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1. Focus of bedroom Much of his work focuses on sex and sexuality. "In my work I try to use 'sex' or the body as this thing that does not create boundaries or separation with an audience, but instead gives my audience back their humanity." He is openly gay. ------ 2. History of bedroom Members of the group have attacked asylum accommodations with explosives and conducted several attacks on refugee supporters. In March 2018 FTL members were convicted of founding a terrorist organization and some in attempting murder. Members of FTL/360 got support by some citizens of Freital, members of the group met in a pub of an AfD member on a regular term.

Members of Gruppe Freital had first met in the summer of 2015 during protests against a refugee home in the Saxon city of Freital. Timo Schulz, a neo-nazi originally from Hamburg, worked as a bus driver in Freital and was leader of the terrorist gang. They used explosives to attack foreigners and refugee workers, and attacked Michael Richter, a politician from the Left party (Die Linke).

In March 2016 federal police GSG9 arrested five members of FTL/360 in Freital. Later, seven men and one woman were accused of terrorist crimes. An attack on a refugee apartment was assessed by the Dresden Higher Regional Court (Oberlandesgericht Dresden) as an attempted murder: FTL/360 members had pushed high explosive firecrackers through the windows into the bedroom of refugees while they were sleeping. ------ 3. Brontez Purnell of bedroom Brontez Purnell is an Oakland-based writer, musician, dancer, and director. He is the author of the books The Cruising Diaries (2014), Johnny Would You Love Me If My Dick Were Bigger (2015), and Since I Laid My Burden Down (2017) and the zine Fag School; frontman for the punk band The Younger Lovers; and founder of the Brontez Purnell Dance Company. ------ 4. Biography of bedroom Purnell grew up in Triana, Alabama where he created his first zine, Schlepp Fanzine, when he was fourteen years old. After moving to Oakland at 19, he created Fag School out of "wanting there to be a Sassy for gay boys." "I hadn't really seen a zine or at least a personal gay zine that dealt with the difficult subject of gay sex with both humor and frank talk. It covered some real issues."

His electro rock band Gravy Train!!!! gained national prominence for their live shows. His punk band The Younger Lovers started in 2003 as a bedroom demo project. ------ 5. Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Grove Road, Harrogate (North Yorkshire) of bedroom The Wesleyan Methodist Chapel is a Grade II listed building in Grove Road, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England. It was built in 1896 as a 1000-seat Wesleyan Methodist chapel but has since been converted into a six-bedroom house.

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  • Awards of Table Lamp

    Poulton's designs have won numerous awards, including seven French "Etoile de l'Observeur du Design" prizes, twelve German Red Dot Design Awards, five German "IF" International Forum Design prizes, three French "Janus de l'industrie" awards, two "Recommendation Premio Compasso d'Oro" and the "Best of The Best" Red Dot Design Awards in 1994 and 2007. Poulton has also been a judge of international design competitions including the 'IF' International Forum Design Award and the Hong Kong Design Award (HKDA) in 2018.

    2017 European Product Design Award, Gold Winner, USA : 'Chromé', hard drive, designed for LaCie.

    2017 European Product Design Award, Silver Winner, USA : 'Scopas', pendant light designed for Artemide.

    2016 International Design Award Silver Winner, USA : 'Scopas', pendant light designed for Artemide.

    2016 Red Dot Design Award Winner, Germany : 'Chromé', hard drive, designed for LaCie.

    2016 Label de l'observeur du design 2016, France : 'Mobi-One' terminal, designed for Mobi-Rider.

    2016 Label de l'observeur du design 2016, France : 'd2 Thunderbolt2' hard drive, designed for LaCie.

    2014 Red Dot Design Award Winner, Germany : 'Rea', wall lamp, designed for Artemide.

    2013 Red Dot Design Award Winner, Germany : 'Scopas', designed for Artemide.

    2011 "Menzione d'Onore Premio Compasso d'Oro ADI" : 'Veio' Table Lamp, designed for Artemide.

    2010 Red Dot Design Award Winner, Germany : 'Sound2 Speakers', designed for LaCie.

    2009 'G -Mark' Award, Japan : '5big' RAID server.

    2009 'IF' International Forum Design, Germany, Award Winner : '5big' RAID server.

    2009 Red Dot Design Award Winner : '5big' RAID server.

    2009 Red Dot Design Award Winner : 'Lacinema Rugged'.

    2008 'Janus De l'Industrie' Award, France : 5big' RAID server.

    2008 "Recommendation Premio Compasso d'Oro" : 'Talak' Table Lamp, designed for Artemide.

    2008 Time Magazine "Design 100" Selection : 'Firewire Speakers'.

    2008 Red Dot Design Award Winner : 'Hard Disk Designed By Neil Poulton'.

    2008 Red Dot Design Award Winner : 2 Big' hard drive.

    2008 'IF' International Forum Design Award Winner : '2 Big' hard drive.

    2008 Étoile de l'Observeur du Design Award :'Nessie' lighting system in Ductal concrete, designed for Atelier Sedap.

    2008 'Etoile De L'observeur Du Design' Award :'Firewire Speakers'.

    2007 'Janus De l'Industrie' Award, France : 'Firewire Speakers'.

    2007 Etoile De L'observeur Du Design' Award : 'Little Big Disk'.

    2007 'IF' International Forum Design Award Winner : 'Little Big Disk'.

    2007 'Etoile De L'observeur Du Design' : 'Rugged' hard drive.

    2006 Red Dot Design Award Winner : 'Rugged' hard drive.

    2006 Red Dot Design Award 'Best of the Best' Award Winner : 'Talak' table lamp, designed for Artemide.

    2006 'Etoile De L'observeur Du Design' : 'Talak' table lamp.

    2003 APCI 'Etoile De L'observeur Du Design' : 'D2' hard drive range.

    2003 'Augusto Morello 3rd Edition/Intel Design Prize' : 'Talo' lighting system, designed for Artemide.

    2002 APCI 'Etoile De L'observeur Du Design : 'Talo' lighting system.

    2002 Red Dot Design Award Winner : 'Talo' lighting system.

    2002 APCI 'Etoile De L'observeur Du Design : 'Talo' lighting system.

    2002 Red Dot Design Award Winner, Design Zentrum, Germany : 'Talo' lighting system.

    2002 'IF' International Forum Design Award Winner : 'Talo' lighting system.

    2002 "Recommendation Premio Compasso d'Oro" : 'Talo' lighting system.

    2000 'Design Plus Lighting + Building' Prize, Germany : 'Surf' lighting system, designed for Artemide.

    1999 'Janus De l'Industrie' Paris, France : 'Surf' lighting system.

    1999 'Red Dot Best of the Best' Winner : 'Surf' lighting system.

    1999 'IF' International Forum Design Award Winner : 'Surf' lighting system.

    1999 'Parcours Design' Prize, Batimat Trade Fair, Paris : 'Surf' lighting system.

    1999 'Smau Industrial Design Award' :'TX8000 Raid Tower'.

    1995 'Design Oscar', Paris, France : 'Click!' table lamps for Vianne/Domec.

    1995 'Mat De Bronze', France : 'Eclipse' & 'Bolide' wall lamps for Atelier Sedap.

    1994 Red Dot Design Award 'Best of the Best Product Design' Award Winner : 'Coq' disk drive for électronique d2.

    1994 'BBC Design Awards' Nomination : 'Coq', disk drive.

    1985 SIAD Chartered Society of Designers Product Designer of the Year (Student Medal), London, UK.

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  • Why Is Indian Railways Not Planning to Have Automatic Doors in Trains Similar to Metro, As This Will Help in Preventing Crimes and Illegal Travelling?

    Metro trains do have automatic doors since these are exclusively for suburban passengers of short-distance travel. Hence it necessitates having automatic doors since mainly plying on underground and elevated areas, taking in to affect the safety of passengers onboard.In normal trains, these may not work out, because of distance, nature of trains like exp or mail, loading, and unloading of luggage of passengers have to be taken into consideration.

    Even at times, there are hundreds of passengers who enter the train and the existence of automatic door is likely to cause hindrance to passengers by the way of accidents etcu2026Why is Indian Railways not planning to have automatic doors in trains similar to metro, as this will help in preventing crimes and illegal travelling?

  • Why Don't Automatic Doors Ever Open Quickly Enough so that I Can Walk Through Without Breaking My Stride?

    Inertia. Those kinds of doors are typically very heavy, thick tempered glass so they can't be easily broken. It takes a lot of energy to start one moving. The sensor can't sense you when you're a long way from the door and start opening early, because it would detect random passers-by and open unnecessarily.

    That would waste electricity and let the heat out. It could be done with more powerful motors, but it's probably not worth the expense.Why don't automatic doors ever open quickly enough so that I can walk through without breaking my stride?.

  • What Is the Difference Between Executive Chairs and Mesh Chairs?

    Image sourceThis image is of executive chair. Executive chairs are more likely to be thick and with wheels having long back seating. Executive chairs are purchased for executive of the company to be placed in center of their cabin, something like the picture below.

    Mesh chairs are also used foroffice decor. Mesh chairs are precisely made of the mesh forming units in their back. Well, these chairs are something which most the offices have for their working staff.

    See the image of the mesh chair below.

    Image source.

  • Is It Bad to Manually Pull on Automatic Doors on a Car?

    It can be. At work they're the bane of our job because there's 3 types of electric doors. These doors have a motor, piston and likely actuators by forcing them you're literally pushing against the motors and could strip the teeth or burn the motor by making it go against its design of a slow steady speed. The actuators could get stuck because they've been exceeded ame with the pistons.

    Most non-automatics have higher heights than the automatics thus has to do with both gravity and mechanical exertion. See a door frame is fairly flexible and easily warps the more pulling upon 1 side there is which most electric systems have 1 motor for pulling/pushing and can't effectively be used both sides.Fully electric- These are our bane as you pull and it opens itself and cannot be turned off only stopped and direction changed.

    Very convenient for lazy people or ones with children but wholly unnecessary. These can be dangerous especially if it has an auto lock upon closing that's also electric.Semi-Electric- We love these doors as they allow us to work in or near at our needs dicatate.

    The first pull opens the door second pull again at any point disengages the electrics and it's now manual and can be reset by pushing all open or shutting the door. They also allow for emergency exit in event of power loss.Assisted electric- These are funny ones as they are often only seen on really big heavy doors or on specialty vehicles and often times get ignored by everybody.

    The mechanism is operated by a lever and it activates the motor disengaging the door latch and opens it wide. They're often seen on physically disabled Vans or upon certain emergency vehicles to prevent crowding and allow for minimal assistance that can be easily averted. The added benefit is they can be operated as normal doors without any special system in place like on semi-electrics where you use the handle twice or flip switches.

    In short if you don't want automatic doors then disable the feature on the drivers controls or with the settings if it's new enough. Just don't break the motors they're extremely expensive to replace in most vehicles due to accessing them being difficult. At my work we've replaced on one van alone the electric motor 3 times because someone forgets and forces the damn ramp door open breaking the motor and its actuator badly!Is it bad to manually pull on automatic doors on a car?.

  • What Is the Program Code for Automatic Door Opening System Using Arduino and PIR Sensor?

    You will also need 12v Electronic Lock. I bought them from banggood with free shipping. Check the links below:12v Electric Lock( 27x29x18mm)12 v Electric Lock (53 x 39 x 25mm)You will also need to use transistor as a switch to supply 12v DC to the lock.Code:int lock = 13; // choose the pin for the Lock (via Transistor)int inputPin = 2; // choose the input pin (for PIR sensor)int pirState = LOW; // we start, assuming no motion detectedint val = 0; // variable for reading the pin statusvoid setup() {pinMode(lock, OUTPUT); // declare Lock as outputpinMode(inputPin, INPUT); // declare sensor as inputSeria.

    begin(9600) //optional if debugging required}void loop(){val = digitalRead(inputPin); // read input valueif (val == HIGH) { // check if the input is HIGHdigitalWrite(lock, HIGH); // turn Lock Opendelay(2000) //keep the lock open for 2 secondsif (pirState == LOW) {// we have just opened the lockSerial.println("Motion detected!");pirState = HIGH;}} else {digitalWrite(lock, LOW); // //Locked againif (pirState == HIGH){// since no motion is detectedSerial.println("Motion ended!");pirState = LOW;}}}What is the program code for Automatic door opening system using Arduino and PIR sensor?.

Looking for a Way to Cool a Bedroom...?
Looking for a way to cool a bedroom...?They are portable air conditioners but they are not very cheap (Unless you consider a little over $300 reasonable) and they need some place to vent exhaust (A 5" diameter hose) that can be ran out a window or in a windowless room through a hole to the attic or even in to a room not frequently used (I've heard a lot of people suggest bathroom). Other than that I am at a loss— — — — — —Tent Air Conditioners: Best Portable Air Conditioners for CampingIf the great outdoors is calling you this summer, we are going to help you enjoy the journey without all the heat. We will walk you through the benefits of a tent air conditioner, what to look for as you shop for the best model, and what you can really expect when you hit the trail with your camping AC. Do not think of your portable air conditioner for camping the same as your home's central air conditioning system. While the portable units we recommend below will offer relief from the heat (some better than others), the goal is not to create an icy atmosphere. These tent AC units will decrease the temperature in your space by a few degrees, giving you a relaxing spot after a day of hiking or outdoor activities. There are three primary types of portable ac units for camping: Evaporative coolers: Consider these units more of a personal cooling fan than a full-tent air conditioner. Sometimes referred to as swamp coolers, an evaporative cooler is ideal if you are camping in a high heat, low humidity area. The cooler relies on a fan to pull in hot air, circulates that air over wet cooling pads, and dispenses a cool mist into the direct space. Portable air conditioners: These units do offer cooling for small spaces, but research them carefully as many are powered by electricity. A few battery-powered options are available. We've listed our favorites of both styles in the tent camping air condition list below. Window air conditioners: For those who plan their trips near a power grid or do not mind bringing along a camping generator, a window air conditioner for camping will keep you the most comfortable. These units will easily cool a 6-8 person tent. For those in the market for a cordless AC for camping, there is one viable option. However, the price tag makes it a considered purchase for the novice camper, so think about whether you will venture outdoors enough to get a return on your investment. HOW MUCH DOES A PORTABLE AC FOR CAMPING COST? Prices for a tent air conditioner will vary depending on the functionality and space you want to cool. For example, the evaporative coolers are the least costly but also offer little relief unless you are sitting directly in front of the device. Take note of the size of your tent, the climate of your camping site, and your budget to determine the best camping AC for your needs. Whether you are in the market for a personal cooling device or want to chill an entire multi-person tent, our reviews and recommendations below will help you purchase the best air conditioner for outdoors. In order to find the best camping air conditioner, we considered multiple tent sizes, various climates, and of course, the cooling effect of the unit. Grab the s'mores ingredients, bug spray and one of our recommended outdoor AC units and plan your next camping trip. The SereneLife SLPAC8 was our top overall choice for a portable AC unit for a number of reasons. For starters, it's actually an air conditioner, unlike many of the products on the market that serve more as a personal fan. With a 10,000 BTU rating, it has the power to cool a multi-person tent that's up to 225 square feet of space. Plus, it has a fan mode, which is suitable for smaller tents or milder days. Even when this outdoor AC is cooling on "high", it's very quiet. While we love the cooling power that comes with this unit, there are a few drawbacks. This unit requires 120V of power. If your campsite does not offer a power source, you will need a generator to use this device. Weighing in at 53 pounds and standing 27" tall, this unit is not as portable as some of the other options. At around $540, the SereneLife SLPAC8 falls in the middle of our product price list, and outperforms many competitors. If you are in the market for a small, light-weight personal air conditioner, try the Amacool 5000mAh Evaporative Air Cooler. This portable unit comes with a rechargeable battery that's supported by USB charging, so you do not have to worry about finding an electrical outlet while camping. At under three pounds, this unit is small but mighty, offering an instant cool down. Choose from the three wind speeds and three mist modes, both with separate control. Use the one-touch timer to select a run time of one to eight hours. When the battery is fully charged, you can enjoy the max cool setting for up to seven hours. The water reservoir holds about 27 ounces and is easy to refill, even while it's in use. At $70, this personal unit is a solid investment for anyone camping in a one to two-person tent. While we love the Amacool 5000mAh Evaporative Air Cooler for its ease of use and convenience, it's not ideal for cooling off a large space. To get the most from this device, you will need to be within five to 10 feet of the breeze it creates. The entire family can cool off with the BLACKDECKER BPACT08WT Portable Air Conditioner. This unit offers great cooling power for a multi-person tent up to 150 square feet. With more than 5,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, this $330 unit operates at a 5000 BTU rating and makes for a solid investment when purchasing an air conditioner for a camping tent. At nearly 53 pounds and 26" tall, it's larger than some of our other top picks, but the cooling power is worth it if you have space to give up inside your tent. While the unit is super simple to put together and start using (should take less than 10 minutes straight from the box), the cooling capacity does come with a couple drawbacks. You will need a power source of 120V or a generator for this unit to work. Plus, it operates with a single exhaust hose, so you may need to modify your tent to accommodate for the accessory. Once you are connected and powered on, let the cool down begin! This unit can be managed with a remote control, giving you easy access to its three energy-efficient functions: cool, fan, and dehumidify. Use the 24-hour timer to set the tent AC to your needs. We loved the easy maintenance of this unit as you only need to rinse the filter under running water once or twice monthly, depending on your use. The best and only true camping air conditioner on the market is the Zero Breeze Mark 2. It is specifically designed for portability, outdoor use, and effective cooling that has a 2300 BTU rating. The only reason this unit did not snag our Best Overall Tent Air Conditioner spot is the price tag. At around $1,400 this unit is ideal for a camping enthusiast. The cooling power is impressive, especially considering the device is only about 16 pounds and 20" long. We especially love that this is a battery-powered unit and can easily go anywhere. The batteries have a lifespan of about five hours, so we recommend purchasing multiple battery packs so you can extend the cool down experience. Personalize your comfort by choosing the best setting from the unit's 4-speed fan, super cold AC mode, or sleep mode. The Zero Breeze Mark 2 uses a dual hose exhaust to pull in cool air and release humid air from your tent. When cooling relief is a necessity, the TaoTronics 8,000 BTU Window-Mounted AC is our recommended solution. This unit quickly releases a refreshing breeze with minimal sound. Set the timer on this tent camping air conditioner between 30 minutes and 24 hours to turn on and off to fit your needs. We really like the five operation modes (Cool, Energy Save, Fan, Dry, Auto) and the four-fan speed to set the temperature to your comfort level. The LED display screen makes maintenance super easy. A filter cleaning indicator light will display when it's time to rinse the filter under running water. In most cases, the unit will run efficiently for 250 hours before the filter will need to be cleaned. This unit requires a power outlet or generator, as well as an adjustable height AC stand, to operate properly. The unit fits in tent windows that are 25″ to 36″ wide with a minimum height of 13.5″. This $370 investment will keep your entire tent cool and allow you to enjoy the outdoors in comfort. In order to choose the best portable AC for camping, you will need a little background on the cooling capacity of these units. If your air conditioning unit is too small, your tent wo not be cooled adequately. Too large of a unit may leave your tent feeling humid. Use these British Thermal Unit (BTU) rating guidelines to determine the cooling capacity you need. The higher the BTU, the greater the cooling capacity. Only true air conditioners will have a BTU rating. Some units we've introduced in this article, like the evaporative air cooler, are not ranked on the BTU scale. In order to keep your tent cool in the summer, consider the type of portable camping air conditioner you can accommodate. If your campsite offers electricity, you can use the higher-powered options we've mentioned above. For outdoor adventures far from a power grid, opt for an evaporative air cooler or use a generator to power your portable AC.
Gold Industrial Table Lamp Brass Metal Midcentury Lamp for Bedroom Living Room Dimmable Bedside Read
Gold Industrial Table Lamp, Elizabeth Vintage Office Desk Lamp, Dimmable Bedside Reading Lamp, Brass Metal Midcentury Lamp for Bedroom Living Room, 2 USB Charging Ports E26 Edison LED Bulb Glass Shade: Home Improvement. Buy Gold Industrial Table Lamp, Elizabeth Vintage Office Desk Lamp, Dimmable Bedside Reading Lamp, Brass Metal Midcentury Lamp for Bedroom Living Room, 2 USB Charging Ports E26 Edison LED Bulb Glass Shade: Desk Lamps - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. [FULLY STEPLESS DIMMABLE 0-100%] No matter you are working, reading or sleeping, simply rotate the switch to change the brightness ( 0-100% ) and turn on/off to meet all your needs. 8.5W and 800 Lumens enough brightness LED Bulbs, with a 5.3FT cord, the golden metal table lamp can easily access to the outlet no matter where it is placed. 。 [DUAL USB CHARGING PORTS] The Industrial desk lamp comes with two USB charging ports (5V/2.1A), super convenient for you to charge your cellphone, iPad, Kindle, Speaker, Apple Watch, Tablet and other devices. Save you from the trouble of not having enough wall sockets to charge multiple devices at the same time. 。 [DIMMABLE E26 LED BULB INCLUDED] The industrial desk lamp comes with a E26 dimmable LED Vintage Bulb in the package. With a rotary switch on the base, the 2700K 800Lumens filament bulb can be adjusted to desired brightness, providing a glare free, non-flickering and warm white lighting for reading, working and studying. 。 [BRASS METALLIC COLOR & INDUSTRIAL DESIGN] The antique beside lamp features a heavy-duty tubular metal body and base with clear glass shade for an added industrial look. Easy to attract guest's attention and perfect for bedroom, living room, den, nursery, meditation room, or office. 。 [DUAL SWITCH TO CONTROL LIGHT ON/OFF] Rotary switch and power switch. Why design Dual switch? 1. The power switch is used to shut off the power source, which is safety and energy-saving when you are not using the lamp. Also It is closer to bed for easy reach out when you are sleeping. 2.A rotary switch on the copper base is used to dim the brightness from 0-100% and control the ON/OFF. The benefit is the USB ports also keep charging function when the rotary switch turns off. 。i want to know about the new ps3 40GB features n are this new ps3 come with the new dual shock 3 too?i dont think of its chrome,its like a brushed steel look,i in basic terms have been given the 80gb with mgs 4(by using the way i additionally owned a xbox) simply by fact i desired to play some ps2 video games that werent on the xbox and additionally it got here with a loose game yet while u dont decide to attend the only diff between the 40gb is the shortcoming of backwards ability with the ps2,no chrome end,and in basic terms 2 usb quite of four for the 80gb so if u dont decide to attend and dont care approximately backwards ability its ok to get the 40gbWhen I plug any device into 2 specific USB ports, I get a device failed to connect sound. Why?First check the documentation for you motherboard. Sometimes 2 USB share the same port and there is not enough resources to run 2 devices. Go to device manager and click on View and then Show Hidden Devices is the USB ports showing an error? Also you might try a powered USB Hub (not one that uses the computers power)I have a DVD drive on my computer, but I had to do a system restore and it wiped the program for the drive.?Call your manufacturers of your PC and your laptop and discuss ways with them of how to best to do this. You probably should take the desktop back to the place that did the system restore (unless that was you!) and demand that they fix it so that the drive works again. And yes, I think they do make cables with 2 USB ends.I only have 2 USBs so I would have to use a Bluetooth mouse. What is the best Bluetooth mouse for gaming?You actually don't have to, if you're willing to use a hub.I've used 3 BT mice for gaming, one of which isn't really a gaming model:Logitech Anywhere 2S (the non gaming model, which really isn't half bad).Corsair Dark Core (Bluetooth died after a few months use)Razer Atheris (probably the best in terms of performance, haven't had it very long though)I wouldn't recommend the Dark Core, but the other two are both quite good. The Anywhere 2S has multi-device support and is very reliable and compact. It also has a built in rechargeable battery that lasts a pretty long time.The Atheris has a higher DPI sensor and also optional 2. 4 Ghz (the dongle stores in the chassis). It's powered by a regular battery and so far has had pretty good battery life too. I'll admit, the main reason I got it is it also comes in a Stormtrooper edition.I'd say the Logitech wins out if you want to use it for more than one computer, but for just gaming the Razer is superior. A lot of people complain about the quality of Razer's peripherals and I've also had some issues in the past, but I think it's just a hit and miss on QC. If you get a good one, you'll be fine
Travel Picks: Some Most Romantic Hotel Bedrooms
SINGAPORE (Reuters Life!) - Trying to renew your romance this Valentine's weekend, or surprise a new partner with a gasp-inducing getaway? Boutique hotel experts Mr & Mrs Smith have rounded up a list of the top 10 sexiest hotel bedrooms.This list is not endorsed by Reuters.1. IL SALVIATINO - Florence, Italy Standing amid lush gardens perched on the hills of Fiesole above Florence, this 15th-century villa has all the ravishing good looks and debonair charms of a Merchant Ivory hero. Sweeping candlelit staircases, comely button-back sofas and cherub-sweetened frescoes soften an architectural grandeur that recalls the severely sexy set of "Eyes Wide Shut". The Ojetti Suite has to be the ultimate room with a view: its dramatic glass-floored sun room hovers above the massive main stairwell. Even if you only have eyes for each other, you won't be able to resist peeking at the stunning vistas of the Florence skyline from the jacuzzi on your private terrace. Thrill-seekers may prefer the Salviati Suite, which gives you the use of a Ferrari sportscar for the day.2. THE STANDARD, New York, US The latest addition to super-hotelier Andre Balazs' stable is developing something of a reputation as the sexiest stopover Stateside. This gloriously glassy high-rise lords it over the Meatpacking District, with witty minimalist interiors and gob-smacking views. Standard Suites steal the top prize for over-the-top glamour, with floor-to-ceiling glass walls on three sides. Make the most of the spectacular sunsets from the free-standing bathtubs with a glass of champagne, but bear in mind that daring dashes from bath to bed may be visible by stollers in the High Line park.3. SAL SALIS NINGALOO REEF, Australia If you're a die-hard lounge-lover with an aversion to synthetic fibres, the thought of camping will be as arousing to you as cold showers, torn tent flaps and tinned baked beans. Allow us to disabuse you of your preconceptions: fringed by coruscating coral and lapped by warm Indian Ocean waves, beachside bush camp Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef offers get-back-to-nature charm in intimate under-canvas enclaves. Tent 5 is a 'suite' with an extended deck and living area.4. KANOPI HOUSE, Jamaica This sky-skimming treetop trysting spot between the Blue Lagoon and the Blue Mountains has more green credentials than you can shake a sustainably-sourced stick at, so eco-tourists can enjoy its staggering skyline views and locally caught lobster guilt-free. Sat deep in the rainforest, flanked by 100-foot, vine-wrapped banyans, Kanopi House's beautifully crafted in-canopy cabins take treehouse living to new heights. Almond Tree has a huge, hand-carved four-poster and doors that open onto the rainforest. Spanish Elm is the largest treehouse, with its own dining and lounge area, an alfresco shower and a wraparound deck fit for a filmstar.5. CHATEAU DE ST PATERNE, Normandy, France All the world's a stage, according to Shakespeare, but nowhere provides a more fitting setting for your own romantic drama than this French fairytale castle in the heart of the Loire, where mediaeval King Henri IV once laid his head. Every room is dressed with individually-sourced vintage props - a floral garland here, a needlework footstool there. With an open bathroom, vast wooden bed and a wall covered in a hand-painted 19th-century backdrop from Barcelona, the self-contained Superior Suite L'Orangerie is theatrical, seductive and soundproof.6. PONTA DOS GANCHOS, Santa Catarina, Brazil An unparalleled private paradise on a secluded stretch of Brazil's southern coastline, this relaxed rainforest retreat is set on its own peninsula, fringed by tropical trees, oyster beds and sparkling blue sea. Each individual bungalow has a king-size bed, walk-in wardrobe and hammock on the veranda. Steam up in the sauna of a Super Luxo Bungalow then head out to the wooden deck for bubbles and bay views in the jacuzzi; or live the high life in the Special Emerald Villa Bungalow - pick your own wines from its cellar, pretend to work out in its underground gym and float carefree its infinity pool.7. MUTHI MAYA Khao Yai, Thailand If calm and tranquility are your favourite romantic escape partners, you won't find better bedfellows anywhere other than at Muthi Maya. Overlooking the UNESCO-protected Khao Yai wildlife park with a breathtaking backdrop of mist-wreathed mountains, this supremely serene resort provides stress-melting views and an atmosphere so relaxed you'll stay supine for days. Guests stay in one of several spectacular private villas, each with its own infinity pool, day-bed-strewn decking, kitchenette and 24-hour butler service.8. MISSONI HOTEL, Edinburgh, Scotland With the opening of this most stylish of weekend abodes, Edinburgh has cast off any last vestiges of dour but diligent schoolmarmishness, and embraced a far more Italianate credo of passion, fun and intensity. Clad in Missoni's vivid trademark colour combinations and eyepopping geometric patterns, this boutique bolthole is the perfect place for worn-out shoppers to curl up and canoodle. All the suites have settle-into-me circular sofas for two and fantastic city views; the Lawnmarket Suite occupies a 16th-century building and feels like a loft apartment, with beautiful beamed ceilings and vistas stretching across the rooftops to the Arthur's Seat.9. POST RANCH INN, Big Sur, California Like some grand architectural dream from the pages of Ayn Rand's masterpiece The Fountainhead, the Bauhuas-meets-Middle-Earth cabins and cottages at Post Ranch Inn are strung along a rocky-ridged slip of Californian cliff. These recycled-redwood rooms offer total seclusion and nothing but soaring condors, starry nights, breathtaking views and a wood-burning fire for company; you won't ever feel a sense of space and freedom like this anywhere else. The Ross room has a triple veranda to make the most of those awe-inspiring landscapes and scarlet-streaked sunset skies.10. PERENTZADA HOTEL, Ithaca, Greece Perched above the seafaring town of Vathi, a former neoclassical naval college has been transformed into a light-filled boutique hotel. Modern design combines with whitewashed romance to create an irresistible harbour haven that would have had Odysseus hurrying home quicker than you could say 'seductive sea sirens'. Style aficionados will swoon over every stick of furniture in Bluebell, a junior suite with iconic pieces such as an Eames rocking chair and a private terrace offering uninterrupted sea views. The multi-level bathroom has glass walls, a sunken bath and a walk-in monsoon shower. In the original building, try the Secret Room or the Fairy Tale; they have muslin-draped four-posters, beamed ceilings and lines of Greek poetry inscribed on the walls.(Editing by Miral Fahmy)
How to Fit Three Kids in One Bedroom - Large Family House Tour
How To Feng Shui Kids Room- 13 Brilliant Affordable WaysFeng Shui is a combination of art and science-based on neuroscience principles for decorating your house following proper directions and colors. This is basically done to properly utilize the flow of positive energy all-around your house.Different rooms have different arrangements of items depending upon the purpose they serve. Also, your kid's room is the most crucial part of your house.Therefore, properly using Feng Shui techniques to make your child more protective and efficient is necessary. In this article, we will talk about various methods of How To Feng Shui Kids Room as per feng shui rules.Importance Of The Children's Bedroom And Feng ShuiFeng Shui is an ancient art that talks about improving the environmental conditions by following the simple rules of directions and elements.It promotes general harmony and well being of a person by implicating minor changes in the environment.So, if you are wondering, is feng shui beneficial for your kid's room? Yes, applying Feng Shui in our child's room can make their life much more comfortable, harmonious, and happy.Let's talk about the importance of Feng Shui in the children's bedroom.Initially, it may seem very complicated to read about a kid's room Feng Shui. But you follow the instructions properly, it is actually easy to implement.• You need to realize the fact that the bedroom serves multiple purposes and that is why it is one of the most important places in the house. Also, Feng Shui also talks about its importance in most of its readings.• The place of rest or the sleeping area must be kept separate from for this sole purpose only. In any condition do not associate it with work or something else.• If you got more than one bedroom for your child then it is better because this way you can isolate their resting place. Visuals also play a very important role in providing a soothing environment.• If you have your resting place and playroom in the same place then you can consider a double-height bedroom. As it will allow the play area and the rest area to be on different levels and their energies wo not interfere with each other. An excellent way to handle this is by having high ceilings and using bunk beds accessible by stairs.• In your child's bedroom, you must avoid placing items or activating elements that are opposite to that of resting. However, if they are an absolute necessity then use them as less as possible.• Using a fixed bed or a headboard along with a carpet that delimits an area is an excellent option. Also, it is recommended not to put drawers or shelves near the bed.Here are 11 general things to be considered while arranging your kid's room according to Feng Shui.Small children love their toys more than anything and usually they keep it in a box. But keeping that box in your child's room can create clutter.Most of the time children toss these toys anywhere in the room as they do not necessarily keep it in the box. This creates a disorganized closet and clutter.To prevent this problem you can consider the following options.• Using different sized boxes, bags, or containers to organize toys, and do not forget to use a lid.• Always keep the toy box away from your toddler's bed. As it invites yang energy which is not beneficial for their growth.• It is highly advised to keep the toy box in a different room such as a playroom or some other area of the house.Open shelf displays are to be avoided at all costs. They are said to cause what is called in Feng Shui as "poison arrows". Always used bookcases or shelves with closed doors.Glass doors are also advised to avoid the conflict of energy. If you however choose to have open-door shelves then consider these tips to make the environment safer.• Place books along with the edges of the shelf.• Use a cloth item to cover its edges.Kids often fantasize about various things. Hence, they like to put their posters, dramatic art, or murals. This is a great idea as it encourages your child to express their creativity and it creates positive energy too.However there are certain objects which need to be avoided. It includes:• Avoid using vicious images of animal brutality or predators in an attacking pose.• Images of disaster, explosion, or war create restlessness as it invites negative energy.• Images of powerful waves or turbulent oceans have a very negative feng shui impact.Window treatments are very necessary for creating the right type of energy. Toddlers and infants mostly sleep during the day. Also, they require an adequate amount of light conditions for optimum sleep.• Curtains or draperies must blot all the light to create a soothing and relaxing environment for a sound sleep.• Use blinds to redirect light in any direction you need to.• Choose those textures and fabrics which are not too bold as they do not oppress the chi energy.Using proper bedding is as important as using the right furniture, colors, and decorations for the quality sleep of your child. Always prefer using soft bedding as it supports the back arch.Also, use fabrics for covers according to the season. Overfilled patterns and dark colors create yang energy and it can disturb your child's sleep.• Read- What Are The Best Feng Shui Bedroom Colors(#17 Ideas)As mentioned before, children love their toys more than anything. Therefore, they tend to keep them as close as possible.Because of this, they usually end up throwing them all around their room. It creates clutter and can attract yang energy.The right type and right amount of light are very important for your child's bedroom. Using an overhead light just above the bed can send too much yang energy.It can interfere with their sleeping patterns. You should always use layered lights.• If you are using an overhand light then use it in a dim setting.• For nightstands, you can use a three-way table lamp.• For a subtle lightning option, you can use recessed ceiling lights.• Use an up and down pattern on the side of the bed.Feng Shui advises keeping the area of studying away from the bedroom. As your workplace should not interfere with your resting place. But most parents place their child's study table in the bedroom itself.If you also need to place it there then you can try these tips to reduce the yang energy around the room.• Use a folding screen or some kind of barrier to create a space to shield your bed from the study table.• Using a crystal pyramid Feng Shui item in the kid's room between bed and study table helps to disperse the chi energy.In these times, it is almost inevitable to survive without electronic devices. During this pandemic, the use of smartphones and PCs has increased ever since.But Feng Shui suggests that you should limit the use of these electronic devices to the study area, living room, or playroom.They must not be carried into the bedroom. TV and other devices usually disturb the chi energy of the bedroom and interfere with your child's sleep.The bed placement in feng shui is the most crucial element in a bedroom. Always put your child's bed in opposite direction from the door and diagonally against the far wall.Most of the children listen to some kind of music while growing up. Make sure before going to sleep, they listen to soft and relaxing music (If they do).You may also like to read below articles.While growing up teenage can be a confusing time for your child because during this time various changes take place in their body. They develop their character and start forming their unique identity among their peers.An unsettling set of emotional changes are experienced by a child during this period. Feng Shui bedroom methods suggest various methods and techniques help your child during this period.With a properly set bedroom arrangement, you can reduce the discomfort and provide a kind of emotional stability to your child.Here are some common rules that you can follow:• Avoid using dark and blue colors. These colors are associated with water elements and they attract energized energy which can be unsettling during this time.• Since red is related to the fire element. Hence, it is said to avoid using it.• Use white color for a gentle and soothing tone.• Choose wooden furniture as it provides firmness and support.• Avoid using metal furniture as it attracts water elements which elevate the yang energy level.How To Feng Shui For Children's HealthTo promote your child's health keep the room clean and tidy. Also, follow all the Feng Shui principles to prevent the flow of negative energy around the house, which can affect your child's health.Can We Have Two Beds In One Room In Feng ShuiIt is not advised to use two beds in a single room because a bed is normally placed at a commanding position.Therefore, having two beds in a single room can interfere with that position. However, if you have 2 children then you can consider using a double bed.Bunk beds are also used by many people but according to Feng Shui, they are not the ideal choice. It is because a bunk bed forces the child to sleep too close to the ceiling.And can compress his/her energy. But if using the bunk bed is a necessity then consider these:• Bunk beds are fun but they should only be used when you are short on space or your children like them too much.• More importantly, if they enjoy sleeping in it and they are getting a comfortable sleep then there is no problem using the bunk bed.How The Feng Shui Bedroom Layout Should Be For Kids Room• The most important thing in the bedroom is the bed. Hence, it should be placed in an ideal spot called the "commanding position". It is the best position as it promotes a night of restful sleep.• The commanding position is one where your child can see the door. You do not want to put the bed right in front of the door but rather at a diagonal position with the headrest against the far wall.• It is done so your child can see who's coming through the door and who's leaving. They should not be surprised by someone.Toddlers are full-on energy and they are most active during the night. Hence, they need a calming and soothing bedroom environment for sleeping purposes.And kid's room Feng Shui tips can help you a lot with this. Making their bedroom inviting is equally important.• In terms of color combination, you can use light brown and lush green. Since they match with nature and it can help in preparing for slumber.• Soft whites or spacious light blue taupe are another color combination excellent for a toddler's bedroom.• Select the bed and other furniture according to your child's height.Colors And Decorations In A Children's Bedroom And Feng Shui• Feg Shui Colors provide visual aids in a child's room, so they must be chosen carefully. They also bring the right amount of balance between yin and yang energy.• Colors should neither be too bright nor too dull. They must be chosen according to your child's mental state and nature.• Avoid using neon-bright colors for walls and overfilled wallpapers are also not advised, as they can overstimulate your child's mental activity.• Kids room Feng Shui shapes are advised according to their Bagua number. For decoration, purposes use minimalistic arts or paintings along with some sculptures of their spirit animal.• Which you can determine by using the Bagua number. You can also place a fishbowl in a kid's room as a Feng Shui decoration.How To Arrange Play Area In Kids Bedroom Feng Shui• The playing area is not recommended to be in the same place as that of the bedroom. But in case you have a toddler or no space is left for the play area.• Also, avoid placing toys near the bed and cluttering of toys as it invites yang energy.• Feng Shui living room furniture layout with kid's toys is another excellent way to store toys away from their bedroom.• How To Use A Feng Shui Compass For Correct Reading?• How To Do Chinese Face Reading- Interesting Guide (Reveal Hidden Facts About You And Future)Feng Shui Kids Room? So far as we discovered that your child's bedroom is an important part of your house. Therefore, many things need to be considered while arranging or decorating it.From the placement of the bed to use the right colors for walls everything matters. So make sure to follow the things we have mentioned for maximum utilization of the bedroom as per feng shui rules.
Great Bedroom Idea for the Autistic Child
An autistic child needs a extra care and love to strive in life. As we know that about 80% of these child experience difficulty with sleeping. This typical sleeping syndrome leads to slow mental and physical growth. In worse cases, the child even becomes more emotionally aggressive and lazy.Nonetheless, does the bedroom environment has to do anything with this? The answer Yes!As the bedroom is the only place where your child spent its maximum of hours per day. The flimsy and a regular bedroom setup can bore your child. As the majority of therapist recommended to use multiple bedroom themes on the regular interval and makes its more appealing to the child needs. Even the small change in the bedroom setup or colour scheme can swing the mood of your child at the positive node.Reduce clutter and messThe autistic child has a tendency to walk around on the entire bedroom landscape. This can leads to a severe accident so it important to clear up the irrelevant thing from the floor to make it more like a freeway. Meanwhile, the item like toys, stuffed animal, and games should neatly stacked in a pre confined zone of the bedroom or some other place. The immaculate and neatly arranged room open the whole new possibility of adequate space which can be used for another purpose.The furniture in the bedroom should be neatly labelled with a marker and the drawers should enrich with intuitive pictures according to the child needs. The fragile and costly item should find their way in a locked closet which reduces the risk of scattering of this product after the breakage. Immediately remove the hard plastic toy with sharp edges or store them in some swoop bag.A light will brighten up the thingAutistic child sensory system is very sensitive to light, unsuitable and hard flash type light may ruin the overall mood and even cause vision-related illness. In short, take the lighting very seriously. Carefully analyse all the light sources of the bedroom and replace them with soothing LEDs. Try to relocate the computer in a place where it glare cannot enter the child room via windows.BeddingConventional bedding can leads to frequent fall and unfortunately, you might be experiencing it. Dont waste single second and look for a secure bed which can provide the full proof security to your child. While choosing the bed make sure that you look for some flexible bed with the zip functionality. This will prevent our child to roam around in the room during sleepwalking·RELATED QUESTIONteen bedroom ideas ?personally i like the purple and blue idea i have some links that have bedding and wall decorations if you need them i like the desk/bunk bed with the blue walls with blue and green bubble accessories with the bubble beding
How to Inspect Your Bedroom for a Bed Bug Infestation ...
Bed Bugs are back. If you watch the news, you know that major metropolitan areas are battling a surge in bed bug infestations. These tiny and pesky critters feed on your blood as you sleep. They are hard to see and extremely difficult to treat on your own. If you live in a densely populated metro area the chances that you could have a bed bug infestation have gotten much higher in recent years.Even if you aren't suffering from the red splotchy welts that come from bed bug bites, it's still a good idea to check your mattress every few months. Many people don't react to the bites at all, so you could theoretically live in an infested home for years and never know it. Although you may see bed bugs, you will never physically feel a bed bug bite you because their saliva contains an anesthetizing agent. The biggest sign you have a bed bug problem is small blood stains on your sheets after you wake up in the morning.Bed bugs are drawn to warm areas and carbon dioxide, and they don't like to travel any further than they have to for their next blood meal. If you have a bed bug infestation there is a good chance that they are hiding near the headboard and upper half of the bed. To check for bed bugs you need to first take off all of your sheets pillow cases and inspect all the folds, seams, and elastic bands they could possibly be in. If you take off your sheets and check the seams of the mattress and find little black spots, those are bed bug droppings and you should call an extermination professional right away. Check any area of your mattress and box spring where bed bugs could possibly live: on any seem, stitching fold and the space between the box spring and mattress. Physically lift the mattress up and check the lower seams that are hard to see. Don't just look at the seams, but really examine them for any signs of bed bugs. These pests are tiny and so are the droppings and casings they leave behind, so you need to pay close attention to detail when inspecting for a beg bug infestation.Although bed bugs are mainly found in mattresses (hence the name) they can also easily live in couches and other furniture. If you are getting red splotchy bites and can't find a trace of those pesky pests in your bed, then they could be hiding elsewhere. If you are positive you have bed bugs, but can't find the source you need to call professional exterminators. Dogs throughout the United States have been specially trained to sniff out and locate bed bugs and can pin point the problem almost instantly with near 100% accuracy.A now banned chemical, DDT was the go to insecticide for wiping out bed bugs. This insecticide is no longer legal and bed bugs haven't been a problem until as of recent, so there is a lot of disagreement on how to treat bed bugs both properly and effectively. There are a lot of old wives' tales about how to get rid of bed bugs, but none of them are guaranteed. Your best bet is to call a trusted and professional exterminator to inspect your infestation who can make a well informed treatment strategy for your specific infestation.
Can I Put a Seat in My Bedroom (not a Sofa, Just One Seat of It)?
You will not be laughed at for having a nice chair in the corner of your bedroom. At least not by anyone that I think I've ever met. Dresser is usually used to store clothing. I am a guy and my dresser has: top drawer: underwear (boxers and t-shirts) and socks second drawer: t-shirts that have designs third drawer: jeans and shorts bottom drawer: work-out clothes and athletic socks Many people keep the dresser in the bedroom...some keep it in a closet. Welcome to America! : )1. Top 5 Inventions for KidsWhen we think of inventions, we sometimes miss all the fun stuff that's been designed for kids, like Play-Doh. Edison, Bell, the Wright Brothers -- sure, their inventions changed the world, but they never seemed to think up anything for the kids. If they had, there might have been a big payday waiting for them. Inventing for kids can reward more than bank accounts. So which inventions for kids landed in our top five? Read on to find out. Admit it. A balloon animal, made especially for you, would make today just a little better. Starting our list of inventions with a bang -- or a pop, at least -- is the toy balloon. Blow one up and bop it around or fill one with helium and watch it fly. You could make a strong case that balloons, at just a few cents apiece, provide the highest fun-to-cost ratio on the planet. Although toy balloons have been made from latex since the early 19th century, the first toy balloons were made of something a little harder to stomach -- animal intestines. After cleaning them out and stretching them, they could be filled with air, just like the balloons you buy at the store. Thankfully, manipulating animal entrails is no longer a part of the balloon-making process. Instead, balloon molds are dipped into vats of pigmented latex and allowed to dry. Once the latex is pulled away from the mold, the balloon is ready to hit the shelves. Fortunately, balloons are extremely cheap to produce. Otherwise, balloon enthusiasts like Treb Heining would not be able to create the massive spectacles seen at events like the Olympics and the Super Bowl. But whether you have a million balloons or just one, you are in for some fun. A car seat from the 1960s shows how far these essential safety devices have evolved. When car seats were first created, they were designed more to keep children from crawling around the car than for safety. Fortunately, car seats have come a long way since those early days. So even if you do not live in one of the dozens of states that hand out heavy fines for car seat violations, you should always strap your child into a car or booster seat no matter how short the trip. Of course, you will also need to make sure you are using the right type of car or booster seat for your child and that you are using it properly. In addition to following the car seat manufacturer's instructions, make sure to remember the general guidelines for keeping your kids safe in the car. For instance, infants should be placed in rear-facing car seats while toddlers should ride in forward-facing seats, and whenever possible, children should always ride in the rear seat of the vehicle. Yeah, but can you Hula-Hoop with your neck? Inventions are not always the result of tireless research and endless prototypes. The Kellogg brothers invented corn flakes after letting a batch of boiled wheat go stale. Percy Spencer invented the microwave oven only after accidentally melting a candy bar while tinkering with vacuum tubes. In the case of the Hula-Hoop, Wham-O toy company founders Richard Knerr and Arthur "Spud" Melin did not have to do much inventing at all. In 1958, after hearing about Australian children playing with bamboo hoops during gym class, the two decided to recreate the bamboo hoops out of a then cutting-edge plastic called Marlex. The rest is history. Wham-O's hoop sparked a craze that swept the nation, with 40 million selling in the first year alone, and international orders pushed the total over 100 million in the following years [sources: Martin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology]. While the Wham-O founders had a great eye for new toys, their business sense was not quite as strong. The demand for Hula-Hoops dried up as quickly as it had grown, leaving Wham-O with warehouses full of hoops and no buyers. In the end, Knerr and Melin netted only $10,000 in profit from the whole experience. The experience was not a total loss, however. Only a few years later, they would put their knowledge of toys to good use when they marketed their next big invention, the Frisbee. Can you blow a bubble inside that bubble? The search for the perfect bubble gum was not an easy one. About a half century after manufacturers first produced chewing gum, Frank Fleer, founder of the Fleer Chewing Gum Company, made his first attempt at producing bubble gum. The resulting product was a mess -- literally. It was so sticky that the bubbles would stick to everything and ruin your clothes. What is more, Fleer's product was so thick that it was hard to chew and, worse still, virtually flavorless. The company would experiment with different bubblegum formulas for the next 20 years, but it would take an accountant at Fleer's by the name of Walter Diemer to concoct the perfect batch of bubble gum. Using his free time to tinker with different ingredients, Diemer stumbled on the secret to creating the perfect bubble: latex. By adding a special type of latex and a bit of pink food coloring, Diemer created a recipe for bubble gum that would inspire countless copycats. Not only was Diemer's bubble gum easier to chew than Fleer's earlier concoctions, it was not nearly as sticky, easily coming off of skin and clothing. Bubble gum turned out to be such a novel product that the Fleer Company hired a team of people responsible for teaching customers how to blow bubbles. Before long, Diemer's Dubble Bubble was delighting kids across the country and making millions of dollars for the Fleer Company in the process. These days, the bubblegum industry has blown up. A world without playgrounds would not be quite so much fun. Nearly everyone can think back on their childhood and recall their favorite playground, but that was not always the case. Before the women's suffrage movement that began in the late 1800s, public funding for playgrounds was virtually nonexistent in the United States. Before long, playgrounds were popping up in cities across the country, even in poor neighborhoods. Schools soon followed suit, emphasizing recreation and physical fitness more. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission advocates a number of common sense precautions parents can take to keep such injuries at a minimum, such as supervising children at play and ensuring the playground has a soft surface for children to land on. Still, some experts say that, while playgrounds should never be dangerous, an element of risk can actually help children learn their limits. Just keep that in mind the next time you see kids dangling by one foot from the monkey bars.2. How to choose a bicycle seatThere are a couple of factors that at least help you narrow your search3. LibGuides: Bicycle Laws in Louisiana: HelmetsA. The following words and phrases when used in this Section shall have the meaning assigned to them: (1) "Approved helmet" means a bicycle helmet that meets or exceeds the following minimum bicycle helmet safety standards: (a) A bicycle helmet that was manufactured prior to March, 1999, shall meet or exceed the minimum bicycle helmet safety standards set by the American National Standards Institute or the Snell Memorial Foundation. (b) A bicycle helmet that was manufactured after March, 1999, shall meet or exceed the minimum bicycle helmet safety standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. (2) "Bicycle" means a human-powered vehicle with two tandem wheels designed to transport, by pedaling, one or more persons. (3) "Operator" means a person who travels on a bicycle seated on a saddle seat from which that person is intended to and can pedal the bicycle. (4) "Passenger" means any person who travels on a bicycle in any manner except as an operator. (5) "Restraining seat" means a seat separate from the saddle seat of the operator of the bicycle that is fastened securely to the frame of the bicycle and is adequately equipped to restrain the passenger in such seat and protect such passenger from the moving parts of the bicycle. B. With regard to any bicycle used on a public roadway, public bicycle path, or other public right-of-way, no parent, guardian, or person with legal responsibility for the safety and welfare of a child shall knowingly allow any of the following: (1) Such child under the age of twelve to operate or ride as a passenger on a bicycle without wearing an approved helmet of good fit fastened securely upon the head with the straps of the helmet. (2) Such child who weighs less than forty pounds or is less than forty inches in height to be a passenger on a bicycle without being properly seated in and adequately secured to a restraining seat. C. Notice shall be provided in accordance with the following provisions: (1) A person regularly engaged in the business of selling or renting bicycles shall post a sign stating the following: "Louisiana law requires a bicycle operator or passenger under the age of twelve years to wear a bicycle helmet when riding a bicycle. Louisiana law also requires a passenger who weighs less than forty pounds or is less than forty inches in height to be properly seated in and adequately secured to a restraining seat." (2) The sign must be at least twenty-four inches in length and twelve inches in width. The lettering on the sign must be at least one inch in height. The sign must be posted conspicuously so that it is clearly visible to all persons buying or renting bicycles. D. The issuance of a citation for a violation of this Section shall not be prima facie evidence of negligence. The comparative negligence statutes of Louisiana shall apply in these cases as in all other cases of negligence. E. The Louisiana Highway Safety Commission shall provide funds to the Louisiana Safe Kids Coalition to be used for the purchase of bicycle helmets. These helmets shall be distributed by the Louisiana Safe Kids Coalition to indigent persons in furtherance of the provisions of this Section. F. The provisions of R.S. 32:57 shall not apply to a violation of this Section. No civil penalties or court costs shall be assessed for any violation of this Section.
Native American Bedroom Ideas
Native America Room Feminine Bedroom Bedroom Themes Cute Bedroom Ideas. See more ideas about native american bedroom, american bedroom, native american. Shop our high quality native american peace stripe turquoise fleece fabric with discounted pricing. Shop our large selection printed fleece materials available by the yards, bolts, or rolls. See more ideas about native american bedroom, american bedroom, native american. For thousands of years, cultural groups from all over the world have participated in ceremonial face painting for a variety of reasons.which teenage girls bedroom idea do you like better?I have my room painted a light lavender color now and a light mint ceiling and it was cute when I was little, but I can not stand it now that i am older. Better to go with the white, you can do more with it. Lavender/lilac is a little too kidishwhich bedroom idea is better?Go with the idea you like... Its your room and you have to live in it. You have to like it! Im sure your mom will understand if you do not use her color ideas. Show off your personality in your room. Good Luck!which bedroom idea do you like better?I like blue/brown and green, but I would have the 2 main colors being blue and green w/ chocolate brown accents, like a throw pillow or something. Maybe a blue and green patterned blanket over your bed w/ pillow cases, one in each color, a throw rug, or 2 rugs, one in blue one in green my husband and I are split over the painting. Green makes your color not look so good, and blue makes you feel cold (so good if you live in a hot state) or just paint one wall one of the colors. if you like bold, geometric patterns, you could do a diagonal stripe of brown seperating the other two colors.can you please please please help me find a really cute bedroom idea for teen girls?properly Ur Room Is Already colour Ful flow to Walmart And Get some green bedding Sheets..... And Get A Blur Or Yellow Jewelery Holder And placed It Up On ur Wall tell ur acquaintances to charm to U some eye-catching drawings and tape em to ur wall!I need a proper answer from proper men. Some bedroom ideas...?Hi Jessica L there is one that meany men respond to and that's the bondage scenario tie him to the bed blindfold and gag him so you have total control then take your time before you put any lube on him try a strip of silk wrap it round his dick once then draw it slowly and gently from side to side or use a feather duster on his ballsCan you help us with a bedroom idea for our 3 year old son?The ideas are great. But I would stay away from the fish tankWhy do people get so snobby about this new bedroom idea of mine? Its insutling!?It sounds like you want some more privacy and independence from your parents, and that you can not afford to do much better than this backyard cabin idea. I get what you are saying about the childishness, and I am wondering if this is related also to your Asperger's that feeling that you get from others. It's very easy to feel judged when you know you are different. I would say that if you want to get out and really be more independent, get yourself outside more, be as social as you can, and start volunteering to work for your community. If you do not already have a job, volunteering is a great first step. If you do already have a job, volunteering builds character and gives you more experience with what I know is usually difficult for people with mental illness and personality issues. Figure out where you fit in, and do what you love. That's where you belong. Go for it, and have fun. Good luck!Why do people get so snooby about this new bedroom idea of mine? Its insulting!?That sounds great. I am jealous :) I think it's worth it. Paint it how you want.
I Need Help with Bedroom Ideas?
I think a teal or blue would look stunning. If you look on a color chart, blue is the direct opposite of orange, and tan is an offset of orange. The two together will amplify the blue tones and make it look incredible.1. Teen Bedroom Ideas!? *Help Fast Please*?in the journey that your into the rocker/skater woman element Abbey first mild mattress contraptions are are quite solid thought and a few of them are quite amazing. As for adorning your room as you mom and dad to hold you around city to bypass to community storage revenues for the reason which you will discover some quite cool issues which you would be able to paint your self and upload on your room. in case you will get skate board decks that are undeniable and paint your guy or woman artwork on the they might make quite cool products to hold up on your room. merely use your mind's eye and that i be attentive to it is going to prove great.. 2. CUTE GIRLIE bedroom ideas for a 15 yr old girl...?the only way you can make ur room cute for cheap is by going into bargains or stores that you know that sell stuff cheap3. Any got any bedroom ideas?mattress room layout| mattress And mattress ideas risk-free domicile progression provides mattress room layout video clips featuring the main modern tendencies(pictures) of bedrooms that are nicely geared up with mattress And mattress... examine greater4. I need help with bedroom ideas?You can make your wall half blue and half yellow. Or have one wall yellow and the other blue. Which means you are color theme is blue and yellow. You can get furry carpet flooring, those are really cool. And i personally love platform beds. You can also get like a really cozy couch and get lots of cushions.5. EMO/ Punk/ Gothic bedroom ideas?Masking your wall with posters would be fairly cool :) and the colours you had been considering of are a good alternative. Find a big blockmount of your favourite band a put it on an empty wall, maybe above your mattress?6. Teen bedroom ideas? please suggest some!?Some Cute Ideas : Zebra Theme Cheetah Theme Pink & White Yellow & Orange Never do too dark colors, it will make it gloomy, Brights Colors are nice and CHEERY :)7. bedroom ideas for a teenage girl?i would paint a mural8. Cool Bedroom ideas for a 14 year old guy?my friend had painted his room black or dark blue one of those and put glow stars all over i mean the whole thing was covered with glow stars even on his fan it was real cool he like made his own constellations and stuff it was neat9. Cute teenage bedroom ideas?My friend is the same, and I love her room! She has a bed that's like 3 times HIGHER than my bed. It has stripes on one side, and polka dots on the other. Make sure your bedroom is bright pink. [[ugh i hate bright pink]] Lots of posters everywhere, and make sure at least one half of the one wall is chalkboard. Lots of posters of boy bands. Like Jonas Brothers and stuff. And hot guys like Rob Pattingson everywhere. And if your not a pink girl, bluegreen and teal will do :)10. Goth/Metal/Emo meets Stylish/Glam Bedroom Ideas?a vampire inspired room11. 15 year old and 5 year old, bedroom ideas?What i would do, is get everything white. Then im going to assume that the double bed is yours, so you pick your favorite color, and make that color your sheet color, but you get a white duvet. You can get thaat color as a throw blanket too. It can look classy for you, and young at the same time for your sister. She can get multi-colored sheets, and a pretty lamp. The idea is to make the color in the room come from the minor assecories. So it can look fun for her, and at the same time mature for you. Hope this helps:).12. Little girl playroom/bedroom ideas?Alice in Wonderland Mystical forest13. Music bedroom ideas ?you can get some musical note wall stickers to put around your room, and also pic 1 wall (this could take a long time-ish) and make a collage of pics of all bands &artists on that wall, when its done it would look amazing,or for a quicker idea you could get a biggish photo frame and fill that , wont take as long! hope i helped :)
I Want to Make a Coffee Shop Bedroom...ideas?
I love the coffee bar in the corner! I would use coffee cups and mugs as accents, perhaps at the corner of the curtains with a scarf type draped over curtain and thru the coffee mug1. redoing bedroom ideas?!?!?PAINT IT WHITE I DID THAT AND IT CAME OUT FANTASTIC AND YOU CAN MATCH IT WITH ANY THING AND CHANGE IT EASILY!!!2. What are some good TEENAGE BEDROOM ideas???what r her likes? Music... fairies.... retro.... Bright.... Parisian.... what things does she like? Have her figure that out & then go w/ that as her theme. Look at covers/drapes & find something then pick 1 or 2 colors out of that to do the walls. Then get some clearance material that match w/ the colors.. does not have to b the same pattern as bed cover.. then cover pillows/cushions... etc... make a pin up board.. things like that. Ck out thrift stores, garage sales, estate sales.. etc.. for vintage or othr items if u go w/ retro/70's or something else. B kreative & have fun!3. Decorating bedroom ideas?? ?I think lavender with white sounds nice. or is you want it bright, try flashing yellow and green. deep red works well on my friend's room. pale yellow with electric blue is perfect. pale blue and pale yellow. peach and pale blue. dark blue and lavender. yellow and pink.4. I need help with bedroom ideas/interior?Well, it is small but still you can work with it. I like the light colored walls, cuz it will help you feel its bigger than it is, you can change the curtains in to shorter ones that only cover the window. and try to get simple plain ones. Patterned fabric would be nice in a bigger space. you can have your room really light gray and if you would like you can have your curtains either aqua blue or pink which ever You should also try to match your bedsheets with your curtains. The good thing about gray is that it's neutral and it goes with everything. I would recommend you removing the TV from your bedroom, cuz it sends off negative energy that wo not help you sleep properly at night and you do have your laptop so you might not need the TV that much. and instead get yourself a plant, like a bamboo any other indoor plant that does not need direct sunlight to survive. You can also repaint your chest of drawers into rusty white, It will go perfect with the gray background of the wall. I like your dream-cacher =) and it suits being on top of the bed, you can take off all these pictures that you have on the side wall and replace it with a beautiful landscape picture, it will be like a window over looking a beautiful, relaxing view. You can also replace it with any kind of artwork that you might like. You can also add a table lamp that will look pretty when lit at night. I hope this would help you with your room make over. =)5. I need bedroom ideas fast!?Okay.gud-luk!!6. Does anyone know a website I can go to to get ocean themed bedroom ideas for teens?Good luck!7. can i have some cool bedroom ideas like a clap on clap off light or something?I would say, buy TWO clappers for your bedroom. Then, take tap-dance lessons. Practice tap-dancing in your bedroom at night, and you will have "homemade strobe lights". In December, put one red and one green light bulb in your two clapper lamps. Be sure to keep the drapes open, so the neighborhood can all see your Christmas display. Now THAT would make you the coolest in your whole town!8. Goth/Metal/Emo meets Stylish/Glam Bedroom Ideas?a vampire inspired room9. black and purple bedroom ideas?Well, whilst I was once repainting my room I had an robust suggestion lol (i am 14 incidentally) and I was once going to color my partitions lime inexperienced after which take a depressing red and simply fling/splatter it all over the place the partitions. I inspiration it would seem cool however ultimately I transformed my brain on account that I desired calmer colours so I painted the partitions white and all of the cabinets and dressers red. So listed below are any other colour strategies red and white inexperienced and red turquoise indigo.