Hahaha! My IKEA couch broke after a year. Not exactly quality furniture that will last through generations :-)Puppy vs Furniture vs clothes?I have a dog and tend to go by the “if they fall into my lap, I will take them in“ philosophy with pets and do not actively *buy* pets. I have no desire for more furniture or home accessories, and in fact do not even want what I already have. I can not imagine spending $1000 on clothes. The way I shop, I could buy a new wardrobe for $100. And I hate malls. So none of the above. I would probably save it.Have You Narrowly Missed Hitting a Piece of Furniture on the Interstate?Not furniture. That's pretty irresponsible of the people who packed that load. I have seen mattresses on the side of the road. And I am sure that they flew off in the middle of traffic. The oddest thing that I have narrowly missed hitting is an alligator. I was driving with my kids on the coastal road in southern Texas and when I came upon the gator sitting right in the middle of the highway. It was in no hurry to go anywhere. We pull off the road and took pictures. Eventually it wandered off into some tall weeds and we were back on our way.IS THERE A SUCH THING AS HELP FROM THE GOVERNMENT TO BUY FURNITURE FOR YOUR HOME?You have got to be kidding me? You want ME to buy YOU NEW furniture? seriously? Get a god damned job or two if you WANT ****. ******* loserFurniture repair - The knobs have broken off of my chest . Can these be reinforced?Not worth even trying to repair them unless they are extremely expensive knobs which I doubt they are because extremely expensive ones probably would not have broken. I have furniture 100 years old and the knobs have not broken yet. Just buy new ones, which may mean replacing all of them if you can not match the original ones.Furniture needs to be attached to the wall, but my tenancy agreement doesn't allow itIf I do not have kids or pets and live outside a quake zone, is there furniture that does not need to be attached to the wall? Yes, anything made out of real wood that has a foot at each corner or generally, anything not from [expletives] IKEAInexpensive Teen Furniture Stores?Haha, I thought you meant that white teen girls liked different furniture than other teen girls. LOL All the stores are going to be somewhat pricey, and these days whatever you found would probably be cheaply made. Best bet is to try 2nd hand stores, yard sales, or keep an eye on the classifieds of your paper. You could possibly get some other color and paint it white
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What Is a Good Sports Car for First Time Driver?
what is a good sports car for first time driver?I hope this is a stupid dream of yours and that your parents are not that foolish. If they bought you a 10 year old Accent, I would think you were spoiled— — — — — —Sports car racingIn 1963, Volpi began developing his own prototype GT car, the Jungla GT. It used a new V8 engine, designed by Alberto Massimino, with closed bodywork by Francesco Salomone (built by Gran Sport). A later open version was built by Fantuzzi.— — — — — —Best sports car for under 40k?Best Sports Cars Under 40k— — — — — —Is an acura tsx considered a sports car?nope because its a sedan and not a coupe— — — — — —2005 bmw 330ci or 2008 nissan 350z?Apples or oranges? 4 door sedan off of a lease that is to expensive. Or a Two door sports car that is brand new only you have driven is worth something. Both cars handle poorly in the snow. Both cars handle exelent in the dry. Want to take two friends for a ride BMW just you and one other Z. But remember owning a sports car is more expensive than a common sedan. Both cars will return about the same gasmilage. One is 3 years newer that is the one I would go with 307 hp with a 6 speed gear box.— — — — — —Is the Nissan 300zx (1991) a good first car for a teenager?like everyone said, it's gonna be expensive in insure, go for something like a Pontiac Grand Prix, I have an 02, it has about 230 hp, it's pretty quick, and not considered a sports car, so it's cheap to insure— — — — — —What is the most popular muscle car of all-time?The term muscle car generally refers to American made sports cars built from 1964 until present. There were plenty of fast large engine cars before this but 1964 signalled the beginning of a horsepower war that continued until the gas crisis of 1973. The Pontiac GTO with a tripower in 1964. The Ford Mustang debued in the New York World's fair April 1964 but the factory called the car a 1965 model, Chevy had a Corvette since 1954 but initially it only had a 6 cylinder and when they put a V8 in the car in became a muscle car but the factory referred to it as a sports car. Loosely speaking a sports car was supposed to be fast but had great handling. A muscle car was all engine (handling be damned!) So some people might say that even with a tri-power 427 big block the Corvette might still be a Sports car not a muscle car. Whereas a Mustang with only a 289 was definitely a muscle car. In terms of longevity the Corvette goes back longest but in terms of units sold the Ford Mustang far and away would have sold the most. So, using that as my definition I would say that the Ford Mustang would hold the title of most popular of all-time. You could ask what is the most desirable today. That is very different because that factors in rarity. One car that comes to mind for that title is the 1972-73 Hemi Cuda convertible 4 speed. There were maybe a dozen of these made. Why? because they were not big selling cars. The 426 Hemi was a better engine on the track then the 440. However for the street the 475 HP hemi was detuned to 405 HP whereas the much cheaper 440 was making 375 HP but it ran so much smoother. Most buyers back then wanted an automatic transmission. Most buyers wanted air conditioning not a convertible. Even the incredibly valuable Mercedes 300SL and the Shelby Cobras which go for $1 million these days sat in dealers show rooms unsold back in their day.— — — — — —Nice looking sports car/convertible for a teenage girl?I thought girls like BMWs, and yup it's just a suggestion, for your price range, you could get a bmw(any bmw is nice looking sport car), nissan Z 2004 and up, Mini Cooper, but if your looking for cars similar to the vette we would be talking ferrari lambos type of body and your price range is not there, so you either pick the vette or go with camaro,3series,z350
Describing a 'Sanctuary' As in a Safe Place and Not a Shrine Or Church?
what word would you use to describe a properly non-religious safe-placeMaybe these might work:Or maybe phrases that are more descriptively literal:But... and cleverly names the building in Japanese as to allow it to hide in the openDescribing and naming are not the same so...I guess we should not start with such a non-hidden term like as you suggested. If the society persecutes atheists then it hardly makes sense to have words directly describing atheists in the name.Also, hiding while using and as part of the name, is not really hiding.I suppose you could name it anything if the intent is to be hidden and not overt or advertised. Like how speakeasies during the prohibition era would not have their signboard on the outside naming themselves something like "sanctuary for alcohol".Then it depends on whether the place is a publicly recognised safe-house or if it's a clandestine one. If it's a secret, then I suppose the answer to your question is now quite subjective and you get to choose a codeword of your choice.1. Why do women have such a powerful & biased sheep mentality towards their own gender?We love to love :) Girls just want to have fun, and grow up to be women that want to make it fun for everyone. Even when we work. Only women bleed, without being shot at..idk, maybe that's part of it.2. Will Scotland ever been drawn out of the European Union against its will?Scotland is part of the United Kingdom and will leave (or not) the EU when the UK does.Locally, people are anxious to leave the EU because of the benefits to the oil and fishing industries3. I just got my dress! Have you found "the one" yet? did you get a good deal on it?Glad you posted this, I gush about my dress as often as possible! XD It's a halter with a beaded bodice and a tulle bottom (ballgown) with a GORGEOUS back that has a bow and tapers out. I am getting a corset backing added to it for $150 :] I knew it was the dress immediately. It was the first dress I tried on and the only one that made my mom cry. I tried on other dresses to make sure it was REALLY The One and was not just the shock of it being the first dress, but after every dress I tried on, I could not get my mind off that first one :]. Amazingly, it was originally $800 marked down to NINETY-NINE DOLLARS!!!! Thank God for David's Bridal hahaha. But the best part was that my grandpa saw me in it and bought it for me before he was diagnosed and passed away from Leukemia (he passed almost 3 weeks ago). He had part in our special day and got to see me in my dress, which I am so grateful for. -Shelby4. Your opinion on feeding dog's bones?Quick! I need to put my dogs in a big plastic bubble! I choose to feed my dogs RMB's because it's part of their biologically appropriate diet. Instances of choking, bones getting stuck, or whatever you naysayers claim is so dangerous, is no more dangerous than giving your dog a chew toy. And I am not going to let that stop me from feeding my dogs a healthy diet so they can be in top shape.5. Why do American Socialists always use Europe as an example and not Japan for a successful Socialist society?Remember, Japan is a nation, and a very homogenous one at that while Europe is a continent comprised of over 40 nations, with their own languages, dominant religions, tax structures, gun laws, etc. Ireland is part of Europe, and so is Sweden, but they are very different6. What is this plate in a TH-400 Transmission called?They are part of the clutch packs7. What is this part called?Does the part you want have a point on one end and is hollow? or does it look like a regular bolt? You could be talking about the "banjo bolt" that holds the brake hose to the wheel cylinder. Show the parts guy what you need and he can get it. If what you need is gone from one side, get the one from the other side to show him. You also need to find a friend to help you with this project!
The Intriguing History of the Black Madonna'
The US artist Theaster Gates explores the concept of the 'Black Madonna' in his latest exhibition, which celebrates images of powerful black women. Alastair Sooke finds out more. Most people coming face to face for the first time with Dutch artist Maerten van Heemskerck's 16th-Century oil painting of the Virgin and Child, at the Kunstmuseum Basel in Switzerland, would see a perfectly conventional picture: before an imaginary landscape meant to evoke Mediterranean antiquity, a seated blonde Mary, her plaited hair draped in orange cloth, glances at the viewer, while the Christ child fidgets on her lap, ignoring his mother's exposed breast. So far, so traditional. For the celebrated 44-year-old US artist Theaster Gates, however, Van Heemskerck's painting is charged with surprising significance. "Christ has turned away from his mom's milk, and is looking dubious and devious," he tells BBC Culture. "Meanwhile, Mary is the image of a harlot, with come-hither eyes. I call her 'The Ghetto Madonna'." Gates's 'reading' may be unorthodox, even provocative - in particular, his assertion that Van Heemskerck's Virgin "is an octoroon, ie one-eighth black" is bound to make art historians start harrumphing. But it is typical of the way his deft mind works, making startling, unforeseen connections between disparate things. We are standing before Van Heemskerck's panel because Gates - who hails from Chicago and has won international acclaim for his renovations of dilapidated buildings in the city's South Side neighbourhood - has hung it at the start of Black Madonna, his new solo exhibition at the Kunstmuseum, which will run until October. According to Gates, a thoughtful, charismatic presence who began his artistic career as a potter, the exhibition "weaves back and forth from religious adoration to political manifesto to self-empowerment to historical reflection". It makes for a complex but intoxicating mix. Consider, for instance, how Gates presents 'The Ghetto Madonna', which he calls the "anchor" of the show. It appears alongside a disturbing video, by Gates, looping clips from a 1935 film, The Littlest Rebel - in which Shirley Temple, playing the daughter of a plantation-owning family during the American Civil War, appears in blackface. Next to this, we see a large photograph of a beautiful young black woman, her face framed by pretty, white lace, reproducing a vintage shot from a 20th-Century lifestyle magazine pitched at African-Americans. "So, here are three 'Black Madonnas'," Gates tells me, with a smile. Like a virginThe inclusion of Van Heemskerck's painting alludes to the so-called 'Black Madonna' in Western art history. Conventionally, of course, Mary appears in painting and sculpture as a young mother with white skin. Sometimes, however, she appears with a dark or black face and hands - and this Black Madonna fascinates Gates, whose work interrogates the legacy of the civil-rights movement and the experience of black people in the US today. In the past, for instance, he has made a series of artworks out of decommissioned fire hoses called In the Event of a Race Riot. Meanwhile, his show in Basel - staged across two of the museum's venues - contains one of his dramatic black tar paintings, inspired by his father's hard-graft work as a roofer (his mother was a schoolteacher): every aspect of the artwork, from the glossy bitumen applied with a large mop, to the copper nails used to secure the picture to its support, conforms to traditional roofing techniques. "It doesn't leak," says Gates, with another smile. Examples of the Black Madonna may be found all over the world. According to some estimates, there are around 500 Black Madonnas in Europe alone, mostly Byzantine icons and statues in Catholic and Orthodox countries. A monastery in the city of Czestochowa in southern Poland, for instance, contains a dark-skinned Byzantine icon of the Holy Virgin. Meanwhile, a shrine in Einsiedeln Abbey, a Benedictine monastery around 25 miles (40km) southeast of Zurich in Switzerland, boasts a miraculous Black Madonna statue, its skin possibly darkened from centuries of exposure to candle smoke. Gates has also encountered a Black Madonna in a Greek Orthodox monastery on the island of Heybeliada, near Istanbul. "There are lots of stories," says Gates, who is a professor of visual arts at the University of Chicago. He isn't the only contemporary artist drawn to the subject: in 1996, British artist Chris Ofili painted his controversial Holy Virgin Mary, depicting a sensual black Mary in a blue robe, against an orange background, with a lump of elephant dung in place of her bare breast. "Once," continues Gates, "there was a fire in France, and the Madonna there smote the fire, and ingested the trauma. It wasn't that she was charred, but there was something about the trauma that made her black. I'm curious about this idea: could a 'Black Madonna' simply be a white Madonna with trauma? In other words, do Madonnas 'mature' towards blackness because of something bad happening?"It's an intriguing, unsettling notion - but, says Gates, who has two degrees in urban planning, he isn't interested in the 'history' of the Black Madonna so much as the "lived experience of those who worship her". "I got super-curious about [Our Lady of] Guadalupe," he says, referring to a famous full-length representation of a mixed-race Mary in a shrine in Mexico City. He also set out to discover more about Yemoja, a Yoruba deity sometimes viewed as an equivalent of the Virgin Mary, and "the role of the black woman in Haitian voodoo". 'Beautiful, powerful women'Gates says that his interest in the Black Madonna stems from his experiences growing up. He was raised in a Christian household, the youngest of nine children, and the only boy. "I was born in a house of love," he tells me, "surrounded by earthly Madonnas." Aged 13, Gates became director of the youth choir at his church. Is he still a believer? He pauses before replying: "I definitely have a stronger belief capacity than most, as a result of having been brought up religious." He no longer attends church every Sunday, he says, but he does have a gospel-inspired band called the Black Monks of Mississippi (who performed in Basel to mark the opening of his new show). "Having the capacity to believe in things is what artists do," Gates tells me. "Like, I believe that the ugly can be beautiful. I have an amazing belief muscle." When he was 19 years old, Gates visited relatives in Detroit, where he came across the Shrine of the Black Madonna - a church once described by The New York Times as "an important centre for black theology and political power". It was founded in 1967, in the wake of the decade's urban race riots, by the religious leader Albert Cleage. "The proposition," explains Gates, "was that the mother of God was black, therefore Christ was black, and so we were connected to this long lineage of powerful people." As a teenager, Gates found this idea exciting. "It was very radical," he says.Another important, related strand of Gates's Black Madonna exhibition concerns the photographic archive of the Johnson Publishing Company (JPC), which, since 1945, has published the monthly magazine Ebony, conceived as an equivalent of Life magazine for an African-American market. Gates says that copies of Ebony and its sister magazine Jet, modelled on Reader's Digest, could be found "all over my house" when he was growing up: "They were a kind of encyclopaedia of everyday black life."At the Kunstmuseum Basel, Gates has constructed an elegant, saltire-shaped wooden cabinet containing more than 2,600 images of black women from the archives of JPC, which the artist describes as "the most important black publishing company to have ever existed". Many of the images present beautiful models dressed in glamorous clothes - but there are also photographs of 'ordinary' women engaged in domestic activities such as cooking or looking after children. "I wanted to celebrate black female images in the collection," explains Gates, who considers the "beautiful, powerful women" who appear in the cabinet as 'Black Madonnas', ie "everyday women who do miraculous things". "At the heart of it," he continues, "I was super-interested in how powerful women in and around my life seem to be a solution that the world is never looking for." This, says Gates, is the nub of his new exhibition. "So many of the challenges in this world are brought on by men," he tells me. "Sometimes I wonder: if women had the position they deserved [in society], would things be the same? Would we be as greedy, as corrupt, as non-caring, as warring? Those are the questions on my mind."Alastair Sooke is The Telegraph's Critic-at-LargeIf you would like to comment on this story or anything else you have seen on BBC Culture, head over to our Facebook page or message us on Twitter.And if you liked this story, sign up for the weekly bbc.com features newsletter, called "If You Only Read 6 Things This Week". A handpicked selection of stories from BBC Future, Culture, Capital and Travel, delivered to your inbox every Friday.
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