10 Prefab & Shipping Container Houses

Building a home is only half the battle and the easier half when it comes to steep, remote or otherwise complex sites. Prefabrication or cargo container reuse can be a cost-saving solution in such cases, but can also lead to remarkable innovations in technology and style along the way, like Illys awesome transforming portable coffee shop. This gallery of 10 modular prefab houses and shipping container architecture shows just how creative you can get with small portable structures.

Made of two shipping containers and additional modular components, the Containers of Hope structure by Costa Rican architect Benjamin Garcia Saxe aims to provide affordable housing to people in need using sustainable strategies.A company called Container City builds these prefab shipping container complexes that can be expanded on and on (at least until you reach the limits of your property and your citys height restrictions.) Container City has made houses, hotels, shops, restaurants and more out of shipping containers, preserving their raw, rustic look. Prefab houses dont have to be all modern, industrial and flashy. This modern log cabin looks like no more than a pile of firewood when the windows are all closed up, but its camouflaging a seriously cool music studio.Prefab houses can be organic in shape, too.

The Hus Ett is a tiny house in Sweden with a shape and color inspired by one of the Nordic countrys favorite foods the herring. The sustainable woodland retreat is made of lightweight local materials.Drop House by D3 Architects takes the highly portable, stackable shape of a shipping container house and translates it into something warmer and more organic with the use of beautiful slatted wood. The LoftCube can be dropped onto flat rooftops like those on top of apartment buildings by crane.

Compact and self-contained, this modern modular prefab is stylish as all get-out and has a futuristic look, too.Created for just $55,000, the Artist Bothy House is a remote, off-grid structure made of rust red Cor-ten steel designed to host artist residencies in the rural Scottish Highlands. It can be installed on site in less than a day, and contains a wood-burning stove. It can be self-sustaining or hooked up to standard electricity and water utilities.The Bunkie is a tiny prefab house by 608 Design and BLDG Workshop thats basically made of two-dimensional slices of a conventional gabled house shape framed in wood, put together to create a three-dimensional structure.

Made using CNC milling technology, it can easily be expanded to any size you want just by adding more modules.Originally published at RELATED QUESTION What type of office chairs should I buy for my new office? Cheap chairs affect productivity. They also contribute to stress and strain on the spine, which can lead to more time off work.

So if youre in a position to buy chairs for your staff, choose one that allows your employees to do their jobs safely and comfortably.I recommend the Lorell Executive High-Back Chair. Its equipped with many features that higher end executive chairs have they're ergonomically designed, have adjustable arms, and the seat height is adjustable from 17-21". Theyre also incredibly affordable at under $200.Heres a picture of the chair itself:

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  • Coastline Plunge of Water Slide

    Coastline Plunge is a water slide complex located at Hersheypark in Hershey, Pennsylvania. It was built by ProSlide Technology and added to the park in 2007 as part of the then new Boardwalk at Hersheypark expansion. The structure is near the Ferris Wheel in the Midway America section. It consists of six water slides, each with its own experience. Until 2018, these slides were the only standalone water slide attractions in The Boardwalk.

    When the complex first opened, there were only four water slides: Riptide, Surge, Vortex, and Whirlwind. Then, during The Boardwalk's 2013 expansion, two more slides were added to the complex: Hydro and Pipeline.

    All slides require their riders to be a Hershey's (48 inches-54 inches) to ride alone. Surge, Riptide, Pipeline, and Hydro allow riders considered a Reese's (42 inches-48 inches) to ride, but must do so with a responsible companion.

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  • How Lazy in Our Society Are We? My Automatic Doors Do Not Work on My Van and I Am Almost Having Anxiety Attacks?

    It probably doesn't have to do with being lazy.Our bodies and minds don't like change. They like things to stay the same. u201cIf it ain't broke don't fix it.u201dSo, if you spent the last few years with automatic doors and suddenly they stop working, it's natural to feel negatively about it.Anxiety attacks are that reaction, that dislike of change, but taken to the extreme.

    You should see a doctor for help in treating this condition. Since it's severely affecting your life it's worth getting checked out.How lazy in our society are we? My automatic doors do not work on my van and I am almost having anxiety attacks?.

  • What Is the Working Principle of DTMF Controlled Automatic Door Locking System?

    It is a DTMF based automatic door locking system.The DTMF device makes it entirely remote control system. This DTMF device is controlled by the mobile phone from any location.

    The principle of this device is that, when you make the call to the DTMF device, it automatically receives the call.Then the DTMF tones generated from that device are received by the microcontroller. When the call is connected, you can type the door opening as well as the locking code from the keypad of your phone.

    This code is sent to the microcontroller in the form of DTMF tones, which directs the circuit to close as well as open the door.For detailed explanation of the working of this device, please visit the official kitsguru store.Free YouTube Video link:-What is the working principle of DTMF controlled automatic door locking system?.

  • Is the Executive Office Chair More Comfortable Than the Mesh Office Chair?

    Executive ChairMesh Office ChairIn accordance to the comfort level the executive chairs are more comfortable as compared to mesh office chair. The executive chairs are designed in such a way with a comfortable back someone will like the mesh as well but when you come to see executives are more comfortable because of its tufted back. You can see the image of executive chair and mesh chair above.

    You can check the comfort level of these chairs once you have shopped for them. You canbuy furniture onlineso that you have multiple options available with you

  • Why Is There a Need of Shaded Pole Motors?

    Shaded Pole motors are nothing but single phase induction motors, we know that Single Phase Induction Motors are not self starting (why?).So in shaded pole motors, stator is made up of poles and interesting thing is that each pole is slotted on side and copper ring is fitted on the smaller part(that part is called shaded pole) of the slotted side, as shown in figure belowWhen alternating current flows in the field winding, two different flux are produced. One flux is the main core flux and other flux is produced due to flow of current through the copper ring.

    Since both flux are displaced in space and time which makes the condition for rotating magnetic field and motor starts rotating.Note : Reversal of direction is not possible in Shaded pole motors.Source -SHADED POLE MOTORSThank You.Why is there a need of shaded pole motors?.

  • What Is the Difference Between Executive and Non-executive Chairman?

    The Executive Chairman is not the CEO.The Executive Chairman is the Chairman of the Board, and the Executive Chairman has operational responsibilities. Typically, one of the main responsibilities of an Executive Chairman is actively coaching and guiding the CEO.The Executive Chairman may participate in staff meetings and other operational meetings.

    The CEO and Executive Chairman might use a “divide and conquer” approach where they divide up the CEO responsibilities between the two of them.A non-executive chairman has no operational responsibilities and only has board responsibilities. An Executive Chairman still has board responsibilities AND has operational responsibilities as well.

Looking for a Way to Cool a Bedroom...?
Looking for a way to cool a bedroom...?They are portable air conditioners but they are not very cheap (Unless you consider a little over $300 reasonable) and they need some place to vent exhaust (A 5" diameter hose) that can be ran out a window or in a windowless room through a hole to the attic or even in to a room not frequently used (I've heard a lot of people suggest bathroom). Other than that I am at a loss— — — — — —Tent Air Conditioners: Best Portable Air Conditioners for CampingIf the great outdoors is calling you this summer, we are going to help you enjoy the journey without all the heat. We will walk you through the benefits of a tent air conditioner, what to look for as you shop for the best model, and what you can really expect when you hit the trail with your camping AC. Do not think of your portable air conditioner for camping the same as your home's central air conditioning system. While the portable units we recommend below will offer relief from the heat (some better than others), the goal is not to create an icy atmosphere. These tent AC units will decrease the temperature in your space by a few degrees, giving you a relaxing spot after a day of hiking or outdoor activities. There are three primary types of portable ac units for camping: Evaporative coolers: Consider these units more of a personal cooling fan than a full-tent air conditioner. Sometimes referred to as swamp coolers, an evaporative cooler is ideal if you are camping in a high heat, low humidity area. The cooler relies on a fan to pull in hot air, circulates that air over wet cooling pads, and dispenses a cool mist into the direct space. Portable air conditioners: These units do offer cooling for small spaces, but research them carefully as many are powered by electricity. A few battery-powered options are available. We've listed our favorites of both styles in the tent camping air condition list below. Window air conditioners: For those who plan their trips near a power grid or do not mind bringing along a camping generator, a window air conditioner for camping will keep you the most comfortable. These units will easily cool a 6-8 person tent. For those in the market for a cordless AC for camping, there is one viable option. However, the price tag makes it a considered purchase for the novice camper, so think about whether you will venture outdoors enough to get a return on your investment. HOW MUCH DOES A PORTABLE AC FOR CAMPING COST? Prices for a tent air conditioner will vary depending on the functionality and space you want to cool. For example, the evaporative coolers are the least costly but also offer little relief unless you are sitting directly in front of the device. Take note of the size of your tent, the climate of your camping site, and your budget to determine the best camping AC for your needs. Whether you are in the market for a personal cooling device or want to chill an entire multi-person tent, our reviews and recommendations below will help you purchase the best air conditioner for outdoors. In order to find the best camping air conditioner, we considered multiple tent sizes, various climates, and of course, the cooling effect of the unit. Grab the s'mores ingredients, bug spray and one of our recommended outdoor AC units and plan your next camping trip. The SereneLife SLPAC8 was our top overall choice for a portable AC unit for a number of reasons. For starters, it's actually an air conditioner, unlike many of the products on the market that serve more as a personal fan. With a 10,000 BTU rating, it has the power to cool a multi-person tent that's up to 225 square feet of space. Plus, it has a fan mode, which is suitable for smaller tents or milder days. Even when this outdoor AC is cooling on "high", it's very quiet. While we love the cooling power that comes with this unit, there are a few drawbacks. This unit requires 120V of power. If your campsite does not offer a power source, you will need a generator to use this device. Weighing in at 53 pounds and standing 27" tall, this unit is not as portable as some of the other options. At around $540, the SereneLife SLPAC8 falls in the middle of our product price list, and outperforms many competitors. If you are in the market for a small, light-weight personal air conditioner, try the Amacool 5000mAh Evaporative Air Cooler. This portable unit comes with a rechargeable battery that's supported by USB charging, so you do not have to worry about finding an electrical outlet while camping. At under three pounds, this unit is small but mighty, offering an instant cool down. Choose from the three wind speeds and three mist modes, both with separate control. Use the one-touch timer to select a run time of one to eight hours. When the battery is fully charged, you can enjoy the max cool setting for up to seven hours. The water reservoir holds about 27 ounces and is easy to refill, even while it's in use. At $70, this personal unit is a solid investment for anyone camping in a one to two-person tent. While we love the Amacool 5000mAh Evaporative Air Cooler for its ease of use and convenience, it's not ideal for cooling off a large space. To get the most from this device, you will need to be within five to 10 feet of the breeze it creates. The entire family can cool off with the BLACKDECKER BPACT08WT Portable Air Conditioner. This unit offers great cooling power for a multi-person tent up to 150 square feet. With more than 5,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, this $330 unit operates at a 5000 BTU rating and makes for a solid investment when purchasing an air conditioner for a camping tent. At nearly 53 pounds and 26" tall, it's larger than some of our other top picks, but the cooling power is worth it if you have space to give up inside your tent. While the unit is super simple to put together and start using (should take less than 10 minutes straight from the box), the cooling capacity does come with a couple drawbacks. You will need a power source of 120V or a generator for this unit to work. Plus, it operates with a single exhaust hose, so you may need to modify your tent to accommodate for the accessory. Once you are connected and powered on, let the cool down begin! This unit can be managed with a remote control, giving you easy access to its three energy-efficient functions: cool, fan, and dehumidify. Use the 24-hour timer to set the tent AC to your needs. We loved the easy maintenance of this unit as you only need to rinse the filter under running water once or twice monthly, depending on your use. The best and only true camping air conditioner on the market is the Zero Breeze Mark 2. It is specifically designed for portability, outdoor use, and effective cooling that has a 2300 BTU rating. The only reason this unit did not snag our Best Overall Tent Air Conditioner spot is the price tag. At around $1,400 this unit is ideal for a camping enthusiast. The cooling power is impressive, especially considering the device is only about 16 pounds and 20" long. We especially love that this is a battery-powered unit and can easily go anywhere. The batteries have a lifespan of about five hours, so we recommend purchasing multiple battery packs so you can extend the cool down experience. Personalize your comfort by choosing the best setting from the unit's 4-speed fan, super cold AC mode, or sleep mode. The Zero Breeze Mark 2 uses a dual hose exhaust to pull in cool air and release humid air from your tent. When cooling relief is a necessity, the TaoTronics 8,000 BTU Window-Mounted AC is our recommended solution. This unit quickly releases a refreshing breeze with minimal sound. Set the timer on this tent camping air conditioner between 30 minutes and 24 hours to turn on and off to fit your needs. We really like the five operation modes (Cool, Energy Save, Fan, Dry, Auto) and the four-fan speed to set the temperature to your comfort level. The LED display screen makes maintenance super easy. A filter cleaning indicator light will display when it's time to rinse the filter under running water. In most cases, the unit will run efficiently for 250 hours before the filter will need to be cleaned. This unit requires a power outlet or generator, as well as an adjustable height AC stand, to operate properly. The unit fits in tent windows that are 25″ to 36″ wide with a minimum height of 13.5″. This $370 investment will keep your entire tent cool and allow you to enjoy the outdoors in comfort. In order to choose the best portable AC for camping, you will need a little background on the cooling capacity of these units. If your air conditioning unit is too small, your tent wo not be cooled adequately. Too large of a unit may leave your tent feeling humid. Use these British Thermal Unit (BTU) rating guidelines to determine the cooling capacity you need. The higher the BTU, the greater the cooling capacity. Only true air conditioners will have a BTU rating. Some units we've introduced in this article, like the evaporative air cooler, are not ranked on the BTU scale. In order to keep your tent cool in the summer, consider the type of portable camping air conditioner you can accommodate. If your campsite offers electricity, you can use the higher-powered options we've mentioned above. For outdoor adventures far from a power grid, opt for an evaporative air cooler or use a generator to power your portable AC.
Bedside Table Lamp DIY Detailed Tutorial
It's cold recently and it's raining all day. At this time, it's best to hide in bed and read under a quilt at night. At this time, I thought of making a small table lamp before.It is decided to operate on it and then upgrade it to meet its own requirements:1. You can read in bed;2. It can create an atmosphere for the room;3. It won't be too dazzling when you get up in the middle of the night.Material Science:Of course it's the small table lamp aboveOne batteryDiscarded star master shellFour colorful LED lamps1 ordinary small bulb1 CD1 hard disk3 switches1 power interface (for charging)Several conductorsSeveral screws。..。..。..。.Start[night running] the DVD disc of the series is useless after reading it. It can be used as a painted LED light panelIt's sprayed with flashing silver. The LED should work well on itDrill holes and install colorful LED lights and bracketsFind the optical fiber interface and install it on the CD as a bracketThis is the small table lamp made beforeAfter removal, only use the hose and the above partsKnow this!! By the way, it's a hard disk. It's better than a mirrorAlso drill holes, install the other side of the optical fiber interface as a support, and connect the pipe, which is a little like itCut the plastic cylinder into two sides. I just want the short one at the bottomThe original one is too transparent and smooth. Use sandpaper for sandingIt looks much better. The light is softer and won't be too dazzlingThis is the abandoned star master shell with holes on four sides, including colorful LED light switch, ordinary bulb switch, small table lamp switch and a charging portThis is placed on the front as a small table lamp switchConnect four colorful LED lights in parallel. Can you understand the above figureAt the base of the shell, a gap is opened at the original battery position to insert the batteryWhen all parts are connected, the circuit is very simple and should be understood, that is, the three lights have independent switches and are connected with the charging port at the same timeBase part, one boat switch, two self-locking switches and one charging portThis 3.7 battery is 530mah. I have only this one on hand. I have the opportunity to change it to a larger capacity,Pay attention to the upper limit current resistance, so that the LED lamp will not burn or cause light failure when it is fully charged.The base is connected to the shell. Hehe, the wires are a little messyThis is a small light bulb. It won't be too dazzling at night. Just rely on itPut it all on. It's taken from above. It's a bit like what.positiveLet's start:This is a small desk lamp. It's used for reading at the head of the bedIt's very brightThen turn on the effect of colorful LED lights, greenTurn blueTurn off the colorful LED, turn on the small table lamp and turn on the small bulbThe effect of only turning on the small light bulb is relatively soft when you get up at night. It won't be too dazzlingOnly the colorful LED light is on. It changes color slowly. It has an atmosphere when it is very dark at nightLook at the effectLet's have an animated lookZoom in againThe dynamic effect is quite dazzlingThe effect of fully opening the fire and opening the three switches at the same timeMake an animated versionHow about the effect as long as you have the spirit of DIY and make more use of the combination of things around you, you can also make your own unique works.
The Vibration Monitoring of Embedded Autonomous Detection System Is Realized by Sensors
Sensor based process monitoring and predictive maintenance are expected to achieve zero downtime, reduce maintenance costs and improve worker safety. These long-term benefits have not been affirmed, while the previously provided technologies have various limitations, or management cost problems or risks, which do more harm than good.Unlike trying to solve complex problems with one technology, a more cautious and strategic view of system wide vibration monitoring can realize the long-term value of the technology.Now, the technical development of sensors and sensor processing can realize the deployment of fully embedded autonomous detection system, and can reliably detect and analyze equipment defects, imbalances, performance changes and other abnormalities, as shown in Figure 1.Before implementing a fully embedded autonomous detection system, the following four main system design aspects must be analyzed and considered:Access high confidence process dataParsing and allocating dataConsider process changesKeep abreast of the latest technological developmentsAccess high confidence process dataLike the sensitive electronic component manufacturing industry, process monitoring may be extremely important in the production facilities of high-value equipment. In this case, minor changes in the assembly line may also lead to a reduction in plant output and changes in the main technical parameters of the final equipment. In the past, the hand-held vibration probe was used, as shown in Figure 2. A major disadvantage of this method is that repeatable measurements cannot be made. A slight change in the position or angle of the probe will produce inconsistent vibration profiles, making it difficult to make accurate time comparison. Another limitation of this method is that it is unable to indicate the vibration offset in real time.Parsing and allocating dataPlant equipment usually has a variety of vibration sources (bearing defects, imbalance and gear meshing), including vibration sources brought by design, such as drilling machines or presses that produce vibration during normal operation. The time-based analysis will produce a complex waveform integrating all these vibration sources. The information it provides is difficult to distinguish without fast Fourier transform (FFT) analysis. With the embedded FFT function, the autonomous sensor can realize real-time notification.Many existing solutions are based on piezoelectric sensors, their integration is generally very low, and need to rely on FFT external calculation and analysis. This not only makes real-time notification impossible, but also pushes most of the additional design work to device developers. However, if the FFT analysis function is embedded in the sensor, the specific source of vibration offset can be determined immediately (Fig. 3). Starting with fully integrated sensors can also reduce the development time of device developers by 6 to 12 months.Another problem of the existing solutions is that most of them only have analog output, which will lead to signal attenuation in the transmission process, and offline data analysis is very complex. Most industrial equipment that can benefit from vibration monitoring often exist in high noise, moving, inaccessible and even dangerous environments. Therefore, the industry is eager to reduce the complexity of the interface cable and perform as much data analysis at the source end as possible in order to capture the equipment vibration status information as accurately as possible.Integrated, wireless (best) smart sensors facilitate direct use and significantly simplify the deployment of sensor networks while significantly reducing costs. However, there are still some complex problems after deployment. If they are not handled in advance, the integrity of the system may be reduced.Consider process changesIn the factory environment, the vibration curve is complex, has time offset, and is easily affected by the changes of equipment, material and location. It is very important to determine where to place sensors. The main determinants are the type of equipment, the environment and the life cycle of the equipment. When using high-cost sensor elements, the detection points are limited to one or several, so this problem is more important. A more important consideration is the integrity of the sensor data itself. If there is no reliable sensor, the identified performance change may be due to the equipment or sensor.Baseline equipment response is an important tool when adjusting the sensor analysis program for equipment life cycle changes. The baseline equipment response can be obtained by using a simple analog sensor, that is, the operator can make measurement, perform offline analysis, and store this data offline with appropriate signs at specific equipment and probe positions. A better and less error prone method is to store the baseline FFT in the sensor head so that the data will never be misplaced. The baseline data also helps to determine the alarm level, which is preferably also programmed directly on the sensor. In this way, if a warning or fault condition is detected in the subsequent data analysis and acquisition, a real-time interrupt can be generated.Regardless of the technical method, the applicable vibration analysis program should be able to monitor dozens or even hundreds of locations. Thousands of records may need to be obtained throughout the life cycle of a device. The integrity of predictive maintenance procedures depends on the appropriate mapping of the location and time of sensor acquisition points. In order to minimize the risk and obtain the most valuable data, the sensor shall have a unique serial number and embedded memory, and be able to add time stamps to the data.Even with good traceability as described above, there is a more challenging problem, that is, how to optimally capture subtle changes in equipment performance and adapt the sensor to various equipment. Since signal and sensor conditioning and processing depend on the specific equipment and its service life, there are many important considerations in the sensor design process.For example, the designer needs to determine whether the sensor should be configured for the early stage with less possibility of equipment failure, or for the later stage with more possibility of failure and more harm? It is preferable to use sensors that can be programmed in the system so that the configuration can be adjusted according to changes over the life cycle. For example, relatively sparse monitoring (with the lowest power consumption) should be used in the early stage. After observing the change (warning threshold), it should be reconfigured to frequent monitoring (the monitoring cycle is set by the user).Embedded analog-to-digital conversion and processing (e.g. outside the sensor head and equipment) can realize intra system configuration and tuning, as shown in Figure 4. The ideal sensor should provide a simple programmable interface to simplify the device setup, filtering operation, alarm programming and different sensor location tests by simultaneous interpreting of the baseline data. When this same tunability is combined with embedded baseline performance data, embedded sensor characteristics can be used for the life cycle of equipment in the system.Keep abreast of the latest technological developmentsThe above focuses on the improvement of the existing sensor vibration monitoring methods related to process control and predictive maintenance. Since fault tolerance and monitoring are the core of the problem, the reliability of the sensor itself should be strictly reviewed. What if the sensor fails (performance change), rather than the equipment fails? Or, if we use fully autonomous sensors, how confident can we be that the sensors will continue to work normally? For many sensors, such as piezoelectric sensors, these conditions do pose serious limitations because they cannot provide any in-system self-test. The basic requirement of high reliability and predictability process control program is to be able to conduct remote self-test on the sensor. This can now be achieved using some MEMS sensors (Fig. 5), in which the embedded digital self-test can fill the last gap of reliable vibration monitoring system.By combining MEMS vibration detection with wireless connection, the solution can now enable multiple remote detection contacts to communicate with gateway nodes through various wireless standard interfaces, so as to integrate data and further offline trend analysis and learning (Fig. 6).The wireless connection also ensures that the deployment of vibration detection is more universal. Without relying on refurbished wiring / infrastructure, such fully integrated sensors can not only detect performance changes more accurately and reliably, but also significantly reduce prepaid and repeated maintenance costs.Finally, by coupling the transformation with the embedded continuous monitoring system with cloud based analysis system, it can have a multiple impact on the information and expertise in the current equipment monitoring field. With more reliable and functional sensor contacts implemented by MEMS methods, this sensor to cloud model will help realize the long-awaited real-time potential and condition based predictive maintenance.
Sofa Cum Beds Online : Buy Sofa Cum Beds in India at Best Prices - Furniturewalla
Furniturewalla is your go-to source for modern and contemporary folding sofa beds and sofa sets online. Luxury designs that look elegant yet functional. size, functionality & features, each of which has an impact on others. Secondly, inspect the shape and space in your room precisely. With wee adjustments here and there you can make multiple uses of this piece. Get your Sofa beds online at a lower price. Also, Here at Furniturewalla, You can get different types of sofa beds at are flexible and most reliable according to your comfort. You can find a variety of sofa beds online from us. You can Buy it from our site or else, you can visit our store in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. Below are the types of Sofa beds that we are currently providing. Even hosting guests in a small apartment is almost impossible. Anything that took a lot of space can be easily placed under the mattress of the sofa bed. As per your requirements, you can turn it into a sofa or a bed and can use it to both entertain your guests and for your nap time. Turning a bed into a sofa and a sofa into a bed can sound like a lot of work which is usually carried out by professionals. The light material and lubricated joints make the entire process extremely easy and do not require more than one person to carry it out. All that you need to do is pull out the metal frame that is situated underneath the furniture and then lay out the bed. It is also usually provided with a simple mechanism for easy mobility. It will not only fit well within your budget but will also make your home more sophisticated. All the Sofa Beds are well checked and before shipping. Our experts for Sofa beds are well trained for selecting the best sofa bed for the customers. All sofa beds can be folded as per your choices. Folding sofas can be folded at any time. They can help you to choose the best designer sofa bed as per your choice and requirements. Also to check the products in reality you can visit our stores that are in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. You can visit our stores and select your sofa bed physically. If your room features vintage decor, then you can go for an antique-looking wooden sofa come bed design.• Other Related Knowledge ofsofa beds— — — — — —What Are The Best Beds For A Studio Apartment?Studio apartments are small compact spaces that can sometimes require your creativity so that your belongings fit without looking too cramped. You usually have no option but to be organized when it comes to the various household items and furniture you might have so that your living space remains habitable. One of the most important considerations, when you live in such a small space, is the type of bed to have since you do not want one that takes up too much space. What are the best beds for a studio apartment? There are a variety of beds that are ideal for small spaces such as studio apartments. A Murphy bed may look like a cabinet, but it can be folded down during bedtime, and when you wake up, you can store it vertically against the wall. A sleeper sofa is just as convenient since it can serve as a seating area during the day and a bed at night. You can also go for loft beds where you have a variety of options, or a twin bed if you do not share a bed with anyone. If you have a roommate, a convertible sofa bunk bed will save you from having to share sleeping space. When you live in a studio apartment, you never want your bed to take up too much space. In addition to limiting your movement and comfort, an oversized bed will also take up the space that you would have otherwise used for storage. Here are some of the best beds for a studio apartment. A Murphy bed, sometimes known as a wall bed, is well-known for its ability to fold up vertically against a wall when it is not in use, effectively clearing up floor space. When you want to sleep or lounge in bed, you can fold easily fold it down. Raising and lowering a Murphy bed is easy on your back due to the spring-loaded mechanisms that allow for easy opening and closing. These mechanisms are additionally counterbalanced to keep your bed from falling without warning. You do not have to worry about your bedding and pillows remaining in place when you close up a Murphy bed since it usually comes with a Velcro strap system that holds everything together when it is in a vertical position. Murphy beds are comfortable to sleep on since you do not need any folding mattresses, and you have the option to use an appropriately sized coil-spring mattress of your own. If you need some floor space, then a loft bed is the way to go. There are several different options when it comes to this type of bed: • Basic loft bed - This is basically an elevated bed that has nothing underneath it. This open space can serve as extra storage space or you can leave it empty to make your studio unit seem more spacious. • Twin over full loft bed - Just as the name suggests, a twin over a full loft bed comprises of a twin bed over a loft one. This type of bed is a great option if you have a roommate since it allows each one of you a separate sleeping area. • Study design loft bed - A study design loft bed comes with a loft platform where you can place your workstation beneath the bed. Some have shelves where you can store your school or work items while others come with a fully equipped built-in desk, shelving, and ample space for study/work. • Loft bed with dresser - This loft bed includes a sleeping area and a dresser beneath it which has shelves where you can store clothes and other belongings to save space. If your sleeping area can barely fit a bed as well as a set of drawers, consider getting a Captain's bed. This versatile bed can also be used as a storage unit and save you some much-needed space. They feature a frame with drawers underneath it where you can store your belongings and consequently achieve a neater sleeping area. If your studio apartment is particularly small, consider going for a sleeper sofa. You can keep this versatile piece of furniture in your living area and use it a sitting area during the day or when you have people over, and then simply sleep on the in-built mattress at night. There are many types of sofa sleepers to choose from, but make sure you go for one that is of high quality and has a comfortable mattress. As the name suggests, a storage bed comes with space underneath it where you can store your clothes, shoes, and any other belongings you may have. The storage space is divided into compartments, and all you have to do to access them is to lift your mattress. Sofa beds have become popular over the years with tenants trying to save space, but now you can have a sofa that can be used as a bunk bed as well. It has a ladder to help you get to the top bunk and it also incorporates a safety barrier system that keeps you secure even when you roll over in bed. This is a great option for tenants who live with a roommate. Instead of having storage under your bed, why not have a bed that can slide under the floor? To achieve this, use a raised platform in your sleeping area and have the bed on casters set on wheels so that you can effortlessly roll your bed under the platform when it is not in use. You can use the platform as your home office or study area, which allows you to keep this space intact instead of having to constantly rearrange everything when you go to bed. Instead of a full bed, opt to go for a twin bed. While you might be hesitant about it at first, this type of bed occupies less space, and you can put in one corner of the apartment and not have to worry about it overcrowding your small space. It is most comfortable when just one person is sleeping in it, but it is not hard for two people to squeeze in. A canopy may seem like an unlikely choice for a studio apartment, but it may just what you need. Due to its added height, a canopy bed automatically pulls your focus upwards and generally makes the ceiling seem higher and the room bigger. It also outlines the sleeping area in the same way that a well-done paint job or a strategically place artwork would do. This is another unlikely pick for a studio unit, but it is perfect for when you need to fit your bed along the length of a wall. The stylish curled-over bed head and foot make a sleigh bed look intentionally placed, which in turn makes your living space feel extra cozy. If the ceiling of your studio apartment is not high enough for a loft bed, consider getting a platform bed. This type of bed will make your room seem bigger since it is so close to the floor and does not take up too much space. A regular bed usually takes up a lot of space that would otherwise be used as storage. An elevated bed is a great option since the bed is on a raised platform, leaving plenty of space underneath it for storage. When you lift the bed, the space under it is big enough for you to walk under it, so if you do not mind a miniature closet beneath your bed, go for this type of bed. A trundle/truckle bed is a standard bed on wheels that can be rolled under a larger bed, sort of like an extension. This type of bed saves you plenty of floor space, and the extra bed can serve as a bed for a guest or a roommate. What should I look for in a studio apartment? • Vertical space - You will want plenty of vertical space in a studio apartment since the horizontal space is going to be limited. When you have high ceilings, your apartment will automatically appear larger than it actually is and you will also have extra storage space. • Natural light - A brighter room always seems larger. Ensure that there are plenty of appropriately-sized windows facing the direction of sunlight in a studio unit. • Full-sized appliances - Just because a studio is small does not mean the appliances should be mini-sized as well. Ensure that the refrigerator, stove, and any other appliances that may be provided are normal-sized. • Livable space - Although a studio apartment is small, you should feel comfortable enough to live in it. If the space feels too cramped for you, then you are better off living in a larger apartment. What is the cost of renting furniture for an apartment? The cost of renting furniture for a rental unit varies based on quality and location. A living set could cost you anywhere from $250-350 a month, while a bedroom set could set you back $100-250 per month.
Reshowing of episodes of bed headEpisodes of the original Face to Face were shown frequently on BBC Knowledge and still turn up occasionally on its successor BBC Four, especially during seasons such as The Lost Decade in October 2005. 30 of the original 35 episodes have been repeated, the exceptions being Nubar Gulbenkian, Roy Welensky, General Von Senger, Victor Gollancz and Danny Blanchflower. The soundtrack of the interview with Stirling Moss was issued on the 'B' side of an LP which also featured the soundtrack of the interview with Hancock. The BBC issued the original programme in a Region 2 DVD boxset in September 2009, complete apart from the interview with Albert Finney. The BBC has put up an online archive of selected programmes.List of subjectsOriginal programme (19591962)Revival (19891998)------Books of bed headBed 2 by Luke Austin-PaglialongaSTUCK by Solomon Ray BarnettBed 2: A Mini BeaubookAs a part of his Beaubook series, Los Angeles-based photographer Luke Austin-Paglialonga is working on "Bed 2," a follow up to his sold-out, limited-edition Bed book. The book is set to feature portraits of a variety of men set against peach colored walls and a wrought iron headboard, presumably in Paglialonga's home. In November 2015, Solomon was photographed for the project.StuckIn 2015, while working on his debut album Why Boys Cry, Barnett announced via social media that he would be releasing a coffee table book of nudes in 2016. Previews posted to Instagram and his official Facebook page indicate the project includes work from photographers Mikhail Torch as well as JD Forte.------Legacy of bed headPhilippa and King John's union was praised for establishing purity and virtue in a court that was regarded as particularly corrupt. Philippa is remembered as the mother of "The Illustrious Generation" (Portuguese: nclita Gerao). Her surviving children went on to make historically significant contributions in their own right. Edward became the eleventh King of Portugal, and was known as, "The Philosopher," or the "Eloquent." Henry the Navigator sponsored expeditions to Africa.Philippa's influence was documented in literary works. The medieval French poet Eustache Deschamps dedicated one of his ballads to "Phelippe en Lancastre," as a partisan of the Order of the Flower. It has also been speculated that Geoffrey Chaucer may have alluded to Philippa in his poem, "The Legend of Good Women," through the character, Alceste.------The text of bed headThe Northumberland MS 455 (fols. 180a-235a), dated c. 145070 is the only manuscript containing the Canterbury Interlude and The Tale of Beryn. The Canterbury Interlude and the Tale of Beryn were published along with the other tales in John Urrys 1721 edition of The Canterbury Tales. Because it is the only manuscript containing these tales, it is difficult to judge what is scribal error and what is the original text. For this reason, modern scholars must analyse the text of The Canterbury Interlude and The Tale of Beryn against other tales copied by the same scribe in the same manuscript (specifically The Canon's Yeoman's Tale and The Summoner's Tale) to ascertain scribal anomalies------Eskay Movies of bed headEskay Movies is an Indian media and entertainment company which started in 1988 by Ashok Dhanuka and Himanshu Dhanuka. The expanded Eskay Movies into becoming one of the biggest media and entertainment houses in eastern India. In the film industry, Eskay Movies has following divisions: Production, Distribution, Exhibition, Digital Cinema and Music and Online Store. The production house is headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal and prominently produces Bengali language films. Digital movie distribution firm United Mediaworks (UMW) has expanded its operations into Bangladesh by distributing and co-producing films with Bangladeshi companies, such as Jaaz Multimedia. Under the new partnership, United Mediaworks will provide its digital cinema production and distribution technology to over 256 screens in Bangladesh. With this expansion, UMW claims to have a distribution chain present across 550 screens in both India and Bangladesh------Minnesota Landscape Arboretum of bed headIn 1956 the Men's Garden Club of Minneapolis met with the Minnesota State Horticultural Society with the desire to create an arboretum. In 1958 after raising monies from local garden clubs a 160 acres (0.65km2) of land was purchased for the arboretum in the Twin Cities' suburbs; the arboretum was opened in the same year, and Dr. Snyder was its director from its opening until 1976. During his time as director Dr. Snyder helped expand every aspect of the arboretum, from its size, eventually to 630 acres (2.5km2) to its research capabilities and its facilities for visitors. The Leon C. Snyder Education and Resource Building, dedicated in 1974, contains both the Anderson Horticultural Library and the Meyer-Deats Conservatory------Remix version of bed headIn early 2000, a 12" bootleg remix version of "When the World Is Running Down, You Make the Best of What's Still Around" began circulating in prominent nightclubs, played by such disc jockeys as Pete Tong, David Morales and Terry Farley. At first it was unknown who was responsible for the remix, but it turned out to be Gino Scaletti and Quinn Whalley, also known as Different Gear. Pagan Records eventually got permission from the Police's label, A&M Records, to release the remix commercially. The remix version was credited to Different Gear versus the Police and reached No. 28 on the UK Singles Chart. On the US Billboard Dance chart, the remix went to No. 7. This version was included in the soundtrack for the film Red Planet (2000).------Track listing of bed head"For My Woman" (Stevie Wright, George Young)"She's So Fine" (Wright, Young)"Wedding Ring" (Wright, Young)"Easy as Can Be" (Wright, Young)"In My Book" (Wright, Young)"Women" (Wright, Young)"Come and See Her" (Wright, Young)"I'll Make you Happy" (Wright, Young)"Too Much" (Harry Vanda, Wright, Young)"Sorry" (Wright, Young)"Made My Bed (Gonna Lie in It)" (Young)"Friday on My Mind" (Vanda, Young)"Heaven and Hell" (Vanda, Young)"You Me, We Love" (Vanda, Young)"Happy is the Man" (Vanda, Young)"Hello How Are You?" (Vanda, Young)"Good Times" (Vanda, Young)"The Music Goes Round My Head" (Vanda, Young)"Fancy Seeing you Here" (Vanda, Young)"Falling off the Edge of the World" (Vanda, Young)"Land of Make Believe" (Vanda, Young)"St. Louis" (Vanda, Young)------Appearances of bed headFilmDavid is initially portrayed as the main antagonist of the film and is the head of a gang of vampires in the fictional town of Santa Carla. He is later revealed to have simply been an underling of Max, who was the real head vampire.LiteratureDavid appears in the same role in the 1980s novelization of the film.ComicsDavid appears in the comic Lost Boys: Reign of Frogs and in 2016's The Lost Boys.TelevisionA television series based on the character and the rest of the vampire gang is in production at The CW focussing on the gang of vampires throughout different points in history. Dakota Shapiro was cast in the role for the first pilot, but was replaced with Lincoln Younes and the character renamed "Benjamin" for the second pilot.------Gul Khan Nasir of bed headMir Gul Khan Naseer (Urdu: ), also widely regarded as Malek o-Sho'ar Balochistan (Urdu: ; 14 May 1914 6 December 1983) was a prominent politician, poet, historian, and journalist from Balochistan, Pakistan. Born on 14 May 1914 in Noshki, Gul Khan Naseer was at the forefront of the Baloch nationalist movement and was most active between 1935 and 1980. His father's name was Mir Habib Khan and he belonged to the Paindzai family of the Zagar Mengal sub branch of the Mengal tribe. Mir Gul Khan's mother "Bibi Hooran" belonged to the Rakhshani branch of the Bolazai Badini. Mir Habib Khan had five sons and three daughters. Mir Gul Khan Nasir was number seven among his eight siblings and he was the fourth amongst his brothers (i.e.) Mir Samand Khan, Mir Lawang Khan, Mir Lal Bux, Mir Gul Khan and Col. Sultan Mohammad Khan------Retrograde ejaculation of bed headRetrograde ejaculation occurs when semen which would be ejaculated via the urethra is redirected to the urinary bladder. Normally, the sphincter of the bladder contracts before ejaculation, sealing the bladder which besides inhibiting the release of urine also prevents a reflux of seminal fluids into the male bladder during ejaculation. The semen is forced to exit via the urethra, the path of least resistance. When the bladder sphincter does not function properly, retrograde ejaculation may occur. It can also be induced deliberately by a male as a primitive form of male birth control (known as coitus saxonicus) or as part of certain alternative medicine practices. The retrograde-ejaculated semen, which goes into the bladder, is excreted with the next urination..------Description of bed headMelaleuca glomerata is an erect, spreading small tree or shrub growing to 310m (1030ft) with spreading or straggly branches and white, papery bark. The leaves are mostly linear, tapering to a point, flat, 1050mm (0.42in) long and 12mm (0.040.08in) wide. They are also grey-green and slightly hairy to very densely covered with flattened hairs. As with many other melaleucas, the bark is white and papery.Desert honey-myrtle flowers profusely in dense white to yellow heads in leaf axils and at the ends of branches. There are five groups of stamens arranged around the flower, each containing four to nine stamens. Flowering occurs in late spring to early summer but can occur at other times in its natural habitat.The fruit are about 22.5mm (0.080.1in) in diameter and clustered.------Taxonomy and systematics of bed headThe bearded reedling was first described by Carl Linnaeus in his 10th edition of Systema Naturae in 1758. He placed it in the genus Parus with the tits. The species has since been placed with the parrotbills in the family Paradoxornithidae, after they were removed from the true tits in the family. More recent research suggests it is a unique songbird no other living species seems to be particularly closely related to it. The species is now placed in the monotypic family Panuridae. Molecular phylogenetic studies have shown that the bearded reedling is most closely related to the lark family Alaudidae. The current genus name, Panurus, is from Ancient Greek panu, "exceedingly", and , "tail". The specific biarmicus is from "Biarmia", a Latinised form of Bjarmaland, formerly part of what is now the Arkhangelsk Oblast area of Russia.------Education of bed headHeworth is served by one primary school, The Drive Community Primary School. In November 2012, the school was rated "good" by Ofsted. Nearby primary schools include Brandling Primary School and Falla Park Community Primary School in Felling, Colegate Community Primary School, Lingey House Primary School and St. Augustine's Catholic Primary School in Leam Lane, and St. Alban's Catholic Primary School in Pelaw.In terms of secondary education, Heworth is located within the catchment area for Heworth Grange Comprehensive School in Leam Lane. An inspection carried out by Ofsted in January 2017 deemed the school to be "inadequate". Students from the area also attend the nearby Cardinal Hume Catholic School in Wrekenton, rated "outstanding" by Ofsted in January 2014, as well as St. Joseph's Catholic Academy in Hebburn, which was rated "requires improvement" by Ofsted in January 2019.------Birds of bed headThe lake, with its associated seasonal claypans and the nearby Barrolka Lakes to the north-east, has been identified by BirdLife International as a 1,218km2 (470sqmi) Important Bird Area (IBA) because it has supported over 1% of the world populations of plumed whistling-ducks, sharp-tailed sandpipers and Australian pelicans, as well as providing habitat for Australian bustards. A large colony of Australian pelicans breeds on an island at the north-eastern end of the lake. The Barrolka Lakes hold several cormorant colonies. Other birds recorded in substantial numbers include hardheads, white-headed stilts, glossy ibises, grey teals, black-tailed nativehens, Australian pratincoles, whiskered terns and Pacific black ducks, with smaller numbers of freckled ducks and white-winged black terns.
How to Find the Best Bed Sheets According to the Season
Just as you swap out your sweaters for T-shirts and your jeans for shorts, your sheets and seasonal bedspreads could also use a change. Having the right layers on your bed not only provides a restful and comfortable sleep environment, but they also save energy, from the dead of winter to the dog days of summer.Before we get into the varying sheet types, there are some other things to consider for your comfort. Make sure your sheets fit your mattress. This is more than just visually appealing. A good fit allows the fabrics to function as they should, from warming your toes to cooling your back.The thread count is not everything-different fabrics have different sized fibers, so the count matters for some materials more than others. This is why 200-count linen sheets and 200-count cotton sheets do not feel the same, so if you see a number that seems too good to be true, it probably is.Matching sheets that fit your lifestyle will save you time and frustration. If they require more attention than you typically want to give your laundry, then do not buy them. Cotton blends and microfibers can go into the washer and dryer without much fuss, but Egyptian cotton or linen require a softer touch.So what kind of sheets should you buy and why? Well, you only need sheets for two groups: Summer and Spring and then Winter and Fall.Those hot summer nights are great except for when you are trying to sleep. Balmy and annoying, they can leave you sweaty and sleepless. No need to run your AC, though! Update your sheets for some summer sleepin' all night long. It helps if you sing the last part of that sentence a la Lionel Richie.More than just panda chow, bamboo has made a name for itself these past few years. You can find bamboo clothing, toilet paper, paper towels, straws, cocktail stirs, etc. The list goes on and on.The material has climbed the proverbial consumer ladder as it is a renewable resource. It can grow 36 inches in a day! It is also naturally antimicrobial, mildew resistant, and great for anyone with allergies. Most importantly, it wicks away moisture while staying light and airy.Once you are done walking like an Egyptian, you can now sleep like one, without all that pesky mummification. Egyptian cotton fibers are long, with a crisp feel, and moisture-wicking. When woven in a percale style, they are a dream.This material is pricey but maybe worth it if you or anyone else who sleeps in your bed happens to run hot.There is not much too Prima cotton. It features similar fibers as Egyptian cotton but way more affordable.Linen is the ultimate material for seasonal bedspreads and summer fabric, from the sheets on your bed to the clothes on your back. It can soak up 20% of its weight in moisture before feeling at all wet. It's like one of those novelty sponges that you add water too. It keeps soaking and soaking!Pro tip: it will take a couple of washes to soften linen for optimal comfort, but it is worth it.Best Sheets for Fall and WinterIf you have a case of popsicle toes every fall or winter, then you probably need a warmer, seasonal bedspread and better sheets during your sleepy time. Besides, when it is cold outside, nothing feels better than snuggling up. Bears do it for a reason. Doing so saves energy and money.Not to be confused with satin sheets, Sateen sheets are a cotton blend that is versatile enough to be comfy all year long.Sateen is the type of weave, and cotton fibers are what the sheets are made from. They are silky, smooth, and feel luxurious. Yet, the weave forms a more substantial cotton sheet, so it's the perfect blend to hunker down with.Typically made for a polyester blend of some sort, microfibers are an excellent choice for bedding. First, they are inexpensive and come in a variety of patterns and colors. But best of all, they are super comfortable and smooth. Sleeping never felt so good!These are very similar to microfiber sheets, as they too are often a polyester blend of sorts. Unlike microfiber, these sheets are fuzzy and warm, perfect for snuggling.These sheets are bar-none the heavy hitters of winter bedding. Unlike microfiber and fleece, these sheets take no time at all to warm you up.They are fuzzy and comfy. It's like sleeping inside of your favorite sweatshirt. Flannel sheets also offer a variety of fun patterns and holiday looks. If you are cold, this is the bedding for you.Now that you are an expert on the various types of linens and sleep materials that you can use to get through any season, why not give our experts a call? We would love to answer any questions and help you find the right mattress so you can start the summer season on the right side of the bed.Help with free fall problem?after falling 62 m freely he will acquire a velocity u=2gh=34.86m/s then deceleration of 1.9m/s2 starts ...final velocity=V=(u^2-2as)=3.1m/s...s= further traveled height ..a=deceleration ....after opening parachute.. so s=317.265m...so total height=sh=379.26m you should be able to calculate time for each part and add them by using v=uat v=final velocity,a=acceleration(-ve for deceleration ),u= initial velocity
Taking a Cruise in the Lazy Land of Blue Lagoon
By LENORE MAGIDAAPRIL 28, 1991 This is a digitized version of an article from The Times’s print archive, before the start of online publication in 1996. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems. Please send reports of such problems to archive_feedback@nytimes.com. ON Saturday around lunchtime, the sun came out, and suddenly everything sparkled. The sea glistened. Our white-and-blue ship, the Yasawa Princess, gleamed at anchor off the little island of Nanuya Lailai. For two days, with 46 passengers and a crew of 20, we had been cruising through the Yasawas, a group of 16 main volcanic islands and dozens of smaller, mostly uninhabited ones just northwest of Viti Levu, the main island of Fiji. With a few brief breaks, our weather had been -- well, we'd seen some weather. We'd been drenched, rocked, buffeted and forced to change schedule for one day of our four-day itinerary, forgoing the northernmost leg of our trip -- the part that would have taken us to Yasawa-I-Rara, which we'd heard described as the most spectacular beach in the South Pacific.Oddly, perhaps, none of that had mattered much at the time -- and it certainly didn't now. For now we were doing what we'd all come for: basking under a South Pacific sun, letting aquamarine waters lap at our feet, strolling the sandy beach hunting unusual shells -- and waiting, with not a shred of impatience, for our beach barbecue lunch to be ready. Some (especially, it seemed, the honeymooners among us) just lolled on beach mats. Others tested their sailboarding skills or took one of the ship's launches to the best snorkeling spot in the area. I spent a euphoric hour on a wave ski, a kayak-surfboard hybrid, paddling with the breeze and even catching a few minuscule waves.We were on one of the tours offered by Blue Lagoon Cruises of Lautoka, Fiji. If the name Blue Lagoon sounds cinematically familiar, you're right: the two films of the same name, one in 1949 with Jean Simmons and the other in 1980 with Brooke Shields, were filmed at the Yasawas' Turtle Island, today a deluxe resort. But there's more of a link than that: a New Zealander named Trevor Withers assisted on the Simmons film and adopted its name when he started his one-boat cruising project in 1950. Nowadays Blue Lagoon has six ships -- not ocean-liner luxurious, but well-equipped and casually comfortable. The vessels leave pretty, tree-lined Lautoka 10 times a week, at least once every day, to cruise the idyllic Yasawas.The ships are of modest size, with appointments that are generally adequate. These are not the ships to be on if you want an on-board swimming pool or dining facilities worthy of the finest on-shore restaurant. Cabins, all with private bathrooms with showers, can accommodate three; most have a double bed with a single top berth, though some have twin lower berths and a top berth. All are outer cabins with a porthole or window. Closet and bathroom space are limited, and the cabins don't have a lot of moving-around space (although that situation improves in the Club Cruise ships' bridge-deck cabins, the most expensive). On the Yasawa Princess, in the cabins and especially the common areas, my impression was that furnishings had been chosen but for functionality and ability to withstand the South Pacific weather.AdvertisementMeals on the cruise were at minimum satisfactory, even to the passenger on our cruise who is executive chef at a large hotel. Generally we far preferred the buffets that emphasized simple, fresh preparations over the two more formal dinners we were served on board. Dessert was always fresh fruit; the galley crew saved the cakes for our morning and afternoon teas.AdvertisementThere were a few key complaints. First, despite frequent spraying, the cabins tended to have quite a few tiny roaches, the kind that are about a quarter-inch inch long; the passengers understood that trying to purge insects in the tropics is at best difficult, but they still wanted the pests gone. Second, the new towels we were given each day tended to be a bit musty, as though they'd been taken out of the dryer a few moments too soon. Third, at least one time -- when all of us seemed to be taking showers after a snorkeling excursion -- the water completely petered out. And, finally, the coffee was barely more than hot brown water.At least among the group I was with, however, the complaints and limitations were far from serious. Our cruise members, who collectively had a great deal of travel experience, had a fine time with Blue Lagoon.The charms of the Yasawas are considerable, even if you end up seeing some of them through the windswept rains that roll in between November and April , with January through March the rainiest months. (The driest months are June through September.) Some are generic tropical-paradise charms, though surely no less beautiful for that: tall palms fringing curving beaches, green peaks rising gently from blue ocean, stupendous skies as the sun sets through layered streaks of clouds.Exploring the islands reveals some more unusual features. The Sawa-I-Lau limestone caves, a stop for all Blue Lagoon cruises, is one, though they seemed more a challenge than a charm for some on our trip. Precarious stone steps led us to a pool ringed by limestone walls some two dozen feet high, and most of us took the chilly plunge -- a jolt after the bathlike warmth of the sea.But that was just the beginning: next we ducked underneath one of those walls and emerged in a pitch-black cavern, where a flashlight-bearing crew member met us for a swim deep into the caves. It was no-sweat fun for some, scary but exhilarating for others, and inarguably memorable.Snorkeling in the Yasawas can provide the exhilaration without the spookiness. Fiji, which brims with coral reefs, is renowned for its snorkeling, but the reefs in the Yasawas have the advantage of being more pristine than those in the more developed tourist areas. The coral is dense and fantastically diverse: you can see varieties that look like flower buds or clusters of shells, like big cabbages or little sausages. The fish are mostly small, but they're vivid: pale green, yellow and black, iridescent blue. And there are large, languid starfish the color of Elizabeth Taylor's eyes.Not all the good times on our cruise happened in the water. On one of the islands we had a delicious lovo feast -- meats and vegetables cooked underground on heated rocks -- well complemented by bottles of Fiji Bitter beer.Please verify you're not a robot by clicking the box.Invalid email address. Please re-enter.You must select a newsletter to subscribe to.View all New York Times newsletters.On our full last day, we visited the lone village on the island of Matacawa Levu, and haggled with the village women selling shells, jewelry and other crafts from an impromptu market on the lawn. That night the same women and other villagers boarded the Yasawa Princess for a performance of Fijian songs and dances, and one of them brought with her, priced at about $2 apiece, the pint-sized grass skirts that a couple of us had asked her that morning to make as gifts for little girls.AdvertisementWe also had a lot of fun among ourselves, due in no small measure to the genial atmosphere the crew created. It's all too easy for someone describing the characteristic Fijian disposition to sink into happy-native language, but it's not accurate: yes, Fijians are cheerful, but at the core there seems to be a sure sense of self -- and self-respect.On our cruise that meant that the crew -- among them Semi, the bluff and bearlike captain; the cruise director Charlie, an eloquent ex-journalist; Sili, the busy but unflappable bartender; and the loose-limbed Semisi, a motorman who showed himself to be a natural performer when he conducted a crew songfest on our last night -- did their jobs quite well and efficiently, but never kept an obsequious distance from the paying folks. They were always ready for conversation or for a raucous poker game -- with or without passengers -- at one of the dining tables.WE also had a good mix of passengers. Australians, who have the shortest trip to Fiji, were the largest single group. There were also quite a few New Zealanders and winter-weary Canadians, a British couple and a Japanese couple who were all living and working in Fiji and four people from the United States.The newlywed couple from New York had made the longest trip, and they found plenty of fellow honeymooners on board, along with a number of veteran couples who described the cruise as their second honeymoon. Aside from two solo women and one man traveling with his teen-age daughter, all the passengers were couples. Of course, it's hard to imagine a more romantic trip than a South Pacific cruise. But it's more than the in-love sort of romance. It's the romance of having, as those of us from North America did, a thoroughly relaxing adventure half a world from home, under a sky full of new constellations. We laughed, sipped Champagne, danced with the captain. We stood hushed as the vil- lagers who had just entertained us fell into fervent prayer. We listened as the crew played guitars and sang Fijian songs, their lilting sound a bit Hawaiian, a bit Mexican. And we kept listening as they kept playing, just for the pleasure of it, as we all drifted off to our cabins to sleep. IF YOU GO The CruisesBlue Lagoon Cruises, Post Office Box 54, Lautoka, Fiji (telephone 61622) offers a four-day, three-night Popular Cruise every day (they last 72 hours), and a Club Cruise of that duration twice weekly.Because the ships on the Popular Cruises are smaller, they don't go as far; chiefly, they don't get to the reputedly most beautiful beach, Yasawa-I-Rara (neither did we, because of weather problems.There's also a seven-day, six-night Club Cruise, which both covers more ocean and lingers longer at various spots. Club Cruise passengers get a few other perks: a welcoming reception, a fruit basket in every cabin, Champagne on the last night and a Blue Lagoon Cruising Club T-shirt and sulu. I was also told that the Club Cruise food is better. The BoatsThe Yasawa Princess and the Nanuya Princess, which are used for the Club Cruises, are 151-foot vessels with 4 decks and 36 cabins. The four smaller craft used for the Popular Cruises -- the Lycianda, Salamanda, Maricanda and Oleanda -- are 118 feet long and have 3 decks and 22 cabins. The CostOn either of the cruises, you pay more if your cabin is on a higher deck. Following are all per person, two people to a cabin, with tax:Four-day Popular Cruise, A Deck $441, B Deck $374;Four-day Club Cruise, Bridge Deck $561, A Deck $523, B Deck $456;AdvertisementSeven-day Club Cruise, Bridge Deck $1031, A Deck, $987, B Deck $860. L. M.A version of this article appears in print on April 28, 1991, on Page 5005015 of the National edition with the headline: . Order Reprints| Today's Paper|Subscribe
Wine Barrel Dog Bed
Owning a pet and trying to create a great looking decor to your homes interior are often contradictory -- where most dog beds seem to 'ugly up the place'. How can you have an amazing looking home with top of the line imported furniture, granite floors, marble counter tops, luxurious Indian carpet, and then have a stinking dog bed sitting in the center of it all One item that can compliment your home's interior incredibly well whilst be beneficial to your pet is a .Wooden Dog Crate This an awesome way of upcycling. A bed made of an old wine cask looks great and will make your pet very comfortable. Your cats will also like them. Wine keg beds for pets are a weekend project for those who are more DIY orientated but you can buy some beautiful, professionally made ones as well. Oftentimes it is actually cheaper to order one premade because the cost will be about the same as if you ordered a wine barrel and paid the shipping fees, then the time and effort spent to actually build it.That being said, if you do have access to a free or low-cost wine barrel in your community then feel free to go ahead and make your own. Also it is a fun project to do and is not very complicated given the awesome array of online materials (where you can use wine barrels to build anything from wooden chandeliers to coffee tables). If you do not have access to an old oak barrel then you can order one already cut and premade into a dog's bed.Wine Barrel Pet Bed By Wine Barrel CreationsAmazon Price: $265.00 $225.00 Buy Now(price as of Sep 3, 2016)There are a lot of different types of dog beds you can buy that are made out of barrels, depending on the barrel (given no two wine casks are the same) and size of the dog. The 2 most common types are ones that use the base of the barrel and are cut lower in front so the dog can have easy access. The other type basically cuts a barrel in half length-wise and then they create a bed out of it. Both types look great. The type you order may be dependent on how large of a dog you have.If your dog is less than 25 pounds then a traditional may be the best choice. This is where the wine barrel is cut width-wise and then an elongated entrance is cut down to allow access to the bed for the dog. These can be made at any height.However, if you have a dog larger than 25 pounds then you may prefer to get a dog bed made with an oak barrel cut in half. It has a drastically looking different appearance from the traditional variety but it can be designed to allow for larger dogs to sleep more comfortably.Building Your Own Oak Barrel Pet Bed Credit: Amazon.com/True FabricationsYou might fancy having a go at building your own and don't have access to an old barrel then you caneasily order one online. In order to save money on shipping you can opt to buy a planter barrel instead of a full-sized barrel. A planter barrel is usually about 27 inches tall so they work great for making dog beds with very little cutting. A planter barrel also ways less so it will be cheaper to order than a full-sized barrel.A wine cask dog bed is very beautiful and will fit into any décor in your home, but most importantly it will provide a comfortable, sturdy and safe place for your to dog to relax and sleep. These beds help to keep your favorite dog off the floor and this keeps the dog warmer in the wintertime and cooler in the hotter summers. Unlike many dog beds that can be found on the market, a dog bed made from an old wine barrel is easy to access. Even if your dog is old and has hip problems he will still be able to easily access the bed and be comfortable in it. These beds are both beautiful and very functional.
Why Are the Lights in the Master Bed and Bath Out and the Rest of the House Is Not Affected?
Why are the lights in the master bed and bath out and the rest of the house is not affected?Sounds like the master bedroom and bath is on a separate circuit to other rooms in the house. It's normal for a home to have several separate circuits. Like the above answers have said, you should check the breakers to make sure it's not something as simple as that. The power going out recently could have caused a surge and flipped a breaker. If that is not the problem then you will need to get a licensed electrician out to assess the problem. As for the inspection of the house, if you can prove that the inspector was negligent in their report AND that you would not have purchased the home had the report stated what ever it turns out is the problem then you MAY have grounds to sue for the cost of repairs.— — — — — —does anyone know a good place to buy bedddings and sheets?bed bath & beyond, but they are not cheap— — — — — —i want to buy a magic bullet but i need more info?have one and its great, you can get it cheaper at bed bath and beyond— — — — — —Chopping garlic......?you could find this at I think bed bath and and beyond. It is a stainless steel (kind of looks like a metal bar of soap) It will last you forever. Try baking soda too— — — — — —I Am Painting My Room, Where Can I Find..?bed bath and beyond or internet. amazon or ebay =] good colour choice— — — — — —At what store can i buy bedding stuff like comforters pillows?bed bath & beyond ...ikea— — — — — —I am learning to cook steak as Alton Brown does in his episode of Good Eats, Steak Your Claim?Go to a kitchen supply store or Bed Bath and Beyond and buy yourself a pair of silicone gloves OR you can get an oven mitt that is thicker and more heat resistant in the grill section of Walmart— — — — — —Most suitable name for innovative & creative products company?Bed bath and beyond first blood part 2 ? I am not sure— — — — — —What are the best places to make a wedding registry?bed bath and beyond is a good one. For example, if you buy $300 worth of capahlon products, the person will get a $50 gift card. Kohls and Target are also good places— — — — — —i love baking and would love to know where i can find baking equipment?Bed Bath and Beyond is great. Or. JcPenney— — — — — —I need a birthday present for my mom old?Get her some new kitchen gadgets, or even a gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond. I know that would make me happy!— — — — — —black and white dorm room.. what about accent pillows??Linens & Things or Bed Bath and Beyond— — — — — —How can i get bigger/fuller lips, without pricy surgery?Lip plumper is your best choice if you dont want any injection. you can get it a target or bed bath and body works.— — — — — —How to keep my small room from feeling cramped?although it seems like you have more space with the little slot under the bunk bed you do not...it takes up too much space and closes in the room also the poster make the room look smaller too and they make the room look cheap a tan wall or green...not pastel...but a nice green...would be make your room more mature looking...and last for years to come ...all the walls need to be the same color and the ceiling and baseboards white.. i would do a twin day bed...so with some pillows you have a place to sit in a small room a double bed will really be a bed room...for that is all you will get into it consider getting rid of the dresser they take up too much space and hold clutter...get baskets and storage container and place those items from the dresser in baskets and place on a low shelf in the closet... in fact make the closet more useful with shelves...and hang all your clothes and add 3 hooks for the coat and pack and purse so all theses items have a place and you never look for them a desk in your room is nice for homework...and a memo board and a calendar... on the wall over the bed...day bed or twin...get a nice canvas art piece...from bed bath and beyond... add some enlarged family to another wall...3-5...enlarged to 8x10 another wall with all your special awards and certificates and a framed jersey... this will truly define who you are beyond a poster and a bunk bed you have truly out grown *(*