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1. Troy Lehmann of coffee table Troy Lehmann (born 25 February 1972) is a former Australian rules footballer who played with Collingwood and the Brisbane Bears in the Australian Football League (AFL) during the early 1990s.

Lehmann was picked up by Collingwood in the 1989 VFL Draft, from South Australian National Football League (SANFL) club North Adelaide. He played his football mostly as a ruck-rover and kicked two goals on his AFL debut in 1991. Lehmann's 22 kicks and eight handballs in a convincing win over Adelaide at Victoria Park earned him maximum Brownlow Medal votes and he finished the year with an average of 20 disposals a game.

Hamstring problems troubled Lehmsnn during his league career and he put together just four appearances in 1993.

Before the 1994 AFL season, Lehmann was traded to Brisbane together with teammates Craig Starcevich and a draft pick used on Chris Scott. In return Collingwood gained a future captain and Brownlow Medal winner in Nathan Buckley. ------ 2. Metu, Ethiopia of coffee table Metu (also Mettu) is a market town and separate woreda in south-western Ethiopia. Located in the Illubabor Zone of the Oromia Region (or kilil) along the Sor River, this town has a latitude and longitude of 818N 3535E / 8.300N 35.583E / 8.300; 35.583 and an altitude of 1605 meters. Metu was the capital of the former Illubabor Province from 1978 until the adoption of the new constitution in 1995.

Metu has been an important market of the coffee trade, with several foreigners residing in the town as early as the 1930s to buy the crops from local farmers. At this early date, the town was connected by telephone to Gore and Addis Ababa. The town's source of electricity is the nearby Sor Hydroelectric Station. The city also has a high school and hospital.

Metu is known for its local waterfalls, the best known being the Sor Falls and their surrounding forest with its wildlife. ------ 3. Works of coffee table Cameron's book style consists of an aerial photograph with text and history of the site and occasionally on the opposing page a historical photo of the same site with text. The books are always all photographic and are primarily of large conurbations. His career began as a photographic journalist for the Des Moines Register in 1933. During the Second World War he worked as a photographer for the United States Department of War. He founded the publishing company Cameron and Company in 1964 with the publication of The Drinking Man's Diet, which went on to sell over 2.4 million copies worldwide in 13 different languages. His books of aerial photography include:

Above San Francisco

Above New York

Above Paris

Above London

Above Mexico City

Above Las Vegas

Above Chicago

Above Los Angeles

Above Washington

Above Seattle

Above San Diego

Above Carmel

Above Mackinac

Above Yosemite

Above Tahoe

Above Alcatraz

Above Petoskey

Above Harbor Springs

Above Makinak IslandIn the 1991 film Defending Your Life, Cameron's books can be seen sitting on a coffee table, one of which features the film's fictitious city, Judgement City. ------ 4. Cricket career of coffee table McLean, a right-handed batsman and a legbreak bowler, appeared in 20 first-class cricket matches for his state. He made 897 first-class runs at an average of 28.93 and took 65 wickets at 38.36.

Both of his two first-class hundreds were scored in a one-week period in the Sheffield Shield, towards the end of December 1949. The first was an innings of 213 which he made opening the batting against Queensland at the Adelaide Oval, dwarfing his team's next highest score of 45. Just two days after that match ended, South Australia met Victoria at the Melbourne Cricket Ground and McLean, opening the batting once more, scored 135 and again outshone his teammates with the next best effort being 31. Victoria's bowling lineup consisted of Test cricketer Doug Ring as well as future Test players Jack Hill and Jack Iverson.

In his district career with Port Adelaide from 193954, he scored over 5000 runs and took more than 500 wickets.

His first name Allan is given on cricket scorecards instead of Bob. ------ 5. Drinking Man's Diet of coffee table Cameron was known for a fad diet he invented known as the Drinking Man's Diet. In 1964, he promoted the diet in his booklet The Drinking Mans Diet: How to Lose Weight with a Minimum of Willpower. The diet became popular and sold over 2.4 million copies in 13 languages. The Drinking Man's Diet was a low-carb high-fat diet with plenty of meat and alcohol.

It has been described as a predecessor to the Atkins diet and the Paleolithic diet. A 1965 article in the Time Magazine, noted that "the book's contents are a cocktail of wishful thinking, a jigger of nonsense and a dash of sound advice." Nutritionists such as Jean Mayer and Frederick J. Stare found the diet "ridiculous" and criticized it as unhealthy. Dr. Philip L. White from the American Medical Association described the diet as "utter nonsense, has no scientific basis, and is chock-full of errors." ------ 6. David Brown (footballer, born 1969) of coffee table David Brown (born 29 September 1969) is a former professional Australian rules footballer who played for the Adelaide Football Club and Port Adelaide Football Club in the Australian Football League (AFL).

Originally from Port Adelaide, Brown was chosen as one of the Adelaide Crows initial recruits for the Crows' first season in the AFL in 1991. After 69 games in six seasons with Adelaide, Brown was recruited by Port Adelaide to be part of its own inaugural AFL squad in 1997. Brown played two seasons with Port's AFL team, playing 22 matches before being named captain of the Port Adelaide Magpies in 1999.

Brown was a member of Port Adelaide premierships on six occasions; 1988, 1989, 1992, 1996, 1998, 1999, and won the Jack Oatey Medal for best player in the grand final in 1996. He retired in 2001, having played 183 games in the SANFL and kicked 156 goals.

Brown holds the very unique honour of being an inaugural player for both Adelaide (in 1991) and Port Adelaide (in 1997) in their first seasons in the AFL. ------ 7. Innerst i sjelen of coffee table Innerst i sjelen, in the United Kingdom: Deep Within My Soul, is a 1994 album from Norwegian singer Sissel Kyrkjeb. It is named for the song "Innerst i sjelen" that Sissel Kyrkjeb sang as initial track in the album, but was originally by Ole Paus and Lars Brke.

After a tour in Scandinavia countries, Sissel wanted to gather songs that could comfort and give hope, songs that told the story of longing, strong beliefs and hope, trust and love through countries and generations. As a special treat, the Olympic Hymn and Olympic Theme song from Lilehammer Olympic Winter Games in 1994 is included. The later was in duet with Plcido Domingo.

The song Fire In Your Heart was recorded in a canteen. Because of the tight schedules of both Plcido Domingo and Sissel, they had only a few hours to record this English version of the Olympics anthem before the opening ceremony. When they recorded the song in the canteen, coffee cups and food could still be seen on the tables!

James Horner, the composer of the music in the movie Titanic, knew Sissel from this album and he particularly liked how she sang Eg Veit I Himmerik Ei Borg (I Know in Heaven There Is a Castle). Horner had tried 25 or 30 singers and, in the end, he chose Sissel to sing the wordless tune. ------ 8. Titanic: Challenge of Discovery of coffee table Titanic: Challenge of Discovery is a video game developed by Maris Multimedia's Moscow studio and published by Panasonic Interactive Media on Aug 24, 1998 for Windows.

The player is part of an underwater archaeological team in charge of three famous wrecks: the Roman galley Isis, the German battleship Bismark, and the RMS Titanic.

Based on the experiences of Dr Ballad,clarification needed Ballard commented that "My main goal for this CD-ROM was to bring alive all the challenges, intense excitement and triumphs that I experienced during my many voyages of undersea exploration".

It was "developed over two years by 40 Russian scientists".

LearningWare Reviews felt it was a "spectacular" idea but very challenging. PC World thought that an intriguing premise was let down by poor execution. CBS quoted Ballard as saying that he praised the graphical realism. Chicago Tribune deemed it "sophisticated and thoroughly engaing". Praising the games, Washington Post noted how "Few people make coffee-table CD-ROMs like this anymore". PC Mag deemed it "marvelous". Popular Science gave note of the game's realism. ------ 9. Synopsis of coffee table Shin Suk-ho (Ji Sung) is a successful manager who works for KTOP entertainment, one of the largest entertainment companies in South Korea. After deciding to become independent and trying to develop his own company, Mango Entertainment, he suddenly faces many hardships and loses everything he has and goes to prison. After release, while he is trying to find a way back to life, he finds a talented high school student, Jo Ha-neul (Kang Min-hyuk) and decides to turn him into a famous singer. But he realizes that Ha-neul is an ex-convict and was accused for sexual abuse by his friend, Lee Ji-Young (Yoon Seo).

Shin Suk-ho starts a new journey with Ha-neul, forms the group 'Entertainer Band' (Ddandara band/ ), and tries to put things in their right place with the help of band members, his loyal friends and Jung Geu-rin (Lee Hye-ri), Ha-neul's hard-working sister. ------ 10. Men Opening Umbrellas Ahead of coffee table Men Opening Umbrellas Ahead is the 1974 debut solo album by British musician, writer and comedian Vivian Stanshall.

The initial LP pressing was deleted by Warner Bros. Records soon after release, having sold only the initial vinyl pressing of 5,000 copies. The album remained out of print for over 35 years.

In 2010, an unauthorized CD reissue was made available by Harkit Records. The CD featured notes by Dutch dada-ist Freek Kinkelaar and featured two bonus tracks not on the original LP: "Baba Tunde" and "Lakonga". This edition is a sourced from a vinyl copy and is a "bootleg" not authorized by the Stanshall estate. The bonus tracks come from a rare 1974 single.

Poppydisc Records released a remastered edition, on LP and CD, on 21 May 2012. These are the first re-issues to be authorized by the artist's estate, with a note in CD booklet stating (in bold uppercase) "Do not buy the Harkit Records CD as it is a poor quality bootleg, unauthorized by the Stanshall family". The remastered CD contains the two bonus tracks, while the vinyl version is the same as the original vinyl LP. ------ 11. Kingdom of coffee table Kingdom is a quarterly magazine covering all aspects of luxury golfing lifestyle, conceived and built in association with the legendary American golfer Arnold Palmer. The magazine was first published in December 2003. The magazine is published by golf media specialists, TMC USA, and was the brainchild of publisher, Matthew Squire, and the then president of Arnold Palmer Design Company, Ed Seay.

Originally conceived as an annual magazine solely for the private members of Arnold Palmer designed golf courses, Kingdom is now widely available. Averaging 200 pages in length and weighing over two pounds, it can be considered a coffee table publication. Editorial content is not limited to Palmer; many famous celebrities and golfers from Tom Watson to Vince Gill have appeared. There are also features on travel, golf, design, fitness, and other lifestyle articles.

The magazine has drawn critical praise for its standard of production and design, an aspect that has been principally driven by British art director, Matthew Halnan. The magazine also has an accompanying website, which, along with the print magazine, is jointly overseen by Los Angeles based lifestyle editor Reade Tilley and golf editor Robin Barwick.

The magazine also has its own page on Arnold Palmer's website.

Wine Barrel Dog Bed
Owning a pet and trying to create a great looking decor to your homes interior are often contradictory -- where most dog beds seem to 'ugly up the place'. How can you have an amazing looking home with top of the line imported furniture, granite floors, marble counter tops, luxurious Indian carpet, and then have a stinking dog bed sitting in the center of it all One item that can compliment your home's interior incredibly well whilst be beneficial to your pet is a .Wooden Dog Crate This an awesome way of upcycling. A bed made of an old wine cask looks great and will make your pet very comfortable. Your cats will also like them. Wine keg beds for pets are a weekend project for those who are more DIY orientated but you can buy some beautiful, professionally made ones as well. Oftentimes it is actually cheaper to order one premade because the cost will be about the same as if you ordered a wine barrel and paid the shipping fees, then the time and effort spent to actually build it.That being said, if you do have access to a free or low-cost wine barrel in your community then feel free to go ahead and make your own. Also it is a fun project to do and is not very complicated given the awesome array of online materials (where you can use wine barrels to build anything from wooden chandeliers to coffee tables). If you do not have access to an old oak barrel then you can order one already cut and premade into a dog's bed.Wine Barrel Pet Bed By Wine Barrel CreationsAmazon Price: $265.00 $225.00 Buy Now(price as of Sep 3, 2016)There are a lot of different types of dog beds you can buy that are made out of barrels, depending on the barrel (given no two wine casks are the same) and size of the dog. The 2 most common types are ones that use the base of the barrel and are cut lower in front so the dog can have easy access. The other type basically cuts a barrel in half length-wise and then they create a bed out of it. Both types look great. The type you order may be dependent on how large of a dog you have.If your dog is less than 25 pounds then a traditional may be the best choice. This is where the wine barrel is cut width-wise and then an elongated entrance is cut down to allow access to the bed for the dog. These can be made at any height.However, if you have a dog larger than 25 pounds then you may prefer to get a dog bed made with an oak barrel cut in half. It has a drastically looking different appearance from the traditional variety but it can be designed to allow for larger dogs to sleep more comfortably.Building Your Own Oak Barrel Pet Bed Credit: FabricationsYou might fancy having a go at building your own and don't have access to an old barrel then you caneasily order one online. In order to save money on shipping you can opt to buy a planter barrel instead of a full-sized barrel. A planter barrel is usually about 27 inches tall so they work great for making dog beds with very little cutting. A planter barrel also ways less so it will be cheaper to order than a full-sized barrel.A wine cask dog bed is very beautiful and will fit into any décor in your home, but most importantly it will provide a comfortable, sturdy and safe place for your to dog to relax and sleep. These beds help to keep your favorite dog off the floor and this keeps the dog warmer in the wintertime and cooler in the hotter summers. Unlike many dog beds that can be found on the market, a dog bed made from an old wine barrel is easy to access. Even if your dog is old and has hip problems he will still be able to easily access the bed and be comfortable in it. These beds are both beautiful and very functional.
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Build Blocks!: 5 Steps (with Pictures) -
Are you tired of cheap toys, cheap electronic toys, cheap plastic toys, cheap plastic electronic toys?Do you want to craft something for that special child in your life? Or have a neat coffee table toy?Well, I have the project for you. This one will bring you back to your childhood, and when it's done, it's something that everyone will marvel at.Blocks... Yes blocks.This instructable will show you how you can turn a $3 2x4 into a set of your very own, homemade blocks. We have seven shapes in our set, the brick, the long bridge, the short bridge, the square, the square column, the round column, and the triangle. Feel free to create your own shapes as you see fit! Originally, I made a set of blocks when my youngest son was 2. However, shortly after making them, we gave them to my nieces for Christmas. Unfortunately, we never got around to making another set... Until now. My sister-in-law was lamenting the toy choices for my niece, and I offered to make a set of blocks. And we decided to document as an instructable.As a matter of fact, try finding a set of wooden blocks to buy. There aren't many choices and most are more than $50.So, here's what you need:Materials1 - 2x4x8 - Pine ( get the $3 one, not the $1.50 one.) As straight, and ding free as possible.1 - 1.5" x 36"diameter hardwood dowelCost - About $7Tools:Saws - Table and Miter, or hand saws and miter boxDrill - Hand or PressDrill Bits - 3/8" and 2.5" hole bitSander - Hand or BeltSafety:GogglesGlovesDust maskBefore we cut out our blocks, we need to determine the dimensions of our blocks. As a 2X4 is really 1.5x3.5, most of the pieces use the 3.5" width.This are the dimensions i used.(1) Square - 3.5" x 3.5" (2) Brick - 7" x 3.5"(3) Triangle 3.5 "x 3.5" x 5"(4) Square Column 1.5" x 1.5" x 3.5"(5) Round Column 1.5"D x 3.5"(6) Long Bridge 5" x 1.75" (7) Short Bridge 2.5" x 3.5"Cut Blocks!Now that we have our block dimensions, we need to get to the cutting!I used my compound miter saw, if you don't have one, you can use a handsaw and a miter box.First, I started by cutting all of my pieces that were 3.5" long. To ensure a consistency in the length, I clamped a wooden block to my miter saw 3.5" from the blade. This basically acted like a fence so I wouldn't have to measure and mark each individual piece.I used this fence to cut the square, the square that would become triangles, the round column and the square column.For the square column, I had a piece of 2x4 I had previously ripped into a 1.5 x 1.5.Second, I set the 'fence' to 5" and cut four pieces that would become the bridge pieces.Next, I set my wooden block 'fence' to 7" and cut the brick pieces from the 2x4.Lastly, I set the blade on the saw to cut at 45degrees. I then placed a square under the blade, and cut into two triangles.At this point you should have all your pieces roughed out.To create the bridge pieces we need two additional steps.(1) Drill a 2.5" hole in the center of the block.This can be accomplished by using a 2.5" hole drill bit. First, we need to find the center of the block. Easy enough.. just draw a line from corner to corner and find where they cross in the middle. The drill bit I had was not deep enough to cut through a 2x4, so I had to drill from both sides. In order to ensure that the holes lined up, I drilled a 3/8" pilot hole completely through the center and then proceed to use the hole bit on each side.Both sides should meet up and now you are ready for step 2.(2) Cut the blocks in half.Using a table saw, cut the blocks in half. For a short bridge, set the fence to 2.5" For the long bridge, sent the fence to 1.75". Get your push stick, and slowly cut the pieces in half. Now you should have all your pieces cut out!Since we don't want any splinters, it's time to sand.You have your choice when it comes to sanding.Feel free to use a table top belt sander ( like me ), or you can use a handheld power sander, or even a manual sanding block.Regardless of tool, the methods are the same.(1) Start with a rougher grit like an 80, and then move on to a finer grit like a 120. And if you want to go even smoother, you can do a 240.(2) Always sand with the grain.(3) Wear dust mask. Its no fun breathing in all that saw dust. Now that sanding is complete, you can finish as you see fit.You can go classic and just put on a nice coat of polyurethane. Or paint with some primary or pastel colors.Give them to your favorite kid, or kid at heart. Or keep them on your coffee table.They are almost IMPOSSIBLE to resist when they are done.Enjoy!PS - special thanks to Max, my number one assistant and photographer.
Colin and Justin: BIG Ideas for Living Small
Weve always been massive travel fans and in fact use our regular trips anywhere to provide a global outlook for our projects the world over. Weve been lucky enough to work in Canada, Great Britain, America, Spain and France to name but a few of our professional destinations yet we never take anything for granted. We remain perpetually hungry for inspiration and well devour it in whichever form we find it wherever we can. Whether inspired to rework a Vancouver basement using colour schemes witnessed in downtown Marrakesh, or to redecorate a Calgary bedroom inspired by a luxurious yacht berthed in Monaco (on which, if youll excuse the walloping great name drop, we partied with Roger Moore), we simply love imbuing our projects with atmosphere gleaned from our circuitous path round the globe.Sometimes, however, itll be something less country typical and more circumstantial that helps mould a project. Our design liftoff could come, just as easily, from a conversation about wine storage in a Milanese restaurant (that reminds us to integrate clever kitchen cooling in a Bridal Path project) or via bold New York underground graffiti that inspires us to recover a condo sofa using graphic print fabric. Or our inspiration reserves could be just as easily tweaked courtesy a P.E.I. beach scene memory that prompts us to flex our colour chart so we can bring an otherwise mundane office refurbishment to life.And todays den project? Well, this one was actually inspired by a trip to Paris where we spent time, between projects, with our friend Yves, then personal assistant to fashion luminary Paco Rabanne. Enjoying dinner in his 13th arrondissement garret with Stephan Blanc, a close friend from Bordeaux, we couldnt help notice that, while his nest was tiny, it had been perfectly arranged to successfully champion every square inch. His living room, a compact spot of perhaps 14 feet by 10 feet, was enhanced by a secondary ante area that fed into the main zone, and it was here that Yves created a compact seating nook where stolen moments could be gathered with a good book or a glass of wine. Visually connected via design schematics yet separate enough to function on its own its realization afforded valuable extra function.Along with friends of Yves, such as ber talented magician David Jarre (son of actress Charlotte Rampling and Jean Michelle Jarre), we enjoyed a boozy dinner while marvelling at the tiny Parisian bolthole. Chatting, we learned much from our new fashionista friend. His diminutive home functioned perfectly and his kitchen (which connected, open concept, to the rest of the floor plan) was arranged to neither visually or ergonomically obstruct flow. Yves cleverly specified dual function cabinetry that blurred lines between room functions, and his 400-square-foot home was nothing short of spatial triumph. Fold up chairs were secreted behind sofas and he even had a long low coffee table with height adjustable legs - that, at the flick of a lever, mutated into a perfectly serviceable dining table. Genius!But back to connective space issues and, of course, commandeering tight corners to optimize their usefulness. As we related earlier, well devour inspiration wherever we find it and Yves apartment, perched high in a Parisian tower, resonates to this day as we bring many of our small-scale projects to life.So what can be done to upscale, when small scale seem to be suffocating potential? Well, todays photography is evidence of what can be achieved in even the most unassuming nook. The tight corner was previously crammed not to mention over coloured and the decorating confusion did little to compliment the zone onto which it connected. Darkly painted and crammed with mismatched furniture it was in dire need of salvation. Its guilty assemblers, an otherwise lovely couple with a penchant for clutter, had no idea how best to dispatch their dull attempts at style. We, on the other hand, werent short on inspiration.The first issue we addressed was refinishing the existing honey-coloured boards, and, to do this, we sanded them first to remove all evidence of flaky varnish. If youre refinishing, there are various routes to follow. The first is to buy stain and varnish all-in-one product and apply two or three light coats. Another method is to apply stain and then revarnish your lumber as required. Or, for extra dramatic effect, you could opt to paint your flooring. With any of these methods,its important to open the grain so that new colour can penetrate and grip the wood. For the record, we tried staining our clients floor black, but the depth of colour wasnt what we hoped. Thus, high on drama (and much to the chagrin of our contractor) we started from scratch. With lumber dry, we lavished the boards using midnight black floor paint and the results were absolutely perfect.Flooring remedied, we moved on to the colour scheme which we rejigged to compliment the main living zone. This done, we relocated the piano to the basement, where its ivories can now be tinkled until the wee small hours without disturbing neighbours. While chatting about decorative ambition, our clients explained they were short on somewhere to deal with simple matters like bill paying or letter writing. This in mind, we searched the Internet until we found a simple escritoire which, positioned against the main wall, provides immediate focus. Its perfect for propping and, with lamps either side and artwork above it takes on a console-like appearance. At other times, courtesy of a pullout desk flap (and the addition of a simple folding chair yanked from a nearby closet) it serves as the perfect home office.To further connect the den to the living room, we employed decorating accents in soft greige, a favourite mashup word that describes the marriage of grey and beige. Having unearthed two beautiful chairs for just $300 in a local consignment store, we promptly shipped them off to our upholsterer and, for another $600, had them recovered in a warm, creamy tone. Detailed with dark nickel buttoning, a decorating coup de grace that pulls connection from our floor tone, the framing used around our architectural drawings and from the black shades of our lighting, theyre comfy to the max.Finishing details come in the shape of black Venetian blinds and from silvery mid-sheen drapery, which adds warmth and visual layering. Our clients are thrilled with their mini makeover and the results speak volumes about the ease with which confident decorating can be put into practice, even when scale is strictly limited. Its all, we suppose, in the planning and in the identification of whats actually required.For further inspiration, and to max up on minimal footprint, grab a copy of Designs For Small Space by Jennifer Hudson. Published by Laurence King, the style tome contains a veritable feast of ideas to help tempt the best from even the most compact abode.Next week: At home with former International Interior Designer of The Year, Kelly Hoppen.Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan are the hosts of HGTVs Colin & Justins Home Heist (weekdays at 6 a.m.) and the authors of Colin & Justins Home Heist Style Guide, published by Penguin Group (Canada). Follow them on twitter @colinjustin or on Facebook (ColinJustin). Contact them through their website,
Sit Bone Pain After Road Biking
If you have pain in your sit bones after road biking, you most likely used a seat that doesn't fit your rear properly. The road bike seat you use needs to measure just wide enough to support your sit bones.If it doesn't, you'll experience pain following cycling, regardless of how soft or hard the seat feels. Women and men have different needs in road bike seats due to their obviously different anatomies.Sit Bones DefinedYour "sit bones" technically, your ischial tuberosities are the two protruding bones that carry most of your weight when you're sitting. These two bones carry all your weight when you're sitting on a narrow road bike seat.The seat on your bike should precisely support those two bones. If it's too narrow or too wide, you'll experience different types of pain and discomfort, both during biking and afterward.Read more: 3 Reasons for Butt Pain After Exercise and How to Stop ItSit Bone Pain With CyclingIf your bike seat measures too narrow for your sit bones, all the pressure from your body's weight will press down on the soft tissue between those bones, leading to sit bone pain with cycling. According to cycling blogger Sheldon Brown, most sit bone pain occurs due to narrow bike saddles.If your bike seat measures too wide, meanwhile, your inner thighs and legs can chafe on the outsides of the seat, especially when you pedal quickly. You also may have sit bone pain from a seat that is too wide, especially if it contains too much padding.Read more: The Tiny Muscle That Can Be a Pain in Your Butt, Back and KneesCheck Your FitIn order to eliminate your sit bone pain with cycling, you should measure the width of your sit bones and purchase a new saddle that fits you better. To measure your sit bone width, you'll need a friend to help you.Sit on a hard surface, such as a low coffee table and point out to your friend exactly where your sit bones touch so that she can measure the distance between those two points. Then, look for a bike seat with pressure points that match that width.A professional bicycle fitter might be able to recommend a seat based on your measurements, plus help you make some of the necessary adjustments.Fit for WomenSince most bike saddles are designed for men, women often have problems with saddle fit and frequently experience sit bone pain after road biking. A woman's pelvis designed for giving birth naturally measures wider than a man's pelvis, which means that a seat designed to fit men won't work well for women.Several manufacturers market saddles made specifically to fit women, so you may want to look at those. In addition, a professional bicycle fitter may be able to help you find and fit a saddle that will prevent the problem of sit bone pain with cycling.See a Physical TherapistLess commonly, sit bone pain from cycling might not be related to your bike. See a physical therapist for a thorough assessment particularly if your pain occurs with activities other than biking. Your hamstring tendons attach to your sit bones and pain in this area can be a sign of proximal hamstring tendinopathy or irritation of surrounding muscles.
Design in Antique Style with Chinese Marble Top Coffee Table
Chinese furniture has always been one of the most classic and stylish ways of decorating home and living. Their unique and authentic style is something that makes the aroma in home wonderful and pleasing.When it comes to Chinese furniture there are a lot of design ideas and styles all with something unique in them. And if you are making your purchase from one of the leading stores like Belle works then there is a lot more than one can think.So, let us have a look at some of the unique styles of Chinese furniture in Chinese marble top coffee table.Hua Style Tables:This is one of the most magnificent forms of Chinese style tables. Its design is unique and classy. Also, in these tables, one will get a large variety of colours and design options.This kind of coffee table looks simply stunning in your home no matter where you place it. This is the magic of amazing Hua style and design. At the Belleworks store, you will find a large range of these tables all in unique styles and designs.Hand Painted Chinese Coffee Tables:And of course, the unforgettable an highly stunning Chinese hand painted tables crafted and painted with authentic and unique Chinese designs and styles. How can one forget these amazing and exclusive designs. You will get the best of these tables with the best Chinese coffee table manufacturer.Marble Top Chinese Table:Other decent style table is the classic and exclusive marble top Chinese coffee table. Marble have always been the best choice to be used in furniture styling and dcor. In marbles, also a lot of designs are available all with something or the other unique and special about themselves, If you get this classic Chinese marble top coffee table from Belleworks then you will truly be delighted to see the spark it brings to your home and living.So, for getting the best exclusive Chinese tables for your home and living hurry up and visit the leading Chinese coffee table manufacturer today and get the best table for you RELATED QUESTION Where can I find good Classic Homes furniture? You can find good classic home furniture in both local as well as online stores. Since you have not mentioned your country or city of residence, it is hard for me to list down some local stores. So, I will suggest you some online stores. You can try IKEA. It is the leading online furniture stores which delivers internationally. You, however, will have to check if your country is included in their service area or not. If you are a resident of India, then you can try one of the online stores listed below. Woodenstreet It is the first online custom furniture store in India which delivers in several parts of the country. This store is solely dedicated to home furniture items and hence you can find a huge variety of on their website. You can even pick you design, and if the design is practical enough to be transformed into furniture, they will do it for you. You can choose your type of wood, finish, fabric, etc. of course from the list of available options. Pepperfry It is one of the leading furniture stores in India that sells amazing home furniture. It has an extensive list of satisfied customers. Along with furniture, this store also has an excellent collection of home dcor as well as hardware and electrical products. Fab Furnish It is another leading online furniture store in India which now seems to lose its charm because of the poor quality of services and products. Although I havent shopped anything recently from this website, this is what customer reviews say about this company. You may or may not have a bad experience.
A Wood Table Top As Used on a Solid Wood Dining Table Or a Counter Top
Tables and Counters solid wood tops: In working with tables, choosing the specific type desired is the first step which will include both the size and style of the table. Counter selection will include the size and location of the counter. The table types can include the kitchen table set, end tables, coffee tables, the office meeting tables and so forth. Counters are usually found in the kitchen and often in an office room and in the garage. With the type and location in mind, the size is fairly easy to determine given the size of the space to be occupied. The final choice in this step includes the style desired such as classic, traditional, western, modern, etc. The balance of this article will consider the solid wood table and counter tops that are available to purchase as part of a single table or a table set or counter, to have made or to make it yourself. These tops will be influenced by the entire structure of the table or counter chosen. In dealing with tables such as office conference tables or dining tables the layout of the top is influenced significantly by the support structure which includes the legs and attachment support work holding the top. Counters are generally held by solid sides with one side often holding drawers. The coffee table or an end table may also have a drawer or drawers as part of that table. The shape that the wood for the top is cut begins the process. Square, circular etc. is the basic shape of the table or counter top. Once the top is cut there is some type of edging applied. The edging may be a simple rounded edge all around the wood top or a specific edge with a vertical edge at right angles to the top. On some tables such as an end table for example, one edge may be vertical where the table will touch the wall and edged differently the rest of the way around the top. The counter or table top can be made of one piece of wood depending on the size involved. If too large, several slats of wood can be sealed together to expand the width and length of the top. Tops may be etched to change the wood style of the top with the etching filled and then sealed to maintain the smooth surface. An office conference table or a coffee table may have emblems or designs as part of the table top. Wood tops are emphasized by staining the wood to bring the basic grain to view. Another enjoyable option is to choose a table from an unfinished furniture store. That table will require finishing the wood using stains and sealers to preserve the life and the look of the wood. The best way to do all this planning in colder days is to sit wrapped in pure wool blankets for sale.
Maximize Your Space and Style with This Chic Storage Furniture
From mansion to studio apartment, no matter what the size of your home is, finding a place for every singlething is a dilemma we all face. However, the solution isnt always to Mari Kondo every item you own, purchase an extra dresser or even rent an off-site storage unit. But rather, it can be choosing smartly designed furniture to hide away everything from off-season clothing to ten-year-old tax records. Here areeight unique pieces to help maximize every inch of space. Langely Street Linden Wood Storage Bench Most storage benches have a traditional or contemporary look. But this one from Wayfair has a true mid-century moderndesign featuring leather and wood accents. The cushion pops up and has two divided sections, great for shoes or dog leashes. Theres also a small drawer you can use to store keys. Its so sleek that youd want this bench in your entryway even if it didnt have storage. Home Decorators Collection Adalyn French Market Stripe Tufted Corner Storage Bench Fitting perfectly in a corner or nook, this chair is just the right size for small guest rooms or extra seating in the living room. With a simple French design, youd never know the cushion comes up. Thiscompartment is ideal for storing extra bed linens or towels. Doorman Designs Octavia Coffee Table The problem with a lot of storage furniture is that it looks like storage furniture but not this coffee table . The base is crafted from reclaimed Louisiana sinker cypress wood. The story of how the logs are harvested is such an interesting process that it was even filmed for a National Geographic documentary. The tables also feature mirrored tops, which are handmade to have a smoky antique look. Furniture of America Espresso Joels Modern Shoe Cabinet If you live in a shoes off home, a big pile can often end up outside or in the entryway. This cabinet creates order by holding up to20 pairs of shoes. So, everything from sneakers to stilettoshave aplace. It also has additional cubbies and drawers, great for storing mail and keys. Lulu And Georgia Trenton Expandable Ladder This versatile ladder can raise your storage and style. Use it to bring beautiful textiles into the roomlike the throw that is too warm to sleep with, but too pretty not to display. Or keep it simple and use the ladder to neatly contain the pile of clothing that inevitably ends up on a chair or regrettably on the floor. Teknion Desking Systems Accessories Having an organized workspace and maintaining a clean aesthetic dont often go hand and hand. This can especially be a problem if your desk lacks drawers. But the tn Storage & Accessories Collection , designed by Toan Nguyen with Teknion, makes this possible with a variety of pieces that coordinate the desktop and under desk areas. Create a space for everything you need to store from writing instruments to your bag.
Storage Furniture: Give All Your Stuff a Tidy Place of ...
A clean home is a happy home', and whether you own a big mansion or a small apartment, it is essential to keep it clean and welcoming the entire time. With the increase in price per square feet, people are settling for the smaller apartments. And, with small space comes the big responsibility to use it efficiently by introducing storage furniture available online.Wooden Storage furniture is the best way to maximise the storage space in the home without burning a hole in your pocket. These units are efficient enough to hold all the stuff together in a well-organised way. As, these units are so efficient in solving all your problems and keeping your lovely homes clutter-free and organised, these home furniture storage are in high demand.So, what are you waiting for? Give your lovely abode a fantastic look by introducing these magical units that will store everything inside them. Lets discuss some of the furniture units for storage in different zones of the home.1. In the bedroom: You might be wondering how to amplify the stacking place in the bedroom with that bed occupying almost all the space. Beds, yes beds are the unit you can use as storage furniture.Include a hydraulic storage bed or beds with hidden storage spaces; these will amplify the looks of the bedroom as well as the storage space. You can assemble all the things, such as seasonal clothes, quilts, bedsheets, etc. Some bed designs come with hidden space in the headboard, so enjoy resting your head on it as well as stow all your essentials.You can have customised wardrobes too in the room. Closets will help you keep in the stack all the essential things, like clothing, footwear, jewellery and other itsy-bitsy items.2.Chest of Drawers: Chest of drawers is the versatile home furniture store that can be assembled anywhere in the entire home, whether living room or bedroom or even the entryway. These units will serve the purpose efficiently. So, incorporate this unit in alluring designs and give your abode plenty of storage.3. Coffee tables in the living room: Yes! You have read it right. Coffee tables can offer plenty of function rather than just being a platform to keep your cup of coffee. There are various designs available online where the coffee table double duty as a table as well as a storage place. The design includes storage drawers, magazine racks beneath it, so that you can quickly place books, magazines, keys, coasters, etc., efficiently.4.Ottomans for the beauty storage furniture:Beauty with functionality, the ottomans are the gorgeous footrest or additional seating space that has a cavity inside to provide you free space. Some of the ottoman design also has drawers or shelves so that you can display items on them with ease. Customise it according to your needs and have astounding storage furniture in your dwelling.5.Display units: Display units in the kitchen, dining or living room these storage furniture are the best way to display and store the exquisite collection of ceramics and other antiques you own. So, this is an ideal storage place for your expensive items or items you wish to flaunt.6.Benches with storage: This double-duty furniture unit is a must-have for every home. These storage benches for the indoor or outdoor has a cushioned seat to sit comfortably as well as has space below it where you can store toys, books, and other decorative items.7.Non-boozy way to use Wine Rack: Why limit the use of wine racks to just storing the wines when you can use it for so many purposes. You can use it in the kitchen as a place to store all the kitchen essentials, i.e., bottles, jars, regularly used ingredients, etc.Conclusion: These were some of the types of home storage furniture available online in various designs and sizes. So, incorporate these and give an excellent look to your abode. Before purchasing anything keep in mind the various vital factors like available floor space in the home, and how many furnitures for storage you can incorporate so that the place doesn't look all filled up.