Custom made hotel lobby furniture Like Swallowing a Baby

Some things just dont scale up. custom made hotel lobby furniture Take oysters, for example. The bite-sized oysterraw, baked, or broiled on the half shell, bubbled with cream in oyster stewis a delicious oyster.

The foot-long oysterthe size of the shellfish that used to flourish in old New York Harbors pristine bayis something else again. William Makepeace Thackeray, who gulped one of these down in 1852, remarked in horror that it was much like swallowing a baby. Oysters, nowadays, arent everybodys cup of teain fact, they routinely pop up on Most Hated Foods lists, along with Brussels sprouts, liver, and tofubut our ancestors shamelessly adored them.

Piles of post-feast oyster shellsknown as middensare found along coasts world-wide. One of the largest, in Denmark, dates to the Neolithic period and is roughly the size of the Titanic . In Roman times, a 4000-mile-long barrier reef of oysters extended from Scandinavia south along the Atlantic coast and into the Mediterranean as far as Greece.

Oysters, harvested from these beds, were highlights of Roman feasts, and many Roman homes maintained salt-water tanks in which about-to-be-eaten oysters were kept fresh for the table. The first-century De re coquinaria the oldest known Roman cookbookincludes several recipes for oysters; one recommends seasoning them with pepper, lovage, egg yolks, vinegar, broth, oil, and wine (honey optional). By the first century, however, Mediterranean oysters, due to Roman over-consumption, were running low.

Those oyster-lovers who could afford it imported oysters from as far away as the French coast, sending slaves to trundle them over the Alps in carts packed with ice and snow; and the oyster-hungry Empire was constantly on the look-out for bigger and better sources of oysters. The newly conquered island of Britaina country many Romans didnt think much ofproved to have one redeeming feature: Poor Britons! wrote the historian Sallust, There is some good in them after all.

They have produced an oyster. The oyster that the Romans so craved was Ostrea edulis , the European flat oyster, still (at least by Europeans) claimed to be the tastiest oyster. Its major competitor is Crassostrea virginica , the Atlantic oystersaid to be larger, but blanderwhich once flourished from Nova Scotia to the Gulf of Mexico.

European explorers, when they reached North America, found mind-bogglingly enormous oyster beds. Captain John Smith in 1608 described oysters as thick as stones in Chesapeake Bay; and Henry Hudson in 1609 found 350 square miles of oyster beds in New York Harbor. (Biologists guess that the harbor may once have held half the worlds oysters.) An oyster, writes M.F.K.

Fisher, leads a dreadful but exciting life. It also leads an essentially motionless one. Oysters are born in spawning season, during which male oysters release sperm and females release ten million or more eggs.

Spawning is temperature-dependent, occurring when the water temperature tops 68oF that is, in summer, during those fatal months lacking Rs. (Scary strictures against eating oysters during R-less months should be taken with a grain of salt: R-less oysters are perfectly fine, though connoisseurs argue that theyre less flavorful. This may be, suggests Fisher, because oysters like all men, are somewhat weaker after having done their best at reproducing.) Fertilized eggs turn into tiny swimming larvae which, within 24 hours, develop miniature shells.

These infant oystersknown as veligersenjoy about three weeks of carefree mobility, after which they sprout feet, sink to the bottom of the water column, and cement themselves to a solid surface. The newly anchored oyster is known, charmingly, as a spat. It takes one to three years for a spat to reach oyster adulthood, after which the average oyster can live up to twenty years, unless preyed upon by starfish, snails, or people.

The American Indians seem to have eaten most of their oysters roasted in the shellpossibly because they had no easy way of getting them open. A live oyster is a tough nut to crack. It keeps its shell clamped shut by means of an adductor muscle, a formidable organ capable of exerting up to 22 pounds of pressure.

(The stubborn solidity of this seal explains why a close-mouthed person is referred to as an oyster.) Once wrapped in seaweed and tossed in the fire, however, the roasted oyster loosens its grip and mercifully pops apart. By the 17th century, universal passion for oysters had generated dozens of recipes for soups, stews, sauces, fries, patties, pickles, and pies. Martha Washingtons Booke of Cookery a family heirloom by the time it reached Marthas hands in 1749includes a recipe To Roste a Capon with Oysters, and Hannah Glasses The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy first published in 1747 and the most popular cookbook of the 18th centuryhas recipes for oyster ragoo, soop, collops of oysters, and an oyster sauce for turkey.

Amelia Simmonss American Cookery the first American cookbook, published in 1796has instructions To Smother a Fowl in Oysters, which involves not only stuffing the bird with dry Oysters, but also dousing it once its done with a pint of stewed oysters, well buttered and peppered. Oysters are not only scrumptious; theyre good for you. Theyre high in protein, minerals, vitamin B-12, and omega-3 fatty acids, andat least all by themselvestheyre low in calories.

Reputedly they boost a flagging intellect: Cicero is said to have eaten them to improve his eloquence, and Louis XI (nicknamed the Cunning) supposedly fed them to his advisors to boost their brainpower. Andsince at least the time of the ancient Romansoysters have been touted as aphrodisiacs. Giacomo Casanova, with an eye toward sexual performance, is said to have eaten 50 oysters daily, for breakfast.

Think of oysters, try not to think of sex, writes Rebecca Stott in her fascinating and efficiently titled book Oyster . ViIDEO: The state of Maryland has an innovative oyster farming rogram to clean the Chesapeake Bay. In 2005, research by George Fisher and colleagues at Barry University in Miami, FL, suggested a possible explanation for the oysters hot and bothered reputation.

They found bivalve mollusks such as mussels and oysters to be rich in D-aspartic acid and N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA), a pair of unusual amino acids that boost the production of sex hormones in rats. It just may be that oysters similarly up hormones and enhance sex drive in humansprovided the human eats a lot of them and swallows them raw. (Cooked oysters have lower quantities of the crucial amino acids.) About 95% of oysters that reach kitchen and restaurant tables today are farm-raised; the vast oyster beds that once surrounded the European and North American coasts are now mere shadows of their former selves, victims of over-harvesting, agricultural run-off, and pollution.

Re-populating these oyster beds has potential for greatly improving the health of challenged marine ecosystems. Oysters are natural filtering systems, each single shellfish capable of filtering some fifty gallons of water a day. In their heyday, the lush oyster beds of New York could filter the entire contents of New York Harbor in under a week.

Oysters taste like the sea, writes Rowan Jacobsen in A Geography of Oysters . No other food does. Not lobsters, not saltwater fish, not scallops or clams or even kelp.

Theyre a treat to eat. But in that one brine-y bite, theyre also a reminder of what they have the potential to save. This story is part of National Geographic s special eight-month Future of Food series.


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  • Storm Names of Par Led

    The following list of names was used for named storms that formed in the North Atlantic in 2011. The names not retired from this list were used again in the 2017 season. This was the same list used in the 2005 season with the exceptions of Don, Katia, Rina, Sean, and Whitney, which replaced Dennis, Katrina, Rita, Stan, and Wilma, respectively. The names Don, Katia, Rina, and Sean were used for the first time this year.

    RetirementOn April 13, 2012, at the 34th Session of the RA IV hurricane committee, the World Meteorological Organization retired the name Irene from its rotating name lists due to its significant impacts in the United States. It was replaced with Irma for the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season.

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  • Permitting Customizable UI for a Spaceship's Systems

    User Interface Customization for Spaceship Controls;

    "In theory, practice and theory are the same. In practice, they're totally different."

    We often find that what we plan for isn't what actually happens. What we think we'll need, we actually don't and need something else. This holds for camping trips, tool boxes and so much else. A Priori planning only gets you so far. Designing spaceships is hard. Getting the user interface right is just as hard. However, we have to assume that for the most part, the displays and controls are correct. They provide the correct information and facilitate the proper operations.

    On a long endurance spaceship that won't come back to port for many years, it's possible that the user interfaces designed into the ship aren't actually all that useful. There's information that an operator finds more useful or a presentation that gives too much of the wrong information. What place in this scenario is there for allowing a user/engineer/operator to customize the display and controls to meet their needs? Where should UI customization be permitted and where should it be forbidden? I'm interested in should customization be allowed, and if so, with what restrictions, not how to make customized displays (as that question is very broad).

    There are obvious safety concerns to allowing this. Permitting the power-plant engineers to turn off the big red light because it wakes them up is a bad move. However, letting the navigator build a new display that helps plot a course that incorporates fuel efficiency/time trade-offs would be handy.

    We assume this spaceship has the standard systems: Powerplant, life-support, food prep/production, navigation, sensors, crew quarters, recreation, weapons/mission tools.

  • Training Matrix: Should We Ditch/replace Huge Tables on Mobile?

    It is popular to use this sort of model in certain industries; the training matrix. Its nonetheless a huge table of data. Are there any possible alternatives to replacing the training matrix?

    Or another way to display a huge amount of data on desktop and mobile?

  • Can a Query Write to the Binary Log BEFORE It Has Finished Executing?

    I have a Database which is a Slave and a Master. e.g. it replicates data from our main site, and then onwards to a set of slave databases. (this is mainly a test facility so not monitored out of hours).

    On Sunday morning at 7:55 it started executing an INSERT query. This is a standard query that executes thousands of times a day. Its a single query, not part of a transaction. There are no triggers on that table. This table (and all others) are INNODB.

    But, on this occasion it got stuck. When I came in the office today it had been running for 24 hours (apparently). And replication was a day behind.

    However, when I looked in the Binary logs it showed as COMMITed.

    #160814 7:55:25 server id 21 end_log_pos 103319397 Query thread_id=635785334 exec_time=4294967294 error_code=0

    SET TIMESTAMP=1471157725/*!*/;

    INSERT INTO tablename . . .


    # at 103319397

    #160814 7:55:25 server id 21 end_log_pos 103319424 Xid = 284047583


    # at 103319424

    I checked the Slave databases, and it was on present on there as you'd expect.

    I have a monitoring system which records (amongst other things) the processlist, and it shows that for that INSERT query it was perpetually stuck at STATE = UPDATE.

    I also checked the slow query log to see if it was in there, and it wasn't.

    My understanding was that a query couldn't be written to the binary log until it was commmited on the master, so can anyone explain what has happenned here?

    There was a knock on affect in that once out test system tried to connect at 8:38 this morning, the first SELECT query also got stuck, and then it refused all connetions. So I was forced to restart the database.

    At which point it ran crash recovery, and carried on as if nothing had happenned.

    It is MySQL 5.5.47 and using Statement Based Replication.

  • Why Was Mini USB Deprecated in Favor of Micro USB?

    Mini USB connectors were standardized as part of USB 2.0 in 2000. In 2007, the USB Implemeters Forum standardized Micro USB connectors, deprecating Mini USB connectors four months later.

    Why? What are the advantages of Micro USB over Mini USB that made USB-IF rip out an existing standard and replace it with another one that's basically the same thing?

  • How Can I Explain SQL Injection Without Technical Jargon?

    I need to explain SQL injection to someone without technical training or experience. Can you suggest any approaches that have worked well?

Energy Efficient Room Air Conditioners
If you only need to cool 1–3 rooms in your home, a room air conditioner may be your most economical choice. Because you are only cooling part of your home, energy cost can be controlled. To optimize the performance of your room air conditioner, select an energy efficient model that is properly sized for the room you are cooling. EER — The Energy Efficiency Ratio is used to compare the efficiency of individual room air conditioners. It is the measure of the number of BTU per hour of cooling provided for each watt of electricity used. Room air conditioners typically provide from 5000 Btu/hr to 18,000 Btu/hr. The average EERs of older units from the 1970’s is about 5. Newer units manufactured after January 1, 1990 must have an EER greater than 8. The best room air conditioners on the market have EERs of 11 or more.Simple Steps to Improving Duct PerformanceBecause ducts are often concealed in walls, ceilings, attics, and basements, repairing them can be difficult. But there are things that you can do to improve duct performance in your house. Start by sealing leaks using mastic sealant or metal (foil) tape and insulating all the ducts that you can access such as those in the attic, crawlspace, basement, or garage. Never use ‘duct tape,’ as it is not long-lasting. Also make sure that the connections at vents and registers are well-sealed where they meet the floors, walls, and ceiling. These are common locations to find leaks and disconnected ductwork.CapacityCooling towers are usually described by their tons of cooling capacity. The cooling capacity indicates the rate at which the cooling tower can transfer heat. One ton of cooling is equal to the removal of 12,000 BTUs (British thermal units) per hour from water. 9 Cooling tower capacities at commercial or industrial facilities may range from as few as 50 tons to 1,000 tons or more. Larger facilities may be equipped with multiple cooling towers.UtilizationNot all cooling towers operate at full capacity year-round. Therefore, it may be necessary to determine the utilization profile of your system. This involves identifying how much of your system’s total cooling capacity is utilized and how often to arrive at an annual number of cooling ton-hours.Equipment SizingFor central air conditioning systems, your contractor should calculate the cooling load of your home. This will make sure you are selecting a system that meets you peak cooling needs without oversizing the equipment. Oversized equipment is a common problem that can lead to poor performance, and early equipment failure. Check to see that they are using sizing guidelines such as the Air Conditioning Contractors of EMergyKool.Data analysis on cooling tower water usage and its relation with cooling degree days was performed. Central cooling tower and satellite cooling tower’s monthly make-up and blowdown levels are recorded in Utility Plant’s monthly reports. The reports show that the cooling water make-up and blowdown levels are low during winter and increase during the summer.Conclusion: EMergyKool is a leading supplier of Energy Efficient Misting fans which can be used in industries, parks, beaches etc., For more information visit·RELATED QUESTIONCould we build a combustion engine on hydrogen using a mixture of plastics and metal?Yes, why not. For sufficiently permitting definitions of "mixture".I think the most difficult part of your question is not the engineering, but the language. There is nothing special about running an engine on hydrogen. And there is nothing special about "plastic" or "metal" parts either.Many combustion engines use a combination of metal parts and plastic parts. There is nothing except the fuel system that needs to be fundamentally different for running it on hydrogen.However, "mixing" metals and plastics into a single material is something I have not heard before. Composite materials with e.g. layers of different materials, sure, but no homogeneous mixtures.Could we build a combustion engine on hydrogen using a mixture of plastics and metal?.
Rex Lighting 82 Hz Downlight Series: for High-end Hotels
Five star hotels are always luxurious, but what is the best? Recently, sleeper, a hotel design magazine, launched ahead awards, which is recognized as a heavyweight award in the design industry.In the shortlisted works, regardless of the differences in hardware, the overall atmosphere of each hotel is very good, which is largely due to the clear primary and secondary and quiet and comfortable light environment.So, how can we get excellent hotel lighting effect? This requires us to combine different hotel types and fully consider illumination standards, lighting level planning, reasonable lighting layout, lighting selection, scene control and other issues. Among them, the selection of lamps is really important. It can be said that the evaluation standard of good lighting largely lies in selecting the right lamps to illuminate the parts you need to illuminate!The hotel itself is a space with complex structure, covering the lobby, lobby, restaurant, corridor, guest room and other areas. The floor heights are different and the demands are different. The lamps should be determined according to the needs of different spaces, especially for the selection of main downlight. However, there are always some problems in the application of downlight in hotels, especially in some high ceiling spaces:1. The power of lamps is too high, which makes them blind; The power is too low to walk in the dark.2. The strobe is too high, which makes people mentally tired3. The brightness of the light radiation area is uneven, some areas are clean and bright, and some areas are dim.4. The light quality does not meet the standard, but only meets the basic standard of "lighting up".5. The installation and disassembly are troublesome, and the later maintenance is time-consuming and laborious.It seems that as the main lighting of the hotel space, downlights have a lot of knowledge. Today we'll talk about how to choose downlights in the hotel space!oneThe role of downlights in all areas of the hotelFirst of all, we should clarify the functional demands of downlights in various areas of the hotel. Generally speaking, the hotel is divided into "high floor area" and "low floor area". Therefore, we should select downlights according to the characteristics of these two areas.1. The hotel lobby, lobby, restaurant and other high-rise areas are selected, and the floor height is usually "high floor height area" with H > 6m. The demands for LED downlights are: embedded (compatible with the environment, not seizing the host), high power, large caliber (large size) and good anti dazzle performance.2. In hotel corridors, guest rooms, toilets and other areas, the "low floor height area" with floor height of H ≤ 2.8m, the demands for LED downlights are: embedded (the ceiling is clean and does not compress the floor height), low power, small caliber (small size) and good anti glare performance.twoHow to choose the right downlight for the hotel?As the main lighting fixture of the space, a good downlight should have the following points:01 lamp anti glare: the light is on where it should be, but the light is not on① Downlight meeting the requirements of light interception angle (light interception angle > 30 ° and > 45 ° is preferred).② Deep hidden downlight③ Various anti glare ring lamps are attached (including through cutting light).④ Special treatment optical reflector.02 the lamp has the function of adjustable angleIt can not only increase the function of downlight, but also make the ceiling cloth lamp realize regularity and improve various possibilities of space.03 relatively accurate beam angleFor hotel space, beam angle is one of the effective methods to build a sense of light hierarchy and atmosphere.In the era of LED lamps, the beam angles of different brands are different. For LED lamps used in hotel rooms, it is recommended to use medium narrow (15-18 °), (medium beam 22-25 °) and medium wide (28-30 °), and wide beam angle (55-60 °) can be used in the hotel lobby. Different angles are used in different areas.04 the light quality of lamps meets the standardLight quality evaluation indexes of LED lamps: color temperature, color rendering, R9 value and color tolerance (SDCM), etc. The light quality requirements of LED downlight are as follows:05 the light spot is clean and regularThe hotel space must be clean and tidy in both facade and plane. Any disordered light or shadow will affect the visual effect and have no significance in creating a soft and uniform lighting environment and displaying the irradiator itself. Therefore, a good spot light type should be regular and beautiful, and the halo should be relieved naturally.May see here, many friends are thinking, there are so many ways to choose a downlight? What if you buy it wrong? Is there any good product recommendation?Here we are - Rex lighting 82 Hz downlight is a set of solutions for high-end hotels, high-end clubs, villas and other space lighting lamps, which can solve different application spaces, different application scenarios and different functional requirements.threeRex lighting 82 Hz series downlight01 appearance & Configuration① Rich specifications:The series is equipped with a promotion box, covering 4 product types 2 installation modes of narrow edge and boundless edge, so as to meet different application spaces.▲ multiple product types to meet different application spacesIn addition, it also includes five basic general opening sizes. Different power can be selected to meet different floor heights below 12m. Hertz series downlights can be easily met in hotel lobby, guest rooms, high-end clubs, villas, etc.② Beautiful lamp body:An excellent downlight, the appearance value is also one of the standards to be considered. The edges and corners of this series of downlights are treated very finely. There is no obvious color difference on the surface of the two lamp body structural parts, and the texture is quite good.▲ there is no obvious color difference in the structure of two lamp bodiesAnd the optical surfaces of lamps are attached with protective film, which is one of the standard configurations of high-end lamps③ Simple installation and easy disassemblyHotel space will often be upgraded and transformed with the needs of the market, and the application of lamps and lanterns should pay more attention to its flexibility. Hertz series downlight adopts module structure design, optical integration of light source, flexible application and convenient disassembly and replacement.The width of the die-casting narrow frame is only 8.5mm, and the frameless stainless steel shrapnel is adopted on both sides. The installation is super simple and convenient, and the design proportion is uniform and beautiful.④ The design pays attention to details and is more humanized:The installation position of frameless embedded parts can be adjusted to adapt to the thickness of different slab layers. This detail is very convenient for construction and can be flexibly combined. This practice is common in lamps abroad and is relatively few in China at present;In addition, the power line designed at the outlet can go into the slot without increasing the height of the downlight, and it is anti pulling and fastening, which is also one of the humanized design highlights.02 optical quality① Precise light controlHertz series downlight reflective cup has 15 kinds of Optics and 9 kinds of high-precision secondary optical lenses, which can accurately control the light, produce light without secondary spots, and is soft and clean.▲ 15 kinds of optical reflective cups▲ 9 different optical accessories② High display finger:To create advanced hotel lighting, the higher the color rendering index of the light source, the better. Hertz series downlights adopt the industry's top imported chips, RA > 90 and R9 > 50. When used in space, they can highlight the skin color of Asians and appear ruddy and shiny.▲ high color rendering③ Deep anti glare features:The downlight with good anti glare performance can create a soft and uniform lighting environment and create a luxurious, warm and comfortable feeling for customers in the hotel space. However, many lamps that claim "black light technology" on the market, their light does not fall on the black light cup after secondary optics, which can be said to be a fake black light technology. The Hertz series downlight has undergone secondary optics, and part of the light shines on the black light cup, and then the light is accurately controlled by the black light cup to achieve better anti glare effect.With 40 ° shading angle, it is a very powerful black light anti glare technology.④ Rich optics:This series of downlights has five beam angles: narrow, medium, wide, ultra wide and polarizing. It can accurately control the light and provide options for different objects, focusing or basic lighting. It can be said that with this set of Hera series downlights, it can almost cover more than 90% of the application of the hotel's downlights.03 power supplyHertz series downlights are equipped with thyristor dimming, 0-10V dimming drive and Dali dimming drive. When the dimming is adjusted to the lowest brightness, there is still no stroboscopic.Its high PFC stroboscopic drive (power supply) is also a bright spot. The non stroboscopic power supply on the market is almost low PFC (about 0.5), while the high PFC (at least 0.9) of Rex Hertz series is also the standard configuration of high-end lamps.The power supply adopts a pair of plug-in connectors, and the fool proof design makes the installation more convenient and firm.04 heat dissipationThere are two important indexes to judge the quality of an LED lamp: thermal and optical. In the previous introduction, we have seen the excellent optical performance of Hertz downlight. What about its heat dissipation?Because they are cast aluminum heat dissipation and heat dissipation rib is deeper, the surface area is more, so the overall product heat dissipation is good, helps to extend the service life of lamps and lanterns.In addition, too many heat dissipation ribs will not affect the appearance value of the lamp. It not only meets the requirements of engineers for large heat dissipation area, but also takes into account the aesthetic requirements of product managers. It can be said to be a product with appearance value and strength.In the hotel lighting design, only by constantly coordinating the harmony between the whole and the part, the whole hotel lighting project will be more perfect. With this set of Hertz series downlights of Rex lighting, it can basically meet the application of cylindrical spotlights in 90% of the hotel space. Both the whole and details can be perfectly considered.Original title: [WanMu new materials · market] Rex lighting high-end hotel barrel spotlight - Hertz is coming!The source of the article: WeChat official account: Gao Gong LED] welcome to add attention! Please indicate the source of the article.
Poll: Who Really Should Be "Cookbook Man" the Superhero?
Poll: Who really should be "Cookbook Man" the superhero?Shrunken Fro is so good she should have her own cooking show. Ron would do good to go to the local library and read stories to the children. There really is not even a comparison is there?.— — — — — —How far did the Blight fleet travel during The Children Of The Sky?There's enough uncertainty in what we are told in The Children Of The Sky that the answer could be anywhere between no distance at all and 29.9 light years, depending on what works best for the plot of the sequel when Vinge writes it— — — — — —What do you think about the Duggar family?I think the parents chose to have 19 children, not the kids. It is the parent's responsibility to take care of their children, not the kids. Work and responsibility is important for children. The responsibilities of running the household should be shared, but it is the parent's primary responsibility. The children should have a reasonable amount of chores, but not so many that they arent able to work outside their home or maintain a social life— — — — — —Would you hire a teacher to help design your curriculum?I can not see myself ever needing it. Nor any of the home schooling families I know. In CA we do not have specific standards we have to keep to, not even in high school, since home schools are registered as private schools. Others have suggested tutoring. That sounds like a better idea. Home schoolers as well as classroom schoolers would use that service. Designing a curriculum is not as easy as it sounds. It is not just the grade level or course of study. Parents know their children and how they learn best. Not one size fits all, even with siblings. You would have to know the children pretty well to be able to know how they learn. Most home schoolers try many different curriuculum before hitting on one that works for their children. The internet has made it pretty easy for any home schooling family to find what they need. So, tutoring makes more sense!— — — — — —Do you hate it when parents scream and cuss at their children in public?WOW. That's just uncalled for, and then the mother will wonder where the children will get there mouths from. There is just no reason for it. The only way that that would help anyone is the mother. To get her frustration out. There is no positive side of it, none at all. There is even no reason to yell at a child. I have always said that every child has currency and as soon as you figure out what it is you are golden. What that mother should have said is " If you do that one more time then you have to ride up here with me and you can no longer drive the car". That works for my kids and they listen. Or another big help is give your child a snack while your in the store. For instance, most grocery stores start off with a veggie and fruit isle. Grab an apple or what ever you child likes and let them naw on that while you go through the store. Just make sure you grab another one so it can be scanned. The people never have a problem and it keeps the little ones entertained and quiet :) I agree with you being a parent is frustrating but there is no reason to take that frustration out on them. Kids are kids and that's what they are best at, BEING KIDS.— — — — — —Help!! i am babysitting a 1 year old baby and i think she is got a fever 99.68 normal or not she feels hot?I think you may be overreacting. 99.6 is not bad. Do not listen to these idiots about getting off the computer. I do not know one baby-sitter that does not use one form of entertainment or another while the children are sleeping.— — — — — —What are the disadvantages to imaginative play among children aged 4-5?Imaginative play/ socio dramatic play is one of the best types of play that a child can experience! Through this play they follow Piaget's theory by contributing to their understanding of the world through their actions, they are able to express themselves however they wish and it is their time to be who they want to be, to try out different roles in society and just to have innocent fun. Children see everything and they pick lots up, so this play allows them to have an outlet where they can just let out and act out everything that they have seen that has been of interest to them. Socio Dramatic play is a very important part of a child's development, and usually occurs from ages 2-7 years. The only disadvantage I can see is that from my experience the children usually stay in the dramatic play area and wo not explore and experience any other areas of the room, which are also optimal for development. In this case teachers could set a timer for about 10-15 minutes in the dramatic play area, and the children could rotate.
Wiring Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices to Make Your Gauge Install a Breeze
For example, the Innovate MTX-L Plus is an advanced, stand-alone wideband air-fuel controller and digital readout gauge. It uses a Bosch LSU 4.9 wideband O2 sensor and is compatible with several different fuels. Upon first glance it appears similar to a conventional sensor and gauge combination designed to give the driver specific information. However, the MTX-L Plus is much more sophisticated than a typical oil-pressure or water-temperature gauge. Remember, a wideband sensor requires a heating element that must be kept at the correct temperature to provide an accurate reading.Where Can I Buy Heating Elements?Noland Co. (plumbing and electrical)Where is the heating element in a hot tub?Mine is behind the front panel. There is a removable panel and the motor, heater, pumps and control system are all right there. On my Hot Springs, you must remove the screws to access itIs it wasteful to use a heating element, instead of doing useful work?The energy produced by computers in datacenters is often used for heating purposes. Google with "energy from datacenter used for heating". So, on a larger scale, using energy generated by computers for heating purposes does work.If I add chromium with copper (for heating element), definitely its thermal properties reduce but will it sustain longer from water scaling?They do make chromium/copper alloys (for example: Welcome To Mipalloy), and they do have slightly better corrosion resistance than pure copper. But water scaling in a heater isnu2019t really corrosion - itu2019s minerals (usually calcium sulfate) precipitating out of solution because theyu2019re less soluble in hot water than in cold water. Changing the composition of the metal wonu2019t help you with that.Calculating Power and Setup using resistors as heating elementsFirst concentrate on each of your 12 ohm resistors. Their max rated dissipation is 10 watts. The quickest way to find volts and current from power and resistance is max_voltage = sqrt(max_power * resistance) (or you could simply calculate current and hence power for each of several applied voltages). In this case, sqrt(10*12) is roughly 11v. As you have a 12v supply, you need 2 in series, where the 24ohm total will give you 0.5A, and so 3 watts per resistor. With a 10w rated resistor, if you feel it's getting too hot at 3w, that may mean it's not heatsinked sufficiently, or your expectations need recalibrating. A 10w resistor would need to be big to be air-cooled, or to get very hot. If it looks like it can be bolted down, do bolt it to a heatsink. If it's ceramic with no flat surfaces, then it's supposed to run very hot in air.Two parallel strings of two series resistors will give you a total of 12 watts. Is that enough for your application?[hooligan alert] In my world (turn it up until it blows up, then back off a bit), 12v on a 12ohm resistor will give you 12 watts, which a 10w resistor will probably survive for a while, as long as you keep it cool. Four such resistors in parallel would give you 48 watts, enough? [/hooligan alert]Cleaning electric oven and the heating element sparked.?You could use foil and you wo not have to clean the oven. Just pick up the foil and put more down. I also find that it helps the baking bake more evenly. My heating element lifts up. wrap it in foilElectric Heating Element,12v Rechargeable lithium Battery silicone heater | kapton heater | heated insoles gloves - Ali Brother1. Silicon Rubber Heating Pad/Sheet has advantages of thinness, lightness, sticky and flexibility. 2. It can improve heat transfer, accelerate warming and decrease power under the process of operation. 3. They are heating fast and thermal conversion efficiency high.any advice on how to replace a heating element on a hotpoint dryer?so some distance all i've got had to interchange replaced right into a heating element. i am not precisely pleased with Sears on their washers and dryers, so i might get a Volt Ohm Multimeter (VOM) and degree the resistance on the fuse and the element. certainly one of them could degree infinite resistance. If neither does I propose junking it and changing manufacturers. Their washers a minimum of have 1000's of tremendous high priced computing gadget **** of their controls that are unreliable and a genuine discomfort to objective to troubleshoot and $$$$$ to interchange. In different words, i am a upset shopper. The heating element itself could be an uncomplicated alternative, yet i does not take that any farther aside than surely needed
Domtar Corporation: Paper Gains Or Losses?
Domtar Corporation (NYSE:UFS) is the largest uncoated free sheet paper company in the world, and is struggling to find growth to offset declining demand in the core business. Recently, the company has been upgraded by analysts on optimism over management's M&A strategy, diversification of revenue streams, and the dividend and buyback record. With shares dropping closer to their 52-week lows year-to-date, many investors might be tempted to invest in a potential turnaround.We recommend that investors avoid this company, as it faces greater challenges than many perceive, it lacks the fundamental qualities of an outstanding investment and at its current valuation, there are better investment opportunities to be found elsewhere.The Pulp and Paper IndustryThe industry consists of mills that convert wood fibers into softwood pulp, hardwood pulp and fluff pulp. Pulp is then processed into paper, and used to manufacture products such as newsprint, uncoated free sheet paper, Bristol, personal care products (toilet paper, diapers, etc.) and countless other products that we use on a daily basis. The industry benefits from high barriers to entry, in the form of capital intensity and heavy environmental regulation. Sales are likely to decrease in the next few years due to weakened demand, the threat of foreign imports, and the emergence of online services.Source: IBISWorldIn other words, industry competition is fierce and pricing power is weak. Most products have been commoditized and have low buying sentiment. Various players have suffered in these conditions and have either been taken private (New Page Corp. was taken private by Cerberus Capital Management) or recently come out of bankruptcy (Resolute Forest Products) (IBIS World).Domtar a Leader in a Declining MarketDomtar is an integrated pulp and paper producer. The company converts wood fibers to pulp and further processes into paper products. Excess pulp that is not used internally is sold to the market. The company is the leader in uncoated free sheet paper with 8.6% market share (IBIS World). In terms of structure, 85% of the production goes to Communication Paper and 15% is Specialty and Packaging Paper (Domtar Q2 Fact Sheet). This poses a problem as Communication Paper is expected to decline 3-4% per year (IBIS World). The good news is that management is trying to solve the problem by increasing their production of Specialty & Packaging Paper (stronger margins) and building a presence in the Personal Care industry (Domtar 10-K 2013).Cost Escalation and Declining ProfitsWhile looking at the 2013 10-K and 2014 10-Qs, we note the cause of the earnings decline. Some drags on profitability may be temporary, due to bad weather in Q1, or resolution of a lawsuit in 2013, but many are worrisome. Increased input costs (driven by the cost of fuel and electricity), increased freight and selling costs and the loss of the Alternative Fuel Tax Credit all impact future earnings. In Q2 2014, decreased demand led to greater idle time (approximately 51000 tons), which meant that costs were being spread over a smaller base, thus increasing unit costs (10-Q, Q2 2014), and slimming margins.With declining demand, management has been re-purposing or closing down facilities. This has increased costs for laying off workers, losses on disposal of equipment (specialized equipment is unlikely to have much value outside of pulp and paper production), environmental obligations (already reflected in allowances but they could surpass expectations), and any other shutdown costs.Looking through the MD&A, we note that roughly 50% of the 9400 employees are unionized. Of these employees 1800 of them will be negotiating their collective agreements this year, with other negotiations occurring between 2015-2017. This can potentially lead to increased labor costs, even if it is just inflation pegging. If this increased cost cannot be passed on to the consumer, margins will be compressed. With falling demand, and greater competition from foreign (Chinese) competitors, due to a strong USD and lower wages, it is unlikely that consumers will tolerate much of a price increase. At best they may be able to pass on minor increases. Given that Domtar was unable to realize a full price increase in F14Q2, it seems realistic to see slightly tighter margins.Customer RiskDomtar is exposed to significant customer risk. About 35% of total revenue comes from the 10 largest customers (Domtar 10-K). The financials also state that 10% of total revenue comes from Staples (NASDAQ: SPLS). When we consider Staples' own troubles and its mass store closure plan, Domtar could suffer declining demand from their biggest customer. Furthermore, Staples has bargaining power over Domtar, and could potentially pressure Domtar to take price concessions in order to maintain order volumes.Fundamental WeaknessThe story is not promising for Domtar, but the company is looking to pivot in hopes of finding growth. The company has no economic moat and does not appear to be able to continue business long-term in its current state. They face increasing costs, decreasing demand, a unionized workforce and virtually no product differentiation. This does not appear to have the potential for outstanding returns. Can the transformation plan fuel growth, and make it a worthy investment?Personal Care: Brilliant Diversification or Misguided Waste of Capital?The Personal Care unit consists primarily of adult incontinence products and infant diapers. These products are made with highly absorbent fluff pulp, which Domtar manufactures, and super absorbent polymers. Management's strategy is to take advantage of an aging population, while at the same time gaining a greater presence in Europe. The Personal Care division currently represents 10% of total revenues, yet 23% EBITDA (Domtar Q2 Factsheet). This indicates healthier margins than the core business. However, this does not mean that the push into Personal Care will be successful.Adult Incontinence (NYSE:AI)Domtar is now competing in a concentrated business, in which 90% of the market has been controlled by the 5 biggest players over the last 10 years (Domtar, 10-K 2013). This market has two segments: retail and institutional. Domtar generates 85% of its AI revenue from institutional sales(Seeking Alpha, Q2 2014 Earnings Call Transcript). Two problems arise from this institutional strategy. First, these sales are extremely sensitive to government spending on health care. Second, without long-term contracts, Domtar could be undercut by larger players with greater production and distribution capabilities. This could force price drops and lost sales. The remaining 15% of Domtar's AI sales are through the retail channel. This is unlikely to become a major source of revenue. Established players like Kimberly-Clark (NYSE:KMB) have network advantages with strong distribution and customer relationships that will provide them with favorable shelf space. They also have established international brands, such as Depends and Poise. On top of this they have huge marketing budgets. At the same time, Procter & Gamble (NYSE:PG) is re-entering the segment with their Always brand and investing $150M in marketing to gain a meaningful share of the market (AdvertisingAge).Infant DiapersDomtar entered the US infant products business through the AHP acquisition. The company manufactures store brand diapers. On the surface, this private label strategy appears more favorable than going up against branded products. In fact, the top 2 branded manufacturers control 80% of the total market. The rest of the private label manufacturers, including Domtar, compete for the remaining 20% of the market. In terms of growth, management expects demand in the US to be flat (10-K 2013). With flat demand, they would need to either increase revenues through higher prices, or steal market share by slashing their prices. The question is, can they actually increase prices? From their 10-K: "The [infant diaper] business is focused around a small number of large retailers that control the majority of the volume in North America which is driven by multi-year contracts, and leads to the competitiveness and volatility in the industry." Customers (large retailers) have high bargaining power, and in the tough retail business, they will most probably be against any increases. Additionally, a pricing war would most likely be won by larger competitors.Mergers: a Flawed StrategyWhile there is much uncertainty, what is clear is that UFS will need significant investment and time to become a major player in the Personal Care industry. Domtar faces challenges in integrating the acquired companies. There have been recent headwinds in the Indas acquisition through higher than expected startup costs, and the loss of 2 major customers during the transition of ownership of that business. Currently capacity constrained, the company expects benefits from this acquisition to appear in the Q4FY14.Much of the lost revenues from Pulp & Paper is being offset by acquisitions, but this is not sustainable. M&A means premiums, restructuring costs, and integration costs. Furthermore, there is a limit to how much and how fast Domtar can buy earnings to offset the decline. Investors can reallocate capital more easily and less costly than Domtar can buy their way into the industry.Price-to-Book a Misleading Measure of ValueLooking through prior articles on Domtar, many investors have been hanging their hats on the company's low Price-to-Book ratio. As of September 10, 2014, the company is trading at a P/B ratio of around 0.86 (assuming a market cap of 2.43B). Taking this number at face value is a serious mistake made by many investors. One must understand what the company is putting on their books, and a better ratio would be the price-to-tangible-book ratio.[(Assets - Liabilities) - Intangible Assets] = Tangible Book ValueGoodwill should be removed as it reflects the premium paid on past deals and not necessarily what can be received from a liquidation, while the other intangibles are primarily brand names and trademarks. Trademarked names for a declining commodity do not seem like a sellable asset in a liquidation. We calculated 2 different Price-to-Book Ratios:a) Removing Goodwill: June 30 2014 --> 2.430/2.171 = 1.12b) Removing ALL intangible assets: June 30 2014 ---> 2.430/1.523 = 1.60Following the logic other investors have been using, using tangible book value would indicate an overvalued stock, by either 12% or 60% depending on your opinion of intangible assets. That's a big difference compared to the "16% upside based on book value" others have been praising.Debt Situation AnalysisAs of Q2 2014, the company has around $1.4B of long-term debt on its balance sheet. Major uses of this debt are: general corporate usage, acquisitions and refinancing of prior issues. The company's most recent debt issuance ($250M Nov. 2013) was rated BBB- by Standard & Poors. This is considered the lowest investment-grade and should be cause for concern. If the core business continues to deteriorate, or if there are downturns in the economy, costs of debt could rise substantially. Of course, these are "what-if" scenarios, but as investors we must have an idea of all the risks pertaining to the company. There are two areas that require further attention on the Liabilities section of the balance sheet:1) There are off-balance sheet commitments such as operating leases on Property, Plant & Equipment, which should be added back to debt, with the accompanying operating expense becoming an interest expense.Source: Domtar Corporation 10-K 2013While we believe the company should be able to make these payments, they are commitments that could become serious problems if any liquidity problems were to arise in the future. As their borrowings increase, they may need to seek more off balance sheet financing, at higher costs and perhaps with more restrictive covenants.2) The company may have breached a covenant on the Bank Credit Facility (FY2013)There are two covenants for the Amended Bank Credit Facility (p.128, 10-K 2013)1) Interest coverage ratio of not less than 3-to-12) A leverage ratio, that must be maintained at a level of not greater than 3.75-to-1Looking at the 10-K 2013, it appears as though the company had breached its covenant of keeping the interest coverage ratio above 3, as we calculate it at 1.89. Management had stated that they were in compliance with the covenants at December 31, 2013. We would need to receive more clarification on this, as we do not know exactly how they calculated the ratios. On our part, we are following the original coverage ratio (EBIT/Int Exp). Management may be using an adjusted interest coverage ratio of EBITDA/Int Exp. Another possibility is that creditors were not interested in triggering a technical default as long as interest payments kept rolling in. Will they be so forgiving in the future if the ability to make payments declines?Note, the company HAS been in compliance in Q1 & Q2 2014, though just barely. While interest expense actually increased in the first 6 months of 2014 compared to the first 6 months of 2013, the acquisition of Indas brought on a substantial amount of operating income keeping the ratio in compliance. If they are unable to replace operating income lost in the Pulp and Paper segment fast enough, this can lead to a future breach of covenants.The company is in compliance with the financial leverage ratio as of Q2 2014 (2.24)Source: Morningstar via QuestradeCash Flow AnalysisThe term Free Cash Flow seems to be a favorite of management, but this can be misleading. Free Cash Flow also includes net new borrowings. Investors prefer to own companies that have high quality free cash flow; that means it is being generated from operations and not borrowings. Looking at the 10-K cash flow statement, it is clear that Domtar's FCF is low quality. Not only have earnings declined by over 75% since 2011, but the cash generating ability of the business has also suffered dramatically. Domtar is generating 53.5% LESS cash flow from operations. But while cash from operations is dropping investing activities have been rising, and this deficit needs to be funded with debt. Domtar closed 2013 with $655M in cash, but most of this was spent on acquisitions in early 2014. While 2014 operating cash flow is 33.9% better than the first half of 2013, investing activities are up 438%, eliminating cash reserves.Source: Morningstar via QuestradeAlternatives to M&A ProgramWhile the hope is that these acquisitions pay off in the future, do investors really want to bank on hopes and dreams, when the company could have paid a special dividend roughly 8.38$ ($546M/65.1M shares) today, or retired roughly 15% ($546M/$39 share price= 14M shares retired) of shares outstanding? Would this not have benefited shareholders more directly and with more certainty?The dive into Personal Care will require substantial expenditures, both through future acquisitions, and increasing capacity at Laboratorios Indas. Simply put, the company will be splitting its free cash flow budget between the M&A program and returning cash to shareholders, not fully executing on either strategy. With Personal Care currently sitting at 10% of total revenue, the M&A program will need to be a long-term strategy if the company expects to truly balance their revenue streams. This could lead to increased risk through debt issuance, or the dilution of current shareholders through equity issuance. Management gave this response when an analyst asked about the buildup of Personal Care business through M&A and use of leverage:"..And so far, we've made rather a medium-size acquisition. So if we continue in that route, I don't think there's a risk on the balance sheet side. But if there's the right acquisition that's a little bit bigger, we'll have to make our decisions then." (Seeking Alpha, Q2 2014 Earnings Call Transcript)Could shareholders get burned by dilution or increased investment risk? Might there be a better alternative for delivering shareholder returns? We believe the following alternatives are worth examining:1. Stock buybacks: continue to reduce the number of shares outstanding, improves the EPS, reduces the amount of dividends paid out and can be a good investment if management does think the shares are undervalued.2. Industry Roll-up: acquire competitors in pulp and paper, essentially increasing market power, increasing economies of scale and reducing pricing competition.3. LBO or MBO: take the company private to reduce the costs of staying public, shareholders exit at a premium, and management can restructure the firm privately while servicing the debt with cash flow generated by the business. This has been done with many competitors.4. Increase dividends or special dividend: return capital to shareholders and allow them to reallocate to other investments.5. Focus on Specialty offering: continue pulp and paper production, but with a greater focus on packaging and specialty grade paper that has less threat of substitution.Conclusion: Investing is a Relative GameSuccessful investors know that it is a relative game. We can't predict the market or economy. But we can choose the best relative investments available. This is the essence of capital allocation. At a P/E of 14.16, UFS is justifiably cheaper than the S&P 500 (NYSEARCA:SPY) at a P/E of 19.68 ( When you consider that Domtar is in a declining industry, has no competitive advantage, no pricing power, escalating input prices and a unionized workforce, it is not unreasonable to expect earnings to decline for the foreseeable future. This would either make the P/E multiple expand as EPS falls, or the price would fall, keeping the P/E stable.Now the Personal Care division can expand and make up the lost EPS in the future, but buying growth is not cheap, quick, or risk free. Do not underestimate the risk in Personal Care or the difficulty in integrating acquisitions. Rather, investors should look elsewhere for potential opportunities.Disclosure: The author has no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours. The author wrote this article themselves, and it expresses their own opinions. The author is not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). The author has no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.Additional disclosure: This article is the work of Giuseppe Farruggia and Costa Tagalakis of Augustus Research Ltd.
Why Do People Believe That Every Problem Can Be Solved with Another Law?
Why do people believe that every problem can be solved with another law?regulations do no longer resolve issues. they supply a trend for societies to handle the topics. you are able to outlaw homicide, even with the undeniable fact that it would not end human beings from killing. It only supplies you a shape wherein to punish the guy who committed the homicide. same with the different crime. No regulation prevents crime. this is been shown that capital punishment is not a deterrent to homicide. rather this could't be a ask your self to you. Edit: to respond to your final question--no longer something could make crime an impossibility. If this have been feasible, you wo not choose regulations, or faith. you should understand that religions, too, have been created to maintain order. Human regulation enforcement will possibly no longer seize you, yet god gets you. That has not worked too nicely, the two, has it? additionally bear in mind that the definition of "crime" differences with time and place. It was against the regulation in the U.S. for individuals of distinction races to marry. In England, till approximately 50 years in the past, gay family members have been against the regulation. In some international places on the instant, adultery (ordinarily whilst committed by way of women) is against the regulation, each and every from time to time punishable by way of death. It did no longer was against the regulation to triumph over your babies; in some international places, it nevertheless is not . And on and on. What i think of you prefer to do away with is "evil," no longer "crime," and historic previous might teach that human beings are incapable of that.— — — — — —Does God have moral obligations to human beings?This a good question, and can only be answered appropriately when the nature of God is put into question. Correspondingly, we must define morality and seek to discover its roots.Putting the nature of God into perspective allows us to determine his natural inclinations or obligations, if at all he has any, he is God after all. So we shall seek for an answer in the only credible source, the Bible. Like all books, you are bound to find traces or fragments of the author's character, but I like to believe the Bible gives us more than a fragment of who God is.Now, I know of one scripture the perfectly encapsulates the essence of God's nature, and the scripture is 1 John 4:8Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love. So if we were to attempt to give God any defining attribute, it would be Love. Thus any act of Love done towards us by God cannot be labeled as anything because he is quite simply being himself. We learn what love is in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, which says:Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends. As for prophecies, they will pass away; as for tongues, they will cease; as for knowledge, it will pass away. I do not know if this verse covers what love is holistically, but it is a good start.At this point, the question of morality becomes easier to tackle, because the Bible also tells us what what love is, and what it is not. The word Love embodies all morally good acts, actually, I would say, Love not only embodies all morally good acts but SOURCES all morally good acts, which leads me to my next point. Morality is defined as:principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.ora particular system of values and principles of conduct, especially one held by a specified person or societyTo assume a moral law, one must assume that there is a moral law giver, and as mentioned above, Love not only embodies all morally good acts but SOURCES them, thus we can say God, who is Love, is the source of all things considered to be moral.My answer then is, No, God does not have any moral obligations, any act done towards us by God is to be assumed as moral, because this is his nature. The word "obligation" would be entirely out of context.I hope this answers your question, a response would be much appreciated
How Can I Make My Cheese Sauce Creamier?
Sodium citrate. It's not some crazy scientific chemical, you have it in plenty of other foods. I've made and messed up a lot of mac and cheese in my day and sodium citrate is the way to go. This page is very helpful. If you don't have some on hand mix a bit of vinegar and baking soda together until they no longer react and add a bit at a time of that solution until consistency and texture is to your liking. Just be careful when using it at first because it can make your sauce seem bitter and or salty. I would not suggest using strong IPA if you're doing a beer cheese sauce - I speak from experience• Related QuestionsIf you add spices to boiling pasta, will it absorb spices/flavours?That will work only for water-soluble spices, and you will still end up pouring a lot of spices away with the water.I once took a cooking class with Bavarian chef Alfons Schuhbeck, and his recommendations were:The last point can be taken one step further by preparing a somewhat watery sauce and cooking the (raw) pasta in the sauce. It will take a bit longer than usual, and you have to develop a feeling for just how much liquid you will need (or keep and eye on the pasta and add more water as neededa bit like making risotto). However, the pasta will absorb a lot of flavor from the sauce, and no starch from the pasta will end up getting poured out with the water (it all goes into the sauce).As an additional benefit, you have only one pot to clean in the end instead of two------Why does my cookbook want me to drain my tomatoes for a pasta sauce?Draining some of the juice allows you to get to a thick sauce quickly. It may also reduce some of the acidity which may be why you prefer this recipe.The thickness of the pasta sauce goes hand-in-hand with the shape of the pasta you're making.Different pasta shapes can hold different amount of water (say fusilli vs spaghetti) and traditionally you boil down the sauce to make it thicker so the pasta can hold it. However, this can have other effects including change of colour.You can save the tomato juice and make a mean bloody-mary/ceasar with it. Throw in some worcestershire sauce, tabasco, a stick of celery and optionally a stick of dried meat (e.g. beef jerky) and it's a meal onto its own.Tomato juice is also a great hangover cure. so either way, you can save the stuff and not waste it------Sauting big batch of onionsI have not personally tried this with onions, but whenever I need to cook large batches of something (for example, bacon) and I don't have enough space on top of the stove, I try to find a way to work it in the oven.Although it's not going to be a true saute, I think you could probably achieve what you want with a few sheet pans of onions (mixed with oil) in the oven.This recipe would probably be a good guideline for time and temperature. If that doesn't sound like something you'd like to try, do you have a grill? What if you laid out a large amount of foil across the grates of your grill (put a lip on the edge, basically make an impromptu baking sheet out of foil) and do them on the grill over low to medium heat until they're the texture you want?------I'm tweaking a Lasagna BologneseThe thing about lasagna is that it really only needs to be heated through. All of the components (pasta, the sauce or sauces, the cheeses) are already cooked, or don't need to be cooked.So baking the whole lasagna heats it through and helps the flavors to meld. A 4" thickness not tremendously thicker than some more traditionally proportioned lasagnas, so you should expect it to bake through in about the same time any casserole of that thickness would require. I would start at about 325-350 degrees, for about 1 hour to maybe 1:15. You may need to leave it covered for most of the baking period so that the top doesn't overly brown or dry out.In the end, you can test the casserole with an instant read. It should probably get up to about 150 or 160 F internally to be enjoyableLasagna should be very forgiving------Why is the pasta often cooked in the sauce in al'arrabiata recipes?While Italian cuisine is defined regionally, the majority of Italian pasta dishes have one cook the pasta until almost done, then finish in the condiment. While there are exceptions that include thick, long cooked sauces like Bolognese or sugos, finishing in the condiment serves several purposes: (a) the pasta and the condiment can be combined, (b) the pasta finishes cooking, (c) it absorbs the flavor of the condiment, and (d) the condiment (sauce) thickens and emulsifies from the addition of the starchy pasta cooking water (this can be controlled by adding cooking water and/or allowing it to cook off). Yes, it is more difficult than cooking separately, and it can be a little nuanced, but it is not very technical. With a bit of practice, I think you will find this step worth it------Which is a typically American way of seasoning spaghetti and other pasta?The most common preparation is tomato sauce and parmesan cheese.Of course, some Americans will tell you that the only truly American way to eat spaghetti is to top it with chili, then shredded cheddar cheese, then chopped onions, then red kidney beans. It's hard to fully express the majesty of this dish, and should only be enjoyed on special occasions, like the Super Bowl.In Canada (which I consider to be basically "American"), it's also fairly common to add or replace the tomato sauce with pesto sauce. Soft goat cheese is another common additive. Perhaps these sound "Italian" but I'd consider an Italian pasta to be something more like a bolognese, carbonara, alfredo, or even the trusty old butter/olive oil and parmesan cheese. You'll almost never see tomato sauce combined with pesto sauce in an authentic Italian restaurant (or in Italy), but it's common in American home cooking------Why do beverages taste different based on how cold they are? closedI think the question is too general to give any terribly useful answer.Most of what we consider taste is actually smell i.e. it's the detection of volatile chemicals from the food in the nose. The volatility of many chemicals found in food changes a lot over the 0C to body temperature range, and this would have a big effect on taste.Many foods contain fat and this melts over the zero to body temp range. This probably affects texture more than taste, but it may also affect volatiles dissolved in the fat. A good example is to try and eat pasta sauce straight from the fridge. If the sauce contains any appreciable amount of fat it usually tastes disgusting :-)------What can be used as a substitute for tomato sauce in typical italian dishes?A big component of pizza sauce has nothing to do with tomatoes per se. Break down the components and consider alternatives.Water: Yup, tomatoes are just wet, so you'll need some liquid.Sugar: Tomatoes are naturally sweet, so you'll need some sugar/honeyAcid: This is huge, but easily fudged with vinegar or lemon juiceSeasonings: As much onion (powder), garlic (powder), salt, pepper, basil, oregano, parsley as you wantDepth: This is the tricky part, that rich, almost smoky quality of cooked tomatoes. It won't be easy to replace. Darin's answer probably comes closest with a similarly colored pepper cooked with direct heat. To expand on that, I think you could venture into other peppers besides just red bell, maybe some mexican low-heat varieties, a little chipotle, perhaps?.------How to prevent watery spaghetti squashIf you're plating with a harm to hot sauce, your squash will cook further; try removing the squash and shredding it 5-10 minutes earlier than you normally would, and allow the shreds to rest until they've cooled to room temp; the heat from the sauce will finish the cooking process, and warm them up again.This is similar to adding slightly undercooked noodles to a sauce while it's still cooking, but better suited to something as delicate as spaghetti squash.Oh, one more tip; when roasting your squash, start with the cut sides facing down to steam it, then flip them facing up with a bit of water in your roasting pan for the remainder of the time; it cooks the squash all the way through, but also gives it a great roasted flavor from the outside layer of flesh.------How well does it work to just throw in all the ingredients and boil?Ah, One Pot Pasta....As loads of bloggers, authors and cooks - possibly inspired by Martha Stewart and her team - have confirmed: dumping the pasta, sauce ingredients and a carefully meassured amount of liquid in one pot or pan will give you a "pasta and sauce" dish in ten to fifteen minutes.And it works. Sort of. Your instinct matches my experience: when you omit the sauting or slow roasting of ingredients you are missing the flavour compounds that this step creates, likewise if your recipe stews the sauce for a long time. So while all ingredients in one pot pasta will be cooked, due to cutting everything to the appropriate size, the flavour will be different from what your traditional method creates. If you expect one pot pasta to taste like your traditional recipe, you will probably be disappointed. If you are simply aiming for a creative, hassle-free quick dish, go for it------Why isn't pasta water salted in Chinese cuisine?I would say it's because the sauces are salty on their own so you don't need to "coat" the noodle in salt for taste while boiling. As (correct me if I'm wrong) in Asian cuisine the noodles are rather neutral in taste absorb spices from fat in sauce. The increased boiling point for salted water, in my opinion, is only usable when making thick noodles or ones that carry on room temperature. So putting them in boiling water won't lower the temperature below 90C degrees (if the water is salted and have temp over 100C). Third thing are eggs. It's a mix of two previous ones, so you need the salt to bring the flavour of the egg noodles and be sure you boil them in high temperature to cook the eggs------Why add salt to the water when cooking pasta?I am really surprised that there was no answer above relating to the simple fact that adding even half a teaspoon salt to the boiling water serves this purpose:That's also why I have stopped rinsing the boiled noodles, which washes off and leaches out more vitamins down the sink-drain.If you drain noodles after boiling and don't want them to stick together, just run a Stick of butter very fast through the whole batch, which immediately improves the flavor, or put your thumb almost totally over the top of a bottle of first-pressed olive oil, and sprinkle a teaspoon or so over that batch of noodles and stir fast.I have thereby never had any problems of sticky lumps, when stored in the refrigerator, and I have preserved a better level of nutrition.------How should one go about reheating pasta?I've steamed my pasta -- in fact, it's how I reheated pasta during my years of living without a microwave.The important part is to not overcook the pasta in the first go through -- pull it when it's al-dente; I'd also toss in some oil or butter so the pasta wouldn't stick together, as you want the pasta loose in the steamer, not a giant glob of fused pasta.I'd get it most of the way heated through, and then finish it in the sauce. On days I was lazy, if it wasn't a really thick pasta, I'd just heat up the sauce, and put the pasta in for a minute or less to reheat. The important part was that the pasta was oiled so it wasn't a giant lump, and the sauce could get in there to heat the pasta up
How Do Fast-flying Aircraft Avoid Overheating?
How do fast-flying aircraft avoid overheating?I would like to answer with a focus on the SR-71, since I happen to have a book that gives details on its design.Ben Rich was the lead of the propulsion and thermodynamics group for the SR-71, and Kelly Johnson's successor as head of the Skunkworks for later programs. In the "Faster Than a Speeding Bullet" chapter of his memoir Skunkworks (pg 203 in the first paperback edition, 1994), he writes:. I volunteered some unsolicited advice about how we could use a softer titanium that began to lose its strength at 550 degrees. My idea was to paint the airplane black. From my college days I remembered that a good heat absorber was also a good heat emitter and would actually radiate away more heat than it would absorb through friction. I calculated that black paint would lower the wing temperatures 35 degrees by radiation. But Kelly [Johnson, head of Skunkworks and the then-A12 project] snorted impatiently and shook his head. Overnight, however, he apparently had second thoughts."On the black paint," he said, "you were right about the advantages and I was wrong." He handed me a quarter. It was a rare win. So Kelly approved my idea of painting the airplane black, and by the time our first prototype rolled out the airplane became known as the Blackbird.The chapter goes on into greater detail on various unique material selections:stainless steel hydraulic linesHastelloy X ejector flapsElgiloy control cablesGold-plated plumbing linesTitanium screws and rivetsSpecial rubber for the landing gear wheels, which were then inflated with nitrogenJet fuel with a higher flash point (JP-7)Pg 205:The fuel acted as an internal coolant. All the heat built up inside the aircraft was transferred to the fuel by heat exchangers. We designed a smart valve -- a special valve that could sense temperature changes -- to supply only the hottest fuel to the engines and keep the cooler fuel to cool the retracted landing gear and avionics.Pg 207:We designed the cockpit air-conditioning to bleed air off the engine compressor and dump it through a fuel air cooler, then through an expansion turbine, into the cabin at a frigid minus 40 degrees F, which lowered the ovenlike 200-degree cockpit to a balmy Southern California beach day.So I guess there's three generic design principles embodied here:— — — — — —Why aren't all CPUs 'overclocked' as a factory default? [duplicate]Overclocking produces more heat and makes the computer less stable. In order to overclock, you have to have an upgraded fan and/or water cooling system— — — — — —What human activitys cause global warming, or is the whole idea just a big scam?The oil we use emits green house gases which destroys our ozone layer allowing more heat from the sun to affect earth making our planet warmer. We need to find a renewable energy resource ASAP!— — — — — —Does a woman's body have more heat than a man's body?Have you worn a sleeveless dress in the winter? It's freaking Cold! Body temp varies a little from person to person but on average 98.6, gender doesnt make a difference— — — — — —Why does my face turn red when I work out, run, play baseball - basketball?Since you are working out, you need to obtain more oxygen and release more heat at certain areas of your body. The blood carries more oxygen to those areas and also releases heat at the same time— — — — — —how do you get more heat from a wood burning fireplace with gas log-lighter?I have never heard of a gas log fireplace in which you could also burn wood. You need to get a hold of an owners manual and determine if in fact you can also burn wood. You should be able to install a blower on it, or at least put a fan somewhere close to help circulate the warm air.— — — — — —What do u think the reason he used sesame oil to cook MONGOLIAN TOFU?IT CAN TAKE MORE HEAT WITHOUT BURNING— — — — — —Do planetary nebulae give off heat? If so, how much?Yes planetary nebulae give off more heat (infrared) than Jupiter, but they have a much larger surface area, so it is often not possible to detect nor measure the heat. Jupiter is likely most infrared energy given off after The Sun, in our solar system
unfortunately it's not a stain. it has removed the finish off of the table. you could try brown shoe polish and/or iodine if it has a reddish tint in the finish. be careful using either as the color of the finish may not match1. Is it possible to get the scent of cigarette smoke out of a wooden table?Give it a light sanding and restain it/paint it. The smell has probably ingrained itself, so cleaning wo not do much if anything. Cigarette smoke stinks, and smokers do not realise that it gets into EVERYTHING!2. How do i get nail polish remover off my wooden table?well you cant fix it or take it off but what you can do is buy this liquid marker that is for wood and is in any shades of brown and can cover it and it will look like the furniture color i think you can find this in home depot3. What is the name of the tool(s) needed to repair the boards of a wooden table?Hi Owlet, I am K-MAC from the Centre for Mentally Challenged Youths. Sounds like your old man needs a belt sander, a cement mixer and 3 liters of sugar soap. Please visit for more advice and wear something revealing.4. Can you put polyacrylic finish over oil based stain on a wooden table?I would suggest a sanding sealer, followed by a few coatings of oil based polyurethane. Nothing seems to bring out the grains and beauty of the wood like this5. Are there natural ways to hide small scratches in my wooden table?my mother in law has antiques and natural wood furniture throughout her house and she told me she uses mayonaise for scratches.I was in the middle of refinishing a dresser when she told me this trick so it was a little late for me to test it. just rub mayo in it. I think the blend of oil and eggs makes this work. It sounds gross but she swears to it!.6. Can anyone figure out this riddle ?make fire using those thing, wooden table and mirror. let the fire burn one side of the room and then he can go away7. How to get nail polish remover off a wooden table?!?It may have taken the stain off the table, in that case, you are kinda in trouble. But try some white tooth paste not gel. Put a dab, let sit for a few minutes and rub in a light, circular motion wit a soft cloth. Then rinse, with a wet clean rag. It should help remove any artificial spots, maybe that will help. That's what we use on wood to remove water and heat stains/spots. Good luck8. how can you remove a white spot from a wooden table where a plate w/a warm bottom was sat?Before you go to the extreme of refinishing try this first. Get your mayo jar out and rub into the spot, then I put a big clob all over it , let set for 20 minutes or so. wipe an area off if gone remove allthe mayo and it you still have some thier put on more mayo. This can take several times so do not give up9. 7 great table setting ideas for the summerWant to enjoy your summer dinner with the family and being happy and contented with a delicious, home made meal? Upgrade the dining table by making more summer in appearance with these table setting ideas. There are many reasons why all people love summer. From the breaks from school to the summer outdoor activities, many truly enjoys this season. What else to really enjoy the ambiance of the summer time is by decorating your home especially your dining table, with summer themes. Summer is one of the favorite seasons of many individuals. It is considered to be the hottest of the four temperate seasons. During this season, the days are longest and the nights are shortest. However, the date varies from region to region as the season is based on the climate. For example, in Australia and New Zealand, summer begins in December and ends in February. On the other hand, in southeast Asia, summer starts in March and normally ends in June. Schools and universities often have summer breaks to give students the opportunity to enjoy the warm weather and participate in various outdoor activities, such as sport events. Tournaments are normally held during this season to take advantage of the weather. This is also the season for families to have their famous barbecue, and enjoy the outdoors. You can spend playing with your pet dog while your Dad doing the barbecue. Or you can also help your Mom in setting the table. However you want to enjoy the outdoor meal during the summer, it is how you spend it with the family and share the love that your parents have given you. As we enjoy the different outdoor activities, the other thing that we enjoy most is of course, eating! All of us love to eat, whether indoors or outdoors, as long as you have sumptuous food and cool drinks to beat up the summer heat, it is always a feast for most of us. To further enjoy eating your meals, we have prepared seven table setting ideas to fully enjoy your summer: 1. Fiesta-themed - this is an event marked by festivities or celebration. Fiesta is characterized by colorful fabrics, buntings, and table wares. To make it more complete, you and your family members could also wear costumes to enjoy the fiesta-themed dinner. 2. Nature-inspired theme - if you love the outdoor and likewise a nature lover, then you will enjoy this theme. You will be needing wicker chairs and wooden table to have the natural feeling for the dining table set. Wicker basket filled with fruits can be used as a center piece for the table. 3. Under the Trees - if you have trees in the yard, use them so that you will have a natural shade source. Place the dining set under the tree as this will give you a relaxed vibe. 4. Yellow-themed - the color that signifies summer is yellow as in with the sun. You can use bunch of sunflowers as the centerpiece and serve lemonades to counter the summer heat. This is a simple way of bringing the summer into the table. 5. Beach-themed - one of the outdoor activities that everybody loves is going to the beach, where people can enjoy the sand, water and the heat of the sun. You can also play ballgames in the beach without buying expensive sports gear. At home, you can still make the dining table appear like that of the beach. A lot of blue colors as well as seashells that can function as the flower vase or the centerpiece will be ideal in bringing the ocean into your dining area. 6. Summer Love - make it romantic. A candle light dinner outdoors is one of the romantic ways to spend dinner with your partner. Red color scheme may be used to show the passion and love you are feeling. 7. Country style - you can transform your dining table so that it will look like a barn. You can use hay bales as seating areas instead of using chairs. Decorate the table with flowers and use simple white plates. These tables setting ideas will cover all the possible themes that you may want for the summer. They can be used as for family dinner or for even a bigger dining event such as hosting a party for your friends or relatives.