Improve Your Offices Productivity Using Ergonomic Office Chairs

The role of ergonomic office chairs in improving the productivity of the office is often neglected. Only in the recent times we can find corporate and semi corporate companies trying to understand the importance behind this concept. Since corporate and semi corporate companies want to utilize the maximum productivity, they are always on the front to find out ways to improve productivity of their staff.

As a result we can find that the demand for ergonomic chairs is increasing in the recent times as globalization is on rise.Comfort of the EmployeesOnly when the employees of an organization are comfortable in their work space, they can be able to give their best. This can be affected by lot of factors including the shape and comfort of their seats i. e.

chairs. You cant expect best ideas from an employee who is not even comfortable to sit in his chair properly. Now you can estimate the loss your company might incur when your employees are not comfortable in their positions.Dont jeopardize your Employees HealthKeeping aside the productivity aspect to the side for some time, using regular office chairs will cause back pain and neck pain to the employees in the long run.

That means, it is going to effect the health of the employees in the long run and more importantly this kind of changes are irreversible in most cases and hence the person might have to suffer from the condition all through his life. So, dont jeopardize with the health of your employees just by looking for some small amount of money. Purchase ergonomic Office Chairs to make your employees comfortable in their positions and to prevent health complications to them in future.

Long Working Hours in front of ComputersThanks to the modernization of our society, most of our professions are related to sitting jobs these days. Computers have encroached to almost all parts of our lives and the result is that we are forced to sit in front of computers all through the day for doing our jobs. In this context, it has become necessary to take care of our health as there is less scope for physical movement and exercise.

In order to acquaint ourselves for long working hours in front of the computers, we need to ensure that our sitting position i.e. office chairs are good enough and that they can prevent back pain, spinal injury, neck pain, etc which are otherwise common. Recent increase in the number of spondylitis cases show us the need to focus on improving office environment through Ergonomic Chairs.

Improved ProductivityThose corporate and semi corporate companies who have envisioned this aspect well before others, have started reaping the benefits through improved productivity. This confirms that employees who are comfortable in their work spaces will be able to provide better productivity to the company on the whole. So, make no delay.

Invest in Ergonomic Chairs for your office and improve your office productivity by many folds. Its never too late to make the right decision RELATED QUESTION What is the best ergonomic office chair within a 10k budget in India? It feels good that people are now looking for office chairs designed ergonomically.

keeping right posture of back and health at the same time has been observed before making a purchase which is indeed an aspect to watch for.Market of ergonomic chairs have got utterly hampered by the non standard roadside low quality chair retailers offering good looking chairs right from Indian rupees 800 to 5000, however all these chairs requires re purchases or frequent maintenance, moreover it damages the entire backbone and causes permanent pain and hospital expenses worth much higher then an excellent ergonomic office chair price. I would like to suggest here Indias best chair manufacturer known for ergonomic designed and has biggest clientele in Indian Market including Indias giant organisations.Bluebell Ergonomics Pvt LtdWith a variety of office chairs includingPremiums chairs|Executive chairs|Workstation chairs|Visitor chairsMore importantly all these chairs areergonomically designedand highly durable due to itshigh quality materialand machinery used for manufacturing (I have purchased 180 units for my office staff, and above information is based on the same).Variety and beautiful color options adds an extra grace to the workplace which eventually works well for the performance of the company as well due to happy vibes inside the company. Also it is worlds first ever company to implement the concept of 7 chakras into their designs, and the vibes of this physiology is easily observable.ADJUSTMENTS360 Degree Rotation offers more flexibility towards multitasking.

Efficient gas-lift mechanism offers desirable up down adjustments depending up on table specifications. FABRICUse of various material which are ideally used to stop back irritation due to over sweating. A sleek and thin fabric creates enough comfort and cushion.

This allows an employee to sit for longer duration with no problems at all. 7 CHAKRASThis is an exclusive USPs that only Bluebell Ergonomics Pvt Ltd offers in the world, Understanding the significance of 7 chakras in Indian tradition spreads a positive physiology towards working culture which then leads to impressive company performance eventually.DISCOUNTS & OFFERSBluebell has impressive discounts on every product on their official website andspecial offers on B2B Purchases.AVAILABILITYBluebell chairs are easily available on other E-Commerce site such as:AmazonFlipkartIndustrybuyingIndiaMartBluebell Ergonomicsand etc. I highly recommend Bluebell Ergonomics Pvt Ltd for anyone who looks for quality products.

Do have a small comparison between other companies and Bluebell to finalize your decision but do not seek quality chairs on roadside shops. it eventually becomes expensive to you unnecessarily.

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  • Uses of Torsion Spring

    Some familiar examples of uses are the strong, helical torsion springs that operate clothespins and traditional spring-loaded-bar type mousetraps. Other uses are in the large, coiled torsion springs used to counterbalance the weight of garage doors, and a similar system is used to assist in opening the trunk (boot) cover on some sedans. Small, coiled torsion springs are often used to operate pop-up doors found on small consumer goods like digital cameras and compact disc players. Other more specific uses:

    A torsion bar suspension is a thick, steel torsion-bar spring attached to the body of a vehicle at one end and to a lever arm which attaches to the axle of the wheel at the other. It absorbs road shocks as the wheel goes over bumps and rough road surfaces, cushioning the ride for the passengers. Torsion-bar suspensions are used in many modern cars and trucks, as well as military vehicles.

    The sway bar used in many vehicle suspension systems also uses the torsion spring principle.

    The torsion pendulum used in torsion pendulum clocks is a wheel-shaped weight suspended from its center by a wire torsion spring. The weight rotates about the axis of the spring, twisting it, instead of swinging like an ordinary pendulum. The force of the spring reverses the direction of rotation, so the wheel oscillates back and forth, driven at the top by the clock's gears.

    Torsion springs consisting of twisted ropes or sinew, were used to store potential energy to power several types of ancient weapons; including the Greek ballista and the Roman scorpio and catapults like the onager.

    The balance spring or hairspring in mechanical watches is a fine, spiral-shaped torsion spring that pushes the balance wheel back toward its center position as it rotates back and forth. The balance wheel and spring function similarly to the torsion pendulum above in keeping time for the watch.

    The D'Arsonval movement used in mechanical pointer-type meters to measure electric current is a type of torsion balance (see below). A coil of wire attached to the pointer twists in a magnetic field against the resistance of a torsion spring. Hooke's law ensures that the angle of the pointer is proportional to the current.

    A DMD or digital micromirror device chip is at the heart of many video projectors. It uses hundreds of thousands of tiny mirrors on tiny torsion springs fabricated on a silicon surface to reflect light onto the screen, forming the image.

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  • Why Automatic Closing Doors in Indian Railways Are Not Successful?

    if automatic doors have to be provided air conditioning has to be also provided otherwise people will suffocate and fall in train coaches.crowd like Mumbai suburban system the doors cannot be closed with people always trying to get in train when automatic door closing and opening is provided. ushers have to be employed to push people into coaches in order to close the doors which is costly for railways as well as passengers.


    If all doors of trains to be automatically, it will cost a lot of money for railways. Railways will pass it over to travellers. Most of Indian travellers are spending more than 10% of earnings on travel.

    It will be a burden for them.

    Not just cost of the doors.

    Also the lost income to the railways due to less people travelling as there would be no foot board space available.Sceptical about the quality. Look at the quality of our train rakes. New rakes look acceptable only for few years and not maintained later. I remember traveling in a train with one window not closing fully and it was peak winter in Delhi area.

    If something like that happens with automatic doors, it could be quite big problem.Doors will be broken to make space for travelling. People travel on footboard not because they want to travel that way.

    Generally, that happens due to insufficient space inside. We do not have sufficient number of trains to cater to the demand existing. One can think of automatic doors after we are able to meet the unmet demand for the trains.

    Why automatic closing doors in Indian Railways are not successful?

  • What Is the Best Practice Or Strategy to Replace a Mechanical Variable Speed Drive Asynchronous Motor with a Regular Asynchronous Motor and a Frequency Inverter?

    With any variable frequency drive application, the critical parameters are TORQUE - what's the worst-case torque? - and SPEED.Your application is 0.55kW over a span of 50-300RPM. Assuming your mechanical variable speed drive is either a variable belt drive or a disc drive, it is a torque-multiplying drive where the available output power is constant as the speed changes. 0.55kW at 300RPM is 17.5 N-m, while the same 0.55kW at 50RPM is 105N-m. Then it gets worse. A three-phase AC motor is capable of producing much more torque at start than it can output continuously.

    Exactly how much more is dependent on the design of the motor, but generally 150-250% of full-load torque is available at start. Not taking this into account results in a lot of misapplied inverter/motor systems because that torque is not available from an inverter unless the inverter is sized to deliver a lot more current.The question then becomes "what is the worst-case condition?" That is, where do you need the most torque when operating your machine? Let's say your equipment is an industrial mixer, and stipulate that it MUST be started with the mechanical variable speed drive at its slowest setting when loaded with materials or it will fail to start.

    The worst-case torque condition then would be (assuming 200% starting torque available) 2 x 105 N-m, or 210 N-m. To properly size a VFD/motor combination, your system MUST be able to produce 210 N-m. Typically, an industrial-duty VFD unit is rated to put out a certain amount of current continuously, and 150% of that rating for 60 seconds.

    A drive designed for pump and fan applications may only be rated for 110% overload for 60 seconds. When operating a motor on a VFD, output current is (for all intents and purposes) equivalent to torque.So, what size motor do we need to produce 210 N-m at start? If 210 N-m is 150% of the motor's full-load rating, the motor full-load torque would be 140 N-m.

    Assume we're going to use a four-pole 50Hz rated motor with a nameplate rated speed of 1475RPM. One hundred forty N-m at 1475RPM means 21.6kW. The closest standard rating is 22kW.Wait, what? The old system uses a 0.55kW motor, and the new one requires a 22kW motor? Welcome to the wonderful world of mechanical torque multiplication.

    Remember, your maximum speed is 300 RPM. You don't want to operate an induction motor at full-load current over a maximum range of 50-300RPM if you can possibly avoid it. You don't want just a motor, you want a motor with a gearbox.

    Such as a motor/gearbox combination with a rated output speed of 300 RPM and a rated continuous output torque of 140 N-m. Plug those numbers into the equations and the motor rating drops to 4.4kW. The closest standard rating is 5.0kW. Yes, the motor is almost 10x the size of the original, but that is what is required to ensure that the system will start under the worst possible condition.

    But wait! There's more! Once the system is started, the torque required to run it falls off rather dramatically, since the current system with the 0.55kW motor can spin the output shaft at 300 RPM while producing no more than 17.5 N-m of torque. One advantage of variable-frequency drives is that you can operate the motor at OVER the nameplate frequency, so long as the motor is mechanically capable of handling the overspeed condition, and the motor does not draw more than the nameplate full-load current.

    How about a motor with a gearbox rated 140 N-m at 200 RPM? Now the motor size drops to 2.9kW, and the closest standard motor is 3.0kW. Were it me, that's the size I'd select. To get 50-300 RPM out of the system, the VFD would operate between 12.5Hz and 75Hz. However, at 75Hz the motor/gearbox combination would be capable of providing 95 N-m.

    In other words, the motor would be very lightly loaded. Still not what I'd consider ideal, but getting closer. Play with the gear ratios, possibly the motor full-load speed, and an optimal solution can be found.

    Now, what if the application is a conveyor belt? A conveyor is a constant-torque application. That is, it requires the same amount of torque regardless of the speed, with the singular exception of - once again - starting. However, let's say in this application the conveyor can be started with the mechanical variable speed drive in its highest speed setting, so now the worst-case torque is 2 x 17.

    5 N-m, or 35 N-m.

    Again, your maximum shaft speed is 300 RPM and minimum shaft speed is 50RPM, so some gear reduction is needed to keep the new motor operating somewhere reasonably near nameplate speed. Again, let's assume a four-pole motor with a 1450RPM nameplate rating at 50Hz. 1450/300 yeilds 4.83:1 reduction, so either a gearbox, V-belts and sheaves or a chain drive can be configured to get us 5:1 reduction (and 5x torque multiplication).

    With a starting torque requirement of 35 N-m at the conveyor, we divide by 5 to get the starting torque requirement at the motor shaft - 7 N-m. Seven Newton-meters represents 150% of the motor full-load rating, so 7/1.5 = 4.67 N-m rated at 1450RPM, or 0.71kW. The closest standard rating is 0.75kW. So, a 0.75kW motor, a 5:1 gear reduction and a 0.75kW inverter are required. So we have two applications for your 0.55kW mechanical variable speed drive, and the inverter/motor replacements are VASTLY different.

    Application is everything, because application defines the worst-case torque requirements. I've been doing this for a living for more than 25 years now, and I've replaced a LOT of misapplied drive systems where worst-case torque was not properly considered. Hope this helps.What is the best practice or strategy to replace a mechanical variable speed drive asynchronous motor with a regular asynchronous motor and a frequency inverter?.

  • What Is the Principle and Operation of a Shaded Pole Motor?

    The operation of the motor can be understood by referring to figure which shows one pole of the motor with a shading coil. Considering a cycle of alternating current (fig 1) applied to the stator winding we will explain the working of shaded pole motor.During the portion OADuring the portion OA of the alternating-current cycle [Fig 1], the flux begins to increase and an e.



    is induced in the shading coil.

    The resulting current in the shading coil will be in such a direction (Lenzu2019s law) so as to oppose the change in flux. Thus the flux in the shaded portion of the pole is weakened while that in the unshaded portion is strengthened as shown in figure 2.During the portion ABDuring the portion AB of the alternating-current cycle, the flux has reached almost maximum value and is not changing.

    Consequently, the flux distribution across the pole is uniform [See Fig 3] since no current is flowing in the shading coil.During the portion BCAs the flux decreases (portion BC of the alternating current cycle), current is induced in the shading coil so as to oppose the decrease in current. Thus the flux in the shaded portion of the pole is strengthened while that in the unshaded portion is weakened as shown in Fig 4.

    The effect of the shading coil is to cause the field flux to shift across the pole face from the unshaded to the shaded portion. This shifting flux is like a rotating weak field moving in the direction from unshaded portion to the shaded portion of the pole.The rotor is of the squirrel-cage type and is under the influence of this moving field.

    Consequently, a small starting torque is developed. As soon as this torque starts to revolve the rotor, additional torque is produced by single-phase induction-motor action. The motor accelerates to a speed slightly below the synchronous speed and runs as a single-phase induction motor.

    What is the principle and operation of a shaded pole motor?

  • What Is a Centrifugal Blower?

    Centrifugal blower is a kind of driven fluid machinery, which relies on the mechanical energy input to increase the gas pressure and discharge gas side by side. Centrifugal blowers are widely used in ventilation, dust removal and cooling of factories, mines, tunnels, cooling towers, vehicles, ships and buildings; ventilation and induction of boilers and industrial furnaces; cooling and ventilation of air-conditioning equipment and household electrical appliances; drying and selection of grain; ventilation and propulsion of wind tunnels and hovercraft.RAETTS(Dongguan Ruitian Electrical Technology Co.

    , Ltd.

    ) is one of the leading professional manufacturer of high speed centrifugal blower and air knife drying system in China.If you want to buy centrifugal blowers or air knives, RAETTS is your good choice.Website:www.raettsgroup.comWhat is a centrifugal blower?

  • What Is the Working Principle of DTMF Controlled Automatic Door Locking System?

    It is a DTMF based automatic door locking system.The DTMF device makes it entirely remote control system. This DTMF device is controlled by the mobile phone from any location.

    The principle of this device is that, when you make the call to the DTMF device, it automatically receives the call.Then the DTMF tones generated from that device are received by the microcontroller. When the call is connected, you can type the door opening as well as the locking code from the keypad of your phone.

    This code is sent to the microcontroller in the form of DTMF tones, which directs the circuit to close as well as open the door.For detailed explanation of the working of this device, please visit the official kitsguru store.Free YouTube Video link:-What is the working principle of DTMF controlled automatic door locking system?.

Project Custom Synthetic Rattan Outdoor Lounge Chairs Furniture Factory
Model No.: YSJS-489 Size:* 200*80*33CM Material: rattan,300g/m² polyester and 28-40 density sponge Package: Plastic foam,kraft paper,carton. Loading quantity: 160sets/40HQRattan undergoesphysical property testing,tensile report,heat and cold resistancereport,high temperature test, REACH report.Normally we have three designs rattan ,warranty 2 years,warranty 3 years and warranty 5 year. Our goods already pass DEU — -CP certification.DEU — -CPR certification,EN581 certification.Other test certification could be make if client need it. Payment Terms: 30% deposit by T/T in advance,balance by T/T or L/C should be paid before loading. Sample cost: Paypal ,western union , moneygram and cash also is available.FAQQ1: What is your MOQ? A: For tables,the Minimum order quantity is 10pcs per item. B: For chairs,the Minimum order quantity is 50pcs per item.Q2: What is the warranty policy? A: Most of our products can guarantee at least 3 years.While above the warranty does not cover failure or damage caused by improper applicationsand unreasonable conditions or abusive use. Q3: Could I take some samples from you? How about the sample charges?A: Yes, samples are available. The sample cost is triple of the unit price.But we will return the extra once received your next order.• You May Also Want to KnowHow can I best use this old outdoor carpet?Where would you most need or want these pieces to go? If they are too big for your garage then cut them down to the right size so they work for you. Perhaps cut them into smaller sizes and use them as door mats for your front, back, and side door ways. If there's just no place to put them, donate them, sell them at a garage sale, or throw them out. There is no good in holding onto items you just do not have a use for.I'm getting married August 2nd. We are doing a casual late evening outdoor wedding/reception.?for placecards my m-in-law bought tiny picture frames and put everybody's name in themIs it ok to wear a navy top with print navy skirt to casual outdoor afternoon summer wedding. Is navy ok?Why would not it be? It's not whitetemp. moved outdoor dog into garage w cement floor...extreme cold. how do i neutralize urine odor? ?I hope you are giving the dog with frozen poop a blanket or bed? Vinegar will cut the smell and neutralize the odor. Really wish your dog was not outside. :(i have an outdoor dog (because of allergys) and he's afraid of the dark what do i do???get rid of him... he will have a better life(not saying he doesnt now) b/c he's inside with the familyWhere is a good outdoor place to go airsofting in California? If anyone knows please tell me?I paintball and that i stay in walnut besides, I used to circulate to 2 fields, one replaced into sc village and the different one I forgot, I additionally looked up tac city in El Monte idk no count if that's paintball yet airsoft for particular and Hollywood paintball yet by no potential been to those ones, Gluck on your paintball adventures!Fun outdoor activities to do with girlfriend?? (don't really like sports)?you can go to the park, have a picnic there, maybe some sunbathing. you can try the zoo! amusement parks are always fun ( i go to six flags) those are just a few!Has anyone ever kept a white cat as an outdoor and indoor pet?I've owned 2 white cats. One was an Albino and this one we have now is a white and brown mix, but mostly white. I have never heard of your fears beforeDoes anyone have experience with outdoor guinea pigs? 10 pts best answer.?1.)bring them inside when it is bad weather,guinea pigs freeze to death easily and they get over heated water should always be available. 2.)Plenty of bugs are going to get on the guinea pigs.several night crawlers.I've had to deal with this with my female guinea pig.Several baths and repellent could help reduce this. 3.)I would not recommend it.From experience I would not recommend it.You would have to change their food a lot more.bathe them a lot more,take them to the vet a lot more,and cleaning the cage once every 3 days because bugs try to live with them. In all it's not worth it your expenses go up a lot more.Getting started in outdoor activities?I have spent about forty years not engaging in organized athletics, but still manage to summit about forty mountains per year. Buy a few basics and replace with better gear as you can manage along the way. I grew-up about twenty hours from the nearest mountain, so you have me at a bit of an advantage. Focus on the watershed that you find and you will never be lostis my indoor/outdoor cat ok hunting birds and mice?It's 100% natural for your cat to be out hunting and as long as his vet injections are all up to date he will be fine. Mine is 4 and has been hunting all his lifeHow do I clean the algae from my outdoor plastic pond, keep it from returning or reduce build up slower?All water holding devices will get algae if chemicals are not added. Same as a pool. Check with a pool sales place since you will be adding fishHow do you remove paint and rust from outdoor chairs?I would try a wire brush first. Either a hand model or a rotary one that would fit into your power drill may do the trick. You can also get small toothbrush size wire brushes to get into the small spots. Good LuckHelp ME! Fun outdoor games?man hunt you just need some woods and a whatchWhere can i get nice outdoor string lights?Depending on where you live. If your in the los angeles area there is a place near the flower mart that has great white lights. If you want a certain shape or color 1000blubs.comwhere is a good town/city to live in where there is allot of outdoor things to do?Try Northern Canada or Greenland. No one will find you for 3 years, let alone 3 monthsI want to build a outdoor kitchen using cinder block on my uneven pool deck. How do I build a level block bar?Do not cut the blocks. that is as bad as the sand answer. You will need a plywood form to pour concrete in to support the blocks. It will taper on the bottom to conform to your angle so top is level. The short end should be about 4 or 5 inches high. It would take far too much space to try to lay out the whole job here. Maybe you have a carpenter in your area that can help. Maybe the bit I layed out above will guide you.Refrigerator using cold outdoor air?I do not think it would work, unless it was in an unheated outbuilding or somehow had a vent to the open air. The idea of opening a door to the outside world in freezing weather conditions is not really feasible, you would have to reheat the room each time you opened a fridge door. The air also would have to be heated or cooled in order to maintain an even temperature. You could conceivably locate a ventilated locker outside as a deep freeze during your cold spell, that would work, but would it be cold enough?Need advice about outdoor cats?What is your question? It is good you are taking care of the kittens. Roaming around outside is really not an appropriate place for pets to live. But at least you are getting them spayed so maybe you wo not have more kittens. Sorry I could not help more but I do not know what you are askingWhere can I find an outdoor tablecloth that is 70" x 70", for a large square table ?If you cannot find one I would sew two together. That is an odd size. If you do not have a sewing machine they have a product called liquid seam in the sewing and fabric section. It will make a strong bond. They also have seamless tape - you use an iron to bond it together.What do I wear on a date when I am a college student and itu2019s 10 degrees outside. should I dress for comfort or for style since we are going to an outdoor event?Which ? 10 degrees Fahreheit , or 10 degress Celsius ?10 defrees F , is pretty darn cold , so I would be dressed up like I am going to the Arctic :) , but I am used to a pretty warm climate , where 45 degrees is considered pretty coldGood camera for in studio/outdoor automotive shots?this is a very solid question! i could discover a thank you to get all the human beings interior the worldwide in one place and fly way a good distance out to get a image of all of them. because we are managing possibilitesAre 120w outdoor spotlights safe for indoor recessed fixtures?If the electrician used the proper can for the bulb everything should be okay but if not there is a risk of fire hazard that's why they have the warning labels. If you can contact the electrician who did the job and he will let you know. He would not want to lose his jobcan indoor/outdoor carpet be glued to cedar decking?It can but you ll need an exterior carpet adhesive for this and you will soon see the lines between the boards. GLoutdoor wedding venues?! NEED HELP BAD!?I have no idea your subject however I can deliver you a suggestion of someplace to appear. We had our out of doors rite within the lawn of a Bed and Breakfast within the the city we lived on the time. They additionally did receptions however we had ours somewhere else. It used to be GREAT. They offered the chairs as aspect of the condo price and we rented a tent on account that it used to be in the summertime and we figured it could both look after us from the rain OR furnish color!Are people actually buying the "outdoor venue" excuse from Arum/Pacquiao?They will NEVER want this fight. Just like the first time with all the testing B/S. “Who is Mayweather to dictate us“? Then Bob Arum says “Testing has never been an issue“ Its all smoke and mirrorsWhat is a better laser for outdoor airsoft combat?UTG hands down, as they make parts for real guns!Plus-sized women's outdoor wear in San Francisco/Bay Area?You might have some luck at the north face outlet in the east baydoes owning a pet mouse attract outdoor mice?No. They would more than likely be different speciesWhat is a good outdoor or indoor activity to conduct at an after school program for elementary ages?Any sport will do. Running, soccer, tennis etc Hide and seek will do but it has to work in a very spacious place. Races and competions where they compete against each other. (some kids are competetive so it works) But if most kids prefer quiet activites colouring and reading will be fine. Have a little colouring competetion where winner wins lollies :D Have a picnic will be nice instead of eating indoors. Pack a healthy lunch ;)Where does the wire connecting on an outdoor tv antenna hook to?If you mean the antenna itself and not the downlead cable, most of them connect through a balun, which is a matching transformer with a threaded coaxial fitting on one end. See the link for an example. The downlead cable connects to the coaxial side of the balun. The balanced (two wire) side connects to the driven, or primary element of the antenna.what's a natural and effective outdoor plant fly repellant?Make a solution of crushed red peppers and water and let it sit a while. Strain, then spray on plants. 100% organic, and wont hurt the plants. Be careful (depending on how hot the peppers are) and dont get it in your eyes.(This is how they make pepper spray to use on criminals).
What Is Thailand Like for Wheelchair Users?
I would say Chiang Mai and Bangkok is not wheel chair friendly except for the malls. the pavements are not suitable for wheelchairs and a lot of times, there may be lots of stalls on the pavements itself. So you will find it hard to navigate.... also, besides taxi, I think other forms of public transport like the BTS, songthaew, tuk tuk etc may not be convenient1. How much work does a wheel chair assistant do?in the experience that they could't be baptized, it is okay. The thief on the bypass develop into once kept without being baptized, even with the indisputable fact that the disciples did not "baptize" him with "a tumbler of water" on his head because the actual baptism in by technique of technique of immersion maximum effective. The own greek word "baptdzo" way "immersion". John, the baptism used to stroll many kilommeters to baptize in interior the element of the river in which "there develop into once a lot water". Why? reason in there he may quite baptize (immersion). The baptism of Jesus develop into once also by technique of technique of immersion reason it is written that he "went out of the water", (in holding with the formed greek). Paul says the baptism is a burial (the emblem of our lack of life and ressurrection with Christ). So I ask: Is a useless buried with a touch of earth on the actual or is he his body actual buried?2. how did stephen hawking make a wheel chair that could tell whats he was thinking?His doctors got other people to make it for him3. If an atheist went blind, deaf or wound up in a wheel chair, would the reconsider believing in God?Possibly. I think believing in something that seems idiotic when one is healthy might give a person comfort if they are dying. That being said I know many atheists who have become terminally ill or died, and have never believed in god.4. I am looking for help towards buying a electric wheel chair for my wife do u know any charitys that help UK?maybe the red cross may help try them5. If your wheel chair bound 80 year old relative was instantaneously healed during a church service and?I would sue the doctor for misdiagnosing him/her. But I will let you know if that ever "actually" happens to anyone.6. I'm writing an essay for english class about myself traveling across the U.S. in an electric wheel chair?I think a good idea would be for you to like meet a homeless person who is actually a genius who just does not believe in living in houses. could also meet a diner waitress. Those can be fun characters. Some funny things...I think the wheel chair should run out of power once, get stuck once, and maybe get stolen by some rowdy kids. Good luck with your essay. Sounds like fun! :)7. How can I make an electric wheel chair? (from scratch )?you can build most anything if you have the proper tools and materials8. A drunk man in a Wheel chair??? what do u think his punishment will be??a frien of mine got busted for being drunk and on a pedal bike but they just took him home and let him sleep it off .9. If your in a wheel chair do you have to expect that you can only have handicapped people interested in you?I worked with people in wheelchairs for years and have found that yes they do discover a partner. We used to find out quite often that one of our clients would appear with someone new accompanying them and would be introduced to the girl/boy friend or even fiance. My best advice to you is to not think of yourself being in a wheelchair but get out to places to meet people the same as non-wheelchair people do.10. Should I end my relationship before it gets worse? Things have been bad, but now he might be in a wheel chair?You have to make up your mind, do you want to stay and be mentally abused and continue to feel alone in a relationship, or stay because of the kids. People can find plenty of reasons to stay because they fear the unknown, but it seems to me that to many people use kids as an excuse. If you are that lonely in your relationship than it is time to pick up and go.
Where Is the Best Place to Place the Potty Chair When Your Boy/girl Is Potty Training??
In the bathroom next to the toilet1. Where can i find a inexpensive accent chair?? I've bought lots of things there and have had nothing but good luck. Just make sure you read the buyer reviews2. name of the beach chair ?It's a folding chaise longue, usually called chaise lounge in English. (The French means long chair.)3. Computer chair makes clunking sound?First aid - try oiling it. Second, just check that nothing is broken, and therefore dangerous. 3rd. Live with it if it is still safe and serviceable. A noise now and again is no big deal. Everything shows signs of wear in time.4. I need a suggestion for a nice massaging chair?go to bridgestone and try it out5. The Best Ergonomic Chairs with Flip Up Arms that Swivel AwayErgonomic armrests are a great feature to have on an office chair - unless they frequently impede on your ability to work or tuck the chair under the desk that is. If that's you, a chair with flip up arms helps create the best of both worlds. The armrests either fold away or swivel out of the way on demand. In this guide we will navigate through the top ergonomic office chairs with flip up arms, provide reviews from actual customers, and identify the key benefits and features that will make (at least) one of the chairs from this list a perfect addition to your office space. The Starspace Executive Chair tops our list of the best overall executive office chair with flip up arms. A generous 5.5 thick seat, robust backrest that can both tilt and recline, plus of course easy fold away arms together create one of the most well rounded office chairs in its category. We love the thickly padded armrests that can easily be dismissed when they are not needed. In fact, one satisfied customer remarked at how easily she could swivel the arms to get closer to her desk, which was definitely a selling point that tipped the scale. Another worthy feature of the Starspace chair is the adjustable lumbar support. It protrudes just enough to create meaningful support for your lower back, unlike that found on many other executive leather chairs. The versatile tilt mechanism on this chair is also worth mentioning. It supports rocking with tension control, which one owner attributes to helping with his back pain, by relieving pressure. Rounding off the Starspace chair list of features are the durable, bonded leather that gives this chair modern elegance, a high weight capacity of 250 lbs, plus a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. For those people who prefer a higher back and a more breathable mesh material on your office chair, the Nouhaus is one of the better choices from both an ergonomic and budget standpoint. The high backrest tilts and can rock back and forth (up to 135 degrees) to bring constant movements to your back using a smooth yncro tilt mechanism. And unlike many high back hairs, the Nouhaus comes with a built in headrest that is angle adjustable as well. One satisfied reviewer said that every single part of this chair conformed to his body and helped encourage better posture. But really sold many of the reviewers of this chair was the fold away arms. One customer said that she finally found a chair that could fit under her antique office desk, while another reviewer said he could play his guitar unencumbered by armrests. The build quality of the Nouhaus is also impressive, especially given its price. The aluminum base is stronger than metal while lighter, and the premium rollerblade casters help the chair glide on any surface with ease. With a 5-year manufacturer warranty and a "100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee", Nouhaus is a pretty sure bet if you are looking for a high back mesh chair with flippable arms. Looking for a high back office chair on a budget? The Berlman is an excellent alternative to the Komene above, at around 50% of the price. What you will still be getting is a reasonably ergonomic mesh chair with those important flipping armrests. An integrated frame holds contoured, breathable, ergonomic mesh against your back, and a built-in headrest partners with lumbar support to ensure both your neck and posture are protected during long hours at the office. While the lumbar support is not adjustable, most people found it supportive and comfortable. One of the most useful features on this high back chair is the flip up arms. One customer said his chair stopped banging into his glass desk once he started using this feature, and that it really saved valuable space in his small home office. Overall for the price, there's not much to complain about the Berlan. It's a great chair on the cheap or for the office where some people prefer amrests and some do not on their chairs. The Hbada task chair is one of the those budget ergonomic office chairs that punches high above its weight. It ticks all the boxes for what a high quality mid back office chair should be, but without the hefty price tag. First, many people applauded how easy it was to put together this chair. One person 20 minutes is all you need, and that's taking is slowly. Next up, build quality. For a budget chair, the Hbada is surprisingly well put together when we reviewed it earlier. A lot of attention was obviously paid to the manufacturing process- no obvious squeaks or wobbles. The built-in lumbar support was perfect for one happy owner, who claimed it helped his chronic lower back issues. One reviewer even referred to the mesh back as "supportive and springy." The mesh backrest is also supportive and highly breathable. You can tilt and rock the backrest up to 30 degrees to bring micro movements to your back. Unfortunately the angle can not be locked into place. When you add the swivel arms that easily flip up to its small footprint, you get one of the best compact mesh office chair for smaller spaces. One reviewer said the lift up arms were a refreshing feature that may not seem like much, but when he was able to fully fit his chair under his desk, made a ton of difference to his personal work area. The main caveat of the Ergousit is that it's geared more towards people on the normal to short side. The seat pan's dimension of 19.7 w by 19.3 is generous, though the abundance of plastic parts and a low seat height make it much more perfect for smaller users. The Sadie Gaming Chair hits the sweet spot where "quality meets value". With good ergonomic support, flip up arms, and a choice of four exciting colors, this makes a great gaming chair for small rooms. The adjustable seat height and back recline to support a variety of gaming postures, while the flip-up arms offer support when you need it and get out of your way when you do not . One customer loved the freedom of movement that the fold away arms provided - he could use his console, then leave quickly if he had another last-minute task. Owners love the black bonded leather and pronounced lumbar curve. While some claimed that the seat pan tilts them a bit too forward when upright, the reclining features more than compensate. This budget-friendly chair meets or exceeds industry standards for safety and durability, and is backed by a (limited) 3-year warranty. If you are looking for quality and comfort at a reasonable price, the Hon is on-point and definitely on its game! Think of the Hercules reminds us a lot of the Ergousit chair above, but geared towards the bigger crowd. Specifically designed with the big and tall in mind, this strong and solid chair has an astounding 500 lb. weight capacity! One customer, who weighed in at 460 lbs, says this chair is as solid as a rock - no creaks, groans or worries about support. As another owner put it bluntly, if "you are fat like me, this is the chair you want". With a seat pan width of 22.5 and depth of 21, the seat is definitely on the plus size. Thick cushions that measure 4 thick ensure the seat wo not sag under heavy weight. For large users, the flip up arms on the Hercules frees up even more horizontal space to let you fan out or perform certain tasks with ease, such as playing the guitar, as one large user does with ease now. Unlike the Erogousit Chair, the lumbar support on the Hercules can be adjusted for firmness, a feature usually found on higher end ergonomic chairs. A few people expressed concern about assembling the chair and noted that it takes time and practice to get all the fittings in the right place. If you are willing to 'work with a pal', we are sure it will take half the time to build the chair and the anticipation! If you are big-boned, The Hercules has got your back. If you work in a studio, have a standing desk or simply occupy a smaller workspace, a drafting chair is a great option. The Modway drafting chair makes for a great ergonomic chair for those spaces, especially with the flip up arms that provide easy access to and out of the seat.. The 90-degree swivel up arms allow you to easily move between tasks or different desk heights. A satisfied reviewer, who has a customized tall desk, loves that the arms can flip up, not just swivel out of the way. They really help her sit closer to her desk, which other office chairs have not been able to do. The stool's one-touch height adjustment ranges from 21.5 to 29.5 off the ground, allowing you to raise or lower the seat according to your requirements. When paired with a 360-degree swivel and five dual-wheeled casters, you can move easily and fluidly from desk to drafting table. A few customers claim the footrest becomes unstable after prolonged use, but we think this is a one-off occurrence that does not affect overall performance. For drafting chair that's ergonomic and economic, we think the Modway is a great fit for small spaces. Whether you are big and tall, have a desk that's small or simply want to expand your reach without your armrests getting in the way, the above office chairs with flip up arms all give you ergonomic options that wo not hurt your back, or your bank account.
Doesnt Soulja Boy's Prettyboy Swag Song Sound Like That Black Kid in the Wheel Chair From Malcom in
You sir have won 1000 Internets. Please everyone star this! The world must know!1. What's worse a drunk in a wheel chair who isn't handicapped or an atheists who really isn't an atheists?There's no such thing as an atheist who is not really an atheist because they would not be an atheist in order to not really be an atheist. Got it?2. Is Dean Ambrose going to eventually wind up paralyzed in a wheel chair?Yh probs3. why does my electric wheel chair go in circles?Thanks guys. It only goes in circles and wont go forward or backward. goes only I will look closer4. In X-Men, do you ever find out why professor xavier is in a wheel chair?an alien named lucifer dropped a boulder on his legs after xavier foiled his plans for an invasion, this occured in xmen 1st series # 20, he was rescued by a woman named sage who heard his telepathic cries for help5. Is there any type of disorder, which would leave you in a wheel chair, and destroys your mind ?Alzheimers, Dementia, Cerebral Palsy6. what tv movie featured a wheel chair bound girl that could sense heart beats?That was the 89th episode of the teletubbies, dipsy said tinky winky was a gay ***** ho, so tinky winky, po and laala all killed dipsy because he was darker than the rest of them and because they dissed tinky winky (who was allegedly having affairs with nu-nu, and may have got it pregnant). then while they were burying dipsy, they thought he was alive because they heard his heart beat, so they beat him with a spoon, finding out it was only laalas cannibal corpse playing miles away and they could hear the bass. they ended up burying dipsy, he reincarnated by the next episode.7. who else wishes they were handicapped so they would have a power wheel chair and wouldn't have to walk?well i could arange for u to be handicapped.... where did my crowbar go...dammit ...8. What do you think when you see extremely over weight people driving in a wheel chair in Walmart?Watch out, Those damn wheel chairs will run your a's's over9. what is the best way to adapt a crib so someone in a wheel-chair can put there baby in it?Put the mattress on the highest setting, lower the rail, and you might have to saw the legs about halfway off10. who else wishes they were handicapped so they would have a power wheel chair and wouldn't have to walk?How low can you go? i said, how low can u go?11. When will Vickie Guererro stop coming out in a wheel chair?* SPOILER * in spite of the fundamental fact that section "broke up" with Vickie Guerrero on Smackdown very very final week and talked approximately as off their wedding ceremony ceremony ceremony, WWE resourceful continues to be attempting to have a marriage ensue speedier or later. there is no valid be unsleeping in the present day as to why they postponed the assumption, yet hypothesis is that it might desire to might desire to desire to do with them needing The Undertaker's return to break the ceremony. the unique plan became into to have the marriage ensue in this Friday's Smackdown broadcast.12. have u ever pushed someone in a wheel chair?Yes I have, and I gave her hell by saying things like,"No I will not take you to buy crack. You have to take the bus to buy your drugs, Mother." She was in a car accident, she's walking again thankfully.13. Where can I find how blue prints for a wheel chair ramp?Hire a carpenter. Cutting and fastening skills are a factor. If you are not doing a good job, the ramp may slope or fail to support the desired amount of weight.14. A drunk man in a Wheel chair??? what do u think his punishment will be??Disorderly conduct? I liked the story! Just when you thought there were no charactors left!15. Ladies, would you date a guy in a wheel chair?To be brutally honest with you, I do not think so. I mean just think about it, you are kissing the guy on a wheelchair, or you are even making out with him. Do not you think that's a little weird? I am sorry, but I am just telling you my dead-on opinion.
TOP 7 Massage Chairs for Tall Person (Over 6'2") | #1 for 2021!
TOP 7 Massage Chairs for Tall Person (Over 6'2") | #1 for 2021!There are three things I look for when I am shopping for a replacement for my Luraco: size, massage quality, and price. Let's take a closer look at these three factors: • Size - many are built for under 6 feet tall users. I like to make sure the chair can comfortably fit big and tall users alike. It should cater to different body types and not just taller people. • Massage Quality - this can be determined by a number of factors: • Heat therapy - this is an important feature that will help your body thoroughly relax and facilitate blood flow throughout your extremities. Some units have lumbar heat, which is also important. If anything else, prioritize a unit that has lower back heat functions for back pain. • Deep tissue massage - this technique in massage therapy helps release built-up tension in your body. This is also ideal for those who suffer from sciatic pain. • Multiple massage programs - ultimately, there should be at least five preset massage programs with the option to manually control your chair. This gives you a more custom-tailored experience so you can target problem areas more specifically. This should include an effective air massage, sufficient massage rollers, calf massage, foot rollers, and body scan technology to maximize the effects of the massage track or roller track. • Price - do not be afraid to stick to your budget. Truth be told, I would not have discovered how much I love my Luraco if I did not sternly stick to my budget. This was before I knew I did not need cup holders or the extra mini-monitor for watching movies. The price should be reasonable enough and within your budget.— — — — — —Girls, do you like your boy friends get training on ladies' hair dressing, beauty/ massage therapy & cooking?my guy has a fashion sense and knows how to cook very well. otherwise, he's clueless on hair dressing and massage therapy— — — — — —I need to get 25 C.E.U"s for Massage Therapy, ,,,,?There are a bunch of advertisements in Massage & Bodywork magazine. These companies make a lot of money on these tapes which is good in one way because they offer such a wide variety in modalities that you can really find anything you like. However, you need to be weary of tapes that show techniques that might be hard to learn from a videotape, such as the temperature and texture of stones for hot-stone modalities. Always check out the website posted on the ads. Just go to Barnes and Noble with a pen and paper and make sure you do your research. Or you can call area massage therapy schools. A lot of them off CEU classes. Good Luck! - Mr. Nick— — — — — —How Shiatsu Massage Reduces Both Stress & PainAccording to the National Center for Complimentary and Integrative Health, there has been a great deal of research to date that demonstrates how massage can benefit health, including back pain relief and an improved quality of life for people struggling with depression, cancer or HIV/AIDS. (2) There are many amazing known benefits of Shiatsu massage as well comparisons between Shiatsu massage vs. Swedish massage vs. acupressure. But first, what is a Japanese Shiatsu massage? Shiatsu is a physical, hands-on therapy designed to support and boost the body's natural ability to heal and balance itself. Shiatsu massage aims to improve the health of the whole person including physical, emotional and psychological well-being. Shiatsu is often used as a preventative therapy or it can be employed as a compliment to conventional treatment. Shiatsu means "finger pressure" in Japanese, but Shiatsu massage techniques can include a therapist using more than just their fingers. Shiatsu massage therapists may also use their palms, elbows, knees and feet to apply pressure. You can now find a shiatsu massage machine online or in stores, but it certainly is not the same as having a trained shiatsu therapist working on your body. Shiatsu is known to help with all kinds of health concerns including anxiety, depression, digestives issues, headaches, muscular tension and sinus congestion. (3) Acupressure is a type of touch therapy which follows the same principles as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture. Both acupuncture and acupressure focus on the stimulation of certain points located all over the body called acupressure points or pressure points. Acupressure uses finger pressure while acupuncture uses needles on these specific points. (4) Sometimes shiatsu is referred to as acupressure or acupressure massage, but depending on who you ask, Shiatsu is its own unique form of massage therapy. For more clarification, this Shiatsu massage definition is helpful: Shiatsu is a manipulative therapy developed in Japan which incorporates techniques of anma (Japanese traditional massage), acupressure, stretching and Western massage. (5) There's no doubt that acupressure and Shiatsu massage both focus on acupressure points and encouraging healthy energy flow in the body, but many shiatsu practitioners put more of an emphasis on the body's meridian lines than on pressure points. What are meridian lines? In TCM, meridian lines are considered to be pathways are channels in the body that carry energy and each of the twelve major meridians corresponds to a specific internal organ. (6) Swedish massage is another common form of massage therapy and many people wonder, which is better: Swedish or shiatsu massage? Well, it depends on what you are looking for. Shiatsu practitioners tend to focus on meridian lines and pressure points to get rid of any energy blockages in the body and increase overall well-being. Swedish massage also focuses on the entire body and aims to improve overall circulation as well as physical and mental health. It definitely depends on your goals and your massage therapist, but Shiatsu Japanese massage is often considered more therapeutic while a Swedish massage is considered to be a more relaxing massage option. A Swedish massage with light to firm pressure (depending on your personal preference) will include long, smooth strokes as well as some kneading and tapping. (7) Both Swedish massage and shiatsu massage are known to reduce stress and improve circulation so it all depends on what you prefer. You might want to give them both a try and then choose which one you prefer going forward! Related: Massage Gun Benefits, Best Types & Do They Really Work? What are the benefits of a Shiatsu massage? There are many possible benefits of this Japanese massage therapy including: Massage therapy is generally well-known for its ability to help with stress. If you've had a particularly rough week, a massage might likely be at the top of your wish list by time the weekend rolls around, if not before. Shiatsu massage can be a great choice if stress relief is your goal. According to a systematic review published in the BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine journal, "Shiatsu aims to balance, restore and maintain the body's energy balance and prevent the build up of stress." (8) A case study published in 2014 has even shown that zen Shiatsu may be able to provide a practical alternative therapy option to relieve short-term as well as long-term stress levels in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. (9) A randomized, single-blind clinical trial published in 2018 also demonstrates how addressing specific acupressure points (like what is done in Shiatsu massage), can help to decrease anxiety and the need for pain killers for women in labor. (10) Natural pain relief? Shiatsu massage is known for helping with all kinds of pain. Research has even shown that it can help with the pain experienced by burn victims. A clinical study of 120 burn patients published in 2014 found that Shiatsu to the hands and legs of the burn patients reduced pain. In addition, the researchers conclude that Shiatsu can be recommended along with analgesics to reduce the dosage. (11) Multiple studies have shown that acupressure, the main component of a shiatsu massage, is an effective alternative medicine that can decrease lower back pain. (10, 11) One of these studies published in the Journal of Holistic Nursing evaluated how Shiatsu massage might help 66 patients experiencing lower back pain. Over time, the study subjects experienced a significant reduction in both pain and anxiety. The researchers also note that, "Extraneous variables such as gender, age, gender of therapist, length of history with lower back pain, and medications taken for lower back pain did not alter the significant results." (12) If you've ever struggled with anxiety, you probably already know how much finding healthy ways to reduce stress can really help. Massage therapy is a great therapeutic choice for stress and anxiety relief. Research has even shown that Shiatsu can help with the high levels of predictable anxiety often experienced by severe burn victims. A study published in the World Journal of Plastic Surgery looks at the effects of Shiatsu massage on 60 burn patients with underlying pain. The anxiety levels of the patients were measured before and after massage using the Burn Specific Pain Anxiety Scale (BSPAS). The researchers conclude,"Based on our findings, 20 minutes of hand Shiatsu massage in conjunction with analgesic medications can be beneficial to control the anxiety of burn patients." (13) Practitioners of Shiatsu will tell you that the way this massage modality works is that it aims to improve the health of your entire body by positively affecting the body's internal energy system. Using the TCM principles of acupressure and meridian lines, Shiatsu massage therapists apply pressure and massage the body in a very intentional way. By stimulating these meridian lines and the acupressure points located along these lines, Shiatsu tries to accomplish its ultimate goal which is to remove blockages and encourage a healthy flow of the body's vital energy, also known as qi or chi. (14) Many experts say that Shiatsu evolved from anma, which is a traditional form of Japanese massage founded by Akashi Kan Ichi in 1320. (15) Even though Shiatsu is considered a form of Japanese massage, some sources say that Shiatsu got its start in China thousands of years ago. (16) Tokujiro Namikoshi, who lived from 1905 to 2000, is often labeled as the inventor of modern Shiatsu. He developed his personal Shiatsu massage skills while helping to treat his mother's rheumatoid arthritis. He founded the the Japan Shiatsu College around 1940 and to this day, he is remembered for making Shiatsu an independent method of treatment in Japan. Graduates of Namikoshi's college have gone on to create other branches of Shiatsu Japanese massage, including Meridian Shiatsu, Zen Shiatsu and Hiron Shiastu. (17, 18) Make sure you are receiving your Shiatsu massage, or any massage for that matter, from a trained massage professional. Training standards and certifications for massage therapists are different from state to state, but many state require that massage therapists have at least 500 hours of training from an accredited training program. If you find a Shiatsu massage painful, always speak up and let your therapist know. Massages are often at their best when there is good communication between a therapist and client so that the massage can be adjusted to your particular feelings and goals. • Shiatsu is a form of Japanese massage therapy meant to encourage the body's natural ability to heal and balance itself. • Shiatsu massage therapists focus on the acupressure points and meridian lines which Traditional Chinese Medicine believes are so crucial to our physical as well as emotional, mental and spiritual health. • Definitely check with your doctor before getting a Shiatsu massage if you have cancer, are pregnant, have a bleeding disorder or are currently taking medication such as blood thinners.
Xu Zhijun, Chairman in Office of Huawei: Ten Changes in AI Development
Xu Zhijun, chairman in office of Huawei, once summed up the gap between theory and reality of artificial intelligence with brilliance and calmness: on the one hand, the development of artificial intelligence industry is "brilliant" ——The number of machine learning papers published in 2017 was 20000 / more than 22 countries around the world released AI plans / more than 1100 AI startup companies were born in 2017 / AI related mergers and acquisitions reached US $24 billion in 2017 / AI related VC investment reached US $14 billion in 2017.On the other hand, the "calmness" in the initial stage of artificial intelligence is also of concern - only 4% of enterprises have invested or deployed AI / only about 2% of retailers have invested or deployed AI / only about 5% of deployed smart cities are using AI / in 2017, only about 10% of smart phones had built-in AI / the supply-demand ratio of global AI talents was only 1%.Xu Zhijun believes that in order to solve the huge gap between "brilliance" and "calmness" of artificial intelligence, we should carry out active changes in technology, talents and industry.One of the changes: shorten the time of training models - according to the current technical level, training some complex models often takes days or even months, and successful innovation discovery often requires multiple iterations. This training speed seriously restricts the application innovation. We believe that the training of the future model should be completed in a few minutes or even seconds.Change 2: abundant economic computing power - computing power is the foundation of AI, but the current computing power is very expensive and a scarce resource. If the progress of computing power is the main driving factor for the great development of AI, then the scarcity and cost of computing power are becoming the core factor restricting the all-round development of AI. Computing power should be abundant and economical, and this demand should be realized as soon as possible.Change 3: artificial intelligence should adapt to any deployment scenario - hybrid cloud has become the main mode for enterprises to adopt cloud services. At present, AI is mainly in the cloud, with a small amount on the edge. The combination with the enterprise's business environment needs to be further deepened. AI will be everywhere in the future. It should be able to be deployed in any scenario and ensure that user privacy is respected and protected.Change 4: more efficient and safer algorithms - algorithms are another main driving force for the development of AI, but most of the main algorithms used at present were born in the 1980s. With the wide popularization of AI, the shortcomings of these algorithms become more and more obvious. Future algorithms should be based on less data requirements, that is, data efficiency. It should also be based on lower computing power and energy consumption, that is, energy efficiency. At the same time, we should solve our own security problems and realize interpretability, which are an important technical basis for the all-round development of AI.Change 5: higher automation level - today's artificial intelligence still needs a lot of manpower, especially in the data annotation link. Today, a new profession called "data annotator" has even been born. Some people joked that today's artificial intelligence has no "intelligence" without "artificial". Huawei believes that the automation level of AI itself should be greatly improved, such as automatic or semi-automatic in data annotation, data acquisition, feature extraction, model design and training.Change 6: the model should be oriented to practical application - in June 2018, Benjamin, an assistant professor at Berkeley University, published a paper with a strange title "can cifar-10 classifier be generalized to cifar-10". This paper points out that the model algorithm with excellent accuracy is tested on the cifar-10 classifier, but there is a deviation on another test set created by the author, which is very close to cifar-10, and the classification and recognition accuracy decreases by 5-15 percentage points. This means that the availability of this model algorithm decreases significantly. Therefore, it can be seen that many excellent model algorithms at present are more excellent in "examination" than in "work". The future model must achieve industrial excellence, that is, meet the needs of industrial production, not just meet the "test" excellence in the test set.Change 7: model update - the accuracy of the model is not invariable, but will change with the changes of data distribution, application environment and hardware environment. It is necessary for enterprise applications to always keep the accuracy within the expected range. However, the current model updating is non real-time and depends on manual periodic updating, so it is a semi open-loop system. The future model should be able to adapt to various changes in time, update in real time, realize the closed-loop system, and ensure that the enterprise AI application is always in the best state.Change 8: artificial intelligence requires multi technology collaboration - every general purpose technology can be brought into full play and create huge economic value only if it is fully coordinated with other technologies. AI is no exception, but when we discuss AI, we focus more on AI itself. AI needs to fully cooperate with cloud, Internet of things, edge computing, blockchain, big data, database... And other technologies, so as to give full play to greater value.Change 9: artificial intelligence should become a basic skill supported by a one-stop platform - today, AI is still a work that can only be completed by experts with advanced skills, mature, stable and perfect automation tools are still lacking, and obtaining an AI model is still a very complex, time-consuming and labor-consuming thing. Huawei believes that there should be a one-stop platform to provide necessary automation tools to make AI application development easier and faster. Thus, AI becomes a basic skill for all application developers and even all ICT technology practitioners.Change 10: solve the shortage of AI talents with AI thinking - the shortage of AI talents, especially the lack of data scientists, has always been a restrictive factor for the industry. And we believe that data scientists will always be scarce. The solution should be to solve the talent shortage of AI with AI thinking. By focusing on the development of intelligent, automated, simple and easy-to-use AI platform and tool services, and providing training and education, train a large number of data science engineers, so that they can complete a large number of basic data science related work. Through the trapezoidal structure in which a large number of data science engineers, data scientists and experts in various fields cooperate with each other, we can solve the problem of AI talent scarcity.
Yu Hongtao, Chairman of Carnet, Shared Two Hot Topics in the Battery Industry
Power lithium battery industry has a topic that everyone can say clearly and that no one can say clearly. What is clear is the battery material system. The topics that are not clear are soft bags, cylinders and square shells. Which type of battery is better?â–² Yu Hongtao, chairman of carnet new energyRecently, Yu Hongtao, chairman of carnet new energy, shared two hot topics in the battery industry with the theme of "development trend of power battery technology".Yu Hongtao said that what is clear is the battery material system. At present, the industry clearly knows that there are three material systems: lithium iron phosphate and lithium manganate, and has a very thorough understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of the three systems.Under the guidance of the state linking battery energy density with subsidies and supporting high specific energy batteries, vehicle manufacturers and battery manufacturers are enthusiastically pursuing higher specific energy battery products. From the perspective of specific energy, the specific energy of ternary is the highest, followed by lithium iron phosphate and lithium manganate.Therefore, Sanyuan is becoming more and more popular in China. In 2015, the market share of Sanyuan was very small, but the subsequent consumption of Sanyuan continued to increase, and the market share continued to expand, followed by a sharp increase in the cost of power battery. From the perspective of cost, if the ternary cost is 100, then lithium iron phosphate is about 90 and lithium manganate is only 70.According to the statistics of last year, the ternary price in 2018 increased four times compared with that in 2015. A very cruel fact is that even though Chinese enterprises accounted for seven of the top 10 battery manufacturers in the world in terms of shipments last year, the profits realized by China's entire battery industry last year may not be as much as a cobalt mining enterprise in Switzerland.Once subsidies disappear, the whole industry may be reshuffled, and new energy vehicles may also be redefined.Another unclear topic is the soft package, cylinder and square shell. Which type of battery is better? At present, the industry has not reached a consensus on this issue. It can be predicted that this will be a continuous topic in the future.Although the three types of batteries have their own characteristics and advantages and disadvantages, in general, when it comes to high energy density and passenger cars, the amount of soft bags and square shells will be more, and when it comes to cost, columns may be more favored.It should be emphasized that the battery is a multi-dimensional product. Now many people only focus on the specific energy when evaluating the technical level of the battery, but in fact, the specific energy is not the main standard to measure the battery.The specific energy depends on the material. As long as the material is used to the extreme, it is not a problem for the battery to achieve 300wh / kg and 310 WH / kg with 811 material and high-end diaphragm and aluminum-plastic film. However, battery products with specific energy of 300wh / kg and cycle life of only one week have no market significance.What the market needs is battery products with safety, cycle performance, high temperature performance and low temperature performance in addition to specific energy. Focusing only on one dimension is not only unscientific, but also very dangerous.It should be recognized that the overall improvement of batteries is a long process. Similarly, only by considering the charge and discharge performance, service life, cost, quality, recyclability, industrial chain and continuous improvement ability of battery products produced by battery enterprises, can we determine whether battery enterprises really have competitiveness and what kind of competitiveness they have.In fact, the primary factor to ensure the market competitiveness of enterprises is the safety of batteries. In order to ensure the safety of batteries, enterprises need to carry out a large number of destructive experiments, such as acupuncture, overcharge, drop test and so on.The Acupuncture Experiment simulates the situation that the battery is penetrated by sharp objects when the vehicle collides. In this case, the battery without fire explosion and internal short circuit is safe. The overcharge test will break the battery charging standard of 4 V / 5 v. under this condition, the safety can be confirmed only if the battery does not cause fire or explosion through BMS control. The drop test simulates the impact of the battery when the vehicle collides. In this case, the battery product without abnormal battery pack can be confirmed to be safe.The second is the specific energy. At present, there is little difference in the power energy provided by most battery manufacturers, and the ways to realize it are also similar, that is, in the same nature, the high specific energy is realized by chemical materials. The key to making enterprises stand out is to ensure industrialized production under the condition of ensuring the improvement of battery specific energy.Then comes the service life, which involves another practical problem in the battery industry - there is a gap between the real use data and the experimental data. That is, the cycle life of 2000, 2500 or 2800 is mostly the measured data in the constant temperature laboratory. When it is finally put into use on the vehicle, it needs to face the real use scenarios of different temperatures. In fact, no battery manufacturer has made it clear how much power battery life can reach under various cycle experiments.Users' usage habits will also affect the service life of the battery. Generally, the actual performance of the power battery that is used only once every six months is inferior to the power battery used every day, and even the use loss may be more serious, which also has a great impact on the battery life.The fourth is the cost, which is also where the battery industry has been complaining in recent years. Battery enterprises face three pressures on cost:First, the national subsidy standard for new energy vehicles has been continuously adjusted. Usually, the development of a new car takes 36 months and 54 months, but the new energy vehicle has only a half year development cycle at most, followed by a half year sales cycle, and then new products must be developed.Second, the cost of subsidies has been greatly reduced. According to comprehensive statistical data, the average subsidy in 2015 was about 2.4 yuan / wh, about 2.1 yuan / wh in 2016, about 1.7 yuan / wh in 2017 and only 1.35-1.45 yuan / wh in 2018. The significant reduction of average subsidies also increases the cost pressure of battery enterprises.Third, it has not established a solid strategic cooperation with customers. Usually, vehicle manufacturers and suppliers establish strategic cooperation, and suppliers also spend a lot of time investigating the strength of partners. However, at this stage, the normal supply chain relationship of the automobile industry has not been established between the vehicle factory and the battery factory. The frequency of changing partners between the two sides is very high, and most of them appear in the form of single project cooperation. After the completion of the same project, there will be great variables whether the two sides will continue to cooperate or not.However, from the perspective of battery enterprises, clarifying the future industrial and capacity planning and performance requirements of the vehicle factory, cooperating with the vehicle factory to develop and provide standard solutions for supporting products, and jointly facing and working together to solve the pain points of battery replacement of electric vehicles and low battery preservation rate in the future will be the direction expected by battery enterprises.
The Wearable Chair Is now a Thing
For all those times you've wished you could just take a seat, I somehow doubt that this involved wearing your seat on your body. But hey, what do I know -- I'm not a surgeon, restaurant industry professional, or anyone else who is forced to stay on their feet for hours at a time. Maybe if I were, the wearable chair would seem like a better idea to me.Regardless of my personal feelings on the matter, it is my duty to inform you that the Archelis (literally, "walkable chair" in Japanese), has been introduced, and will likely be made available in the summer this year. While current workplace trends seem focused on finding ways to get people to stand up, this is looking to solve the opposite problem -- giving people a chair anytime, anywhere.Interestingly enough, the wearable chair looks a lot more like a leg brace than anything else. It's not as though you'd be wearing a backpack that turns into a seat (because that would just be silly). Rather, the chair wraps around your legs and buttocks, providing support that would effectively allow you to sit down whenever you needed to.The chair was designed by Yokohama-based mold factory Nitto in collaboration with Chiba University's Center for Frontier Medical Engineering, Hiroaki Nishimura Design, and Japan Polymer Technology. Archelis was initially meant to help those in the medical field who often have to endure grueling operations with no respite for weary legs and lower backs.It's not just doctors and surgeons who could benefit from the wearable chair, however. The company seems confident that anyone who must stay standing for long periods of time could find a use for the Archelis, as long as they don't mind the rather strange aesthetics.Who knows, maybe in a few years we'll all be walking around with wearable seats. And next up will undoubtedly be the wearable bed.
Meaning of Chair of the Panel - Equal to Chair of Committee Or Just Discussion Moderator in This Con
Meaning of “chair of the panel” - equal to “chair of Committee” or just “discussion moderator” in this context?This seems to refer to the leader of a panel discussion that took place at the conference that was mentioned earlier. This role is usually called the "moderator", but the panel can be likened to a committee and "chair" would be understood as a synonym— — — — — —Panel, committeesSunaparanta's chairman is industrialist Dattaraj Salgaocar and its vice-chairperson is Dipti Salgaocar. Its advisory board consists of Prafulla Dahanukar, Dilip De, Dr. Vidya Dehejia, Dr. Saryu Doshi (chairperson), Pheroza J Godrej, Margaret Mascarenhas (convenor), Dattaraj Salgaocar, Dipti Salgaocar, Rajeev Sethi, Anwar Siddiqi, Tasneem Mehta, Abhay Sardesai, and Jitish Kallat. The project directors are Shamoli Barreto and Elizabeth Kemp, the administrative head is Nilima Kamat Menezes, and the secretary and programme coordinator is Justina Costa.— — — — — —Drosophila Genetic Reference PanelDrosophila Genetic Reference Panel (DGRP) is a suite of Drosophila melanogaster lines derived from an out-crossed population in Raleigh, North Carolina. The founders of these lineages were collected from the Raleigh State Farmer's Market 354551N 783947W / 35.764254N 78.662935W / 35.764254; -78.662935. The suite consists of 205 fully sequenced lines which have been inbred to near homozygosity. The primary goal of the DGRP is to provide a common set of strain for quantitative genetics research in Drosophila. Each researcher who uses the lines from the DGRP will have access to other researchers' data, which will be stored in a publicly available database. This allows for analyses to be performed across studies without having to worry about complications arising from different labs using genomically different lines of fruit flies. .— — — — — —Communications Consumer PanelThe Communications Consumer Panel is an independent UK body that works to protect and promote people's interests in the communications sector. Consisting of eight independent experts, the Panel carries out research, provides advice and encourages Ofcom, the UK Government, the European Union, communications industry and others to look at issues through the eyes of consumers, citizens and small businesses.— — — — — —Making piping easily accessible inside showerNote that if you are retiling you will have to do that whole wall. There is no way to retile just that section. Your plate idea will work. It will need to have a rubber/felt backing around the perimeter of the backing. Then just silicone around it. I doubt it will look good but it depends on what you want. Realistically if you did a good job of installing the new valve, there should be no issues in the future. So just take down that section and retile it. It would not take more than 4-5 hours to put up new backer, take out door, and retile. It might take that long to find a custom plate.The other option is just go with a fiberglass panel on that wall. You can take out the panel if there are plumbing issues in the future— — — — — —Can a breaker be added to the main disconnect panel?Not an electrician, but after reviewing your photos I would say go for it. Consider calling the power company to pull the meter when you hookup to the main panel. Or an electrician to discuss if code allows it. On the main, you can flip that switch and normally that will kill power to the lower section of your panel to safely install a breaker. The heavy wire coming into the panel will still be very hot, and plenty powerful enough to severely harm/kill you compared to just a 20 Amp circuit. However, use common sense and assume everything is hot. Carefully pull the front cover off after flipping the main, and examine the rail. You should have a place for breakers to snap in if it's designed to be done.Also make sure you have a easy to knock out hole in the bottom (or side) of the panel. You will need to use the fancy fitting that takes a locknut and a rolled edge bushing/nut that does not chafe the wire. You will need to run the wire in schedule 80 conduit to the proper size if it's exposed to someone being able to touch the conduit. Underground is only schedule 40 I believe, but again, not an electrician so that will need confirmed. What you are doing is both very easy and very dangerous but using your head right will save you a lot of money and be a fun project! I wish I installed a meter socket panel with the breaker slots available right outside the home so I could run some outside circuits easily. Lucky you!
Where Can I Buy a Replacement Leather Upholstered Cushion for a Le Corbusier Lounge Chair?
Any upholsterer should be able to do this. Check for one in your area with a good reputation1. Ways to cushion an un-augmented human against high, prolonged g-forces?You can do this, perhaps, with a very precise combination of ultrastrong magnetic fields. This is called diamagnetic levitation and has effect on anything contaning water. In the video you see a frog subjected to a force of exactly 1 g, thereby floating in microgravity. Nothing would stop you from increasing that force and counteract a greater acceleration.Currently, next to nothing is known on diamagnetic levitation's biological side effects except it not being immediately lethal (the frog survived with no ill effects). If being subjected to the field caused cancer, bone calcium depletion or cardiac arrest, or even temporary mental impairment, then of course this method would be a no go. .. but, for now, nobody can shoot down a levitation inertial dampener on those grounds (humans appear to feel no significant effects from MNR imagers; although some researches - e.g. by Persinger et al. - seem to indicate that thought processes are somewhat affected)Differential acceleration between body parts with different water contents (say, the bones in the cranium and the eyeballs, or the brain) would be felt as discomfort, so you wo not be able to compensate arbitrarily large accelerations.Even if it worked, there would be severe limitations on mobility while within the field. With enough energy it would be possible to screen a whole room (two meters height) so that it only experienced one g vertically, but I think it would be ruinously expensive. The larger the habitable volume, the greater the tidal force you would experience (bringing blood away or towards your extremities) unless you made the actual volume larger.Another difficulty would be field orientation. If, as seems likely, the field can be sufficiently redirected, then lateral acceleration can be compensated too. But if for any reason this can not be done, you are restricted to compensating vertical acceleration, e.g. a takeoff, and manoeuvering will be limited to one or two g's worth for short periods - no high-accel dogfighting. Also, I would not want to be an electronic gadget immersed in that field. Lorentz forces alone would play hell on current-conducting coppers, chips would find themselves polarized by Hall effects, and so on. You could design fixed consoles to be shielded against the field (and subject to the full acceleration), but no watches, portable assistants or anything that needs to be lifted or lowered by muscle power; almost surely, no implants, pacemakers or piercings as well.2. What is the expression for sofa or cushion "go down”? [closed]I see a lot of people throwing out the word "depression," but no one mentioning the verb, Depress. From OED:You could use this as "The sofa depressed as I sank into it." Or if you are feeling cheeky, "My lonely sofa used to be depressed until it was given more depressions. ".3. If airbags are made to cushion you, why don't they just make the car rock solid?I think that cars are made, upon impact to absorb the hit. In the Nascar circuit, I've observed that the cars do shatter upon roll over and multiple impact. It makes sense to me that if the car industry were to make automobiles with a higher volume of metal alloy, (rock solid as you suggest the vehicle would not be aero dynamic, thus unable to maintain high speeds. In the automobile market, I think high speed is what is attractive to car buyers. Think about it, when purchasing a car...the last thing on your mind is having a collision4. Where in the Tokyo area can I buy a Buddhist Zen meditation cushion?A Zen cushion should be readily available at any Buddhist supply store. There's a neighborhood that's full of Buddhist supply stores in Taito ward near Ueno. It's also near the Kappabashi street that's all restaurant supply stores. Kappabashi is good for souvenirs since they have a couple of stores that sells restaurant wax samples to the public. I do not know if your sister knows the proper sitting posture for Zen, but just for completeness, it is not Indian style. The Zen posture is lotus style, where your feet are placed on top of legs, not under them like with Indian style. The sole of your feet should be visible and facing up.