How to treat the table chair


Dining table chairs in our daily life is essential for the living of furniture, not only in the home, all kinds of restaurant news inside are common, when we should be how to treat the most appropriate table chairs? Let's talk about the problem of placing a pot with an electromagnetic oven.

1. The dining table chair to scratch how to do? Table was hurt most frequently table hurt occurs most frequently in families with young children, curious and active children often in your life manufacturing surprise, most of the time you will have sense of too late. Don't worry, you can solve problems; color wooden table can be used to dye do complementary work in the injured area, dyes and other dry, evenly upper light wax.

2. Because the wood is constantly breathing organism, it is recommended placed in the appropriate temperature and humidity of the environment, at the same time, we should avoid beverages, chemicals or overheating objects placed on the surface, so as not to damage the surface of the wood's natural color. If the United States resistant plate material, when dirt is more, it is recommended using diluted neutral detergent accompanied with warm water to wipe a, and then to wipe the water, remember to soft dry cloth to clean the residual to leave water stains, to be completely wipe, and then use the maintenance wax polished, even if has been accomplished, only pay attention to the daily cleaning and maintenance, in order to make wood furniture timeless.

3. marble easily polluted and cleaning should be less water, regularly to slightly damp with gentle detergent cloth wipe, case and then use a clean, soft cloth wipe dry and polish. Wear serious marble furniture, difficult to deal with, available steel wool wipe, and then use electric polishing machine polishing, making it to restore luster. Or with liquid cleaning agent and carefully wipe, usable lemon juice or vinegar to clean blouses, but lemon stay at the above time preferably not more than 2 minutes, when necessary can repeat the operation, and then clean and dry.Solid wood dining table to treat, proper care, in order to make it fresh.

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