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The production of ergonomic chairs from Guangdong Pinzheng Furniture Manufacturer Co.,Ltd. is guided by customer needs. And it is designed with the philosophy of not just making the product look completed but designing it based on function and aesthetic. Adopting the highest quality sustainable finishes and materials, this product is crafted by a team of highly skilled technicians.Our brand - Pinzheng Furniture is open up to the world and is entering the new and highly competitive markets, which has led us to carry out on-going improvements to products under this brand. A powerful distribution structure allows Pinzheng Furniture to be present in all world markets and play essential roles in customers' business.Our years of experience in the industry help us in delivering true value through Pinzheng Furniture Manufacture. Our highly robust service system helps us in fulfilling customers' bespoke needs on products. For better serving customers, we will continue to preserve our values and improve training and knowledge.
Ergonomic Chairs
Office chairs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and not every chair is right for every type of person. Here's some things you should keep in mind when shopping for a new chair, whether it is a neutral position office chair or even a wild alternative like the ergonomic ball chair.First, keep in mind that ergonomic chairs are not a panacea or replacement for proper diet and exercise. Even if you get a chair with the best support for your lumbar region and the appropriate seat tension, you can still experience back pain if you don't remember to stay physically active. Even when you are stuck in an office, one way to do this is by replacing your office chair with an exercise ball at intermittent points during the day. These are great from promoting active seating that engages your core muscles to maintain balance on the ball chair. You may not want to sit in them all the time, but it might help to diminish or prevent back pain if you use them occasionally.Next, when considering your purchase of an ergonomic office chair, compare the range of options for adjusting your new chair. Specifically, office chair should have a seat height that ranges from 16 to 21 inches and a seat width of between 17 and 20 inches. It is also important to get a chair with lumbar support to prevent lower back pain. And definitely think about the seat material. You're going to be sitting in this chair for up 40 hours a week (or more), so it would be wise to pick out an ergonomic office chair with a seat made of soft material like cloth. And not all seat cushions are created equal. Manufacturers of office chairs make these in variable sizes for multiple body types, so make sure to pick out the type that is most comfortable for you.The more adjustments that are available for your chair, the better. Armrests should be adjustable, as should the backrest, and the chair should be able to easily swivel. Even the seat cushion should be able to swivel in a high quality office chair.The last thing you'll want to remember when purchasing your new office chair is to get one with a good warranty, which should be backed by the manufacturer. After all, if you have to keep replacing a faulty ergonomic chair again and again, it's going to cost you a lot more than it would have to just buy a high quality (but more expensive) ergonomic chair in the first place.
Find the Best Place to Buy Ergonomic Chairs Online
If you are in the market for ergonomic chairs for your office, there is no better place to look than the local Herman Miller website. The brands mission, after all, is to design and manufacture the most comfortable ergonomic chairs on earth and they certainly deliver. Herman Miller ergonomic chairs provide proper support that minimizes and even eliminates back fatigue and pain. You no longer have to order these chairs direct from the US, as you can now order them online in India. The local Herman Miller website also allows you to see the specs and prices of the ergonomic chairs you are interested in. Below are just two of the many ergonomic office chairs available in the website:Embody ChairDesigned by Jeff Weber and Bill Stumpf, the iconic Embody Chair displays its highly technical structures as part of its design. This ergonomic masterpiece is able to bend with the body to support seated movement because of its H-flexors and spine-like contraption (called Backfit). The designers worked with over 30 experts in the fields of physical therapy, biomechanics, vision, and ergonomics during the development of this intelligent office chair. They found ways to ensure that the seat evenly distributes weight while supporting micro-movements. They also designed a narrow backrest that enables free and natural movement by automatically adjusting itself depending on your posture. This ergonomic chair also eliminates pressure points and allows oxygen and blood to flow better. The result? You feel like you are floating whenever you sit on Embody without losing perfect balance. Sayl ChairSwiss designer Yves Bhar was inspired by the engineering behind suspension bridges when he developed Sayl. The goal was to deliver the most support using the least material possible, and the result was a 3D intelligent back that allows you to freely stretch and move in your seat. The Sayls elastomer strands vary in terms of tension and thickness to provide better support to the spine. The design combines simple materials with smart engineering to ensure a smaller environmental impact. This ergonomic chair is one of the more affordable and greener Herman Miller chairs you can get.Buying Herman Miller Online in IndiaThe local Herman Miller website lets you order any of the ergonomic chairs from this brand in the comfort of your own home or office. The website even allows you to configure your chair in terms of tilt limiters, arms, seat depth, etc. If the product you want is in stock, it will be shipped within five (5) business days
Ahmedabad Based Furniture Brand to Sell Chairs Online | Ahmedabad News - Times of India
AHMEDABAD: HOF- city based premier furniture brand announced its venture into the booming e-commerce market here on Tuesday. Known to manufacture not only aesthetically pleasing but also ergonomically balanced chairs, HOF introduced its new age online which was formally launched by Dr Vikram Shah, eminent orthoapedic surgeon and chairman of Shalby Hospitals and Vishal Mehta, CEO, Infibeam. HOF has entered the ecommerce space with this portal in partnership with 'Ecumen'- a leading Ecommerce Consultancy and Digital Marketing Agency. While HOF will create the products, Ecumen will get them across to people all over the country through ecommerce. is a unique attempt to change one of the most basic human activities-Sitting. It offers specialized ergonomic chairs in categories like Premium, Professional, and Students. This portal will make HOF products available across 70% of India through the tie-up with their logistic partners FedEx. Interior Designers and Architects can also browse through the products and share them with their clients, straight from the site. The site also offers multiple payment options apart from regular, customers can also buy products on EMI. On the occasion of the launch, Kunal Patel, director, HOF said, Keeping up pace with the digital times, we at HOF have now launched a new age digital initiative, to make ergonomically designed chairs available at just the click of a button. Talking about the importance of correct postures, Dr Paulomi Dalal, an ergonomics consultant said, In today's fast paced urban lifestyle, one spends most of the time working at the desk. Often, corporate executives and businessmen are barely left with time for exercises. Hence back and neck problems are on the rise. Even young students are coming to me with cases of back ache. The least anyone can do is adopt a right posture and take intermittent breaks while required to sit for long hours at the desk. Ergonomically designed chairs are a sure help to prevent such pains and problems to a great extent. Chirag Dagli, director, Ecumen and co-founder- said, is set to bridge the existent buyer-seller gap in the ergonomically inclined furniture segment in India. With special sections dedicated for each category, is a shopper's delight, not only for individuals but also for bulk purchases made by corporates, government and institutions. Download The Times of India News App for Latest City .
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