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used school chairs is provided by Guangdong Pinzheng Furniture Manufacturer Co.,Ltd., a responsible manufacturer. It is made through a process that involves rigorous quality testing, such as inspection of raw materials and all finished products. Its quality is strictly controlled all the way, from the design and development stage in accordance with standards.With the help of used school chairs, Guangdong Pinzheng Furniture Manufacturer Co.,Ltd. aims to expand our influence in the global markets. Before the product taps into the market, its production is based on an in-depth investigation grasping information about customers' demands. Then it is designed to have a long-lasting product service life and premium performance. Quality control methods are also adopted in each section of the production.We consider high-quality used school chairs coupled with considerate service will maximize customer satisfaction. At Pinzheng Furniture Manufacture, the customer service personnel is well-trained to timely respond to customers, and answers problems about MOQ, delivery and so on.
Is a Professor Allowed to Require Me to Give Him Permission to Speak with My Doctor Before Letting M
You ask about what's allowed, which may not be the same as what's right or ethical. In the absence of some course and/or university policy (and/or state law) stating otherwise, the decision of whether or not to allow a student to retake a missed exam is entirely at the professor's discretion.As a first step, you should check to see whether any such policy exists at your school or for your course. If one does, then you're in luck. Refer your professor to it. If they still don't come around, involve an advisor, department head, or similar third-party to resolve the duspute.If there is no such policy, you'll need to shift your perspective a bit.The default scenario at this point is that you've failed the midterm. That's the outcome you have if the professor simply sits there and does nothing.So while it's true that the professor cannot legally require or otherwise compel you to waive doctor-patient confidentiality, it may also be true (barring any university policies in your favor) that you cannot require or compel the professor to let you retake the midterm. They can deny your request for any reason, or for none at all.You've got a stalemate; the professor is almost certainly allowed to ask you to waive doctor-patient confidentiality, and you're certainly allowed to refuse. In which case the stalemate continues, and you're stuck with the default outcome of a failed midterm.In essence, nobody is requiring anything. You missed an exam, and you want to be allowed to retake it. You may have a completely valid and reasonable excuse for missing the exam, but in the absence of any policy to the contrary whether or not you get to an exam is at the professor's sole discretion. You're asking the professor for a favor, and they're asking one back.None of which means that the professor has been reasonable or fair or ethical if they've not accepted a genuine medical excuse at face value, or that the incident couldn't have negative repercussions for the professor if the details get out, or that you wouldn't find support if you took the matter higher up in the university food-chain. But your question is about what the professor can do. And they can ask you to let them speak to your doctor, yes. They can't force you to, but they can sit on their hands and do nothing if you refuse. They shouldn't do that sort of thing, but without a university policy stating otherwise they almost certainly canControversial Post You may use comments ONLY to suggest improvements. You may use answers ONLY to provide a solution to the specific question asked below. Moderators will remove debates, arguments or opinions without notice. See: Why do the moderators move comments to chat and how should I behave afterwards?I study in the USA.Can a professor ask me to waive my right to privacy so he can talk to my doctor about my medical condition? He says he needs that in order to allow me to take a make-up midterm for an exam that I missed, even though a medical note certifying my illness is provided.Also, the doctor that gave the note is usually a nurse practitioner (NP), but he instead wants a note from a doctor of medicine (MD).·OTHER ANSWER:Controversial Post You may use comments ONLY to suggest improvements. You may use answers ONLY to provide a solution to the specific question asked below. Moderators will remove debates, arguments or opinions without notice. See: Why do the moderators move comments to chat and how should I behave afterwards?I study in the USA.Can a professor ask me to waive my right to privacy so he can talk to my doctor about my medical condition? He says he needs that in order to allow me to take a make-up midterm for an exam that I missed, even though a medical note certifying my illness is provided.Also, the doctor that gave the note is usually a nurse practitioner (NP), but he instead wants a note from a doctor of medicine (MD).
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Used School Chairs
1. What can I do now regarding a career/school/stability?Have you considered going to a vocational school where you get certified in an occupation that will give you a full time job like cosmetology for instance. I would check into that. I know you just went through school, but maybe by having something else to support you while pursuing a degree would help------2. What should I do if I see my dog walking in the flower bed of my garden besides using a shock collar every time I see him doing it?Use common sense and fence off your precious flower beds so that the dog cannot walk through them. There are plenty of lightweight attractive fences on the market to buy. A dog has no idea whatsover of what flower beds are. He just treats it like any other piece of ground.------3. Is there a superior over the school board? Who can I contact if I'm having problems with the school board?Governmental organization varies. The county school board in my area used to answer to the county commission but now they are an independent board. Regardless of what your system is, it wouldn't hurt to contact the person who chairs your county commission or the commissioner who represents your district. s------4. How do I organize my teenage bedroom?Have a section for each specific thing. Like one shelf of the book shelf is for home work and supplies. On the other keep the magazines and books that are for recreation. Only keep magazines for one month and recycle the rest they create clutter. At office max they have magazine storage boxes to hold them. Look at for other organization ideas------5. How are scatterplots used in daily life?Statistical analysis of results to see trends and clustering. In advertising I can use scatter plots to look for trends in effectiveness. For education I can look at trends in test results for mulitiple criteria. As a business scatter plots show me trends for purchasing so that I can better predict when and where to make sure I have people on duty------6. unanswered questions answer as much as you can easy points !!!?Cool questions. Assuming they are not completely rhetorical, here's some possibilities... Light in the freezer. Perhaps the freezing temperatures would cause moisture in the air to condense into ice and short out the bulb or other electrical parts. Triangle cut bread tastes better because there is more crustless surface area on the edges.------7. Should sports, such as football and basketball continue in college and high schools in the U.S.?I remember once seeing the percentage of high school players who played in college even if they went to school many did not. And the percentage of college graduates who finish carreers or even begin them in the NFL or NBA are suprisingly small. so why should the pro leagues have to pay for all the people who will never play for them.------8. Do you know where to buy used furniture in The Hague?Hallo Dears I will live beside Den Haag during less than one month and i want to buy Bed rooms to my family and one living room as well all needed requierment including Elecrical devises I am looking for best quality and proper prises fitting my budget and to delever them asap Apprecitting your urgent feedback------9. What do people need when sitting shiva?This answer is a community wiki, which means that it is easier for people to edit and that its initial author gets no reputation credit for upvotes to it. Please edit what's here and contribute more.They will need:If there will be communal prayer services in the home, they will need:Some added boons:.------10. Would have thought in contextYou often use "I would have thought X" if an entirely reasonable, but perhaps not 100% complete, thought process could make you believe that X is true and now you are told, or it is proven to you, that X is false. You thought that X is true, but you didn't have a particularly strong belief------11. i have to build a diarama with a door and a chair but i dont know how to make it. any ideas on what i can use?Craft stores like Michaels and Joann Fabrics sell miniature furniture and even components for making doll houses. They also sell balsa wood sheets, foam construction sheets and foam-core building board, all of which you could easily cut and glue to make stage props. You should be able to find a variety of materials and items there to create your diorama.------12. What artistic extra curricular do Ivy league colleges prefer?You will run into many applicants who have a classical music background - and most of them will have been trained in it much more so than yourself, so it may make you look weak compared to their credentials. Is there something more unique that you enjoy to pursue?------13. Is this project possible?Sounds like a great idea, however the problem I can see is the gauze pad will be proud of the chair and kids being kids will pick it off and that will make the chair a mess very quickly. The other downside is the polyurethane may react with the plasters and blister------14. I'm having a problem with my son's teacher/school?you are wasting your time this will make it harder on the kid unless there are other complaints against this teacher, I would home school for a year or find another school, I think this is a terrible thing that has happened but they will side with the teacher unless others complain also------15. Why did the control people need to be jacked in to allow the ship to enter Zion?I always thought of it as a virtual traffic control. 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Help with ergonomics school assignment?Elevators for physically disabled students, good lighting, walls dull colours so easy on eyes, good air circulation, desks and chairs at proper heights for different sized students and teachers, computers and keyboards at good height to prevent irration of wrist after typing and comfortable temperature. That's all I can think of off the top of my head, hope I helped :)------18. Philippine Students: What's the worst school you've ever been to? And why?My parents made sure we went to the best schools. Sorry that the "worst schools" I know are only those I see reported on Tv without enough classrooms, not enough facilities, incompetent or unqualified teachers, unsanitary toilets, schools with teachers who victimize their students, etc. Only in the news, never been to these schools.------19. Should the school punish my daughter for what she did?The school is ridiculously silly for punishing your daughter! 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What would be ur 1st thoughts seeing disabled kid/school kid? Honest thoughts?nothing,have never understood/processed people in the same way non autistic people do,all people are seen as objects of the same form/shape and worth,a wheelchair doesnt make any difference to how will view them. a wheelchair seems to completely change the view some people have of a physically disabled person,when it is just a tool to help them in their life.------23. How to teach prepositions to high school kids?some instructors would tutor this theory. in many school rooms, English instructors have pupils diagram sentences. with the aid of this technique, pupils are waiting to be certain that maximum prepositions have/choose an merchandise, and that by ending a sentence with a preposition, the sentence is incomplete------24. Cosine , Tangent , and sine used in real life?All of navigation is based on spherical geometry - before GPS receivers that have a built-in computer, all the questions like which direction to sail to get from Southanpton to New York would use trig functions. Or how much optical fibre to buy to lay a fibre that way------25. i am writing a children's book? please helpme?!?you could have the pencils going around drawing on everything and the erasers chasing after them cleaning up the mess. i like the other girls idea about the chalkboard drawing games on itself. you could have posters of people from history like christopher columbus dancing through each others posters.------26. Philosophical Chairs : Should a person who is infected with HIV be allowed to attend public school?I think anyone should be allowed to attend public school regardless of any medical conditions they have. 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The only downside was that it takes alot longer and you are in the chair for quite awhile as these are students and the teacher must approve all the work before it is approved,------31. Has any 'difficult' proof ever been superseded by a 'simple' one?Surprising, that nobody mentions Cantor. His proof of uncountable sets of 1874 (although not as difficult as many proofs mentioned in the other answers) was not going to tempt anybody but a handful specialists. His diagonal argument of 1891 however was so easy and striking that even laymen could understand it and popularized set theory all at once------32. why should we require wheel chair accessibility in all public schools?because all children have the right to go to any public school if they did not have them then they would have to go to a school for just handicap and not only that but there could be teachers that are handicap that is teaching are children------33. In American High Schools What Happens if a Student Refuses to do as Told?At my school after the campus security is called we have SROs (security resource officer which are county sheriffs) that are called an wil handcuff you and escort you to the office and then your parents are called and there is possible legal issues because once you are asked to leave and you refuse you are considered tresspassing------34. Is there an easy and cheap way to get my chairs upholstered?Try taking one of those adult education classes that are held at high schools and community colleges a few nights a week. They usually have ones on chair upholstery. You pay a low tuition fee and you can bring your chairs in to cover with materials you buy. Plus you have an expert instructor to ask if there is a problem------35. What to do with a first grader who cannot sit still in school?Look for a more free school, I would encourage you to look into a Waldorf school. In a school like this the kids that are active will grow up more happily as it is completely natural for kids to be somewhat hyper and it is completely unnatural to sit for more than 6 hours a day.------36. what to do about my child's school?With the best will in the world, it sounds like your son actually did create some trouble. All medications have side effects, but if they help your son to get on with his classmates and teachers, and to concentrate in school, then it might be worth thinking about
Buy Different Types of Chairs Online
Different products are needed by people in their day to day life. One of those products which are used by people almost daily is chair. It is something which we expect to have at different places. People do different types of activities while sitting. Several people work on computers and they need a seat to use them conveniently. The use of seats is very important in offices. Employees need to have seats so that they can perform their work. Also, visitors come to offices and need to have a seat while they wait to meet concerned person.We can say that different types of chairs can be seen at different places. In the same office, people can find two or more types of chairs placed in different locations. If you need to buy chairs which need to be kept in the waiting area of the office then you should buy tiered seats. There are some advantages of buying such seats. First, you should know what are these seats? These type of seatings have four or more chairs joined with each other. They can be placed in rows and it is not easy to move them from their places. This way, it is possible to keep the waiting area organized. Freely moving chairs often get displaced from their places when people leave them.In schools, a large number of chairs are required because there are so many rooms and a large number of students need to be seated. Seats for teachers will be very less when compared to the chairs which are needed for students. People who need to take care of seating for schools have several options when it comes to buy chairs. For kids who are very young, seats which have cartoons made on them can be purchased. For elder students, people should buy standard chairs which will be placed in all the rooms. Emphasis should be given on buying quality chairs so that there is no scope of any accident.Schools and colleges need to have lecture rooms. These rooms need to have special kind of seating. There are different rows in such rooms and each row is higher than the previous one. People who need to have lecture seating just need to hire experts for the installation. First, you need to choose the kind of seats which you would like to get installed. Then, expert services should be hired for their installation.People should understand that chairs are not purchased daily. They are procured once in a long period of time. Therefore, it is wise to buy high quality chairs. When they are required for commercial reasons then it is even more important to buy high quality seats. If you purchase low quality chairs then you will have the risk of accidents as they may break. Such a situation would not be desired by anyone. If you buy quality chairs which are strong then they would be able to work for several years without any issue. Search the best chairs online at the best prices.
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