Aluminum Formwork: a New Leader of Green Building

Reporter recently learned from the green building high quality development activities, compared to wood formwork, we used to choose in the past project, aluminum formwork has much more advantages of reusability, environmental protection and better result. It is expected to lead the green building on the development of new high quality road. The reporter sees in the spot, here does not have the fine day a suit of ash, the rainy day a foot mud the construction site scene, more does not have the dust to float in the sky.

Walking all the way from the project site, the road is very clean despite the construction site on both sides.The project has carried out fine management, intelligent creation and green construction in quality control, dust prevention and other aspects, and has achieved certain results. According to the person in charge of the project, aluminum formwork is used in the construction of Xiahe garden project. Compared with the 8 times of using traditional wood formwork, The Times of using aluminum formwork can reach 200 to 300 times, and the quality of wall forming is better.

Normal wood formwork construction technology, verticality and roughness are 0 to 8 mm, aluminum formwork construction completion of the measurement data is 0 to 4 mm, and the wall can be directly growing without secondary plaster construction work, the product surface level off is smooth, uniform color, after dismantle concrete wall can achieve marble mirror effect, and can directly reduce the cost and plaster. Aluminum formwork construction can also improve the construction efficiency. The traditional wooden mold construction needs 4 to 5 days to construct a layer, but the use of aluminum formwork can be increased to 3 to 4 days, greatly improving the construction efficiency.

Compared with wood formwork, aluminum formwork reduces the potential safety hazard caused by sawing and other operations. Due to the characteristics of the material itself, there is no fire risk. The aluminum formwork is lighter in weight and lower in hoisting frequency, which greatly reduces the probability of accidents during construction and provides a good guarantee for the safety of construction personnel.

In addition, aluminum formwork in the conservation of wood, energy saving and environmental protection at the same time more reduce the cost of use, the overall economic benefits of the construction unit, construction efficiency, civilized construction level, construction safety and so on have been greatly improved. As a whole, although the aluminum formwork industry has not started for a long time, in recent years, with the promotion of green building, it has accounted for about 20% of the entire formwork market in 2017. At the same time, efforts will be made to improve the recycling effect of aluminum formwork, extend the service life of aluminum formwork, and promote the continuous development of green building RELATED QUESTION How comfortable is long distance(around 14 hours) chair car journey in Indian Railways?

More comfortable than coach/economy class in an airplane, but less than business class.Indian railways offers different types of "chair car" accommodations and comfort levels depend on which class you are in.Non AC chair car is basically no frills second class with 3-3 seating, can be reserved or unreserved. Legroom is comparable to a budget airlines economy class, decent for 3-4 hour journeyAC Chair Car is reserved with 3-2 seating and preassigned seats. They are well padded and have airline style fold down tray table.

I have done 8 hour journeys in this class in comfort. Longer should also be fine if you are ok sleeping uprightAC Executive Chair Car is available in only "Shatabdi" class of trains. It has wide 2-2 seating with generous legroom and is very comfortable for long journeyCaution: If you are traveling in Garib Rath or Yuva category of trains, stay away from chair car.

They have an economy version of AC chair car with 3-3 seating and seats that do not recline. Not comfortable for more than a couple hours

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  • Inflatable Water Slides

    Inflatable water slides are designed for the home user. They are typically made of a thick strong PVC or vinyl and nylon, and are inflated using an electric or gasoline powered blower. The water slide is attached to a water hose in order to generate the supply of water. There are small-sized inflatable water slides for private house uses or larger inflatable water slides for school, picnic, corporate, or carnival style use.

    There are also swimming pool water slides which users can set up to slide straight into a pool.[citation needed] Most parks avoid this due to safety concerns, and will have swimming sections in a separate pool.

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  • Why Shouldn't the Indian Railways Bring a System of Automatic Doors in Suburban Trains to Prevent People From Footboard Traveling?

    So many reasons. I point fewCost. If all doors of trains to be automatically, it will cost a lot of money for railways. Railways will pass it over to travellers. Most of Indian travellers are spending more than 10% of earnings on travel.

    It will be a burden for them.

    Not just cost of the doors.

    Also the lost income to the railways due to less people travelling as there would be no foot board space available.Sceptical about the quality. Look at the quality of our train rakes. New rakes look acceptable only for few years and not maintained later. I remember traveling in a train with one window not closing fully and it was peak winter in Delhi area.

    If something like that happens with automatic doors, it could be quite big problem.Doors will be broken to make space for travelling. People travel on footboard not because they want to travel that way.

    Generally, that happens due to insufficient space inside. We do not have sufficient number of trains to cater to the demand existing. One can think of automatic doors after we are able to meet the unmet demand for the trains.

    Why shouldn't the Indian Railways bring a system of automatic doors in suburban trains to prevent people from footboard traveling?

  • Why Does a Shaded Pole Motor Rotate From an Unshaded Portion to a Shaded Portion?

    To understand it's working you should know that-To create a rotating magnetic field, you need to have at least two different magnetic fields separated in phase by some angle. 90u00b0 in case of 2 phase machines and 120u00b0 in case of 3 phase machines.The windings that create the above magnetic fields must also be separated in space by same angle.

    That is why 3 phase machine windings are also separated by 120u00b0 in stator and rotor.Rotating magnetic field is nothing but the culmination or interference of the magnetic fields produced by the respective windings, attaining their peaks according to their phase differences.The rotating magnetic field rotates from leading phase axis to lagging phase axis (obviously).

    The rotor of the motor follows this rotating magnetic field.Having worked out the above requisites, you can now easily figure out the function of shading ring.The primary function of shading ring/coil is to create a phase difference between the main flux and flux passing through shading ring.

    It's function is similar to that of a capacitor in a ceiling fan. All these methods are categorised under split phase methods for operation of single phase induction motors.Now, the shading ring creates a phase difference in such a way that the main flux leads the flux passing through shading ring by an angle, which depends upon loads of factors like resistance of the ring.

    Not going into the details of phasor diagram, I can give you the final phasor diagram.Since the main flux leads the flux through shading ring, the direction of rotation of the rotor follows the same pattern.Why does a shaded pole motor rotate from an unshaded portion to a shaded portion?.

  • How Was the Transport System in the Western Countries Before the Advent of Automatic Doors for Buses and Trains?

    Before the advent of automation in doors trains and metros in cosmopolitan cities used to have manual doors u2026or open door system.The chicago u201cLu201d transit system was introduced in 1892 is a good example..until 1982 there was no automatic doors was just hop in hop out system .automatic doors have made travel safer these have saved thousands of lives .

    there was a exceptional fall in no.

    of deaths due to falling of a train due to automatic doorssadly , these have not been introduced in developing countrieseg- Mumbai Suburban - the most crowded transit system lacks the most important safety normsmore than 9 people die daily in this major transit systemHow was the transport system in the western countries before the advent of automatic doors for buses and trains?

  • How Do I Increase Static Pressure of a Centrifugal Blower?

    In order to augment the static pressure, there are 2 things you can do. You can pressurize the whole system OR you can lower the blower OR you can heat up the room.Now, it depends how much of an augmentation of pressure you need.

    If youre dealing with ventilation, pressurizing the whole system may be complicated, since it isnu2019t a closed system, generally. So your other option is to lower it.Around sea level, you get an augmentation of ambient pressure of 100 Pa for every 10 meters. So lowering your blower to the bottom floor may only give you roughly ~50 Pa more, on atmosperic pressure or 101325 Pa, bringing you up to 101375.

    Not very efficient.

    The third way, if you bring your ambient temperature up from 15 deg C to 20 deg C (in a closed system) then your pressure may go up from 101325 to 103000 Pa, an augmentation of roughly 400 Pa per deg C.The last option of course is to set up another blower in serial, to augment the pressure coming into your system. It may be the only way if you need a high augmentation of pressure.

    How do I increase static pressure of a centrifugal blower?

  • What Will We Do to Make an Automatic Door Open Using a Sensor?

    Well, if itu2019s an automatic door, it will come with a sensor and all you have to do is install it properly for working.It works pretty simple, when there is obstacle in the path it reflects the light and thus the door opens.Like this!But if you are asking to open an automatic door with other kind of sensors,All you need is the infra red gun and the right frequency.

    Hide and shoot the gun towards the sensors and get the attendant go crazy What will we do to make an automatic door open using a sensor?

Pros & Cons of Buying a Leather Couch?
Pros & cons of buying a leather couch?Leave it by the window and it can get really cold. or really hot. It does not just shed fuss. Do not plan on sleeping on (very comfortable, but very loud). Cleaning is easiest.— — — — — —What can I use to keep my cat from scratching our couch?Cover the couchUse double sided tape where they like to scratchput a nice stable scratching post next to the couchUse claw capsRedirection when scratching the couch use a firm no and put it next to the scratching post and reward when they use itAnd if worst comes to worst I do not agree with this use a spray bottle I dont agree with the spray bottle method because it makes them afraid of you they know your spraying them but they do not connect two and two and understand you do it cause they are scratching the couch so they usually still do just not when your around— — — — — —How do I loose 50-80 pounds without working out?You do not , get off the couch and start walking or swimming or whatever is easiest on your muscles— — — — — —"Mothers always know when their child is gay." Is this your experience?No, my Mom was ill for years before she passed when I was 10. No one in my family knew until that one evening when they all came home from a vacation a day early to find me and my BF on the couch. They all walked in and stopped in silence. I did not know what to do so I jumped up and yelled out "SURPRISE". And that was that.— — — — — —my daughter got into fingernail polish how do i get it off of her and the couch?for the couch you use perfume (: not sure about her sorry— — — — — —Del Couch Music Education FoundationThe Del Couch Music Education Foundation offers children free access to music education, recording equipment and mentorship. The foundation is located inside the Manatee School for the Arts in Palmetto, Florida, where the program founder and director Del Couch conducts four levels of classroom training in music recording and production and providing performance opportunities through events and mentorships. Alumni of the program include 2014 fifth-place American Idol finalist, Sam Woolf, and singer-songwriter recording artist Matt Walden, Carolina Opry star Colton Cason, singer songwriter Taylor Zebracki, and more.— — — — — —How can I train a cat not to scratch a leather couch?You can train a cat not to couch a sofa. Just never declaw a cat, it hurts the animal like hell. Here are some ideas. 1) You can buy a scratching post that you put near the couch 2) Cats hate water. Spray the cat every time the cat scratches the couch 3) Block the cat from the room the couch is in.— — — — — —How do I teach my puppy to stop rolling her ball under the couch!?Hi Wabby, All your pup is thinking about is playing with the ball and having a good time like puppy are suppose to do. I would put something around the bottom of the couch when your playing ball with your pup. Maybe like a blanket and sort of stuff it around the bottom of the couch so nothing can get under there. You did not say what your pups name is??? I Love all Dogs they are my first choice in all the animal world. Lol Lol. A Friend. poppy1— — — — — —Is there any piece of plastic I can buy to protect the corner of my couch from my cat sratching it?Do not declaw, the alternatives work. Pin tinfoil to the couch. Spray the couch with strong citrus-oil Or try and find a thick plastic sheeting.— — — — — —How do I keep my cat from clawing our couch?Tape balloons onto the couch where she claws and once they pop it will scare her (but not hurt her) and she will stop! I had to do this with my cats!— — — — — —What should a parent do if their teen is leaving cum stains on the couch?Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Hold on a minute. Let me go anonymous for this.I'm taken back by your teenager.I believe you should passive-aggressively handle this problem. Don't confront him about it, because it may embarrass him. Clean the couch, and say something in front of all the members of your household like, 'Listen up.I just cleaned this couch. I don't want to see any stains, footprints, or any clothes left on this couch.Also, before you assume it was your teenager have you eliminated all other suspects.1.) Is it just you and your teenager living in the house? or are there other males?2. ) If you have a daughter, is her boyfriend leaving those stain?3. Maybe i'm just too cautious, but I clean up everything no matter where it lands. If it lands on the floor, I clean it before it dries. If it's on the bed, I get as much off as I can then, when it dries, I get a wet paper towel and make sure it's not visible.The only way this could be possible is if you have previously allowed him to do it, and now you just want him to stop
I Just Bought a Dark Brown Microfiber Couch and It Has a Few Dark Stains(maybe Oil)how Do I Clean It
My lady friend is a settee-fetishist. She spends infinite hours searching at and questioning about couches. She's also sitting proper the following, so I requested her her opinion. She says that the answer is under no circumstances leather. the actually time someone might want to purchase a leather settee is in the experience that they are *fairly* wealthy and ought to arise with the money for the utmost in high quality and craftsmanship. human beings imagine that leather is extra uncomplicated to sparkling because you are able to wipe up spills with a paper towel. inspite of the undeniable fact that, it needs consistent treatment and continues to be at probability of discoloration. the different component that folk do not evaluate at the same time as buying leather furnishings is how services that is to scratches. that is amazingly weak to scratching and cracking, highly through pets. Scratches are even harder to regulate than stains or discoloration. the different 2 motives no longer to purchase a leather settee are that except you are going with an really cutting-edge layout leather can look tacky. also, your thighs will follow it contained in the summer season. She says: Microfiber is an really new cloth. that is amazingly sturdy. that's in many situations pre-dealt with to avert stains. that is a lot softer and extra gentle than leather. that's extra less costly. Microfiber may have an prolonged sensible lifespan than leather. it is also available in a lot of added colors than leather. inspite of if some thing might want to ensue, there are a range of things round to assist freshen up a microfiber settee than there are for leather ones. To sum up, once you are growing to be a settee for your penhouse place of work, pass with an actual-high quality leather one. once you are growing to be a settee for in the front of the television, pass with microfiber. solid success1. I have wood look laminate floors. What is best to wash the floor with?Laminate floors are very low maintenance. Ironically, if you use a lot of cleaning products on them, they will actually look worse...they will get smudges and streaks. And steam can absolutely ruin laminate floors. It can cause warping and even cause the veneer to peel right off. Having said this, exactly how do you maintain a laminate floor? Mostly just by vacuuming it. When you need more than a vacuuming, use a microfiber mop and plain old water. No cleanser, no vinegar, no nothing...just water. Let the mop do the work. Microfiber is fantastic at removing dirt and streaks and does not need a cleanser to help. Wet the mop and use it. No need to dry the floor, but also do not let water pool on the floor. You want a good damp mop, but not puddles of water. (Streaks of water are ok.) If you do not already have a microfiber mop, you can buy them at Walmart, Target, Kmart, Home Depot, and even Dollar General. I've never used anything but a vacuum and a microfiber mop (plus water) on our laminate floors and they still look fantastic after all these years. Hope this helps. -2. Average cost to repair a tear in microfiber couch?My guess would be about $150 to $2003. whats the best way to clean microfiber?follow the manufacturer's instructions!4. how to get ink out of a microfiber couch?If it's ink from a ball point pen, I would start with a dry white rag and some hair spray (areosol works best, but you can use the pump stuff too). Spray some hair spray directly on the ink. Wait 10-15 seconds and then rub with the rag. Some ink should transfer from the couch to the rag. Repeat until the ink is gone. Then, get a wet rag and wipe over the area to dillute and wash out the hairspray in the microfiber. Let it dry. You may need to let it dry and wipe with water a couple of times to rinse out the hairspray residue completely. If you are worried about the hairspray hurting you couch fabric, try spraying it first in a hard to see area. I do not think you should have any problem with it irritating fabric. I have used this trick to get ink out of a variety of different fabric. Good luck. Hope this helps!.
How Do You Remove a Big Red Ink Stain From a Tan Leather Couch?
How do you remove a big red ink stain from a tan leather couch?Your best bet is to hire a professional leather cleaner or upholstery cleaner for this job. Any home remedy could ruin the couch and it sounds valuable. It's worth hiring a pro. Good luck. -— — — — — —I need help losing weight.?quit eating and drink plenty of water and get off the couch and excercise— — — — — —How do you remove the mold and mildew smell from a couch without having it professionally cleaned.?If the covers are removable then launder them and add 1/3 cup white vinegar to the rinse. Would not hurt to add 1/3 cup bicarb soda to the wash either. Both absorb odours and the white vinegar will kill the spores. If that is not possible then get a spray bottle and add 1/3 white vinegar and 1/2 water. Spray the couch really well all over. Wipe up any obvious mould and then re spray and allow to dry, in strong sunlight if possible. You can repeat as often as you want, the white vinegar will not harm the fabric, no matter what it is.— — — — — —Theology of Mal CouchDr. Couch held to the full inspiration and inerrancy of Scripture. He wrote "God Has Spoken: Inspiration and Inerrancy" to express this conviction. Couch affirmed an epistemological foundation that shows that the ultimate authority is sacred scripture. Mal's colleague Dr. Norman Geisler calls these two truths, inspiration and inerrancy, "epistemological fundamentals" which are "tests of evangelical veracity." Dr. Couch tenaciously held to the full, absolute, and errorless book known as the Holy Bible. Coupling that truth of inspiration and inerrancy Mal embraced along with its subsequent application of a historical grammatical interpretation methodology (plain or literal interpretation), Mal understood that faith would naturally lead the saint towards the other great truths about sin, Christ, redemption, love, and grace. His loyalty to the Word revealed his loyalty to Christ Jesus. We cannot in one sentence claim to believe the Bible as truth and yet then interpret it in such a way that we undermine the very words used by God to convey his heart and mind to us. To do so reveals immaturity at the least and at most possibly hypocrisy. Therefore, Dr. Couch taught that believers must not only base our belief on the Bible but they must also make sure to interpret that Bible with a proper hermeneutic, which for him has been the historical grammatical hermeneutic that he presented in his book "An Introduction to Classical Hermeneutics: A Guide to the History and Practice of Biblical Interpretation." Mal's colleague Dr. Norman Geisler calls this the "hermeneutical fundamentals" which is a "test for "evangelical consistency." Couch also labored in love to show God's sovereignty in both creation and re-creation with his various lectures and teachings. Mal has shown not only God's work in the past with creation, the present in salvation and sanctification, but he has also faithfully pointed us to the future restoration where Christ will return to rule and reign as King. Throughout his numerous books he has edited or written, such as the "21st Century Biblical Commentary Series," "The New Covenant" and "My Eyes Shall See the King," along with "The Coming of the Holy Spirit" people can see the teachings about God's original creation, man's fall into sin, Christ's work of redemption, and the Holy Spirit's work in creating and empowering the body of Christ for the task of the Great Commission. As Mal stated in his own words, "The King and kingdom were rejected by the Jewish people. The kingdom would be postponed until some far-off future time. Meanwhile, a new dispensation, the Church, would begin" and the "disciples would then be sent forth, clothed with power from on high" so the "clear salvation message" could be "proclaimed 'to all the nations, beginning from Jerusalem.'" In teaching about this body of Christ and Christ's future return for the Bride, his spiritual family, Dr. Couch wrote "A Biblical Ecclesiology." In that work Mal has laid a solid foundation for all of us to rest upon, as well as to build upon, for future church planting and reformational work of existing churches. This was a practical manual on the church. His book, "A Pastor's Manual on Doing Church" takes the doctrine of the church and fleshes it out in practical reality. Additionally Couch wrote and edited "A Bible Handbook to the Acts of the Apostles" so people can go back to Scripture and actually see the first hand principles and patterns of the first disciples of Christ. Too, he labored diligently to warn people about current evils and threats to the family of Christ. Mal's love for people is harnessed around the value, sanctity, and importance of godly family life in both the physical and spiritual realms. His book "Issues 2000: Evangelical Faith & Cultural Trends in the New Millennium" sets forth a clarion call for people to be aware of ungodly philosophies, the dangers of technology, mysticism, and the social dangers that seek to damage the saint, the body of Christ, and individual families. He warned others often about secular (anti-biblical) psychology, materialism, mysticism, hedonism, evolution, feminism, existentialism, relativism, and Gnosticism as "the philosophies destroying Evangelical Churches." Mal also labored with his partner in grace, Lacy Couch. Concurrently working with Mal in those ministry efforts he had a faithful and fruitful ministry with his beloved wife Dr. Lacy Couch. His efforts to seek to cure evils among the body of Christ were also complemented by the efforts of his talented, intelligent, and spiritual wife, who extended the ministry further with her efforts in teaching and biblical counseling ministry to families. Lacy taught with Mal in the seminary and she instilled some of the greatest truths for a healthy spiritual life in her students through her counseling courses. Her courses and lectures on family life, counseling, and other related biblical truths were refreshing and probably somewhat reminiscent of Priscilla in the NT era. In fact, Mal and Lacy's collective ministry serve to remind people of the value and importance of team ministry such as an Aquilla and Priscilla ministry and how a family unit ministry can be a strong antidote to the current evils that plague people today. In fact, together Mal and Lacy seemed to model well the life of a biblical familial patriarchy that opposed not only gender feminism but also male chauvinism. They modeled for the students a pattern that we can imitate today. Mal and Lacy avoided the extremes of male chauvinists who claim women have no place or role in the work of Christian ministry. Yet too they also avoided the opposite extreme of matriarchy/gender-feminism that says women are to have absolute and/or independent rule over the body of Christ. They modeled something like what we read about in the pages of Scripture: a man and woman team ministry. Just as God called Adam and Eve to take dominion over the earth, Mal and Lacy worked collectively to take dominion over their local spheres of influence through their calling to minister as a team.
What Color Throw Pillows Go with Sage Green Microfiber Couch in a Toupe Paint Living Room?
Sofa pillows are often points of interest in a room, so they can have brighter colors and patterns. Sage green and taupe are "earth colors", so brick reds, golden yellows, and even deep purples would go well with your current dcor.1. can you plant thyme,sage,oregano and marjoram together in a long planter?Mars has no talents over Earth as a place to are living. In fact, Earth has all of the advantages over Mars, like breathable air, liquid water, an ozone layer, a magnetic area, and of direction native existence that we rely on for matters like food. Mars does have advantages over the opposite planets although, in that it has some air and water. However the air is poisonous and very skinny and the water is all frozen. Venus has no water and it's 900 degrees there. Mercury has almost no surroundings in any respect, very like the Moon, and is of course hot too. Jupiter and the opposite enormous planets do not have any strong surface and anyway are so bloodless that even air would liquefy until heated2. What colors go with dark burgandy and a light sage green?Those two colors are fighting each other. You need to put a netural color on the wall such as a a medium to darker grey3. Parsley sage rosemary and thyme?? Please help?I do not know but if you put fresh parsley into a juicer or blender and drink it you will get very high. It's a powerful hallucinatory4. Who was King Nimi of the Ishvaku dynasty?Nimi born in Janakpur, now part of Nepal) was the grandson of Manu and twelfth son of Ikshwaku. Ikshvaku was the first King and Founder of the Solar Dynasty in Vedic civilisation in ancient Bharat. He was the son of Manu (the first man on Earth), sired by the Sun God, Surya. Lord Rama is a descendant of this magnificent Solar Dynastry and is fondly remembered as the "Raghu Kula Thilaka".According to Hindu mythology, there are fourteen Manus specified and the present Manvantara runs in the name of seventh in the series i.e. Vaivasvata Manu who is the son of Surya Deva Vivasvan) and his Consort, Saranyu Devi (Saj. ) He is also known as "Vaivasvat" or son of Vivasvan and/or Sraddhadeva or Satyavrata], the King of Dravida Kingdom.. He has ten sons, named Ikshvaku, Nabhaga, Dhrsta, Saryati, Narisyanta, Dista (Nabhanedista), Tarusa (Karusha), Prsadhra and Vasuman (Pramshu).Nimi was one of three sons of Ishwaku. He becomes Videhi (person without body) as Sage Vashishtha cursed him and also the Founder of Capital Mithila. The kingdom being called as "Videhi Kingdom". Hence, Sita Devi is nicknamed as Vaidehi. Nimi. In short, is considered to be the first king of the Videha Kingdom and belonged to the Janaka lineage of Mithila. King Ikshvaku was the son of Satyavrata also called Shraddhadeva Manu, the king of Dravida kingdom. According to the Vedas, Ikshvaku was the protector of the five territories of Panchajanah. Ikshvaku was succeeded by his son Kukshi. Note: i) Ikshvaku (Sanskrit: ) is a Hindu/Sanskrit Indian popular masculine given name, which literally means "fruit of a wild species of calabash, bitter gourd, bitter cucumber, name of a son of Manu Vaivasvata and one who attracts desire" in Sanskrit. Another meaning is one who brings wishes to effect.ii) Ikshvaku (): descendant of the house of Ikshvaku. So are Bhagiratha, Dasaratha, Luv and Kusa.iii) The term, "Ikshvaku" also denotes the sugarcane plant and as the Son of Manu first discovered this, he is called under the sobriquet, "Ikshvaku" ( dynasty). Please have a glimpse of the sugarcane plant there are varieties in this plant]:-Now, let us turn our attention as to how and why Nimi was cursed by the Great Sage Vasishta. Please see his picture hereunder:-Nimi was a pronounced king with all the noble virtues & faultless ruling. Living in an utopia like kingdom, the subjects of his Videha Kingdom (aka Mithila) adored him. Being a valiant King besides adhering to the path of Dharma, he built a heavenly mansion in the vicinity of Sage Gauthama's ashram, named as "Vaijayantha". He was desirous of performing "Satra Yagna" and after approbation of his father, Manu, requested the Great Sage Vasishta() for the performance of the same under his supervision. Besides, other Great Sages like Atri and Bhrighu were also invited for the Yajna. Sage Vashishta informed him that he has to wait as he has given word to Indra for the conduct of a sacrificial fire as the Chief Priest. Nimi went without replying and Vashishta assumed to be of his consent for the same.2. In the interregnum, as Sage Vashishta had gone to Indralok, the Yagna for Nemi was performed under the supervision of Sage Gauthama which was performed with great devotion for five thousand years. After completion of Indra's yagna, when Sage Vashishta came back, he saw to his amazement that the yagna had been completed. He, therefore, sought an audience from King Nimi, who was fast asleep after the Yagna. Sage Vashishta, having waited for a few hours, got infuriated mistaking it as an insult to his honour. He, therefore, cursed Nimi to be bereft of his body Videha). . King Nimi, after waking up from his deep slumber, was totally petrified at this terrible curse and for his part, he explained that the delay was unintentional and in turn, he cursed the Sage Vashishta that "he would cease to live in corporal form.As a sequel to their mutual curses, Nimi and Vashishta lost their physical bodies and assumed the form of subtle air. Vashishta immediately sought refuge in :Lord Brahma, the Creator seeking remedy for this curse, who advised him to enter into the "Tejas" of Mitra-Varuna to be born, not from the womb of mother. By performance of severe austerities, he could again come back to Brahma As directed, now Vashishta came to the Varuna where Mitra was being worshipped by Devas.In the meanwhile, Urvashi, the most beautiful celestial damsel, happened to come there and dragged by her bewitching and tantalizing beauty, Varuna made amorous advances and Urvashi spurned them on the plea that she has already given word to Mitra. Unable to resist the temptation, Varuna released his Veerya (Semen) in the divine pot. Thereupon, when Urvashi went to Mitra, the latter rejected her offer as she was having Varuna in her heart. He also cursed her to be born in the Earth and Pururava, the son of Budha shall be her husband. So saying, Mitra too, unable to resist her temptation, released his semen in the same divine pot. Please see the picture of Urvashi!From the divine pots were born the renowned Sages Agasthya and that's why, he was called, "Kumbha Sambhava". Please see his picture below:-Later, the Great Sage Vashishta was born and he was, therefore, called "Mythra-Varuna". King Ikshvaku, acknowledging the greatness of the Sage, requested him to be the Preceptor of his dynasty. Now, harking back to the main story, after the successful completion of the Yagna, Sage Bhrighu wanted to bring Nimi back to life and the celestials asked him as to where would like to live. Nimi replied that he is not interested in having a physical body, being an Atma Gnani, and insisted on residing in the eye brows of the creatures. His wish was accordingly granted. The word, "Nimisha" has, therefore, been a derivative from this root word, "Nimi". With its corrupt form, the same appears to have been transliterated into English, as "Minute".Later, the Sages, with the incantation of holy mantras, churned the body with Arani and a noble being emanated from out of it and he was, therefore, called "Mithi" also Janaka and Vaideha]. The city ruled by Mithi was named "Mithila". According to another version, due to the effect of the curse, King Nimi was left without his body to heaven with Sakra or Indra and stayed there for 9,000,000 years. After the Yagna was conducted successfully, the priests asked the Gods to return King Nimi in his corporal form. He returned and ruled Mithila righteously for 84,000 years. WISHING YOU A L L THE B E S T! HAVE A GOOD DAY!
How to Clean a Microfiber Couch Its Easy!
We are on our last step. I chose to put my covers in the dryer, along with a used bounce dryer sheet. • Temperature - Extra Low / Delicates. I tried the air only option for one round - and it took forever, and there was no difference between air and extra low heat. • Wrinkle Shield- Off *truth - I do not even know what this feature does… * • End Of Cycle- On. Once again, I wanted to know as soon as it was done so that I could remove them immediately- otherwise, they can actually wrinkle. (The wrinkles will come out, but it might panic you at first glance) • Time - This is not shown, but I set my timer to 20 minutes - they were nice and dry, wrinkle-free, and ready to be do you unstop a stuffed nose? can't breathe except from mouth?hey fellow sickie! i find that filling a bowl with boiling water, adding some essential oils, put a towel over your head and (without touching the water) let the steam unclog your nose! and added bonus is that it's good the face aswell! hope that's helped. =]Help with stuffing recipe?vegetable broth milk white wineWeird stuf in my Betta's tank?It may be algae or fungus or a combination. Just take out the castle and clean it in tap water. You can use a new tooth brush if you need a little extra scrubbing power.what would be a good side dish to serve with chicken breast stuffed with spinich/cheese?Some pasta saute in a little butter and garlic, throw in some veggies and you have a great side dish14 and still sleep with stuffed animals. 99% of them are monkeys because I love monkeys but is normal this age?More people do it than you think. It's normalStuffing paper in pointe shoes?First of all you should not ever just put paper in a shoe to make it fit better. You are shoe should fit you perfectly how it is, otherwise you risk injury. I do not really know whether it affects your balance, but I've never heard of stuffing paper in your shoes. I would not do it I were you. Pointe shoes are tricky to begin with, and it's easy enough to hurt yourself in them without adding other possible dangerswould you have your dog stuffed if your dog died died?no i agree with everyone else it would be creepy and i would not like people doing things to my dead dog for it then to be sitting in my home staring at me. and if you got a new dog you might think it will haunt you or something freaky! i would have nightmaresWhat's a good recipe with portobello mushrooms..other than stuffed?!?here try these really good...Mmmmmmmm PORTABELLO WEDGES 2 ea portobello mushroom tops 1 ea egg 1/2 cup cream 1 cup Italian style bread crumbs 4 cups oil Remove the stem of the mushroom and cut the top into 5 equal strips. Beat the egg and cream together in a bowl. In a separate bowl, place the bread crumbs. Dip the mushroom strips into the egg wash, then roll in the bread crumbs (make sure the mushrooms are dusted well). Fry the breaded mushroom strips for 4 minutes. Serve with marinara sauce for dipping. portobello mushrooms 4 medium portobello mushroom caps, cleaned 12 small sun-dried tomatoes 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar 1/4 cup KRAFT 100% Grated Parmesan Cheese ..2. Cooking Directions1.Place mushroom caps, top sides down, in microwaveable 9-inch square dish; top each with 3 tomatoes. 2.Drizzle with oil and vinegar; sprinkle with cheese. 3.Microwave on HIGH 4 min. or until heated through. Yield: 4 servings 3. Still Hungry? Notes: Use Your Oven Assemble as directed; place in 9-inch square baking dish. Bake at 350 degrees F for 10 to 12 minutes or until heated through. grilled portobello mushroom sandwitch 1/2 cup House Italian Reduced Fat Dressing, divided 2 medium portobello mushroom caps, cleaned 2 kaiser rolls, split 2/3 cup cleaned spinach leaves, cut into strips 1 tomato, cut into 4 slices ..2. Cooking Directions1.Pour half of the dressing over mushrooms in shallow dish; cover. Refrigerate 1 hour to marinate. Remove mushrooms from marinade; discard marinade. 2.Preheat grill to medium-high heat. Grill mushrooms 5 min. on each side or until tender. 3.Cover bottom halves of rolls with spinach and tomatoes; drizzle with remaining dressing. Place hot mushrooms over tomatoes; cover with top halves of rolls. Cut in half to serve, if desired. Yield: 2 servings 3. Still Hungry?Portobellos marinated in reduced-fat Italian dressing are grilled and layered on rolls with spinach leaves and tomato for tasty meatless sandwiches
My Son Spilled Grease on My Microfiber Couch That Won't Come Out. What Would Be a Good Punishment?
accidents happen, at least no one was hurt or burned. have you tried vinager, dawn, oxy wash after trying different things you can get a proffesional like stanley cleaners, and it would be cheaper than replacing, have you tried lemon juice? have you checked at the libray about books for cleaning you can get more info that way. if it was my son he would do chores to pay what it cost to clean and he would be the one to do the cleaning if you can do it with out a professional good luck.1. On which type of sofa are cat scratches more visible: Leather or Microfiber?If you have a destructive kitty NEVER buy expensive furniture, while more visible on leather it makes any piece of furniture look bad2. How can I remove candle wax from a microfiber sofa?put a paper towel over the spot and iron it to make it liquid again3. For those who have tried Maybelline XXL Volume Length Microfiber Mascara?IT IS WORTH BUYING IF YOUCOMMUTE ALOT OR DEAL WITH FACE TO FACE SITUATIONS, STAYS ON FOR A LONG TIME REQUIRES NO TOUCH UP, BUT IF YOU NEED IT FOR PHOTOS TO GET THAT DRAMATIC EYE THEN ITS NOT THE BEST BET, IN THAT CASE GET THE OLD CLASSIC MAYBELLINE IN BLACK(YOU KNOW THE HOT PINK TUBE WITH NEON GREEN TOP)4. My kitten peed on my microfiber couch - how can I get rid of the smell?try odoban - I would try it on a small hiden spot first to ensure it does not stain or discolor the couch. Also, you could try vinegar but beware - make sure you water it down and do not saturate the couch - just a spritz and rub in! If you are afraid of her doing it again check out your local pet store they have products you can spray in specific places that animals do not like the smell so they do not do their duty in that spot!5. How do you clean a microfiber couch?I have two kids so I know it will need it. Can I febreeze it?Microfiber couches feel soft and supple like leather and can endure many spills and stains. There will come times, however, when a tough stain requires extra attention. Fortunately, cleaning your microfiber couch is not difficult once you understand the basics. Step1 Vacuum up dry messes with a hand vac. Crumbs and dirt should be promptly cleaned up before they have a chance to settle or get worse. This also helps refresh your couch and keeps it looking new longer. Step2 React quickly to liquid spills. Microfiber is designed to repel most liquids; if you catch a spill in time, you may be able to clean it before it has a chance to soak through the fabric. Use a soft cloth or paper towel to blot any excess moisture from your couch. Step3 Use a gentle soap. If your couch happens to get soiled, try a mild soap such as Dove or Neutrogena to gently work the stain out. Start with the smallest amount possible, and then blot to dry. Step4 Buy a microfiber cleaner. There are solutions available specifically for cleaning microfiber couches; check with your manufacturer to see if they recommend a particular product to use on your couch. Mix a bit of the cleaner with water, and then wash the surface clean with a sponge. Step5 Call in the professionals. If you still can not get the stain out, consult a professional. They have the tools and knowledge needed to get out that stubborn stain. --------------------------- Tips : Test any cleaning solutions on a part of the couch that no one can see to check for possible reactions or color bleeding. Read the label or paperwork that came with your microfiber couch to make sure that you understand how to clean it properly.6. Parents who used cloth diapers..?we use Bum Genius and Happy Heiny, and we are about to try Knicker Nappies. they are All in Ones, meaning the waterproof part and the cloth part are sewn together, the ones i like are also pocket diapers, meaning you insert one or two inserts of microfiber into the pocket of the liner. They close with velcro or snappies. We put the dirty ones into a wet bag, and wash every other day. we also have poopy liners to help with the solids, they are flushable and made from rice paper. I think they are definately worth it. saves a lot of money. also use a soap that is safe for the diapers, we also use a baking soda in the wash and vinegar in the softener cup, those both help to brighten and take the scent out. thats just a very small overview and what i personally use, there are tons to choose from though!
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Sofas, Couches & Loveseats | Hayneedle
The difference between a sofa and a loveseat is the size. A standard three-seat living room sofa is 84 inches long and usually has three cushions to seat three or four people. A standard loveseat is 60 inches long and has two cushions, so it usually sits two people. The term sleeper sofa, or sometimes called pull out couch, refers to a specific type of sofa or loveseat that has a mattress folded inside the piece of furniture and can be converted into bed.Today, I experienced a fraud on OLX while selling my sofa. He sent me a QR code on WhatsApp & told me to scan the same in Paytm. I reported him to OLX. Has anyone experienced the same? This QR code scanning is an old technique and we only came to know about it when we were dupedToday, I experienced a fraud on OLX while selling my sofa. He sent me a QR code on WhatsApp & told me to scan the same in Paytm. I reported him to OLX. Has anyone experienced the same?.I have a living room with 2 big windows opposite each other..what type of sofa will I use and where to put it?I like pissy_ol's answer but to go one step further.....what I do when it's time to rearrange the furniture is make a drawing of the dimensions of my room then I cut out small pieces of paper with my furniture measurements (scaled down, of course)! This way I can move the "pieces" around to see what looks best, where. It would be like an architect would use - the floor plan with doors and windows all included. Keep in mind, tho, to not put solid pieces in front of vents. Hot air from a heater can warp the wood or even melt the plastic parts. You might also go with a couch that's got a low back so it does not block too much of your window if you do put it in front. Hope this helps too. Have fun decorating!.Dogs: Why would a dog obsessively keep all of her toys hidden in a corner behind a sofa?She knows you wo not tidy them upI bought some artificial tulips for a vase for my sofa table. Are you supposed to display?no matter what you do, all those things just look fake, fake, fake. You are just better off with nothingi have a blue sofa and want to dye it brown has anyone got any suggestions on what i should use?Yea there is a special spry in the supper market used for wood and all type of sofe it calls varnish thank youDoes my 14 yr old step daughter deserve to be punished for wetting our new sofa?so your going too punish her for something she can not control? You should have insurance on the couch, and the place you got it might be able too clean it for you..what color curtains goes with red walls and brown sofa?how about something in a pattern with touches of red and brown. or else repaint the wall or buy a new slip much would it costs to have my sofa professionally broken and put back together again?Believe it or not, I once moved into an townhouse and was having difficulty getting my queen sized bed up the stairs, when I went to the Landlord wanting some ideas, she said the only way to do it was through the window, we had to take out the middle section. It comes out in easier then you would think!! you might want to try ithow do i get rid of stubborn stains of my sofa?I have had the same problem and I used everything under the sun including home remedies but none of them worked for me but what I did do is I got some furniture covers that match the decor of my appartment and it looks great. Sorry that I could not be of more help to youGirls: Best way to get my gf off the sofa...?LOL im not too excited about any of those... but i would have to say the ice cubes would work SO well. at least for me. i would be gone before they have a chance to freeze me
What's the Difference Between Sofa and Couch?
How you were the only difference1. what colour sofa with dark brown room?ID GO FOR LIME GREEN IT WOULD LOOK FANTASTIC X2. cleaning my white unfinished leather sofa?your right armer all is a big hip toss it and grab a can of WD40 but first you need to get all of that off for this you need to make up a cleaner using baking soda and vinegar use it warm almost hot but be care full vinegar heats up fast3. Wood Framed Sofa: What Are The Types and Joints?Buying a new sofa can be difficult at times as it has so many varieties in it. Different materials are being used for upholstery, frame, and cushions, etc. However, the main things which are going to decide whether your sofa will last longer or not and how much weight it can take depend upon the type of wood-framed sofa, the material of the frame and what are the types of joints that are being used, the answer of these questions can easily tell you the life span of the frame. There are two types of frames that are being used one is Kiln-dried hardwood and the second is engineered wood frame? So, with which one you should go kiln-dried hardwood or engineered wood frame? Kiln-dried hardwood is being used in top-quality sofas because of its higher quality, durability, and long-lasting life. The wood is dried in a kiln (oven), to remove moisture in it, usually, 90-95% moisture is removed. By using this method wood can be dried faster than using the air-drying technique. By removing moisture wood is prevented from warping, and bowing that's why it durable and long-lasting. 2" thick pieces of hardwood are used to make frames, and usually, dowels and glue are used as a joint. Kiln-dried hardwood frame is considered the best type of frame because of its durability and higher quality. Engineered wood is man-made wood and manufactured by binding or fixing the strands, particles, fibers, and composite boards together with adhesives. There are two types of engineered wood: Plywood is manufactured from multiple thin layers of lumber which are glued together under high pressure. Due to this, plywood becomes strong and stable in the construction of frames. However, plywood has different grades and qualities so make sure to check that your plywood frame is structurally sound, and higher number of layers are glued together and good connection joints are used. Particleboard is less-stronger than plywood and hardwood. It is made by gluing wood chips and fibers together. These are the cheapest frames that's why have lower quality. If you are looking for a durable and long-lasting sofa never buy it if it has a particleboard frame. While considering the above factors make sure to check the reputation of the manufacturer. Soft kiln-dried wood can be weaker than a high-quality plywood frame so make sure to check these factors also check the type of joint, if the joint is weaker there is no benefit of having a stronger frame material because ultimately it will get cracks. Frames of furniture are joined together by different techniques so that it becomes durable, long-lasting, and can take a higher load without wobbling. Some solid types of joints are given over here: Mortise and Tenon method is the strongest method to join the wood pieces by tenon, glue, and pins. This method is usually applied, when two pieces of wood are at a right angle (90 degrees) to each other. A hole is made in one piece of wood and the other is cut in such a way that it fits into that hole which is made earlier. Then pins are applied to lock the joint, this gives additional strength to the frame. The double dowel is not as strong as mortise & tenon but still is a great choice and is commonly being used in sofa frames. In this technique, two dowels are used at each joint as the name suggests. Two holes are made in two pieces of wood and these dowels which are small, wooden cylinders are inserted into them to hold them together. Cross rails are dovetailed to strengthen the frames from side to side. They are better than double dowel however if they are not properly made, they can lose the advantage over double dowel as they are a little difficult to make. A half-lap joint is made by joining two pieces of wood together, the half-width of these two pieces is removed so that they can overlap each other to make a joint. These can be quickly made and provide reasonable strength. In the spline joint, a strip is inserted into grooves along the edges of two boards. A spline joint is usually used to strengthen a mitre or butt joint. The butt joint is made by butting two pieces and then attaching them by using glue or screws. It is the simplest joint but also the weakest. The stapled joint is made by stapling different pieces of the frame together to hold them. It is the cheapest joint type however has lesser durability and strength. What Is The Best Wood and Joint for a Sofa? Screws and glues can be used to provide additional strength
4 Brilliant Ways to Clean Couch Stains
Do not be quick to panic if something spills onto your couch! It is virtually impossible to avoid spills and discoloration of furniture over time. Luckily for you, learning how to remove stains from a couch is quite simple. Furniture stains are inevitable, especially if you have small children and pets. The best way to handle them is to act quickly. Tackle stains as soon as possible to avoid permanent damage. Many household ingredients are ideal for eliminating stains and odor from your couch. Bookmark this page to save yourself time when you accidentally spill a drink on your sofa. Keep your couch looking new for years and years to come! Once you learn how to clean couch stains, your favorite piece of furniture will look brand new. Gather some simple information about your couch materials to use these easy DIY cleaning recipes. Your couch probably has an in-depth care label that gives you specific instructions for cleaning your furniture. Instead of going out to buy a special couch treatment, most of the solutions for cleaning fabric sofa stains are possible without leaving the house. Check your sofa for a tag with a cleaning code. These indicate what type of treatment you use to clean your furniture. A "W" means that you only use water-based solutions while an "S" means to avoid water-based solutions at all costs. "WS" means that you can use either or both while "X" means you can only use a vacuum or seek professional help. Sometimes professional work is a hassle, and you can find ways around this tricky "X" label, but if the stain is too daunting, do not be afraid to call up your local upholstery cleaning business. Bloodstains seem impossible to remove. However, the best way to get blood out of your sofa is one of the simplest methods of stain removal. Mix the dish soap with the water. Use a microfiber cloth to apply the suds to the affected area and dab at the stain. Do not rub in the mixture since this can make the stain spread or push it further into the fabric, depending on the stain. Observe the color come off the couch and soak into the cloth. Repeat this blotting process until all color is gone, switching out clean cloths or sponges. Like all stain removal recipes, spot test this in an inconspicuous area of the sofa first. Watch the area until fully dry. If the mixture leaves a stain, do not apply it to any visible parts of the furniture. This mixture is a water-based solution, so do not apply this to a couch labeled "S" or "X." Red wine and tea are typical stains on furniture. The smallest stain can ruin the appearance of your sofa. Mix the peroxide and dish soap. Use your sponges or cloths to apply the mixture and press on the stain to remove some color. Again, do not scrub the stain. This motion only works the stain deeper into the fabric. Use a clean white cloth for best results. After the washcloth starts looking a bit too red, repeat the process with a new clean cloth. Using the same washcloth or sponge spreads the stain around. You can also use this mixture to remove tea stains and get set in stains out of carpet. For a couch marked "S," you can sprinkle dry laundry detergent, baking soda, cornstarch, or salt over the stain to lift out the color. Let it sit for up to 20 minutes. Tea creates stubborn stains, but the best tea stain remover is very simple to make. Be sure to only apply this to "W" or "SW" couches since it is water-based. Combine the dish soap and water in the spray bottle and shake to mix. Spray the cleaning solution onto the stain and use a paper towel or damp cloth to blot the area. Allow the area to air dry. How to Remove Stains from a Couch with Vodka Vodka is an effective stain remover on "W" marked couches. It is effective at getting stains out of a suede couch as well as getting stains out of a microfiber couch. This cleaner works best as a soak, so if you have a stain on a removable cushion cover, you can soak it overnight in a 1:1 vodka and warm water solution. If not, make the same 1:1 solution and use a white cloth to blot away your stains. Vodka is excellent for removing oil and grease stains, much like vinegar solutions. Learning how to remove oily stains with either vodka or vinegar is a perfect start for learning how to clean couch stains of all types. Safely get stains out of microfiber couch by making this vinegar mixture. Many food stains will leave oily discoloration on your sofa. Cleaning fabric sofa stains with apple cider vinegar results in a more prominent stain, so only use white vinegar. Combine the water and vinegar and use a sponge or cloth to dab at the stain. Once the stain is gone, soak up some leftover vinegar odor with a damp cloth. Allow the spot to air dry. Mix up this recipe in a sprayer and use it as a couch disinfectant spray and to eliminate unpleasant odors. If you do not like the smell of vinegar, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the liquid. If you have pets, use this recipe to make a cat urine cleaner and deodorizer. Vinegar is a great solution for removing this type of stain. Sofas with an "X" cleaning code are made of more delicate and sensitive fabrics and require special care. Using water-based cleaners, solvents, or steam cleaners on these types of sofas may result in discoloration or distortion of the material. Vacuuming a fabric sofa stain using a brush attachment is the best way to treat a stain on one of these couches without damaging the furniture. If you want to try to remove tough stains from one of these couches, do so at your own risk. Test whatever process you want to try on a hidden part of the couch. Make a note of the results. Decide from there if you wish to use it on the stain or not. How to Clean Couch Stains with an "S" or "WS" Label If you need to know how to remove stains from a couch with an "S" label, do not worry. It can be challenging to find an easy DIY to clean a sofa with this cleaning code. Water-based cleaning products stain furniture with an "S" label, so the best option for these couches is using a dry-cleaning solvent. The best upholstery stain remover for this type of sofa is Blue Coral Dri-Clean Upholstery Cleaner. Spray the cleaner directly on the stain and then scrub using the attachment on the bottle. Brush away the debris with a towel. Cleaning methods like this one are safe for "S" marked couches. For "WS" couches, you can use solvents and water-based treatments. Always try a dry-cleaning solution first. Knowing how to clean leather is a home improvement necessity. If you have a leather sofa, you might notice that you are missing a cleaning code. Whether you have a Nubuck, suede, or any other leather finish, always avoid bleach solutions when you use a leather couch cleaner as this will do more harm than good. Bleach and similar products permanently discolor your leather sofa. Spot clean your leather couch instead with diluted rubbing alcohol for tough stains like ink or use Dove soap to remove any discoloration gently. Follow up with a leather treatment. Your days of flipping over stained couch cushions are officially over! Apply these tips to all your upholstery and leather furniture stains. If you enjoyed learning how to remove stains from a couch, please share these DIY tips for cleaning fabric sofa stains on Facebook and Pinterest.1. What kind of sofa is good to get for a cat owner?Stainless Steel, I would think2. blue carpet, green sofa help?ANY shade settee will do with beige--it is going with each and every factor. once you are a slob, pass with brown or black. Have a peek at some furniture magazines, and you gets some stable techniques for proper window remedies to pass at the same time with your new settee. remember, you additionally can located an adjunct rug atop your beige carpet, for activity. Your accessory hues might real be extremely plenty regardless of you like--attempt to get complementary hues indoors an identical spectrum3. Would this sofa fit through a door ?you have to try it.... the cushions will give some and you can put it at an angle.... but, without the door measurements....nobody can tell for sure